Stewarding our Resources

We take the stewardship of our resources seriously and we set high standards of professional competence and financial accountability. Our commitment to our donors is to be good stewards of their resources. Is your vision our vision? 

Monitoring Evaluation Accountability & Learning Coordinator


The Monitoring & Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Coordinator, Emergency Food Security Project (EFSP) will be based on Ukhiya with frequently visits to working areas to ensure the quality of the response operation through effective MEAL system implementation including monitoring, accountability initiatives, support baseline and evaluations, compile lessons learnt collaboratively with field staff and other partners of the program. The MEAL Coordinator is responsible for following up the Accountability Team, MEAL Officers assigned to him/her and MEAL plan on a daily basis. She/He is also responsible for collecting project and program data from the field according to the set M&E plans and processing the data collected into usable formats for analysis. She/He will also have oversight on Customer Relations Management (CRM) implementation and effectiveness.

The MEAL Coordinator will be reporting to Project Manager-EFSP with Matrix Reporting to MEAL Specialist.


Assuring effective and evidence base DME systems to deliver quality programme outcome across the response:

  • Responsible for the implementation of different pre and post assessment, including sample selection, data collection, data entry, data analysis, data validation, reporting, etc. as per the sector / project base assessment /baseline plan.

  • Ensure reliability and accuracy of project level data (qualitative and quantitative) by establishing a data quality assurance plan and incorporating feedback from data quality assessments.

  • Effectively plan, implement, deliver and monitor PDM process to ensure the timely and effective donor communication and internal decision making.

  • Develop project base MEAL plan with collaboration and coordination peer MEAL staff and sector staff.

  • Regular analysis of monitoring data carried out and relevant data shared appropriately.

  • Strengthen QA mechanisms & evidence based system for the decision making within cross functional operation team.

  • Oversight on CRM.

Increasing MEAL capacity of staff to ensure programme quality:

  • Organize learning events and apply blended learning methods to ensure to address the MEAL capacity gaps in field operation staff.

  • Facilitate capacity building event for the staff and partners on knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary for effective MEAL through training and coaching event frequently.

  • Ensure the all project staff understand their roles and responsibilities in collecting, analyzing and using MEAL data/ information for decision-making, and work with staff to operationalize outcome measurement and data collection using established processes, procedures and the project MEAL plan.

  • Update the partners, and relevant stakeholders on required DME process, standard and systems.

Establishing effective community led monitoring system and accountability system for sustaining response actions:

  • Effectively monitor the community led monitoring system.

  • Apply the community led monitoring findings as the inputs ongoing and upcoming projects.

  • Ensure to disseminate the program designs and MEAL plan with working groups and partners appropriately to the context.

  • Monitoring of HAF and accountability indicators, as part of process tracking at project level.

  • Set up simple systems to manage the information generated by community led monitoring to inform the decision for strengthening the accountability system with strong coordination with accountability coordinator.

Facilitating to the bring the effective learning culture to the response environment:

  • Developing Effective learning & knowledge management system to disseminate the learnings for decision making.

  • Conduct reflections and learning events at field, project and sector level.

  • Cross learning is documented and shared with appropriate group/stakeholders.

  • Conduct simple data analysis and present and disseminate evidences for decision.

  • Ensure the availability of project information on time/ update in data repository as appropriate.

  • Ensure the reflection findings quickly been incorporated into the current and future projects in response.

Manage Staff Performance:

  • Oversee the work of the MEAL Coordinators ensuring that the tasks are completed properly.

  • Ensure optimization of subordinates potentials through coaching, on-the-job training, and capacity building.

  • Effectively manage the performance of direct reports ensuring performance agreements, regular performance discussions, and annual appraisal are done.

Perform other duties as required:

  • Increasing demonstration and understanding of and commitment to World Vision’s Core Values in the approach to work and relationships in response environment.

  • Update the knowledge and capacity of his/her own, on new partnership DM initiatives, and our response MEAL mechanisms.

  • Participate for the trainings and other necessary training and workshops as required.

  • Abide by the security policies and procedures and report any incidents or breaches to line manager and / or security manager.

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Line Manager.


  • Master degree in Social Sciences/Statistics/Development Management/International Development or relevant field.

  • Understand poverty issues, development theories and holistic development.

  • Training and Facilitation skills.

  • Proven report wring skills.

  • Proven management and leadership ability.

  • Proven experience as a team player.

  • Demonstrated collaboration skills.

  • Minimum of 1 years’ experience in Emergency Response.

  • Minimum of 4 years’ experience in M&E.

  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in Community Development experience.

  • Excellent Computer skills in MS office, SPSS, Epi info ,NViVO and other statistical packages.

  • Project PRO License.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Good time management and organizational skills.

  • Competent in the use of Microsoft Office computer programs.

  • Good analytical skills.

  • Creativity and innovation.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires field visits up to 20% to 30% and ability and willingness to travel response.

  • Office up to 10% to 20% of the time.

Country Program Director – WV Laos


The Laos Country Program Director will lead, direct, develop and manage all aspects of World Vision’s Field Office in Laos, ensuring ministry impact of the highest, cost effective quality and accountability according to the relevant

policies, protocols and standards of World Vision.

The Laos Country Program Director will:

  • Provide strategy and leadership to the World Vision Laos team.

  • Provide strong operational management of all aspects of WV Laos program.

  • Develop strong ministry objectives where communities, Government agencies and donors/supporters are able to directly contribute to the achievement of child well-being outcomes.

  • Actively engage in and support funding acquisition.

  • Carry out engagement activities with partners and other stakeholders.

  • Provide strategic leadership for Our Voice action plan and support people and culture management for World Vision Laos.

  • Provide leadership to financial management including having low administrative cost.

  • Ensure compliance with all relevant laws, standards and requirements, including local country requirements.

  • Ensure all risks are minimized and managed well.

  • Be a role model of being a servant leader - living and leading following Christian principles.


Strategy and Leadership:

  • Provide leadership, encouragement and support to the office and staff in Laos with the support and guidance of WV Cambodia Senior team and National Director.

  • Plan for and implement a Laos strategy and multi-year business plan.

  • Provide strategic leadership to the Laos staff, supporting and managing all operations in WV Laos to ensure implementation is efficient and effective and meets the goals and objectives of the World Vision, donors and community partners.

Operational Management:

  • Develop annual operating program plans and budgets for Laos to ensure they are in accordance with the country strategy, and World Vision International’s Core Documents, policies, protocols and strategic imperatives.

  • Ensure a relevant, timely and accurate flow of management and operational reports to meet reporting standards of the support and donor partners.

  • Strengthen evidence-based programming, and enable operations staff to use evidence for improved decision making.

  • Support Zonal Managers and AP teams with situation analysis, baselines, design framework, concept paper and proposal writing, multi-year and annual planning and budgeting.

  • Ensure the sectoral integration and implementation of advocacy to positively influence child well-being.

  • Ensure that Laos specific Security and Safety requirements are developed and in place, including setting standards, performance requirements, monitoring security status, and responding to security incidents when escalated.

  • Develop and maintain capacity to respond promptly to all Category I and II emergency relief responses.

Ministry Objectives:

  • Support and guide the Program Quality Associate Director in ensuring all programs and projects are integrated so that a true holistic approach to transformational development is found in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the work of WV in Laos.

  • Define a clear landscape view of the needs of communities in Laos, identifying need at community, area and country levels particularly MVC to enable the story to be told to donors/supporters.

  • Support Laos staff in identifying and fostering connections between communities and donors/supporters with a focus on both the quality of Ministry and the donor/supporter experience.

  • Facilitate a strong and effective working relationship between Area Program Managers and Program Quality Technical Staff.

Funding Acquisition:

  • Provide key role in the development of a funding strategy for the Laos office, in coordination with WV Cambodia National Director and its Director Strategy & Programme Quality.

  • Support prepositioning to secure new funding opportunities, including through establishing networks and relationships with key stakeholders in order to position the office appropriately to secure funding going forward.

  • Ensure the financial sustainability of World Vision ministry in Laos through a proactive approach to funding acquisition and marketing World Vision’s programs to potential donors/supporters.

  • Contribute to the view of pipeline projects, resources and expense forecast for funding future.

Public Engagement:

  • Represent WV Laos to government, ensuring WV’s registration and Project MoU are got on a timely basis adhering to all the laws and policies of Lao PDR.

  • Ensure renewals and fulfillment of joint protocols and agreements including MoUs are done in line with WV’s identity as an international partnership of Christian and with WV Core Values and Mission Statement.

  • Support Public Engagement Director in securing all necessary government approvals, including MOUs on a timely basis.

  • Represent World Vision to key partner agencies, UN agencies, local and international non-government organizations, churches, media, donors and community leaders.

  • Lead and facilitate strategies to raise awareness of and advocate for change in key issues within the country. Ensure WV is positioned as a leading NGO in promoting the wellbeing of children and families in the communities where WV works.

  • Represent WV in INGO steering committee.

People Management:

  • Provide performance-based leadership that builds and motivates effective teams to achieve the complex scope of World Vision’s ministry and ensures accountability through appropriate performance management.

  • Review and approve the office succession plan to ensure that proper capacity is in place and the succession plan is updated and executed.

  • Develop and coach the senior leadership team in Laos.

  • Ensure gender and ethnic diversity at all levels according to relevant policies and guidelines.

  • Ensure the protocols and procedures for staff security, child protection, risk management, stress management and staff care are implemented and monitored.

  • Work in collaboration with the Cambodia Field Office and its leadership to ensure appropriate strategic, technical quality ministry and functional support is available to the Laos team is provided where needed.

Financial Management:

  • Exercise good stewardship over all resources by maintaining financial control, procedures and records, according to accountability standards required by World Vision International.

  • Ensure the management and regular, systematic review of all budgets, project funding, expenditures and accomplishment of ministry objectives and ensure all programs and projects remain with budget.

  • Oversee compliance with all relevant sections of the Field Financial Manual including proper accounting systems and practices.

  • Work in partnership with the Cambodia Field Office to ensure appropriate strategic and technical Finance support is available to the Finance team in Laos.

  • Ensure Supply Chain Management principles and procedures are followed to reduce risk and possibility of implementing ProVison.

  • Ensure agreed Administrative cost % is maintained by having continuous process improvement.


  • Ensure the office complies with both WV and all local legal requirements and standards.

  • Represent World Vision in courts, if required.

  • Ensure the WV Laos team consistently manages and applies all aspects of the WVI Enterprise Risk Management system.

  • Ensure and oversee proper mechanisms for Adult safety and Child Protection (Safeguarding) and other WVI Standards and Principles implementation.

Christian Leadership:

  • Model a high standard of personal Christian leadership, maturity and integrity as an example to staff and to commend World Vision to various publics.

  • Ensure that spiritual formation for staff results in regular worship, prayer, and biblical reflection that leads to transformational ministry and spiritually active staff.

  • Ensure appropriate Christian witness strategy which are legally allowable by the Government of Laos.


  • Degree in international development, business administration, social science, management or related discipline, preferably at Masters level.

  • Significant leadership experience particularly in driving organizational and cultural change programs.

  • Experience in establishing an office or organization, including developing strategy, system, structure and having prior experience in changing organizational culture.

  • Previous demonstrable success in providing a high level of representational engagement in a complex environment.

  • Experience in managing Development/Relief and Advocacy programs.

  • Cross-cultural leadership skill - candidates must have experiences working globally in different context and especially in an Asian culture.

  • Having prior experience in working with a Government in a socialist country.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Inspirational leadership.

  • Visionary and strategic abilities.

  • Excellent people and representational skills.

  • Ability to work under pressure and make key decisions that impact the safety and wellbeing of WV staff.

  • Cross cultural skills – good understanding of country political, social-economic and cultural context.

  • Cross cultural sensitivity- flexible world view, emotional maturity and physical stamina.

  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, and demonstrated ability to communicate cross-culturally.

  • Good interpersonal skills with ability to build personal and team-based relationships with staff, partners, leaders at all level and especially with Government.

  • A firm understanding of complex security environments is essential.

  • Good analytical skills and a demonstrated ability to think creatively and innovatively, preferred.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • Operations are spread country wide, so ability to travel on a monthly basis to project sites is helpful.

Project Officer - UNHCR


Day to day implementation of UNHCR projects tasks such as card/pin distributions and data gathering through household visits and focus group discussions;


Major Activities

End Results Expected

Implementation and Coordination

  1. Implement assigned tasks as per the weekly detailed distribution and data gathering implementation plan;

  2. Comply and abide by WV best practices and donor regulations in distributions and data gathering;

  3. Inform the team leader of any deviations from the planned activities;

Reporting, Recording and Proposal Development

  1. Deliver high quality, accurate and timely daily reports;

  2. Support the Team Leader in preparing weekly and monthly distribution and data gathering reports;

  3. File all relevant project documents in line with WVs requirements for project auditing;

  4. Track task progress in line with the established tracking system;

  5. Handle stock (pins and cards) in line with WVs policies;

  6. Conduct data gathering for project amendments and proposals;

Monitoring, Accountability and Protection Mainstreaming:

  1. Action project implementation changes approved by the Project Coordinator in line with m&e, accountability and protection report findings;

  2. Support actions to address beneficiary feedback;

  3. Actively participate in lessons learned session for the project;

  4. Action protection mainstreaming standards suggested by the Project Coordinator;

Financial Control:

  1. Purchase items in line with the budget and instructions given by the team leader;

All project deliverables are met within the agreed time-frame and budget in compliance with donor regulations, WVs and international best practices;

Security management responsibilities:

  1. Abide by the security procedure, policies and take responsibility for all breaches. World Vision has zero breach tolerance;

  2. Attend all security related training and abides by all taught material;

  3. Immediately report all security related incidents to the team leader;

Other duties:

  1. Attend and participate in capacity building trainings locally and internationally as appropriate and necessary and based on funding availability

  2. Perform other relevant tasks as assigned

Security protocol abided by the team. Other tasks performed.


  • High School completion certificate/University degree is preferred.

  • Able to use a computer, with word-processing (e.g. Microsoft Office) and spreadsheets, internet and e-mail

  • Experience in commodity, card and pin distributions

  • Experience in data gathering at household level and focus group discussions

  • A minimum of 1 year experience in the NGO sector in distributions and data gathering

  • A valid driver’s license (more than 1 year old)

  • Good level of English and Arabic (oral and written)

  • Ability to travel across the country regularly for training, assessment, regular monitoring and evaluation

People & Culture Coordinator - Garowe


For Somali Nationals Only

Purpose of the position:

The People & Culture Coordinator will provide business partnering and administration of the human resource function in Puntland in line with WV Somalia People & Culture policies, Partnership standards and Puntland labor laws. The position holder will have a keen eye on providing efficient customer service to all departments and relevant partners. This will entail coordinating recruitment processes, absence management, compensation and benefits, monitoring performance management processes, facilitating training and development and records management.

Major Responsibilities:

Recruitment and on-boarding

  • Coordinate recruitment processes for Puntland operations in line with WV Somalia recruitment policy and promote diversity and gender balance

  • Develop quarterly workforce plans in liaison with Line Managers

  • Facilitate short listing processes, ensure Blocked party screening of short listed candidates and interview processes in collaboration with the hiring managers

  • Coordinate the onboarding processes for all new staff.

Contract Management

  • Maintain an up to date staff list with contract dates on a monthly

  • Track all contract end dates and ensure timely renewals and/or issuance of notices.

  • Track and coordinate with managers to ensure that probation appraisals are done in a timely manner.

  • Ensure that hires, separations, position changes for Puntland are entered in Our People system on a weekly basis

  • Coordinate separation processes for staff leaving the organization

Records management

  • Ensure all Puntland employee files are consistently updated upon hire and on a monthly basis with relevant onboarding documents;

  • Ensure separation documents are appropriately filed for all staff.

  • Conduct Quarterly Puntland personnel file audit and share the report with both Operations Manager and P&C Manager.

Policy administration

  • Conduct orientation/training of WV People & Culture policies and procedures to staff

  • Advise Line Managers on employment procedures, processes and new Puntland labour legislation

  • Ensure Line Managers and staff comply to WV Somalia policies and procedures

Staff compensation/benefits and staff care

  • Maintain accurate records of Puntland staff and dependents who are enrolled in the medical scheme

  • Ensure new staff and their dependents enrollment and deletions are done in an effective manner.

  • Respond to staff queries concerning benefit entitlements

  • Produce staff meeting minutes during the quarterly All Staff Meetings

Training and Development/Performance management

  • Orient new staff on performance management tools and Learning & Development policy & processes

  • Track and report submission rates of performance agreements, mid-year and annual performance reviews

  • Provide input in the assessment of annual training needs in collaboration with project managers and the Training and Development Officer

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience

  • Education: A University degree in Human Resources Management, Business Administration, Social Sciences or an equivalent

  • Experience: A minimum of 4 years’ experience in Recruitment, Benefits Administration, Records Management, contract management and HR policy administration in a large corporate or International organization

  • Very good organizational skills and well-developed interpersonal skills,

  • Very good English communication skills, both verbal and written

  • Thorough knowledge of Microsoft office systems ( Very good use of Word and Excel)

  • Ability to maintain confidential and sensitive information

  • Very good customer service skills

  • Excellent attention to details with good analytical skills

  • Should demonstrate good negotiation skills

  • Should have good facilitation skills

Working Environment / Conditions:

  • Work environment: Office-based with frequent travels to the field

  • Travel: 10% Domestic/international travel is required.

  • On call: Immediately

Kindly note: All academic certificates will be verified with the issuing academic institution.

Marketing Officer

Marketing Officer, Sponsorship Experience

Salary: £27,000 per annum, depending on experience + good range of benefits

Contract: Permanent 36.5 hours per week

Based: Milton Keynes

World Vision is an international children’s charity working with children, their communities, and with supporters and partners, in almost 100 countries.

Through long-term development projects, emergency responses and advocacy we’ve helped bring lasting change to millions of children, over more than 60 years. And as a Christian organisation, everything we do is motivated by our faith as we strive to reflect God’s unconditional love.

Work for World Vision UK and you will be part of a truly global Partnership, building brighter futures for vulnerable children.

Job Purpose

Looking for a new marketing role, but one where you can also really make a difference?

We have an exciting opportunity for an experienced fundraising or marketing professional to join the Sponsorship Experience team within our Public Engagement Group. Child sponsorship is the team's core product, and in this role, you’ll take an active lead in delivering a high value sponsorship experience through multi-channel marketing campaigns. These will drive supporter loyalty and satisfaction, helping bring to life the change supporters are making in the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children.

In the team we love the fact that each day is different - from creating concepts, briefing, copywriting, and design, through to project and agency management, data selection, analysis and insight. Within this role, you'll deliver exceptional experiences for our World Vision child sponsors through the development and delivery of timely, high-value and inspiring multi-channel marketing campaigns that demonstrate the difference their sponsorship is making. This in turn increases sponsor loyalty and retention and deepens engagement between the sponsor and child.

You will create compelling copy content, as well as manage relationships with our design, print, digital and film agencies, so that you work collaboratively to produce emotive communications that ‘reach’ our supporters and bring to life the change they are making. This role will give you the opportunity to develop new and innovative ways of communicating the impact our supporters are making. It will be your job to ensure our sponsor communications truly reflect World Vision’s mission and Christian ethos to our diverse supporter base.

Working alongside our data team, you'll have the chance to understand supporter behaviour, as well as measure results and capitalise on future activities and campaigns. You will plan, build and extract data using our CRM system and work with other data stakeholders in the organisation.

With a relevant degree in direct and/or digital marketing or fundraising, and a good level of direct marketing, statistics and data analysis/insights experience, you will be an excellent communicator with a creative outlook, have an eye for detail and fantastic relationship-building skills. You will relish the opportunity to deliver multi-channel campaigns and use data and customer insights to help develop new ideas.

As an active Christian, this role offers you the opportunity to integrate your Christian faith and be sensitive to its various expressions across cultures and denominations.

In addition to the salary offered, we offer good benefits including pension, generous holiday entitlement and free parking (MK).

Please click here to view the full job description

Interested in joining the team? Along with your CV, please write a covering letter explaining: 1) Why you want the role and 2) How your experience meets the requirements set out in the Job Description. Please outline how you meet each of the core capabilities required for the role and give specific examples where you can.

Please upload your CV of full employment history explaining any gaps of employment and reasons for leaving your previous employer. This must be accompanied with a covering letter stating how you meet the essential criteria given in the Job Description.

Closing Date for applications: 15th July 2019

Interview Dates: week commencing 22nd July 2019

World Vision UK is an Equal Opportunities Employer. We value diversity and aspire to reflect this in our workforce. We welcome applications from people representing all sections of the community. World Vision UK also operates flexible working policies and practices.

As a child focused organisation, World Vision UK is committed to the safeguarding of children, therefore any offer of employment is conditional upon the successful completion of applicable background checks, including a criminal records check.

By submitting your application, you understand and accept that World Vision UK will process the data you provide for the purposes of your application and in accordance with the World Vision UK - Job Applicant Privacy Notice (click here).

No agencies please.

Finance Assistant


This position will be responsible for performing bank reconciliation and cost allocation data processing, review and analysis. By using data consolidation and reconciliation tools such as SunSystems Bank Reconciliation Manager module, and Cost Allocation PMQA Tools, this position will perform tasks on behalf of the National Offices as part of FRSC’s centralization support for the field.


Reconcile bank accounts on behalf of national offices using the automated procedures of the Sun6 Bank Reconciliation Manager utility.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Directly accessing national offices’ bank statements (thru bank’s online facility) and cash ledger in Sun6.

  • Loading all required data in Sun6 and managing the reconciliation of accounts using Bank Recon Manager Facility.

  • Extracting all reconciling items in Sun6 using PMQA template.

  • Analyzing and monitoring bank reconciling items. This includes close engagement with NOs (and or region) to clear these items.

  • Assisting the NOs on the accounting entries needed to clear bank reconciling items.

  • Posting of final bank reconciliation reports in the FFR database and communicating with NOs.

Identify, raise/flag, follow-up and clear differences on the bank account balance and the office’s financial records as part of internal control:

  • Prepare and review the Cost Allocation PMQA tools design template on the 1st week of each month.

  • Run the Cost Allocation (CAL) review and reconciliation tool and ensure that the control figures are consistent accurate.

  • Perform Ledger Import and Ledger Import Validation.

  • Run LEH Validation Tool before final posting.

  • Run the Cost Allocation Reconciliation Template when necessary.

  • Prepare issue logs for all issues encountered during the CAL run period.

Test and analyze National Office bank accounts and SunSystem financial data to prepare an office to ‘go-live’ on the FRSC BR Centralization.

Assist the National Office and the lead in implementing Cost Allocation Centralization for each office.


Bachelors’ degree in Accounting or Finance.

Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office particularly Microsoft Excel.

Knowledgeable in preparing Bank Reconciliation Reports.

Keen to details, willing to learn and do routine tasks, willing to extend long hours, as needed.

1-2 years of experience in Accounting and Finance.

At least 1 year experience doing bank reconciliation or working on financial accounting.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • General knowledge of Financial reporting.

  • Ability to extract data, retrieve and analyze financial information.

  • Possess advance learning of Microsoft Excel.

  • Ability to work in fast paced team environment & strong analytical / problem solving capabilities.

Social Media Employment Brand Specialist


As Social Media Employment Branding Specialist for World Vision’s People and Culture (HR) Department, you are a highly creative and innovative individual with a knack for social and visual storytelling. You will serve as World Vision International’s primary point of content for all employment branding/ social media content, and recruitment marketing materials for the Talent Acquisition, Management and Employee Relations team.

You will create and manage World Vision’s employment branding strategy, oversee social media sites (i.e., LinkedIn, Glassdoor, @WorldVisionJobs on Twitter, @WeAreWorldVision on Instagram and the #WeAreWorldVision employee hashtag), and the implementation of advertising and other employment communications and materials that are aligned with World Vision’s Global Brand and People & Culture guidelines. You will work directly with the Recruitment team and the Creative Lead & Graphic Design Specialist to help shape the employee value proposition, perceptions of company “culture” and the employment marketing resources that will motivate individuals to consider a career working with World Vision around the globe.


  • Lead and evolve the social media strategy for the Talent Acquisition team. Which includes, fostering relationships with Leadership in order to create buy in and engagement throughout the Partnership.

  • Collaborate with Global P&C/ Marketing teams to create consistent Employment Brand platforms, buy in and engagement throughout the World Vision Partnership.

  • Develop overarching employment branding and employment social media road-map that connects WV careers website and social networking sites (i.e. LinkedIn Company/Career page, Facebook, Twitter handles). Create and manage the employment branding materials and yearly campaigns to ensure consistency with Partnership wide brand standards and identity in order to attract and source applicants (i.e. ensure the WV employment brand is in place and used consistently).

  • Engage and interact with internal and external stakeholders including WV Global Communications, P&C Communications, Marketing and Creative Services Team (external career site, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter).

  • Determine what content is published on social media sites that are managed by the Talent Acquisition Team, the content calendar and information flow for each site to ensure one WV employment look and feel across multiple media channels.

  • Create, edit and publish employment advertising that attracts skilled, professional and Christian applicants (i.e. creating and editing employment adverts, job postings, Opportunity Profiles, Tweets) by utilizing current advertising templates and looking at new ways to engage potential talent. Ensuring WV branding standards are in place.

  • Research new and requested advertising sites (i.e. highly specialized areas).

  • Update the staffing toolkit on World Vision’s internal staff site, WVcentral as needed and provide training to all new staff on WVcentral and toolkit.

  • Employment Brand reporting as needed (i.e. Jobs, Providing other social media stats/reports as needed.) Track and report source of applicants, candidates and hires to show ROI on advertising and sourcing effectiveness (using the new systems).

  • Track and report source of applicants, candidates and hires to show ROI on advertising and sourcing effectiveness (using the new systems).

  • Monitor employment brand externally, checking sites like Glassdoor (periodic Google searches) to see what current and former employees are saying about WVI. Monitor and spot check applicants and candidates experience with the application process.

  • Create training materials for the partnership and train team members in utilizing social media effectively, particularly LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Provide on-going formal and informal coaching and updates as needed.

  • Participate in Global Marketing and Communications and P&C projects specific to employment branding (i.e. online induction paperwork process) as needed.



  • Bachelor’s degree in related Human Resources, Marketing or Communications or 6+ years of relative work experience.

  • 4+ years of experience in Recruitment Marketing, Branding and/or Advertising with photo editing, video editing, graphic design and web site maintenance experience a plus.

  • Proven understanding, creativity and application/immersion in social media and the latest web/interactive media thinking for HR, communications or marketing related purposes.

  • Displays in-depth knowledge and understanding of social media platforms and metrics (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) and how each platform can be deployed in different scenarios for recruitment initiatives.

  • Comfortable working in a support or administrative role when needed.

  • Demonstrated writer and editing skills (writing samples will be requested for short-listed candidates).


  • In-depth knowledge of the general recruitment and staffing process.

  • International work, particularly communicating effectively cross culturally.

Work Environment:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 5% of the time.

Portfolio Manager

Position: Portfolio Manager


  • World Vision is seeking a Portfolio Manager to lead our growing portfolio of education projects in Syria. The Portfolio Manager will be managing 2 grants managers and lead on expanding the portfolio. They will supervise project staff and partner agencies to ensure strong grant implementation.

  • The Portfolio Manager will provide leadership in project development, planning, implementation and monitoring. They will provide day-to-day management to achieve high quality results in line with acceptable project norms relevant to the established goals, objectives and operating policies. They will supervise the financial management of the grant/portfolio in relation to projects’ goals and objectives, monthly activity schedule, timing of expenditures, budgets, etc.

  • The Portfolio Manager will be the focal point for external representation of World Vision in the relevant sector groups for Syria, sitting on the relevant Working Groups and coordination bodies, as well as liaising with donors and partners as appropriate.

  • The Portfolio Manager will work with World Vision’s MEAL Coordinator, Procurement staff and field monitors inside Syria to develop and implement remote monitoring standards, systems and processes to ensure the highest standards of risk management



  1. Provide overall leadership and supervision of the team assigned under portfolio;

  2. Assure that portfolio has sectorial alignment where possible;

  3. Assure that assigned projects are properly planned and implemented to meet agreed upon results, timelines and budgets;

  4. Assure that assigned projects are adequately resourced and staffed to ensure effective implementation;

  5. Facilitate reporting on progress of portfolio implementation;

  6. Analyze effectiveness and efficiency of portfolio implementation and introduce corrective measures where needed.


  1. Determine staffing requirements and facilitate hiring and orientation;

  2. Facilitate staff training and development;

  3. Set objectives for staff, monitor their performance and provide feedback;

  4. In collaboration with the Head of Operations and Partner Capacity Building Coordinator identify areas for staff/partner development;

  5. Deliver and/or arrange technical and operational capacity building of staff and partners

  6. Ensure staff wellbeing;

  7. Build and maintain string relationships with partners to facilitate effective partnership on projects under portfolio;

  8. Work with the partnership coordinator in the Syria Country Office to ensure the agency maintains an understanding of partnership challenges and opportunities across Syria


  1. Identify challenges emerging in coordination with other functions (Finance, Procurement, Admin and Security) and partners and introduce corrective measures where appropriate (focus on individual problem solving);

  2. Coordinate interventions with other agencies, working groups and clusters;

  3. Engage with regional technical advisers to ensure the program is delivered to a high technical standard;

  4. Conduct regular meetings with Syria-based and Jordan based staff who fall under portfolio;

  5. Represent World Vision in external coordination meetings (Clusters, WGs) and play a constructive role contributing to the development of best practice approaches and sharing lessons in the WGs.


  1. Work with the MEAL Coordinator to review, design and refine remote monitoring protocols and ensure they are being applied to the project portfolios;

  2. Review and update risk and contingency plans to account for changes in the operating context;

  3. Ensure strong systems are in place to detect and deter fraud, waste and diversion and to rapidly report incidents to senior management;

  4. Ensure that systems are in place for all portfolio projects to ensure end-to-end verification of the delivery of supplies and to monitor partner procurement;

  5. Train and mentor portfolio staff and partner staff on risk management and risk mitigation.


  • Minimum of 5 years’ operational humanitarian experience with minimum of 3 years in a leadership role in an emergency context;

  • Experience in remote management;

  • Proven experience in training, including development of training materials.

  • Masters or Post Graduate University degree in Education, Social Sciences, International Development or other related majors

  • Comprehensive knowledge of International Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law, Refugee Law, the relevant positions of the UN, ICRC and major NGOs on protection of civilians in particular of IDPs and refugees, women and children, the codes of conduct, the Humanitarian Charter, The Sphere Project, INEE minimum standards etc.;

  • Strong English communication skills (oral and written);

  • Cultural sensitivity and adaptability;

  • Strong communication skills with ability to express ideas and concepts clearly and persuasively with senior members of the humanitarian community as well as with field practitioners;

  • Excellent networking skills;

  • High degree of negotiation and persuasion skills;

  • Ability to work with a reasonably level of comfort in high tension and high security risk situations;

  • Ability to maintain performance expectations in diverse cultural contexts, psychologically stressful environs and physical hardships;

  • Ability to facilitate the creation of cross-functional project teams and the development of national strategies;

  • Understands work from a process point of view and uses measurement and accountability systems effectively;

  • Demonstrates openness and transparency;

  • Knowledge of Syria specific context and cross-border assistance.

  • Knowledge of Arabic

Project Team Leader – (Schools Rehabilitation)


World Vision is a global Christian relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. We are a community of close to 40,000 staff working across the world to help change the lives of vulnerable children. Our supporters, partners and staff join forces with communities on the ground to help children enjoy good health, be educated for life, experience the love of God and their neighbors and be cared for, protected and participating in addressing issues that affect their lives. World Vision has been active in Zimbabwe since 1973. Our operations are spread across 9 out of 10 provinces, with a majority of over 1.75 million beneficiaries in rural areas. Our current programs focus on improving the well-being of boys and girls in three priority sectors: health and nutrition, livelihoods and education. We also focus on child protection, gender and disabilities, emergency assistance and resilience building as cross cutting priorities across our programs. If you share the same vision, JOIN US and contribute to life in all its fullness for the children and communities we serve.

Title: Project Team Leader – (Schools Rehabilitation)

Reports to: Response Team Leader

Direct Reports: Shelter Officers, Field Officers, LMMS/ Database Officer

Purpose of the Position

As part of the World Vision Zimbabwe Cyclone Response team, provide leadership and management support to the ECHO Project Consortium and ensure that all aspects of the ECHO project to include Shelter and Cash aspects are implemented in line with the set standards and objectives. Emphasis will focus on quality cash programming, shelter as well as Consortium coordination within the framework of World Vision Zimbabwe (WVZ) Cyclone Response Strategy.

% Time

Major Activities

End Results Expected


Provide Consortium Leadership to 2 Consortium members and Consortium Programme Management

  • Coordinate with ECHO Desk Office and WV Support Offices

  • Lead in key technical areas, including Design, Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Influencing key internal and external stakeholders for country humanitarian action

  • Ensure streamlined and adherence to humanitarian standards in the area of work

  • Contributing to donor objectives


Provide Leadership in the design & implementation of ECHO Project within WVZ

  • Work closely with both project & Shelter Officers & Consortium Partners on ensuring implementing, monitoring, accounting and reporting of the Cash & E-voucher project is done as per donor and World Vision requirements.

  • Ensure all Shelter aspects are implemented in accordance with Shelter Cluster Guidance and according to Sphere Standards

  • Ensure that the project is implemented as per approved project design, log frame and plan of action. Ensuring staffs have a full commitment to set out duties for successful implementation as per schedule with quality reporting and correct documentation

  • WV Shelter and Infrastructure programs are meeting international and internal best practice.

  • To support project staff, and district teams in planning, implementing, monitor and evaluate approved activities as per programs design

  • Ensure programme compliance to Humanitarian Accountability standards.


Develop collaborative internal and external relationships

  • Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships ECHO , WV Support Offices with other departments within the National office an Response

  • Actively participate in the department leadership team, supporting the development and delivery of the response strategy

  • Collaborate with Cluster Coordinators and actively participate in clusters and working groups (CWG).

  • Develop and maintain relationships with, the host government, donor agencies , UN agencies and other NGOs to influence these bodies and promote WV’s lead contribution in the humanitarian field


Assessment & Design

  • Initial and sector specific assessments completed and data analysed to guide programming decisions in programming areas.

  • Do no harm/LCP, gender, humanitarian protection mainstreaming and disability are considered in assessment and design.

  • Identification of program implementation areas and appropriate interventions based on assessed needs.

  • Strategy developed with an integrated focus to meet the needs of the affected community, particularly for women and children.

  • Project/grant proposals and budgets are written in conjunction with the programs, finance and P & C teams based on assessed need and capacity of the program to deliver quality.

  • Donor engagement on technical issues for grant acquisition.


Financial & Budget Management

  • Financial expenditure for project activities tracked in conjunction with programs and finance team, and in compliance with WV financial and donor standards.

  • Operational and grant budgets are developed in conjunction with finance.

  • Monthly cash projections are prepared and submitted to operations in a timely manner.

  • Purchases and requisitions are completed as per budgets.



  • A degree in Civil Engineering, social sciences/development related field and/or construction. Technical expertise, particularly in design and implementation of projects experience in the sector of relief or development, with some expertise in project management and implementation.

  • Humanitarian competencies including standards (Sphere, HAP, IASC guidelines etc.).

  • 5 years large scale shelter, infrastructure or construction program management and contract management experience.

  • Effective in written and oral communication experience working in an office environment and able to use a computer (word for windows excel software) and email is essential.

  • Demonstrated experience and understanding of contract management including tendering and subcontracting.

  • 5 years proven experience in emergency programmes or social development with at least 2 years of that experience in cash and CFA programming.

  • Strong project management background.

  • Experience in liaison and coordination with government, multilateral and bilateral donors on the design and implementation of shelter and infrastructure programs.

  • Demonstrated experience in managing complicated construction programs over $1 million in multiple implementation locations.

  • Management of integrated community based shelter and construction programs.

  • Training skills and Team management skills.


  • Experience in project monitoring, reporting and accounting.

  • Experienced in community mobilization and the ability to manage meetings with community leader’s faith based leaders, government officials, NGOs and other stakeholders (ensuring gender balance in participation). Interpersonal skills and cross-cultural sensitivity.

  • Experience in community development, MBA an added advantage.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • Office environment: 50 %typical office and 50% field based.

  • Travel: Domestic and International travel is required.

  • On call: During normal working hours unless there is an emergency