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Project Manager-Nutrition

You will be required to produce a current (within 3 months) Original Police Clearance Certificate or waiting receipt during interview in case you are shortlisted

Job Title : Project Manager-Nutrition

Reporting to : Cluster Manager

Grade Level : 14

Work Location : Turkana, Kilifi & Kitui

Purpose of Position

To provide programmatic and technical management in successful implementation of the NICHE grant project, aimed at improving child wellbeing outcomes within the project area and effectively lead and communicate World Vision’s Christian ethos whilst demonstrating quality of spiritual life that serves as an example to others

Major Responsibilities

Programmatic and technical support for nutrition projects -40%

  • Ensure proper planning and implementation of Nutrition grant project interventions in the project area in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and other partners

  • Ensure all grant nutrition interventions are implemented within schedule, plans and budgets and regularly review project status

  • Ensure that nutrition interventions are integrated with other projects in the programme

  • Ensure identification of local needs and resources and take appropriate programming measures

  • Ensure effective integration of gender, child protection, food security, disability, Christian commitment and advocacy into nutrition grant.

  • Ensure development of quality project, Annual work plans, budgets and Detailed Implementation Plan, 4D matrix

  • Ensure Integration of sustainability planning in the project design

Quality assurance for programmatic Designs, Assessments, Monitoring and Evaluation processes-25%

  • Lead the development of project design, work plans and ensure compliance to WVK, GoK, donor guidelines and standards

  • Ensure timely mobilization and effective communication with the relevant ministries, communities and other stakeholders during baselines and evaluations

  • Liaise with National Office Program Officer for the technical support of the project officers and technical aspects of the project design

  • Follow-up for timely approval of donor reports, budgets and plans for the project

  • Ensure monthly monitoring of project indicators and facilitate regular reflections on monitoring practice to make improvements and share the report with relevant stakeholders

  • Contribute to evaluation planning, support nutrition surveys, support data collection, analysis and interpretation of nutrition data

  • Ensure the health information system for MOH and NICHE is updated regularly and can inform project implementation

  • Ensure timely submission of quality reports (weekly to biweekly sitreps, monthly management reports, Semi-annual Annual in line with WV/donor reporting guidelines

  • In collaboration with project team identify, document and disseminate promising practices on nutrition within the grant

Advocacy, Engagement, Coordination, Networking & Partnerships-15%

  • Represent WVK in nutrition stakeholder meetings county and sub-county levels key among them county

  • In liaison with county health team lead the county nutrition technical forum and county multi-stakeholder forums

  • Engaging with county executive, county legislature, ministry of health as sub-county or county level to influence resource allocation nutrition

  • Map resource mobilization opportunities at local level and develop concepts and proposals in collaboration with regional and national office teams

Enhanced Empowerment & Capacity building -10%

  • Identification and sharing of capacity building gaps among nutrition project staff and partners.

  • Lead the capacity building initiatives for staff, communities and partners to enable them effectively advocate for and implement project interventions.

  • Ensure ongoing coaching and mentoring of project staff and MoH staff to be able perform achieve results

Resource Acquisition-5%

  • Identify funding gaps related to health and nutrition and develop concepts for fundraising solicitation

Provide data and nutrition information that will aid in fundraising for available funding opportunities.

Others -5%

  • Attend and participate/ lead in daily devotions and weekly Chapel services.

  • Any other duties assigned by the supervisor


  • Minimum of five (5) years working experience of which three (3) should be in maternal infant and young child nutrition interventions

  • Good understanding of Ministry of health systems, Nutrition programming models, standards and guidelines, Ministries of Health structures at county and national levels

  • Knowledge of national Health and Nutrition policy and advocacy instruments and structures

  • First-hand experience in Health and Nutrition community resilience programming

  • Significant experience working with an NGO environment, community and peoples’ groups, state institutions etc.

  • Experience in project management and implementation

  • Experience in staff management/supervision

  • Working knowledge of child safeguarding policy

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

  • Excellent planning, coordination, and reporting skills.

  • High professional ethics and integrity

Required Education, training, license, registration, and certification

  • Must Have minimum of Bachelor degree in Nutrition, or related discipline from a recognized University.

  • MUST be registered with relevant health associations such e.g. Kenya Nutritionists and Dieticians Institute.

Travel and/or Work Environment Requirement-30%

  • Travel: As required

  • Available and on call to serve on emergency and as appropriate

Project Officer-Nutrition

You will be required to produce a current (within 3 months) Original Police Clearance Certificate or waiting receipt during interview in case you are shortlisted

Job Title : Project Officer - Nutrition

Reporting to : Project Manager

Grade Level : 12

Work Location : Turkana, Kilifi & Kitui

Purpose of Position

To implement and monitor nutrition improvement through cash and health education in the County using various approaches which include Baby Friendly Community initiatives, Infant and Young Child Nutrition and capacity building of health workers, community health volunteers and community leaders.

Major Responsibilities

Programmatic and technical support for nutrition projects-50%

  • Ensure all affected children, pregnant and lactating women are identified, admitted and discharged from emergency nutrition programs as per national Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition(IMAM) guidelines and Maternal Infant and Young Child Nutrition (IYCN) guidelines

  • Support the communities to identify Nutrition challenges and develop community lead solutions during implementation of NICHE

  • Provide technical support to the Ministry of Health staff to be able to implement Baby Friendly community initiatives at both county and Sub county level.

  • Work closely with community Health volunteers to mobilize communities to participate in nutrition project interventions

  • Conduct training and sensitization of health facility staff and Community Health Volunteers on BFCI, IYCF and micronutrients supplementation

  • Strengthening of community structures to ensure they receive appropriate health and nutrition services

  • Support Community health volunteers to conduct household nutrition counselling for BFCI and NICHE beneficiaries at community level.

  • Support the Sub-County and county nutrition officers) to conduct community follow ups for community units

  • Ensure Integration of child protection while implementing BFCI at community level.

  • Integration of nutrition into livelihood interventions to ensure food security at household level.

  • In liaison with project accountant ensure monthly tracking of project expenditure and manage work plans and budgets

Quality assurance for programmatic Designs, Assessments, Monitoring and Evaluation processes-20%

  • Develop quality reports: weekly situation reports, monthly reports and quarterly reports as per WV and/donor(s) reporting guidelines

  • In liaison with other project partners and MoH develop monitoring plan, analyze nutrition information from health information system and other sources to understand trends for timely decision making

  • Document success stories, and best practices to demonstrate the impact created by WVK from the project implementation.

Advocacy, Engagement, Networking & Partnerships-10%

  • Represent WVK in nutrition stakeholder meetings county and/or sub-county levels

  • Conduct advocacy activities to ensure resource allocation to nutrition by county governments

  • Engaging with MoH as Sub-County or county level to influence resource allocation nutrition

Enhanced Empowerment & Capacity building-10%

  • Ensure capacity Building of government community and CBOs be able to effectively manage and sustain Health and Nutrition interventions

Resource Acquisition -5%

Identify potential areas for fundraising and provide information to inform fund raising initiatives for health and nutrition, education, gender, child protection and disability at all levels


  • Attend and participate/ lead in daily devotions and weekly Chapel services.

  • Any other duties assigned by the supervisor


  • Minimum three (3) years working experience of which two (2) should be in maternal infant and young child nutrition interventions

  • Good understanding of Ministry of health systems, Nutrition programming models, standards and guidelines, Ministries of Health structures at county and national levels

  • Knowledge of national Health and Nutrition policy and advocacy instruments and structures

  • First-hand experience in Health and Nutrition community resilience programming

  • Significant experience working with an NGO environment, community and peoples’ groups, state institutions etc.

  • Working knowledge of child safeguarding policy

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

  • Excellent planning, coordination, and reporting skills.

  • High professional ethics and integrity

Required Education, training, license, registration, and certification

  • Must Have minimum of Bachelor degree in Nutrition, or related discipline from a recognized University.

  • MUST be registered with relevant health associations such e.g. Kenya Nutritionists and Dieticians Institute.

Preferred Knowledge and Qualifications

  • Experience in Baby friendly community initiative

  • Experience working in multicultural, multi-location teams;

  • Experience in conducting health and nutrition surveys using Lot Quality Assurance Survey (LQAS), Open Data Kit or ENA-SMART methodologies

  • Experience working with Ministries of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and other structures at county and national levels and networking with other partners

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (ME&L) Officer

You will be required to produce a current (within 3 months) Original Police Clearance Certificate or waiting receipt during interview in case you are shortlisted

Job Title : Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (ME&L) Officer

Reporting to : Program Officer

Grade Level : 14

Work Location : Nairobi

Purpose of Position

To establish an effective monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning system to achieve efficiency and accountability of the Nutrition Improvement in the Grant, ensure that the most vulnerable children in the intervention areas show improved well-being in nutrition, social protection and child protection.

Major Responsibilities

Project Planning-25%

  • Take lead in the design and implementation of a monitoring framework to track delivery against program objectives.

  • Developing internal reporting schedules & templates, clarifying what level of information is needed and where, with key responsibilities assigned, and reviewing proposals, with a particular focus on checking log frames and ensuring indicators are SMART

  • Review and update log frames, M&E Plans, Project indicators and periodic targets and detailed implementation plans.

  • Support develop clear and implementable work break down structures for respective activities

  • Identify and document the project geographical coverage and produce a RS/GIS activity /Project map.

  • Ensure realistic scheduling of Program activities and budgets.

  • Participating in the development of tools and guidelines for data collection, collation and reporting, with a focus on establishing Output and outcome Tracking, systemically checking data for quality, accuracy, and consistency, and providing feedback as necessary;

  • Contribute to the design of MEAL methodology and child-focused indicators by the project team, and to the promotion of child participation in M&E planning and accountability.

  • Provide support and participate in project design (assessments baseline surveys) and in the production of well-designed Disaster Management proposals that are LEAP aligned and reflective of community needs and contexts

Project Assessment, Monitoring, Reporting & Evaluation-25%

  • Provide technical leadership in implementing/mainstreaming the project M&E system to the existing M&E system in WVK.

  • Monitor project implementation levels across three Counties and report progress, impact and best practices.

  • Provide support in the maintenance of a comprehensive and updated database for NICHE Grant and Other Nutrition Projects.

  • Provide technical leadership in carrying out baseline assessments, and end of project review across the three counties of the project sites

  • Support development of ToR in collaboration with other project teams and identify specific data requirements

  • Use process, output level quality benchmarks as reference to undertake field monitoring visits, focusing on programme quality aspects, discuss with relevant staff and share reports with relevant colleagues.

  • Take charge of collating and analyzing data and synthesizing information, updating the monitoring matrix and other monitoring tools in place.

  • Ensure timely analysis of monitoring data and dissemination to key stakeholders for management decision making.

  • Follow up with project teams on programme quality improvement action plans. Ensure action points are followed up and relevant measures taken and incorporated into programming.

  • Designing situation analysis, needs and baseline/end line assessments, external reviews, evaluations and documentation, and identifying resources, including technical resources, both within WVI and externally.

  • Support the implementation of processes to review the quality of existing project data, information collection methods and the suitability of the existing data for the provision of sound baseline information.

  • Representing the principles and work of WV to donors, Government, Media and other humanitarian stakeholders.

  • Ensure established linkages between the M&E system of the project and the Humanitarian accountability requirements.

  • Timely submission of monthly situational report

  • Always ensure to store collected data securely as per policies relating to data protection for the project

  • Coordinate project reflection and learning sessions in conjunction with other grant staff and project partners.

  • Disseminate all project information related to M&E to staff and partners across the three counties

  • Ensure Project alignment to the donors and support office evaluation protocols and methodological tools

Database Management-15%

  • Provide MIS content/requirements and feedback to project team and document progress on indicators/achievement of targets (Logical Framework Approach - LFA) using Indicator Tracking Tables (ITT)

  • Support the development of systems and processes for the implementation of M&E policy and procedure based on WV best practice, developing frameworks to integrate impact assessment and learning and knowledge management into the programme and project cycle; 

  • Plan tracking for Project indicators of strategic relevance from secondary and primary data, with partners and communities

  • Maintain a tracking spreadsheet for M&E activities and events – baselines, assessments, reviews, evaluations – tracking trends and recommendations, progressing their implementation where appropriate.

  • Compile, consolidate and analyze quantitative and qualitative project data and contribute into subsequent reporting through monthly MEAL reports, updates, successes and issues from the MEAL tracking tools. 

  • Review of reports, ensure alignment with LEAP and donor standards, and are timely submitted.

  • Ensure the development, contextualization and refining of M&E tools and resources needed to implement humanitarian accountability issues.

  • Take lead in the analysis of data collected under the monitoring framework for assessment of progress and areas for improvement.

  • Support remote sensing and GIS Mapping of Program activities, Outputs and Beneficiaries in all the Counties

  • Ensure the appropriate use of information management systems in compliance with WV Kenya, GoK, and UNICEF in line with partnership agreements

Networking, Collaboration & Accountability-10%

  • Network and collaborate with relevant partners, and represent World Vision in Nutrition Technical Working Group Meetings including Chairing Nutrition Technical Working group

  • Coordinate with external stakeholders including, but not limited to, academia, NGOs, Government, and Private Sector in order to advance the learning goal of the project

  • Ensure sensitive complaints collection and handling through development of functional systems within the project 

  • Ensure accountability assessments are conducted and capacity of staff built to undertake accountability assessments.

  • Ensure effective community complaints response mechanisms in collaboration with communities are developed and functional

  • Comply with and promote WV policies such as Child Safeguarding, Whistle blower and Fraud.

Learning, Documentation & Capacity Development-10%

  • Ensure continuous learning and documentation of lessons learnt and best practices for program design, monitoring and evaluation frameworks related to emergency response.

  • Coordinate the sharing of learning related to MEAL practices across offices and provide support when internal/external reviews, evaluations, and lessons learned exercises should be employed.

  • Support the development of project case studies, human interest stories, documentaries and other related materials

  • Organize/ project learning events to document lessons learnt, good practices and areas of improvement.

  • Ensure that lessons learnt and reports are documented (printed, visual) and published for sharing with the donor and other partners and proactively share information and learning with internal and external stakeholders

  • Develop capacity building plans and support WV and partners in building their capacity in M&E, Core Humanitarian Standards (CHS) and in the management of information systems, development of required formats, key indicators, needs assessments, frameworks for evaluation, qualitative documentation of outcomes and impact of projects.

Project Management-10%

  • Ensure timely implementation of projects and follow up on deliverable completion of work plans and budgets, ensuring due dates are met

  • Liaising with the relevant units/departments to ensure the completion of activities and documentation to support the procurement plans of the project

  • Assist in ensuring effective communication within administration team and logistics

  • Coordinating with partners on implementation of the project

  • Create a list of electronic project documentation/files including reports, approvals and any other relevant documentation for historical record

  • Ensure adherence to donor and WV policies and standards and regulations

  • Provide overall leadership, coordination, management and administrative support in the absence of the Project Manager.


  • Attend and participate/ lead in daily devotions and weekly Chapel services.

  • Any other duties assigned by the supervisor


  • Minimum four years’ practical experience in M&E system coordination/ implementation in a large international non-governmental organization or other international relief/development body

  • Good analytical skills with appropriate attention to detail

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

  • Excellent planning, coordination, and reporting skills.

  • High professional ethics and integrity

  • Good Empirical knowledge of humanitarian codes, principles and practice;

  • Experience in quality assurance systems, and continuous improvement, with particular emphasis on integration of accountability measures into all aspects of the project cycle;

  • Experience in Data collection on the Open data kit plat form and other mobile based applications, data analysis and interpretation

  • Computer literacy in MS office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint;

  • Experience in data/statistical programmes e.g. SPSS, Stata etc.

  • Excellent team player with ability to work under minimum supervision

Required Education, training, license, registration, and certification

  • Must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Social sciences, Monitoring and Evaluation or Project management, Statistics or related discipline from a recognized University.

  • Certification in M&E and in conducting assessments or equivalent

Preferred Knowledge and Qualifications

  • Experience working in multicultural, multi-location, values driven teams;

  • Experience in working on donor funded programs

  • Good understanding of Emergency Programming

Executive Assistant- Global Governance & Compliance

*Please submit your CV in English.


Provide administrative support to the office of the WVI Executives through effective organization, coordination, communication and planning.


  • Provides professional and confidential administrative support.

  • Is available for duties within flexible hours to ensure the Executives can effectively achieve their goals.

  • Supports Executive in diary/calendar management and in the implications to her daily, weekly and medium term agenda. Tracks implications of calendar demands so that the Executive is aware of daily requirements and potential conflicts or challenges.

  • Ensures the Executive has all relevant reading material in advance of meetings.

  • As agreed to with the Executive, prints reports, emails, and attachments.

  • Coordinates all aspects of travel for the Executive – including travel arrangements, connections and road transportation, accommodation, visas, security and safety requirements, potential insurance issues and medical requirements for specific locations eg. vaccinations.

  • Coordinate travel with various host locations to ensure the itinerary is well structured to meet the Executive’s needs and those of the stakeholders with which she will be meeting. This will involve working with a range of stakeholders and different cultures and countries. It is critical that the incumbent is culturally aware and sensitive to different styles, languages, approaches and practical issues like time differences.

  • Organise meetings – including logistics, catering etc.

  • As required organizes internal and external events and functions.

  • Prepares meeting agendas and, when requested, may be required to take notes for meetings.

  • Accurately and professional types letters, reports and submissions.

  • Works with Finance to ensure the Executive/s budget inputs and reports are effectively maintained.

  • Responds to routine and urgent emails on behalf of executive as agreed.

  • Provides miscellaneous support – errands, takes phone and other messages.

  • Attend and participate in weekly chapel services and daily devotional meetings.

  • Provide administrative support and coordination for the Global Governance and Compliance leadership team in order to equip the PL to efficiently manage multiple departments with a complex array of objectives and deliverables.

  • Convene and support the Global Governance and Compliance bi-monthly meeting by developing pertinent agendas, capturing agreed actions during meetings and following up implementation of actions agreed upon.

  • Schedule bi-weekly catch-up calls with the direct reports, midyear and annual reviews to ensure the KPIs are continuously monitored.

  • Schedule quarterly compliance calls to enable the PL to oversee implementation of assurance mechanisms for the Partnership.

  • Liaise with the key team members and set up meetings with the Global Governance team ensuring approval of agendas in advance.

  • Work closely with the WVI board coordinator and provide back-up logistical support for WVI board meetings, including providing in-person logistical support for board meetings when required.

  • Work closely with the Triennial Council coordinator and provide back up support for the planning of the Council, including providing in-person logistical support at Council when required.


  • At least 3 years’ experience in a high-level executive support role.

  • Bachelor’s degree would be an advantage not a requirement.

  • Additional qualifications in secretarial or business management will be a plus.


  • Must be fluent in English, with strong language capabilities and understanding.

  • Working knowledge: the WVI Partnership history, objectives, ministries, issues, office procedures and practices.

  • Proficient with Microsoft Office applications (MSWord, Powerpoint, Excel), Outlook.

  • Experience in coordination of executive meetings and logistical support for meetings.

  • Experience in international travel coordination.

  • Ability to provide responsive customer focused support.

  • Project Management skills highly desirable.

Specific Skills and Abilities:

  • Excellent verbal and writing skills.

  • Skilled in WVI systems and procedures as relates to office administration is preferred.

  • Strong analytical skills and ability to synthesize complex and sensitive issues.

  • Takes initiative with good judgment and decision-making to handle work flow.

  • Ability to prioritize demanding and sometimes stressful schedule.

  • Self-directed and able to handle multiple tasks efficiently.

  • Flexible and adjust to rapidly changing priorities.

  • Excellent people skills and able to work effectively in a multi-national environment.

  • Strong end results orientation with process improvement approach.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • Able to travel up to 10%.

Process Automation Developer Specialist

*Position location to be determined by home country of successful candidate in Ghana, Costa Rica or the Philippines where WVI is registered to operate.


Process Automation Developer is the primary robotics specialist in the Business Intelligence and Process Automation Team specialized in analyzing business flow concepts, identifying gaps and performing user experience automation to achieve efficiency in service delivery. Using principles of LSS to optimize user experience and reduce repetitive tasks in value streams by 40%


Process Automation Solutions:

  • Design the basic flows and functionalities of robotic solutions for simple repetitive processes.

  • Maintain, improve or change solutions according to new requirements.

  • Combine basic languages and tools to ensure maximized utilization of resources.

  • Follow software development methodologies.

Automation Trainings:

  • Engage Process Owners in automation Championship Programs to identify Potential processes for Automation.

Data Collection Solutions:

  • Design low complexity forms.

  • Apply basic process maps analysis tools to draft solutions.

  • Design basic workflows for notifications.

  • Partner with Business Intelligence in all data collection solutions projects.

  • Assist in the maintenance of forms and low complexity changes.


  • Document process maps of designed solutions and new processes.

  • Use the templates required for proper documentation of automation projects.

  • Document learnings, upgrades and best practices from using automation software.

Continuous Improvement:

  • Learn basic Lean Six Sigma principles.

  • Assist with methodology applications in assigned projects.

  • Provide basic recommendations for areas of opportunity.


  • Complete studies in Systems Engineering, Computer Science, Software Development or other similar field.

  • 2-3 years of experience in a similar position.

  • PRA Certified.


  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – Advanced

  • Microsoft Power Suites (PowerApps, Power Flow and PowerBI)

  • Excel (VBA) - Basic

  • SharePoint – Advanced

  • SQL Query Language

  • UX Design

Senior Advisor

*Position location to be determined by home country of successful candidate in a jurisdiction (US state or country) where WVI is registered to operate.

*This is a temporary position for 1 year. Also open for internal secondments.

*This is a temporary position for 1 year. Also open for internal secondments.

*Please submit your CV in English.


The purpose of the Senior Advisor role is to lead high-level advice, assurance and engagement activity in support of operational security delivery across the Partnership working closely with leadership, the wider security network and key functional stakeholders. The role requires a deep understanding of field security operations and organisational capabilities as well as excellent judgement and highly developed analytical, and management skills. A proven track record of delivery is essential as is experience in helping motivate others to deliver a challenging and complex agenda for change and performance improvement. The role holder will be able to work in the face of a range of competing views and

priorities while possessing highly-developed communication and negotiation skills. The role also plays a key part in shaping and influencing areas of organisational risk and readiness; supporting end-to-end security operations, proactively monitor security response and performance; overseeing security risk management and crisis management support; and delivering security organisational effectiveness in support of Our Promise.



  • Support the development and implementation of global security and crisis management strategies. Ensure security management procedures are in alignment with WV security policy and international best practice, legislation and regulatory trends.

  • Provide advice and consultation on the organisational direction, development and implementation of critical operational delivery solutions. Help shape, inform and contribute to overall security reporting measures and track service deliver for service improvement and organisational effectiveness.

Technical Support:

  • Provide technical direction and project management of key projects including Crisis Management, Core Security Requirements, Travel Tracker and others. Lead on crisis management project implementation and training roll out. Revise framework documents as necessary.

  • Take a leading role in developing operational service delivery mechanisms; develop ‘quality assurance and continuous improvement’ systems for security operations systems and procedures. Contribute to budget development and monitoring processes supported by benchmarking and value metrics.

Operational Delivery:

  • Produce high quality knowledge products and problem profiles to enhance awareness and operational learning. Advise on research methods and analytic methodologies. Work with other analysts in support of key analytical products that help target operational resources and maintain readiness.

  • Conduct analysis and testing of operations systems and processes and identify opportunities for making them more effective and streamlined for end users. Lead operational research and technical guidance on service delivery improvement.

  • Refine the ability to track and manage security demand and resource allocation to ensure it delivers for business needs by mobilising assets and capabilities in a timely and effective manner and streamline Integrated Regional Security

  • Team coordination. Ensure a refined, functional and effective resource allocation process that is fit for purpose and adapts to the changing needs of OCS and service demands.

Capacity Building:

  • Develop agile and flexible security operations that focus on delivery at field level, employing appropriate change management techniques when required. Lead the production of security metrics and leverage data from OCS and across the organisation for continuous improvement and prioritisation.

  • Design and maintain effective management reporting on security metrics. Use security maturity model to assist in the assessment, development and implementation of global capacity building plan for security management based on collaboration with RSDs.

  • Support crisis management and business continuity capacity at field level and assist the design, development, and documentation of work area recovery plans and after action reviews etc. Support security innovation, applied learning and R&D using knowledge of the organisation and security practice across prevention, preparation, response and recovery activities to identify approaches and target resources effectively.

Knowledge Management:

  • Develop and maintain a knowledge base for security practice areas to support applied learning and build best practice awareness and complete the value loop from recovery to prevention.

  • Provide thought leadership and monitor developments in security knowledge areas as well as emerging issues. Act as a strategic link for the promotion of a positive security culture connecting National Offices, Regional Offices, Support Offices and Global Centre. Regularly liaise with WV security network on emerging security issues and provide analysis on potential impact on WV operations.

Quality Assurance:

  • Work with managers and technical groups to ensure that security mitigation, crisis and recovery solutions are in place and tested. Coordinate business recovery planning. Plan and conduct a schedule of risk-based security exercises to test readiness.

  • Analyse and measure the effectivness of risk mitigation measures and provide benchmark data as a baseline for process improvement. Design and monitor customer feedback mechanisms for security products and services and link in with Our Voice survey data.

Internal Liaison & Co-ordination:

  • Promote internal security knowledge transfer and information sharing helping to promote cross functional security linkages and awareness and build an overall security culture across the partnership.

  • Support collaboration on joint-initiatives and projects where OCS is a stakeholder as well as technical support to other Regional, Support Office and Vision Fund entities as requested. Enhance opportunities for cross-sector learning including tracking developments in the field and explore opportunities for a security community of practice to enhance institutional knowledge.

External Relations:

  • Collaborate with other professionals in the humanitarian security field and engage in joint research projects and working groups. Engage as subject matter expert on humanitarian security research and produce articles promoting security developments for distribution among partners and in professional journals.

  • Keep abreast of developments in the humanitarian security field, foster cooperation with external partners, providers and consortium.


  • Support the OCS with surge capacity for crisis incident management, investigations, and with technical skills when tasked. Provide a mentoring capability to security staff and support training workshops when needed. Assume responsibility for Security Operations Group in acting capacity for Senior Director Operations when unavailable.

  • Support activities that will enrich and develop World Vision’s Core Values. Practice an inclusive leadership style that will be a role model for staff, peers and others. Complete other tasks as assigned.


  • Relevant Bachelor degree in Security, Strategic, or International Studies, or related discipline.

  • Sound knowledge of the security research and information collection (collection, collation, analysis & dissemination).

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills sufficient to establish effective relationships at senior levels, gain credibility and influence senior decision makers.

  • Clear understanding of the security risk management, security planning and crisis management in the humanitarian context.

  • Strong analysis skills to identify the problem/risks and understand the organisation.

  • Strong analytical, organizational, and decision-making skills.

  • Strong verbal and written communications.

  • Must be able to coordinate work and interface efficiently and effectively with remote locations.

  • Strong administrative skills, with effectiveness in developing tasks and managing to achieve target dates.

  • Must be a productive team player.

  • Strong PC skills (Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

  • At least 7 years work experience in the professional security, policing or intelligence analysis arena.

  • A least 3 years of specific operations, project management or research experience.

  • Experience of leading and consulting on projects.

  • Effective in written and verbal communication in English.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Relevant Master degree or other advanced degree in Security, Strategic, or International Studies, or related discipline.

  • Formal qualification in intelligence analysis or business continuity.

  • Effective in written and verbal communication in Spanish or French.

  • A good network of contacts in academia, government or humanitarian security fields.

  • At least 10 years or work related experience in the professional security, research, analysis arena working at international level with international agencies, INGO’s, governments, military, law enforcement or private sector as an analyst, researcher or intelligence officer.

  • A least 5 years of experience in role providing direct operational planning and support to international agencies, INGO’s, governments, military, law enforcement or private sector as an operations analyst or business continuity specialist.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 30% of the time and includes occasional travel to high risk locations at minimal notice.

  • Role will require successful completion of Hostile Environment Awareness Training provided by employer.

  • Depending on location the position may require home based working with some unsociable hours due to global coverage and online meetings.

P&C (HR) Business Partner (VisionFund Global Centre)

*Position location to be determined by home country of successful candidate in a jurisdiction (US state or country) where WVI is registered to operate.

*Please submit your CV in English.


The P&C (HR) Business Partner (BP) plays a crucial role in the execution of the HR Strategy and Operations. Partnering with Client Business Leaders in support of strategic business objectives, the BP advises and coaches managers and employees in all elements of employee life cycle and talent management, including identifying current and future people implications. The BP works collaboratively with HR Centers of Expertise, specialists and Shared Services to develop and deliver integrated HR solutions, including workforce planning, performance management, succession planning, employee relations and leadership development This position will support VF senior leaders in aligning organizational strategies, goals and priorities with VisionFunds Our Livelihood Promise, mission and values. S(he) will encourage the use of innovative People Management/OD resources, tools and practices to reinforce and positively change beliefs, attitudes, operating models and structure of organizations so that VisionFund International staff can better adapt to new technologies, markets, challenges while fulfilling their vision and mission.


Strategic Partner: Support/Enable Senior Leadership Team:(circa 5 Department Heads)

  • Collaborate with business leaders to design organizational structures, job roles, and talent management processes to drive organizational strategy.

  • Function as HR lead for clients going through organizational restructures.

  • Evaluate the impact of proposed changes on employees, and manage change to minimize disruption to the business.

  • Advise leaders on the need for, development and ongoing changes of the department's people plan.

  • Actively partner with business leaders and work with them to collaboratively identify practice improvement.

  • Partner with leaders to develop and implement agile and need based employee engagement plans.

  • Analyse a broad range of HR data to identify valid insights, and convert these insights into recommendations the business can use to make decisions.

Change Agent and Consultant: Support/enable Line Managers (circa 22-line managers)

Act as an initial point of contact and intermediary for managers in assigned business units.

Provide and guidance and support to line management in with a broad range of human resource policies, programs, and practices.

Implement HR-related activities within business units, such as:

  • Job Analysis and Grading

  • Talent Acquisition

  • Onboarding & Orientation

  • Performance Reviews

  • Employee Development initiatives

  • Promotions

  • Rewards and recognition programs

  • Contract management (renewals/changes & PAFs)

  • Staff Care

  • Terminations and Exits

Provides guidance, counselling, advice and training to managers on employee relations issues.

Actively investigates and recommends solutions to employee relations issues in a quick and efficient manner.

Employee Champion: Support/enable Employees (84 staff)

  • Act as a single point of contact and intermediary for employees in assigned business units.

  • Provide guidance, coaching and training to employees on HR related topics.

  • Provide P&C HelpDesk services to employees and respond to queries related to administration of salary and benefits.

  • Respond to individual staff care needs.

  • Actively investigates and recommends solutions to employee relations issues in a quick and efficient manner.

  • Payroll reconciliations.

Functional Expert and Supportive Enabler: Collaborate and support People & Culture Team:

  • Provide P&C technical advice and support in the management of GC staff based in the region and MFIs.

  • Partner with the Regional BPs in change management initiatives such as structural and policy reviews affecting GC employees.

  • Coordinate with PC&G department function experts and others to deliver on business requests and solve business problems.

  • Apply rigorous project management techniques to planning and implementing cross-functional P&C initiatives that support current and future business strategies.

  • Communicates regularly with the human resources staff to exchange information and provide ongoing support and problem resolution.

Collaborative Partner: Support and align with WVI P&C:

  • Act as point of contact for WVI (GC, Regions, Host locations) P&C in relation to implementation of changes, new initiatives, problem solving and Total Rewards and reporting for VF GC clients.

  • Represent VF GC P&C in special projects and P&C workstream.

  • Provide reports and information as required.


  • Five to eight years’ previous experience in an HR Business Partner, Generalist or related high level specialist role. Experience with Ulrich’s Business Partner model preferred.

  • Strong consultation skills and experience influencing and interacting with executives.

  • Thorough knowledge of human resource management practices and employment related legislation.

  • Demonstrated HR experience in a multi-business unit environment.

  • Outstanding people and culture relationship skills. Proficient in coaching, mediating, influencing, facilitation, presentation, communication, analysis, and problem solving.

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills. Able to communicate complex ideas and business concepts in accessible terms. Able to exercise excellent professional judgment

  • Bachelor degree from a college or university and four or more years of related human resources experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

  • Fluency in English.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Professional certificate in HR/OD/ Management

  • Accreditation in employee investigations, employee relations and grievances

  • Strong business acumen in multi-national environment.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • Willingness to travel up to 10% of the time.

  • Ability to use computer, attend meetings, travel abroad.

Grants Compliance Director

*Position location to be determined by home country of successful candidate in a jurisdiction (US state or country) where WVI is registered to operate.

*Please submit your CV in English.


The Grants Compliance Director will lead the efforts, across the partnership to assure WVI is managing the supply chain related risks of all types of grants effectively. This includes close coordination with donors, support offices, global, regional and national office supply chain teams and other stake holders all levels. In addition, this role will be leading Supply Chain Data Analysis and have input to the management of supply chain governance documents (Supply Chain Policies, Processes, SOPs and Business Rules) including assessment of their applicability, identification of gaps, managing exception approval process.

Increased attention to grants helps achieve World Vision’s Strategic Mandates 2 & 3 (Strengthening Grass Roots Capacity, and Growing Resources). It is important to manage grants in compliance with donor regulations and ensuring timely delivery of project activities. Accordingly, Global Supply Chain has a clear mandate to set strategies, policies, standards, controls and especially capacity building of National Office Supply Chain teams


Business Requirements:

  • Proactively engage with Donors, Support Offices (SOs), GAM Teams, Finance Business Partners and other stakeholders ensuring good coordination, adequate information sharing, embedding the Supply Chain Management function in the Grant Acquisition and management process.

  • Engage with GAM Team in annual grant forecasting, review the progress of grant pipeline plans and identification of future trends and functional needs / readiness.

Donor Procurement Governance Management:

  • Provide orientation to Donors & SOs program officers regarding WVI Supply Chain Management Governance Documents & Tools. (Policies, Processes, SOPs, Business Rules and ProVision environment).

  • Identify gaps between WVI & Donor policies and procedures, evaluate the impacts and mitigate risk.

Training and Capacity Building:

  • Lead & coordinate initiatives on grant capacity building in collaboration with various Support Offices and Regional Offices, Capacity Building Working Group, Finance Business Partners and other Stakeholders.

  • Review effectiveness of current staff capacity building models, seek to replicate best practices.

  • Maintain key WV grant resources, materials and databases.

  • Maintain a roster of grant certified staff and coordinate deployment of staff as needed.

  • Mentoring of Regional Grants Supply Chain Management point persons on grant management.

Monitoring Tool of Grant Execution:

  • Coordinate with Global Centre Financial Reporting and Business Intelligence Team in developing a Global Grant Performance Dashboard.

  • Globally rollout such monitoring tool at Regional Office (RO) and National Office (NO) level.

Control and Compliance:

  • Provide leadership in evaluating potential risk exposure in grants management & develop annual risk mitigation plans.

  • Coordinate with SO/Regional grant staff in developing strategies to address high priority areas.

  • With particular focus on Global Fund grants, develop initiatives to ensure adequate oversight of multi-lateral funding not assigned to SOs.

  • Evaluate risks exposure on new operational delivery models with close collaboration with Finance Business Partner and other Stake Holders. (Cash programs – cash vouchers, E-wallets, Implementing through Partners).

  • Recommend innovative solutions and tools to continuously improve grant supply chain management and adapt to the rapidly changing grant landscape.

  • Resolve/address short-term issues and action items regarding grant compliance coming from grant stakeholder groups.

Global Supply Chain Management Documentation Management:

  • This role will be leading the Supply Chain Management Data Analysis and have input to the management of Supply Chain Management Governance Documents (Policies, Processes, SOPs and Business Rules) including assessment of their

  • applicability, identification of gaps, managing exception approval process.


A minimum of 5 years supervisory experience working with Non-Governmental Organisation’s grants management teams and or Donor grants management teams.

Understanding of NGO cross cultural environment and commercial and legal risks in NGO working contexts.

Proven experience at Strategic Leadership level (preferably in Supply Chain Management) with working experience in grant related projects.

Degree in Supply Chain Management or Commerce or Law or equivalent professional qualification. Post graduate qualifications and or CIPS certification will be looked upon favorably.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

Substantive experience working in the INGO sector dealing with multiple donor funds and meeting different donor requirements.

CIPS, Legal or Commercial Contracts experience.

Demonstratable experience in successful leading initiatives related to compliance and capacity building.

Demonstrated ability to work with a diverse group of stakeholders to reach consensus and execution of plans.

Work Environment/Travel:

Ability and willingness to travel anywhere that World Vision operates, including international travel, up to 30% of the time.

Global Director: Global Centre Audit

*Please submit your CV in English.


The Global Director: Global Centre Audit supports the CAE in strategic leadership of Global Internal Audit (GIA). As a GIA Senior Leadership Team (SLT) member, he/she leads the GC audit team in compiling and delivering on a risk based annual audit plan that covers key Global Centre, Regional Office and Support Office (fund raising) functions. He/she will engage at an executive level in providing assurance, advice and insight to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of risk management, internal controls and related governance in the organisation and grow GIA’s role as a trusted advisor within the Partnership.

This role will lead the application of GIA's vision and strategic initiatives in Support Offices, Regional Offices and Global Centre Department, focusing on planning and leading the risk-based audits of those offices and departments and also of World Vision (“Partnership”) thematic audits. This position will contribute to Global Internal Audit’s (GIA) mission by providing WVI management with independent assurance on the adequacy, efficiency and effectiveness of internal controls, risk management and governance systems through the following:

The Global Director: GC Audits will understand risk and be able to synthesize large amounts of information to compile an annual audit plan covering the entities for which he/she is responsible as well as participating in thematic (cross-cutting) audits. He/she will help deliver on Global Internal Audit’s (GIA) mandate by:

  • Ensuring that GIA's services are delivered in accordance with the IIA Standards, GIA Charter, Manual and WVIs policies and procedures.

  • Keeping abreast of key developments/initiatives in the Partnership and remaining alert and responsive to emerging risks.

  • Directing audits of WV entities for which he/she is responsible, focusing on the major risks that threaten the organisation’s ability to achieve its goals and objectives.

  • Producing insightful, accurate and impactful audit reports, working with auditees to provide pragmatic, efficient and fit-for-purpose recommendations to address any control deficiencies.

  • Providing strategic leadership to the GIA team through effective team management to achieve objectives and strong stakeholder engagement.

  • Applying an agile audit approach, where appropriate.

  • Promoting good stewardship among key stakeholders of audited entities to ensure alignment with donor and partnership objectives, expectations and requirements.

  • Representing GIA on key partnership initiatives in an advisory capacity, when required.

The Global Director, GC Audit also plays a key role in the GIA SLT and actively contributes to GIA strategy and operations by:

  • Fully understanding GIA’s mandate and helping to define and execute agreed strategies in collaboration with other GIA SLT members.

  • Building credibility, trust and collaborative relationships with key stakeholders while maintaining auditor independence and enhancing GIA’s reputation as a “Trusted Advisor”.

  • Developing, delivering and enhancing the GC audit team’s three-year audit plan, through collaboration with stakeholders, to ensure coverage of key identified and emerging risk areas, and where necessary in collaboration with other GIA teams or assurance providers.

  • Ensuring good stewardship and use of available resources, keeping up to date with developments in the profession and prioritising a continual learning/improvement mindset.

Leadership and oversight of the GC Audit team:

  • Provide strategic leadership to the GC Audit team - balancing empowerment with mutual accountability.

  • Evaluate the structure and job designs of the GC Audit team, the existing resources and implement improvements to optimise performance, promote staff development and succession planning.

  • Actively drive a culture of unity, inclusion and trust.

  • Care for the spiritual, emotional and mental wellbeing of the team emphasising reliance on God.


Strategic Leadership & Stakeholder Engagement:

The primary role of this position is to provide strategic and operational leadership to the GC audit team, ensuring alignment with GIA’s vision while building and strengthening strategic partnerships with key stakeholders to ensure outcomes are met effectively. This will include the following:

  • Develop a three-year risk-based GC Audit Plan, in consultation with the Chief Audit Executive (CAE) and other SLT members. Ensure dissemination and revision of the audit plan, as well as optimal allocation of resources, with all necessary stakeholders.

  • Building strong relationships while serving as a trusted strategic partner to key stakeholders, including the CAE, Support Offices (SOs), Global Centre (GC) functions, regional leadership, providing guidance on risk management, internal controls and related governance.

  • Creating effective linkages, collaborative relationships, and dynamic networks with Support Office colleagues, WVI partners, and partnership leaders to represent and promote GIA services.

  • Develop and discuss the engagement plan with business owners and key stakeholders.

  • Performing other special assignments and duties as required by the CAE such as driving strategic initiatives, managing consulting engagements, organizing training events, or presenting departmental findings to external stakeholders, and actively contributing to GIA management meetings.

Delivery of the GC/SO/RO Annual Audit Plan & Quality Assurance:

This role will monitor key risks while working to ensure performance outcomes are achieved by doing the following:

  • Planning, project managing and delivering the approved annual risk-based GC/SO/RO Audit Plan in the context of the 3 year plan and adjusting as necessary.

  • Understanding the context, history, future strategy and constraints and risks of any planned audit area at the outset of an audit, documenting the business process, identifying risks and control objectives and providing linkages to other related work/information.

  • Ensuring appropriate, respectful and timely engagement with all stakeholders throughout an audit.

  • Developing the Terms of Reference for any local auditors who are seconded to GC Audit to perform specific assignments while remotely supervising field engagements.

  • Guiding and managing the technical work of GC and local auditors involved in Global Centre, Support Office and Regional Office Audits, ensuring that the planned engagement is conducted according to the IPPF, that all workpapers are completed promptly and meet GIA quality standards.

  • Ensuring all audit findings are communicated promptly and accurately to clients.

  • Taking personal accountability for the quality of all audit deliverables and sign off on audit reports as evidence of this.

  • Keeping the CAE abreast of all significant findings and reports as they arise, particularly on issues of suspected fraud and/or potential significant reputational impact to the Partnership.

  • Participating in and at times lead Partnership-wide thematic audits.

  • Leading and delivering advisory reviews, where applicable, ensuring appropriate research is conducted and that the team is staffed with auditors/consultants with experience in the area being reviewed.

  • Follow up and report on remediation of audit recommendations and work with management to ensure timely remediation.

Produce ad hoc advisory memos to management when any key risks or control deficiencies are identified, outside of a planned audit.

Ensure the delivery of timely, accurate, complete and reliable periodic information and reports to Partnership leaders and for reporting to the ARC.

Proactively advise relevant stakeholders through participation in working groups in an advisory role or other fora.

Talent and Knowledge Management & Capacity Building:

The Global Director, GC Audits will be active in the recruitment and ongoing development of his/her team as well as leading, planning and supervising the team responsible for each engagement under his/her responsibility. This includes:

  • Praying for and praying with team members.

  • Recruit, identify, develop, review and retain high potential talent in order to successfully achieve business and ministry objectives and to deliver Our Promise.

  • Lead, manage, and mentor direct reports and other WVI audit colleagues both in technical and soft skills.

  • Assist staff in setting performance criteria that aligned with department objectives, ensure support and opportunities to meet these, provide coaching and on the job training.

  • Provide staff with the background and context they need in order to deliver value-adding reports in line with organisational strategy. Guide and mentor them in “connecting the dots” to provide insights beyond the obvious.

  • Build a culture of empowerment where the team are encouraged to use their initiative and skills, (with appropriate collaboration) and continually grow these.

  • Challenge, support and assist any team member whose performance falls consistently below expectations or whose behaviour becomes inconsistent with the WVI and the IIA standards and Codes of Conduct and take appropriate action in consultation with P&C (HR).

  • Authorizing/Approving administration transactions for supervised staff including Performance Agreements, trip itineraries, expense reports, vacation requests, telecommuting agreements, etc., to ensure appropriate guidelines are followed.

  • Ensure work-life balance is achieved through appropriate allocation of workload for GCA staff having a good productivity analysis.

  • Apply Biblical principles, compassion, transparency and a drive for excellence/good stewardship in leading your team.

Knowledge Management:

  • Managing the knowledge generated by the GC audit team and in consultation with GIA Quality Assurance, adjust audit procedures and tools as needed – based on GIA’s goal of continuous improvement, simplification and customer needs, goals, and expectations.

Capacity Building:

  • Encourage team members to provide feedback on weaknesses or areas for improvement, and create a Christ-centred audit environment that reinforces spiritual development.

  • Managing the professional and individual development of GC auditors by providing feedback/debriefs after each audit engagement and ensuring adequate training/coaching opportunities exist for continual improvement.

  • Provide opportunities for and support of the professional development of internal auditors, including the completion of annual continuing professional education (CPE) requirements to maintain certification(s), and ensure that all auditors are well equipped to carry out their audit responsibilities in a Christ-focused internal audit environment.

  • Ensure any mandatory training, responses, etc. required from your team are provided timeously.


  • Minimum of 5-7 years audit experience.

  • Experience on Enterprise Risk Management, IT audits, Fraud Examination, Marketing & Fund Raising.

  • At least 3 years of risk-based audit experience.

  • Proven experience to produce quality outputs under pressure.

  • Good knowledge of World Vision’s structure, regulations and operations.

  • Cross-cultural working experience.

  • Bachelor's degree in accounting, finance or other relevant field.

  • Fluency in English, solid verbal and written communication skills.

  • Solid team-building and interpersonal skills.

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office standard packages.

  • Fluency in any other of WVI’s official languages seen as a positive (i.e. French, Spanish, Portuguese).

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • One of the following or equivalent is required, CIA, CPA, CA.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • This position requires ability and willingness to travel up to 30% of the time to international locations. The incumbent should have minimum restrictions to travel to many destinations world-wide.

Senior Advisor, Marketing Development

*Position locations to be determined by home country of successful candidate in Asia or Europe where WVI is registered to operate.

*Please submit your CV in English.


Strengthening and Optimising Our Revenue Base strategic initiative is one of nine initiatives in this second phase of Our Promise, entitled Going Further. It works alongside three of the other strategic initiatives which together respond to our strategic imperative – Deliver high quality, sustainable funding to the field. The goal of this initiative is to pick up the pace of achieving the Our Promise private revenue mix by deepening fundraising capabilities in high potential markets and aligning fundraising investment globally with opportunity and return across markets.

This role will have a significant impact on leading the design and implementation of multi-year investment plans with high potential markets with capability/scale limitations. The objectives of the investment are to validate and learn World Vision’s investment approach in market growth and capture private revenue potential at high Return on Investment (ROI). This role will be responsible for deepening their marketing and fundraising capabilities in-market and integrating marketing best practices to accelerate their private revenue growth. Working with Marketing leaders, the role will be accountable for leading the development and implementation of the investment plan that delivers high ROI and deepen marketing capabilities of the selected high potential offices.


  • In partnership with Marketing Lead of the selected markets co-develop a multi-year investment plan that builds local marketing capacities and, above all, capture high ROI private revenue potential to increase private revenue mix.

  • Co-execute the plan to fill gaps with Marketing Leads of the selected markets to ensure best practices are scaled with the adequate level of investment. Agree on key milestones and key success metrics.

  • Ensure the capacity needs of the fundraising offices are central to the co-development and co-implementation of investment plans to achieve the primary investment objectives— 1) validate and learn from our approach to invest in market growth, to be applied in additional high potential markets in the future and 2) capture private revenue potential in these markets at strong ROI.

  • Motivate and inspire others, from team members to executive level, by communicating the goals of the Strategic Initiative through the successful execution of the investment plan.


  • 8-10 years in Marketing or fundraising functional areas, including 3 years in Marketing leadership roles of digital marketing or lead generation.

  • Extensive experience leading teams to develop and deliver best in class fundraising practices.

  • Experience working with marketing, brand and product managers to drive marketing strategy, vision, execution and results to achieve business objectives.

  • Experience collaborating with fundraising Subject Matter Experts to support the implementation of investment plans that consistently meet budget/time expectations.

  • Exceptional relationship and influencing skills, able to win the confidence of a broad range of different stakeholders including leaders from a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds, and developing high-performing virtual global teams.

  • Significant experience leading change in a complex environment.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business Administration or a related field is required; Master’s degree preferred.

  • Full proficiency in English.


  • A marketing expert with skills across the range of marketing products and channels, especially in emerging markets.

  • Experience in media buy, channel optimisation, market intelligence, CRM, segmentation, and marketing automation to drive engagement.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • Ability and willingness to travel internationally up to 20% of the time (when Covid 19 restrictions are lifted).

Senior Director Shared Services

*Position location to be determined by home country of successful candidate in a jurisdiction (US state or country) where WVI is registered to operate.

*Please submit your CV in English.


The Senior Director, Shared Services (SD SSC) works with the Chief Administrative & Finance Officer (CAFO) to transform and execute business processes in World Vision's Shared Services Centers. This Senior Director will oversee the operations and teams of the various WV Shared Services Centers.

He/she will develop a global team, providing leadership and direction to this team, which will lead World Vision International on a global basis in finance and procurement process transformation. The SD SSC is responsible for creating an environment in which problem identification and solutioning occur in an innovative and collaborative fashion. He/she is focused on deliverables and the customer, ensuring effective and efficient progress is made toward targets and goals, being financial and solution oriented.

He/she will provide leadership for the business transformation from influencing during the discussion phase, to development, implementation and overseeing a team to conduct the related training. This will be in the areas of business process transformation improvement, standardization and simplification of processes towards the development of best in class end-to-end business processes. Key levers are standardization, consolidation, automation, and process improvements to drive strengthened internal controls, customer service, cost and productivity improvement.

To accomplish all this, the SD SSC must develop a team with strength in both verbal and written communication, ability to work successfully in a virtual environment, and with the ability to build/develop relationships in a global multi-cultural environment.

The SD SSC will lead the identification, development and execution of process improvement program initiatives supporting the global strategic objectives of the SSC organization. He/she will hold direct accountability for leading the establishment and achievement of industry and best-in-class benchmark performance metrics (KPIs) in conjunction with functional leaders across regions. The SD SSC will influence peers and Executives across organizational lines to take action on strategic initiatives or process changes both before implementation of the SSC in their region and in the midst of the SSC project for their region.

Candidate needs to be willing to travel on a global basis up to 50% of the time.

The SD SSC will model a high standard of personal Christian leadership, ministry and integrity though lifestyle and work relationships; communicating World Vision's Christian ethos and demonstrating a quality of spiritual life that is an example to others.



  • Lead the identification of and direct the development of business process improvement opportunities and innovative, cost-effective solutions for the global shared services implementation programme across the partnership.

  • Positively influence and partner with the support offices (SOs), field Offices (FOs), and business units (BUs) to effect change, share best practices, leverage processes and automation, training, and employee development for the SSC projects.


  • Direct the Shared Service Business Process Execution and work transition.

  • Recommend and guide appropriate leadership across the WV Partnership to ensure the successful transition of the various associated functions to shared service centers in order to effectively standardize best practices, reduce duplication, increase efficiencies, limit risks and ensure significant cost savings for the partnership.

  • Ensure focus is maintained on the needs of the customer (SO, FO, etc).


  • Provide leadership oversight to the entirety of the global shared services team including the Americas SSC, South Asia Pacific and Africa region. This will include leading the hiring, development, performance management, capacity building and operational oversight of the SSC team.

  • Drive the SSC to achieve financial sustainability consistent with lowering the overall cost of business processes for the Partnership.


  • Provide SSC Transformation Program Oversight


  • Prepare annual and long range strategic financial plans/budgets for the transformation projects and monitoring progress to ensure performance and budgets are on target.

  • Influence and lead impacted World Vision business units and functions in developing their own shared services transition roadmaps and strategic plans.


  • Bachelor’s degree with a major in accounting, finance or related field.

  • MBA or finance related certification preferred (CPA, CMA), 10+ years of practical finance and/or accounting experience, with at least 8-10 years of consulting experience preferred.

  • Minimum of 8 - 10 years of leadership experience in the project management and finance transformation functions or in a similar environment.

  • Extensive experience working with virtual and/or matrix teams.

  • Extensive experience working with cross-cultural teams.

  • ERP general accounting or related experience preferred.  

  • PMP a plus

  • CPA, CMA a plus

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Experience in interfacing with business operational customers and transformation vendors in defining transformation and change requirements.

  • Knowledge of GAAP a plus and experience working with IFRS nice to have.     

  • Maturity, business acumen, and skills necessary to interact with the CAFO and other Partnership Leaders and Directors, to ensure the provision of a timely and accurate project information.

  • Experience contributing as a Subject Matter Expert (SME), helping to lead change and future developments as required to lead towards overall best-in-class performance.

  • Change leader with the capacity and desire to lead in an ever changing environment.

  • Proven track record with continuous improvement process.

  • Ability to lead/manage the SSC Team and deliver process enhancements in large multi-national organizations.

  • Excellent relational skills building relationships, resulting in strong relationships with internal customers/stakeholders who view them as a trusted partner.

  • Strength to translate technical information into common language so that non-technical individuals can readily understand the information.

  • Excellent understanding of project management and finance transformation processes.

  • Knowledge and understanding of industry business operational and financial concepts.

  • Experience having led and/or executed finance transition projects from sending to receiving team.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 50% of the time.

Response Director

*Country location to be determined based on response.

*Please submit your CV in English.

World Vision’s Emergency Response Roster is comprised of highly experienced and vetted humanitarian aid professionals available for short term, medium term, and long term emergency response assignments with World Vision.

When disaster strikes, we are on the ground, quickly providing immediate support and we stay helping to rebuild lives for children, families, and communities.

We are currently accepting applications to join the Emergency Response Roster and are seeking candidates for:

All Roster position will be Non-Family/Unaccompanied postings lasting 3-12 months.

As vacancies arise in our humanitarian offices, roster members will be considered for employment opportunities.

General Requirements:

  • 5+ years Leadership experience in a Humanitarian/Fragile/Emergency context

  • Minimum 2 years of cross cultural humanitarian emergency experience outside of your home country.

  • Experience directly managing staff during humanitarian emergency responses.

  • Ability to work long hours in stressful environments with a variety of skilled professionals.

  • Demonstrated management of budgets in emergency response settings.

  • Willing to serve unaccompanied (non-family); most likely living in a team house setting.

  • English proficiency, written and verbal. (French/Arabic/Spanish preferred)

  • Grant Acquisition and Management experience

  • Strong track record in developing good working relationships with governmental institutions and multilateral agencies.


The Response Director (RD) has primary responsibility for directing the response from strategy to implementation, inclusive of performance and oversight of all aspects of the response. She/he should develop and maintain an efficient, cohesive team, while ensuring effective coordination and relationships with the other agencies, officials, beneficiaries, donors and all areas of the Partnership.


Develop and monitor implementation of response strategy that addresses WV strategic goals to meet humanitarian needs:

  • Lead response strategy development with National Director (ND), Regional Leader (RL), Partnership Executive Team (PET) and other senior stakeholders.

  • Ensure primary and secondary information on needs inform strategy formulation.

  • Ensure context analysis informs strategy development.

  • Consult with ND and RL to ensure National Office (NO) strategy and plans (including Child Wellbeing targets) are taken into account in response strategy formulation.

  • Ensure strategy aligns with anticipated capacity.

  • Monitor appropriateness of strategy in addition to implementation of strategy and transition plans.

Ensure response is staffed to meet response needs:

  • Contribute to NO capacity building in the area of emergency response in coordination with NO leadership and Human Resources (HR).

  • Determine response organization structure with ND and HR.

  • Conduct high-level workforce planning with HR and mobilise surge functions as required.

  • Oversee the recruitment of the RDs direct reports.

  • Ensure defined accountabilities under the Emergency Management System (EMS) are clear for each function including Term of Reference (TOR) objectives and qualitycriteria.

  • Ensure HR works with EMS functions to identify workforce requirements.

  • Ensure HR plans for capacity building with EMS functions.

  • Ensure HR develops performance planning and review processes that include quality criteria.

  • Ensure HR establishes a staff care function and mechanisms that support staff well-being.

  • Consult ND to plan Response team transition/integration.

  • Ensure adequate internal communications mechanisms are in place to ensure policies, information and decisions are shared with staff as appropriate.

Establish and maintain effective working relationships with humanitarian actors, government representatives, World Vision stakeholders, the media and general public:

  • Represent the response in Partnership Executive Team and Partnership Coordination Team (PCT) (where activated).

  • Identify and highlight areas of conflict to Response Senior Management Team (SMT), ND, RL and Partnership Executive Committee (where activated).

  • Create and maintain collaborative relations and where appropriate partnerships with government, other NGOs, UN agencies, civil society, churches, bi-lateral missions and donors.

  • Participate in consortium meetings and Response related national coordination meetings.

  • Ensure World Vision is represented at relevant technical and coordination mechanisms in-country.

Develop and plan response to achieve response strategy goal and objectives:

  • Provide oversight to funding allocation (i.e. Private Non-sponsorship or PNS, grants, etc) to ensure alignment with strategy and humanitarian needs.

  • Ensure response programme development meets World Vision and international standards.

  • Ensure that adequate funding to address humanitarian needs is acquired.

  • Ensure Advocacy staff are empowered to integrate advocacy across sectors and to develop child-focused advocacy positions which are aligned with strategy and organisational priorities, in strong alignment with NO and Response Operations teams.

  • Facilitate the signing of MOUs and contracts, with donors, Support Offices (SOs) and other relevant stakeholders.

  • Ensure appropriate waivers are in place to facilitate timely response implementation.

Implement response programme in accordance with commitments to meet international and WV standards:

  • Ensure that accessible beneficiary feedback mechanisms are established and functioning.

  • Ensure staff establish community accountability methods across all of the response program.

  • Monitor and identify risks to programme quality and coordinate resources to address them.

  • Ensure that all programmes are implemented, monitored and evaluated according to set plans and that agreements with donors, SOs and other stakeholders are adhered to.

  • Ensure management meetings address quality risks, relevant monitoring data and community feedback.

  • Initiate resourcing mechanisms and ensure financial and material (in-kind) resources are managed according to WV standards, donor and SO agreements.

Initiate response funding mechanisms with support of ND, RL & Regional HEA Director (RHEAD):

  • Ensure that funding is managed and accounted for in compliance with donors and Support Offices agreements and WV standards.

  • Ensure that programme and projects audits are planned and conducted as per WV audit regulations and donor government requirements.

  • Ensure that audit reports are responded to and recommendations implemented.

Ensure that response meets World Vision minimum quality standards and supports program improvement, reflection, learning and innovation:

  • Ensure previous response learnings from Global learning facilitator are reviewed in program design.

  • Encourage the incorporation of best practice and innovation in program design.

  • Ensure all functions have quality planning sessions to meet quality objectives of their TOR.

  • Ensure achievement level of all function quality objectives is monitored monthly and reported.

  • Ensure risks that prevent the achievement of quality objectives are reported and rapidly addressed.

  • Ensure mechanisms are established to identify, document, and share lessons learned with Partnership.

Oversee Security function, planning and implementation to ensure response staff and organisational safety and security:

  • Ensure staffing of Security function.

  • Provide oversight to implementation of security protocols as per CSR.

  • Facilitate inter-agency coordination for information sharing and intelligence sharing.

Ensure response internal and external reporting requirements are met:

  • Liaise with Programmes and Info Management to ensure internal and external reporting requirements are planned for and reports are prepared.

  • Review and submit partnership programme reports.

  • Prepare and submit monthly management reports.

  • Ensure internal response coordination & information sharing mechanisms are functioning.

Ensure that response staff have appropriate housing, offices and information/communication systems:

  • Ensure that staff have access to appropriate office space/equipment, information/communication systems/equipment and other facilities which enable them to carry out their responsibilities.

  • Ensure that all response vehicles and other equipment are well managed and maintained.

  • Where necessary, ensure that relevant staff have access to appropriate housing.



  • A minimum of 5-7 years in leadership role in the humanitarian assistance and development sector, with a significant portion of this in INGOs.

  • Demonstrated understanding of key humanitarian principles, standards and best practices.

  • University degree in Humanitarian Studies or relevant field. Masters degree preferred.

  • Intensive experience in leading a multi-cultural team of professionals.

  • Experience working in a cross-cultural environment.

  • Experience working in war zones / fragile contexts.

  • Experience in engaging with governmental institutions and multilateral agencies.

  • Experience in managing humanitarian operations that facilitate innovation and calculated risk taking.

  • Experience in serving as an organizational spokesperson to media and other external audiences.

  • Effective in written and verbal communication in English.


  • Ability to express ideas and concepts clearly and persuasively with senior internal and external stakeholders as well as staff.

  • Ability to work in coordination with other humanitarian organizations.

  • Ability to analyse and make decisions in challenging situations in the absence of specific guidance and/or full information.

  • Ability to communicate and model to staff positive behaviours which help them remain resilient and effective in dynamic and high pressure environments.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • Work hours are often more than 8 hours per day during difficult periods of the response.

  • Responses are often mounted in insecure or natural disaster-prone contexts, which may disrupt normal work patterns and generate staff safety issues.

  • Work and housing environments may at times be well below normal standards in terms of facilities, equipment and food availability.