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Nous cherchons à accroître la confiance et à renforcer la réputation de Vision Mondiale grâce à des contenus, des campagnes et des messages puissants qui contribuent à modifier la vie des enfants les plus vulnérables du monde. Votre vision, notre vision?

Chief of Party (FRAMES Consortium Project)

*Position is contingent upon funding and donor approval.

*Please submit your CV in English.


Chief of Party (CoP) will have overall responsibility for coordination of all FRAMES Consortium project activities and staff. S/he will be responsible for technical leadership and administrative oversight of the FRAMES Consortium and will serve as the principal institutional liaison to the donor and local government entities.

The CoP shall have a keen understanding of the unique political dynamics and work carefully and collaboratively to support the various entities in Afghanistan.

S/he will manage a team of senior staff, sub-recipients, and engagement with stakeholders and ensure quality, timeliness, and efficiency of all products and activities generated under the grant. The CoP is expected to have strong leadership qualities and depth and breadth of technical and management expertise.

S/he also provides strategic leadership and supervision of sub-grantees and sub-contractors while ensuring the security, feasibility, and sustainability of the program and contribution to Child wellbeing outcomes.

Country and Grant Context:

WV Afghanistan together with its partners will be implementing the USAID BHA funded Fostering Resilience in Afghanistan through Multi-Sector Emergency Support (FRAMES) project. The FRAMES project responds to the needs of displaced populations, returnees, and host communities in Afghanistan’s Northern, Western, Southern, and Central Highlands provinces. The WV led FRAMES consortium is providing holistic, multi-sectoral interventions to meet the urgent needs of these communities, building on each partner’s strong operational presence, community acceptance, and existing work in these regions.


Relationships Management:

  • Serve as the Primary contact point between World Vision Afghanistan (WVA) and USAID in Afghanistan.

  • Manage proactive and responsive relationship with grant donor in close collaboration with World Vision Afghanistan Grant Aquisition Management (GAM) team.

  • Liaise with local government officials, local communities, donor representatives and other stakeholders as appropriate.

  • Participate, lead NGO – donor forum to represent WV, the project, and seek cooperation for joint advocacy opportunities.

  • CoP will liase regularly with the Project steering committee based on the Consortium Governance manual.

Consortium Operations Management:

  • Provide vision and strategic technical leadership for the project.

  • Direct and oversee grant implementation, ensuring that all strategic objectives are met through proper design, staffing, implementation and quality assurance.

  • Supervise a team of senior level international and national staff with skills across a diverse set of technical areas.

  • Ensure proper technical capacity of staff to manage complex donor-funded projects.

  • Lead grant staff and short-term consultants.

  • Manage grant/project budget within approved spending levels and ensure accurate and timely financial reports to donors and Support Office (SO) staff.

  • Consistently look for more effective and efficient implementation methods and opportunities to increase impact.

  • Escalate grant management issues early and openly; resolve grant management issues quickly and fully.

  • Manage PMU staff and ensure that they support all consortium partners equally and fairly in an agency neutral approach.

  • Manage risks associated with implementing the FRAMES project and ensure that the consortium follows the agreed incident management protocols.

Programmatic and Financial Compliance

  • Establish and maintain effective project reporting, evaluation, and communication systems.

  • Submit timely accurate and professional reports that meet donor requirements.

  • Participate and conduct on-going lessons learned with key staff and partners/sub-grantees.

  • Ensure grant/project expenses are reasonable, allocated as per assigned budget, prudent and spent in accordance with donor rules and regulations to ensure low risk audits.

Growth and Continuity:

  • Research new funding opportunities and develop and write funding proposals, to plug any funding gaps and if second phase of the grant or cost extension is planned.

  • Close cooperation with NO GAM lead for implementation of the GAM objectives as well as close collaboration within the NO GAM Unit on donor positioning, lessons learned, grant health and quality improvements.


  • A Master's degree in related field or equivalent qualifications in grant management and a technical field in developing countries.

  • 7+ years of extensive international humanitarian experience managing large grant-funded projects.

  • Proven ability to manage technical assistance teams.

  • Knowledge of and familiarity with international assistance program requirements, preferably.

  • Keen understanding of the unique political dynamics of the country and ability to work carefully and collaboratively to maintain productive relationships with the various government entities in (country of the grant).

  • Proven ability in the management of large integrated grant-funded projects in developing countries.

  • Familiarity with BHA programs, their history and their development; mastery of BHA regulations governing such programs.

  • USAID/BHA and/or other funding agencies; their policies and regulations.

  • Ability to integrate teams of professionals around common goals.

  • Demonstrated accomplishment in working with host-country professionals, ministries and with donor colleagues in country.

  • Strong presentation and report writing skills.

  • Experience of leading large and diverse teams.

  • Experience in leading and managing large grants in a complex environment.

  • Experience as a CoP or senior expert advisor required.

  • Experience managing sub grants and contracts under grants for complex projects.

  • Fluency in English and the relevant other UN language, if it is officially used in the country.

  • Professional licenses, as required in the field and by the donor.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Experience in managing inter-agency consortiums is preferred.

  • Experience in a senior Operations management position is essential.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • Be prepared to travel to implementation sites and regional, global meetings as required.

Program Officer World Vision Haiti

Program Officer World Vision Haiti

Objectif du poste

Le responsable de programme soutiendra la conception des programmes, l'engagement des donateurs, des organisations et des partenaires, ainsi que la gestion de l'information et l'établissement de rapports pour le bureau d'Haïti.

Activités Principales

Acquisition de subventions

  1. Coordonner la conception et la mise en œuvre du projet avec tout le personnel concerné, en utilisant les processus définis.

  1. Élaborer des documents de conception et préparer des propositions à l'intention des principaux donateurs, en coordination avec les spécialistes techniques, le personnel des finances et des achats et les organisations de soutien.

  1. Obtenir le financement des sections non financées du programme en identifiant les subventions en collaboration avec les bureaux de support.

  1. Suivre l'état du financement pour chaque secteur du programme afin d'identifier les éventuels déficits de financement et d'assurer des transitions en douceur d'une subvention à l'autre.

Gestion des subventions

  1. Aider à la préparation de rapports narratifs mensuels, annuels et de fin de projet, de bulletins d'information, de rapports de situation et d'autres rapports si nécessaire.

  1. Faire le lien avec les départements des opérations et des finances pour assurer la compilation/collation des rapports de gestion des principaux donateurs.

  1. Suivre les progrès du programme en s'assurant que les buts et objectifs sont atteints et que les exigences en matière de subventions non financières sont respectées.

  1. Veiller à ce que la mise en œuvre du programme soit conforme aux principes du code de conduite de la Croix-Rouge, aux normes SPHERE et politiques internes pertinentes de la WV.

  1. Travailler avec les coordinateurs des projets pour fournir une mise à jour du programme aux principaux bureaux de soutien de la WV et au bureau régional.

  1. Aider les gestionnaires de subventions et le DME à mettre en œuvre les évaluations techniques et managériales nécessaires.

Partenariat et relations externes

  1. velopper et maintenir des relations solides et un partage d'informations avec les représentants du Bureau d'appui.

  1. Participer aux évaluations conjointes des agences, aux équipes de travail, aux ateliers, aux groupes de travail.

  1. Aider l'équipe des programmes à identifier les partenaires potentiels avec lesquels il faut travailler dans le cadre des projets.

  1. Assurer l'alignement des partenaires externes aux politiques, standard et stratégie de WV.

Gestion de l'information

  1. Mettre en œuvre et mettre régulièrement à jour les systèmes d'information de gestion pré-identifiés, y compris les rapports des bénéficiaires ainsi que les Sitreps, etc.

  1. Mettre à jour et entretenir la base de données HORIZON.

  1. Rassembler de manière proactive des informations auprès des partenaires des clusters concernés, des agences des Nations unies et d'autres organisations qui peuvent être utiles à vision mondiale pour éclairer les décisions.

  1. Fournir des services de gestion de l'information pour soutenir les activités de gestion des données démographiques, y compris l'estimation de la population, les flux d'informations provenant des systèmes établis, le suivi des mouvements, la définition/promotion et la diffusion des normes.

Développement de stratégies de GAM et autres

  1. Aider à la préparation du plan d'exploitation annuel, notamment : conception, évaluation des besoins, rédaction de propositions, marketing, évaluation et rapports.

Autres responsabilités


Connaître les procédures d'urgence dans le cadre d'une intervention et s'assurer que les mesures de préparation nécessaires ont été mises en œuvre.

Mesures de Sécurité

  1. Connaître le plan de sécurité de WV

  2. Suivre les politiques, règles, procédures et instructions en matière de sécurité

  3. Suivre les politiques de WVI pour la gestion de la sécurité des programmes/projets

  • Représenter WV de manière appropriée et professionnelle

  • Contribuer à un esprit d'équipe sain et au travail d'équipe

  • Adhérer à la politique et aux normes de sauvegarde de la WV et rester fidèle à la déclaration de vision et aux valeurs fondamentales de la WV ;

  • Effectuer d'autres tâches pertinentes assignées par le supérieur hiérarchique direct ;

Connaissances, compétences et capacités


  1. Licence en sciences sociales, développement international, relations internationales ou domaine connexe.

  2. Maîtrise en sciences sociales, développement international, relations internationales ou domaine connexe. (Préférable)

Expérience supplémentaire :

  • Compréhension de la conception du projet.

  • Compréhension de base du fonctionnement des principaux donateurs, tels que l'USAID, les Nations unies, UE, etc.

  • Bonne compréhension des normes de World Vision et de Sphere relief, ainsi que du code de conduite de la Croix-Rouge et des ONG.

  • Capacité à accomplir les tâches en temps voulu.

  • Aptitude à faire preuve de minutie et d'une attention appropriée aux détails.

  • Aptitude à s'exprimer clairement par écrit sous toutes ses formes.

  • Capacité à identifier les lacunes, les tendances, les priorités et les questions clés.

  • Aptitude à décrire les principaux aspects et problèmes de l'aide d'urgence, du développement et de la défense des droits.

  • Capacité à maintenir des liens solides avec les principales ONG, les donateurs et les agences gouvernementales.

  • Capacité à expliquer le travail de WV en relation avec les questions de pauvreté, de pouvoir, de justice et de paix.

  • Aptitude à respecter les personnes d'autres religions et à entretenir des relations appropriées avec elles.

  • Capacité à travailler de manière indépendante sous pression.

  • Connaissance des opérations de terrain de WV, que ce soit dans le contexte de l'aide d'urgence ou du développement.

  • Sensibilité interculturelle, vision flexible du monde, maturité émotionnelle

  • Capacité à gérer la vie professionnelle et le travail sans supervision

  • Capacité à travailler et à contribuer à un environnement de travail en équipe

  • Etre efficace dans la communication écrite et orale en anglais et en français. Espagnol (un plus)

Environnement de travail

Le poste exige la capacité et la volonté de voyager au niveau national et international jusqu'à 30 % du temps.

Facilitador de Desarrollo Integral

World Vision es una Confraternidad Internacional de cristianos cuya misión es seguir a nuestro Señor y Salvador Jesucristo trabajando con los pobres y oprimidos para promover la transformación humana, buscar la justicia y testificar las buenas nuevas del Reino de Dios. Servimos en República Dominicana desde 1989 y alrededor del mundo desde 1950.

Nuestra visión para cada niño y niña, vida en toda su plenitud; Nuestra oración para cada corazón, la voluntad para hacer esto posible.

Nuestros Valores

Somos cristianos | Estamos comprometidos con los pobres | Valoramos a las personas |

Somos mayordomos | Somos socios | Somos sensibles


Implementar los planes del programa en el sector geográfico asignado, mediante el establecimiento de relaciones colaborativas sólidas con socios locales, las familias, los niños y niñas a fin de generar impacto sostenible en el bienestar y tierna protección de las niñas, niños, adolescentes y jóvenes del área de influencia. Asegurar el cumplimiento de monitoreo de niños y niñas según los estándares e indicadores.


  • Presentar los factores de la vulnerabilidad y de bienestar infantil y entre los miembros y socios de la comunidad.

  • Contribuir a la integración de la comunidad a procesos de movilización a través de las Redes de Protección.

  • Facilitar la construcción de relaciones y alianzas entre los grupos existentes en la comunidad que contribuyan los bienestares de los niños, niñas, adolescentes, jóvenes, sus familias y comunidad.

  • Llevar a cabo junto al equipo del Programa el análisis de las relaciones sociales con el fin de entender las funciones de las diversas partes interesadas cumplan, dinámicas de poder, y para identificar potenciales socios locales y evaluar sus necesidades de capacitación.

  • Buscar activamente nuevos socios dentro y fuera de la comunidad, identificar cómo estos socios pueden trabajar juntos hacia prioridades compartidas para el bienestar de los niños, niñas, adolescentes y jóvenes (NNAJ).

  • Fortalecer las capacidades de los socios comunitarios y los voluntarios para lograr la implementación de herramientas de monitoreo y evaluación y medición de la efectividad de los proyectos para realizar un seguimiento de la entrega de los resultados conjuntos de manera eficaz y eficiente y para gestionar los planes de desarrollo enfocados en el bienestar de la niñez.

  • Apoyar la implementación de las actividades de los programas técnicos

  • Junto a la comunidad facilita el desarrollo de los criterios para la selección de niños y niñas del programa.

  • Desarrollar e implementar las actividades en asocio con los socios locales.

  • Coordinar el monitoreo sistemático de los niños y niñas del programa junto a socios locales y voluntarios individuales.

  • Dar seguimiento a las comunicaciones entre los patrocinadores y los niños y niñas patrocinados

  • Levantar las comunicaciones para los Patrocinadores durante actividades del programa.

  • Implementar actividades que desarrolle activos en los niños y niñas.


Área o Especialidad:

  • Nivel técnico o Licenciatura en Ciencias Sociales

Destrezas cnicas:

  • Dominio de las herramientas del paquete office,

  • Conocimiento del contexto del Programa.

  • Residente en la localidad de Montecristi.


  • Mínimo tres años de experiencia en proyectos de desarrollo comunitarios o en el sector ONGs.

  • Experiencia en relacionamiento con actores claves de las comunidades y del área de enfoque primario. (Organizaciones comunitarias, instituciones del estado, grupos organizados y ONGs y otras instituciones).

Conocimientos y Habilidades:

Aprendizaje y reflexión

  • Aplicar razonamiento crítico y la reflexión en su trabajo ordinario

  • Compromiso con el desarrollo y aprendizaje personal

  • Apoyo a la efectividad del equipo

  • Liderar reflexión y aprendizaje programático

Compromiso comunitario y asocio

  • Construir y mantener relaciones con partes interesadas

  • Facilitar procesos grupales abiertos y participativos

  • Facilitar compromiso de los/as niños y el enfoque en la niñez

  • Utilizar en enfoque de coaching para proveer apoyo

  • Construir relaciones para el bienestar de la niñez

Gestión de programas/proyectos

  • Planifica en función de lógica de intervención y teoría del cambio.

  • Aplica los principios básicos de la gestión del ciclo de proyectos

Diseño, Monitoreo y Evaluación (DME)

  • Asegura integración con el DME

  • Facilitar las evidencias para la sistematización de la información de los indicadores del programa.

  • Analiza data y utiliza el análisis para la toma de decisiones del programa

¿Cómo aplicar?

Los (as) interesados (as) deben seguir los pasos indicados por medio de la página de:

Incluyendo su Curriculum Vitae actualizado.


Enviando su CV a: [email protected]

¡¡Agradecemos su interés para poner sus talentos a favor de la niñez!!

Le invitamos a conocer más sobre lo que somos y hacemos, visita:

AP Superviseur (Plateau Central)


AP SUPERVISOR (2 positions)

(Plateau Central: 1 PZ Los Palis, 1 PZ Savane Haleine)



Le AP Supervisor est responsable de la performance du PZ. Il/elle coordonne la planification, l’exécution, le suivi et l’évaluation des activités du PZ en conformité avec la stratégie de World Vison Haïti et dans le respect des normes et procédures d’exécution de linstitution. Il/elle agira en tant que leader et dirigera les activités des différentes unités placées sous sa supervision pour contribuer àlatteinte des objectifs du programme.


Responsabilités Principales


- Assurer la conduite des activités dans le respect des normes techniques définis par le partenariat á savoir : le LEAP, les modèles de projet, le DPA, les approches de programme.

- Coordonner la préparation des plans détaillés annuels, la planification des activités clés du programme et leur exécution conformément au plan d’action, ITT, budget approuvé par le Bureau de support.

- Assurer la coordination et la synergie entre les composantes du Programme (parrainage, survie de l’enfant, apprentissage et croissance, mobilisation communautaire, projet spécial, etc.)


- Monitorer la bonne utilisation, la gestion saine et transparente des ressources afin de garantir l’atteinte des objectifs, la fiabilité et la qualité des rapports techniques et financiers selon les normes et principes de l’institution.

- Mettre en place un système de coordination, gestion et de supervision efficaces amenant à l’existence d’une équipe forte, efficace et efficiente.

- Assurer la mise en place et le respect par le personnel des procédures financières, administratives et logistiques.

- Garantir la mise en œuvre du système de gestion de la performance de World Vision dans le respect des normes, standards et calendriers établis.

- Participer activement au processus de recrutement et d’orientation du personnel du PZ

Mise en réseau et Plaidoyer

Assurer que les activités de plaidoyer conduites au niveau du PZ impactent la vie des plus vulnérables.

Développer et entretenir des partenariats stratégiques pour assurer une meilleure utilisation des ressources.

Monitorage évaluation rapportage

Assurer le bon fonctionnement d’un système de suivi et évaluation performant dans la collecte des données, le suivi régulier des informations, la documentation des résultats démontrant des effets et un impact significatif sur les plus vulnérables (selon la définition technique de WV).


Niveau universitaire (Licence) en sciences sociales, en gestion de projets, en Administration, en études du développement ou toutes autres études dans un domaine connexe

Minimum de 3 années d’expérience professionnelle dans le domaine de gestion de programme ou projets

Exrience en suivi et gestion des budgets.

Expérience de travail dans un environnement isolé et capacités à vivre en communauté

Bonne aptitude organisationnelle, de gestion et de planification; respect les échéanciers et est apte à gérer une grande charge de travail;

Grandes capacités de rédaction de rapport et de communication, en français, Anglais et Espagnol un atout

- Excellente capacité et connaissance dans la gestion et le développement des capacités du personnel.

- Bonne capacitéde gestion et de supervision de personnel

- Habileté à travailler en équipe et à agit à titre de coach et mentor pour les membres de son équipe.

- Excellente capacité àcommuniquer ainsi qu’àtisser et entretenir des relations.

- Excellentes capacités en informatique

-Capable d’évoluer dans un milieu multiculturel et de participer aux services de dévotion et de chapelle.

-Disposition à respecter les Politiques sur la Protection de l’Enfant, de Safeguarding et toutes autres Politiques et Procédures de la World Vision


Dans le Nord


Etre de la zone et/ou pouvoir y être basé sans problème


  • CV à jour

  • Lettre de motivation mentionnant la zone pour laquelle vous appliquez

  • Copie de diplômes et de certificat

  • Tout autre document pertinent pouvant supporter la candidature.

Seuls les candidats sélectionnés pour entrevue recevront un feedback.

EU-funded Project Manager

“Empowered and Active Youth for a more Democratic Armenia

Today and Tomorrow” Project Manager

“World Vision Armenia” Child Protection Foundation


Yerevan, Armenia


Fixed-term, Full-time


Project Manager will have overall responsibility for management of all project activities and staff. S/he will be responsible for technical leadership and administrative oversight of the Strategic Actions for Empowered and Active Youth for a more Democratic Armenia Today and Tomorrow (Today and Tomorrow) and will serve as the principal institutional liaison to the Support Office – WV Germany, donor, partners and local government entities.

Project Manager will manage a team of project staff and engagement with implementing partner (sub-grantees), other stakeholders, local authorities, and ensure quality, timeliness, and efficiency of all products and activities generated under the Today and Tomorrow Project funded by the EU. The Project Manager will report to the WVA CP Foundation Executive Director. The WVA CP Foundation received a grant funded from the EU and will act as a sub-grantee to WV Germany.

Project Manager is expected to have strong leadership qualities and depth and breadth of technical and management expertise.

Project Manager also provides strategic leadership and supervision of partners, consultants, service contractors while ensuring the security, feasibility, and sustainability of the project and contribution to Child wellbeing outcomes.

The project aims at improving national level youth policies by the activation and engagement of youth in decision making processes and public dialogue with state authorities. The project will be implemented in 5 marzes (7 municipalities) of Armenia (Lori - Vanadzor, Shirak – Gyumri, Amasia, Aragatsotn - Talin, Gegharkunik – Tchambarak, Vardenis and Yerevan). The project will work through 7 local partners/sub-grantees, namely: 6 youth NGOs established based on the SKYE clubs in the targeted regions and Jinishyan Memorial Foundation based in Yerevan.


  • Lead project implementation, ensuring that all strategic objectives are met through proper design, staffing, implementation and quality assurance,

  • Manage performance of direct reports based on agreed priorities and targets,

  • Duly conduct performance planning and evaluation of direct reports,

  • Establish and maintain effective project reporting, evaluation, and communication systems. Submit timely accurate and professional reports that meet donor requirements,

  • Manage project budget within approved spending levels and ensure accurate and timely financial reports to donors and SO staff. Ensure project expenses are reasonable, allocated as per assigned budget, prudent and spent in accordance with donor rules and regulations to ensure low risk audits,

  • Liaise with local government officials, local communities, donor representatives and other stakeholders as appropriate. Facilitate learning of best practices on projects technical areas and other donor organizations,

  • Establish clear and frequent communication regarding project progress and oversight management with the donor as well as the Support office,


  • Master's degree in related field or equivalent qualifications in grant management and a technical field in developing countries,

  • 5+ years of extensive international development experience in managing projects,

  • Proven ability to manage technical assistance teams,

  • Knowledge of and familiarity with international assistance program requirements, their policies and regulations,

  • Keen understanding of the unique political dynamics of the country and ability to work carefully and collaboratively to maintain productive relationships with the various government entities in Armenia,

  • Ability to integrate teams of professionals around common goals,

  • Demonstrated accomplishment in working with host-country professionals, ministries and with donor colleagues in country,

  • Strong presentation and report writing skills,

  • Experience in leading diverse teams,

  • Experience managing contracts under grants for complex projects,

  • Fluency in English, Armenian,

  • Experience in managing inter-agency consortiums is preferred.

Transformation Development Facilitator


To facilitate and maintain strong community relationships, participation and empowering processes as World Vision walks alongside children, families and communities in a journey of transformational development.

Major responsibilities

A. Building relationships within communities

1. Build close relationships and actively learn within partner communities, through home visits, staying overnight with host families, attending community social events, etc.

2. Build good relationships that communicate World Vision’s mission, values and identity to all appropriate stakeholders, including community groups, local authorities and other NGOs.

3. Actively network with other stakeholders, and facilitate the communities to network, for advocacy, resource mobilization and project implementation.

B. Building capacities

1. Facilitate formation and ongoing capacity building of new and existing community organizations for holistic sustainable development, including partnership with World Vision for project implementation where appropriate.

2. Train partner community groups on appropriate skills and self-assessment methods to build their capacity for management of local initiatives.

3. Actively participate as an ADP Team member in all areas, including feedback, reflection and learning.

C. Learning within community

1. Facilitate the community to define monitoring process and indicators for mutual learning and accountability with WVC in project implementation and capacity building.

2. Facilitate community (including children and the marginalized) to participate in the gathering of, reflection upon and learning from local information.

3. Participate in and support the implementation of TDI measurement and program/project evaluation and facilitate community learning from results.

4. Promote communities to share and learn from their own experiences as part of confidence and capacity building.

D. Planning and implementation with community

1. Actively support the ADP Manager in assessment and design processes and collaborate with Project Coordinators and ADP Sponsorship Team in project planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting processes relevant to assigned area, that support TD and are aligned with LEAP

2. Ensure that gender analysis, Christian commitment, and child protection are mainstreamed within WV initiatives in their assigned communities.

3. Raise awareness and facilitate critical analysis of community issues and opportunities.

4. Facilitate visioning and planning processes with community people and within community based groups.

5. Mobilize local resources, community planning, participation and ownership for development initiatives.

6. Other responsibilities as reasonably assigned by ADP Manager.

7. Carry out other tasks as requested by organization.


  • At least one year experience in working with the rural community

  • At least high school qualification

  • Must know how to drive and have a license to drive motorcycle

  • Must understand and agree with WV’s vision, mission and Core Values

  • Must be willing to work and stay overnight at the target village areas

  • Must be willing to work within a team

  • Must be willing to learn new things

Travel and/or Work Environment: Expected to travel 80% of the time in the target village areas

Interested candidates are invited to submit a COVER LETTER and CV to the address below. Please indicate the POSITION TITLE. Deadline for application is 24 February 2021, however applicants are encouraged to apply early as applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and the position will close early if a suitable candidate is found.

Women are strongly encouraged to apply.

Mail: People and Culture Department

P.O. Box 312 Vientiane 01005

Email: [email protected]


Grants Acquisition and Management Program Officer


As part of the WV East Africa Region family, the position holder promotes World Vision's Christian values through its work in teams and with people from various backgrounds.

In addition this role provides administrative support to Regional Resource Development Unit, Regional Advocacy and Campaigns Unit and Regional Communications Unit.

For assigned Regional post, the Resource and Development Officer (RDO) will provide program development, grant management, and resource acquisition with high standards of appropriateness, timeliness, and effectiveness. The position will complete the aforementioned tasks in both the Resource Development Unit and Integrated Programs & Strategy (IP&S).

The RDO serves as the partner/donor external engagement focal point in the region by serving as the lead Proposal Pro facilitator, tracks and assesses external engagement by East Africa Regional Office (EARO) and National Offices (NO) staff, and develops external engagement material in coordination with Communications Department and IP&S. The RDO will manage and track all risk assessment for grant approvals above US$1 million, track all funding opportunities and ensure that Go/No Go decision are clearly documented. The RDO will lead in collecting and disseminating Best Practices and Lessons Learned in grant management and resource acquisition. The RDO will chair the Annual EAR (Grants Acquisition and Management (GAM) Hub Meeting by surveying priorities from staff of National Offices, Regional Offices, and Global Center, assessing the results, and identifying key staff throughout the World Vision partnership to address the various issues.

The RDO will provide specified support to Integrated Programs and Strategy by serving as a liaison between GAM and Technical Advisors to ensure the shared initiatives of both departments are harmonized to advance acquisition and management targets.

As part of the WV EAR family, the position holder promotes World Vision's Christian values through its work in teams and with people from various backgrounds.


25% Resource Acquisition and Grant Management

  • Manage and track all funding opportunities shared with NOs by RO, SO, GC and donors and ensure this is part of the donor landscape analysis for the Region

  • Manage and update the Donor/Partner Engagement Plan by Technical Advisors and GAM Unit

  • Track and monitor external engagement in EAR and disseminate to NO, RO, and SO staff to ensure strong donor/partner relations and strategy alignment and increased resources

  • In collaboration with Technical Advisors and Communications Department, maintain up-to-date capacity statements for external stakeholders that can be presented at short notice.

  • Coordinate with EAR Grant Finance to support in effective and reliable monitoring and management of development, emergency and rehabilitative programs.

  • Review and provide support to proposal development in the region and the National Offices.

20% Capacity Building Facilitator and Coordinator

  • Enroll selected NO staff to the Proposal Pro online Training and produce NO staff status and performance reports by tracking Proposal Pro module completion

  • Plan, Coordinate & Facilitate Proposal Pro face to face workshop in NOs that have completed the online modules

  • Follow up on a quarterly basis using the blended learning approach and ensure that NO Proposal Pro participants are utilizing the training skills in developing proposals, donor engagement and budgeting and ensure certification of participants after writing the required number of proposals.

  • Identify gaps in the NOs and any Grant related training needs that they may have through constant communication with the GAM Leads and identify experts to address the needs NOs require

20% Risk Mitigation and Risk Assessment

  • Review the risk assessment for grant approval forms submitted by NOs to ensure risks are well articulated, staff qualifications and experience are well document, mitigation strategies are clearly outlined, risks are correctly ranked as low, medium, high and ensure RO sign off by RDU, relevant LC, Regional Finance, Regional Leader and Global Field Operations

  • Ensure that all risk assessment for grant approval above US$1 million are reviewed and signed by RO and Global Field Operations

  • Manage and track all No-Go decision that are taken by NO & RO and produce a trend analysis on a quarterly basis showing value of opportunities not pursued by each NO, donors, and the reasons for the no-go decision. Share this information with NOs to ensure that they conduct post no-go reviews to inform their future go/no-go for similar opportunities.

  • Conduct a quarterly analysis against the RAF’s submitted and produce a report

15% Administrative Responsibilities

Administrative support to Regional Communications, Resource Development, Advocacy and campaigns Directors

  • Coordinate and plan for team meetings and conferences (f2f and online);

  • Support team members to make travel arrangements;

  • Coordinate and plan for Webex meetings for the departments as they arise;

  • Coordinate and consolidate the team inputs for monthly and quarterly reports

10% EAR GAM Hub Coordinator

  • Survey NOs, RO, and SOs to attain their priorities, assess the results, identify key experts throughout the partnership to address their concerns, and coordinate development of the agenda

  • Coordinate logistics and accommodation of local and international attendees the Come up with the Agenda for the meeting in collaboration with the RDU Team

  • Develop a GAM HUB Report and Action Plan to disseminate to all stakeholders

5% EAR GAM Databases

  • Manage EAR Regional GAM database on WV Central and ensure information is updated on a quarterly basis.

  • Regularly inform NO GAM Teams regarding new information and circulate the relevant link on a regular basis for easy access and reference for NO staff

  • Collect key best practices related to GAM process from National Office and ensure that there are posted into the database and shared during the GAM Hub meetings.

  • Circulate best practice information and documents from Global GAM CoP to NOs & SOs for institutional learning as part of the GAM Hub

5% Others

  • Carry out additional responsibilities as assigned by the Regional Resource Development Director

  • Attend and participate in devotional meetings.


Minimum education, training and experience requirements to qualify for the position:

  1. Educational level required: Bachelor Degree.

  2. Experience in establishing and managing a database or capable of managing a database.

  3. Experience in working with, coordinating and supporting National Offices.

  4. Excellent English languages skills; written and verbal.

  5. Demonstrated writing skills and working with excel spreadsheets.

  6. Innovative and the ability to think outside of the box.

  7. Team player; the ability to work as part of a diverse team to achieve the overall goal.

Other essential qualifications

  1. Must be a committed Christian, able to stand above denominational diversities.

  2. Demonstrates well-developed interpersonal skills, excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, as well as negotiation skills

  3. Attend and participate/lead in daily devotions and weekly Chapel services.

  4. Must adhere to set security standards

  5. Ensure a gender perspective in the scope of work

  6. Culturally sensitive in professional and personal life

Work Environment

  • Work environment: Nairobi. Office-based with frequent travel to National offices and support offices

  • Travel: minimum of 35% International travel is required for Proposal Pro face-to-face training for NOs

The Position closes on 2nd March 2021

Manager du Projet - IRAM


World Vision Mali recrute pour la position suivante (1)

Titre : Integrated Research on Acute Malnutrition (IRAM) Project Manager

Localité : Koutiala

Type de Contrat : Local

Rapporte à : Senior Grants Manager

NB : World Vision ne demande jamais de paiement à aucune étape du recrutement ni par transfert ni directement en espèces.

*Les candidatures féminines sont fortement encouragées.

Finalité de la position :

Le projet IRAM a été initié par les bureaux UNICEF (Siège, Bureau régional) et IFPRI pour être exécuté au Mali.

WV Mali assurera la mise en œuvre des activités de prévention et prise en charge nutritionnelle dans le district sanitaire de Koutiala, en respectant les délais et avec précision (Integrated research on acute malnutrition). Cela se fera conformément aux standards et approches définis dans le document tout en apportant des appuis-conseils et un soutien technique.

La tâche principale sera de piloter la bonne mise en œuvre du projet. Le/la Project Manager est chargé (e) de la mise en œuvre, de la planification, et le suivi de mise en œuvre des activités, la gestion des équipes du projet et s’assurera que toutes les activités soient en alignement.

Responsibilités majeures:

Au plan Strategies

Contribuer à la prévention et la prise en charge de la malnutrition des enfants et des femmes dans les zones de WV Mali en proposant des orientations stratégiques face aux questions liées au contexte local.

Contribuer au développement du projet IRAM en se focalisant sur la stratégie de mise en œuvre dans les zones de couverture de WV Mali.

Assurer l’intégration (dans les zones d’intervention) des activités de nutrition avec les autres secteurs d’intervention de WV et auprès des autres acteurs.

Représenter WV auprès des parties prenantes (UNICEF, IFPRI, services de l’état et autres) du projet IRAM et dans les autres cadres de concertation et assurer la bonne collaboration.

Travailler étroitement avec les collègues des programmes dont les spécialistes nutrition et autres pour l’atteinte des objectifs du programme technique Nutrition.

Gestion managériale du projet

Assurer la planification, le suivi et l’évaluation des activités du projet y compris la qualité de la mise en œuvre, la planification et le suivi des dépenses, ainsi que le rapportage au bailleur.

S’assurer que les outils de gestion MEAL du projet (DIP, Plan de Travail, ITT etc.) sont à jour et que les recommandations issues des réunions de suivi des projets sont documentés et mise en œuvre.

Assurer la documentation des leçons apprises et études de cas dans la mise en œuvre des activités du projet et contribuer à l’apprentissage avec et pour les autres projets.

Assurer les planifications financières (y compris les prévisions budgétaires) et le suivi des dépenses mensuelles du projet et travailler étroitement avec le personnel des finances pour contrôler les dépenses.

Participer activement aux supervisions conjointes des activités de nutrition avec les cadres de la région et du district sanitaire; aux réunions de plaidoyer et de coordinations des activités du projet  et appuyer la collecte des données en collaboration avec le charger de M&E et IFPRI.

Rédiger à temps les rapports périodiques de l’avancement des activités (Mensuel, Trimestre et Annuel)

S’assurer, grâce à des réunions internes régulières et à des contrôles trimestriels formels, que les activités du projet se déroulent normalement et que les dépenses (à travers un suivi budgétaire régulier) ne dépassent pas le cadre prévu

Participer aux actions de plaidoyer (au niveau régional et national) visant à promouvoir l’amélioration du statut nutritionnel des enfants dans les communautés

Gestiondu staff

Assurer le coaching des staffs du projet ainsi que des structures communautaires mises en place pour accompagner la continuité des activités de promotion de nutrition des enfants au sein de la communauté.

Assurer la formation, l’évaluation technique du staff sous sa supervision et le suivi des CSCOM, Relais communautaires, ASC, GSAN, chefs de village, membres des ONG locales…).

Collaboration et partenariat et autres

Travailler en étroite collaboration avec parties prenantes pertinentes dont UNICEF, IFPRI, et lesstructures déconcentrées de l’Etat à tous les niveaux ainsi que les structures à base communautaires pertinentes, et participer autres réunions de coordination sectorielle de nutrition d’urgence.

S’assurer de la synergie entre le projet IRAM et les autres activités locales conduites par WV et veiller à la bonne collaboration avec les autres organisations et partenaires dans la zone d’intervention.

Autres responsabilités :

  • Faire les demandes mensuelles d’avance opérationnelles en collaboration avec le staff sous sa supervision ;

  • Soumettre des demandes d’achat de matériels et autres supports pour la mise en œuvre des activités du projet dans le system PROVISION et ou à l’UNICEF ;

  • Effectuer des visites de contrôle de la mise en œuvre des activités du projet conformément au plan d’activités et au protocole de recherche ;

  • Appuyer le renforcement des capacités des superviseurs nutrition et animateurs communautaires en matière de prise en charge nutritionnelle ;

  • Appuyer et assister le staff sous sa supervision dans l’élaboration et la soumission de leurs LDR mensuels ;

  • Préparer et participer aux visites terrains des partenaires et/ou équipes de communication de WV ;

  • Veiller au respect des consignes de sécurité de WV ;

  • S’assurer du respect des règles de la politique de sauvegarde et de protection de l’enfant.

Qualifications : Formation/Connaissances/Connaissances Techniques et Expériences

Les éléments suivants sont exigés à travers une combinaison de formation formelle, auto-formation, expériences, etc.

Qualification minimum exigée :

Bac + 4 Sciences en sante publique, médecine ou disciplines connexes avecde solides compétences en nutrition communautaire

Expérience :

  • Expérience avérée en gestion (technique et financière) des projets surtout dans le domainede la nutrition

  • Expérience d’au moins 5 ans dans une ONG Internationale dont 3 ans d’expérience de gestion de projet

  • Expérience dans la nutrition et prise en charge des cas de malnutrition dans la communauté

Compétences Techniques :

  • Une compréhension et une expérience de travail avec le partenariat de WVI.

  • Doit être un collaborateur et un bâtisseur d’équipe engagé au transfert de la connaissance.

  • Est capable de faire la promotion d’un environnement sain de travail pour lui-même et pour les autres par laquelle un équilibre est maintenu entre le travail et la recréation/la famille.

  • Avoir démontré une connaissance et une sensibilité bien développées dynamiques transculturelles.

  • Avoir une bonne connaissance et une expérience confirmée sur la problématique de la nutrition dans la zone

  • Compétences et expériences dans le processus de budgétisation, planification et la gestion financière des projets

  • Bonne capacité de collaboration avec les partenaires, parties prenantes ainsi que les autorités locales

  • Bonne maitrise de l’anglais et du français

  • Expérience en mobilisation communautaire, gouvernance locale et le plaidoyer

  • Capacité dans le renforcement des capacités et le coaching

  • Une expérience dans la mise en œuvre d’un financement de UNICEF sera un atout

  • Une bonne connaissance des zones d’intervention du projet en plus d’une bonne maitrise des langues locales

  • Bonne connaissance de l’outil informatique (Word – Excel – Outlook - Power point – Internet)

  • Excellente capacité rédactionnelle ; expérience avérée en communication et suivi des projets


Autres compétences et aptitudes

  • Capacité àtravailler efficacement sous pression.

  • Une intendance responsable des ressources et des biens.

  • Capacité de réfléchir d’une manière stratégique dans plusieurs domaines.

  • Capacité àbien travailler en équipe et de renforcer et promouvoir la cohésion d’équipe.

  • Bonne compétence en communication, verbale et écrite, aussi bien que des compétences administratives et en négociation.

  • Sensible aux problèmes affectant les enfants et prêt à promouvoir la Politique de sauvegarde des Enfants

Attitudes et comportements :

World Vision se réserve le droit de disqualifier un candidat qui a des antécédents relatifs àla violence faite aux enfants ou aux comportements opposés àla protection de l'enfance, et ce même après l'embauche.

Comment postuler : veuillez aller sur le site Web suivant :

*Délai de soumission des candidatures : 1er Mars 2021

*Seuls les candidats présélectionnés seront contactés.

Tchambarak Area Program Coordinator

Tchambarak Area Program Coordinator

“World Vision International”, Armenian branch

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian and development organization working to create lasting change in the lives. Established in 1950, World Vision operates in nearly 100 countries worldwide. It is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities, to overcome poverty and injustice. We pursue life in all its fullness for every child and serve all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.

WV Armenia operates mainly through its 10-15 years long-term Area Programs (AP) that are predominantly funded through child sponsorship. APs are focused on promoting child well-being through community participation and ownership.


Tchambarak, Gegharkunik marz


Fixed-term, full-time


Provide overall management and oversight to the implementation of AP activities in the targeted communities in accordance with WV Armenia strategy, transition plan, policies and standards.

Coordinate and manage the implementation of Technical Program and projects in the Area Program (AP), build partnering relationship with Area Program state, and non-state bodies, work closely with all relevant stakeholders and community members locally, and carry out day-to-day coordination and implementation of respective Technical Program interventions and activities, including supervision and monitoring of efforts of assigned program support staff and service contractors for accomplishing program deliverables in compliance with the Technical Program log-frames, work-plans and budgets. Lead the area transition processes in Area Program based on the transition plan. Supervise the work of the AP Program and Support staff.


Program Implementation

  • Implement Technical Program based on Detailed Implementation Plan and budget jointly with other staff members of Area Program, ensuring timeliness, efficiency and good quality of work,

  • Ensure spending of the project budget within approved spending levels, ensure accurate and timely budget spending,

  • Coordinate the work of Daycare Center/ After school project, ensure effective operation of the Center with targeted number of children. Establish new self-sustainable services. Ensure new funding streams,

  • Develop Donation Agreements and Terms of Reference for service providers/ contractors, supervise and monitor delivery and quality of provided service by working closely with procurement unit,

  • Ensure the quality monitoring of all training/ capacity building events within the scope of the Program according to the quality standards,

  • Ensure state contracting, grant and other non-sponsorship funding projects high quality implementation and integration into overall program,

  • Ensure transition of good practices to other marzes through participation in different meetings, exchange visits and reflection sessions,

  • Coordinate the process of testing/ piloting new models if needed jointly with Technical Program managers,

  • Manage the establishment of social entrepreneurship project as a part of sustainability plan.

Networking with partners on local level

  • Ensure networking and partnering strong relationship with potential partners of local and marz level based on the WVA strategic outcomes,

  • Establish close and trustful relationship with stakeholders and community members. Ensure effective communication and guidance on respective Program strategic priorities including transition processes on local and marz level,

  • Raise the profile of WV Armenia Strategic and Transition Priorities to advocate the issues on local and marz level,

  • Develop new partnership with state bodies and non-state actors (INGOS, NGOs, Businesses) to ensure Daycare Centre/ Afterschool project sustainability.

Staff supervision, Learning & Development

  • Provide operational management and guidance to AP staff,

  • Identify AP staff performance objectives, understand the capacity building needs of subordinate. Develop capacity assessment and capacity building plan jointly with Technical Program Manager,

  • Design and conduct capacity building actions for AP staff, stakeholders and beneficiaries as required to ensure quality implementation of Technical Program,

  • Document and share personal and programmatic insights and learning with others to support individual and team learning about the program and local context,

  • Coordinate AP volunteer engagement with AP assigned party.

Performance quality and reporting

  • Carry out effective operational monthly and quarterly planning of subordinate, with clear role/ task distribution for him/ herself and assigned program support staff. Meet all indicators on time,

  • Provide monthly reports (in required templates) on performance of assigned Detailed Implementation Plan components, in compliance with Monitoring & Evaluation standard procedures,

  • Ensure proper communication exchange between Technical Program Managers, Area Program Transition and Development Manager, Grant managers and other WVA internal stakeholders,

  • Manage performance of direct reports based on agreed priorities and targets,

  • Duly conduct performance planning and evaluation of the direct reports, including social workers, community mobilizers, and other AP staff.


  • Higher education in relevant discipline (e.g. development studies, human rights or related social science),

  • Three years’ working experience in humanitarian industry and community development,

  • Good computer skills including Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point,

  • Good knowledge of English and Russian languages,

  • Understanding and analysis of the Child Protection, Education and Social sectors in Armenia,

  • Proven ability in coordination of integrated programs/project interventions, strong presentation skills, speaking and writing,

  • Confidence and ability to deal effectively and diplomatically with senior management in partner organizations and marz/ local government officials,

  • Ability and willingness to learn new things and support new initiatives,

  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and work under pressure, efficient task prioritization and time management,

  • Good relationships/ networking with the actors of child protection, social and education sectors,

  • Ability to establish and maintain relationships with the community,

  • Ability to use reflective practice and promote its use for learning,

  • Strategic, creative, and innovative thinking,

  • Understanding of community mobilization and empowerment principles and approaches,

  • Experience in working with the most vulnerable children and their families,

  • Experience of communicating with Government, Non-Government, organizations,

  • Driving license is an advantage.

Operations Manager


The purpose of the position is to provide strategic leadership and management to all aspects of World Vision Afghanistan (WVA) Zonal offices operations including grants, humanitarian emergency programmes, ensuring that the ministry achieves optimum impact on child well-being.

As an SMT member in WVA, the Operations Manager is responsible:

  • To foster an enabling environment in Zonal offices to ensure the successful implementation of on-time, efficient, effective, quality programmes that enable WVA to achieve World Vision’s strategic objectives.

  • To ensure that WVA is accountable to all partners and that all work is of the highest standard, cost effective and adheres to standards and policies of World Vision International.

  • To ensure quality standards, security procedures, risk management, safeguarding, and compliance in Zonal Office operations is followed and used by Zonal office staff in the communities with which WVA operates.


Ensure Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • Oversight: Provide strategic and operational oversight of the Zonal office programme portfolio, ensuring mechanisms and tools are in place for effective/accountable implementation of projects (end on time, on target, and within budget) across all funding types.

  • Implementation: Develop a culture of excellence with regards to the planning and implementation of projects, including periodic and targeted reviews of challenging projects to ensure completion and optimum expenditure rates.

  • Coordination: Spearhead coordination between teams with Operations (such as Zonal Managers/Senior Zonal Managers, technical sector leads, MEAL) as well as with support functions to promote information sharing, joint planning, and problem solving.

  • Quality and Rigor: Ensure effective support mechanisms are in place to facilitate quality programmes with technical rigor in child welfare and protection, livelihood, WASH, education in accordance with World Vision’s project models and donor requirements.

  • Inclusion & Vulnerability: Ensure effective support mechanisms are in place to enable programmes to identify, include, and benefit the most vulnerable children, and report their impact on these children.

  • Empowerment: Foster a culture of trust and mutual respect with the aim of empowering staff to take on more responsibility and to grow field staff’s contribution to addressing challenging context issues.

Foster Operational and Programmatic Planning, Reporting and Technical Quality

  • Planning: Ensure there are clear annual operation plans for each Zonal Office programmes and operations based on WVA strategy and operational plan. Facilitate and be accountable for the execution and monitoring of annual operation plans in alignment with WVA donor requirements.

  • Learning & Accountability: Ensure all programs comply with World Vision’s Learning with Accountability & Planning (LEAP) standards. Activities to support this include procuring human resources, funding, training, and one-on-one coaching to ensure strong compliance and best practice.

  • Technical Excellence: Ensure Operations provides technical excellence across all programmes by ensuring clear roles and responsibilities as well as collaboration and constructive behaviour between zonal office staff, and technical sector leads.

  • Technical Roles & Responsibilities: Ensure roles and responsibilities for technical planning, accountability and rigor are clear across zonal staff and technical sector leads, and in alignment with theory of change based programming and World Vision’s project models as well as responsive to evidence.

  • Integration and Community Engagement: Champion integration across technical areas as well as transformational development through WVA integrated programme approach, which guides community engagement in the unique context of the isolated areas and its protracted crisis.

  • Adaptive Management: Develop and implement effective systems for strategic and adaptive management, ensuring operational plans are in place and programs are able to make necessary adjustments to plans and budgets during implementation, in the interest of continuous improvement.

  • Sustainability: Ensure program plans include clear strategies to strengthen the sustainability of outcomes.

  • Reporting: Ensure all reports are high quality, developed in coordination with Program, and submitted on time to donors and support offices through relevant systems.

  • Safeguarding: Ensure Safeguarding standards are championed and upheld throughout operations in Zonal offices.

Foster Risk and Compliance Culture

  • Support the Integrated Ministry Director by serving in a lead role for business continuity through an integrated risk management approach, including security, financial, operational and reputation risks by developing contingency plans and scenarios for smooth operations in each Zonal Office.

  • Ensure all organisational policies, procedures, and compliance regulations are in place, understood, and followed by Zonal office staff.

  • Ensure awareness of donor requirements, including the timely preparation and submission of quality narrative and financial reports for grant projects implemented through each Zonal office.

  • Ensure that audit reports are responded to and recommendations implemented within approved / agreed timeframes.

  • Cultivate an atmosphere of good stewardship, accountable ministry, and diligent compliance with internal and donor processes

  • Cultivate an atmosphere of trust for the creation and delivery of high quality, effective, and accountable programming with healthy burn rates.

People Management and Capacity Building

  • Promote high team morale, especially within highly stressful fragile contexts and environments.

  • Ensure quality staff are attracted, retained, and developed to effectively work within a fragile context.

  • Ensure there are clear and deliberate retention plans specific individual staff members and succession plans in place for Senior Zonal/Zonal Managers.

  • Effectively line manage and coach Senior Zonal/Zonal Managers and other direct reports, ensuring a shared vision, teamwork, effective communication, and active engagement in decision making and management approaches, as well as ensuring staff care measures are in place and followed.

  • Champion performance management mechanisms, ensuring full participation and quality results to promote staff engagement and a culture of excellence. Address performance or behavioural issues when they arise.

  • Promote Operations as ‘One Team’.

  • Cultivate an atmosphere of staff empowerment and motivation leading to active participation in programme initiatives, lead by example, and actively engage with all staff.

Ensure Safe and Secure Working Environment

  • Ensure security and risk mitigation measures are in place and in use in coordination with WVA Security and Access Manager for each Zonal office.

  • Ensure adherence to Core Security Requirements in Zonal offices.

  • Lead the timely implementation of security recommendations.

  • Promote a culture of security awareness and risk reduction in Zonal Offices.


  • Required Professional Experience:

  • 5 years + experience in a combination of emergency response, development programming, and/or fragile contexts.

  • Proven ability to manage a large and diverse programme portfolio with multiple donors.

  • Familiarity with EU, USAID/OFDA, DFID, WFP, UNICEF and other grant compliance and procedures.

  • Must possess experience in staff security, safety management, and staff care within a complex, insecure, and fragile environment.

Required Education

  • Bachelor’s degree in a field related to business administration, public health, economics, rural development, or similar.

Preferred Knowledge

  • Ability to be agile and possesses strong decision-making skills.

  • Possesses strong problem-solving skills and is a proactive problem solver who is able to unravel and solve multiple complex challenges in an agile and efficient manner.

  • Strong ability to work with various partners, local authorities to develop and maintain positive external relationships.

  • High emotional intelligence.

  • Strong organizational, management and negotiation skills.

  • Demonstrates well-developed interpersonal skills

  • Must possess sound people management skills.

  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, with computer proficiency

  • Ensures gender diversity and social inclusion perspective in the scope of work

Travel and/or Work Environment Requirement

  • Accessibility to operation areas in each Zonal Office.

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically 40% and internationally 10% of the time.

Language Requirements

  • English and Dari/Pashto