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World Vision International

Job Opportunities in Rwanda

World Vision began working in Rwanda in 1994, after the genocide. World Vision initially provided emergency help to those displaced cared for unaccompanied children and also helped the affected resettle as they returned home. Traumatized children were supported to heal, malnourished children were cared for and rehabilitated, and were later on facilitated to re-connect with their families. World Vision’s peace-building and reconciliation programs laid the foundation on which many lives, families, and communities are being rebuilt today.

In 2000, World Vision started Area Development Programmes (ADPs) that work with communities to find long- term solutions to poverty through community led integrated programmes including Education, Health and Nutrition, Peace-building, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Livelihoods and Food Security, Disaster Response, and Child Protection.

From 2012, World Vision Rwanda embraced an innovative programming model that builds on enhancing community empowerment through investing in Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLAs) and Commercial Villages Model, a hybrid model through which typical social administrative villages are designed and systematically graduated into commercialized competitive market-led agricultural production units.

World Vision currently operates in 15 out of 30 Rwandan Districts, impacting more than 4,000,000 people. World Vision’s operations in these districts are implemented through 29 area development programmes.


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