Partenariat par la foi

La foi chrétienne fait partie intégrante de la réponse de Vision Mondiale aux enfants pauvres, opprimés et vulnérables. Nous cherchons à célébrer notre foi chrétienne de manière divers, unie et joyeuse, tout en établissant des relations de respect mutuel, de compréhension et d’inspiration parmi le personnel de différentes églises, confessions et opinions. Votre vision notre vision?

Partnership Leader – Strategy Realisation & Innovation

*Preferred Location: United Kingdom. Position location to be determined by home country of successful candidate within a jurisdiction (country or US State) where WVI is registered to operate.


This position will provide leadership and act as a key focal point for the World Vision’s global strategy ‘Our Promise’ building on the progress from Phase One and equipping the Partnership to realise benefits at scale through Phase Two and beyond, maximising impact for the world’s most vulnerable girls and boys. The Partnership Leader for Strategy Realisation will lead the global Strategy Realisation Office (SRO), provide direct support to the World Vision International President and CEO, and facilitate the network of strategy professionals within entities across the Partnership.

This position, in collaboration with others will:

  • Support the WVI President and CEO to ensure the organisation is focused on the fewest, highest value opportunities to realise ‘Our Promise’ to vulnerable children.

  • Support the Executive Leadership team and critical Partnership Forums (such as the Strategy Realisation Steering Committee SRSC and the Partnership Resource Allocation Committee PRAC) to ensure strategic focus, operational excellence, diversity of voice and high quality decision making.

  • Ensure the application of a consistent model for strategy implementation, appropriate high level content/focus, and the coordination of all entities efforts to both.

  • Oversee the Partnership Planning Cycle through direct support of the PRAC and oversight of the resource allocation framework and related processes.

  • Take on internal consulting assignments to meet the needs of Partnership entities in refining strategy, supporting critical business analysis, business planning, organisational strategy and their processes in collaboration with the Partnership senior leadership.

This position will lead the scanning and engaging on external trends considering the implications and scenarios to World Vision, and formulating actions and changes to the Partnership strategy accordingly.


Support to the WVI President & CEO:

  • Provide strategic support and advice of key issues affecting the Partnership. Support preparations for WVI Board as requested. Ensure effective operation of the Executive Leadership Team, and the Strategy Realisation Steering Committee. Prioritise agenda topics and ensure high quality pre-work is completed to enable quality decision making. Working with relevant EXL members, ensure the President’s external engagements reflect Partnership priorities in support of Our Promise.

Overall Accountabilities:

  • Integrating, facilitating, and realising the strategic initiative portfolio, proactively working with sponsors and initiative leads to manage interdependency of scope and delivery of initiative realisation, and proactively leading collaboration and communication across the strategic portfolio.

Key Responsibilities & Deliverables:

  • Ensure that each strategic initiative has a well-documented project plan designed to achieve both installation and realisation goals.

  • Establishes effective governance processes that actively engage relevant sponsors in oversight and decision-making.

  • Measures progress and tracks risks against installation and realisation goals across the portfolio of initiatives.

  • Proactively identifies potential issues or conflicts among the initiatives as well as opportunities to leverage resources or activities across initiatives.

  • Delivers value-adding status reports (dashboards) to the Steering Committee that provide clear visibility on progress and early elevation of issues and risks.

  • Ensures that implementation decisions for each initiative are in line with the Our Promise strategic intent, and escalates issues appropriately when required.

  • Monitors the tension between burden or stress placed upon the organisation and the organisation’s capacity to absorb and adapt.

  • Coordinate strategic dialogue across Partnership forums such as the SRSC, the PRAC, RDLC the MIC and Global Leadership Summit to ensure we maximise the value of each forum and engage multiple perspectives in critical decisions and accelerate progress towards Our Promise.

  • In addition to providing day to day leadership and direction to the initiative leaders for each of the Strategic Initiatives, the SRO Leader is responsible for providing leadership to the team of functional specialists in the areas of program/project management, communications, change management and financial measurement and control.

Strategy Alignment & Adoption:

  • The Partnership Leader draws the attention of leadership to the impact of issues and decisions on strategic intent. The strategic planning process provides a mechanism to ensure that the organisation moves forward in a consistent direction. The Partnership Leader must ensure we continue to align resources and processes in service of the most vulnerable –clarifying operating plans and guidance for every business unit and function, ensuring that all employees understand the details of the strategic plan and how their work connects to corporate goals. This is crucial for building the federation necessary to enact change.

Accelerate Progress in Leveraging Digital Approaches to Transform the Partnership:

  • Ensuring that the Our Promise agenda includes best practice approaches to harness digital in the field, across Support Offices and at Partnership level to simplify operations, better engage supporters and to increase the impact of our work with vulnerable children.

  • Ensure Capacity of Organisation to Think and Work Strategically, Collaboratively & Innovatively: The SRO continues to develop capacity within the organisation to think and work strategically, collaboratively and innovatively in a consistent and effective manner. This capacity is built across the Partnership using a strong and well-functioning Partnership strategy, collaboration and innovation, and continuous improvement networks.

  • Improving ministry impact through continuous improvement and innovation in core products and process innovation, as well as support Global Marketing and Communication’s efforts to accelerate field based resource development via fund-raising, partnering and further diversification of the donor base. Enabling improved business process optimisation through more intentional collaboration and use of technology.

Support to the Partnership Planning Cycle:

  • Our strategy process emphasises dialogue involving knowledge sharing and consensus building. This supports our widely diversified federal Partnership both from governance and a resourcing perspective. This dialogue of alignment, for all entities, is facilitated through the Partnership Resource Allocation Committee’s (PRAC) oversight of the Partnership Planning Cycle. The Partnership Leader ensure that the committee is appropriately staffed and focused on critical topics required for strategy realisation, resolving issues and escalating misalignment to the ExL/SRSC as required.

  • This position will have oversight of the resource allocation framework and associated methodology to ensure resources are prioritised where there is greatest need.

Oversight of the Corporate Due Diligence Process:

  • The position will oversee the corporate engagement protocols in collaboration with Global Marketing and Communications. Responsible for providing advice and guidance that mitigates reputational issues associated with corporate partnerships and broker effective dialogue between Field and Support Offices involved.



  • Master’s degree preferred in economics, business administration, public administration/management, international development or related field experience.

  • Extensive international experiences (minimum of 10 years) and comfort in working across cultures and within complex organisational structures.

  • Demonstrated breadth of business and organisation development experience and facilitation of processes.

  • Proven ability and successful track record in seeing the “big picture” in complex situations by linking information or applying theoretical frameworks, by taking a systems view, or by considering an abstract, innovative, broader or longer-term perspective.

  • Ability to perform strategic business planning including settling organisational objectives, overseeing competitive analysis, strategy implementation communication and opportunity/innovation recognition.

  • Experience working in a matrix environment highly desirable.

  • Apprenticeship in strategy development within World Vision and/or assigned roles in other international organisations or strategy consulting firms.

  • Strength in building effective work relationships with both local and dispersed colleagues, and manage and lead horizontally across the organisaiton.

Work Environment:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 40% of the time.