World Vision International

Job Opportunities in Democratic Republic of the Congo

World Vision operates in four regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), focusing on transformational development programmes in the south and the west, and humanitarian and emergency response in the eastern region.

World Vision began its work in DRC in 1984 with a food program funded by USAID in conjunction with local Christian churches in the Katanga province. Today there are 93,700 sponsored children in 30 projects across the country, and more than two million people benefit from transformational development programmes including education, health care, water and sanitation, nutrition, food security and Christian Commitments.

Additionally, due to widespread natural disasters and ongoing armed conflicts, World Vision is actively engaged in humanitarian and emergency response particularly in the eastern part of the country, focused on food aid, humanitarian protection, nutrition, health care, child friendly spaces (CFS), and reintegration of internal displaced people (IDPs).

Current Opportunities

Humanitarian and Protection Advocacy Advisor, DRC

*Please submit your CV in English.


World Vision has been delivering relief, advocacy and development programs to conflict, disaster-affected and poverty-stricken populations in DRC since 1984, with most vulnerable children being at the centre of all we do. Currently, WV operates in 13 out of 26 provinces, with programming in protection, health, nutrition, water and sanitation, food assistance, food security, livelihoods, peacebuilding and emergency relief. World Vision DRC has undertaken humanitarian advocacy for many years. Over the past few years this has included several evidence-based research engagements on ending Violence against children, the impact of Ebola and war on child protection in the DRC and barriers of weak

prevention measures against Ebola.

World Vision has been responding to a series of protracted crisis in the country, including in North and South Kivu, in the Kasais on Ebola in North Kivu, the CAR refugee’s situation in Nord Ubangi and the ongoing conflict in the Tanganyika. WV DRC has reached more than 3 million beneficiaries over the last 3years via its emergency response programs.


The role of the Humanitarian and Protection Advocacy Advisor is to manage humanitarian protection and advocacy work across all emergency and fragile locations in DRC delivering on strategic WVDRC advocacy and protection objectives. This will re-enforce WV DRC’s ability to credibly engage with the UN, local authorities, international donors and decision makers for improved humanitarian response, helping WV DRC leverage its presence, results and brand for maximizing impact to transform the lives of most vulnerable children and their communities in the DRC.

It will ensure the following:

  • Improved access for children to short term and longer-term humanitarian assistance and protection.

  • Implementation of World Vision’s campaign to end violence against children.

  • Improved coordination in response to the protection needs of the affected population, especially children (among local authorities, donors, multilaterals, UN and NGOs).


Strategy and Policy Development:

  • Implement, and when needed update, the WVDRC Response humanitarian advocacy strategy focusing on issues of child protection, humanitarian access, coordination and funding for children and civil-military relations as necessary.

  • Input into the regionally managed Indicator Tracking Table for the Advocacy Response Group (ARG) to show global progress towards policy change objectives.

  • Provide ongoing, bi-weekly context analysis of the unfolding situation on the ground based on operational, security, humanitarian and political changes to the WVDRC National director, Regional Office and Support Offices.

  • Promote & foster relationships and collaborations with other WVDRC Response team members - in particular working closely and in complementarity with Protection and Communications Advisors with a focus on areas related to child protection.

  • Regularly attend the Senior Management Team meetings and participate in other relevant information sharing with the Response Team.

Representation and External Engagement:

  • Leverage partnerships with peer agencies, governments and donors to scale advocacy for improved protection, services and programs for children affected by the humanitarian crisis of the DRC.

  • Represent WV DRC in dialogue with external stakeholders on core humanitarian concerns requiring advocacy engagement, including (but not limited to) issues of child protection, protection of civilians, civ/mil engagement, humanitarian access, IHL, humanitarian principles, and community engagement.

  • Build relationships and collaborations with relevant actors (UN, humanitarian, MONUSCO, local governments, media), who in turn reach out to WV DRC for inputs and opinion as a valuable expert on matters of protection of children and civilians.

  • Lead and actively participate in humanitarian advocacy initiatives of the INGO Forum, supports WV DRC ND engagement with the INGO Forum, Chef de Mission Forum, Comite Regional Inter-Organisations, and UN humanitarian actors in Kinshasa as necessary.

Advocacy and Policy Influence:

  • Coordinate and develop policy evidence and advocacy messaging to influence action by external stakeholders on Response priorities, namely humanitarian protection, child protection, the effectiveness of the humanitarian response, and effectiveness of transition management (from crisis to recovery and links to resilience).

  • Within the scope of WVI’s global campaign, It Takes a World, manage the campaign implementation in the Response, and integrate the campaign in protection programming.

  • Mobilize and effectively leverage WV’s global partnership (Support Offices, Regional Offices, Geneva, New York, EU) to amplify advocacy with donors and actors of influence on key humanitarian concerns through timely provision of key messages, context analysis and policy products.

  • Consistently works with the Emergency Communication Manager to provide evidence, messaging and action items to external stakeholders, including media, on WV DRC priorities for the entire SHR projects (from crisis to recovery and links to resilience and peace building).

Proposal Development and Financial Management:

  • Provide leadership to mainstreaming advocacy into new or existing grants as appropriate, in collaboration with grants and Response Teams.

  • Consistently works with Children in Emergency (CIE) on project proposals to ensure integration of campaign objectives in programming.

Capacity Building:

  • Oversee the provision of humanitarian advocacy training for staff particularly in areas of International Humanitarian Law, humanitarian principles, UN transformative agenda (cluster coordination, Level 3 leadership and accountability) and civil military relations as necessary. Coordinate with protection and communications stuff for wider training on protection and communications.


  • Master’s Degree in International Development or another relevant field or a Bachelor’s Degree with relevant work experience.

  • Experience writing grants and/or developing proposals for advocacy or integration of advocacy into wider programming.

  • Excellent research, problem solving, policy analysis and writing/verbal communication skills.

  • Excellent understanding of the role of the UN in humanitarian emergencies, its agencies and ways of working, especially related to protection.

  • Experienced in external engagement/lobbying with high level stakeholders (SRSG, RC/HC, Ministerial, Ambassadorial).

  • Experiences in networking and building coalitions.

  • At least 3-5 years of progressive work experience in advocacy and protection, (including child protection), and international exposure/external engagement on humanitarian emergencies or fragile country contexts.

  • Excellent English and French is required.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Experience in resource acquisition.

  • Good understanding of World Vision, its programs and policies.

  • Experience of working in the DRC would be a plus.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • Work environment: Office-based with frequent travel to the field.

  • Travel: 50% travel within country to various responses is expected.

HEA Manager



No Offre: HR/EZO/067/FY19

Fondée en 1950, World Vision est l’une des plus grandes organisations chrétiennes internationales daide humanitaire d’urgence et de développement à long terme. Elle aide chaque année plus de 100 millions de personnes à lutter contre la pauvreté, la faim et l’injustice dans près de 100 pays et soutient plus de 15 millions denfants.

Depuis plus de 20 ans, World Vision est en activité en République Démocratique du Congo. Ses zones dinterventions couvrent les provinces du Haut Katanga, de Lualaba, Tanganyika, de Haut Lomami, de Kinshasa, du Kongo Central, du Kwango, du Sud et Nord Kivu, du Sud, au Kasaï Occidental et Nord Oubangui ainsi que du Maidombe.

World Vision recrute un (01) HEA Manager basé(e) à Goma en République Démocratique du Congo


Le gestionnaire, HEA fournit un leadership stratégique dans le travail de Vision mondiale dans le domaine humanitaire, en particulier dans la réponse aux crises, DRR, et de contribuer à des domaines clés du secteur, influençant les gouvernements d'accueil et les donateurs dans les domaines politiques clés. En outre, le rôle aidera l'unité GAM à recueillir des fonds grâce à de solides relations avec les donateurs. Etre le gestionnaire HEA signifie qu'aucun jour n'est le même et vous ne savez jamais ce que demain apportera simplement par la nature même des urgences. Cela crée un rôle rapide où les décisions doivent être prises rapidement en sachant qu'elles auront un impact direct sur le nombre d'enfants et de communautés qui seront aidés dans des contextes d'urgence humanitaire. Bien qu'il y ait un stress élevé et qu'il exige des niveaux extrêmes de résilience personnelle, il est également gratifiant et stimulant de savoir que vous faites vraiment une différence.


  1. Assurer le leadership dans la contribution de HEA à l'élaboration et à la mise en œuvre de la stratégie de pays et de SHR afin d'atteindre les principaux objectifs de l'équipe :

  • Fournir un contexte humanitaire et une analyse de la situation pour éclairer la Stratégie des pays et des RHS du WVDRC ,

  • Les conceptions et la mise en œuvre des programmes techniques et techniques comprennent des composantes de DMT,

  • Diriger dans des domaines techniques clés, y compris la conception, la surveillance et l’évaluation,

  • Influencer les principales parties prenantes internes et externes pour l’action humanitaire,

  • Assurer la rationalisation et le respect des normes humanitaires dans le domaine du travail

  1. Soutien à l'acquisition des Ressources de HEA

  • Contribuer à l’élaboration de projets pour les occasions offertes par les donateurs d’appuyer les interventions humanitaires et le DRR,

  • Diriger les évaluations clés, y compris l’évaluation rapide et en ministère et la préparation,

  • Assurer la contribution de l’AHEA au plan d’acquisition et de gestion de subventions du WVDRC,

  • Assurer la contribution de l’AES aux plans d’engagement des donateurs,

  • Influencer les principales parties prenantes internes et externes pour l’action humanitaire,

  • Lead in Start Fund,

  • Les Fonds nationaux de préparation et d’intervention en cas d’urgence (FRNEP) sont établis, réapprovisionnés et gérés par politique.

  1. Opérationnelle en DRR, Gestion des interventions d'urgence et mise en œuvre :

  • Diriger la mise en place et le fonctionnement de l'équipe nationale de gestion des catastrophes du WVDRC (NDMT)

  • Adhésion active au RDMT,

  • Préparer et réaliser la formation NDMT,

  • Préparer et exécuter AUCUNE carte de pointage,

  • Mettre en œuvre et surveiller HEA buster d'alerte précoce dans tous les programmes WV RDC,

  • Effectuer une formation pertinente sur la préparation des programmes,

  • Répondre à tous les rapports et autres exigences du Bureau national,

  • Maintenir une surveillance continue de l'évolution de la situation d'urgence humanitaire, ajuster les interventions et les activités en conformité avec les valeurs et les politiques du VW,

  • Assurer une surveillance, un signalement et un acquittement adéquats des activités d'intervention d'urgence et de RDR conformément au cadre de responsabilisation humanitaire de WV, aux normes SPHERE et à d'autres normes essentielles.

  • Veiller à ce que tous les membres du personnel comprennent et s'acquittent de leurs fonctions conformément aux principes humanitaires, aux valeurs fondamentales, au Code de conduite et à la SPHERE.

  • Diriger la documentation et le partage des processus de préparation aux catastrophes et d'apprentissage et de partage à travers l'organisation pour améliorer l'apprentissage.

  • Développer et établir des systèmes contextuels pour la DrR et des interventions d'urgence efficaces,

  • Surveiller tous les rapports en DRR, la préparation et pendant et après les réponses

  1. Développer des relations de collaboration aussi bien interne qu’en externe :

  • L'établissement et le maintien de relations de travail efficaces avec d'autres ministères au sein du bureau national,

  • Participer activement aux réunions du département SHR,

  • Engager activement l'équipe de parrainage sur la gestion et l'atténuation des catastrophes,

  • Participer activement aux réunions de coordination humanitaire pertinentes et partager des procès-verbaux avec l'équipe de SHR.

  • Développer et maintenir des relations avec le gouvernement hôte, les agences donatrices, les agences des Nations Unies et d'autres ONG pour influencer ces organismes et promouvoir le mandat humanitaire de WV RDC

  1. Démontre la maturité spirituelle dans la modélisation du leadership chrétien :

  • Démontrer, réfléchir et expliquer la théologie qui sous-tend la motivation et les valeurs de WV,

  • Inspirer et motiver les autres en prenant la parole lors de la dévotion du personnel et d'autres événements,

  • Approfondir sa propre maturité spirituelle par la prière et la réflexion

  1. Responsabilités du gestionnaire :

  • Achèvement à 100 % des ententes de rendement au sein de l'équipe et 75 % de l'équipe pleinement compétente ou supérieure,

  • Réunions régulières à un contre un avec des rapports directs,

  • Plans de talents et de relève en place pour tous les rapports directs et les rôles clés,

  • Le comportement individuel et d'équipe reflète les valeurs et la culture de l'organisation,

  • Développer/superviser la coordination d'un NDMT fonctionnel,

  • Assurer la diligence raisonnable et l'utilisation des ressources


Qualifications post-diplômes en humanitaire/développement ou similaires

  • Compréhension démontrée des principes, des lignes directrices et des politiques en matière d'intervention humanitaire.

  • Bonne compréhension de la théorie et des principes du développement.

  • Bonne compréhension des normes de protection de l'enfance.

  • Connaissance des principaux débats actuels sur l'efficacité de la préparation et des méthodes de gestion des catastrophes.

  • Une bonne compréhension des principes chrétiens démontrés par une expression personnelle de la foi.

Énumérer l'expérience de travail supplémentaire requise comme qualification minimale pour ce poste.

  • La réponse à la programmation de développement est souhaitée,

  • Déploiement et/ou voyage dans des situations d'urgence humanitaire de toutes sortes,

  • Programmation dans un contexte humanitaire ou de développement à long terme,

  • Acquisition de ressources démontrées (subventions) pour les interventions humanitaires,

  • Historique clair d'une solide gestion externe des parties prenantes dans des contextes politiques et interculturels,

  • Expérience démontrée dans les programmes axés sur l'enfant et communautaires

Licence, inscription ou certification requise pour effectuer ce poste :

Formé et certifié en tant que gestionnaire humanitaire par une autorité de commentaire telle qu'une université ou une agence humanitaire.

Compétences, connaissances et expérience privilégiées :

  • Une maîtrise en humanitaire, développement, économie ou autre domaine connexe.

  • Un certificat du Programme de leadership humanitaire (HLP) ou son équivalent

  • Compétences en communication orale et écrite,

  • Fortes compétences analytiques

  • Un bon bilan de prospérité au sein d'un milieu de travail diversifié,

  • La preuve d'un leadership avec authenticité qui inspire votre équipe à faire de même,

  • Expérience dans l'acquisition de ressources et l'influence des politiques.

Environnement de travail

Le poste exige la capacité et la volonté de voyager au pays et à l'étranger jusqu'à 30 % du temps.


World Vision est une ONG dont le travail est centré sur les enfants. Ainsi World Vision se réserve le droit d’éliminer tout candidat qui aurait un antécédent relatif à labus sur un enfant ou des comportements contraires à la protection des enfants ; ce, même après la proclamation des résultats du test.


Envoyer votre dossier de candidature (lettre de motivation portant mention du numéro de loffre, CV avec 3 personnes de références des employeurs précédents dont une référence ecclésiastique, LE CASIER JUDICIAIRE, une copie carte de demandeur d’emploi délivré par lONEM et des copies des autres documents nécessaires pouvant appuyer votre dossier) adressé au Directeur des Ressources Humaines au plus tard le 15 Juillet 2020 à  16h00, à ladresse [email protected] avec en objet la mention « HEA MANAGER».

Les candidatures féminines, conformes au profil recherché, sont fortement encouragées.


Toute candidature ne respectant pas les consignes ci-dessus ne sera pas considérée.

Ne seront contactées que les personnes dont les candidatures seront sérieusement prises en considération.

World Vision ne perçoit aucun frais ou tout autre paiement, de quelle nature que ce soit, à aucun stade du processus dun recrutement.

Soyez prudent, et si vous avez des questions et / ou souhaitez signaler ce que vous pensez être une agence de recrutement frauduleuse de Vision Mondiale, veuillez envoyer un email à [email protected]

Au cas où une demande quelconque vous serait adressée, merci de pouvoir dénoncer aux adresses suivantes :

Téléphone : +243972607911

Adresse mail : [email protected]


Business Development & Grant Management Associate Director

*Please submit your CV in English.


The Business Development & Grant Management (BD&GM) Associate Director is a senior leader within World Vision DRC and is responsible for leading and coordinating business development and grants acquisition. The BD&GM Associate Director will build the profile of the DRC National Office via pre-positioning, donor engagement and strengthening National Office business development capacity with the aim of maximizing and diversifying the funding base. The BD&GM Associate Director will lead the development and implementation of the Grants Acquisition and Management (GAM) strategy. The BD&GM Associate Director will oversee an annual funding target of $35M, and ensure strong grants management capacity and compliance to engage and retain government, multi-lateral and private sector donors through successful grants implementation and strong donor relations in conjunction with Quality Assurance/Monitoring and Evaluation (MEAL) and Integrated Programs Directors and others as required.


Leadership and Strategic Management:

  • Lead and manage the WV DRC Business Development Unit (3-4 staff).

  • Develop and implement the WV DRC Business Development / Grant Acquisition Strategy in alignment with the National Strategy and Child Well Being (CWB) targets.

  • Provide strategic direction for business development to pursue non-traditional funding sources (contracts and tendering, Payment by Results), and identifying emerging or untapped high potential donors.

  • Define and review NO fundraising targets.

  • Assess BD/GAM Capacity and development appropriate capacity building plans.

  • Build cross functional team within WV DRC for proposals development.

  • Manage relationships and engagement with World Vision Support Offices and the region.

  • Work with WVDRC directors and other staff to promote integration and synergy across DRC field programs.

Pre-positioning & Donor Engagement:

  • Lead WV DRC donor and partner engagement including developing donor engagement plan, representing WV DRC in key internal and external forums and supporting technical staff to also engage in key donor and cluster meetings.

  • In conjunction with Communications department, develop key marketing material.

  • Work with a cross-function team including Integrated Programs, Finance Quality Assurance, P&C (Human Resources), etc in the development of capacity statements to be utilized during prepositioning meetings with donors.

Proposal Development:

  • Assign proposal development opportunities to members of the team, based on capacity and availability.

  • Facilitate Go-No Go Decision processes, with a cross functional team.

  • Facilitate consortium development with local and international NGOs and other stakeholders.

  • Develop a proposal development calendar and inform key stakeholders.

  • Develop and timely submission strategic and competitive proposal packages, including logframe, narrative and budget.

  • Negotiate match funding with WV Support Offices.

Grants Management & Compliance:

  • Mobilize Cross-Functional Team for GAM performance (Finance, PDQA, IP/Operations, P&C) in ensuring appropriate start-up, implementation and close-out as well as supporting resolution of grants implementation and audit issues.

  • Coordinate with Cross-Functional Team for GAM to ensure on-time submission of key grant documents as per donor agreements (semi & annual reports, mid-term and final evaluation reports, quarterly financial report etc.) and a successful close out of large scale grants.

  • Track, monitor and ensure successful grant and contract management and fulfillment, in accordance with donor requirements.

  • Produce systematic performance indicator reporting to inform management as to progress, roadblocks, and other relevant performance details.

  • Facilitate/Lead start-up workshops for new grants according to the grants minimum standards.

Collaborations and Learning:

  • Promote continuous learning in the field of business development within WV DRC and ensure that staff in the NO take up good practices.

  • Share learning, innovations and best practices internally, within WV Regionally and in the DRC Business Development Community.

  • Ensure BD/GAM is contributing to Child Well-Being Outcomes and support lead engagement between BD and long-term funding (sponsorship).

  • Active engagement in WVI GAM Community of Practice.

Mentoring and Coaching (Capacity Building):

  • Lead, manage and provide capacity building support to employees in the BD/GAM Unit by ensuring clear goals and accountabilities are established and achieved.

  • Ensure individuals’ performance and development needs are met, and employees are high performing and engaged.

  • Identify capacity gaps in NOs in grants acquisition and management and other factors leading to poor win rates and grants implementation and work with SLT to address them.

  • Champion/Facilitate grants management training in various government and multilateral donors’ regulations.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Social Sciences, Humanities, development studies, International Relations or its equivalent.

  • 3-5 years of senior leadership experience in grant acquisition (with a strong track record of winning grants).

  • Minimum intermediate French skills (spoken and written) required.

  • Demonstrated experience in project management with government and multilateral agencies grant funded projects.

  • Advanced knowledge/practice of design, monitoring, and evaluation approaches, including budget development and budget review.

  • Capacity to build matrix relationships and buy-in for GAM across different stakeholders.

  • Excellent knowledge of grant compliance procedures for major bilateral and multilateral donors and ability to pay attention to detail.

  • Demonstrated team management experience that includes coaching staff to high levels of performance.

  • Demonstrated abilities to engage effectively with diverse teams (cross cultural & cross functional) to achieve shared goals.

  • Strong capacity to use the Microsoft package, including Work and Excel.

  • Ability to engage at a strategic level and build collaborative relationships with donors and other NGOs.

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English with strong competency in proposal writing.

  • Must be a committed Christian, able to stand above denominational diversities.

  • Experience working in complex and fragile contexts.

  • Intermediate French.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Master’s Degree in Development, Social Science, Management or other field applicable to developing country context preferred.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 40% of the time.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), VisionFund DRC


The Chief Executive Officer is accountable for providing overall leadership for VISIONFUND DRC, for effectively managing all operations, and for the continued profitability, secure equity position, growth and evolution of the VISIONFUND DRC. This position is also accountable for developing and recommending effective policies as well as short-term and long-term business plans for Board approval and for their implementation.

Lead the Vision Fund Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Microfinance Institution (MFI) as a Christ Centered organization that positively impacts the lives of many families and children through the delivery of appropriate financial services and training.

Create a self-sustaining business with strong foundations (people, process, systems) that is capable of growing while managing risks.

Manage an effective and efficient operation, delivering to challenging financial and social performance targets.

Work closely with WV DRC to develop integrated livelihoods programmes, and thereby obtain funding from the partnership and donors to grow the operation.

Finally, to deal with all regulatory issues and lead the organization through the process of conversion into regulated deposit taking institution in the near future.


  • Promote the concept of “Toward Excellence” in motivating and providing leadership for staff to excel in the quality of service they provide.

  • Provide leadership and management of VISIONFUND DRC in the development of a comprehensive, innovative, sound, strategic business plan addressing both the short and long-term goals for Board approval.

  • Generate commitment from all employees to the business plan and objectives in order to achieve the desired goals of VISIONFUND DRC.

  • Develop, recommend, and implement all corporate policies, after Board approval, to ensure effective continuity and management of VISIONFUND DRC.

  • Maintain sound, long-term growth, quality service, profitability and secure equity objectives by providing leadership and direction in financial strategies, operational excellence and management effectiveness.

  • Develop and establish VISIONFUND DRC financial policy in conjunction with the Chief Financial Officer

  • Monitor and encourage an ongoing program of corporate development, including new products, new services, new delivery systems and area of expansion which will contribute to the overall profitability of VISIONFUND DRC while meeting client needs.

  • Ensure the effective utilization, selection, development, motivation, and continuity of all human resources by encouraging and supporting the corporate climate, training, development, and Human Resource policies that foster success, achievement and results.

  • Maintain and enhance the reputation of VISIONFUND DRC as an innovative, quality financial services institution.

  • Provide expertise, information, advice and counsel, concerning VISIONFUND DRC affairs, to the Chair and the Board of Directors to enable them to fulfill their accountability to the shareholders.

  • Contribute to the enhancement, credibility and reputation of the VISIONFUND DRC in the business, financial, governmental and local community by developing and maintaining effective relationships with other Senior Executives, community leaders, Government officials, and clients.

Mission & Purpose & Business Acumen:

Ensure that the vision, and mission, purpose, goals, objectives, outputs and policies set by the Board and approved by VFI are fully implemented, complied with and met

  • Follow up on strategy document and ensure proper execution.

  • Delivery on child impact targets.

  • Develops, monitors and implements short and long term business plan.

  • Reports to the board using standard reporting templates on a regular basis.

  • Develops and deliver on key performance indicators for VF DRC.

  • Develops and implements strategic plan.

  • Ensures the culture of the whole organization reflects its mission and vision.

  • Develops, monitors and implements short and long term business plan.

  • Develops key performance indicators as per VFI and Board guidelines.

  • Ensure that the plans are cascaded to implementation groups and staff.

  • Reports plan compliance regularly.

  • Prepare monthly reports as required.

  • Leads the institution in developing and then achieving the targets as defined and agreed in the business plans, as well as in accomplishing VF DRC’s strategic goals.

Finance Management:

  • Ensures financial projections, budgets and monthly reports are realistic, accurate and on time.

  • Ensure prudent and closely managed use of funds, close cost management and cashflow analysis.

  • Drive decisions to maintain healthy balance sheet.

  • Ensures that effective and efficient financial management system is installed and maintained.

  • Drives VF DRC towards profitability and growth.

Risk Management:

  • Ensures that all loans are prudently disbursed.

  • Ensures appropriate limits set on products, methodologies and branches according to market and performance.

  • Ensures savings products are effectively priced and delivered (subject to MFI board approval) and that depositors’ funds are safely managed according to policies and procedures and in respect of their rights.

  • Ensures that effective internal control and risk management system are established and maintained.

  • Ensures effective liquidity management.

  • Ensures effective banking and financial systems are in place and are regularly updated.

People, Leadership & Culture:

Institutional strengthening and capacity building

  • Provides effective Christ centered leadership & Culture.

  • Ensures recruitment of competent senior and middle management.

  • Ensures effective staff development, succession planning and performance management systems are in place at all levels & Compensation & benefits.

  • Approves and confirms staff appointment, promotion, demotion, termination and transfer.

  • Embodying of People & Culture policies & procedures.

  • Key Responsibility to create an environment where talent thrive, staff are engaged & Motivated and a culture of performance is embedded.

  • Demonstrates outstanding leadership qualities and values.


Effective integration with WV& VFI and effective promotion of the organization Relations

  • Ensures at national office and branch level integration strategies are fully understood, communicated and practiced.

  • Actively promote joint livelihoods projects with World Vision.

  • Ensures that both VFI and VF DRC and its mission, programs, products and services are consistently presented in strong, positive image.

  • Develops networks and strategic alliances to positively influence the economic policies.

Policy Compliance:

Policy formulation and compliance to local regulations and VFI policies

  • Formulates and implements guidelines, procedures, internal regulations that are consistent with the policies set forth by the Board of Directors, VFI and the industry regulators.

  • Ensures that the institution complies with the requirements of the Central Bank other regulators and all VFI policies.

  • Prepares the MFI for new regulations.


Fund Sourcing

  • Provides support in proposals to acquire and maintain funding, credit lines, and others financial & non-financial resources required to attain VF objectives.

  • In coordination with regional team, negotiates effectively with creditors, grant bodies and other financial institutions.

  • Ensure compliance with conditions and reporting requirements.

  • Diligently manage and close grants and related projects.

  • Follow up with open grant audit issues.


  • Minimum a Masters degree in Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Management or some other related field.

  • Advanced experience, knowledge and training in accounting, financial and/or credit analysis or related areas.

  • Knowledge of local Banking and Financial Services (Act) banking compliance regulations, banking and business law, local employment and labor Laws, bank operational policies and procedures, and Micro lending products and services

  • Must have at least ten years of working experience in senior management in a combination of the following: micro-enterprise lending organization, banking institution, a progressive corporate environment, international business, agricultural economics/development, risk management, or economic and business development institution.

  • Must have a clear understanding of micro finance industry and technology.

  • Must have worked experience in regulatory environment and better with institution that intermediate savings.

  • Determined personality with initiative, perseverance and the ability to motivate and manage a team.

  • Capability and willingness to lead the organization forward.

  • Ready to comply and live up to and in accordance with the organization Ideals and Core Values.

  • Must be bilingual English/French.

  • Must have outstanding integrity and be an exceptional communicator.

  • Be a good trainer, facilitator, mentor, and coach.

  • Very good communication and marketing skills.

  • Very good knowledge in economic and financial topics.

  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills.

Working Environment/Travel:

  • Office environment: Typical office based and frequent travel to the branch offices (40% traveling and 60% office based).

  • Travel: 90% Domestic 10% international travel is desired.

  • On call: Yes in the after normal working hours.

  • Must get a work Permit if not a local staff from within the Country.