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World Vision has the privilege to partner with communities in 26 countries in Africa: Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Job Locations

Livelihood and Self- Reliance Project Manager


Livelihood and Self-Reliance Project Manager

World Vision Rwanda is a child focused Christian humanitarian organization implementing development programs in 29 Districts of Rwanda.

World Vision Rwanda seeks to hire a highly qualified, dedicated and experienced national for the position ofLivelihood and Self-Reliance Project Manager.The position will be based at Head Office -Kigali, reporting to the Head of Disaster Management.

Purpose of the position:

To provide overall leadership, managerial and technical support to the project team to ensure effective development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the project; leading to a sound allocation and management of financial and project staff, and effective engagement of external stakeholders in alleviating poverty of vulnerable refugees and host community members through the Sustainable Livelihood and Self-Reliance Graduation Approach.

The major responsibilities include:

% of time


End Results


Programme Leadership

  • Provide strategic direction and aligning the project team’s actions with WV National strategy and its commitment to the improvement of the well-being of the most vulnerable children, their families, and communities.

  • Liaise with the UNHCR Livelihood sector and WVR TP Manager for quality implementation of Livelihood and self-reliance projects

  • Mobilize key partners and build their capacities on Livelihood and Self-reliance project models and approaches for effective participation.

  • Identify and build strategic linkages, relations, collaborations and networks with partners and other stakeholders in implementation at national and refugee camp levels.

  • Ensure implementation of Resilience and livelihood model of Ultra Poor graduation and other initiatives within the Programme

  • Foster the development of a culture of teamwork, excellence, execution and accountability focused on results.

  • Project implementation fully aligned with the national strategic direction and priorities

  • Sustainable Livelihoods and Self-Reliance following Graduation Approach fully implemented

  • The most vulnerable children and their families within the Refugee camps and host communities benefit from Livelihood & Self-Reliance project interventions

  • Good collaboration and networking established at the national, refugee camp & community levels

  • Team work built within project staff and other project in the camp


Financial Management

  • Produce quality annual budgets and ensuring that they are well observed by implementers.

  • Ensure spending according to the plan and budget such that the monthly expenditures do not exceed -/+10% of the monthly cash flow.

  • Conduct regular budget review sessions with implementing staff and Grant Accountant to control the spending and minimize variance explanations.

  • Provide accurate variance explanations when necessary, and taking actions on time to ensure that budgets are being used as planned

  • Project spending according to the donor standards and national office guidelines

  • Accurate Variance explanations are provided and appropriate actions are taken

  • Donor financial regulations applied

20 %


  • Ensure that quality assessments, baseline, and evaluation reports are produced on time.

  • Ensure that quality annual Detailed Implementation Plans and budgets.

  • Ensure that the project has an effective monitoring structures, and clear data collection and analysis tools.

  • Ensure effective documentation and dissemination of all the Resilience and Self-Reliance project, lesson learned, innovations and promising practices.

  • Produce timely, and quality reports for WV, UNHR and the government report

  • Quality and timely baselines and evaluation reports

  • Quality annual plans and budgets are developed on time

  • Monitoring System established with clear structures and tools

  • Success stories and best practices documented and shared with relevant audiences.

  • Quality progress reports produced and submitted on time

10 %

Resource mobilization and Networking

  • Contribute to the production and review of concept papers and proposals for funding agencies

  • Establish and maintain partnerships with key Resilience and Livelihood departments at the sector and district level

  • Ensure effective management of implementing partner project,

  • Represent World Vision in Resilience and Livelihoods meetings and forums to advocate for the self-reliance of the most vulnerable.

  • Active participation in and contribution to production and review of concept papers and proposals for raising funds

  • Strong relationships with partners are established and maintained.

  • Regular feedback provided to the project implementing partner

10 %

Staff management

  • Motivate and lead the staff, partners, and volunteers who are directly involved in the implementation of the project to achieve the objectives of the project.

  • Ensure that the Livelihood & Self-Reliance Project staff comply with WV policies and procedures, especially People and Culture, Field Financial Manual, Child Protection and Adult Safeguarding, Communication, Information and Security guidelines, and other guidelines that are specific to the humanitarian context.

  • Provide continuous guidance to project staff through coaching and mentoring

  • Manage the performance of project staff and assisting them to perform better

  • Identify training needs of project staff and ensure development plans are developed and implemented

  • The project team is motivated to achieve the project goals.

  • World Vision policies and Humanitarian Workers policies are strictly observed.

  • The project staff enjoys the coaching and mentorship.

  • Staff performance conversations are conducted timely and with quality.

  • Staff capacity gaps are identified and addressed.

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical skills and Experience

The following knowledge, skills and abilities may be acquired through a combination of formal schooling, self-education, prior experience or on-the-job training:

Required Professional Experience

  1. At least 5 years relevant work experience in designing and implementation of economic development projects in Non-Government Organizations or Government projects.

  2. Must be familiar with economic development models e.g. Saving Groups, Local Value Chain Development (LVCD), Business Facilitation, (BF), Microfinance, Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture (NSA), Farmer Managed Natural Resources (FMNR), Citizen Voice and Action (CVA), Cash/Food Programming, and etc.

  3. A good understanding of the Rwanda resilience and livelihood multi-sectoral approach to graduate people out of poverty.

  4. Sound knowledge of the Rwanda Resilience and Livelihood programming context

  5. Demonstrated ability to work in Resilience and Livelihood programs across Rwanda

  6. Strong project management experience and skills

  7. Good interpersonal skills

  8. Belief in World Vision’s vision, mission, and core values

Required Education,

training, license,

registration, and


  1. Bachelors’ degree in Social Sciences, Agriculture, Agribusiness, Rural Development, Management sciences, or any other related field.

  2. Professional training certificates in some of economic graduation approaches, models and project management

  3. Having a driving license, class B

Preferred Knowledge

and Qualifications

  1. Master’s degree in the disciplines that are mentioned above

  2. Excellent project management skills and a good understanding of the project life cycle

  3. Excellent understanding of best practice in community economic empowerment

  4. Experience with development project management tools such as log frames, monitoring and evaluation tools, and budgets.

  5. Excellent computer skills, including proficiency in MS Office and Outlook.

  6. Cross-cultural sensitivity, flexible worldview, and ability to work with a wide range of people from different backgrounds.

  7. Ability to exhibit exemplary lifestyle as interpreted in specific local cultural context.

  8. Business-oriented mindset


The salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience.

N.B: Women are highly encouraged to apply.

How to apply:

Should you wish to apply for this position, please go to

If this is your first time applying online via the World Vision International careers website, you will need to register an account along with your application details. This site will provide you with additional functionality, such as saved searches and email alerts. Registration requires minimal information to create your account. Further details will be collected during the application process.

All applicants must apply using our online application system, CVs received via email or standard post will NOT be considered.

In case you face any challenges in applying, please let us know on [email protected](no applications will be accepted through this email).

The closing date for submission of applications is 10th August 2021;no late applications will be accepted.

As a child focused organization, World Vision is committed to the protection of children and does not employ staff whose background is not suitable for working with children. All employment is conditional upon successful completion of all applicable background checks, including criminal record checks.

Note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist


Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

World Vision Rwanda is a child focused Christian humanitarian organization implementing development programs in 29 Districts of Rwanda.

World Vision Rwanda seeks to hire a highly qualified, dedicated and experienced national for the position of Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist.The position will be based at Head Office -Kigali, reporting to the Livelihood and Self-Reliance Project Manager.

Purpose of the position:

The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Specialist will be responsible for oversight and coordination of all monitoring, evaluation, learning, accountability and reporting requirement-related activities and donor requirements for poverty alleviation coalition graduation project. This includes working closely with the livelihoods technical lead and the project leadership in the development and day-to-day management of the project log frame, oversight and management of the project data management plan. The incumbent will be responsible for the design and roll out of project monitoring system and tools to track project indicators in line with the project implementation plan and expected results while ensuring the quality of project effectiveness.

The major responsibilities include:


Project Design

  • Provide guidance in the design of project planning tools, ensuring that quality planning and budgeting documents are produced with highest quality

  • Ensure project theory of change remains consistent through the conception and implementation of project activities;

  • Develop/Maintain, and/or contextualize standards and project models aligned to the national office technical programs

  • Ensure cross cutting themes (child and adult safeguarding, advocacy and gender mainstreaming, faith and development, etc.) are adequately integrated in project and provide guidance for development of monitoring tools, that are simple and adequate

Livelihood and Self-reliance project models effectively implemented

Programming quality enhanced

Quality planning tools are in place and utilized adequately


Project Monitoring and learning

  • Develop and/or maintain project monitoring systems and processes that tracks performance against project objectives and targets

  • Ensure appropriate project monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems are in place and functioning at all levels to meet the project output and outcome monitoring requirements

  • Ensure information gathered through monitoring activities especially the monthly tracking tool is shared timely;

  • Provide guidance and coordinate the process of developing quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports;

  • Ensure that quality reports are produced and submitted as per the agreed donor standards and deadlines;

  • Provide technical support to project teams in data collection, processing, analysis and interpretation across the project scope

  • Ensure best practices, success stories and/or lessons learnt are documented and disseminated within World Vision Rwanda and its partners ;

  • Provide ongoing oversight and technical assistance to implementing partners in designing and implementing of planned project activities ;

Functional M&E system

Monthly progress tracking tool and reports from all projects are produced and shared timely with the donor

Projects are efficiently and effectively monitored

Annual reports and action plans are prepared and timely submitted to key stakeholders including donor, line ministries and government bodies

Lessons are documented and shared during project reviews to inform adaptive management.


Project Evaluation and reporting

  • Provide overall technical guidance for quality project baselines, evaluations, researches, and special studies;

  • Ensure assessment, research and/or evaluation findings are actively communicated to key project staff and partners ;

  • Promote impact reporting by supporting quality documentation of significant change and impact stories as well as innovations, and ensuring these are shared to relevant staff and partners.

  • Establish and manage the project database (relevant project data, impact and success stories)

Quality research, assessment and/or evaluation reports produced and shared timely

Project outputs and outcomes benchmarked with relevant baseline values

Status/update reports are produced with high quality and shared widely.

Project impact is documented and communicated widely.


Project risk Management

  • Assess risks related to the project, maintain an updated risk register, monitor risks and ensure they are properly managed.

  • Work closely with the risk management Officer to ensure that quarterly monitoring reports on implementation of mitigation actions on operational risk are integrated in the NO risk report.

Project risks identified and mitigated accordingly

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical skills and Experience

The following knowledge, skills and abilities may be acquired through a combination of formal schooling, self-education, prior experience or on-the-job training:

Required Professional Experience

  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in development work, preferably working in a large organization.

  • Should have extensive experience in project design, implementation, monitoring, reporting and evaluation. Experience in livelihoods graduation approach is essential.

  • Ability to work with minimal supervision.

Required Education,

training, license,

registration, and


  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Management, Statistics, Social Sciences, Business Administration or related field.

  • Computer literacy (at least good command of word and excel)

Preferred Knowledge

and Qualifications

  • Master’s degree in Project Management and/or Monitoring and Evaluation is desirable.

  • Knowledge of statistical and data management software (E,g. STATA, SPSS, ODK, KOBO and CSpro).

  • Knowledge of M&E frameworks

  • Must have a clear vision of the key accountabilities, and be determined to achieve all set targets in line with short, medium and long-term targets and objectives.


The salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience.

N.B: Women are highly encouraged to apply.

How to apply:

Should you wish to apply for this position, please go to

If this is your first time applying online via the World Vision International careers website, you will need to register an account along with your application details. This site will provide you with additional functionality, such as saved searches and email alerts. Registration requires minimal information to create your account. Further details will be collected during the application process.

All applicants must apply using our online application system, CVs received via email or standard post will NOT be considered.

In case you face any challenges in applying, please let us know on [email protected](no applications will be accepted through this email).

The closing date for submission of applications is 10th August 2021;no late applications will be accepted.

As a child focused organization, World Vision is committed to the protection of children and does not employ staff whose background is not suitable for working with children. All employment is conditional upon successful completion of all applicable background checks, including criminal record checks.

Note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Project Facilitator



World Vision Rwanda is a child focused Christian humanitarian organization implementing development programs in 29 Districts of Rwanda.

World Vision Rwanda seeks to hire four (4) highly qualified, dedicated and experienced nationals for the position of Project Facilitator.The positions will be based atMugombwa, Kigeme and Mahama Refugee Camps,reporting to the Livelihood and Self-Reliance Project Manager.

Purpose of the position:

Livelihood and Self-reliance Project Facilitator will be responsible for planning, implementing, and monitoring the projects activities in the refugee camps and host communities, through a strong collaboration with camps and host communitiespartners who are involved in livelihood and Resilience activities for broader and deeper impact on the wellbeing of most vulnerable children in covered areas.

The major responsibilities include:

% of time


End Results


Participate in the project planning, review, redesign, budgeting and implementation in the refugees’ camps and host communities, and ensure that cascaded targets are achieved with allocated resources

Project plans and budgets are produced and effectively implemented


Conduct identification of project volunteers and building their capacity, motivating and coordinating them for enrolling, mentoring, and monitoring beneficiaries of the project.

Facilitate formation of savings and credit groups and ensure the participation of the project targeted beneficiaries

Sufficient project volunteers are identified, empowered, coordinated, and facilitated to support the project.


Ensure enrolment and profiling of project beneficiaries in LMMS or other database and/or monitoring software that are necessary for the project to effectively serve all beneficiaries and keep their records on how they will be progressing out of poverty

Households profiled and supported


Facilitate all project beneficiaries to attend basic trainings and regular dialogues on Empowered World View, Entrepreneurship and Gender to ensure that they have enough learning opportunities to change their mindset towards poverty and wealth creation

Beneficiaries worldviews and mindset changed to adopt productive and saving friendly behaviors


Mobilize all beneficiaries to join socioeconomic networks such as Saving Groups and producer groups that will help them learn from each other, and synergistically work together to enhance their livelihoods.

All beneficiaries belong to a Saving Group and another socioeconomic network.


Ensure that all project beneficiaries participate in technical trainings organized under approved resilience and livelihood models which is relevant to their chosen livelihoodsactivities.

Beneficiaries are provided with relevant technical skills to perform better in their livelihoods’ activities


Prepare the project beneficiaries and facilitate them for accessing productive assets through the cash transfer approach to support their livelihoods initiatives

Beneficiaries facilitated to access productive assets through cash transfer


Collect data on all the project activities and sharing them on regular basis with the project M&E specialist and other relevant staff in the organization

Data on all the project activities collected and shared on regular basis


Contribute and participate in periodic evaluations of the savings groups (Effectively document all information related to project successes and best practices, create a bank of pictures, videos, and most significant change stories on the project)

Best practices and success stories are documented

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical skills and Experience

The following knowledge, skills and abilities may be acquired through a combination of formal schooling, self-education, prior experience or on-the-job training:

Required Professional Experience

  1. At least 3 years of experience working with economic development sectors

  2. Demonstrate ability to foster partnerships with refugee camps, community and/or Government agencies and groups

  3. Must be familiar with economic development models e.g. Saving Groups, Local Value Chain Development (LVCD), Business Facilitation, (BF), Microfinance, Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture (NSA), Farmer Managed Natural Resources (FMNR), Citizen Voice and Action (CVA), , and CBDRM.

  4. Ability to construct, interpret, critique budgets and track expenditure; strong financial/budgeting skills.

  5. Report writing skills

  6. Strong group facilitation and training skills

  7. Good monitoring skills

Required Education,

training, license,

registration, and


  1. Bachelors’ degree in Agribusiness, Rural Development, Entrepreneurship, Business Administration, Social Sciences, or any other related field.

  2. Having a driving license class A.

Preferred Knowledge

and Qualifications

  1. Financial Management and economic development skills

  2. Knowledge of community development, empowerment and mentoring approaches

  3. Demonstrated experience in community economic development and management(own business or by providing business development services), experience with small business financing, market analysis and market research

  4. Demonstrated experience in monitoring and evaluation; knowledge of monitoring and evaluation tools such as log frames, monitoring and software such as Cobo Toolbox.

  5. Excellent computer skills, including proficiency in MS Office and Outlook.

  6. Experience in Networking

  7. Business-oriented mindset


The salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience.

N.B: Women are highly encouraged to apply.

How to apply:

Should you wish to apply for this position, please go to

If this is your first time applying online via the World Vision International careers website, you will need to register an account along with your application details. This site will provide you with additional functionality, such as saved searches and email alerts. Registration requires minimal information to create your account. Further details will be collected during the application process.

All applicants must apply using our online application system, CVs received via email or standard post will NOT be considered.

In case you face any challenges in applying, please let us know on [email protected](no applications will be accepted through this email).

The closing date for submission of applications is 10th August 2021;no late applications will be accepted.

As a child focused organization, World Vision is committed to the protection of children and does not employ staff whose background is not suitable for working with children. All employment is conditional upon successful completion of all applicable background checks, including criminal record checks.

Note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Un Directeur Administratif et Financier (DAF)

*Les personnes intéressées sont invitées à déposer leur candidature (CV+LM) en Anglais.

World Vision (WV) est une organisation Chrétienne Humanitaire, de Développement et de Défense des droits travaillant avec les enfants, les familles et les communautés pour combattre la pauvreté et l’injustice. Un aspect important du travail de World Vision est l’apport de services financiers tels que le crédit, l’épargne et l’assurance aux populations pauvres leur permettant de générer plus de revenus, accumuler des actifs et prendre en charge leurs familles à travers son réseau de microfinance VisionFund International (VFI). VisionFund se focalise sur le bien-être des enfants comme World Vision et tire sa force de l’intégration des activités des deux entités. VisionFund International emploie dans son réseau plus de 7,400 personnes à travers 28 pays dont 11 en Afrique et sert plus de 1 100 000 de clients.

VisionFund recherche pour sa filiale du Sénégal, VisionFund Sénégal Microfinance SA (VFS SA) une personne qualifiée pour le poste suivant:

Un Directeur Administratif et Financier (DAF).

Supérieurs Hiérarchiques :

  • Directeur Général de VFS SA.

  • Responsable Financier régional de VisionFund International, (supervision technique).


  • Superviseur comptable ;

  • Responsable Administratif et des Ressources Matérielles.

Objectif du poste:

Le Directeur Administratif et Financier se chargera de :

  • D’assister le Directeur Général dans la gestion des aspects financiers de la stratégie de VisionFund Sénégal.

  • Les Directeurs Financiers de chaque filiale de VisionFund International travaillent à la fois sous la supervision du Directeur Général et du Responsable Financier Régional de VisionFund International.

Missions principales:

  • Garantir la disponibilité et la fiabilité des informations financières et comptables communiquées aux autorités de tutelle, au public et à la hiérarchie dans le cadre de la gestion de VisionFund Sénégal Microfinance S.A.

  • Assurer le contrôle du flux financier de VisionFund Sénégal Microfinance S.A et le maintien de l’intégrité des actifs et biens, des valeurs monétaires et d’autres documents pertinents pour la bonne continuité des activités et des bien.

  • Assurer la responsabilité de la planification financière, de la budgétisation, de la gestion des risques, des systèmes de contrôle et du département de l’administration.

  • Garantir et gérer le budget de VisionFund Sénégal Microfinance S.A. ;

  • Superviser et coordonner la production et la mise à disposition des informations financières selon les engagements de VisionFund Sénégal Microfinance S.A vis à vis de ses partenaires selon les normes IFRS et selon les règles de la Banque

  • Centrale des États de l’Afrique de Ouest (BCEAO).

Missions Spécifiques :

  • Superviser l’enregistrement comptable des opérations de VisionFund Sénégal Microfinance S.A : transactions de la clientèle, dépenses, opérations internes, etc.

  • Superviser la préparation des états financiers annuels : Bilan, Compte d’Exploitation, Balance Générale, etc.

  • Superviser l’élaboration des budgets d’investissement, de fonctionnement et de Trésorerie, puis assurer le suivi de son exécution.

  • Supervise l’ensemble des activités du département administration et les ressources matérielles.

  • Organiser et superviser le rapportage auprès de VisionFund International, du Conseil Administration, des Autorités de tutelle, du public et des autres partenaires.


Production de l’information financière:

  • Superviser la préparation et assurer la soumission des rapports financiers à VisionFund International, au Conseil d’Administration, aux instances de régulation et autres partenaires strictement dans les délais impartis.

  • Garantir la qualité et la fiabilité de l’information financière et des rapports financiers fournis.

  • Travailler en étroite collaboration avec les auditeurs internes ou externes durant les missions d’audit.

Respect des normes et des procédures administratives, comptables et financières:

  • Veiller au strict respect des procédures telle que décrit dans le manuel des finances relatives à l’enregistrement comptable des opérations: Transactions de la clientèle, Trésorerie, Immobilisations, rapprochements bancaires,

  • rémunérations, Etc.

  • Veiller au respect des procédures relatives à l’engagement des dépenses : Respect des limites d’approbation, gestion budgétaire, procédures de passation des marchés, régularité des livraisons et règlements, Etc.

  • Veiller au respect des normes et à l’application des mesures de mitigation des risques auxquels l’Institution est exposée en collaboration avec le ‘‘Risk Champion’’.

Gestion de la liquidité de VisionFund Sénégal Microfinance S.A:

  • Superviser la confection du rapport hebdomadaire ‘’Situation de Trésorerie.

  • Assurer la responsabilité de la gestion de la Trésorerie de VisionFund Sénégal Microfinance S.A avec mise en place d’une stratégie de rémunération.

  • Élaborer, mettre en application un plan de suivi du «cash-flow» et en assurer la bonne exécution.

  • Effectuer le suivi des fonds en provenance des divers partenaires financiers : WVS, WV US, VisionFund International, Kiva et tous autres partenaires de VisionFund Sénégal.

Responsable de l’élaboration des rapports financiers et du Budget Annuel:

  • Participer à l’élaboration du Business plan.

  • Élaborer, mettre en application un plan de suivi des budgets d’investissement et de fonctionnement et en assurer la bonne exécution.

  • Analyser les indicateurs financiers et préparer des rapports détaillés pour assister la Direction Générale et le Conseil d’Administration dans la prise de décisions stratégiques.

  • Superviser la préparation des états financiers consolidés périodiques.

Gestion Administrative des Départements Finance & Administration:

  • Procéder aux évaluations du personnel des deux départements (Finance & Administration).

  • Faire le plan annuel de succession du personnel sous sa supervision et soumettre à l’appréciation du Directeur Général.

  • Organiser des séances de formation du personnel sous supervision.

Gestion de l’Administration et des Ressources Matérielles:

  • Superviser le travail du Responsable des Ressources Matérielles et s’assurer du respect des procédures relatives aux achats.

  • Superviser la rédaction des contrats avec les partenaires.

  • Superviser les travaux d’inventaire des immobilisations et des stocks d’imprimés ; fournitures et consommables.

  • Coordonner les activités de saisies dans les logiciels ‘’Immos’’ et ‘’Trader’’.

  • Coordonner le processus de passation de marché (TDR, appel d’offre…).

  • Superviser la constitution des commissions d’achat et de passation de marché.

Membre du Comité de Direction:

  • Conseiller principal du Comité de Direction sur tous les aspects liés aux Finances : Comptabilité et Trésorerie, Administration.

  • Participer à la revue des politiques et procédures internes.

  • Conseiller et proposer au Directeur Général sur les moyens de réduire les coûts sans compromettre l’efficacité des opérations.


  • Avoir une capacité avérée à travailler en équipe et la faire fédérer vers la stratégie de l’institution et l’atteinte des résultats.

  • Avoir une bonne maitrise des normes IRFS et de la tenue d’une comptabilité d’engagement.

  • Avoir une bonne moralité, rigoureux et capacité à gérer efficacement des problèmes multiformes.

  • Avoir le sens du détail et être méticuleux, être proactif et habile à travailler sous pression.

  • Avoir une parfaite connaissance de la réglementation de la microfinance en vigueur dans la sous-région (UEMOA) et plus particulièrement le SENEGAL.

  • Avoir une forte capacité de négociation, une autonomie et le sens de l’organisation.

  • Excellentes aptitudes rédactionnelles et capacité à communiquer.

  • Être parfaitement bilingue (Français /Anglais).

  • Connaissance des logiciels usuels et des applications comptables, particulièrement celles utilisés en microfinance.


  • Minimum Bac +4/5 en comptabilité, économie, gestion, finance ou banque ou tous autres domaines équivalents.

  • 4/6 ans d’expérience en microfinance, banque ou finance.

  • Personnalité déterminée avec de l'initiative, de la persévérance et la capacité de motiver et de gérer une équipe.

  • Avoir une connaissance du logiciel Perfect serait un atout.

  • Excellente maîtrise du package Microsoft Office, notamment un niveau avancé en Excel.

  • Capacité à assurer ses responsabilités.

  • Un sens très élevé de l'intégrité.

  • Les certifications CPA/ACCA/CIA et CISA. sont considérés comme un avantage.

Coordinateur Financier

Recruitment Announcement

World Vision Mali recruits for the following position (1):

Title: Finance Coordinator

Locality: Koro

Contrat Type: Local

Report to: Zonal Operations Manager & technically to Finance Manager

Supervise: Accountants

World Vision does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process.

World Vision does not concern itself with information on bank accounts.

*Women are strongly encouraged to apply for.

Purpose of position:

To provide effective and efficient technical and managerial support to the Finance Director in achieving the Finance department’s objectives

Communicate World Vision's Christian ethos and demonstrate a quality of spiritual life that is an example to others.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Ensure timely preparation and submission of quality monthly reports of NO in accordance with WV policies.

  • Ensure that all documents about the Cash payment, Deposit of cash in Bank, and Journal voucher are checked day to day.

  • Ensure the generation of monthly reconciliation statements in dollar from GC funding with accounts (Account 300/301) in our books.

  • Ensure that the SAs are done and send to respective offices on a monthly basis.

  • Ensure that the Sun Systems is working well and updated regularly.

  • Assist the Finance Director in preparing and presenting the annual WV Mali budget, and ensure appropriate monitoring of actual expenditures against approved budget on monthly basis.

  • Ensure that the Sun Systems Backup is regularly done and kept both at the office and Bank.

  • Follow up the balances of a/cs 150, 151, 155 etc to make the balances current.

  • Ensure monthly bank reconciliation and follow up reconciling items.

  • Supervise and lead the accountants working under his supervision.

Other Competencies/Attributes:

  • Perform other duties as required.

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience

The following may be acquired through a combination of formal or self-education, prior experience or on-the-job training:

  • Minimum Educational level required: Degree in Accounting (Bac + 2 years) and/ or ACCA/CIMA/CA part qualification

  • Technical Training qualifications required: Must have good working knowledge of accounting principles, financial systems, and budgets/cash flow monitoring and internal controls.

  • Advanced MS Excel/Word/PowerPoint user.

  • Experience: Minimum of 6 years experience in Finance/Accounting.

  • Other: Must have led a team for 3 years.

Working Environment / Conditions:

  • Work environment: Office-based with some travel to the field

  • Travel: 2% Domestic/international travel is required.

  • On call: 5%

Attitudes and Behaviors:

World Vision reserves the right to disqualify a candidate who has any record relating to child abuse or opposite behavior to child protection, even after the hiring.

How to apply:

*Deadline for submission of applications: August 11th, 2021

*Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

RegionalTalent Management & Organisational Development Advisor

JOB TITLE: Regional Talent Management and Organisational Development Advisor

Job location: World Vision West Africa Regional Office (Dakar-Senegal)

Contact type: Local 2

Contract duration: 1-2 years

Purpose of position:

This role exists to advise the Regional Office in the area of Talent Management, staff development, performance management and Organisational Development (OD), In doing so, the incumbent is expected to:

1) working with the Global Center in implementing global initiatives that represent the vehicles for achieving the talent agenda in the region,

2) assess the West African context to find opportunities that can be harnessed and articulate it in a talent management strategy to guide the agenda in the region.

As a Strategic Partner and under the direction of the Regional P&C Director, the Regional Talent Management and OD Advisor will perform the following responsibilities:



  • Implements a learning and leadership development frameworks in the Region to enable leadership success across all leadership stages

  • Contributes to continuity, quality of Regional and National Offices leadership through effective talent management and succession planning – Integrated Talent Management programs & initiatives.


Develops the capacity development strategy for frontline staff in World Vision International West Africa Region (WVI WAR) as well as develops/manages the capacity building programs deriving from the strategy.


Participates in the global workforce planning initiative from a regional perspective and acts as the regional focal point for the gathering and maintaining of Human capital related data.


Implements the Partnership Performance Management program within the Region


Works with region, national offices and GC on diversity & inclusion (D&I) initiatives & D&I Metrics &Reporting


Implements a change management approach that ensures that the Region will move from current state to future desired state in an efficient and effective manner


Responsible for regional consultancy and advisement in the area of organisational design and development


Ensures a region-wide process is in place for assessing and maintaining high levels of employee engagement.


The following may be acquired through a combination of formal or self-education, prior experience or on-the-job training:


  • Educational level required: Master degree preferably in Human Resources or equivalent

  • Relevant working experience- At least 5 to 7 years related HR experience – generalist or specialist;

    • Has managed a sizeable team successfully & has carried responsibility for developing staff.

    • Has a special interest in diversity & inclusion (D&I) and experience in deploying D&I programs

    • Senior HR generalist with experience of working in a global environment

    • Has had project administration experience in a global context

    • Learning & development auditing skills

    • Knowledge and/or experience of implementing Talent management, diversity & inclusion programs at major organizations.

    • Experience with work force planning models or systems

    • Training design, delivery & measuring impact skills

Other requirements

  • Excellent interpersonal and marketing skills, willing to challenge the status quo, ability to handle confidential information in a professional manner, passion for excellence, excellent writing and presentation skills combined with meticulous attention to detail and accuracy, team player, influencing & very good organisational abilities; is able to prioritise tasks and meet deadlines.

  • Fluent in French and English

    Working Environment / Conditions:

  • Work environment: Office-based with frequent travel to the field

  • Travel: 30% Domestic/international travel is required.

Regional Auditor (RA), Zambia

*Please submit your CV in English.


To provide an independent objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve the organization’s operations. This will be done by using a systematic approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, internal control and governance processes of the Organization.

Must prove high standards of professional and social ethics and will conduct regional engagements of varying size and complexity, provide support for planning for the various phases of the field work, carry out audit work as assigned by the Regional Senior Auditor or Regional Audit Manager, provide a summary of audit findings, criteria, risks and recommendations.



  • Participate in the Annual Planning process: contribute to the preparation of the annual audit plan as will be directed by the Regional Audit Manager (RAM).

  • Active engagement with senior management staff within the NOs in order to gain a good understanding of their business and ensure the efficient execution of assigned audits.

  • Ensure the preparation of pre - audit information and coordinate receipt of information from the auditees before the fieldwork.

Audit Execution:

  • Conduct detailed risk-based audit work and document findings of all allocated assignments within prescribed Audit Plan time lines.

  • Provide role of Advisor to Senior Leadership in absence of/ as may be delegated from time to time by RSIA or RAM.

  • Review follow up evidence of implementation of audit findings as per auditee “audit implementation plan’’ to ensure audit matters arising are fully resolved.

Quality Assurance:

Ensure WV GIA quality standards are maintained, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Timely audit binder setup and technical execution of audits (planning to completion) in Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) system.

  • Develop and submit timely audit work and draft findings to Regional Senior Internal Auditor (RSIA) for review.

  • Ensure timely resolution of audit review feedback from RSIA.

Professional Development:

  • Maintain Continuing Education (CPE) by attending online courses or professional seminars and trainings. The incumbent should maintain a minimum of 40 units per year.


  • Provide regular capacity building to Management Teams within NO Portfolios assigned, regarding RBIA and enterprise risk management during field work, and at designated training forums planned by Management.

  • Support and implement the Global Internal Audit (GIA) initiatives deemed to increase the internal audit team effectiveness and efficiency.


  • Must have prior working experience in audit (Public or private) of not less than three years in a recognized organization, two of which should be at a senior supervisory level. Experience in accredited audit firms and/or in a Non-Governmental organization will be an added advantage.

  • Proven experience in Risk Based Auditing.

  • Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to influence others and establish credibility with business partners.

  • Cross cultural and multi faith experience.

  • Exposure to various accounting systems.

  • Bachelor degree in Audit, Accounting, Finance or related field.

  • Professional audit certifications (ACCA/CPA/CIA) finalized or in advanced stage of certification process.

  • Must be able to effectively work with new and changing situations including new regulations; where there may not always be a readily apparent solution.

  • Excellent presentation, analytical, interpersonal, time management, research, and communications skills.

  • Maintain a current knowledge base of audit industry practices and to ensure best practices as always considered.

  • Perform all assigned audit duties in a manner that reflects the highest professional standards and complies with the guidelines of the Institute of Internal Auditors.

  • Considerable knowledge of the Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing and the Code of Ethics developed by the Institute of Internal Auditors.

  • Good command of the English Language, written and communication skills in particular. Knowledge of French/Spanish would be an added advantage.


  • Strategic thinker with advanced analytical and problem-solving skills.

  • Strong project management skills.

  • Computer skills (office application, accounting systems is a plus).

  • Working knowledge in Audit software packages

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 50 % of the time. This travel includes fragile context operational areas within the Region.

  • This role involves working in a virtual /geographically dispersed / multi-culturally team.

Associate Director of Finance

  1. Associate Director of Finance (Grade 17) – 1 Position

Purpose of the position:

The Associate Director of Finance – provides technical and accounting leadership to the National office finance functions. He/she is responsible for overall budget monitoring and compliance oversight for the National office finance function. S/he oversees the design and implementation of strong internal controls and appropriate financial reporting procedures/policies to minimize/manage risks associated with financial management to achieve consistent compliance with WV International financial policies and procedures. The position supervises the Zonal Finance and Support Services Managers and the National Office accounting and reporting functions.

Major Responsibilities:

Financial Planning and Budgeting (20% of time)

  • Lead the production of cash flow reports, annual budget, and forecasts.

  • Facilitate the preparation, review and consolidation of the WV Malawi annual budgeting process and provide technical support in line with budgeting guidelines, FFM requirements and donor regulation (including GIK).

  • Consolidate and review WVM annual budgets, including Overhead (CAL) budgets in accordance with GC and SARO budget guidelines

  • Coordinate the process for review of the AP budgets and ensure accurate and complete program budgets are uploaded on Horizon and in Sunsystems.

  • Review the alignment of budgets between projects, MyPBAS and support office ensuring MyPBAS is updated and reconciled monthly.

  • Prepare project expenditure management analyses reports and track project spending against budget through Variance Analysis, investigation and follow-up with the respective project.

  • Provide technical leadership to the Year-end closing procedures.

Financial Reporting Analysis and Compliance (20% of time)

  • Oversee and ensure that Financial and management reports including cash flow forecasts are prepared accurately and disseminated within the due dates organization including those for submission to the Regional office and for the review of the Advisory Council.

  • Coordinate the FFR review process with the different functions (program management, M&E, finance) to ensure quality analysis of the issues and identification of appropriate solutions,

  • Oversee the development and implementation of financial trainings and capacity building activities to build the capacity of WV Finance staff in relevant and appropriate donor financial management policies, procedures, and standards

  • Coordinate and oversee preparation of financial performance scorecards for tracking and benchmarking organizational performance to inform corrective action.

  • Coordinate roll out of GC initiatives.

Financial Transaction processing and Accounting (20% of time)

  • Maintain WVM Chart of accounts and ensure SunSystems records are accurately maintained for all transactions and assets.

  • Ensure that all financial transactions are processed accurately, in a timely manner, and in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

  • Develop, implement, and maintain processes and controls that are current best practices related to transaction processing.

  • Manage, oversee, process (as appropriate), and review processing for the following transactions: payroll, accounts payable, revenue and expense, fixed assets, cash, bank reconciliations, and account allocations.

  • Oversee and perform month-end closing procedures, including overhead allocations, account reconciliations, and updating schedules.

  • Maintain an orderly accounting filing system for accounting records

Financial risk management, audit Coordination and compliance (20% of time)

  • Conduct regular assessment of WVM financial systems and processes to identify control and process gaps and weaknesses and recommend measures steps to mitigate risk associated with these.

  • Ensure WV Finance staff are aware of WV and GF policies on Fraud and corruption and that there are adequate systems in place for the prevention and detection of fraud.

  • Ensure compliance with Internal & External audit requirements and the submission of statutory reports and taxes as required.

  • Ensure that there is real time on-site monitoring during implementation of key activities to mitigate risks of fraud and other malpractices.

  • Oversee the implementation of systems and process improvements to increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

People Management and Capacity Building(10% of time)

  • Lead, direct, mentor and coach a team of finance staff to meet WV organizational objectives. Provide leadership to finance and accounting areas of theorganization supervising Zonal Finance and Support Services managers and the NO Accounting and reporting team.

  • Recruit, retain, supervise, train and develop all the staff in the department assigning jobs relevant to accounts payable, accounts receivable etc.

  • Oversee Finance new-hire orientation and onboarding, coaching and training for Finance and program staff on financial matters.

  • Support the Grants Finance Manager/ AD in ensuring accurate charging of allocated Support costs to grants.

  • Maintain up-to-date job descriptions for the Finance Accounts team and ensure Performance Evaluations and work plans are in place.

  • Share and replicate finance management best practices with the project teams in order to ensure improvement in financial management

Coordination of support from other departments supporting finance to ensure accuracy of financial records. (10% of time)

  • Ensure proper coordination with other support services functions including Supply Chan Management, administration and ICT.

  • Participate on the Tender Committee meetings and ensure Finance representation at all such meetings

  • Actively participate in management groups e.g Extended Leadership Forum for maximum finance engagement and impact.

  • Member of the Internal Audit Committee and the Risk and compliance oversight committee as well as OSHA.

  • Sunsystems Administrator for WV Malawi and ensure all Finance support systems are operational and liaise with GC whenever support is needed

Knowledge, qualification and experience required

  • ACCA, CPA or CIMA or equivalent professional qualification required.

  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Accounting or Finance, Management or another relevant field

  • Minimum of five years’ experience in a similar leadership position, preferably with an International NGO. At least ten (10) years’ experience in non-profit Accounting and/or grant management, preferably with an International Organization, with at least 6 years’ experience at the management level.

  • Must be a, self-motivated, problem solving individual with high levels of initiative

  • Good understanding of GAAPS is required

  • Thorough knowledge of best practices in capacity strengthening with prior experience of integrating this with programming; experience in curriculum design and development.

  • Excellent experience in financial management and Accounting.

  • Demonstrated ability to transfer knowledge to diverse audiences through participatory adult learning, mentoring, distance education, and other formal and non-formal methods; experience in the design of and delivery of training workshops

  • Must demonstrate a good understanding of contemporary management best practices

  • Strong leadership and interpersonal skills, demonstrating diplomacy and tact

  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail

WASH & Construction Advisor

You will be required to produce a current (within 3 months) Original Police Clearance Certificate or waiting receipt during interview in case you are shortlisted

Job Title : WASH and Construction Advisor

Reporting to : WASH Technical Manager

Grade Level : 16

Work Location : Nairobi

Purpose of position

Ensure effective technical leadership and proper coordination of design & construction works of WASH and non-WASH infrastructure, proper implementation and monitoring of WASH activities in Kenya that is acceptable and comply to regulation, offer quality assurance and risk management for high quality projects that meet recognized standards, mentoring and building the capacity of WASH technical colleagues & full participation in proposal writing towards catalyzing, full attainment of child wellbeing aspirations. This role will contribute to increasing Water & sanitation coverage and hygiene promotion, and proper infrastructure development in efforts towards achieving SDG 6: to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

Major Responsibilities

Technical Leadership, Coordination and Implementation (45%)

  • Provide overall technical leadership to all World Vision Kenya WASH & Construction and ground Water Development.

  • Preparation of Feasibility Studies, Preliminary and Detailed Design as well as Design Reviews for water and sanitation infrastructures (intakes, boreholes, pumping stations, reservoirs, water distribution networks, treatment plants) and structural work.

  • Preparation of tender Documents, BOQs, Specifications and Conditions of Contracts in line with FIDIC contracts and World Vision WASH Business guidelines

  • Support in the registration of all World Vision Kenya WASH projects with NCA as required and ensure full handover of the project to relevant stakeholders when completed.

  • Provide innovative and technical support for effective implementation of all WASH grant/sponsorship projects and Construction.

  • Ensure that business processes related to initiatives developed in coordination with other National Office (NO) WASH team are adhered to by the relevant APs or project areas.

  • Support the implementation of approved Rural water management guidelines for improved governance and sustainability of World Vision Kenya WASH projects.

  • Provide technical leadership in water resource mapping, environmental protection and conservation through water shed management, reforestation and other best practices.

  • Coordinate in the development, approval and implementation of water safety plans and disaster risk management plans for all the water supply projects.

  • Ensure that WASH business processes, standards and guidelines related to WASH and Construction initiatives are effectively applied in project implementation.

  • Support development of technically sound funding proposals through provision of information & data and review in collaboration with ADP Managers and other sector specialists.

  • Facilitates, coordinate and support the GIS processes & strategies and the continuous use of the mWater platform by field level WASH staff.

Project Effectiveness, reporting and Budget Utilization (35%)

  • Oversee quality and effectiveness of WASH project activities as per the design and guidelines in full compliance with GOK, WHO, SPHERE, WASREB and other relevant partnership and international standards and guidelines;

  • Ensure relevant projects meet or exceed planned outcomes and targets

  • Ensure appropriate monitoring tools are developed, reviewed, approved and disseminated to all WASH colleagues for implementation

  • Conduct frequent field monitoring visits to APs implementing the relevant projects and facilitation of visiting delegations/donors

  • Monitor effective and efficient utilization of all WASH & construction budgets

  • Work closely with WASH regional coordinators and AP/project team leads to implement response plans regarding all financial and operational audit findings of the projects initiatives, and take the needed measures to prevent such findings from recurring in the future.

  • Participate in enterprise risk management activities for all the WASH activities in the AP’s and implement improvement action plans required.

  • In liaison with the DMEAL and NO WASH team, develop TOR and other tools for grant projects monitoring and evaluations as required.

  • Review and consolidate monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, and end of projects reports and ensure that the reports are prepared in a timely manner and in accordance with donors and World Vision Kenya requirements/strategy.

  • Document and disseminate lessons learnt and best practices on completed initiatives and projects.

  • Facilitate regular WASH & Construction progress meetings in consultation with Regional WASH coordinators.

  • Ensure proper acquisition, handling and maintenance of all WASH related assets by designated staff at all times.

Advocacy, Engagement and Partnership (15%)

  • Foster linkage with relevant partners and support offices

  • Collaborate with Ministry of Water, NCA, WASREB, EBK, KETREB and other relevant departments in providing technical support and assistance to the World Vision Kenya WASH projects

  • Represent World Vision Kenya in strategic WASH and Construction stakeholder forums/meetings at Global, National and County level.

  • Support implementing staff to successfully engage with key internal and external stakeholders, including other World Vision Kenya entities, Community, church and other civil society representatives in order to maximize the impact of interventions

  • In collaboration with Resource Acquisition and Management (RAM) participate in appropriate donor engagement activities

  • Support timely development of funding proposals in line with donor requirements and World Vision Kenya standards in collaboration with Area Program leadership, other NO WASH team members and RAM.

Other 5%

  • Perform any other duties as may be assigned by the supervisor or designee from time to time

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering/Water Engineering. Master’s degree in a relevant field as an added advantage

  • Must Be a registered Graduate with EBK/KETREB or professional Engineer with EBK.

  • Minimum 7 years’ overall experience in Engineering project design, tender development, planning and implementation and supervising & reporting on integrated development with bias in WASH projects.

  • At least 3 years’ experience at a senior position providing technical leadership in WASH and construction activities in the water sector with multiple stakeholders and multi-layered teams.

  • Proven experience in water supply, improved operational efficiency, Operation and Maintenance of water project, and implementation of water supply sustainable models for rural water management.

  • Prior experience in engaging with donors, government institutions e.g. WASREB, WSTF etc and other WASH related civil societies

  • Result orientated leader who can handle heavy work load as well as manage and satisfy multiple and at times conflicting organizational, donor and other stakeholder demands,

  • Expertise in Water resource management, disaster Risk Management and water safety plans for WASH projects. This includes Water Quality Testing, Monitoring and reporting.

  • Good experience in construction contract project design and management – FIDIC understanding.

  • Excellent English communication skills (both oral and written).

  • Knowledge and application of auto/arch CAD, Epanet and GIS

  • Excellent computer skills, including proficiency in MS Office and Microsoft Outlook

  • Ability to take initiative as team leader & able to work with minimum supervision

Chief of Party, Early Childhood Education, Ethiopia

*Position is contingent upon funding and donor approval.

*Please submit your CV in English.


The purpose of the Chief of Party (CoP) position is to manage structure, coordinate and support the full USAID-funded Early Childhood Education activity in Ethiopia. The position holder is required to collaborate with the Ministry of Education and other critical partners to provide strategic and high-level support for effective capacity building at the local level and sustainability of the project interventions. The COP will oversee a team of experts and support staff, prepare reports and annual operating plans, align project initiatives with in-country priorities and ensure the program is compliant with USAID and World Vision Ethiopia regulations.


Project and Budget Management:

  • Manage proactive and responsive relationship with USAID in close collaboration with World Vision staff both in Ethiopia and in the U.S.

  • Direct and oversee grant implementation, ensuring that all strategic objectives are met through proper design, staffing, implementation, and quality assurance.

  • Establish a comprehensive understanding about major policy, strategy and program landscape of ECDE in the Country; identify, develop and undertake viable strategies for successful institutionalization and sustainability of ECDE.

  • Develop strategic plans, annual and quarterly work plans, and overall management of the program in line with USAID guidelines to achieve project objectives.

  • Ensure the development of strong M&E mechanisms, program monitoring tools and efficient systems to ensure high quality implementation.

  • Ensure the application of robust evidence and learning system to inform the implementation of the project.

  • Consistently look for more effective and efficient implementation methods and opportunities to increase impact in children with disabilities and disadvantages.

Collaboration with Associations and Organizations and Capacity Building:

  • Play an influencing role through forging strong partnership with major ECDE policy and strategy level actors in the country for enhanced outcomes of the project.

  • Provide policy and strategy level advisory assistance to MoE and other major ECDE actors.

  • Represent World Vision Ethiopia with partners and key stakeholders, maintain positive relationships with USAID, local ministries, and the country office team.

  • Liaise with local government officials, especially education officials, local communities, donor representatives and other stakeholders as appropriate.

  • Liaise with Ministry of Education, local government officials, local communities, donor representatives and other stakeholders as appropriate.

Grant Compliance:

  • The CoP will work closely with the awards manager to ensure that the project is implemented according to USAID polices and principles and that there are no disallowable expenses.

  • S/he will report any variance (budget or programmatic) on time to USAID after internal consultation.

  • Establish and maintain effective project reporting, evaluation, and communication systems.

  • Submit timely, accurate and professional reports that meet donor requirements.

  • Manage grant/project budget within approved spending levels and ensure project staff submit accurate and timely financial reports, forecasts, and burn rate analyses to donors and Support Office staff.

People Management:

  • Supervise a team of senior level international and national staff with ECDE technical skills.

  • Lead grant operations staff including finance, M&E, and communications.

  • Provide the necessary support to ensure that all technical and project personnel function within approved budgets and in accordance with USAID and WV regulations, policies, procedures, and guidelines. Promote staff integration and a good work environment.

Communication and Capacity Building:

  • Work closely with Communication and Strategy teams to develop and implement effective marketing and communication (both internal and external) that ensure knowledge capture and learning across the organisation.

  • Serve as focal point for USAID ECE project and actively participate in the required meetings/forums and others.


  • Master's degree in education, especially with a focus on Early Childhood Development Education program or equivalent experience in Education program management.

  • Familiarity with USAID programs, their history and their development; mastery of USAID regulations governing such programs.

  • Demonstrated outstanding leadership, effective organizational development, partnership building, managerial, team building, and communications skills.

  • Proven ability to coordinate with other key stakeholders such as governmental and non-governmental organizations in Ethiopia.

  • Strong presentation and report writing skills.

  • Experience of leading large and diverse teams.

  • Experience in leading and managing large grants in a complex environment.

  • Experience as a CoP, “key personnel”, or senior expert advisor required.

  • Experience in managing sub grants and contracts under grants for complex projects.

  • Fluency in English.

  • 10+ years of extensive international development experience managing large grant-funded projects in developing countries.

  • At least 5 years managing large education projects.

  • 2+ years in senior roles.

  • Coaching and team building.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Sound knowledge and experience of effective and proven experiences of coaching large teams.

  • Sound knowledge and experience of on Early Childhood Education program.

  • Sound knowledge of strategies and techniques to manage the effective implementation of USAID funded large grants.

  • Excellent relationship building skills including ability to engage and influence across all levels with key decision makers / executives of a variety of key external organisations.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to lead and work effectively in team.

  • Experience successfully building local capacity and local systems strengthening through programming.

  • English, required. Other local languages are preferable.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • Work environment: Office-based with some travel.

  • Travel: The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 25 % of the time.

  • On call: as required.

Operations Director

You will be required to produce a current (within 3 months) Original Police Clearance Certificate or waiting receipt during interview In case you are shortlisted

Reporting to : National Director

Provides Supervision to : 4 Regional Managers, Senior Manager Disaster Management Team, Senior Manager Sponsorship Operations, Project Director – IMARA Grant, Chief of Party – Tumikia Mtoto Project, National Grants Coordinators, Grants Compliance Manager

Job Grade : 18

Work Location : Nairobi

Purpose of the position:

The Operations Director is responsible for strategic leadership and results-based management of World Vision Kenya’s field operations, including line-management of all sponsorship funded programs, grants and PNS projects, technical programs, Disaster Management (including the Refugee Response), and Faith & Development initiatives.

To provide overall leadership to the operations team, fostering an enabling environment to support World Visions strategic priorities and imperatives. To develop and operationalize systems that promote integration and ensure timely, effective implementation of the programmes portfolio of projects in pursuit of Child Well-Being. To oversee the implementation of systems, infrastructure, and capacity building to address core security requirements and staff care. To spearhead external engagement in order to position the organization to sustain and grow and to influence and promote coordination with key stakeholders.

The position is accountable for the following:

  • To provide leadership, support and coordination to all operations in World Vision Kenya to ensure efficient and effective program implementation so as to meet the goals and objectives of World Vision and community partners, in alignment with the National Strategy.

  • To develop and lead a team of competent staff, with strong spiritual commitment, good professional skills, and excellent team leadership skills as they manage all operations of World Vision Kenya.

  • To ensure that the standards of representation, design quality, implementation, grant management, monitoring and reporting are such that World Vision Kenya is seen as a partner of choice for World Vision Support Offices and Donor Agencies in chosen sectors of intervention.

  • To ensure the integration of all projects and programs, such that a true holistic approach to transformational development is found in the design, implementation, monitoring & evaluation of the work of World Vision Kenya with communities and local partners.

In order to successfully do so, the Operations Director must be able to effectively communicate World Vision’s Christian ethos and demonstrate a quality of spiritual life that serves as an example to others.

Major Responsibilities:

Strategic Management (20%)

  • Stay abreast of, analyze and advise the National Director on trends in programming, operational, country and donor environments to facilitate strategic decision making and planning.

  • Provide leadership in the development, application and monitoring of strategies and plans, in alignment with WVK’s 5-year strategic plan and global “Our Promise” strategy framework.

  • Ensure all Operations departments, programs and projects reflect WVs Integrated Focus and Principle Level Choices, and support WV Ministry Objectives.

  • Ensure rolling multi-year growth plans for APs and other programs are maintained, taking the lead in negotiations with WV Support Offices.

  • Pursue strategically aligned and proactive resource acquisition in order to ensure program commitments can be fulfilled.

Program Quality & Integration (30%)

  • Build team unity through good collaboration. In particular build strong and trusting bridges between the Operations and Program Effectiveness & Impact.

  • Clear matrix relationships exist at National Office Operations Division and each Regional Office to promote strong collaboration, especially in implementation of Technical Programs.

  • Develop and manage systems that ensure all programs are incorporating quality designs and achieve outputs that make a significant difference in the communities where WVK works.

  • Ensure integration between projects and programs is made a priority at all levels within the Operations Division, and that the integration synergy is realized.

  • Ensure all projects and programs integrate child well-being outcomes (CWBOs) and make a measurable contribution to child well-being.

  • Ensure Project Managers are meeting the highest quality standards of grant management & compliance.

  • Support/manage innovations and new initiatives in order to improve program quality and impact (enabling organizational learning and reflection).

Financial Management/Grant Management (10%)

  • Ensure financial management aligns with donor commitment and compliance expectations.

  • Ensure all projects remain within budget, and also do not underspend more than 5%.

  • Oversee Operations Division compliance with the Field Financial Manual (FFM), including ensuring proper accounting systems and practice.

  • Ensure the provision of appropriate responses on all audit reports findings. Ensure that audit finding implementation plans are developed and effectively rolled-out.

  • Ensure fraud related investigation reports are taken very seriously, with appropriate resulting actions based on a “zero tolerance” philosophy.

  • Oversight of grant management unit, ensuring that effective finance management and accountability is applied to all grant funded projects.

Internal Coordination/Contribution to Overall WVK Management (10%)

  • Actively participate in the WVK Senior Leadership Team, board committees/main board meetings, and the Strategy Support Team (SST).

  • Ensure strong collaboration between the Operations and Program Effectiveness & Impact Divisions, as well as support functions such as Finance, Admin/Procurement, P&C, ICT, Communications and others.

  • Ensure effective liaison with Vision Fund Kenya (VFK) and actively manage the integration of VFK microfinance services with WVKs overall operations

  • Participate in VFK Board representing WVK

Team Leadership & Building a High Performance Team (15%)

  • Build cooperation, team spirit and a supportive, learning environment within the Operations Division

  • Ensure effective capacity building of Divisional staff (in line with 70/20/10 principles) in key programming areas (including LEAP3 and Technical Program requirements). In addition, actively work on leadership development through process of capacity building and coaching.

  • Actively participate in development of key positions (JDs/Performance Agreements) and ensure top class recruitment is undertaken. Seek to build Operations Divisional team comprised of top class actors performing at the highest level.

  • Facilitate an appropriate environment for the spiritual formation of staff, including the embracing of WVs Vision, Mission & Core Values.

  • Participate in and lead where appropriate devotional meetings, weekly chapel, annual Day of Prayer and other events.

External Stakeholders Relationship & Management (15%)

  • Support the National Director in representing WV to donors, line ministries, County Governments and partner organizations.

  • Ensure that the communications and representation of WVK with WV Support Offices, international donor organizations, and major donors from and by Operations staff is of the highest quality and transparency.

  • In coordination with the National Director, and programme staff, participate in national level coalitions on specific advocacy issues.

  • Network with external agencies (donor agencies, govt. departments, SOs, IOs, other NGOs, etc.) in order to effectively represent WVK.

  • Through oversight of grant management unit, proactively engage in donor relations. This will include addressing issues as they occur in order to retain donor confidence in WVK.

  • Encourage the full and appropriate external expression of WVs Christian identity.

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience

The following may be acquired through a combination of formal or self-education, prior experience or on-the-job training:

  • Masters Degree in international development or relevant field such as social science, public health, or business administration

  • At least 10 years program management experience in an international development organization. and/or 8+ years of experience in emergency response, development programming, and/or fragile contexts

  • At least 3 years experience in a senior NGO leadership role in a developing country.

  • Previous experience working in Kenya/East Africa, and/or experience working in World Vision is preffred

  • Demonstrated experience in program or project design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and report writing is preferred.

  • Has successfully initiated & implemented significant organizational change.

  • Experience in organizational representation with government, donor & IOs in order to strengthen relationships and nurture partnerships.

  • Familiarity with EU, USAID/OFDA, DFID, CIDA, SIDA, GAC, AusAID grant compliance and procedures

  • Must possess knowledge of humanitarian industry, including Sphere standards, HAP, NGO Code of Conduct, and Humanitarian Charter

  • Must possess experience in staff security, safety management, and staff care within a complex, insecure, and fragile environment

  • Proven leadership ability, with excellent judgment and decision-making

  • Demonstrated facilitation and collaboration skills

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Fluency in English required.

  • Excellent relational skills, especially in a cross-cultural environment, and ability to work well with national and international staff

  • Ability to analyze and solve problems, innovate, persuade, network and negotiate.

  • Programming knowledge of a specific WV ministry sector is preferred.

  • Strong strategic and operational planning skills and ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks.

  • Ability to work gracefully under pressure, while focusing on matters that are most important.

  • Able to work as part of a team as a positive contributor/ encourager.

  • Strong Christian commitment, spiritual maturity and discernment evidenced by life and character including active and regular fellowship with other Christians

Working Environment / Conditions:

  • Based in the National Office in Nairobi. Periodic in-country, regional and international travel is required (not to exceed 25% of the time).

  • Available to represent WVK at critical functions as required

Resource Acquisition Specialist- Livelihoods & Resilience

Please Note that you will be required to have a current (within 3 months) Original Police Clearance as part of the selection process.

Job Title: Resource Acquisition Specialist

Reporting to: Associate Director – Resource Acquisition and Management

Grade Level: 16

Work Location: National Office - Nairobi

Purpose of Position

To lead donor engagement, intelligent research on donor strategies, sectoral focus and forecasts, prepositioning for solicited and unsolicited opportunities and generate set annual grant income for World Vision Kenya. The incumbent shall contribute strategically to development of Grant Acquisition and Donor Retention Strategies for World Vision Kenya from the assigned Foundations, bilateral, and multilateral donors.

As part of the WVK family, the position holder promotes World Vision's Christian values through its work in teams and with people from various backgrounds.

Major Responsibilities

Growth of Grant Income as per Resource Acquisition and Management (RAM) Business Process as a result of strengthening GAM business process (50 %)

  • Lead engagement exercise with WVK identified donors as related to WVKs donor mapping and tiering guidelines.

  • Identify donor priorities and intelligence on upcoming opportunities

  • search for information that will facilitate positioning and establishment of partnership for opportunities

  • Lead the proposal development process in partnership with NO teams, SO and external partners/ consortia as relevant.

  • Coordinated procedure for managing new opportunities including Grant startups

Donor attraction and retention (25%)

  • Actively seek out strategic alliances with donors, NGOs, UN, governments, Support Offices, bilateral and multilateral agencies for purposes of coordination fund raising

  • Pro-actively provide donor updates on existing grants and keep the donor relations on course to ensure repeat funding,

  • Ensure good donor and World Vision International Support Office relations by meeting all contractual obligations and achieving high quality planning and implementation of RAM activities

Grants start-ups Monitoring, Reporting, Documentation and Knowledge Management (10%)

  • Coordinate with Grant compliance Due diligence, pre-teaming, teaming process and sub-grant Agreement

  • Lead the handing over process of awarded opportunities and support startup processes of grants as relates to business process.

  • Lead the process of after action reviews after every submitted opportunity and document lessons learnt to improve our process

  • Participate in donor grant monitoring trips as feasible

Capacity Building for staff on Grants Acquisition and Management (10%)

  • support identification of WVK staff capacity gaps at all levels (NO, Regional & County) in regard to grants acquisition and donor requirements.

  • support the development & implementation of NO GAM capacity- building plans.

  • Facilitate capacity building on proposal development, donor engagement, WVK Branding and monitoring & reporting based on donor requirements.

  • Research, develop & implement new initiatives that make GAM function more effectively e.g Subgranting

Others 5%

  • Carry out any duties that may be assigned from time to time by the supervisor.

  • Participate and contribute in committees and task forces as may be signed from time to time

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in Social sciences, Agribusiness, Economics, NRM, or relevant field from a recognized University. Post graduate degree will be an added advantage.

  • Minimum 7 years’ relevant experience, 3 of which must be in grant acquisition and donor engagement,

  • Must have at least 3 years’ experience in leading and coordinating teams

  • Must have experience in designing and programming project in the sector Livelihoods resilience or NRM

  • Ample experience and expertise in partnering and engaging with government donors, multilateral & bilateral donors and private sector

  • Ability to work under tight schedules and with highly competing priorities and deliver quality results

  • Demonstrated strong presentation & writing skills; ability to develop quality concept notes, proposals, logical frameworks and reports under tight deadlines. Proposal Pro/ equivalent training will be added advantage

  • Demonstrated experience in community development work, partnering and consortium management, staff capacity building,

  • Ability to motivate multi-stakeholder teams and inspire teamwork and to manage donor expectations

  • Significant experience in project management and grant compliance procedures.

  • Ability to work with minimum supervision.

  • Computer skills especially Microsoft