Director – Global Fleet Management

*Position location to be determined by home country of successful candidate in a jurisdiction (US state or country) where WVI is registered to operate.


World Vision is one of the world’s largest INGOs, with over 37,000 staff operating in nearly 100 countries. The organisation delivers humanitarian aid to populations in some of the most challenging and complex environments, transportation and fleet operations are critical to the delivering our programmes. World Vision has a diverse global fleet of well over 10,000 standard vehicles and an equal number of motorcycles, it also includes drilling rigs and water craft. The total fleet portfolio represents one of the largest asset groups in the organisation.

The ‘Director – Global Fleet Management (GFM)’ is the global leader responsible for developing and driving organizational fleet strategy and ensuring current industry practice is implemented in relation to the procurement, operation and disposal of World Visions fleet. The role holder will be expected to lead the GFM team in working collaboratively across the organisation to deliver agile and flexible ‘end to end’ transportation solutions for World Visions operations.

World Vision is committed to operating its global fleet resources safely, cost effectively and with a reduced environmental impact. The role has a particular focus on Fleet Safety, ensuring our drivers and vehicles operate safely in challenging contexts where our staff and vulnerable road users are at the greatest risk.


Fleet Strategy & Practice Development:

  • Lead the development and implementation of global fleet management strategies. Ensuring Global Fleet Management (GFM) practices are in alignment with WV Fleet, Procurement and Financial policies and internationally accepted current practice.

  • Collaborate with multiple stakeholders to ensure that the WV fleet strategy aligns with expected organisational outcomes and reflects the values and vison of WVI.

Strategic Fleet Management:

  • Provide leadership, operational guidance and support to the global fleet team (direct & matrix management). Ensuring GFM is providing end to end transport solutions as a trusted business partner to the wider organisation.

  • Develop Fleet Safety initiatives aimed at reducing harm to staff and vulnerable road users, with particular focus on fatal Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs).

  • Explore the development of road safety programme opportunities with donors & suppliers.

  • Drive continuous improvement and innovation in GFM frameworks. Develop quality assurance and performance metrics across fleet management systems and procedures.

  • Identify significant risks and organisational gaps in fleet current practice and develop appropriate mitigation plans to protect the fleet function. Ensure risks are communicated with Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

  • Drive the development of adaptive, agile and dynamic fleet management solutions that focus on delivery at the ‘grass roots level’, employing appropriate change management techniques when required.

  • Develop technology solutions to monitor fleet assets, operational use and disposal.

Relationship Management:

  • Drive high standards and performance through setting clear direction and empowering and influencing others.

  • Regular liaison with senior Global Supply Chain (GSC) managers, Global Field Operations (GFO) regional & programme level managers.

  • Act as a strategic link for the promotion of sound fleet practice for National Offices, Regional Offices and Response operations.

  • Regularly liaise with the wider Fleet network on emerging issues and provide a conduit to escalate concerns to senior leaders.

  • Actively contribute to internal and external forums, working groups and networks related to fleet management.

  • Work closely with members of the Corporate Security team promoting mutual learning, support and accountability.

Capacity Building:

  • Develop appropriate workforce & succession planning that ensures the organisations ability to deliver transport solutions in fluid high risk environments.

  • Oversee the development and implementation of global capacity building plan for operational fleet management.

  • Engage with senior leaders to raise the awareness of fleet management protocols and practice.

  • Develop a professional culture of innovation, learning and mentoring. WVI should be seen as the ‘employer of choice’ for INGO fleet professionals.

Knowledge Management & Quality Assurance:

  • Promote alignment with WV Fleet Management Policy.

  • Drive the process of continuous learning on current international accepted practice in fleet management & analysis, identifying tools and processes that can be implemented into WV operations globally.

  • Encourage mutual learning on fleet management issues at a Regional and Global level.

  • Assist in the facilitation of and coordination of global fleet information sharing forum/network that promotes the embedding of sound fleet management practice into all layers of WV’s programmes.

  • Facilitate the documentation of best practice and contribute to the community of practice and centre of excellence.


  • Relevant Tertiary Qualification (Bachelor’s Degree or similar) in Logistics, Engineering, Supply Chain, or general Business Management.

  • Recognised Industry Qualification in Logistics, Engineering, Supply Chain (or Business Project Management experience).

  • Suitable transferable qualifications from Military, Government or Private Sector.

  • Significant senior management experience (8-10yrs) in Humanitarian Operations involving Fleet Management or Logistics would be considered.

  • Proven ability and experience (8-10yrs) in fleet management or logistics at a senior level across a large complex international organization, with strong change management experience.

  • Proven experience in Financial Cost Centre management.

  • Procurement, Supply Chain or Logistics experience.

  • Understanding of Humanitarian operations.

  • Proven experience in managing coaching and developing staff.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Recognised Logistics, Engineering, Supply Chain Qualification (or Business Project Management experience).

  • Experience in fleet management optimization and sound understanding of the transport industry.

  • Previous experience in contract negotiation and supply arrangements with vehicle suppliers.

  • Experience in fleet management/operations within the Humanitarian sector.

  • Proven people leader with the ability to influence widely across a diverse organisation.

  • Previous experience in managing complex cost centers with Business analysis skills.

  • Proven business acumen and political savvy, must know how to get things done through formal and informal channels.

  • Skillful communicator with advanced influencing skills that can transcend boundaries and work effectively across all levels of a complex organization.

  • Ability to operate effectively and responsively in a fast changing, ambiguous environment and deal with high pressure situations calmly and with energy and resilience while managing multiple priorities and deadlines.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel internationally up to 35% of the time to potentially high risk operational areas.

  • Flexibility in work hours is expected.


*We have consolidated World Vision's Emergency Response Roster. If you have previously applied your information has been retained and is in our database; do not reapply.

*Answer all questions on the application to be considered for the Emergency Response Roster; country location to be determined based on response.

*If you do not meet minimum eligibility requirements, we invite you to support and help through prayer and donations.

World Vision’s Emergency Response Roster is comprised of highly experienced and vetted humanitarian aid professionals available for short term, medium term, and long term emergency response assignments with World Vision. This roster allows World Vision to more rapidly identify and hire for key positions in its humanitarian response offices.

If selected, eligible applicants will first be fully vetted and then approved for the Emergency Response Roster. As vacancies arise in our humanitarian offices, roster members will be considered for employment opportunities.

If you have the required experience and would like to work with us helping protect lives, restore dignity, and renew hope, we’d love to hear from you.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements for all Emergency Response Roster Positions:

  • 5+ years of cross cultural humanitarian emergency experience outside of your home country.

  • Minimum 2 years experience serving successfully in fragile or unstable environments.

  • Experience directly managing staff during humanitarian emergency responses.

  • Ability to work long hours in stressful environments with a variety of skilled professionals.

  • Demonstrated management of budgets in emergency response settings.

  • Willing to serve unaccompanied; most likely in a team house setting.

  • English proficiency; written and verbal.

  • Grant Acquisition Management experience in your personalized expertise.

  • Strong track record in developing good working relationships with governmental institutions and multilateral agencies.

Below are the World Vision Emergency Response Roster positions that are currently open and accepting applications. If a position matching your background and interests is not listed, we encourage you to check back often as a more appropriate roster position may be listed and accepting applications at that time.

When submitting your application to World Vision’s Emergency Response Roster, please indicate in your cover letter / application which roster position you would like to be considered for.

Director positions currently accepting applications (must have 5-7+ years’ in response leadership role):

  • Response Director

  • Operations Director

  • Programmes Strategy & Development Director

Manager/Specialist positions currently accepting applications (must have 5+ years’ related experience):

  • Communication and External Engagement Manager

  • Human Resources Manager

  • Support Services Manager

  • Finance Manager

  • Information Management Manager

  • Monitoring, Evaluation, Humanitarian Accountability & Learning (MEAL) Manager

  • Grant Acquisition and Management Manager

  • Cash Programming Manager/Specialist

  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Manager/Specialist

  • Health Manager/Specialist

  • Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Manager/Specialist

  • Nutrition Manager/Specialist

  • Education in Emergencies Manager/Specialist

  • Livelihoods Manager/Specialist

  • Protection Manager/Specialist

  • Child Protection ManManager/Specialist

Food Assistant Manager


Le but de ce poste est de travailler en collaboration avec le gestionnaire d’Acquisition et Management de Ressources pour développer et gérer le programme intégré d’assistance alimentaire. Ce programme vise à renforcer la résilience des communautés et à améliorer la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle des communautés vulnérables dans les provinces ciblées du Tchad.

Le Food Assistance Manager coordonnera les activités de prepositionnement, conception, la mise en œuvre, suivi, à l'évaluation et à la clôture des projets d'assistance alimentaire et de résilience en veillant à ce que les objectifs soient atteints par la mise en œuvre efficace et efficiente des subventions de toutes les modalités d’assistance alimentaire, de sécurité alimentaire et de résilience, ainsi que le renforcement des capacités du personnel de World Vision et des ONG locales partenaires.


Diriger une équipe de professionnels possédant des compétences et des habiletés diverses dans l'atteinte des objectifs décrits dans la demande de subvention.

Représenter le projet auprès du bailleur de fonds, des parties prenantes internes (bureau national, bureaux de gestion des catastrophes et de soutien), des représentants des administrations locales et d'autres parties prenantes clés.

Donner une orientation stratégique, technique et programmatique à l'équipe de projet en veillant à ce que la mise en œuvre du programme soit conforme à " Notre promesse ", à la stratégie du bureau et à sa contribution aux résultats du bien-être de l'enfant.

Coordonner l'élaboration de nouvelles propositions de projets, de notes conceptuelles en réponse aux possibilités de financement alimentaire et d'aide financière, et diriger le processus de signature en temps opportun des accords de subvention.

Coordonner la décision interne d’acquisition des subventions, Soumettre les lettres a manifestations d’intérêts et coordonner le développement des propositions selon les opportunités disponibles.

Préparer et présenter un plan opérationnel complet pour le Programme d'assistance alimentaire.

Fournir en temps opportun des commentaires et des contributions à l'achèvement des plans de travail mensuels, des rapports mensuels, trimestriels et de fin de projet et veiller à ce que la gestion des subventions soit conforme aux règlements sur les donateurs et la VM.

Veiller à ce que tout le personnel recruté soit formé à la gestion des commodités alimentaires, à la documentation et rapportage.

Assurer la supervision technique des coordonnateurs des subventions et des autres membres du personnel sous supervision en organisant des réunions périodiques et en leur fournissant des plans de travail, des objectifs et des résultats à fournir ; et superviser techniquement la gestion de tous les programmes alimentaires dans toutes les opérations de WV Tchad.

Effectuer des revues continues de performance du personnel conformément au système de gestion du rendement du personnel, en veillant à ce que le personnel ait l'occasion de faire part de ses commentaires.

Veiller à ce que le personnel dispose des capacités techniques et opérationnelles appropriées en facilitant la formation des spécialistes techniques concernés au sein de Disaster Management Team et/ou Operations , ainsi que la gestion des performances du personnel des projets.

Veiller à ce que le personnel dispose des capacités techniques et opérationnelles appropriées en facilitant la formation des spécialistes techniques concernés au sein de Disaster Management Team et/ou Operations , ainsi que la gestion des performances du personnel des projets.

De concert avec le gestionnaire des finances, s'assurer de la conformité des subventions et des projets, de sorte que les dépenses du projet soient raisonnables, répartissables et admissibles et qu'elles soient dépensées conformément au manuel des finances des donateurs et du bureau World Vision Tchad.

En priorité et en collaboration avec l'équipe des finances, veiller à ce que les factures soient soumises à temps au PAM, à ce que des suivis réguliers soient effectués, à ce que les remboursements soient reçus en temps voulu et à ce que les accords de règlement (SA) soient traités dans les délais.

Superviser l'approvisionnement et l'achat, l'acquisition, l'aliénation et la gestion de l'équipement en conformité avec les exigences internes de WV et des donateurs.

Renforcer la collaboration avec les partenaires au Tchad engagés dans le domaine d’assistance alimentaires, Sécurité alimentaire et Moyens d’existence pour un prépositionnement continu, la participation active à des réunions des clusters humanitaires, des évaluation rapide conjointes des besoins humanitaires, le partage de la déclaration de capacité de WVI afin de développer le programme d'assistance alimentaire.

Intégrer, à titre de priorité, un système et des structures fonctionnels de responsabilité humanitaire au sein de l'opération en assurant la participation totale de la communauté et un mécanisme de retour d'information.

Maintenir des mécanismes efficaces d'assurance de la qualité des projets, y compris un système de suivi de l'avancement des projets par rapport aux indicateurs, aux activités et aux principaux jalons du projet, aux systèmes de rapport, d'évaluation et de communication.

Soumettre en temps opportun des rapports précis et de qualité qui répondent aux exigences des donateurs et des partenaires.

Identifier les risques du programme et élaborer des plans d'atténuation grâce à l'établissement de registres des risques du programme/projet - tenir le document à jour annuellement ou moins selon le contexte.

Mettre en place et maintenir des contrôles internes rigoureux, un cadre de suivi, des systèmes de responsabilité humanitaire, des outils et des processus pour minimiser les risques, faciliter les audits et mettre en œuvre les mesures correctives issues des visites, missions et audits.

S’assurer que tous les projets établissement des mécanismes de redevabilites communautaires avec une gestion efficace de plaintes et feedback.


Avoir au moins une Maitrise en développement communautaire, Sciences sociales, Agronomie ou tout autre diplome équivalent.

Avoir au moins trois ans dans les postes de gestion des projets d’assistance alimentaire et/ou transfert monétaire.