Soutenir notre vision

Que vous travailliez de chez vous, dans un bureau ou avec des enfants et des membres de la communauté, nous célébrons et embrassons les talents et les antécédents divers de chaque membre du personnel. Votre vision, notre vision?

People & Culture (HR) Director, WV Vietnam

*Please submit your CV in English.


  • To provide overall leadership to all People & Culture (P&C) and Organizational Development functions and support the strategic direction of World Vision Vietnam.

  • To make the organization ready to undertake continuous improvement in quality and effectiveness of its people management strategies;

  • To ensure that all WVI People and Culture standards are complied.


Strategic and Leadership Support:

  • Strategic, viable inputs and technical advice to National Director (ND) and Senior Leadership Team (SLT) during organizational planning and assessment, leadership development initiatives are provided to support the execution of the Field Office Strategy and business plans in the alignment with Our Promise phase II.

  • Appropriate actions are taken to ensure that WVI Partnership P&C standards and other related P&C Partnership initiatives are followed in the field.

  • P&C metrics monitored and reported for efficiency on talent acquisition, development, retention, performance management, employee engagement and organizational leadership – reflecting high standards of organisational performance.

  • Leadership development needs addressed.

  • Evidence of mindset and behaviours among staff transformed to realise Our Promise. Culture of agility and innovation is strengthened.

  • Relevant and viable polices and guidelines are recommended to formulate organizational policies that lead to better organizational and departmental performance. In consultation with the ND ensure the ongoing evolution of HR policies, procedures and systems appropriate to the working needs of the organization, consistent to WVI Partnership P&C standards, and the local legal context. Risks pertaining to P&C area are minimized.

  • PnC &OD short term and long-term directions that are aligned with the organization’s strategic direction, and support the NO business plans are developed and well implemented.

Developing a strategic and professional People & Culture Team:

  • The People & Culture team has the required capacity, capability, systems, processes, policies and guidelines to drive transformation of mindsets and behaviours to deliver the national strategy and contributing to realization of Our Promise.

  • Professionalism and accountability in delivering services to staff and leaders are ensured.

  • Having a lean and effective PnC team which is able to support both Area Programs and Grants as well as is able to support NO Strategic direction.

  • Overall leadership and technical support as well as regular coaching and mentoring is provided to the PnC team members to support their professional growth and development. Second liners for PnC leadership position are identified and developed.

  • Our People system is fully operational with 100% accuracy and effectively utilized. Simplified and effective P&C processes.

  • Government Relations with the local labor agencies (DIPSERCO, SCEDFA, FOSCO) and other local partner agencies on HRM related issues are maintained and strengthened, and the legal compliance is ensured.

Developing a capable and committed workforce:

  • Workforce plan is in place and updated.

  • Evidence of effective staff acquisition and retention.

  • Well-designed recruitment policy, systems and processes to attract HIPOs with the required mind-set and behaviours.

  • National staff capacity fully developed.

  • Appropriate job rotation and relocation is well arranged and coordinated in consultation with line managers and concerned departments, which enables staff professional growth and career development.

  • The traineeship program is planned and implemented so that there is always a bench strength in the organization to cater the growth as well as have capable and committed workforce for very remote locations including Dien Bien, Tuyen Quang, Tram Tau, Son Tay, South Tra My.

Employee Engagement and Staff Well Being:

  • Appropriate Staff Care policies are in place to ensure well-being of staff.

  • Lead annual Our Voice survey. Follow up actions to improve OV results are developed and implemented in consultation with SLT and relevant managers.

  • In consultation with the ND, ensure that the Compensation & Benefits are competitive (on par with other INGOs which are similar to WVV) to attract good professional staff as well as retain committed staff.

  • Periodical salary surveys are undertaken.

  • All the jobs are objectively and fairly evaluated and graded by Hay.

  • Ensure performance based pay for all national staff.

Promoting Accountability and Performance Culture:

  • Ensure performance culture continues to be strengthened, including reinforcement of the implementation of Partnering four Performance (P4P) approach. This includes recognition of good performers, and dealing with non performers and other HR related issues in a timely manner.

  • On-going performance and career conversations take place at all levels.

  • Ensure that the performance development is implemented in line with talent management system.

  • Staff fully aware of Ethics point.

  • IIM cases are uploaded and managed properly.

  • Facilitate staff grievances and disciplinary action process in collaboration with line managers. Liaise with the Partnership Office Legal department and local Legal Counsel on matters pertaining to any employee-employer relationship that will have legal ramifications to WVI.

Promoting Leadership Quality and Sustainability:

  • Succession plan, career development plan and talent review is developed and implemented, focusing on highly potential and committed staff.

  • Potential successors/secondliners for key and critical positions and for future leadership identified and systematically nurtured.

  • Orientation strategy in place that helps new staff to understand and subscribe to WV core values and ethos.

  • Training/coaching programs and processes are designed and facilitated.

  • Develop middle managers and future leaders for the organization, leveraging the use of WVI resources including SLDP, GLO. Management Essentials.

  • Standards, policies and guidelines for staff and leadership development are set in consultation with SLT.

  • Effective mechanism is designed and implemented to maximize ROI of L&D efforts.

Spiritual Leadership:

  • Ensures that Christ-centered commitment is a foundational mandate of PnC&OD processes.

  • Provides time and space for staff to participate in organizationally initiated spiritual formation activities when appropriate.

  • Creates opportunities for spiritual reflection of PnC staff to increase their sense of meaningful job and passion for the ministry.

  • Leads the PnC department in modeling biblical ethics and principles in actions and lifestyle.

  • Leads the organizational reflection upon request or when deemed necessary.

  • All staff are able to live out WV core values.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management & Organizational Development or Business Administration.

  • Proven record with HR functions, having initiated and implemented purpose-driven and organization-focused change.

  • Demonstrated competency in developing systems, policies and guidelines to support people management and organizational effectiveness.

  • Proven leadership and management skills in restricted context.

  • Has good knowledge and understanding of local labor laws on Compensation, Labor Relations/Standards, and Issuances.

  • Has broad and deep working knowledge on recruitment, retention and separation of staff.

  • Ability to champion the cause and concerns of the employees without compromising the values and resources of the organization.

  • Ability and skills to build the capacity of individual staff, leaders and the organization to meet and exceed the competencies/capabilities required to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

  • Ability to travel across the country and abroad.

  • At least 5 years of broad and deep experience in leading and managing Human Resource team and relevant experience in organizational development, leadership development and change management in World Vision context.

  • Effective in written and verbal communication in English.

  • Subject to permission to work in Vietnam.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Masters degree in HRM is preferred.

  • Experience working in the development sector.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 30 % of the time.

  • Multitasking.

  • Extremely high pressure.

  • Diverse working environment and culture.

  • Restricted context.

Project Officers



The Project Officers (PO) will lead coordination of all project activities at the district level for the Khanya Project. This primarily entails capacity building and promotion activities with men around voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) as a HIV prevention mechanism. The position will provide direct coordination with selected faith communities to reach target populations. The PO will report to the PM based in Maseru.


30% Direct implementation of project activities

The Project Officers (PO) will lead coordination of all project activities at the district level. This primarily entails capacity building and promotion activities with local faith and communities leaders across multi faiths and denominations to raise awareness and encourage uptake of VMMC services

Coordinate directly with local stakeholders and faith leader to ensure activity roll-out.

15% Maintain working relationships with stakeholders:

Play key role in establishing and maintaining good working relationships with the district health leadership, initiait8ion school leaders, faith leader representatives, and health facilities administrators.

Liaise with district and cluster health officials, community leaders & other stakeholders in coordinating the implementation of HIV services in supported site;

25% Lead / support capacity building of faith leaders, health care workers and other stakeholders:

Lead and participate in training, coaching and mentorship of faith and community leaders, and HCWs at supported sites.

Provide direct oversight and support for the training of faith and community leaders, and direct roll-out of PEPFAR evidence based models in select communities.

Support selected faith and community leaders to strengthen and/or create linkages between the community and the health system to facilitate bi-directional referral systems strengthening and improving HIV testing, treatment, care and support for PLHIV;

Build capacity and or refresh faith and community leaders and HCWs’ knowledge on HIV basic care package, current HIV epidemic, evidence-based interventions, best practices as it related to Lesotho and the targeted regions, M&E and expected project outcomes along the HIV continuum of care indicators;

5% Support Referral Processes:

Ensure availability and proper usage of programmatic tools and standards of care in all supported sites and communities for HIV services.

10% Support monitoring and evaluation to ensure targets are met:

Assist in monitoring and evaluation and ensuring quality assurance of HIV prevention, testing, care and treatment services amongst children, adolescents, men and women;

10% Manage reports and ensure donor deliverables are met

Ensure timely preparation of work plans, budget requests and technical project performance reports and participate in the weekly and monthly project performance review meetings.

Submit timely project reports from district level to project manager.

5% Knowledge management:

Apply basic programme management approaches (develop work plans, monitor, execute and report on work plans)

Facilitate learning from monitoring and evaluation processes

Facilitate proper management of knowledge through WV and donor systems.


education, knowledge & skills, licenses preferred, and all experiences required to perform this position in a fully competent manner.

Bachelors level degree required for this position with at least 3 years of experience in a Project Officer or Coordinator role in donor funded programming, preferably in HIV programs;

Demonstrated experience in organizing and facilitating training, mentorship and capacity building of community leaders of health workers;

Experience coordinating trainings, community activities and logistics at the field level;

Knowledge of PEPFAR Program and MOH reporting requirements including familiarity with the data collection and reporting tools used by MOH is an added advantage;

Direct experience implementing PEPFAR programming is an added advantage;

Demonstrated understanding of and respect for diverse churches and Christian organizations, direct experience working with communities of faith is preferred;

Fluency in Sesotho and English are required

Proficiency in computer basic skills- MS Office; Internet; Basic data analysis skills;

Self- managed, self-driven, results oriented individual with excellent communication, interpersonal, report writing and analytical skills;

Dedicated team player with ability and experience to work in a multidisciplinary team.

Minimum education, training and experience requirements to qualify for the position:

Bachelors level degree required for this position with at least 3 years of experience in a Project Officer or Coordinator role in donor funded programming, preferably in HIV programs

A Master’s Degree in public health or related field is a distinct advantage;

Direct experience managing PEPFAR programming

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

Adaptability and flexibility

Honesty and personal integrity, accountability and quality achiever

Excellent communication skills

Must be a committed Christian, able to stand above denominational diversities

Man who has been through an initiation school is a plus

Work Environment:

Work environment: Office-based with travel to the field

Extensive domestic travel

The position is contract based (end of September 2021)

P&C Coordinator

Titre du poste :

P&C Coordinator- (1 position pour Port-au-Prince)


Coordonner les programmes de formation et de renforcement des capacités du personnel, le système de gestion des performances du personnel et la gestion du LDR dans toute l'organisation. Le titulaire du poste veillera à ce que ces fonctions soient exécutées de manière efficace et efficiente tant au niveau national que sur le terrain.


Formation du personnel et renforcement des capacités :

  • Coordonner l'évaluation des capacités au niveau individuel et organisationnel pour identifier les lacunes des capacités du personnel.

  • S'assurer que tout le personnel a des plans de développement individuels

  • Avec le Directeur P&C, travailler avec chaque chef de département pour assurer l'existence d'un vivier de talents et assurer l'existence d'un plan de renforcement des capacités et de succession fort et intentionnel

  • Développer un plan de renforcement des capacités basé sur les lacunes de capacités du personnel identifiées.

  • Coordonner la mise en œuvre du plan de renforcement des capacités.

  • Coordonner toutes les formations du personnel au sein de l'organisation.

  • Développer, mettre à jour un calendrier de formation annuel pour l'organisation

  • Coordonner toutes les formations du personnel conformément au calendrier de formation

  • Fournir un soutien technique dans tous les programmes de formation du personnel

  • Mener des évaluations de formation et déterminer la valeur / l'impact des différentes formations dispensées.

  • Organiser et coordonner l'orientation trimestrielle du personnel

  • Assurez-vous qu'il y a une preuve de l'orientation du personnel dans le dossier personnel.

Gestion du rendement du personnel :

  • Définir et communiquer le système de performance organisationnelle.

  • Former les managers et tout le personnel sur le système de performance en place et les responsabilités de chacun

  • Coordonner et suivre la définition de l'accord de performance, la revue à mi-parcours et les évaluations annuelles

  • Compiler les performances de l'organisation en fonction des évaluations du personnel et présenter l'image à la direction.

Rétention du personnel – Diversité :

  • Avec le directeur P&C, assurez-vous de mettre en place et de mettre à jour le plan de rétention.

  • Diffuser et former tous nos managers sur la stratégie de diversité et d'inclusion de World Vision.

Gestion LDR:

  • Coordonner la formation du personnel sur le LDR et s'assurer que tous les nouveaux employés comprennent le système LDR

  • Coordonner et suivre le remplissage des LDR dans toute l'organisation et produire un rapport mensuel.


Baccalauréat en gestion des ressources humaines, en administration des affaires ou dans une étude connexe équivalente.

  1. Minimum 4 ans + expérience dans le domaine des RH

  2. Expérience en RH pour être en mesure de faire des liens entre les talents et la planification de la relève

  3. Très axé sur les résultats et Solides capacités de gestion de projet.

  4. Compréhension approfondie de l'infrastructure organisationnelle, de la stratégie P&C & OD et des défis de pratique

  5. Compréhension claire de la gestion intégrée des talents, de la planification de la relève et des compétences de coaching avec preuve d'une application efficace dans plusieurs cultures et contextes

  6. Compétences interpersonnelles, d'influence et de communication exceptionnellement fortes, en particulier aux niveaux de la direction et capacité à s'adapter efficacement dans les différentes unités opérationnelles de la WVH

  7. Capable de développer et de maintenir des relations professionnelles (en interne et en externe) et au niveau du leadership

  8. Capacité à maintenir la confidentialité

  9. Conduite autonome et grandes capacités de coordination

  10. Excellentes compétences en communication écrite et verbale en français, anglais, oral et écrit, et capacité à communiquer efficacement les informations,

Compétences, connaissances et expérience préférées:

  • Refléter les valeurs chrétiennes dans le travail et la vie

  • Chercher une croissance spirituelle pour soi et pour les autres

  • Démontrer une compréhension et un respect croissants de la diversité chrétienne

  • Respecter et entretient des relations appropriées avec les personnes d'autres confessions

  1. Capacités de réflexion:

    • Poser des questions clés et recueille des informations pertinentes

    • Voir la relation entre la cause, les effets et la vue d'ensemble

    • Décomposer les informations complexes en un langage simple

    • Identifier les lacunes, les tendances, les priorités et les problèmes clés

  2. Capacités relationnelles:

    • Respecter et valoriser le caractère unique de chaque individus et groupes multiculturels.

    • Traiter les autres avec honneur et respect

  3. Démonstration d'une vie et d'un travail centrés sur le Christ:

  • Refléter les valeurs chrétiennes dans le travail et la vie

  • Chercher une croissance spirituelle pour soi et pour les autres

  • Démontrer une compréhension et un respect croissants de la diversité chrétienne

  • Respecter et entretenir des relations appropriées avec les personnes d'autres confessions

Expérience de travail supplémentaire préférée pour ce poste :

  1. Expérience démontrée de travail sur des activités de talent

  2. Solides compétences en négociation commerciale

  3. Connaissances informatiques et capacité à développer des rapports graphiques

  4. Un engagement de foi chrétienne clair et positif et la capacité de garantir que l'identité chrétienne de VM soit reflétée dans le travail accompli.

  5. Volonté, capacité et flexibilité de se déplacer sur le terrain pour répondre aux besoins du personnel

  6. Capacité à travailler efficacement au sein d'une équipe unie

Environnement de travail

  • Le poste exige la capacité et la volonté de voyager au pays et à l'étranger jusqu'à __40_% du temps.

WASH Manager


Offer number: HR / EZO / 018/ FY21

Fondée en 1950, World Vision est l'une des plus grandes organisations chrétiennes internationales fournissant une aide humanitaire d'urgence et un développement à long terme. Chaque année, il aide plus de 100 millions de personnes à lutter contre la pauvreté, la faim et l'injustice dans près de 100 pays et soutient plus de 15 millions d'enfants.

Depuis plus de 20 ans, World Vision opère en République démocratique du Congo. Ses zones d'intervention couvrent les provinces du Haut Katanga, Lualaba, Tanganyika, Haut Lomami, Kinshasa, Kongo Central, Kwango, Sud et Nord Kivu, Sud, Kasaï Occidental et Nord Oubangui ainsi que Maidombe.

World Vision recrute UN (01) Wash Project Managerqui sera basé à BUTEMBO, RDC


Assurer la gestion du projet en veillant à ce que les programmes / ressources alloués au projet soient utilisés conformément aux politiques de VM, aux normes et aux procédures des bailleurs de fonds pour atteindre une performance de programme de qualité.


  • Examiner la proposition de projet et les documents contractuels pour déterminer les principales obligations entre VM RDC et le donateur, y compris l'élaboration de plans de travail, de plans d'achats et de plans de mise en œuvre,

  • Assurer la mise en œuvre rapide et efficace des activités grâce au suivi et au suivi de l'avancement du projet par rapport aux objectifs, au calendrier et au budget fixés par rapport à la proposition et aux réglementations des donateurs,

  • Communiquer les progrès et les défis de la mise en œuvre, y compris les changements dans la situation sécuritaire et humanitaire, au directeur des opérations et à l'administrateur de programme aussi souvent que nécessaire,

  • Préparation de rapports programmatiques et financiers périodiques sur l'avancement du projet pour le directeur des opérations et l'administrateur de programme pour soumission au donateur,

  • Contrats et supervise les sous-traitants pour les différents sous-composants selon les directives du donateur,

  • Assurer la liaison avec le département de Wash / BCZ et d'autres partenaires d'exécution, les dirigeants communautaires, les autorités locales ou le gouvernement et les partenaires locaux, pour s'assurer qu'ils comprennent le projet et solliciter leur soutien si nécessaire,

  • Supervise le recrutement du personnel du projet en consultation avec le service des ressources humaines,

  • supervise le personnel du projet, fournit des conseils, surveille les progrès et donne des rôles clairement définis par rapport aux objectifs et activités du projet et du programme.


Examiner la proposition de projet et les documents contractuels pour déterminer les principales obligations entre VM RDC et le donateur, y compris l'élaboration de plans de travail, de plans d'achats et de plans de mise en œuvre

Qualification minimale requise

  • Avoir un diplôme de Licence en développement, gestion des catastrophes, lavage ou dans des domaines connexes.

  • Expérience d’au moins cinq ans d’expérience sur le terrain dans la gestion d’ONG internationales

  • Avoir un Master en études du développement, gestion des catastrophes ou dans un domaine connexe

  • Connaissance du cycle de gestion de projet Connaissance des principes de la chaîne d'approvisionnement dans l'action humanitaire.

  • Capacité à conceptualiser et à documenter logiquement une intervention

  • Capacité à planifier et à mener une évaluation en utilisant des méthodologies conventionnelles (c'est-à-dire SPHERE, politiques de lavage, Do No Harm, etc.)

  • Capacité de réseautage et de négociation avec les partenaires

  • Capacité de suivre les contributions et la mise en œuvre des activités

  • Bonnes compétences en rédaction de rapports. Capacité à résumer les informations importantes.

  • Connaissance analytique et expérimentée du contexte complexe d'urgence en RDC

  • Maîtrise du français (écrit et oral)

Environnement de travail :

  • Compétences et capacités techniques

  • Faire preuve d'un haut niveau d'intégrité, de responsabilité, d'honnêteté et de fiabilité.

  • Excellentes compétences en communication écrite et orale en français et en anglais intermédié, y compris la capacité d'apprendre et de transmettre des concepts techniques complexes et des recommandations au personnel non technique à tous les niveaux, dans un style clair et concis.

  • Autogestionnaire, penseur analytique et critique, capable de travailler dans des délais serrés et de gérer plusieurs projets simultanés, tout en participant à la planification stratégique.


World Vision est une ONG dont le travail se concentre sur les enfants. Ainsi, World Vision se réserve le droit d'éliminer tout candidat qui a des antécédents de maltraitance ou de comportement contraire à la protection des enfants; même après l'annonce des résultats des tests.


Envoyez votre candidature (lettre de motivation mentionnant le numéro de l'offre, CV avec 3 personnes de référence d'anciens employeurs comprenant une référence ecclésiastique, casier judiciaire, une copie de la carte de demandeur d'emploi délivrée par l'ONEM et des copies des autres documents nécessaires pouvant étayer votre dossier ) dans une enveloppe scellée adressée au Directeur des Ressources Humaines au plus tard le Mardi 09 Mars 2021 à 16h00, avec mention du numéro de l'offre et dans la ligne objet «Wash Project Manager » à soumettre en ligne.

Les candidatures des femmes sont fortement encouragées !


Nous avons appris que plusieurs agences ou individus prétendent agir au nom de Vision Mondiale pour recruter ou faciliter le recrutement de personnel.

World Vision souhaite informer le public de manière inconditionnelle que:

World Vision ne sous-traite son processus de recrutement à aucune organisation ou agence qui, par le biais de publications sur le site Web, envoie des courriers électroniques, des bulletins d'information ou prétend recruter en son nom. World Vision n'utilisera que des cabinets de recherche de cadres accrédités et réputés (base exceptionnelle uniquement).

Les annonces de postes vacants ne peuvent être trouvées que sur notre site Web officiel des carrières de World Vision International et / ou sur les sites Web du Bureau de soutien de World Vision.

Vision Mondiale ne sollicite pas et ne demandera jamais d'argent pour une partie quelconque de ses processus de recrutement, y compris le dépistage, les entretiens, les antécédents et / ou les examens médicaux.

World Vision ne sera pas responsable de toute correspondance frauduleuse ou de toute perte d'argent ou de vol pouvant résulter de toute personne se livrant à une activité de recrutement frauduleuse.

Soyez prudent, et si vous avez des questions et / ou souhaitez signaler ce que vous pensez être une agence ou une agence de recrutement frauduleuse de Vision Mondiale, veuillez envoyer un courriel à [email protected]

Dans le cas où une demande vous serait adressée, merci de pouvoir vous signaler aux adresses suivantes:

Téléphone: 0972607911

Adresse e-mail: [email protected]


Regional Head - VisionFund Latin America & Caribbean

*Preferred position location: San Jose, Costa Rica. Other locations to be determined by home country of successful candidate in the Latin America & Caribbean Region where WVI is registered to operate.

*Please submit your CV in English.


VFI is seeking a Regional Head (RH) to lead and manage the execution of VisionFund’s strategy in the region. This includes management of the regional team including Regional Operation Directors, Regional Finance Director and Regional P&C Business Partner.

The RH must be strong in their Christian faith and be capable of leading a team spiritually, including taking devotions, prayers etc.

The RH is responsible for ensuring the delivery of the ‘double bottom line’ of financial and social performance in the region. The role also involves managing any regional staff who support the RH in capacity-building and oversight of the Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs), ensuring proper governance, controls, policies, procedures, and performance targets are achieved.

The position ensures that regional direction and country level strategies and budgets are aligned to the global VisionFund International (VFI) strategy and tied into the regional and country level WV strategies. He/she will ensure that all growth initiatives are well managed both at the local and regional levels, and that the foundations for such growth are in place. Therefore capacity-building of staff and ensuring effective controls and processes are in place is a key aspect of the role.

Measures and targets will be established and agreed for each MFI and quarterly reviews held to establish progress and decide upon adjustments and redirection of resources, particularly funding, in consultation with the regional team.

As part of the role, the RH will be the primary point of contact with WV at a senior level. This includes taking part in WV senior leadership

meetings for the region, and ensuring that World Vision and VisionFund integrate their activities where ever appropriate.


Be responsible for the performance of the region (Inc. impact, operational, financial, people, response to/clearance of audit findings etc.):

  • Supervise MFI CEOs and manage performance expectations in support to local MFI and global VFI priorities, ensuring balanced achievement of MFI double bottom lines of social and financial performance.

  • Ensure all MFI’s have well-operating boards and are in compliance with local laws, regulatory requirements and WV/VFI policies, procedures and directives.

  • Ensure clearance of audit findings is driven down to MFI level.

  • Ensure any global priorities for human resources, finance and support services are agreed at the start of each financial year (including time frames).

  • Ensure regional and global targets are met. The Regional Leader will be given the autonomy to decide on allocation of resources as required in the region and particularly when there are emergencies within some countries (normal monthly reports would need to be provided (as currently) irrespective of emergencies or not).

  • Sit on and attend board meetings to represent WV/VFI’s ownership position (strategically important boards only).

Manage the Regional team (Regional Finance Director, Regional Operations Directors, Regional P&C) to ensure that MFIs have strong financial and operational management:

  • Direct and allocate resources for the region.

  • Lead and coordinate the development of long-range plan and annual budget for each of the MFI’s in coordination with the VFI Regional Finance Director.

  • Review and refine MFI annual plans.

  • Oversee and at times challenge the strategic direction of MFIs and with formal periodic reviews.

  • Recommend regional targets and programs to meet local WV and VFI goals.

  • Ensure that plan/budget variances are well understood by the MFI’s and VFI management and any corrective actions are planned and undertaken.

  • Establish “work out” plans when targets are not achieved including analysis of staff capabilities and support institutional building measures to keep the MFI performance back on track.

Regulation and Transformation:

  • Where sensible or necessary, support MFIs in developing business cases and seeking approval for transformation of MFI’s into regulated deposit-taking institutions.

  • Support MFI CEOs in developing solid relationships with all central banks or other regulators ensuring that VFI can contribute to proposed regulation changes and laws when appropriate.

  • Ensure that all MFI’s are compliant with the regulators’ requirements.

WV Coordination and Integration:

  • Be the strategic lead and contact for World Vision in the region and drive closer partnership where appropriate.

  • Ensure that MFIs are working closely with their WV NOs at all levels, and that VFI guidelines for integration are being put into practice.

  • Attend WV senior regional leadership team meetings as needed, ensuring VisionFund strategy and intent in respect of livelihood development are well understood, and WV strategy and tactics are clear and are relayed to all MFI staff and boards.

Personal and Staff Development:

  • As a Christian VisionFund leader, facilitate development of MFI CEOs and direct reports spiritually and professionally.

  • Be the spiritual leader for the region.

  • Develop clear individual staff goals with manageable and measurable targets and ongoing feedback and support to achieve them.

  • Provide ongoing feedback and coaching to direct reports and ongoing staff performance conversations as well as an annual review of

  • performance and career development.

  • Ensure staff and self-training programs are in place and implemented, making use of existing resources such as VFI GC staff and capabilities of the more advanced MFIs in the region;

  • Regular participation in chapel and devotions and leadership to others in the region for their personal and professional development and

  • spiritual nurture.

  • Will carry out additional responsibilities and projects as assigned, including administrative and planning functions both within and outside the region.

Talent Management and Leadership Development:

Responsible for talent identification of:

  • successors for key roles in the region.

  • diverse leadership (females and under-represented groups).

  • high potentials at Grades 15/16

  • Conduct talent calibration sessions for the region.

  • Build a Regional Talent Plan.

  • Progress career and development plans for identified and calibrated talent.

  • Implement plans regionally and contribute globally to talent management.


The key ability VisionFund is seeking is leadership – both professional and spiritual.

  • In addition to experience with microfinance and banking operations (lending, deposit-taking), the successful candidate will have experience developing and nurturing a talented team, and spotting improvement opportunities and making those happen – through influence – in a complex and dynamic environment.

  • Educated to at least degree level, preferably with a professional qualification or an MBA.

  • Given the need to control financial risk within the MFIs, it is imperative that this individual will have good financial analysis, risk management and accounting skills.

  • An understanding of balance sheet risk management including interest rate risk, liquidity risk and foreign exchange risk.

  • Solid understanding of financial reporting and performance measurements and planning/forecasting.

  • Analytical and strategic thinking skills and ability to balance Christian values with sound commercial practices.

  • Good verbal and written communication and influence skills. Balanced and respectful approach to groups’ differing responsibilities.

  • Sensitive to complexity of WV direction, MFI board independence and shareholder requirements.

  • Flexibility on hours to contact people within wide time zone differences is required.

  • Ability and willingness to travel extensively is required.

  • Ability to openly speak about their faith and lead devotions.

  • Significant leadership experience (minimum of 10 years) largely in a banking, finance or microfinance environment, including a proven track record of managing people in an international environment (including mentoring, directing, building capacity).

  • Thorough knowledge and extensive experience in financial services, preferably with microfinance experience.

  • Must be able to simultaneously manage multiple priorities and projects, and must be cross culturally sensitive as will work with associates from different cultural contexts and time zones.

  • Must have Board experience having been a Board member of several Boards (in either an Executive or Non-Executive capacity).

  • Fluent in English and Spanish.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Preferably with a professional qualification or an MBA.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 50% of the time.

Animateur Communautaire - IRAM


World Vision Mali recrute pour la position suivante (20)

Titre: Animateur Communautaire IRAM (Integrated Research on Acute Malnutrition)

Localité : Koutiala

Type de Contrat :Local

Rapporte à :IRAM Project Manager

NB : World Vision ne demande jamais de paiement à aucune étape du recrutement ni par transfert ni directement en espèces.

*Les candidatures féminines sont fortement encouragées.

Finalité de la position :

Le projet IRAMa été initiépar les bureaux UNICEF (Siège, Bureau régional) et IFPRI pour être exécutéau Mali.

WV Mali assurera la mise en œuvre des activités de prévention et prise en charge nutritionnelle dans le district sanitaire de Koutiala, en respectant les délais et avec précision (Integrated research on acute malnutrition). Cela se fera conformément aux standards et approches définis dans le document tout en apportant des appuis-conseils et un soutien technique.

Sous la responsabilité directe du Superviseur Nutrition- IRAM, l’Animateur Communautaire travaillera en étroite collaboration avec les DTC, le Points Focal Nutrition et les Chargés Nutrition de Koutiala, les leaders communautaires, les ASC, les relais, les groupes des mères-GSAN (Groupe de soutien aux activités de Nutrition), les spécialistes nutrition des programmes de WV; pour s’assurer de l’atteinte des cibles et la réalisation des résultats du projet.

Responsibilités majeures:

Assurer la mise en œuvre des activités de nutrition en collaboration avec les DTC, les ASACOs ; le Points Focal Nutrition et les Chargés Nutrition de Koutiala, les leaders communautaires, les ASC, les relais et les groupes des mères- GSAN (Groupe de soutien aux activités de Nutrition)

Elaborer et soumettre en temps utile des rapports du projet au Superviseur selon les attentes du programme et conformément aux normes de WV

Appuyer les activités de suivi PCIMA ANJE Communautaire et de distribution des LNS-SQ-SQ-SQ (aliments thérapeutiques) ; et Assurer la gestion et le suivi de la consommation des LNS-SQ-SQ

Participer activement aux réunions de coordinations des activités du projet Participer activement aux réunions de planification et de suivi des activités de nutrition au niveau CSCOM et Collecte des données continue pour les états des lieux des CSCOM ainsi que l’élaboration des rapports du projet

Participer à toute initiative de recherche sur la nutrition initiée soit par WV soit le partenaire IFPRI en vue d’améliorer la prise en charge nutritionnelle dans le district sanitaire

Faciliter avec l’équipe des CSCOMs, les ASACO et l’équipe du CSref les séances de formation/recyclage des GSAN

Assurer le suivi périodique des activités des GSAN (démonstrations nutritionnelles, séances de causeries, VAD) dans les villages ; et Faire un suivi rapproché des enfants Ex-MAS pour éviter les épisodes de rechutes.

Veillez à la recherche des Cas d’absence et Informer le responsable hiérarchique de tout problème concernant les dysfonctionnements en matière des activités de prévention et de prise en charge.

Préparer et participer aux visites et supervisions terrain dans la zone de couverture.

Elaborer des rapports périodiques du projet selon les exigence du bailleur et de World Vision.

Autres responsabilités :

  • Mise en réseau avec d'autres parties prenantes pour la mise en œuvre de ce projet de nutrition.

  • Collaborer étroitement avec les DTC et leurs personnels pour une couverture efficace et cohérente des activités de nutrition dans les CSCOM.

  • Assurer une bonne collaboration avec les partenaires communautaires, techniques et institutionnels (CSCOM, Relais communautaires, ASC, chefs de village, membres des ONG locales…) ;

  • Faire le suivi des recommandations de la supervision des activités de nutrition au niveau des CSComs et des villages;

  • Veiller au respect des consignes de sécurité de WV ;

  • S’assurer du respect des règles de la politique de sauvegarde et de protection de l’enfant.

Qualifications : Formation/Connaissances/Connaissances Techniques et Expériences

Les éléments suivants sont exigés à travers une combinaison de formation formelle, auto-formation, expériences, etc.

Qualification minimum exigée :

DEF+3/ en santé publique /Infirmière obstétricienne ou diplôme équivalent avec de solides compétences en nutrition communautaire

  • Expérience de 2 ans dans un programme de santé ou projet de nutrition

  • Expériences en ANJE Communautaire

  • Expérience d’encadrement des GSAN

  • Bonnes compétences en matière de communication (écrite et orale), capacités relationnelles

  • Bonne maîtrise de la langue locale

  • Très bonne capacité d’adaptation en milieu rural et compétences en facilitation communautaire.

  • La maitrise de l’outil informatique notamment du Pack Microsoft Office (MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook) sera un atout

Environnement et Conditions de travail :

Voyage : 10%

Téléphone : 5%

Attitudes et comportements :

World Vision se réserve le droit de disqualifier un candidat qui a des antécédents relatifs àla violence faite aux enfants ou aux comportements opposés àla protection de l'enfance, et ce même après l'embauche.

Comment postuler : veuillez aller sur le site Web suivant :

*Délai de soumission des candidatures : 1er Mars 2021

*Seuls les candidats présélectionnés seront contactés.

People & Culture (HR) Director

Purpose of Role

To provide strategic support and leadership in overseeing and managing HR capabilities of World Vision (WV) Ghana by providing quality and efficient service and P&C tools to develop, promote a culture of learning and servant leadership. To develop and retain a committed high-performance team as per WVI and WV Ghana policies for the achievement of the organisations strategic goals.

Leadership & Organizational Development:

  • Participate in the overall leadership and Management of the National Office.

  • Ensure that local office practice and uphold the partnership HR standards as per Partnership policies.

  • Monitor and coordinate the implementation of audits and peer review recommendations.

  • Provide line support to the National Office Payroll Officers and functional support to the P&C (HR) Business Partners including areas of capacity building and performance management.

  • Partner with business leaders to develop and implement people strategies.

  • Maintain an up to date Organizational Structure for the National Office (NO), country and Area Programmes.

  • Engage relevant stakeholders to articulate the need for general and specific change in the organization.

  • Builds commitment by focusing attention on the position implications of change.

  • Set up and manage a career management system (talent management)

  • Monitor departmental succession plan and give necessary guidance.

  • Develop a Departmental Strategic Plan in line with the Regional Strategy and LEADER framework.

  • Set up a change management team and manage the change process in the organization.

Policy and Strategy:

  • Initiation and recommendation of all policies reviews.

  • Ensure all local policies align with global policies and relevant local legislation.

  • Evaluates the policy environment and updates them as and when necessary.

  • Review, update and maintain WV broad HR policies and procedures in line with the laws of Ghana in consultation with Regional P&C and Legal Advisor.

  • Researches on the new policies and keeps track of changes in the labor market.

  • Advise Top Management on the HR strategic direction.

  • Undertake period staff surveys to inform policy direction of the organization.

  • Designing P&C solutions that are appropriate within the humanitarian industry.

Performance Management & Capacity Building:

  • Guide & train Managers on their roles in the end-to-end performance management processes.

  • Coach and mentor managers and supervisors in measuring performance.

  • Lead the Performance Management processes to ensure staff performance appraisals are carried out in a timely and appropriate manner.

  • Conduct staff training to support performance.

  • Compile a Performance Report of the organization based on performance reviews done for all staff.

  • Maintain and manage a Performance Management System for the entire National Office.

  • Provide appropriate support to employees and managers in addressing unsatisfactory performance.

Total Rewards:

  • Facilitate a job evaluation process using an appropriate internal/external method/system.

  • Conduct structured periodic Job Analysis for all positions.

  • Provide support and guidance in the formulation of job descriptions.

  • Facilitate periodic Salary Reviews in the industry every three years.

  • Design a competitive salary range as required.

  • Ensure benefits plan is implemented and administered according to agreed procedures and policies.

  • Coordinate and engage in the design of the No talent development and succession plans.

  • Monitor and ensure uniform and structured remuneration systems across countries.

  • Monitor and ensure equity in remuneration systems.

  • Monitor and ensure that remuneration and benefits are market related.

  • Ensure confidentiality.

Workforce Planning:

  • Coordinate and engage in the NO workforce planning and forecasts, establish appropriate staffing schedule, parameters, norms and ensure that appropriate positive action strategies are used in order to attract and achieve a more diverse workforce.

HR Administration:

  • Administer all International Staffing requirements for the National Office in collaboration with the ISS.

  • Be final authorized approval level for the department.

  • Facilitate adequate orientation and induction for all international staff, middle and senior managers.

  • Design and manage a staff orientation programme.

  • Negotiate and process employment contracts.

Employee Relations & Managing Diversity:

  • Apply knowledge of local and general employment laws as they relate to the laws of the country.

  • Manage all aspects of high risk cases including litigations.

  • Provide guidance to management on labour issues and changes in statutory requirements.

  • Spearhead the regulation of the relationships, processes, structures at work.

  • Maintain communication with other Non-governmental organizations to ensure World Vision compensation and policies are appropriate and remain relevant to local conditions.

  • Apply appropriate escalation and reporting rules in high risk cases.

  • Support Management at all levels in ensuring healthy work/home balance, staff well-being, security and appropriate arrangement for stress management.

  • Ensure all staff are aware of relevant policies and procedures and implications of not adhering to them.

  • Promote a work environment that demonstrates fairness, openness and equity.

HR Systems and Technology:

  • Coordinate and engage in the setup of appropriate P&C information system to ensure high quality and responsive management and administration of all P&C support services.

  • Ensure adequate usage on the Our People and reporting on same.

  • Ensure that the system data is up to date and staff is capacitated on usage of same.

Legal Liaison

  • Working with our Legal Counsel as the liaison to ensure that WVG’s legal risks is reduced to the barest minimum.

Board engagement

  • Work with board on legal and all people management tasks and responsibilities


  • Excellent interpersonal skills.

  • Expert knowledge of local labor legislature.

  • Good communication and negotiation skills.

  • Ability to work under pressure.

  • Team player who is detail-oriented.

  • Ability to function in a cross cultural environment.

  • Must be a committed Christian, able to stand above denominational diversities and observe mission and core values of World Vision and demonstrate a quality of spiritual life that is an example to others.

  • A full commitment to World Vision’s core values and mission statement.

  • Full adherence to World Vision Ghana Child Protection, Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policies.

  • Full Adherence to security protocols.

The following may be acquired through a combination of formal or self-education, prior experience or on-the-job training:

  • Minimum Educational level required: Bachelor Degree in Human Resources Management or Industrial Psychology, Leadership Development or any other related field. Master degree is preferred.

  • Experience: A minimum of 5 years in Human Resources Management with at least 3 years in a Senior Management Role.

Stagiaire P&C

Avis de recrutement


Lance un avis de recrutement pour : Un Stagiaire en Ressources Humaines.

Localisation: Maradi

Profil et Aptitudes personnelles:

  • Avoir au minimum Bac+3 en Droit, Gestion des Ressources Humaines, sociologie… ;

  • Grande capacité à gérer la confidentialité,

  • Faire preuve d’intégrité et de sens de responsabilité,

  • Bonne aptitude en communication, maitrise du français (écrit et oral) et connaissance pratique de l’anglais,

  • Capacité à produire régulièrement des rapports,

  •  Maîtrise de l’outil informatique (Microsoft Office, …)

  • Aptitudes dans la gestion des relations interpersonnelles, la gestion organisationnelle et la gestion du temps

Les candidatures doivent se faire en ligne via le site des emplois de World Vision Niger au plus tard le 25 février 2021.

World Vision garantit l'égalité des chances à tous. Les candidatures féminines et celles des personnes en situation de handicap sont vivement encouragées.

Seuls les candidats retenus seront contactés.

NB: World Vision est une organisation focalisée sur l’enfant, par conséquent tout acte de candidature emporte engagement à respecter la politique de sauvegarde de l’enfant et de l’adulte bénéficiaire adoptée par l’institution. Aussi tout antécédent (action, coaction, ou complicité) relatif à la violence sur enfant ou aux mauvais traitements infligés à un enfant est une cause de rejet systématique du dossier du candidat en question.

Niamey, le 10 février 2021.

Project Coordinator for CESP


Project Coordinator for Community Engagement and Sponsorship Plan


World Vision International is an international Christian Humanitarian Organization working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation and seek justice. We are global community with a purpose – to bring about positive change in the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children. People are inspired to work for us because they want to contribute to making a difference. We are part of an international team, using our talent, determination and influence to invest in a better tomorrow.

Are you ready to be a change maker?

Our Cambodia Office is seeking for one (01) qualified candidateto fill in the position below:

Position: Project Coordinator for Community Engagement and Sponsorship Plan

Location: Basedth AP, Kampong Speu Province

Salary & Benefit Package: 749 USD - 937 USD


To coordinated and facilitate the purpose of improving the community initiative and ownership for child wellbeing and improve the effectiveness of child sponsorship in the Area Program Office.


  • Facilitate the community engagement processes to bring higher engagement from community key stakeholders for quality programming in responding to the needs of children, especially the most vulnerable ones, in AP operational area.

  • Facilitate community to do self-assessment, initiate and implement Capacity Building plan to achieve their own child wellbeing projects.

  • Implement sponsorship operational plan maintaining compliance to national and partnership standards.

  • Coordinate and facilitate the integration of child sponsorship plan with AP technical programme, and community groups.


As part of the World Vision Cambodia mandate requirements for new staff, all candidates who are offered job are required to produce Local Police Clearance Certificate prior to date of joining in the organisation.

  • Bachelor degree/Master degree in Management, Rural Development and Social sciences.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of development theory, transformational development, area based development models, approaches and issue.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of child sponsorship programming.

  • Strong problem solving, interpersonal, communication and people management skill (including facilitation).

  • Ability to guide coach CSG

  • Good communication skill in Khmer and English ( written and verbal )

  • Basic Programme/project design & monitoring knowledge.

  • Must be highly motivated and proactive to try new things.

  • Must be flexible to a demanding and changing working environment.


All applications should be sent in soft copy (word document or PDF)

World Vision Cambodia is committed to the principles of workplace diversity. Qualified womenand disabled people are encouraged to apply. Only short listed candidates will be notified. Applications and CVs will not be returned.

WVI is committed to the protection of children. We do not employ staff whose background is not aligned to our child protection practices. Hence employment is conditional upon successful completion of all applicable background checks, including criminal record checks where possible.

People and Culture (HR) Officer, Shared Services

*Please submit your CV in English.


The People and Culture (HR) Officer provides administrative support to the People and Culture department in processes such as recruitment and selection, talent management, compensation and benefits, employee relations, performance management, payroll, among others.

This role will work very closely with the Senior P&C Generalist in order to ensure that all processes are managed according to World Vision International policies and procedures providing support managing information, creating reports for internal control, managing logistics for trainings, interviews, activities and coordinating with WV Staff members, managers / team leads and external stakeholders. Also, this role will have a high level performance managing all employee data with confidentiality, accuracy, detail orientation and quality.

The People and Culture Officer will provide an excellent customer service to all WV employees / external stakeholders and maintain close cooperation with other departments. Also will also participate in any ad hoc projects or assignments.


P&C Payments and Documentation Management:

  • Process on a timely matter all P&C related payment requests and expense reports.

  • Manage and file all payments and P&C related documentation.

  • Update on a daily basis payments controls and expense reports.

Recruitment and Selection:

  • Support the recruitment process by partnering with universities for posting and advertise the job opening in employment data bases and social media including creation of advertisement material.

  • Participate in job fairs to attract potential candidates or for branding initiatives.

  • Coordinate with hiring managers interview´s logistics and test applications.

  • Coordinate with successful candidate all pre-employment requirements and create employee file.

On Boarding Process:

  • Coordinate everything related with the new employee´s the first day and manage all logistics (meeting rooms, inductions, laptop, batch, workstation, keys, policies, contracts, WV branding etc.

  • Manage the monthly induction calendar for new employees.

  • Partner with induction facilitators to ensure the attendance of new starters according to the calendar including logistics ( lotus notes etc.).

  • Coordinate with new employees and hiring managers in order to ensure all activities included in the on boarding process are completed ( online trainings, on the job training, etc.).

Data Administration:

  • Manage and update on a daily basis the different P&C controls for recruitment, performance management, benefits, trainings and development, payroll incidents etc.

  • Administrate the employee’s records in Our People including PAF (new staff, termination, changes).

  • Manage Our People Tool to ensure data quality, for inquiries, perform internal audits and include the additional payments.

Benefits Coordination:

  • Administrate and update benefits controls on a daily basis.

  • Answer first level enquiries for WV employees related to the insurance (health and life) and glasses allowance.

  • Coordinate with employees cash advances, expense reports and documentation.

  • Be an intermediary between WV employees and the insurance company to process medical claims.

  • Coordinate on a monthly basis the visit of the insurance company representative.

Employee Wellbeing:

  • Support the cultural and motivational programs by coordinating and implementing special activities throughout the year for the staff wellbeing.

Continuous Improvement:

  • Support continuous improvement culture through identifying development opportunities in HR processes and support the P&C department during the implementation process.

Business Acumen:

  • Broad understanding of end-to-end processes.

  • General understanding of global WV operations.

  • General understanding of the humanitarian industry.


  • Bachelors’ degree in business administration with a focus in Human Resources, Human Resources administration, industrial engineering or any other related field.

  • Minimum 2-3 years of experience giving administrative support to an HR department.

  • General knowledge of all HR processes.

  • Intermediate - Advanced knowledge of MS Office.

  • Experience managing HRIS such as Our People, Workday, SAP or others.

  • At least one year implementing activities.

  • High level of English and Spanish language proficiency (advanced level). A third language is a plus.

  • Experience working for multinational companies is a plus.

  • Shared Services industry experience is a plus.

  • Six Sigma, Green Belt is a plus.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Excellent Customer Service skills.

  • Written and oral communication skills.

  • Presentation and public speaking.

  • Negotiation and networking.

  • Detail oriented.

  • Ability to work under pressure.

  • Good organization and time management skills.

  • Good problem solving skills.

  • Excellent follow up.

  • Conflict Management.

  • Ability to prioritize.

  • Confidentiality Skills.

  • Customer Service.

  • Shared Services.

  • Metrics & Reporting.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel 5% of the time.