World Vision International

Job Opportunities in Zambia

World Vision Zambia (WVZ) Limited is a Christian Relief, Development and Advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. WVZ serves all people regardless of religion, race, tribe or gender. We are currently working in 39 large scale programmes in 29 districts in Zambia.

WVZ implements interventions in Education, Food security and Economic Development, Health, Nutrition and HIV and AIDS, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, and cutting themes such as Christian Commitment, Gender, and Child Protection.

Current Opportunities

Sr. Advisor, External Engagement - Child Protection

*Position location to be determined by home country of successful candidae in a jurisdiction (US state or country) where WVI is registered to operate.


Represents and provides strategic global leadership to build World Vision (WV)’s influence, advocacy, partnerships and reputation externally for increased impact. Ensures WV is represented by subject matter experts in key forums and participates in selected networks, associations, and boards as appropriate. Actively positions WV as a NGO of choice with global 2030 Agenda platform, potential and key partners, businesses, donors and other stakeholders. Oversees and coordinates closely with Support Offices’ sector team engagement and partners and other Global Centre teams. Work with and support World Vision’s global ministries and Global Capitals.


Set Strategic Priorities:

  • In collaboration with Advocacy/External Engagement (A&EE), Disaster Management EE&RD, and Public Engagement ,develops and successfully achieves external engagement strategy for sector.

  • Maintain oversight of (and coordinate where needed) WV’s sectoral external engagement activities.

  • Strengthen and expand strategic partnerships (with particular focus on the Sustainable Development Goals and child protection in humanitarian contexts at global level including multi-stakeholder partnerships, UN partnerships, multinational corporates and especially faith actors.

  • Lead and coordinate efforts by WV to attain technical and strategic recognition and thought leadership position within the global worldwide sector.

  • Identify shared objectives and initiatives with Global Capitals.

  • Ensure alignment with A&EE and DM EE&RD (including on global policy positions), and GAM and Public Engagement (on resource development).

  • Provide management support and advice for global policy agenda / global moment / campaign as per the Partnership strategy.

  • With Director/Innovation, ensure WV’s technical resources and standards align with and/or exceed industry norms.

  • Benchmark capabilities and deliverables, process and systems in CPP programme against market leaders, and build towards best of class.

  • Identify key external influencers and networks to promote and inform future programme direction.

  • Dynamic and relevant external engagement strategy for the sector.

  • All sector staff engage in key relationships with external agencies as required by WV’s strategic priorities and advocacy, revenue and other goals.

  • Key leaders and institutions as required by the strategic priorities and policy objectives of WV influenced to maximize child well-being.

  • Reputation of WV amongst external stakeholders enhanced; with WV recognized as a technical leader in child protection.

  • WV entities become a lot more outward oriented and collaborators.

  • WV’s understanding of faith as an integral component of child protection is reflected in WV’s positioning and external collaborations; and WV is recognized as a leader in this area.

Build Capacities:

  • Provide authoritative representation, technical, and policy advice to World Vision’s sector community of practice in order to enrich our understanding and external engagement in sector.

  • Identify and build capacity of subject matter experts to represent sector externally.

  • Ensure external representations by subject matter experts reflect WV’s integrated understanding of development and child well-being and faith identity.

  • Communities of practice become a lot more connected with external experts and institutions.

  • WV experts represent World Vision’s work in external forums and platforms.

  • WV is recognized as a “first in class” organization in the global child protection/ending violence against children community.

Provide Global Stewardship:

  • Support the global resource development strategy providing expertize, and actively.

  • Donors increasingly select WV’s work for funding and impact positioning WV as a NGO of choice with key donors and stakeholders.

  • Bring to bear evidence of World Vision’s contribution to Child Well-Being (CWB) in child protection in external relations for advocacy, donor relations and building WV’s reputation.

  • Donor prepositioning is developed for National Office (NO) and Support Office (SO) entities.

  • Increased influence for donor policies contributing to the child well-being, especially the most vulnerable.

Ensure Accountability:

  • Ensure appropriate use of evidence of results from WV’s work with relevant external stakeholders.

  • Strategic influential communication of WV’s impact, reach, evidence, and ongoing learning in child protection with important stakeholders.

Promote WV Way:

  • Serve as relationship manager and cultivate specific partnerships with all multi-lateral agencies and work closely with WV A&EE and DM EE&RD (especially global capitals) team to realize WV’s sector strategy.

  • Provide management support and advice for global policy agenda / global mobilization/ advocacy campaign as per the Partnership strategy.

  • Oversees and coordinates closely with Support Offices’ sector team engagement and partners.

  • WV’s policy positions are well informed of the external landscape and internal programming experience from the sector perspective.

  • WV’s policy positions represented accurately in relation with external stakeholders.

External Engagement:

  • Relationship development and management of key global platforms and partners in the sector.

  • Ensure alignment with A&EE, DM EE&RD, GAM, and Public Engagement (Comms).

  • Support global campaign and other A&EE global ministries.

  • Ensure that external engagement tools and processes (as developed by A&EE) are integrated into sector practice.

  • Support Partnership Strategy strategic imperative on partnering and collaboration.

  • Represents WV in selected networks, associations, and boards as appropriate, to ensure WV is at the forefront of the global sector debate.

  • Identify key networks and associations such as [xxx] and seek WV representation and participation.

  • Keep abreast of latest developments and innovations in the broader sector that is relevant to WV and share them internally.

  • World Vision is represented well in key external forums participates in networks, working groups, coalitions and formal partnership as appropriate.

  • World Vision staff are well supported in their external engagement efforts.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Marketing or International Development.

  • Excellent facilitation, negotiation and collaboration skills.

  • Proven skills and experience in external engagement that contributes to change in policy and practice and builds s industry reputation.

  • 10 years’ work experience with an International Development Organisation, Corporation or Government in the field of external relations, communications and or policy influencing.

  • Experience of working in partnership with International Development Organisations through networks, coalitions and partnerships on policy themes related to sector.

  • Experience in working with faith actors and on faith related issues.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 30% of the time.

People & Culture (HR) Manager - VisionFund Zambia

*Please submit your CV in English.


To manage & coordinate human resources strategy for VisionFund Zambia including manpower planning, recruitment & selection, orientation, placement, performance management, compensation package, staff development and talent management.


Ensure that HR Strategy is developed & implemented in all areas of the organization and in compliance with VF Zambia & VFI standards:

  • Makes Board presentations of P & C matters.

  • Provides strategic people support and advice on Human Resources issues.

  • Updates the P&C manual on a per need basis, and ensures that all revision and addition to the policies are written in the employee handbook; Informs all concerned staff the changes entered into the employee handbook/P&C manual.

  • Ensures that good insurance covers for staff are in place that will be of benefit to the organization.

  • Reviews and updates P&C policies, procedures and guidelines.

  • As required quarterly present to board P &C matters (or as needed).

Staffing Plan & Budgets:

  • Contributes and advises on senior management strategic planning, with particular responsibility for HR needs, policies and procedures.

  • Prepares and submits annual budget and plan for the approval of the SMT & Board as necessary.

  • Plans and implements P&C related procurements and services.

  • Responsible for ensuring a conducive and safe work environment for all staff.

  • Respond to and address audit queries and suggestions.

Recruitment, Selection, Orientation and Placement:

  • Develops letters of appointment, transfer, promotion, and the like; and sends to the concerned staff after approval.

  • Conducts “due diligence” or the “fit and proper” test to assess the job applicant’s background and character.

  • Ensures that VF Zambia maintains a standardized and systematic hiring and recruitment process; develops or updates hiring policies and procedures most appropriate to individual positions.

  • Coordinates all recruitment for VF Zambia: reviews staff requisitions, supervises the hiring and contractual process, and arranges for the new employee’s orientation with the immediate supervisor.

Compensation & Rewards:

  • Reviews the benefits scheme (compensation, incentives, and other benefits) on a regular basis (2-3 years) and ensures that it is properly administered in accordance with the P&C manual and prevailing local labour laws.

  • If necessary, recommends any exceptions to the CEO and seeks approval from the regional office.

  • Conducts consultations with department heads to determine performance indicators and benchmarks per position.

  • Periodically carries out salaries and benefits surveys for the review process in order to develop and maintain a competitive compensation package and incentive schemes for staff.

Performance Management & Engagement:

  • Develop, implement and monitor staff performance appraisals and ensure that these are done on a regular basis.

  • Reviews and upgrades the performance appraisal tools in collaboration with the regional office, determine effectiveness and applicability.

  • Investigates all disciplinary and grievance cases with the respective staff, provides guidance, and corrective action through counseling, training, or instituting disciplinary procedures.

  • In consultation with the senior management, develops performance indicators and standards in promoting staff to higher posts.

  • Works closely with the SMT and MFI branches to improve branch efficiency & effectiveness.

Capability & Competency Management:

  • Conducts periodic staff training needs assessments and plans for capacity building- training and staff development.

  • Coordinates and develops the staff development strategy to make sure that the staff continues to achieve professional growth within VF Zambia.

Employee Relations & Change Agent:

  • Advise staff on the grievance procedures and the WVI/VFI whistleblower policy.

  • Monitor the IIM system to ensure that cases reported are addressed and closed.

  • Coordinate staff training on sexual harassment, safeguarding, personal security and other key training aimed at improving employee experience at the MFI.

  • Coordinates grievance hearing between the staff and the committees.

  • Supports the board and management in cases of suspension and disciplinary action.

And any other duties that may be assigned from time to time (5%)

Visit to the Field operations.

And any other duties that may be assigned from time to time.

Participate actively in the Africa regional P&C initiatives and mandates.

Represent the MFI in professional P&C forums and meetings.

On-going on personal professional development.


  • Master/Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resources management or related field.

  • Bachelors’ Degree in HR, Social Science, Psychology or related field.

  • Excellent interpersonal counseling & problem- solving skills.

  • Very good knowledge of oral & written English.

  • Very good analytical & reporting skills.

  • Good trainer, facilitator, mentor and coach.

  • Experienced in using various human resource information systems.

  • Good knowledge of WV &VFI Partnership (an added advantage).

  • Proficient in Microsoft office applications.

  • Be a good leader.

  • Familiar with Core business.

  • Model and demonstrate effective Christian leadership and able to lead daily devotions.