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Nous cherchons à accroître la confiance et à renforcer la réputation de Vision Mondiale grâce à des contenus, des campagnes et des messages puissants qui contribuent à modifier la vie des enfants les plus vulnérables du monde. Votre vision, notre vision?

Grant Quality Assurance Manager, WV Papua New Guinea


The position is based at the WV office and will be responsible for leading the Principal Receipient (PR) Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) and Resilient & Sustainable Systems for Health (RSSH) teams, and the HIV Key Population (KP) interventions under the TBHIV enhanced package being implemented by four (4) Sub-Recipients (SRs) in seven (7) provinces with high HIV prevalence in Papua New Guinea (PNG); ensuring quality implementation of the grant; compliance to; and timely submission of reports to donors and the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM).

As an active member of the grant management level, s/he is also responsible in keeping the grant in a competitive level both locally and internationally, by assisting the Chief of Party (COP) in the overall management of the grant. S/he is responsible for developing systems, revising project policies and procedures (administrative and technical) to be aligned with WV and Global Fund against AIDS TB Malaria (GFATM) policies, thereby ensuring relevance, timeliness, quality, and achieving and sustaining highest standard of grant operation.


In-charge of the RSSH, PR M&E teams, and HIV key population (KP) interventions:

  • Continue building capacity and mentoring national staff, especially the first-level managers/coordinators (i.e. RSSH Manager; PSM, Supply - Procurement Supply & Management (mSupply) and M&E Coordinators) to ensure succession and to improve project outputs, examples:

  • Design/develop in-house training programs.

  • Free online trainings/certification, or

  • Link with Country Program Office (CPO) Supply - Procurement Supply & Management (PQ) and partners who can provide appropriate capacity-building.

Provide technical and operational support particularly to SRs implementing the TBHIV Enhanced Package:

  • Together with partners, develop/design innovative strategies, tools, guidelines and train SRs in implementing these new models to improve the KP outreach and HIV testing activities specifically for female sex workers (FSW) and men having sex with men (MSM).

  • Create a venue for SRs to share best practices.

  • Act as a link/broker between HIV SRs and other external partners.

Grant quality assurance and compliance:

  • Timely data are collected, verified and analyzed in order to provide quarterly reports to WV PNG management, WV GC, donors, and the CCM.

  • Consolidate, verify and finalize operations, technical and financial reports before submission to the CCM and donors (GFATM and WVA).

  • Ensure progress update/disbursement request (PUDR) is submitted together with the program and finance performance; and together with finance and operation teams, respond to Local Funding Agent (LFA) verification after the PU/DR submission.

  • Ensure CCM dashboard reports are prepared quarterly, and present these to the CCM Oversight Committee.

  • Ensure that SRs and implementing partners (IPs) are submitting quarterly Programmatic Reports; ensure that these are verified immediately and provide feedback.

  • Consolidate all program review results and summarise all findings to be shared to all departments for execution and actions.

Ensure that Local Funding Agent (LFA) assessments and verification exercises are carried out smoothly.

Monitor SRs’ performance and give feedback:

  • Conduct regular supervisory visits to SRs and provide on-site technical and operational guidance and feedback; and discuss findings and recommendations with Grant Operations Manager and NDOH M&E Adviser.

  • Lead in designing PR-specific SR monitoring tools, programmatic data reporting templates, and lead internal review meetings with SRs.

To ensure compliance across all components of the grant, s/he shall keep the management team abreast with new policies within WV and GFATM that are relevant to the grant, new requirements, and monitor adherence during implementation.

Download new policies and disseminate by email.

Convey complex donor regulations concisely and clearly to relevant stakeholders.

Inform internal and external entities responsible for addressing any issues or enquiries raised by the CCM, LFA, GFATM (eg. management actions) and WVA; collate all responses and submit.

Keeps an inventory of all official grant documents such as grant agreement, audit’s, IL’s, asset inventory and MOU’s.

Responsible for ensuring compliance to WV Sub-granting requirements.

Participate in external networks that can enhance quality implementation and outputs.

NFM grant 2015-17 close-out: submission of final report; and archiving of grant documents/records.

Keeping the grant in a competitive level, and assisting the COP:

  • Developing/revising grant organizational structure (eg. workforce planning, revising job descriptions, participating in the staff selection process).

  • Lead the M&E team to ensure implementation of activities is timely, (i.e. orientation/induction/mentor).

  • During grant start-up (develop Agreements or MOUs, operational policies).

  • Design and facilitate grant start-up workshop amongst SRs.

  • Design/organize regional consultation workshop.

  • Train/mentor the PR M&E team.

  • Develop micro-plans for each staff.

  • Design induction plan.

  • Provide guidance on what to prioritise, applying the best strategies applicable in PNG context and donor requirements.

When needed, advice COP on matters related to strategic, technical and operational concerns, examples:

  • Responding to CCM and GFATM queries.

  • Preparing for meetings, donor visits and others.

  • Matters to be elevated to GFATM, TWGs, CCM or NDOH management.

Assist in the development of new proposals especially in the technical areas.

Encourage operations research within the team and amongst SRs and assist/mentor SRs and PR staff to submit abstracts for national and international presentations.

Prepare monthly updates and share experiences within WV partnership.

Professional and personal development:

  • Keeping him/herself abreast with and developing a comprehensive knowledge of the following:

  • NDOH strategic plans (TB and HIV) and other grant documents.

  • New GFATM and WV policies and guidelines that will impact grant implementation.

  • Demonstrating an understanding of and commitment to World Vision’s Core Values in the approach to work and relationships.

  • Maintain a career plan that is consistent with World Vision’s strategic goal.


  • Degree in Allied Medical Health with public health background.

  • Doctor of Medicine with public health and M&E or Epidemiological background preferred.

  • Nursing, Public health, Health Management but with postgraduate qualification in public health, information or M&E background.

  • Postgraduate training in information management or monitoring and evaluation or project management related to TB & HIV desired.

  • At least 5-10 years’ work experience in public health management whether government or international NGOs.

  • Five-year experience at a senior managerial level.

  • Experience in managing public health projects such as GFATM grant is preferred.

  • Participated in program reviews, organizational development reviews and international monitoring events.

  • Dealing with multiple partners/stakeholders, and coordinating with a team that is geographically dispersed.

  • Familiar with the Pacific and Melanesian context is an advantage.

  • Must be a registered medical doctor and eligible to be registered with PNG medical board.

  • Proficient in English, oral and written.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Excellent analytical, people, management and administrative skills.

  • Excellent advocacy and interpersonal communication skills.

  • Ability to work closely with government staff both at national and provincial level.

  • Experience in Organisational Development (OD) and M&E.

  • Experience working with TB and/or HIV programs at the national level is preferred.

  • Has high level of competency in using computers particularly MS office and other data base software.

  • Must know how to use database used in grants and health programs.

  • Ability to network with communities, local leaders and other local partners.

  • Demonstrate community leadership and organizational development skills.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically up to 30 to 40% of the time.

Marketing Group Facilitator – iLIVE ANCP Project- Killinochchi

World Vision is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. World Vision is dedicated to working with the worlds most vulnerable people regardless of their religion, caste, gender or ethnicity. World Vision has been in Sri Lanka since 1977 and currently works through 35 development and relief programmes in 20 Districts across the country.

At World Vision we are passionate about children and committed to bringing fullness of life to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. Every day for forty years, that is what our team at World Vision has been doing.

We are currently looking for dynamic & creative individuals to join us in our journey of caring.

Marketing Group Facilitator – iLIVE ANCP Project

Location – Killinochchi

Job Profile

The Marketing Group Facilitator is required provide management and technical support in the marketing component of the project in the respective province in accordance with relevant Grant strategies, policies and standards to achieve the overall project goal.


  • Ensure project activities related to marketing are implemented in accordance with internal and external Policies and Procedures

  • Ensure project activities related to marketing are implemented in accordance with internal and external Policies and Procedures

  • Introduce and implement appropriate project models

  • Conduct need assessment and develop plans to capacitate producer groups and enterprise forums

  • Create linkages between cooperate sector & private partnership

Required Qualifications, Experience & Competencies

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science or other relevant field

  • At least 05 years of field experience in Community Market linkage, Networking and Travel to North & East province

  • Strong Project management experience with Grant management (including staffing and financial management) preferred.

  • Experience in project design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting writing.

  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills

  • Good communication skills in spoken and written English

World Vision Lanka offers a competitive remuneration package based on individual competence and skills. If you meet the required criteria and wish to apply for this or any of the available vacancies, select the position you wish to apply for & submit your on-line application with your CV and details of three non-related referees on or before the given closing date.

Only short listed candidates will be notified.

RAM Coordinator



POSITION: Resources Acquisition & Management Coordinator

Localisation: National Office (Dakar)

Number: 01

Type of Contract: Fixed-term full time contract (1-2 years), Open-ended full time contract after 2 years if you got a good performance

Purpose of the position:

Assurer le Leadership dans le développement et la gestion des ressources et les relations avec les donateurs public et partenaires nationaux et internationaux. Le titulaire du poste sera responsable du développement de programmes et de propositions pour des opportunités de financement auprès des bailleurs de fonds privés, bilatéraux et multilatéraux de grande valeur, compétitives et complexes, alignées à la stratégie de WV Sénégal. Il s’agira de mobiliser des équipes de développement de propositions inter fonctionnelles, d’appuyer dans la mise en oeuvre de ces projets pour assurer la qualité des documents à soumettre aux bailleurs ou aux partenaires selon le cas, mais aussi la création et la promotion d'alliances stratégiques avec des donateurs ciblés, et d'autres ONG afin d'accroître les ressources pour les enfants et les communautés les plus vulnérables au Sénégal.

Major Responsibilities:

Responsabilités et résultats clés

Temps en (%)


Protection de l’enfant

Défendre et promouvoir les valeurs et pratiques organisationnelles, telles que la protection de l'enfant, rapporter les cas d'abus faits par des membres du personnel ou d'autres personnes, etc. conformément aux documents de références de WVS.



Acquisition des Ressources

Poursuivre les opportunités de mobilisation des ressources alignées sur la stratégie et les capacités de WV Sénégal auprès de divers donateurs privés et publics (bilatéraux et multilatéraux)

Mobiliser et diriger des équipes de développement de propositions multifonctionnelles avec des attentes et des échéances claires;

Mobiliser une équipe de développement de propositions multipartenaires pour des propositions de consortium

Anticiper, planifier et écrire des propositions avec un taux de succès de plus de 75%

Examiner régulièrement les évaluations des projets, les leçons apprises, les projets et autres rapports internes et d'autres ONG et donateurs et appliquer les innovations et les meilleures pratiques dans les futures propositions

Accompagner les programmes à développer des propositions en complément de leur programmation.

Assurer que la mobilisation des ressources publiques est intégrée dans le RAM Business Plan


Développer les relations et le réseau de partenaires de World Vision Sénégal

Rencontrer et fournir régulièrement des résumés des réalisations et des mises à jour officielles et informelles aux représentants actuels et futurs des donateurs

Faire des présentations aux groupes des donateurs et des ONG pour partager l'apprentissage, promouvoir les meilleures pratiques, coordonner la programmation et favoriser les alliances et les opportunités de consortiums.

Rechercher et suivre les stratégies des donateurs, le financement et les tendances réglementaires et conseiller la Direction

Développer en collaboration avec l’équipe de communication des stratégies et support de communication pour partager régulièrement les réalisations et bonnes pratiques avec les bailleurs de fonds et partenaires.

Développer et gérer une base de données des partenaires et bailleurs de fonds pour les financements publics et privés

S’assurer de manière assertive et structurée que le suivi de possibles ou nouvelles opportunités sont effectifs et requérir le soutien du Directeur RAM à temps.

Représenter WV Sénégal dans les rencontres jugées pertinentes par la Direction

Coordonner le développement et la mise à jour de manière régulière d’un plan d’engagement des principaux bailleurs de fonds privés, bilatéraux et multilatéraux



Conformité contractuelle et gestion de projet

Organiser des ateliers / réunions de démarrage de projet pour discuter de manière complète et détaillée des exigences et règles du bailleur afin de permettre une bonne conformité à celles-ci

Accompagner et soutenir les manager Manager / Coordinateur de projet pour assurer une conformité aux exigences contractuelles du projet et du respect et normes de WVI dans la mise en oeuvre du projet, du démarrage á la clôture du projet.

Participer aux réunions et revues de terrain, visite de terrain, et fournir de façon directe le support nécessaire aux équipes de mise en oeuvre quand c’est nécessaire



Capacity Building

Soutenir le renforcement de capacité des personnelles et autres parties prenantes de WVS dans le développement et la gestion des ressources.

Fournir un encadrement technique à tous les chargés de projet pour une bonne connaissance des exigences des bailleurs de fonds publics.



Autres responsabilités

Effectuer d’autres tâches telle que requises par la hiérarchie




Core capabilities (Niveau de compétence: 1=Evolutif 2 =Compétent 3=Avancé) Capacité fondamentale


(1, 2, 3)

Exemples de niveaux avancés

(une liste complete des indicateurs disponibles dans des capacités fondamentales dans les descriptions d’emplois- Guide du gestionnaiare)



Capacité de réalisation

Parvenir à des services et à des résultats de qualité


Faire preuve de redevabilité et d’intégrité


Communiquer les informations de manière efficace


Capacité de réflexion

Penser de maniére Claire, profonde et générale


Comprendre l’industrie humanitaire


Comprendre la mission et les opérations de Vision Mondiale


Innover et susciter le changement


Capacité d’auto-gestion

Mener une vie et un travail christocentriques


Apprendre à des fins de croissance et de développement


Rester efficace tout en maintenant un équilibre entre travail et vie de famille


Capacité relationnelle

Etablir des rapports de collaboration


Respecter la diversité de genre et de culture


Influencer les groupes et les individus


Autres responsabilités:

Exécuter toute autre tâche

Qualifications : Formation/Connaissances/Connaissances Techniques et Expériences

Les éléments suivants sont exigés à travers une combinaison de formation formelle, auto-formation, expériences, etc.

Qualification minimum exigée:

BAC+3 en Gestion des projets, en finance ou en développement international

Minimum 3 ans dans l’acquisition et la gestion de projets

Experience préféré:

Bac+4 en Gestion des projets ou en suivi et évaluation

Minimum 5 ans dans la gestion et l’acquisition de financements des bailleurs de fonds bilatéraux (USAID, GAC, DFID, etc.) ou multilatéraux (Union Européenne, Global Fund, agences des Nations-Unies, etc.)

Etre capable de travailler en équipe, et de contribuer à la construction de l’esprit d’équipe

Savoir focaliser le travail sur les aspects stratégiques et les traduire dans un appui programmatique/pratique

Avoir l’expérience de développer des propositions avec des partenaires locaux et en consortium

Compétences techniques:

Capacité à trouver et analyser les politiques et stratégies de financements des bailleurs de fonds publiques et privés

Capacité à développer une nouvelle relation avec des partenaires techniques et financiers

Bonne capacité de représentativité

Connaissance des droits des enfants, des politiques, lois et règlement en vigueur au Sénégal et dans le partenariat de WV

Très bon niveau dans la compréhension et la rédaction de documents.

Etre doté d’une sensibilité, d’une ouverture d’esprit, et du respect des différences culturelles

Maîtrise de l’outil informatique, et la pratique des logiciels courant (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) et spécifiques au développement.

Excellente communication écrite et orale en français et anglais

Etre doté d’une bonne santé, accepter de voyager

Environnement et Conditions de travail :

o Voyage : jusqu’à un maximum de 50%

o Communication téléphonique: 35%

Process of hiring

·Phase 1 : writing test ;

·Phase 2: individual interview with a panel.


To apply, you need to send a letter of motivation addressed to the National Director of World Vision Senegal, accompanied by a CV, the diploma required as following:

Internally, please go to Our People in your ESS in JOBS (Development Actions- Open Position);

Externally, go through the link

Les candidatures féminines sont fortement encouragées.

Deadline for application: 9th February 2020

Resource Development & Communications Manager – Solomon Island


The Resource Development & Communications Manager provides leadership in growing and managing World Vision Solomon Islands (WVSIs) resource acquisition pipeline as well as in designing WVSI’s Grant Acquisition and Management (GAM) systems and ensuring they are implemented effectively to meet donor requirements. The role requires strategic programmatic thinking and innovation – it leads on the development of the resource acquisition strategy and works closely with the Operations Manager (OM) to develop new business offerings and products to appeal to various markets and deliver on WVSIs Country Strategy.

The position is responsible for managing the Resource Development & Communications unit and leading cross-functional teams in the developing of winning grant project designs and proposals. The Resource Development & Communications Manager provides the final review and edit to all proposals ensuring they meet quality standards. The position leads on relationships management with Support Offices (SOs) related to new resource acquisition and is also responsible for overseeing the liaison and reporting to donors and SOs during grant/PNS project implementation. The position oversees effective handover processes for awarded projects to Operations division for implementation. The position often leads on brokering partnership agreements with peer organisations for grant consortiums, and coordinates with National Director (ND), Operations Manager (OM) and technical managers to help ensure relationships, reputation and strategic positioning are built with donors in SI.


  • Grow the WVSI resource acquisition pipeline and build a steady stream of grant, PNS funded projects.

  • Contribute to strategic programmatic thinking and innovation, working together with the OM to develop a pipeline of new business offerings and products that appeal to various markets and deliver on WVSIs Country Strategy.

  • Coordinate with ND, OM and Sector Specialists Managers to build WVSI strategic relationships and positioning for funding opportunities with key institutional donors and WVI support offices.

  • Ensure effective systems are in place for successful grant and PNS project management meeting donor specific requirements and expectations.

  • Establish and ensure implementation of an effective Grant Acquisition and Management system within WVSI.

  • Build capacity of all relevant WVSI staff to acquire necessary grant acquisition, project design and management skills, to ensure donor requirements are met.

Strategy and System Development:

  • Develop and implement strategy to grow WVSI new resource pipeline.

  • Develop and ensure effective implementation of GAM systems, including business processes, risk management, go-no-go decision making, documentation, monitoring and tracking systems, etc.

  • Provide regular updates to senior management team on grant pipeline progress. Early identification and escalation of issues in grant performance to ensure risks are managed.

  • Contribute to WVSI country and sector strategy development. Ensure grant projects align and contribute to WVSI country strategy outcomes and targets.

  • Collaborate with Finance Manager and division to ensure financial management systems and capacity are in place for effective reporting on grant project expenditure to donors and support offices.

Grow the WVSI GAM Pipeline:

  • Manage the Resource Development & Communications unit to ensure quality proposals are developed and submitted to donors; review, edit and ensure the ultimate quality of all proposals submitted.

  • Work together with OM to develop a pipeline of new business offerings and products that appeal to various markets and deliver on WVSIs Country Strategy.

  • Monitor, identify, review and pursue steady stream of grant funding opportunities.

  • Review grant funding opportunities and facilitate go-no-go decision making processes with senior management team.

  • Facilitate cross-functional project teams to develop strong grant project designs.

  • Ensure WVI minimum project design standards and documentation standards are met.

  • Ensure WVI project design requirements are met for all proposed projects and quality design processes are followed using international best practice and programmatic processes (problem identification, logframe development, M&E planning etc).

  • Coordinate with Finance division to ensure accurate budgets are developed for each grant project meeting WVI LEAP budgeting standards.

  • Ensure proper management of GAM documents.

  • Liaise with Operations to ensure quality reporting is delivered on time to donor and support offices on grant projects.

Stakeholder Relationship Management:

  • Coordinate with ND, OM and Program Quality Team to ensure the organization builds networks, relationships, reputation and positioning with grant donors and potential consortium partners in Solomon Islands.

  • Lead on brokering consortium partnerships with peer organisations to build the most compelling grant proposals.

  • Oversee liaison with SOs related to new resource acquisition and management; maintain regular dialogue and conduct regular meetings with WVI support offices and donors to build relationships, trust and strategically position WVIN as a priority partner for funding opportunities.

  • Develop strategies and plans for effective stakeholder relationship management.

  • Work collaboratively with WV Support Offices to develop strong grant proposals and meet deadlines.

Communication Management and Leadership:

  • Develop, direct and deliver an integrated and contextually appropriate strategic communications plan in line with WVSI’s priority program goals.

  • Ensure team delivers on content requirements in the WVSI content calendar.

  • Provide line-management and support/mentoring to staff within the communications team to ensure timely delivery of key outputs (eg: stories, photos, videos and other communication materials).

  • Maintain close collaboration with South Asia Pacific (SAPO)/Pacific & communications leadership for effective overall coordination.

  • Produces a WVSI emergency communications plan based on the National Disaster Preparedness Plan.

Strategic Communications for Grants/Projects:

  • In collaboration with relevant colleagues and partners lead the process to identify and develop effective communications supportive of WVSI development objectives/deliverables.

Engaging with Media and Social Media:

  • Increase the visibility of WVSI as a child-focused organisation through existing and innovative channels.

  • Together with the Communications Team, liaise with the national and local press to support media coverage of WVSI programs.

  • Work with Support Office media colleagues (primarily in Australia and New Zealand) to highlight WVSI programs and priority issues in media outlets in those countries.

  • Ensure journalist, vlogger, blogger, Support Office resource gathering trips, WV leader and VIP field visits are managed effectively.

  • Reputational risk issues are identified and reported appropriately.

  • Act as a spokesperson for WVSI when appropriate and identify and train other appropriate spokespeople.

  • Produce the WVSI internal newsletter.

Emergency Communications:

  • Monitor possible emergencies (earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, floods) and provide updates to the World Vision partnership as required.

  • In the event of an emergency (eg: earthquake or flood), the Resource Development & Communications Manager co-ordinates with World Vision partnership communications colleagues and oversees the production and dissemination of appropriate communications resources.

  • The Resource Development & Communications Manager acts as a spokesperson when required and/or briefs other spokesperson prior to interviews.

Staff Management:

  • Work with P&C to recruit and effectively manage GAM unit staff.

  • Conduct all required performance management processes, including managing staff professional development plans.

  • Assess WVSI staff capacity with regard to GAM.

  • Develop capacity building plan and deliver training and activities to build the necessary GAM skills of key staff across WVSI.

  • Conduct monthly staff meetings and one-to-one sessions to provide regular coaching and mentoring with all direct reports and other key GAM related staff.

Professional and Personal Development and Other:

  • Demonstration and understanding of and commitment to World Vision’s Core Values in the approach to work and relationships.

  • Performance review completed and personal development goal achieved.

  • Update information and knowledge gathered through participation of meeting, training, workshop and exchange visit.

  • Any other reasonable tasks requested by the line manager to support the quality of programming for WVSI.

  • Support a relief response for the relevant sector or as a member of the National Disaster Management Team.


  • Bachelor degree in a development-related field. Masters degree is preferred.

  • Clear thinking skills.

  • Excellent English writing skills for donor audience.

  • Knowledge of international best practice in project design and program design (e.g. problem analysis, pathways of change, development of results frameworks, targets and budgeting etc.)

  • Basic understanding program cycle including project planning, design, monitoring, evaluation.

  • Demonstrated high level networking, partnership and coordination ability.

  • Excellent analytical/problem-solving skills and detail orientation.

  • Knowledge of results logic, monitoring and evaluation processes.

  • Knowledge on the latest development thinking on health, education, livelihoods, disaster management and protection programming.

  • At last 3 years of experience in developing winning proposals for donors such as USAID, DFID, DFATD, DFAT, World Bank, ADB, Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation.

  • Experience managing staff or cross-functional teams to meet deadlines and deliver quality outputs under pressure.

  • Experience working in Asia or field context.

  • Experience in preparing and leading GAM skills training workshops or other capacity building.

  • Experience in developing and managing implementation of strategy and workplan.

  • Experience of managing and successfully growing institutional donor relationships.

  • Experience writing and delivering quality reporting for variety of institutional donors.

  • Experience of partnering with building consortium partnerships with INGOs, NGOs, private business, faith-based organisation or academic institutions for grant projects.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Work experience in South Asia and Pacific regions.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position is based in Honiara in the World Vision Solomon Island Office.

  • Ability to travel in-country and internationally is required.

Technical Officer - Education (Beirut)

  • *Final offer pending donor's approval


The purpose of the position is to ensure the quality of the implementation of Education projects. To provide technical support that is aligned with the Education Technical Programme standards under theguidance of the education Specialist


% Time

Major Activities

End Results Expected


Ensure the quality of the implementation of the ECE and BLN activities

Projects activities are implemented as per the developed action plan

  • Ensure that the implementation of the Education project in emergency components, particularly in non-formal education, are up to World Vision’s standards and national technical standards

  • Conduct orientation sessions for teachers and animators in the Education sector and make sure that the needed trainings (CP, interagency referrals, CB ECE, BLN, TICC) are met.

  • Train the teachers and animators on the pre-approved curriculum that should be delivered, its objectives and expected learning outcomes.

  • Develop with the teachers and animators their development plan, meet every semester and review as necessary

  • Conduct spot checks on the ongoing sessions and classes, note any capacity/technical/ performance gaps.

  • Share observations with Center Supervisors and Project Manager and come up with solutions or training needs with the support of WVL technical specialists

  • Prepare the schedule for the delivery of the curriculum and follow up constantly to make sure that timeline is respected in alignment to the general project timeline and deliverables

  • Coach and build the teachers’ capacity in:

    • Creating a conductive teaching and learning environment where the learners will get education according to the teaching standards and learning objectives set by World Vision Lebanon, including World Vision Lebanon’s Quality Learning Environment Framework;

    • Preparing lesson plans on a weekly and monthly basis according to World Vision Lebanon s formats and in line with the learning overall objectives;

    • Encouraging learner’s active participation and critical thinking;

    • Monitoring and evaluating students’ learning achievements with the use of Pre and post tests.

  • Monitor staff overall capacity and self-care, and support them in dealing with emotional distress due to their daily work experiences.

  • Deliver quality Training of Trainers (ToT) to World Vision Lebanon BML staff and partner staff, as well as training of field level stakeholders including teachers and assistant teachers.

  • Provide the education staff and partner staff with capacity building trainings based on classroom observations and development

  • Provide one to one support, constructive feedback/mentoring sessions afterwards with clear improvement plans to be agreed and established.

  • Coordinate with the Center Supervisors in overseeing the implementation of the classroom observation and coaching sessions

  • Ensure strict adherence to the principles of Child Protection at all times, including respect for confidentiality and a child centered approach and to act in the best interests of the child.

  • Work with the internal or external protection teams to ensure that gaps are met

  • Identify any technical or operational risks and report it directly to the project manager.


Ensure Monitoring and Evaluation/Capacity Building.

All technical indicators are reported on, and all Pre and Post are conducted and analysed

  • Support the monitoring and evaluation process of the Education in Emergencies activities, with a particular focus on indicators related to learning outcomes (PRE and Post), teachers’ performance, quality learning environments, as per each donor requirements.

  • Conduct weekly visits to programme sites to ensure that teachers and animators, other education personnel, caregivers and the community at large are appropriately supported and qualitative programme objectives are achieved.

  • Prepare ToR for capacity building or other related activities including meeting with consultants and following up on the implementation plan and deliverables in coordination with the Education specialist;

  • Set meetings with the Project Manager to follow up on the implementation of the pre and post tests


Ensure children’s safety and protection

Children attending the activities are protected and safe

  • Work in compliance with and respect of the principles of Child Protection and confidentiality, working with refugee and host communities with sensitivity

  • Identify key protection threats affecting the children and raise them to the center supervisor.

  • Identify safety issues and follow-up with the center supervisor on the safety and security of the chosen locations.


Perform other duties as required

  • Attend and participate in capacity building trainings locally and internationally.

  • Attend and participate in WVL’s spiritual nurture and other organizational events.

  • Responsible of own security and actively contribute to a positive security culture.

  • Abide by the security policies and procedures and report any incidents or breaches to line manager and / or security manager.

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Line Manager.

  • Coordinate with BML team members to ensure that the project is integrated in the overall urban area portfolio and is not operating in silo. Ensuring that the most marginalized children are targeted and that the urban operating guidance is applied.



  • Bachelor degree in Education related field, (kindergarten studies, psychology, social work, specialized education (Orto-pedagogue, psychometrician, speech therapist… ) or social animation);

  • At least 3 years relevant experience.

  • Good command of English/Arabic, both written and oral

  • Good interpersonal skills and cross-cultural sensitivity.

  • Fluent in Microsoft office (Power points/Excel/Word….)

  • Knowledge and experience working with children,

  • Knowledge of safety issues concerning infants and children.

  • Knowledge of child protection and Psycho-Social support programming

  • Creative and able to come up, embrace and coordinate innovative thinking, and problem solving skills.

  • Positive attitude with a willingness to learn.

  • Ability to cope and work under pressure.

  • Computer literate mainly in Microsoft Office package.

  • Well-organized, self-motivated and ability to work in a team.

  • Ability to work in difficult and high risk situations.

  • High coordination skills.

  • Ability to work in and contribute to dynamic team operating in a fragile and urban environment

  • Ability to train and coach staff on education facilitation skills, empowerment of parents, other

National Director, World Vision Afghanistan

*Position Location: Time will be split between Herat and Kabul.


  • Provide strategic leadership and Senior Management oversight of the design, operation and funding of World Vision’s ministry in Afghanistan.

  • Lead the Senior Leadership Team, ensuring that the strategy implementation is meeting desired goals and objectives and that the Afghanistan office is appropriately structured, financially viable and appropriately resourced and compliant with WV policies.

  • To represent World Vision and the National Office externally as deemed appropriate including with host government representatives, donors, SOs, partners and other WV Partnership offices.



  • Lead the alignment of the country strategy with the overall World Vision International partnership Our Promise 2030 strategy.

  • Ensure strategic and operational alignment of all National Office functions to meet humanitarian needs while considering operational feasibility and technical quality.

  • Lead and be accountable for business planning, annual budgeting and acquisition of funding to implement the strategy (includes ensuring proper cost recovery in all grants and other funding streams).

  • Lead in assessment and implementation of enterprise risk management and business continuity contingency planning.

Leadership & Management:

  • Promote WV’s Vision, Mission, Core Values and key global Partnership standards and practices across offices and partner agencies.

  • Lead and mentor the Senior Leadership Team in a manner that facilitates a high performance culture, openness, trustworthy & strong relationships, collaboration, integrity & decisiveness.

  • Ensure an organisational structure that results in optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Ensure high standards of management of people, financial, capital and technical resources of the Response. Inspiring and maintaining high standards of work and clear accountability to stakeholders.

  • Ensure that proper risk management requirements are in place, including standards for monitoring, escalating to and managing incidents.

  • Ensure internal communications mechanisms are in place so policies, information and decisions are shared with staff as appropriate.

  • Support initiatives for staff care and well-being, both for international and local employees.

  • Respect, value and promote gender, age, religious and ethnic diversity.

  • Model a high standard of Christian leadership, maturity and integrity as an example to staff, and provide overall spiritual leadership.

Collaboration & Networking:

  • Establish and maintain collaborative relationships and partnerships with host government, donors, other NGOs, UN agencies and clusters, humanitarian community, Support Offices, Civil Society and diverse faith-based organisations.

  • Ensure that WV-Afghanistan engages in relevant national coordination mechanisms and, where relevant, consortium meetings including representing WV as Head of office/response at relevant NGO coordination meetings and forums.

  • Ensure a strong advocacy capacity, in particular child-focused themes aligned with strategy and organizational priorities.

  • Ensure World Vision’s presence and effectiveness in Afghanistan and that World Vision leadership receives timely information and mitigation solutions for security and other risk factors.

Ministry Standards/Accountability:

  • Ensure high ministry quality and high impact by developing and implementing programs which meet World Vision highest quality and standards.

  • Ensure that all programs are implemented, monitored and evaluated to measure impact and in accordance with donors, SOs, Region and other stakeholders’ frameworks.

  • Ensure that proper feedback and complaint mechanisms for beneficiaries, communities, other stakeholders and World Vision staff are in place.

  • Ensure adequate technical capacity is in place or externally accessible.

  • Ensure measurable improvement in the well-being of children is achieved as evidenced by achieving targeted improvement in the child well-being outcomes.

  • Ensure accountability for the implementation of effective ministry to all key stakeholders.

Finance & Compliance:

  • Ensure efficient and effective organizational practices that would result in successful financial and operational audit scores.

  • Ensure financial resources are managed according to agreements with donors and standards approved by World Vision.

  • Ensure a close, effective and supportive relationship is developed with Regional Office to improve efficiency and eliminate unapproved organizational obstructions.

  • Ensure that audit reports are responded and recommendations implemented within approved / agreed timeframes in order to ensure risk mitigation.

  • Ensure strong operational compliance through timeliness and completeness of program/project reports.

  • Exercise good stewardship over all resources by maintaining sound internal controls, risk register, procedures and records according to WVI accountability standards.

People & Culture (Human Resources):

  • Ensure that P&C policies are adapted and aligned with those of World Vision International.

  • Ensure that the quality of staff recruited and retained are at a level to meet the organization’s overall performance expectations.

  • Promote a culture of learning and development, employee engagement and good stewardship of human capital in the office.

  • Ensure P&C establishes a staff care function and mechanism that supports staff well-being.


  • Ensure that World Vision’s security policies and protocols are implemented and monitored on a regular basis.

  • Ensure the ongoing monitoring of the external security environment.

  • Ensure experienced, high quality staffing of the security function.

Reporting & Knowledge Management:

  • Liaise with programme and information management teams to ensure internal and external reporting requirements are planned for, aligned and meet quality and deadline requirements.

  • Ensure that communication products are developed and disseminated to internal and external audiences.

  • Ensure internal coordination & information sharing mechanisms result in improved staff awareness and performance.


  • University degree or qualification in a relevant subject with a focus on team management, project management or other relevant skills.

  • Strong commitment to WV’s vision, mission and core values.

  • 5 + years proven Senior Leadership experience with International NGOs in emergency relief, rehabilitation and transition programming.

  • Proven track record of leading multi-cultural teams in complex, culturally and politically-sensitive contexts.

  • Proven track record of grant acquisition and management and growing and managing multi-million dollar budgets.

  • Knowledge of UN humanitarian architecture and donor community.

  • Politically astute and well developed diplomatic skills (dealing with host governments, donors and staff).

  • Extensive experience in programme management and implementation of multi-sectoral emergency response projects.

  • Strong communication skills (oral and written) with ability to express ideas and concepts clearly and persuasively with senior internal and external stakeholders.

  • Demonstrated success as a collaborator and team builder committed to the transfer of knowledge.

  • Ability to work effectively under pressure.

  • Responsible steward of resources and assets.

  • Innovator and calculated risk taker.

  • Understands, values and promotes diversity to achieve organizational goals.

  • Knowledge of computer software such as MS Office and email programs.

  • Fluent in English (written and oral).

  • Experience in Afghanistan or in other similar fragile-context environment.

  • The role of ND Afghanistan requires the ability to work in a dynamic multi-disciplinary environment where internal and external political and military tensions and conflicts are ongoing. A firm understanding of the complex security environments is essential. Also ability to work and lead a multinational / Multicultural team in restricted Muslim context is essential.


  • Full adherence to World Vision Child Protection, Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policies.

Work Environment:

  • The role of ND Afghanistan requires the ability to work in a dynamic multi-disciplinary environment where internal and external political and military tensions and conflicts are ongoing. A firm understanding of the complex security environments is essential. Also ability to work and lead a multinational / Multicultural team in restricted Muslim context is essential.

Coordinador(a) de Area de Enfoque Primario/ Yuscaran

Oportunidad de Contribuir

a la tierna protección de la niñez en Honduras

Título del puesto:

Coordinador de Área de Enfoque Primario

Fecha límite de aplicación:

31 de enero

Localidad del puesto:


Fecha de inicio vacante:

10 de febrero

Cantidad requerida:

1 Plazas

Esquema de trabajo:

Plaza permanente

Propósito del Puesto

Asegurar la implementación programática, operativa y financiera de las Áreas de Enfoque Primario en alineamiento con Nuestra Promesa, los planes de Programa de Área, las Políticas y Procedimientos Organizacionales a fin de generar impacto sostenible en el bienestar y tierna protección de las niñas, niños, adolescentes y jóvenes con énfasis en los más vulnerables del área de influencia.

Requisitos Técnicos:

  • Título Universitario o Técnica en áreas sociales, educación, pedagogía, administración de empresas, gerencia de negocios.

  • 3 años de experiencia en posiciones similares coordinando equipos en zonas de influencia, en asocio con OBC, Municipalidades, etc.

  • Conocimiento en Incidencia en Políticas Públicas.

  • Relacionamiento con socios con diversas expresiones de fe en relación a las tradiciones Cristianas.

  • Manejo de Vehículo 4x4

¿Cuáles serán tus funciones principales?

  • Implementar el plan del Programa de Área (portafolio de programas y proyectos) en la zona de influencia de las áreas de enfoque primario asignadas, en alineamiento con los programas técnicos nacionales.

  • Generar las condiciones para el trabajo en asocio e incidencia en los territorios municipales y de mancomunidades asignadas que incrementen el impacto de las intervenciones.

  • Proveer liderazgo al equipo de Facilitadores de Desarrollo del Área de Enfoque Primario enfatizando en una mirada de territorio de programas y proyectos, mediante la asesoría y asistencia técnica operativa y acompañamiento, fomentando el trabajo en equipo e impulsando el desarrollo y cuidado de sus colaboradores.

  • Proporcionar la rendición de cuentas basado en evidencias y el reportaje oportuno de la información de desempeño programático, financiero y de patrocinio.

¿Eres la persona? ¡Aplica a esta vacante ahora!

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¿Por quétrabajar con nosotros?

Somos una organización cristiana de ayuda humanitaria, desarrollo y promoción de la justicia que sirve a todas las personas, sin distinción de raza, religión, grupo étnico o género.

Al trabajar con nosotros te conviertes en un protagonista que influye en favor de los niños, niñas, familias y comunidades más vulnerables alrededor del mundo. En Honduras tocamos la vida de más de 75 mil niñas y niños en Honduras, en 12 Departamentos, 28 Programas de Área y 694 comunidades.

Nuestra Causa

Una niñez tiernamente protegida, promotora de una sociedad más justa y segura.

Nuestra Visión

Para cada niño y niña, vida en toda su plenitud.

Nuestra oración para cada corazón, la voluntad de hacer esto posible.

Nuestra Misión

World Vision es una confraternidad internacional de cristianos cuya misión es seguir a Jesucristo, nuestro Señor y Salvador trabajando con los pobres y oprimidos para promover la transformación humana, buscar la justicia y testificar de las buenas nuevas del Reino de Dios

Somos Cristianos

Seguimos a Jesús– en su identificación con los pobres, los que no tienen poder, los afligidos, los oprimidos, los marginados; en su especial preocupación por las niñas y los niños; en su respeto por la dignidad otorgada por Dios a las mujeres de igual manera que a los hombres; en su reto por las actitudes y los sistemas injustos; en su llamado para compartir los recursos con los unos y los otros; en su amor por todas las personas sin discriminación o condiciones; en su oferta de una nueva vida por medio de la fe en Él. A partir de Él nosotros derivamos nuestro entendimiento integral del evangelio del Reino de Dios, el cual forma las bases de nuestra respuesta a la necesidad humana.

Agradecemos tu interés para poner tu talento

a favor de la tierna protección de la niñez!!

Forma parte de nuestra familia ¡Únete a nuestras comunidades!






Development Facilitator (Plateau Central)

Development Facilitator (16)

(4 Los Palis, 5 OKODEM, 5 AKODET, 2 Savane Haleine)



Le facilitateur de développement a la responsabilité d’assurer l’implémentation du programme dans les communautés ciblées, de planifier et de piloter les activités inscrites dans les cadres logiques des projets CESP et Survie de l’enfant dans le respect des standards de LEAP 3, de la stratégie de l’organisation et des modèles de projet approuvés par le Bureau National, Il assurera l’ intégration des entités communautaires, les leaders, les ménages pour une appropriation communautaire des différentes activités exécutées sur place visant le bien-être des enfants et l’amélioration des conditions d’existence des plus vulnérables. Il dirigera la mise en œuvre du parrainage selon les standards requis tout en garantissant que tous les RC bénéficient le paquet minimum standard (10) définis par la World Vision


Activités principales


Assurer la conduite des activités de parrainage, dans son aire d’intervention, dans le respect des normes définies par le bureau national

Assurer la conduite des activités dans le respect des normes techniques définis par le partenariat á savoir : le LEAP (DIP, ITT), les modèles de projet, le DPA, les approches de programme.


- Mettre en place un système de coordination, gestion et de supervision efficaces des volontaires, amenant à l’existence de réseaux communautaires forts efficaces et efficients.

- Monitorer la bonne utilisation, la gestion saine et transparente des ressources mises à sa disposition et des volontaires selon les normes et principes de l’institution.

Mise en réseau et Plaidoyer

Développer et entretenir des partenariats stratégiques avec les acteurs locaux, les autres ONGs, les jeunes, les GAC, les groupes de femmes (club des mères, Mères-leaders, réseau d’églises, les directeurs d’écoles etc.) pour assurer une meilleure utilisation des ressources et l’atteinte des indicateurs du bien-être des enfants et l’appropriation par la communauté.

Monitorage évaluation rapportage

Diriger le processus de planification, de rapportage et de l’évaluation des activités conduites au niveau du terrain.


  1. Diplôme universitaire en sciences sociales, en gestion de projets, en études du développement ou toutes autres études dans un domaine connexe

  2. Expérience en Gestion de Projet, suivi et gestion des budgets

  3. Expérience de travail dans un environnement isolé et capacités à vivre en communauté ;

  4. Expérience dans la gestion des conflits ;

  5. Expérience dans la gestion du staff et capacité de l’orienter vers les résultats

  6. Excellente capacité de communication en français et créole (Anglais et/ou l’espagnol un atout)

  7. Bonne aptitude organisationnelles, de gestion et de planification; respect des échéanciers et est apte à gérer une grande charge de travail;

  8. Etre honnête, courtois, coopératif, Mature professionnellement avec un esprit pratique, fait preuve de flexibilité et d’indépendance dans son travail.

  9. Avoir la capacité de travailler sous pression et de gérer les situations d’urgence selon la mission de l’organisation.

  10. Capacité de gestion du staff et de l’orienter vers des résultats

  11. Respecter les Politiques sur la Protection de l’Enfant, de Safeguarding et toutes autres Politiques et Procédures de la World Vision


Dans le Nord


Etre de la zone et/ou pouvoir y être basé sans problème


  • CV à jour

  • Lettre de motivation mentionnant la zone pour laquelle vous appliquez

  • Copie de diplômes et de certificat

  • Tout autre document pertinent pouvant supporter la candidature.

Seuls les candidats sélectionnés pour entrevue recevront un feedback.

Program Officer, World Vision Somalia


The position will lead in grant acquisition and management of a grant portfolio. Actively build donor relationship in support of acquisition. The job holder will lead program and proposal development and design for high-value, competitive, complex funding opportunities, in line with WVSom strategy. S/he will help with the review monthly, quarterly and annual reports for submission to donors and Support Offices (SOs) ensuring quality compliance and donor satisfaction. The position will also support the creation and promotion of strategic alliances with donors, multilateral agencies, and other NGOs for purposes of resources mobilization.


Programming & Proposal Development (Grants’ Acquisition):

  • Work with operations and finance staff to develop concept papers and prepare proposals (including logical frameworks, draft budgets, budget narratives, and monitoring and evaluation plans) for major government, private and multi-lateral donors, aligned to World Vision Somalia strategy and capacity.

  • Take a leading role on key bid elements including program design, strategic partnerships, presentation of evidence and demonstrated track record to ensure quality applications are submitted, with a high win rate.

  • With the support of QA&S Manager- regularly apply learning, emerging innovations, and best practices from project evaluations, field visit reports, project reports across the program, and from other NGOs and donors to new proposals.

  • Assist Program Development Unit (PDU) Manager and Program Development Quality Assurance (PDQA) Director in identifying and defining funding sources from appropriate public donors to support existing and planned programming activities.

Grant Management & Compliance:

  • Support programme/ project managers and coordinators provide timely, detailed and quality reports to Support Offices and donors.

  • Assist Program Managers to ensure they are compliant with donor regulations resulting in program quality. Where necessary, lead the revisions of original plans in close coordination with the Program Manager, SOs and external donors, based on sound impact analysis of proposed change.

  • Ensure programme success stories are shared with communications to enhance the visibility of programming.

  • Support monitoring and bring up implementation or compliance challenges with QA, Ops Managers, and donors.

External Engagement and competitive intelligence gathering:

  • Provide regular, positive, and productive communication with respective Support Offices, the field, and partners regarding the implementation of program activities.

  • Assist the PDU Manager and PDQA Director to establish/ strengthen relationships/ linkages and networks with key resilience actors and leading NGOs to gather donor intelligence and build collaborative relationships.

  • Advise WV on potential fundraising opportunities arising from FGS and donor strategies.

  • Research, monitor, and utilize shifting donor strategy, funding, or regulatory information, and advise PDQA and Operations leadership of emerging trends that could positively or negatively affect the program.

  • Assist in preparation and signing of technical agreements with line ministries and other government agencies.

Field Support:

  • Plan and lead start-up workshop or process to ensure comprehensive hand-over of project to Project Manager and wider grant project teams.

  • Use meetings and other forums to engage with operations staff to gather emerging challenges, lessons learned, and innovations to apply to future proposals.

  • As required, support Operations in implementation challenges with hands-on capacity building and support in the field.

Knowledge Transfer/ Knowledge Management:

  • Support Programme managers/ Project coordinators in compiling quality reports.

  • Share donor regulations with project managers to enable compliance with the specific donor requirements.

  • Upload all project documents for the SPO’s respective portfolio (final proposal, budget, assessments, reports, grant agreements and PIA/MoUs etc) on the knowledge management database.


  • Master’s Degree in Development studies or related field

  • 5 years programming experience in a grant funded humanitarian or development program. Preferably with one or two previous assignments in a fragile context.

  • Training in humanitarian standards is desirable with specific training in donor requirements e.g. OFDA, DFID, CIDA, DANIDA and Europe Aid.

  • Proven experience in networking with donors and partners to bring about funding opportunities.

  • Demonstrated ability to mobilize cross-functional proposal team (technical, ops, field, finance, M&E, Regional/HQ) with right staff at the right time to meet even the tightest deadlines. Can also effectively mobilize multi-partner proposal development teams.

  • Demonstrate ability to establish and cultivate strong, collaborative relationships.

  • Strong writing skills.

  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.

  • Strong negotiation skills.

  • Strong proposal writing skills.

  • Team player; the ability to mobilize and work as part of a diverse team to achieve the overall goal.

Working Environment/Travel:

  • Work environment: Field- based - accommodation is in team houses.

  • Travel: 30-40% travel within Somalia and other international destinations required.

  • On call: As required.

CYERA Deputy Chief of Party


The Deputy Chief of Party (DCoP) of Operation will support anticipated five-year USAID-funded the Child and Youth Education Response Activity (CYERA) which will target children and youth (both girls and boys) living in crisis- and conflict-affected communities of in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and deliver rapid education services in other provinces if and when requested based on anticipated needs.

The DCoP of Operation will be responsible for the management of the project, including grant implementation, financial accountability, staffing, planning and reporting as assigned by Chief of Party (CoP).

The Deputy CoP of Operations has responsibility for overall project operations. S/he should be familiar with the technical components of the project and the required support services. The Deputy CoP of Operations ensures that grants operations and sub-grantee management activities are in full compliance with USAID regulations and aligned to NO operations. Upon CoP/PD request, the Deputy CoP of Operations would represent the grant to donors and other stakeholders.


Oversee Project Operations:

  • Direct and oversee World Vision's work on the CYERA, ensuring that all program goals are met.

  • Manage grant budget within approved spending levels.

  • Identify issues and risks related to program implementation in a timely manner, and suggest appropriate program adjustments to the Chief of Party.

  • Ensure grant/project expenses are reasonable, allocable, prudent and spent in accordance with donor rules and regulations to ensure clean audits.

  • Oversee supply and equipment acquisition, disposition, and management in compliance with WV internal and donor requirements.

People Management:

  • Organize and direct the work of grant staff and short-term advisors, set individual performance objectives cascaded from project objectives to all staff hired in the project.

  • Provide supervision, training and performance management coaching and feedback.

  • Support Staff Learning and Development according with WVI policy.

  • Develop and update workforce planning.

  • Ensure strong staff management practices, consistent with WV policies, donor requirements and local laws.

  • Ensure proper technical capacity of staff is available.

Effective and Accurate Reporting and Communication:

  • Establish and maintain effective reporting, evaluation, and internal communication.

  • Ensure timely and accurate reports that meet donor requirements.

  • Networking and Liaison with different stakeholders.

  • Liaise with host government officials, local communities, farmers, and other organizations as appropriate.

  • When delegated by CoP, represent the project in meetings with donor and other stakeholders.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Carry out additional responsibilities and projects as assigned, including administrative and planning functions.

  • Attend and participate in weekly chapel services and daily devotional meetings.



  • Master’s degree in the education, public/business administration, international relations, other social sciences, or a similar relevant experience in program management in developing countries.

  • Familiarity with USAID requirements, their history and their development.

  • Ability to integrate, lead and motivate teams of professionals around common goals.

  • Demonstrated accomplishment in working with host-country professionals, ministries and with donor colleagues in country.

  • Experience working in fragile contexts, such as eastern DRC.

  • Strong interpersonal skills.

  • Experience integrating gender, child protection and youth into complex programming (inclusive programming).

  • Has at least five years of grant management experience with USAID or other US government donors.

  • At least seven years of experience designing, implementing and managing large and complex projects involving multiple partners, in/for developing countries.

  • Experience living and working in the DRC, a plus.

  • Fluent French speaker, and professional level written and spoken proficiency in English.

  • Strong writing and oral presentation skills in French is required, similar capacity in English is highly desirable.


  • Understanding of the educational environment and institutions in the DRC.

  • Language skills Swahili, Nande or other eastern languages are an advantage.

  • Experience in managing large teams.

  • At least 7 years experience implementing and managing large international grants.

  • Experience in managing inter-agency consortiums is preferred.

  • At least 4 years of the international development experience of either the Director or Deputy Director (or of each); must involve implementation and management of large-scale grant/ programme activities.

Work Environment:

  • Minimum 40% travel to the project activities area.