World Vision International

Job Opportunities in Thailand

World Vision Foundation of Thailand is a Christian humanitarian and development organisation dedicated to helping needy children, families and communities. At the moment, we are working through 75 area development programmes in 43 provinces in all regions of Thailand.

World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT) would like to invite you to be our part of giving needy children opportunities. Because they are the future of our nation but there are a lot of children who are living in difficulty. If you are keen on helping children or needy people in society, here is your chance. Join us to create a bright future for children together.

World Vision Foundation of Thailand is committed to equal opportunities and diversity recruiting its people without regard to age, gender, ethnicity, beliefs and disability. Although a Christian organisation, WVFT hires staff irregardless of faith except for positions that necessarily require Christian faith.

Current Opportunities

Sponsorship Operations Department Manager

Purpose of Position:

The WVFT Child Sponsorship Operations Manager will have the overall leadership, guidance and management of Child Sponsorship Operations in WVFT (NO, APs and PFAs) and enabling inter- sectoral collaboration across relevant departments contributing to the transformation of Children, Families, Communities and Sponsors towards the attainment of Child Well- being. In addition, the person will provide technical guidance to the CESP Team to ensure effective adaptation of CESP in Area Programs that will result to improved alignment and quality of development programming (DPA) at the local level.


1. Team Leadership and Management

Provide technical leadership in operationalizing/application of sponsorship policy (SOs and TFO (local), standards and business processes, guidelines, tools and innovations.

Take lead of the implementation of management decisions/recommendations at the National Office in order to meet quality standards, and promote alignment with strategies and standards.

Provide leadership to NO Child Sponsorship Team, and manage staff development/ growth in order to build a cadre of high performing staff for effective delivery of Child Sponsorship operations.

2. Strategic Planning and Sponsorship Programming

Provide leadership in contextualizing and developing national policies, standards, guidelines and tools relating to sponsorship in alignment with the global policies, standards and guidelines.

Provide technical guidance to Field Operations team in planning for major sponsorship deliverables such as APRs, CC, CMS, FLs, BB, GNs,

3. Local adaptation of NO’s Standard Community Engagement and Sponsorship Plan (CESP)

Provide technical support to CESP/DPA Coordinator and Operations team (field teams) in the contextualization of CESP pan including Logframe, DIP and budget and integration with technical programmes

Provide technical support to CESP/DPA Coordinator and Operations team (field teams) to ensure the AP Plans clearly integrates CESP with clear alignment to DPA standards, sponsorship minimum programming standards and sponsorship essentials

4. Management and Coordination – manages sponsorship operations and field services.

Develop plans and guidelines for effective and efficient management of Sponsorship standards and major deliverables such as SOI, Child Monitoring, CC, APR, Annual reconciliation.

Track and monitor the performance of Area Programmes and National Sponsorship Operations against the key performance indicators (SOI, CMS) and standards and advise Field Teams as well as SLT/MMT on ways to improve performance.

5. Communications to/ NO/OMs, PMs to/from RO/SOs/Marketing, SDD

Manage all Sponsorship related Communications between NO, field Offices and SOs/SDD and relevant marketing team.

Monitor and advise on communications (quality) to/fro NO/OMs, PMs to/from EASO/SOs

6. Sponsorship Reporting

Develop and review Sponsorship reporting templates and build capacity of staff on how to use them.

Review, analyse and submit WV Sponsorship monthly/periodical reports.

7. Staff Capacity Building

In coordination with P&C, support Sponsorship Staff Capacity building through identifying capacity gaps, developing plans and facilitate capacity building.

Develop capacity building (training) plans and share with the respective OMs/PMs

Effect the plans and develop report, follow up plans and actions.

National Humanitarian And Emergency Affairs Coordinator

Purpose of Position:

Provide leadership in the development, implementation and coordination of holistic, viable and progressive Humanitarian & Emergency strategies in support to the strategic goal and objectives of World Vision Thailand with the end in view of creating an environment or condition that addresses emergency preparedness and resiliency of the organization and communities including children and their families from crises and complex humanitarian emergencies.


A. To raise the level of competence and efficiency of the organization by providing high level of professional expertise in humanitarian strategic leadership.

1.Provides strategic, viable inputs and technical advise during organizational planning and assessment, leadership meetings and whenever deemed required by the National Director.

2.Updates the National Director and the Leadership Team on developments of Humanitarian Emergency Affairs programs and milestones.

B. To ensure that HEA Operations in preparedness, disaster risk reduction and mitigation, response, recovery/rehabilitation and transition management meets both WV partnership and international standards.

1.Develops Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs long-term directions that are aligned with the organization’s strategic direction in consultation with direct reports.

2.Leads negotiation with the local and international funding agencies on emergency response and rehabilitation proposals including the terms of reference of its implementation.

C. To facilitate collaboration for innovation and Child Well-Being (CWB) impact, especially as it relates to disaster risk reduction and resilience.

1.Ensures that HEA division’s work performance are measured and aligned with defined organizational and division goals and standards.

2.Works collaboratively with Operations team for the implementation of technical programs as it relates to disaster management with focus on CWB.

D. To provide spiritual leadership not only to HEA division but as well as to strategic leaders of the organization based on biblical principles, WV core values, beliefs and Christ-centered Commitments.

1.Ensures that Christ-centered Commitment is a foundational mandate of every HEA processes.

2.Provides time and space for direct reports to participate in organizational initiated spiritual formation activities.