Food Security & Livelihoods Positions

To improve child well-being, World Vision’s strategy is aimed at saving lives and protecting livelihoods by ensuring food security and building foundational livelihood assets. This strategy combines quick wins for short-term impact with systemic change for long-term sustainability.

Food assistance saves lives through addressing the most dire and immediate forms of food insecurity. It also can make a significant contribution to helping poor households and communities to develop and enhance livelihoods, improve health and education and become self-reliant.

World Vision is committed to helping parents provide for their children by improving the productivity, sustainability and resilience of small farms to create a hunger-free world.


Project Officer-Livelihood and Resilience Kenya BIG DREAM

Purpose of Position

Provide technical support and guide the successful implementation of livelihoods and resilience (Food Security/Economic Development/Environmental protection) interventions in the “The Kenya BIG DREAM” project being implemented in Samburu County contributing to empowerment of Households to protect, nurture and support girls and boys from all forms of abuse and to improve children wellbeing outcomes within the respective areas as guided by National Office Strategy.

Major Responsibilities

Effective Project Design, Planning and Implementation 35%

  • Facilitate adoption of best practice/approaches/models in the course of the implementation of the Agriculture & Food Security (AFS) and ED components of the The Kenya BIG DREAM project

  • Ensure that business processes, standards and guidelines related to AFS & ED initiatives are effectively applied in project implementation and monitoring

  • Participate in the preparation of overall work plan and budget for AFS & ED activities for the specific County.

  • Develop activity plans and budgets for technical support activities related to AFS & ED component of the project.

  • Collaborate with relevant ward, sub county and County government ministries and partners at the Ward/sub county/County and community levels to ensure integration and high level implementation of all AFS & ED activities.

  • Make technical input into the planning and design of project specific operational researches, including baseline and end line evaluation related to AFS & ED outcomes.

  • Work closely with the Project manager and other program staff in identification of existing gaps in AFS & ED and Environment sectors of the project

  • Facilitate adoption of best practice/approaches/models in the course of the implementation of the project

  • Work closely with relevant authorities to ensure all L&R interventions deployed in the communities are in alignment with L&R Standards.

  • Work together with other staff to ensure that key trainings meet the standards required to facilitate, provide knowledge and reinforcement of desired L&R behaviour and practices.

  • Be able to systemically review DIP/budget and other key implementation tools and initiate innovative approaches that will open new frontiers for L&R in the area of operation.

Quality Assurance - Monitoring, Reporting and Documentation 25%

  • Support M&E role of L&R activities in coordination with relevant stakeholders.

  • Provide technical support and timely feedback to the Project Manager on L&R interventions outlined in the The Kenya BIG DREAM project proposal.

  • Build capacity of field staff, project ToTs and partners (CBOs and Farmer groups) on Crop & Livestock production, Climate Smart Agriculture, S4T.

  • Identify other opportunities in an ongoing manner that will add value to the overarching goal of the program.

  • Track and prepare monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual progress reports of activities related to AFS & ED key indicators; including documentation of key lessons learnt and successes stories

  • Contribute to the development and dissemination of publications for learning.

  • Support supply chain through offering all the technical advice on AFS & ED project procurements.

  • Ensure cross cutting themes such as gender, disability, and environmental protection are integrated into the project interventions.

  • Ensure integration of L&R interventions with other Child protection interventions as appropriate.

  • Routine collection of data related to the project outputs.

  • Carrying out joint monitoring of project outputs with partners and stakeholders.

  • Documentation of change stories, learnings and best practices.

Enhanced Empowerment & Capacity building 20%

  • Mobilize and sensitize community for empowerment & sustainability

  • Build capacity of communities and partners on integration for synergy & Community based monitoring for sustainability.

  • Establish specific capacity building for effective delivery & sustainability of project interventions

  • Build the capacity of partners (FBOs, CBOs, Farmers Groups) to enable them effectively intervene in food security & economic empowerment appropriately

  • Take a lead in building program staff and community capacities in food security & economic empowerment sector interventions through trainings and other information sharing avenues (field days, demonstrations) to handle project activities effectively

  • Together with partners, conduct regular extension service provision for participating groups and households.

  • Mobilise, equip and empower the Church, other faith groups and Community based organization to integrate empowered World View in Livelihood interventions.

Advocacy, Engagement, Networks & Partnerships 10%

  • Gather and provide quality feedback and data to be used to develop technical papers and recommendations on key issues for external engagement with decision makers in respective counties

  • Establish and sustain working relationships with Government Departments and Agencies relevant to the The Kenya BIG DREAM project focus area at the Ward, Sub County and County levels

  • Ensure that Project participants and partners are kept informed of all the Government laws and policies in respect to the Technical aspects being implemented and any changes to government laws, policies and budgets

  • Work with partners and coalitions to engage in advocacy activities with the government structures at the Ward/County level, to address the needs of local communities and inform national level advocacy initiatives

  • Ensure effective mobilisation of community groups, youth and children, empowering them to hold their governments to account through utilization of advocacy approaches such as Citizen Voice and Action (CVA) and Child Protection Advocacy (CPA)

  • Support community groups, youth and children to engage constructively with duty bearers and service providers to improve access to, and quality of, essential services

  • Ensure representation of WV Kenya in key L&R stakeholder forum/meetings at the Ward, Sub-County and County levels.

  • Actively participate and contribute to County level technical working groups to inform policies/strategies relevant to L&R.

  • Provide support to community led processes of monitoring public service delivery.

Resources Acquisition 5%

  • Participate in development of timely and accurate funding proposals in line with donor requirements and WVK standards in collaboration with Project Manager and other sector specialists

  • Mobilize the community for community contribution for project interventions

  • Support development of technically sound funding concepts/proposals through provision of information & data and review in collaboration with Program Manager and other sector specialists.

  • Support successful donor visits as may be necessary.

  • Promote organizational visibility and branding within the project area and beyond.

Any Other 5%

  • Support any other duty as assigned by the supervisor

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Minimum of a Bachelor Degree in Agricultural Sciences/Agronomy/Horticulture/Agricultural Economics/Business Management or a closely related field from a recognized university.

  • Minimum three years of work experience in local value chains development, Savings for Transformation, Ultra-poor graduation and Building secure Livelihood project models, economic development, food security projects and other related sectors

  • Good understanding of gender and child protection mainstreaming in AFS and ED projects.

  • Ability to conduct community L&R needs assessment, project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of L&R interventions.

  • Excellent English communication skills (both oral and written).

  • A team player, capable of building staff and community capacity in L & R projects through training.

  • Ability to take initiative, a team leader able to work with minimum supervision

  • Cross-cultural sensitivity and emotional maturity and ability to incarnate in the community

  • Ability to maintain performance expectations in diverse cultural and inter-faith contexts.

  • Proficient in English and Kiswahili.

  • Excellent computer skills, including proficiency in MS Office and Lotus Notes (or another main email system such as Microsoft Outlook)

  • Any knowledge on Empowered World View, Celebrating Families, Disaster Management, Peace building, Gender-responsive programming initiatives will be an added advantage.

  • Minimum three years proven experience in working/programming in either relief or development including implementing L&R projects

  • Experience in project design, proposal writing, needs assessments, surveys, and information management.

  • Must have ability to develop good working relationships/partnership developed with all stakeholders (GoK, INGOs)

  • Experience in supervising, training, and coaching

Cash Based Programming Officer - HT EER (Nippes)

Titre du poste :

Cash Based Programming Officer  HT Earthquake Emmergency Response (1 position dans les Nippes)

Objectif du poste

Le Cash Based Programing Specialiste aura pour tâche, de participer á l’élaboration et á la supervision de toutes les activités de transfert de fond dans le cadre du projet P. Il/Elle aura aussi à contribuer aux aspects opérationnels et techniques liés à la conception, la planification et la mise en œuvre du projet de sécurité alimentaire d'urgence. Il / elle travaillera en étroite coordination avec le bureau national, l'équipe de gestion des catastrophes (HEA), le bureau régional et les autres parties prenantes. Elle/Il doit aussi fournir un soutien technique a tous les autres projets de sécurité alimentaire (Vivre, Cash, Coupon) gérés par WV. En outre devrait contribuer á l’articulation de la vision qui doit orienter le développement et la qualité des transferts de fonds en tant que composante intégrale des interventions de WV Haïti. 


Activités Principales

Technical Support 


  • Assurer le leadership dans l'acquisition de programmes de transferts monétaires pour garantir que les projets travaillent effectivement avec les bénéficiaires visés et atteignent les résultats escomptés en conformité avec le contexte, les besoins humanitaires et la stratégie de réponse, ainsi que la faisabilité opérationnelle et la qualité technique. 

  • Supporter techniquement la mise en œuvre des projets de transfert de CASH afin d’assurer le respect des normes et standards de la World Vision et des bailleurs. 

  • Faire preuve de bonne maitrise des modalités de Transfert de CASH, en facilitant une approche innovante contribuant au succès des approches de réponse humanitaire du Bureau d’Haïti.

Accountability, Learning, Monitoring & Evaluation 

  • Travailler en étroite collaboration avec l’équipe du projet, les bureaux national et régional pour conduire des études, identifier des leçons apprises en regard au contexte local et les publier.  

  • Faciliter la mise en place d’un système de suivi et de monitorage pour tous les projets de transferts monétaires (monitorage Post distribution (PDM), monitorage in situe/ surveillance et monitorage par les agents, monitorage du marché, etc.) suivant les directives du bailleur. Superviser / diriger la collecte de données, l'analyse et les rapports conformément aux exigences du donateur et du FPMG en coordination avec le DME de WV-Haïti. 

  • Collaborer avec l’équipe des programmes et l’équipe de DME afin de mener des évaluations pertinentes en rapport au projet (CBP) en vue d’une expansion ultérieure. 

  • Garantir et supporter la mise en place d’un système de redevabilité fonctionnelle en regard aux bénéficiaires et les normes internationales (en relation aux programmes de réponse et de développement) ,en s’ assurant de la participation active des bénéficiaires entant que partenaire égalitaire, dans la conception, le suivi, l’ évaluation et la mise en œuvre des projets CASH et de coupon.   

  • Review and ensure reports related to funds distributed to beneficiaries or vendors and number of beneficiaries (adult male / female, boys and girls) are produced on time for submission and tally with the reports produced by other department. 

  • Examiner et veiller à ce que les rapports relatifs aux fonds distribués aux bénéficiaires, aux vendeurs et le nombre de bénéficiaires (hommes / femmes adultes, garçons et filles) soient produits à temps et concordent avec les rapports produits par les autres départements.  

Partnership and Collaboration 

  • Travailler en étroite collaboration avec les prestataires de service financier. Participer au processus de sélection des prestataires, organiser des réunions de suivi, pour prévenir et solutionner les problèmes, monitorer les payements et la soumission des rapports afin de garantir une mise en œuvre réussie.  

  • Maintenir et gérer de très bonnes relations avec les partenaires du groupe de travail de Cash transfert, à travers une communication régulière, des rencontres, des formations afin de garantir une mise en œuvre réussie pour le programme du bureau d’Haïti.  

  • Participer à tous les forum nationaux et internationaux afin de positionner la World Vision Haiti comme une voix autorisée et connue en matière de gestion de programme de CASH en Haïti.  

  • Collaborer avec l'unité d'assistance alimentaire et d'autres membres du personnel du secteur pour maximiser l'utilisation des espèces / bons pour atteindre les objectifs sectoriels 

Connaissances, compétences et capacités

  • ans + d'expérience en programmation en espèces 

Education :

  • Bachelor Diplôme en Business Administration / Finance 

Connaissances et qualifications préférées

  • Certification de niveau II Calp 

  • World Vision formation Cash Learning Certification (Added advantage) 

  • Capacité de communiquer en français, anglais 

Environnement et conditions de travail

Poste basé sur le terrain avec 100% de déplacements ;

Food Assistance Field Officer-HT Earthquake Emmergency Respons

Titre du poste :

Food Assistance Field Officer  HT Earthquake Emmergency Response (1 position dans les Nippes)

Objectif du poste

Faciliter la mise en œuvre des programmes d'aide alimentaire en mobilisant la communauté pour l'enregistrement, la distribution et l'échange de coupons, la conduite des activités, le choix et la formation des écoles, la vérification du respect des normes d'échange de coupons et de participation, selon aux normes de Vision Mondiale et des donateurs.


Activités Principales

Participer à lidentification, l’enregistrement et la motivation des bénéficiaires du programme 

Monitorage évaluation rapportage  


  • Assurer le bon fonctionnement d’un système de suivi et évaluation performant dans la collecte des données, le suivi régulier des informations, la documentation des résultats démontrant des effets et un impact significatif sur les plus vulnérables (selon la définition technique de WV) ;

  • S’assurer que les rapports mensuels des de terrain (distribution) soient préparés correctement et soumis au superviseur le 30 de chaque mois au plus tard ;

  • Conduire les visites de suivi de façon régulière dans les centres de distribution et chez les director des ecole pour s’assurer que les produits ou les bons alimentaires, mis à la disposition des bénéficiaires soient gérés et comptabilisés selon les normes de la World Vision et des donateurs. (Remplir les fiches d’inspection) ; 

  • Faciliter la mise en œuvre et le suivi de la distribution des produits aux bénéficiaires ciblés, en vérifiant que les stocks sont disponibles chez les Ecole a travers un inventaire physique et lutilisation dune fiche de stock ;

  • Assurer que les produits sont gérés et comptabilisés conformément aux procédures et normes de Vision Mondiale et des donateurs. 

Connaissances, compétences et capacités

  • Niveau universitaire en gestion des affaires, en études du développement ou toutes autres études dans un domaine connexe. 

  • Au moins 3 années d'expérience dans la mise en œuvre de projets multi sectoriels et / ou financé par des dons, de préférence travailler avec les bailleurs de fonds internationaux. 

  • Etre capable de piloter une motocyclette 

  • Avoir une expérience de travail avec les collectivités locales  

  • Bonne aptitude organisationnelle, de gestion et de planification; respect les échéanciers et est apte à gérer une grande charge de travail;  

  • Excellente capacité à communiquer ainsi qu’à tisser et entretenir des relations. 

  • Excellente capacité et connaissance dans la gestion et le développement des capacités du personnel.  

  • Avoir la capacité de travailler sous pression et de gérer les situations d’urgence selon la mission de l’organisation. 

  • Respecter les Politiques sur la Protection de l’Enfant, de safeguarding et toutes autres Politiques et Procédures de la World Vision 

Education :

  • License en Gestion, License en sciences du développement communautaire 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture 

  • Connaissance en science de l’éducation 

Connaissances et qualifications préférées

  • Environ au moins 3 ans d'expérience de travail avec les ONGs dans les programmes de développement   

  • Expérience de travail dans un environnement isolé et capacités à vivre en communauté ; 

  • Expérience dans la gestion des conflits; 

  • Solides connaissances en gestion de projet Cantine Scolaire 

Environnement et conditions de travail

Poste basé sur le terrain avec 80% de déplacements ;

Agriculture Assistant - EFSP Project

Titre du poste :

Agricultural Assistant  EFSP Project (1 position a la Gonave)

Activités Principales

Assurance de la qualité : 


  • S'assurer que le plan de travail de MARNDR est mis en œuvre comme planifié selon les normes et les principes de la World Vision, des bailleurs de fonds et au standard du gouvernement Haïtien. 

Responsabilité / Gestion du projet

  • Contribuer à la surveillance du projet 

Rapportage : 

  • Rédiger des rapports concernant le travail de terrain quotidien et les progrès sur le plan de mise en œuvre.  

Connaissances, compétences et capacités

  • Diplôme en Agronomie ou l'équivalent d'une université reconnue 

Education :

  • Bonne connaissance de MS Office et d'autres logiciels liés à la gestion de projet  

  • Maitrise du français, Anglais et du créole haïtien (Oral et écrit) 

  • Aptitude avérée à travailler dans des environnements à haute pression et physiquement


  • Solides competences en communication. 

  • Avoir la capacité de travailler sous pression et d’exécuter des tâches multiples. 

Connaissances et qualifications préférées

  • Avoir de l’expérience dans l’implémentation et la supervision des projets agricoles 

  • Avoir de l’expérience dans la supervision des prestataires de services exécutant des projets


  • Avoir de l’expérience dans le domaine de la gestion des risques et des désastres  

  • L'expérience des ONG préférable 

Environnement et conditions de travail

Poste ba sur le terrain avec 70% de déplacements ;

Livelihood Project Specialist


N° Offre: HR/NO/HRL/009/FY21

Fondée en 1950, World Vision est l’une des plus grandes organisations chrétiennes internationales d’aide humanitaire d’urgence et de développement à long terme. Elle aide chaque année plus de 100 millions de personnes à lutter contre la pauvreté, la faim et l’injustice dans près de 100 pays et soutient plus de 15 millions d’enfants.

Depuis plus de 20 ans, World Vision est en activité en République Démocratique du Congo. Ses zones d’interventions couvrent les provinces du Haut Katanga, de Lualaba, Tanganyika, de Haut Lomami, de Kinshasa, du Kongo Central, du Kwango, du Sud et Nord Kivu, du Sud, au Kasaï Occidental et Nord Oubangui ainsi que du Maidombe.

World Vision recrute UN (01) LIVELIHOOD TECHNICAL PROJECT SPECIALIST basé(e) à GEMENA en République Démocratique du Congo.

But du poste :

  • Le poste soutient World Vision DR Congo au niveau du cluster pour mettre en œuvre son orientation stratégique globale afin de maximiser l'impact positif sur les moyens de subsistance des enfants, des familles et des communautés.

  • Le poste contribue au niveau du cluster au développement de la stratégie globale des moyens de subsistance en RD Congo, en collaboration avec le bureau national de VM.

  • Au niveau du cluster, il dirige le développement, la mise à jour et la mise en œuvre de la stratégie de subsistance en RD Congo, en fournissant un soutien technique concernant les composantes des moyens de subsistance à tous les programmes/projets dans tous les AP (zone de programme).

  • Sélectionner et mettre en œuvre les modèles de projets de subsistance appropriés et renforcer les capacités du personnel des projets et des partenaires.

Principales responsabilités :

  1. Direction technique

Aider à l'élaboration de la stratégie globale du NO (Bureau national)

Aider au développement d'approches techniques des moyens d'existence (AT)

Aider à l'élaboration de directives techniques sur les moyens de subsistance

Aider à l'amélioration continue de la conception de Livelihood TA / TP (programme technique) pour s'assurer qu'elle reste pertinente au contexte, intègre l'innovation, en fournissant des informations sur le terrain

Rester au courant de la recherche, des politiques, des orientations et des initiatives sur les moyens de subsistance et assurer la diffusion au personnel de terrain

Travailler avec le personnel et les partenaires de VM pour guider l'interprétation technique des modèles techniques

Prendre le leadership, soutenir et guider le personnel de terrain dans la mise en œuvre de la programmation des moyens de subsistance, en répondant et en trouvant des solutions aux problèmes de programmation des moyens de subsistance

Élaborer des plans de travail sur les moyens de subsistance pour inclure un soutien en face à face régulier du personnel de terrain.

B. Développement des capacités

Assurer le renforcement des capacités du personnel de terrain, y compris la fourniture de ressources techniques et des liens avec les partenaires et les parties prenantes

Assurer un suivi de qualité de tous les événements de renforcement des capacités de subsistance.

C. Développement, diffusion et gestion des connaissances d'une base d'apprentissage et de données probantes

Assister la recherche sur le terrain dans le cadre de l'équipe de recherche, préparation de terrain, supervision de terrain

Assister l'équipe DME (Design Monitoring and Evaluation) dans l'interprétation des données et la rédaction de rapports qui montrent des preuves de résultats et d'impacts

Identifier les pratiques exemplaires/prometteuses et les réussites pour la documentation et la diffusion

Développer des publications et/ou des résumés de conférence basés sur les apprentissages et les meilleures pratiques

D. Mobilisation des ressources

Contribuer à l'élaboration de propositions de projets (subventions et réponses) comportant une composante relative aux moyens de subsistance

Fournir des données et des informations clés au sol à l'équipe GAM (Grant Acquisition and Management)

E. Assurance qualité

Aider le personnel de terrain à rédiger et assurer la soumission en temps opportun des PA des rapports mensuels/trimestriels/annuels sur les activités de subsistance et de tout rapport spécifique à la subvention

Assister NO Livelihood Advisor dans le suivi, la supervision et l'évaluation des programmes de Livelihood

Assurer l'alignement du programme avec TA/TP et répond aux normes minimales

Support technique avec l'équipe DME dans la conception, la refonte et l'élaboration de cadres logiques pour la programmation des moyens d'existence

F. Plaidoyer pour les moyens de subsistance

Fournir une contribution technique dans les notes d'orientation : consulté pour le contexte local spécifique

Obtenir des preuves des programmes de subsistance et des données de CVA (Citizen Voice in Action) pour éclairer les politiques aux niveaux sous-national et national

Veiller à ce que la CVA pour les moyens de subsistance soit portée à une masse critique sur tous les points d'accès.

G. Réseautage, partenariat et représentation externe

Établir et maintenir la liaison avec les agences de moyens de subsistance infranationales (par exemple, le ministère de l'Agriculture), les institutions et d'autres partenaires

Établir des partenariats avec des agences de moyens de subsistance, des institutions et d'autres partenaires infranationaux.

H. Préparation aux catastrophes/HEA (Affaires humanitaires et d'urgence)

Maintenir une connaissance de la situation des dangers réels et potentiels au niveau local et porter à l'attention du conseiller NO Livelihood

Guider l'analyse de la vulnérabilité des communautés aux aléas dans le domaine des moyens de subsistance

Résoudre les problèmes dans des conditions d'urgence

Disponible pour le déploiement pour une réponse HEA dans les régions pendant 4 semaines par an si nécessaire (les pourcentages d'allocations par responsabilité changeraient dans un tel cas).

Connaissances, compétences et aptitudes

Diplôme universitaire en agronomie ou en développement rural.

Avoir une bonne maîtrise des approches techniques suivantes : Champ Ecole Paysan ; Groupe de valeurs et d'épargne.

Maîtrise de l'informatique dans Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Lotus note, etc.

Minimum de 3 ans d'expérience dans la gestion de programmes de subsistance

Avoir travaillé dans un programme d'assistance des communautés à leur autonomisation (activités agropastorales, Activité Génératrice de Revenus, etc.)

Transférer la capacité de transfert des connaissances par le biais de formations formelles et informelles

Bonne compréhension des normes de secours de World Vision et de Sphère.

Solides compétences en renforcement des capacités et en animation.

Excellentes compétences en communication en français (oral et écrit).

Une connaissance pratique de l'anglais

Une connaissance pratique de la langue locale

Capacité à travailler et à contribuer à un environnement de consolidation d'équipe.

Capacité d'afficher un style de vie exemplaire tel qu'il est interprété dans un contexte culturel local spécifique.

Capacité d'encourager et de soutenir les autres à grandir et à se développer.


World Vision est une ONG dont le travail est centré sur les enfants. Ainsi World Vision se réserve le droit d’éliminer tout candidat qui aurait un antécédent relatif à l’abus sur un enfant ou des comportements contraires à la protection des enfants ; ce, même après la proclamation des résultats du test.


Envoyer votre dossier de candidature (lettre de motivation portant mention du numéro de l’offre, CV avec 3 personnes de références des employeurs précédents dont une référence ecclésiastique, LE CASIER JUDICIAIRE, une copie carte de demandeur d’emploi délivré par l’ONEM et des copies des autres documents nécessaires pouvant appuyer votre dossier) adressé au Directeur des Ressources Humaines au plus tard le 30 Septembre 2021 à 16h00’, avec en objet la mention « LIVELIHOOD TECHNICAL PROJECT SPECIALIST» en ce lien.

Les candidatures féminines, conformes au profil recherché, sont fortement encouragées.


Toute candidature ne respectant pas les consignes ci-dessus ne sera pas considérée.

Ne seront contactées que les personnes dont les candidatures seront sérieusement prises en considération.

World Vision ne perçoit aucun frais ou tout autre paiement, de quelle nature que ce soit, à aucun stade du processus d’un recrutement.

Soyez prudent, et si vous avez des questions et / ou souhaitez signaler ce que vous pensez être une agence de recrutement frauduleuse de Vision Mondiale, veuillez envoyer un email à [email protected]

Au cas où une demande quelconque vous serait adressée, merci de pouvoir dénoncer aux adresses suivantes :

Téléphone : +243972607911

Adresse mail : [email protected]


Project Specialist in CRHL Project


Job title: Project Specialist (Two) in

Climate Resilient Herders Livelihood Project

Location: Govi-Altai Province and Uvs Province

Full/Part time: Full-Time

Fixed term/Temporary: Fixed term

Deadline for application: October 1, 2021


The purpose of the Project Specialist is to serve as a catalyst, partnership broker, and builder of the capacity of local partners, facilitating the emergence and strengthening of community-led initiatives to take ownership in the improvement and sustenance of the well-being of children and their families within Climate Resilient Herders Livelihood project implementation target areas. This position will also support the implementation of the project and ensure that all the admin related duties and project management is running smoothly in on time and the desire project implementation standards.



  • Coordinate the implementation and monitoring of the project at the project target areas with local government units and other stakeholders.

  • Facilitate consultative planning, reflection, and feedback with project stakeholders.

  • Facilitate the project planned activities cooperating with key stakeholders and project beneficiaries

  • Spend project budgets efficiently in consultation with management team and key partners and donor approval and ensure funds are spent in alignment with budgets on time.

  • Ensure program expenditures, to ensure that they are within the project budget and under World Vision’s financial policies and donor’s requirements

  • Ensure program accountability and sustainability drivers throughout program implementation

  • Mobilize and support the creation, mobilization, and strengthening of community groups and key stakeholders which catalyze community engagement to improve child well-being

  • Prepare the project documentation and reporting to ensure all required reports are submitted on time, accurate, and complete. Includes the providing of information for the monthly report, quarterly report, monitoring checklist, updated indicator tracking table, and project documentation.

  • Ensure timely completion of project Visibility Plan following WVUS requirements, prepare all necessary data and information in required formats.


  • Lead effective monitoring at project target areas and collates & supply monitoring data to Project manager, Grant Manager, and World Vision technical programs

  • Ensures monitoring information is used to improve project performance and made available for technical program reports

  • Contribute to Donor visibility plan is developed and implemented in line with donor requirements

  • Prepare the project documentation to ensure all required reports are submitted on time, accurate, and complete. This includes the provision of information for the monthly report, quarterly report, monitoring checklist, along with updated indicator tracking table and project documentation

  • Provide monthly, semi, and annual reports based on activities undertaken and results

  • Contribute to Donor visibility plan is developed and implemented in line with donor requirements

  • Supports, as required, to develop the grant project proposal & design


  • Identify partners within and outside the community and identifies how these partners can work together towards shared priorities for the project effectiveness

  • Builds and maintains effective working relationships with key stakeholders, including local government officials, community leaders and department/units to enhance program team effectiveness.

  • Ensures program priorities and approaches are aligned with community, partners & donor’s requirements and standards

  • Coordinate and host donors & partners visits in the project fields

  • Regular information sharing with partners on project implementation to share best practices and need improvement areas


  • Contribute to the common goal and aspirations of the WVIM, be an active member of the team

  • Attends devotions and weekly chapel services and supports the spiritual development of his/her team.

  • Ensures staff and partners understand WV safeguarding & anti-corruption policies

  • Ensures project supports awareness raising for prevention and reporting of child protection incidents occurs across the project area

  • Perform any other tasks assigned by Project Manager & Grant managers


Minimum education, training, and experience requirements to qualify for the position

  • A university degree in Social science, Economics or Agriculture, or resilience or social work or any field related subject, and

  • A postgraduate degree in agriculture or social science field

  • Experience as a technical specialist in international donor-funded projects and/or Government initiatives is advantageous

  • At least three years of experience in development project

  • Has a working experience on grant projects

  • Knowledge of management of livelihood development and livestock management projects

  • Good communication and training skills

  • Ability to cooperate with stakeholders at all levels, including herders, government staff at soum, aimag, national level and international organizations.

  • Excellent computer literacy, particularly, with MS Office

  • Excellent command in both written and spoken English and Mongolian is required.

  • Excellent at facilitation and organizing skills

  • Ability to communicate effectively, including reporting skills

  • Excellent analytical skills

  • Strong interpersonal skills and highly resourceful

  • Initiative, ability to manage own time

  • Ability to work effectively in a team of diverse skills and disciplines

  • Experience to complete projects according to outlined scope, budget, and timeline

  • Ability to work effectively in a team of diverse skills and disciplines

  • Ability to work independently and to multitask within an interdisciplinary team of personnel

  • Good understanding of incorporating gender issues in development

  • Willingness to be flexible with hours when necessary and able to travel often in the field (50% of the time).

Please send the below documents to [email protected]

  • CV

  • Cover Letter

  • Application From

  • Copy of Diploma(s)

  • Copy of ID card

Phone: 70155323 – 124, 125 and 128

Note: Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for further process.

Climate and HEA Speacialist



Job Title

Resilience and Livelihood Technical Program and Humanitarian emergency affairs Specialist (RL TP and HEA Specialist)

Manager Name and Title

Program Quality LEAD (PQ Lead)


Program Resource and Quality Director

JD Last Reviewed

Sep 09, 2021

EXL Member/PL/RL

Cost Center


Employee Type

Fixed term, Full-time

For P&C Use Only:

Contract Type

Local 1

JEM Code


Contract Duration

1-2 Years

Our People Job ID


Hours Per Week


Work Unit ID

New unit

Vacancy Type

NO/SO Department - Local Recruitment

Overtime Exemption

Vacancy Details

Development (Field or Office)

L-IM Scale Eligibility

Preferred Office Location

NO based

P&C Notes for Role


JOB PURPOSE (Limit 750 characters)

The purpose of this position is to provide technical support on the implementation of the Resilience and Livelihood Technical Program with supportive supervision to the Area Programs, and build capacity of partners and field level staffs on projects models (livelihood, climate change adaptation and disaster management) embedded in the technical program to address root causes of the sector.

The position is responsible for coordinating the identification and promotion of potentially suitable climate change (CC) adaptation and mitigation practices for enhanced climate resilience of livelihood of households and communities.

Moreover, the position requires to ensuring National Office's capacity in effective disaster management by highlighting priority areas for action to lead the Emergency Response across the country in AP areas and other locations during emergencies and engage in national, regional and local level networking, collaboration and advocacy initiatives.


% of Time


End Results


Quality Implementation of Technical Programs:

  • Provide technical assistance and guidance to APs and key partners on key project models of the technical program to ensure program quality and its implementation

  • Contribute on building evidence of impact and technical branding of the project models

  • Provide technical support on Program quality maturity matrix, Program Quality Self Review and Annual Community Review Planning process annually.

  • Reporting with accurate data with field validation and validate data accuracy in the Horizon system.

  • Develop suitable technical guide/training modules as requires for successful implementation of project models including CC

  • Review and monitor the program semi-annual and annual Indicator Tacking Table achievements

  • Contribute to the Monitoring and Evaluation plan development of technical program including Indicator Detailed Sheet and the relevant tools.

  • Lead the National Office Disaster Management Score card assessment process annually and ensure disaster management capacity according to the action plan

  • Lead the National Disaster Management Team and Cluster Rapid response team in emergency response with leadership consultation and build its capacity.

  • Guide the AP teams for their local level of response to any disaster

  • Ensure overall engagement of other technical programs and CESP

The technical program is effectively implemented as planned, which will contribute to National office strategy achievement


Staffs Capacity building:

  • Develop training plan based on needs of staffs current capacity

  • Develop coaching/mentoring culture across in the organization on technical sector

  • Visit field to build capacity by on-the-job training

  • Support Area Program staff to facilitate training for local partners, communities and volunteers on technical project implementation

The staff will be more engaged in growing its technical capacity, and core project models will successfully implement the program.


Advocacy & Collaboration:

  • Join existing network for ensuring children wellbeing that relates to our strategy

  • Contribute to Policy gap analysis and policy dialogue.

  • Support organizing national level influential events

  • Engage children and community in local level social accountability system

  • Support implementing Citizen Voice of Actions tools

The program related advocacy and external engagement are improved and it impact is high for the most vulnerable children.


Evidence building & technical Branding

  • Develop capacity statement alongside National Office team

  • Technical fact sheets like super briefs package, power claims, etc. to support branding

  • Conduct data analysis and case study to make the right decision making

  • Share knowledge across the organization to be relevant at all times

  • Compile two regional level data and documents and technical project interventions of Area Programs

  • Share best practices and knowledge at Regional and National Office level

Contribute to improve strong evidence and implement the technical program related core project models branding.


Grants acquisition and engagement:

  • Support Grant Acquisition Management and PNS on preposition and writing proposal

  • Seek innovative ideas for respective technical sector based on donors interest

Quality project proposal with technical soundness through timely and good quality technical support



  • Seek self-development on current trend of the technical sector

  • Demonstrate high commitment to World Visions Core values in the approach to work and relationships

  • Engage different cross functional teams to learn and contribute

  • Spend time to connect WV Central Community of Practice

  • Practice spirituality to leave out Christian faith with boldness and humility

  • Attend additional training internally and externally as required

  • Perform any other tasks assigned by the manager

Staff competency is improved and is can deliver the necessary technical support to field staff.


Required Professional Experience

  • Strong understanding of social welfare systems, community based social protection programs, resilience & livelihood in other sectors, disaster management

  • Good understanding of program cycle management including project planning design, monitoring evaluation

  • Excellent training and capacity building skills: demonstrated by relevant experience

  • Strong skills for relating and working with children, including the most vulnerable children

  • Resilience and Livelihoods Technical Program approaches and World Visions Child Protection standards knowledge and experience

  • Minimum of 3 years of professional experience on Livelihood Program/ projects or the equivalent in one Non-Governmental Organizations

  • Experience in working in rural or remote areas

  • Experience in leading Resilience and Livelihoods training workshops

  • Work experience with Government/ International Non-Government Organizations/Local Civil Society

Required Education, training, license, registration and certification

A university degree in Social science, Economics or Agriculture, or resilience or social work or any field related subject, and

Preferred Knowledge and Qualifications

  • Facilitation skills to mobilize the partners

  • Advanced level of partnering skills

  • Communication skills

  • Report writing skills

  • Public speaking skills

  • Excellent analytical/ problem solving skills and detail orientation

  • Management of project (project cycle management)

Travel and/or Work Environment

Ability and willingness to travel domestically up to 40% of the time.

Physical Requirements

Balanced life and work healthy lifestyle.

Language Requirements

English language proficiency is preferred..



(within WV or outside WV)

Reason for Contact

Frequency of Contact

Resilience and Livelihood Technical Program Manager

For ongoing operational guidance.


Integrated Programs Director

For support with budgeting and financial accountability.

Monthly, as needed

Area Program Manager, Regional Operational Leads

For ensuring technical support for implementation is available and well-coordinated.

Weekly as needed

Strategy Director/ Program/ Advocacy staff Operations Director & other Senior Leaders

For support and coordination as well as program evaluation

Support Annual Business Plan reporting (semi-annually)

Support Annual & Semi Annual reporting via Horizon (if needed)

Monthly as needed

Local and national stakeholders or like-minded partners

(Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, Government Departments, institutional donors, etc.)

Ensure collaboration and partnering on leveraging impacts

Monthly as needed


As per Level of Authority and supported by PRQ Lead under his/her jurisdiction

CORE COMPETENCIES - For all positions, select the top 3 prioritized competencies from below. Click here for a quick overview of our Core Competencies.

Be Safe and Resilient

Build Relationships

Learn and Develop

Partner and Collaborate

Deliver Results

Be Accountable

Improve and Innovate

Embrace Change

For Management positions only, select the top 2 prioritized competencies from below.

Model Self-Management

Engage, Influence, Lead and Grow Others

Run an Effective and Agile Organisation

Develop the Organisation for the Future


Manager Name

Ulziimaa Nyamaa, PRQ Lead

Manager Approval Date

Sep 10, 2021

People and Culture Name

Sarangerel Tuul, P&C Director

People and Culture Approval Date

Sep 10, 2021

Senior Food & Cash Resources Officer

*Please submit your CV in English.


To provide District Level leadership, management and technical oversight for WV/WFP Food and Cash Assistance Program. The Senior Food & Cash Resources Officer is primarily responsible for ensuring the full implementation of program activities within designated geographical location (region/district). These include adherence to the World Vision Food and Cash guidelines; program & staff management; capacity building and training of project and partner staff; and the building and strengthening of region/district level relationships with local government, donors, communities, and partners as shall be appropriate.



  • Provide leadership and management oversight to the Food and Cash Program in accordance with agreed operational plan, budget and objectives outlined in the proposal.

  • Provide effective leadership to all project staff and consolidate a working culture - based upon results based management principals - that consistently achieves and/or surpasses established targets and standards.

  • Demonstrates World Vision’s core values, vision, mission and Transformational Development/Program integrated ministry model by all staff in the assigned Area.

  • Build a team of highly committed and competent staff, ensuring cooperation and coordination among relevant staff within the Program. Mentor, coach and provide opportunities for the professional growth of Project Officers/Managers and all other staff that directly report to this position.

  • Ensure that staff understand and follow the WV Safeguarding policy and that awareness raising on child protection, response and incident reporting is occurring.

Program Management (Quality implementation):

  • Responsible for overall program technical implementations standards and outputs quality in alignment with WV ministry standards and donor regulations.

  • Establish and integrate a functional humanitarian accountability system/structure within the food assistance program to ensure project accountability to communities, donors and other stakeholders.

  • Undertake regular reviews of project reports and conduct field visits to project sites to verify adherence to set standards and processes, project reporting is accurate, timely and within agreed formats of donors and World Vision.

  • Ensure the timely and effective implementation of an integrated food assistance operation as well as the successful achievement of proposed outcomes and intended impacts.

  • Lead the development of project risks management and mitigation plan, and streamline into ongoing operational planning to ensure the attainment of project objectives.

  • Ensure the timely and appropriate utilization of budgeted project resource by executing interventions in accordance with established norms and policies; with a keen eye to ensuring the operation achieves acceptable financial and operational audit results.

  • Coordinate with program, finance and administration staff to ensure operational systems are in place to support field activities.

  • Ensure that day-to-day administrative support for the program is in place.

  • Ensure quality of implementation including appropriate structures, internal and external standards, staffing, resources and policies.

  • Supervise staff that report directly to this position. Conduct regular coaching and implement the Performance Development Management (PDM) system.

  • Ensure high standards of stewardship and accountability for all resources.

  • Work with the Food & Cash Program Manager, Grant Finance Manager, Administration and other departments to build a strong internal control environment. Review and approve expenditures and contract according to assigned levels of authority.

  • Provide strategic direction and support to project staff under the position.

Capacity Building:

  • Impart appropriate mentoring, coaching and supervision in order to equip, motivate and empower the next generation of Food Assistance practitioners within WVCAR through staff development and performance management activities including appraisals, performance agreements, monitoring and needed training.

  • Undertake pro-active on the job training and staff development. Train and Mentor project staff on effective project planning and management methodologies.


  • Review and Approve all program official reports for both internal and external audiences, including WFP Sub Offices.

  • Establish strong systems and oversight that ensure all required project reports use the appropriate templates and that they are accurate and timely submitted.

  • Establish and maintain an effective food and cash accounting and reporting system in alignment with World Vision latest technology.

  • Ensure an effective and good filing system for project files within the district.

Liaison and Networking:

  • Build and maintain effective/cordial working relationship with WFP Head of Sub Office and team within the operational area for smoother program implementation.

  • Work at building strong relationships with WVCAR Support sectors (operations, Finance &Administration, SCM & P&C among others), as well as communities, local government, and faith-based groups, civil society in order to adequately represent the organization and maximize the impact of WVCAR efforts in the areas of operation.

  • Create an enabling environment for dialogue, information sharing, partnerships and, and cooperation between Community Based Organizations (CBO)s, Government structures and target communities when delivering project interventions.

  • Represent World vision in the local coordination forums, liaise with Government officials, other donors, UN-bodies and other partners wherever appropriate, and required within your operational area.

  • Effectively represent WVCAR Food & Cash Assistance Team when accompanying visitors, e.g. donor and/or Government representatives, journalists and other delegations to project sites.

Accountability, Monitoring and Evaluation:

  • Track the performance of the project activities and outputs against expected results and adjust implementation processes to ensure the project is progressing towards the intended outcomes.

  • Analyse the impact of program and promote learning by documentation of best practices. Use this information to support decision-making processes.

  • Must make sure program within your operational area has a well-integrated Accountability Mechanism that is functional and addresses the four HAP pillars.


  • Bachelor’s degree in technical area (Project Management, Development studies) or equivalent experience.

  • Strong communication skills, particularly advanced writing skills.

  • Ability to build relationships cross-culturally.

  • Essential strong English and French in written and oral.

  • Strong track record of successful coordination or management of large commodities operations.

  • Ability to multi-task.

  • Strong workshop facilitation skills.

  • Strong networking skills.

  • Experience and familiarity with WFP regulations and reporting requirements.

  • 3-5 years management experience in the food logistics (warehousing, transportation, distributions) and Cash Transfers.

  • Experience in Relief/Emergency Response operations outside home country.

  • Minimum of two years food assistance program planning experience at supervisory level.

  • Field-based international NGO work experience in Food Assistance program leadership, with a minimum of 3 to 5 years total development and emergency experience.


  • Strong design, monitoring and evaluation skills preferred.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 30% of the time.