Partnering Through Faith

The Christian faith is a seamless part of all World Vision's response to the poor, oppressed and most vulnerable children. We seek to celebrate our Christian faith in deverse, uniting and joyful ways, while building relationships of mutual respect, understanding and inspiration among staff of different churches, faiths and views. Is your vision our vision? 

Regional Faith and Development Advisor - West Africa Region

*Please submit your CV in English.


Provide overall technical leadership, guidance in the implementation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of Faith and Development (F&D) programming, relating to Project Models in Strategies, TPs, Staff Spiritual Formation in line with Mission Immersion Programme (MIP), Spiritual Nurture of Children, Interfaith Approach and Church Partnerships.

Serve as the bridge between Global Centre (GC), Regional Office (RO) and National Offices (NOs) to communicate WV’s Christian Ethos and model spiritual leadership and a life of witness to others. Ensure the implementation, in line with the regional focus, of the Faith & Development related Ministry Policies across WV entities and Programs.

Serve as the principal institutional liaison and key representative to external partners, in West Africa; facilitate relationships among project partners and collaborators, coordinate visits to the field, organize meetings, support Grant Acquisition work, trainings and technical exchange.

Advice National Directors in F&D related decision, programs/projects implementation and contextualization of child-focused programming and contribute to improvements in CWB, ministry performance and mobilization of resources.

Communicate World Vision's Christian ethos and demonstrate a quality of spiritual life that is an example to others.


Further develop and scale guidance and evidence-based models for integrating faith in ministry practice and tackling the roots of poverty, vulnerability and injustice:

  • Support national offices to integrate faith into all strategies and programme documents by using existing tools and approaches and in collaboration with West Africa Reginal Office (WARO) programme quality, Sectors and TSO. Be deliberate to ensure SLA is conducted and faith is included in the assessment of new APs.

  • Support national office capacity building exercises for all F&D and programme staff on all Faith based models and approaches in collaboration with Technical Service Organisation (TSO) and GC.

  • Support national offices to gather and report on impact or evidence generated from the quality implementation of faith models in APs.

  • Be deliberate to ensure that indicators selected by NOs in Strategies are reported on in Horizon and are contributing to the wider evidence generation and communication framework.

  • Facilitate the sharing of best practices on Faith & Development implementation between National Offices.

  • Coordinate the development and implementation of regional Faith & Development plan and framework, in alignment with NO and OP and RO priorities, for delivering the Child Well Being (CWB).

Expand and deepen our partnerships with churches and faith leaders, acting as connectors, and mobilizing Christians and the Church together with other faith leaders:

  • Develop and nurture strategic partnerships with Churches, and Regional Christian agencies from a broad spectrum of denominations creating platforms to amplify their voices and expand their godly influence.

  • Support national offices to conduct an extensive mapping of all faith entities nationally but specifically in WV areas of operation.

  • Support national office to formalize relationship with the church and faith leaders by signing MOUs.

  • Support national offices to train faith leaders in all faith based models and approaches in collaboration with TSO.

  • Ensure the church is fully participating and very active in the spiritual nurture of children and all other activities at all levels.

  • Support national offices to prepare and preposition faith leaders to respond to any form of emergency or child wellbeing issues nationally and at the AP level.

  • Represent and speak for WV in all Church related forums to discuss issues related to faith and development in each context.

Ensure that all entities consistently and clearly communicate our Christian identity and mission, with messaging adapted for their different audiences:

  • Support national offices to develop faith messaging in collaboration with WARO communication and programme quality.

  • Ensure and by being an example that the WV’s mission, vision and core values are understood and applied by all staff.

  • Ensure all staff understand and are using the Faith & Development policies in their day-to-day work and in representing WV in forums.

  • Be very sensitive in adapting faith based messaging in different context.

Equip our leaders and staff to live out our faith as appropriate in their context, by providing training, mentoring and guidance:

  • Create and nurture a network of Faith & Development Managers within WAR for the purpose of implementing related strategies and programs.

  • Support capacity building and leadership development for the NO F&D Managers in WAR.

  • Advise NDs on all F&D policies, frameworks, and emerging Global Faith & Development strategic direction such as Giving Word to our Faith, Mission Immersion Program, etc.

  • Support the human resource process of staff recruitment, induction and staff care.

  • Develop and roll out spiritual nurture materials for the WAR staff.

  • Provide staff well-being support in partnership with the P&C Team for West Africa staff.

  • Provide the required spiritual support primarily to the National Offices (NOs) and secondarily to other organizational entities.


  • A degree in Theology or Social Science. An advance degree preferred.

  • Five or more years’ experience in field of children in situations.

  • A minimum of 5 years working for a child focus NGO or international agency in the field.

  • Excellent skills required in program design, reporting and documentation, and monitoring and evaluation, and in managing by results.

  • Knowledge of the global Church, Mission and context in the Sahel region and Strong Interfaith and Social Cohesion facilitation and exposure.

  • Knowledge of World Vision operations, Regional and NO programming.

  • Strong coordination, presentation, coordination and networking skills.

  • Demonstrated proficiency using Excel, Microsoft Suite of products, databases and statistical packages.

  • Strong organizational, strategic planning and analytical skills, WV Central, Horizon, etc.

  • Bilingual (French and English).

  • Attend and participate in devotions, other community and team building initiatives organized by the organization.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Competent in software, mobile technology and CPM programming

Work Environment/Travel:

  • Travel: Approx. 30% Domestic/international travel is required.