Sharing Stories of Joy

We seek to increase trust and strengthen World Vision's reputation through powerful content, campaigns, and messaging that help effect change in the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children. Is your vision our vision?

Content Development and Experience Manager

*Preferred position location: Mexico. Other locations to be determined by home country of successful candidate in a jurisdiction (US state or country) where WVI is registered to operate. Latin America, Middle East or Africa preferred.

*Please submit your CV in English.


The Content Development and Experience manager will lead a team of multimedia content creation and virtual experience specialists, who jointly will accelerate development of high-quality content to support implementation of Our Promise and enable delivery of rich and immersive virtual experiences for a wide range of audiences and stakeholders.

Virtual experiences provide immediate, engaging and real-time interaction and open up the possibility of authentic connection for those who may never have been able to meet in person, and from contexts for which travel is costly, difficult or expensive.

This position will lead the team will help establish a consistent and class-leading virtual experience across World Vision by facilitating cross-functional collaboration and by leveraging expertise in marketing, information technology, content strategy development and broadcast video production.


  • Enable solutions development for virtual experiences, with a focus on testing of event-specific platforms and contributing to development of partnership standards for virtual field experiences.

  • Work with GTD to source reliable bandwidth options within each context .

  • Development and deployment of technical training based on the results of outcomes.

  • Testing and identification of appropriate equipment for immersive, best-in-class virtual experiences.

  • Identify other virtual experience practitioners within World Vision who can contribute to learning and improvement across World Vision.

  • Provide additional resource to empower development of consistently high-quality content (defined as of high technical quality and aligned with partnership priorities) to support all content-dependent Out Promise goals and with a specific focus on content that enhances virtual field experiences.

  • Collaborate with the Global Centre internal communications team to identify best practise guidance for events with both internal-only and external audiences.

  • Ensure consistent engagement of the Virtual Experience team within Teams so that lesson-learned are shared and scaled in an agile manner.

  • Develop and deploy best practices related to planning, testing, budgeting and logistics for virtual experiences.

  • Collaborate with the global content planning and systems team to ensure virtual experiences and related content are planned well and tracked for learning and reporting purposes.

  • Provide hands-on support to virtual field experiences as needed within at least one geographic region.

  • Management of content and experience team; set and report on targets and plans.

  • Manage team members; contribute to budget planning and use conversations.


  • 8+ years in communications, with a focus on broadcast or editorial multimedia production as both contributor and event manager.

  • Experience with one or more hybrid or online event-based platforms such as Streamyard, Airmeet, Socio, Hopin, etc.

  • Experience supporting or leading virtual events, particularly in or from bandwidth-constrained contexts.

  • Demonstrated ability to work across diverse contexts and teams and to build strong, collaborative relationships.

  • Comfort with risk-taking.

  • Demonstrated ability at collaboration and persuasion.

  • Good ability to balance the need with excellent outcomes with practical constraints.

  • Experience contributing to or leading projects.

  • Comfort with and good knowledge of production and broadcast equipment.

  • Demonstrated ability to stay current with trends in broadcast and virtual engagement.

  • Minimum BA in communications or related field.

  • Certifications in managing multimedia and/or broadcast productions.

  • Fluency in English.


  • Familiarity with broadcast technology, including /streaming cameras, mobile audio solutions.

  • Familiarity with multimedia production software, such as the Adobe Suite, Final Cut, DaVinci, Resolve.

  • Experience working in global organisations.

  • Spoken fluency in one or more languages other than English an asset.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel less than 25% of the time.

Senior Digital Asset Management Specialist

*Preferred position location: Costa Rica. Other locations to be determined by home country of successful candidate in a jurisdiction (US state or country) where WVI is registered to operate.

*Please submit your CV in English.


Reporting to the Senior Manager of Global Content, the Sr. Digital Asset Management Specialist is responsible for leading overall strategy and workflow of the Digital Asset Management system, as well as overseeing user training/onboarding. This role is responsible for ensuring adoption and use of the system across Support Offices, National Offices and Global Center departments and offices.

As part of the Global Content Team within Global Marketing and Communications, this role will support the Partnership strategy “Our Promise” by ensuring timely and easy access to content aligned with the strategy. The overarching purpose of the Global Content team is to showcase and distribute strategic content that is easily accessible through current and emerging technologies.

This position will help meet Partnership content needs by leading the creation of collections and content packages with aim towards alignment with Support Office content needs. This will include reducing duplication and making editorial decisions on content in systems. To accomplish this and to facilitate Support Office adoption and use of the system, this role will work closely with Support Office marketing and communication staff.

The Sr. Digital Asset Management Specialist will work closely with regional and national communicators, SO and ADP staff, on future systems changes, training and capacity, and troubleshooting. During rapid-onset emergencies, this role will activate as surge capacity to ensure content moves as quickly as possible from the field to users. Oversight of child protection and copyright solutions are also a part of this role.

This role will work alongside the Content Librarian and other team members in asset management, including applying tags and captions, cataloguing and qualitative review of photo, video, audio and text resources within the Digital Asset Management System.


  • Work with key stakeholders to create and implement roadmap for future development of the DAM system. Establish and lead initiatives surrounding the organization’s DAM system. Survey the evolution of Cortex DAM, its new functionalities and the general trends in the field.

  • Perform and supervise others in tagging and uploading of assets in DAM system. Improve how we catalog and access photos as an enterprise. Ensure compliance with Safeguarding policies and ensure Digital Rights Management and maintain access control with end users (understand Digital Rights Management, and advise and configure archival policies).

  • Ensure scaling (especially for Support Offices) through robust user engagement and training. Create tutorial/instruction documents, supervise onboarding and training of staff on DAM system.

  • Oversee daily maintenance and usability of Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. Work with IT and consultants to document and address bugs and feature improvements.

  • Create governance, process, and documentation for future continuity in managing assets. Ensure quality customer experience by establishing best practices for the DAM, including taxonomy, metadata schema, tagging standards, workflows and processes across the entire organization and within multiple digital asset categories.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in communications, marketing, information science, computer sciences, library science, multi media studies, or other relevant discipline.

  • Extensive knowledge of DAM systems, including structure, functionality, taxonomy and metadata.

  • Robust understanding of digital video production workflows including pre-production, post-production, editing and archival processes.

  • Superior organization, project management skills and attention to detail.

  • Ability to be self-directed, to create workplans and to deliver projects on schedule.

  • Detail-oriented with the ability to multi-task and meet deadlines with minimal supervision.

  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to effectively communicate, both written and verbally in English with other departments and stakeholders.

  • Excellent computer skills, including MS Office suite, intranet and internet, and database applications.

  • 3+ years of experience in Digital Asset Management.

  • Keen cross-cultural understanding; ability to collaborate across teams and time zones.

  • Firm understanding of photography, creative, and production processes common in agencies and digital media organizations.

  • Demonstrated ability in photo and video curation; able to identify compelling / powerful images, videos and other narratives.

  • Experience in working with all types of multimedia formats.

  • Demonstrated experience in cataloging, indexing and use of digital library / archive metadata standards.

  • Effective in written and verbal communication in English.


  • Excellent knowledge of creating, retouching, optimizing and delivering imagery across multiple channels.

  • Experience with Cortex Digital Asset Management (by Orange Logic).

  • 5+ years working within a World Vision Support Office.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 20% of the time.

  • Flexibility is required to work outside of normal office hours to accommodate meetings with staff based in other timezones.

Programme Communications Lead

*Please submit your CV in English.


The job purpose of the role is to communicate the key features, benefits and performance of the WV United programme for the United 4 digital marketing platform, through Partnership-wide communications across multiple channels.

The objective of the communication is to:

  • promote United 4 across the Partnership to bring offices on board the platform

  • advocate the benefits of new releases and how they can be utilised effectively by offices on the platform

  • publicise the performance of the platform across Key Performance Indicators to offices and stakeholders


Communications Strategy:

  • Develop and enhance communication strategy for the United Programme to increase awareness of the programme, improve effectiveness of communication channels and grow engagement with offices and stakeholders.

Internal Communications:

  • Responsible for communications via email and website at the required cadence.

  • Build and update internal marketing packages for United 4 for distribution and use among Partnership offices.

  • Development of United 4 Dashboard which integrates multiple communication channels and updates to offices.

  • Develop templates for communication to be used across the platform, such as in Help articles, Release Notes, Platform Updates, Platform Broadcasts.

  • Measure effectiveness of communications through analytics and surveys to continuously learn and improve.

Build Best Practice:

  • Engage with Stakeholders across the Partnership as well as across digital marketing and charity sectors to explore and incorporate best practice in internal communications.


  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent in public relations, communications, marketing or a related client-services field, or equivalent work experience.

  • At least five years working in a related field in public relations, communications or marketing, preferably in a global and multi-cultural environment.

  • Experience of internal communications and /or change management and/ or in digital marketing.

  • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills. Good interpersonal skills; able to work with people at all levels and across cultures.

  • Good networker who is effective at working with others.

  • Able to work autonomously as part of a virtual team.

  • Experience in using digital marketing tools and software, including websites, Content Management Systems, Google Analytics, Performance Dashboards.

  • Fluency in English.


  • Sees the bigger picture. Understands how digital marketing objectives and communications fit with overall Partnership objectives and communications strategy, objectives, activities and guidelines

  • Understands the principles of communications planning, audience and message identification.

  • Able to work with technical specialists, cut through their jargon and simplify.

Digital Content Lead

*Please submit your CV in English.


The Digital Content Lead is responsible for leading content planning, creation or curation based on business objectives and supporter needs.

This role requires to fuel global marketing platforms with curated, tested and optimised content. Ensure timely development and clear, efficient roll-out of the content plan, content sourcing and development are expected as part of this role.


Content Creation and Optimisation:

  • Use analytical/content management tool (currently SEMRush) for Topic Research, Keyword Research and develop well-structured copy and SEM/SEO-friendly content.

  • Work on a periodic newsletter with all new content and send across to content editors.

  • Monitor the usage of global content and encourage its use.

  • Frequently review and optimise content for landing pages of Child Sponsorship, Childhood Rescue, Emergency landing pages and other forms, based on results from performance measurement and A/B tests.

Content support for website optimisation tests and analytics:

  • Conduct Site Audit and PSI for all country sites periodically and report to the country editors in case of errors in site.

  • Work towards optimising web pages for better performance.

  • Set up web pages for A/B testing

  • Provide content/revised copy for optimisation tests.

Equip content editors:

  • Meet with editors periodically and conduct/facilitate sessions on various topics of interest.

  • Identify pain points and work towards providing a strong support system for editors.

  • Handholding support wherever required, especially during launch.


  • Proven work experience as a Content Creator, Copywriter or similar role.

  • Portfolio of published articles.

  • Hands-on experience with Content Management Systems (e.g. Umbraco).

  • Excellent writing and editing skills in English, preferably in addition to a second language such as Spanish, French or German.

  • Expertise on SEO.

  • University degree in Marketing, English, or relevant field.

  • Effective in written and verbal communication in English.

  • Proficient in use of MS Office tools.

Global CRM Officer & Designer

*Please submit your CV in English.


Manages and takes ownership of design projects mainly for the Shared Services, but also for the Supply Change Management area, providing advice on a variety of elements including creative design, concept development, and corporate vision /brand adherence. These roles demonstrate an understanding of marketing and communication strategies and how targeted design can fulfill organisational needs.

Coordinates the Voice of the Customer (VoC) collection via surveys, complaint system, and all current or future efforts related to the CRM-VoC.

Duties include administrative and logistical support (handling all logistics related to training sessions and or events assigned: meeting room reservation, room preparation, material preparation, attendance coordination, printing of materials for training, follow up) , co-coordinating special projects, branding & corporate identity of the Shared Services and Supply Chain Management groups, research, training and report preparation and assisting with the flow of information within the Customer Service team.


Graphic Designing & Branding (SS/SCM):

  • Provides graphic design support to Customer Service area and CRM, or other teams within SS.

  • Collaborate with the proposals and changes of graphic products for Shared Services and Supply Chain Management.

  • Keeps the look and feel branding of the team (s) under SC and SS areas respecting the WV branding guidelines.

  • Manage and take ownership of design projects, providing strategic advice on a variety of elements including creative design, concept development, and corporate vision/brand adherence.

  • Supports CRM’s Marketing & Comms. strategic efforts like logo design, template creation, illustration, ppt formatting, infographics, newsletters format, etc.

CRM Voice of Customer Coordination:

  • Coordinates the Voice of the Customer (VoC) collection via surveys, complaint system, and all efforts related to the CRM-VoC.

  • Analyses and administer the Voice of customer translation matrix and support the CRM Director in implementation improvement plans.

  • Support CRM’s use of statistical Information to create collaboration to improve customer satisfaction & loyalty.

  • Running campaigns on customer service subjects to re-inforce customer service culture development.

KPI Facilitation, Continuous Improvement & Supports overall SS Customer Service efforts:

  • Keeps monitoring of KPI dashboard for the leadership decision making process.

  • Actively Contribute to continuous Improvement Projects for CS area, such as: documentation reservoir for scripts, documenting processes, procedures, protocols, etc., creating.

  • Collaborate effectively with the Business Intelligence team in administering customer service dashboards and establish a systematized tool for action plan execution after the survey results.

Executing Administrative Services:

  • Provides general administrative support primarily to the customer service area, but also could provide support to CMC and SCM areas. Also supports environmental efforts of the Occupational Health Committee.

  • Provides some executive administrative services, but not limited to presentations, coordination of events (for example Customer Service Week, Annual CMC & CS F2F meeting, Customer Service activities to promote customer-centric behaviours, and any event where the Global CRM Director has participation; CMC and BSD meetings; SLT meetings when), general support to the Director as Senior PoC for the SS in the Costa Rica location.

  • Manages Dept. Meeting – agenda & logistics.

  • Coordinates training logistics. Prepares and give training to personnel in customer service subjects, continuous improvement, branding, communications and any other assigned.

  • Projects & adhoc duties for SS & SCM or other areas that may fall under the Partnership Leader for Supply Change Management, Logistics and Shared services; and the Global CRM Direction.


  • BS degree or college studies.

  • Marketing or related field studies.

  • Interpersonal communication skills.

  • Highly organized person, able to establish his/her priorities and get things done.

  • Training skills.

  • Computer skills.

  • Marketing skills.

  • Excel skills.

  • Statistics skills a plus.

  • Design

  • Customer Service.

  • At least 3 years work experience.


  • English language, full proficiency.

  • Spanish language, full proficiency.

  • Understand how to work with a company’s branding guidelines/identity.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 20% of the time.

Specialist - Media Engagement and Reputation Risk

World Vision is a Christian, relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice.

We work through our main sectors – education, health and nutrition, water and sanitation, economic development and child protection – serving all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. Our work is always child-focused, participatory and community driven.

World Vision and has been in Sri Lanka since 1977 and currently serves in 30 locations in 13 Districts across the country through development programmes. In 2020 we directly impacted the lives of nearly 100,000 most vulnerable children and their families.

We are currently looking for dynamic & creative individuals to join us in our journey of caring.

Specialist – Media Engagement and Reputation Risk

Location – Colombo

Job Profile

The Specialist – Media Engagement and Reputation Risk is responsible to manage media engagement both during uneventful times and in emergencies. The role will analyze media contexts and actively forge relationships with well recognized local and international media institutions to increase the presence of World Vision Lanka in the media.

Major Responsibilities

  • Develop and execute media engagement strategy through analyzing the media context, identifying potential key media partners, and engagement levels that will positively position World Vision Lanka (WVL)

  • Ensure media preparedness of WVL by developing/ updating Message House, Media Universe, and regular media monitoring, media tracking, media landscaping etc.

  • Manage media engagement both during peaceful times and emergencies by building stronger relationships with both local and international media through regular pitching of content from WVL Ministry focus areas and key global moments and campaigns

  • Manage reputation risks for WVL by prior preparation of risk messaging in consultation with the Regional Lead on Reputation Risk Management

  • Train media spokespeople and build capacity of key staff on the ground

Required qualifications, experience & competencies

  • At least 6 – 7 progressive years of experience in media or media engagement

  • Experienced in crisis and reputation risk management and communications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Media, Journalism, or a related field

  • Excellent skills in developing media pitches, key messages, Questions & Answers, talking points for media interviews, writing news releases

  • Excellent skills reputation risk management, developing risk messaging and media statements

  • Thorough knowledge in media interests and story leads and ability to identify pitches

  • Fluency in at least two languages (English, Tamil / Sinhalese). Language skills in translating

World Vision Lanka offers a competitive remuneration package based on individual competence and skills. If you meet the required criteria and wish to apply for this or any of the available vacancies, select the position you wish to apply for & submit your on-line applicationwith your CV and details of three non-related referees on or before the given closing date.

Only short listed candidates will be notified.

Grant Communications Coordinator

As a part of World Vision’s efforts to increase the overall reputation and trust of the organisation in Laos, the AHAN/Grant Communications Coordinator provides strong communications services throughout the lifecycle of the AHAN project, ensuring the donors’ visibility and reporting requirements are met and that World Vision’s brand is brought to life through compelling evidence-based storytelling in consultation with the Communications Manager.

Over the past years, World Vision (WV) has been awarded various grants from different donors, including a multi-million EUR grant from the European Union (EU) to lead a consortium of partners to implement their Accelerating Health Agriculture and Nutrition (AHAN) project under pillar three of the EU’s Partnership for Improved Nutrition in Lao People’s Democratic Republic (PDR). Consortium partners include World Vision Australia (lead) with 4 implementing partners: World Vision Laos, Agronomes et Vétérinaires Sans Frontière (AVSF), Green Community Development Association (GCDA) and the Burnet Institute. In addition to the EU Grant, WV has secured additional ANCP funding from the Australian Government which will build on the AHAN program in Saravan, increasing the scope of villages and activities implemented in Saravan Province. The AHAN project has the overall objective of creating supportive conditions for enhanced household (HH) nutrition through the following specific objectives:

  1. Improved access to and availability of sufficient and/or diverse foods year round; 2) Improved dietary and care practices among Women of Reproductive Age and children under 5; 3) Reduced incidence of selected Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (coordination) related diseases/illnesses linked to under nutrition; 4) Improved gender equitable relations at the HH level, particularly in decision-making and distribution of workload; and 5) Strengthened multi-sector coordination and support for nutrition. The project will be implemented across three provinces and 12 districts of Lao PDR.

The AHAN/Grant Communications Coordinator is part of the Public Engagement Department with a close working relationship with the AHAN team, and reports directly to the Communication Manager in Laos, and a matrix relationship with the AHAN Director. The position’s purpose is to contribute to increase the overall reputation and trust of World Vision and AHAN donors, by providing strong communications services throughout the lifecycle of the AHAN/Grant projects, ensuring donors’ visibility requirements are met and that World Vision’s brand is brought to life through compelling evidence-based storytelling. The AHAN/Grants Communications Coordinator shall also work closely with the AHAN project M&E team to ensure consolidation of donor reports (Annual and Semi-annual) to the Program Director. To achieve this, the position will focus on 3 key communications outcomes, as defined by our Global Communications & Public Engagement strategy and by the project;

  • Bring our story to life,

  • Activate the right audiences through the right channels at the right time,

  • Donor visibility requirements are met.

The position will manage the production of key communications resources for donor and public engagement and position World Vision and the AHAN grant with in-country and international media as it relates to the project. This position is based in Vientiane, with frequent travel to the field.

The following 3 outcomes and deliverables are expected to increase Reputation and Trust:

  1. Bring our story to life (Content & Creative)

    1. Compelling story-telling of the AHAN Partnership aligns with World Vision’s global brand and donor requirement;

    2. Evidence of impact demonstrates that we do what we say we do;

    3. Creative content (video, photo, editorial, graphic design) is developed;

  2. Activate the right audiences through the right channels at the right time (Public Engagement)

    1. Leverage the content created through appropriate social and traditional media channels as defined by World Vision and Donor priority audiences;

    2. Ensure designated spokespersons for the project speak as trusted ambassadors for World Vision

  3. Donor Visibility Requirements are met (Grant Comms Specifics)

    1. Ensure Donors’ visibility is developed and implemented in line with donor requirements

    2. Timely share quality content to donors

Other responsibilities include

  • Oversee all aspects of AHAN Communications and Visibility actions, ensuring compliance with donor communication and visibility guidelines;

  • Work closely with the AHAN Management, Technical Advisors/staff and Consortium partners on coordination of visibility of activities, host donor visits;

  • Support other Grants’ communication materials production from time to time. Finalise narrative content and data from assigned province as required for donor and Government reports

  • Backstop other Public Engagement Department’s work, as required;

Major responsibilities

World Vision story is brought to life

(Content & Creative)

  • Graphic design and the production of printed materials

  • Photographic and Video documentation and production

  • Editorial writing and story gathering

  • Brand management

  • Social media engagement

The right audiences through the right channels are activated at the right time (Public Engagement)

  • Coordinating and managing donor visits

  • Manage distribution of content through traditional media channels (TV, radio, website, newspapers, magazines) and World Vision Laos’ official online channels (Facebook, website, YouTube, etc)

Donor Visibility Requirements are met

(Grant Comms Specifics)

  • Implement the AHAN Visibility and Communications Plan

  • Develop Grant Project Factsheets and Updates

  • Develop end of project evaluation video based on evaluation report

  • Develop and maintain grant projects visibility on website


  1. 3 years’ experience in communications/content production in international NGOs or creative Industries

  2. Degree in Communications, Development Communications, Media, Journalism, Arts or similar

  3. Ability to identify and plan work strategically and to work to deadlines.

  4. Strong communication skill is essential to maintain multi stakeholders, including internal organization, government stakeholders, and with other Consortium members

  5. Advanced level of computer proficiency, Mac and PC, including editing skills across Adobe and Apple software for video, photo, media, design

  6. Good understanding of coordination Lao Government policies, laws, and institutions and ability to work together with various stakeholders, particularly in relation to communication and media.

  7. Experience working with children and youth

  8. Experience working with EU or ANCP (DFAT) donors

  9. Thorough knowledge of the communication and media industry

  10. Communications technical skills such as photo and video production, editorial, graphic design, social media, and media engagement

  11. Advanced level of computer proficiency, Mac and PC, including editing skills across Adobe and Apple software for video, photo, media, design

  12. Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills in English (Lao preferable)

Work Environment

Willingness to travel to the districts and villages on a frequent basis.


World Vision is committed to the principles of workplace diversity. Qualified women and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

World Vision offers a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package. We offer a challenging work environment, opportunities to lead, and a commitment to growing your skills in a fulfilling and international working environment.


Interested candidates are invited to submit a COVER LETTERand CV to the address below. Please indicate the POSITION TITLE. Deadline for application is 24 January 2022, however applicants areencouraged to apply early as applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and the position will close early if a suitable candidate is found.

Email: [email protected]

Code of Conduct

World Vision has zero tolerance of incidents of violence or abuse against children and other people in the communities we serve, either committed by our staff or others connected to our work. We abhor any misuse of power, status, or trusted position for any sexual or other exploitative purposes. All World Vision’s employees are required to adhered to and promote World Vision shared responsibility and obligation to report matters involving Sexual Exploitation & Abuse, Trafficking in Persons, Child Safeguarding and any suggested violation to our Code of Conduct which may involve Conflicts of Interest, Fraud, Corruption or Harassment.

Learn more about us

Partnership Lead - Non - Corporate

World Vision is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. World Vision is dedicated to working with the worlds most vulnerable people regardless of their religion, caste, gender or ethnicity. World Vision has been in Sri Lanka since 1977 and currently works through 34 development and relief programmes in 16 Districts across the country.

At World Vision we are passionate about children and committed to bringing fullness of life to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. Every day for forty years, that is what our team at World Vision has been doing.

We are currently looking for dynamic & creative individuals to join us in our journey of caring.

Partnership Lead – Non-Corporate

Location – Colombo

Job Profile

The position aims to lead and manage all local fundraising initiatives overseeing all national level partnerships with churches, associations, public & educational institutes as well as High Net Worth Individuals both locally & Internationally.

Major Responsibilities

  • Lead and implement the Annual Business Plan for National Resource Development by setting up quarterly targets to achieve revenue goals and diversifying sources of funding

  • Conceptualize, implement & monitor all local level fundraising activities and national level campaigns

  • Lead and Oversee comprehensive market analysis on new methodologies / innovative fundraising strategies

  • Liaise with the internal stakeholders such as IT, Communications and Operations to develop necessary support systems and technologies for new fundraising strategies

  • Support when required in complying monthly, quarterly and annually reports on local fundraising statistics to the management

  • Ensure that all documentation relating to local fundraising events, campaigns and projects are being maintained up-to date

Required qualifications, experience & competencies

  • 5 years of experience in any two - Institutional, Corporate, Legacy, Major Donor and Trusts fundraising and broad exposure to all four technical approaches

  • Evidence of significant success in leading fundraising activities leading to donations

  • CIM qualified or Degree in Business Economics, Development, Non-profit Management or other applicable field

  • A thorough understanding of the development sector; development issues and SDGs, development approaches across span of sectors such as Health and Nutrition, WASH, Education and Life Skills, Child protection and Participation, Livelihood and Enterprise Development, Gender and Disability, DRR, Climate change and Environment

  • Strong negotiating and influencing skills

  • High critical, creative and innovative thinking

  • Understanding of the Sri Lankan & APAC funding market

  • Well conversed in spoken and written English and/or Sinhala and Tamil languages

  • The position requires to travel up to 20% of the time

World Vision Lanka offers a competitive remuneration package based on individual competence and skills. If you meet the required criteria and wish to apply for this or any of the available vacancies, select the position you wish to apply for & submit your on-line applicationwith your CV and details of three non-related referees on or before the given closing date.

Only short listed candidates will be notified.

Social Media Content Producer (2 positions available)


Social Media Content Producer is responsible for delivering a broad range of unignorably multimedia content that drives business value in a support-centric manner that enables target audiences to engage with World Vision Canada.

Reporting to the Supervising Rich Media Producer, the Social Media Content Producer is skilled in all facets of social media production, including graphic design, motion graphics, concept development, story boarding, live streaming and other videography-related content generation like post production, titles, and graphics.


  • Deliver business value through the production of creative, multimedia content for platforms that could include, broadcast, social media, webcasting, gaming, and video streaming.

  • Work within a Scrum Team to collaborate on work prioritization, ideation, planning, iterative content product development, release, and analysis.

  • Frequently meet with collaborators and stakeholders to understand and clarify ideas and objectives as they relate to the work being undertaken.

  • Create any required visual aids to help build a concept (e.g: storyboards; outlines, layouts, mock ups, scripts).

  • Keep up to date on cultural, social, and design trends and regularly presents innovative solutions to promote continuous improvement.

  • Understand customer segments and go-to-market targets from the customer segment experts, ensuring assets take a customer centric approach by aligning creative collateral to customer preference, interests, and desires. Aligns collaterals with the WVC’s brand guidelines.

  • Ensure that all timelines and production schedules are respected, tracking projects and supporting necessary revisions or enhancements as needed.


  • Must possess at least a Bachelor’s/College Degree in Arts/Design/Creative, Multimedia, Advertising/Media.

  • Demonstrated ability to develop compelling multimedia packages (with some combination of photo, video, and graphic skills); proficiency with multimedia tools (DSLR camera, Adobe Creative Cloud products).

  • Minimum 2 years of professional agency experience (graphic design, video editing & production, etc.) with a strong portfolio of multimedia digital content.

  • Experience developing, designing, curating, and managing multimedia content.


  • Highly organized with the ability to prioritize and deliver under tight deadlines.

  • Strong creative thinker, ability to conceptualize vision and brand.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • Committed team player with proven collaboration skills.

  • Experience working with creative freelancers and 3rd party vendors is an asset.

  • Demonstrated organizational, interpersonal, communication, financial, and negotiation skills.

  • End to end understanding of the TV/Video post production environment and workflow.

  • Extensive knowledge of video recording equipment and ability to coordinate and shoot overseas.

  • Experience in specialized storytelling and video production with a primary focus on marketing.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • International travel and self-directed shooting requires much experience as it carries tremendous pressure and expectations.

WVV Project Communications and Social Media Officer - ACE


World Vision is a Christian relief and development organisation working to create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty. World Vision serves all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. As a child-focused organization, WV’s work focuses on children, ensuring they are protected and their basic needs are met. WVV has a total income of around US$ 22,000,000 (FY21) with funding from 14 support countries in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australia. Funding of WVV consists of sponsorship program funding (70%) and PNS/grants (30%). WVV employs about 430 staff, of which 99% are Vietnamese nationals.

The strategic focuses of WVV include: children protection from all forms of abuse, exploitation, violence and injury; reduction of malnutrition rate of children under 5 through integrated approach; sustainable livelihood for poor households to support sustainable well-being of children.

Currently, WVV is operating in 5 zones: North 1 (Hoa Binh and Dien Bien), North 2 (Yen Bai – Tuyen Quang), North 3 (Thanh Hoa, Hai Phong), Centre (Quang Tri, Quang Nam – Danang) and South (Quang Ngai, Binh Thuan, Ho Chi Minh, DakNong). WVV’s Area Program (AP) usually focuses within one administrative district of a province which populated by ethnic minority people with high rates of poverty. A uniqueness of WVV’s Development Program Approach (DPA) is that AP team members are based at district level where the AP is located, which enables them to work closely with government partners and communities on a daily basis. Beside the APs, WVV is also implementing different Special and Grant Projects to meet the specific needs of vulnerable children in both AP and non-AP areas.

The Against Child Exploitation project, funded by United States Department of Labor, has commenced since 2019 in the Philippines with the view to strengthening the capacity of the Philippine government to address the worst forms of child labor (WFCL) including online sexual exploitation of children (OSEC), and violations of acceptable conditions of work. World Vision is implementing the project in the Philippines and proposing Vietnam to be the second country in this project. The project is planned to be implemented in 6 target districts of 3 target provinces (Tuan Giao and Muong Ang district- Dien Bien province; Son Tra, Hai Chau and Lien Chieu district- Da Nang City and Tam Ky district- Quang Nam province)toward the expected outcomes as follows:

  • Outcome 1: Improved enforcement of the legal framework and policies pertaining to the WFCL, including OSEC, and violations of acceptable conditions of work

  • Outcome 2: Improved assistance services for victims of WFCL and / or OSEC

  • Outcome 3: Strengthened partnerships to accelerate progress in addressing the WFCL, including OSEC, and violations of acceptable conditions of work.


- To compose, edit and produce external communications documents about the project that support World Vision's goals in a timely manner.

- To ensure that communication materials support the mission of the project and adhere to WV’s corporate messaging and branding standards.


  1. 1. Communications.

  • Develop and implement an innovative and effective annual communications strategy for the project in agreement with internal (WVV, ACE project) stakeholders.

  • Actively participate in team meetings to develop strategy and concepts and propose solutions that meet the project’s needs and exceed donor’s expectations.

  • Research, investigate, write, proofread, edit, and execute documents that achieve the highest level of quality consistent with corporate identity as well as brand message and industry standards. Written copy may include, but is not limited to the following:

Monthly newsletter that can be circulated to our national and US stakeholders

Quarterly success stories

Development of communication materials to share project related content (e.g. infographics, social media posts, printed products) (for National Children’s Month, World Day Against Child Labor, World Day Against Trafficking, International Day of the Girl – October 11, International Day for the Eradication of Poverty – October 17, World Children’s Day – November 20 and Human Rights Day – December 10), and others as deemed necessary.

  • Fill in the USDOL OCFT Content Tracker with what the project is planning for the national and international days listed above.

  • Maintain an annual calendar of all communications events, materials, posts, etc. and share with WVUS as things go ‘live’

  • Design and execute graphic art design and production of communication pieces for use in WV Vietnam’s facebook page and IEC materials.

  • Consult with other WVV Communications Department and other stakeholders to ensure clarity and consistency of final product.

  • Keep apprised of global events, ministry trends, and partnership issues that affect project content and stay abreast of new technologies and trends critical to writing techniques.

  • Edit and proofread department projects.

  • Work collaboratively with team members when assigned to work as a member of a team.

  1. 2. Control and Compliance

  • Review creative copy to ensure that WV messaging and branding guidelines are adhered to.

  • Manage projects assigned by supervisor adhering to deadlines and targeted message and ensuring that needed information is identified, meetings are scheduled, resource is gathered, deadlines are met, and client is kept apprised of any changes in project status.

  • Maintain awareness of corporate goals, objectives, organizational announcements, and activities

  1. 3. Other

Perform other duties as assigned.


* Education:

- Bachelor’s degree in public relations, journalism, communication or equivalent

- Social and economic development studies.

* Knowledge & Skills:

- Fluent in oral communication and written skills in Vietnamese and English

- Working independently and as an active team player

- Strong interpersonal skills with ability to interact effectively with a wide range of internal and external contacts.

- Familiarity with or knowledge about development in rural context

* Experience:

- At least one year of experience in communications or media-related field

- Experience working in development context, a fast-paced, multi-cultural working environment.

* Work Environment:

- Work with various stakeholders: Support Offices; foreign visitors; and other functions; community people and children.

WORK LOCATION: Hanoi Office or Da Nang Office.

Our contact details:

People and Culture Department - World Vision International – Vietnam Address: 9th floor, the Mercury building, 444 Hoang Hoa Tham, Hanoi

Tel: 024. 39439920 – Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Phuong

We give equal opportunity to every candidate, regardless of religion, race and gender.

A competitive salary, benefits and career development opportunity will be offered and commensurate with the experience, qualifications and responsibilities.