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World Vision International

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World Vision Romania is a Christian and humanitarian organization working for the well being of poor and vulnerable people - especially children - through sustainable development, emergency relief and disaster mitigation, raising public awareness and advocacy for justice.

World Vision Romania (WVR) officially began its mission in Romania in 1990 after the collapse of the Communist regime when it responded to the plight of Romanian children in orphanages. Initially World Vision provided food, medicines, clothing and toys, thus improving living conditions for the children. Then the mission moved towards increasing the number of caregivers and training them in professional childcare. In 1997, the Romanian Government launched the Child Protection System Reform, aimed at decreasing the number of children living in institutions and developing alternative services to institutionalization. World Vision supported the child protection reform and developed a solid partnership with government.

WVR’s first community development program began in 1997 in Iași. Currently, the foundation runs Community development programs in the counties of Cluj, Dolj, Ialomita, Iasi, Vâlcea, and, most recently, in Vaslui (Northeast of Romania). At the core of these programs lies the community’s involvement in the process of transformational development. More than 350,000 children and adults have been supported by tackling four major areas of development: education, health, economic development and spiritual welfare.

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