*We have consolidated World Vision's Emergency Response Roster. If you have previously applied your information has been retained and is in our database; do not reapply.

*Answer all questions on the application to be considered for the Emergency Response Roster; country location to be determined based on response.

*If you do not meet minimum eligibility requirements, we invite you to support and help through prayer and donations.

World Vision’s Emergency Response Roster is comprised of highly experienced and vetted humanitarian aid professionals available for short term, medium term, and long term emergency response assignments with World Vision. This roster allows World Vision to more rapidly identify and hire for key positions in its humanitarian response offices.

If selected, eligible applicants will first be fully vetted and then approved for the Emergency Response Roster. As vacancies arise in our humanitarian offices, roster members will be considered for employment opportunities.

If you have the required experience and would like to work with us helping protect lives, restore dignity, and renew hope, we’d love to hear from you.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements for all Emergency Response Roster Positions:

  • 5+ years of cross cultural humanitarian emergency experience outside of your home country.

  • Minimum 2 years experience serving successfully in fragile or unstable environments.

  • Experience directly managing staff during humanitarian emergency responses.

  • Ability to work long hours in stressful environments with a variety of skilled professionals.

  • Demonstrated management of budgets in emergency response settings.

  • Willing to serve unaccompanied; most likely in a team house setting.

  • English proficiency; written and verbal.

  • Grant Acquisition Management experience in your personalized expertise.

  • Strong track record in developing good working relationships with governmental institutions and multilateral agencies.

Below are the World Vision Emergency Response Roster positions that are currently open and accepting applications. If a position matching your background and interests is not listed, we encourage you to check back often as a more appropriate roster position may be listed and accepting applications at that time.

When submitting your application to World Vision’s Emergency Response Roster, please indicate in your cover letter / application which roster position you would like to be considered for.

Director positions currently accepting applications (must have 5-7+ years’ in response leadership role):

  • Response Director

  • Operations Director

  • Programmes Strategy & Development Director

Manager/Specialist positions currently accepting applications (must have 5+ years’ related experience):

  • Communication and External Engagement Manager

  • Human Resources Manager

  • Support Services Manager

  • Finance Manager

  • Information Management Manager

  • Monitoring, Evaluation, Humanitarian Accountability & Learning (MEAL) Manager

  • Grant Acquisition and Management Manager

  • Cash Programming Manager/Specialist

  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Manager/Specialist

  • Health Manager/Specialist

  • Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Manager/Specialist

  • Nutrition Manager/Specialist

  • Education in Emergencies Manager/Specialist

  • Livelihoods Manager/Specialist

  • Protection Manager/Specialist

  • Child Protection ManManager/Specialist

Program Director - Ark 2030

You will be required to produce a current (within 3 months) Original Police Clearance Certificate or waiting receipt during interview In case you are shortlisted

Job Title : Program Director – Ark 2030

Reporting to : Operations Director

Grade Level : 17

Work Location : Nairobi

Purpose of Position

To lead a consortium of NGOs including ICRAF, CRS, TNC and Just Digit, private sector institutions and respective County Governments in the implementation of “Restoring Land and Livelihoods across East & Southern Africa’s Savannah” Program, that targets communities living in five ASAL counties of Narok, Kajiado, Garissa, Isiolo and Marsabit in Kenya. It will involve engagement with partners and the donor to ensure that the project outcomes are achieved, risks are managed and evidence of best practice and learning from the Program are identified and shared.

Major Responsibilities

Strategic Leadership and Management (40%)

  • Provide effective, innovative and strategic leadership and direction to the Program Management Unit (PMU)/Secretariat, Project Managers and Field officers.

  • Provide leadership, supervision, and oversight to improve the performance of all activities, ensuring efficient and effective Program implementation including the timely completion of high-quality work plans, accurate reports, and other mandated deliverables by all consortium partners.

  • Develop appropriate implementation strategies for the Program.

  • Provide strategic advice on changes and improvements where needed.

  • Work with the team in preparing project work-plans with clear objectives and achievable benchmarks, reflecting strategic long-term and short-term priorities.

  • Regularly review the program strategy to ensure relevance and enhance the Program impact by suggesting appropriate alternative strategies and changes to the technical working groups.

  • Ensure all Program-based needs and requirements are timely and efficiently shared with support services for best coordinated implementation.

  • Ensure integration of the grant with the partners objectives including WVK Initiatives and Child Well- being outcomes in-line with the WVK Strategic priorities.

  • Provide excellent standards in the management of the human, financial and technical resources of the Program, which includes inspiring and maintaining high standards of work and clear accountability to stakeholders.

  • Establish a consultative and participative management environment that engages and develops project teams, combining country office and global office staff, to deliver on donor obligations hence meeting the Program commitment priorities.

  • Manage relationships between the consortium partners to ensure that the Program remains integrated and all partners achieve their outcomes, and that any conflicts are resolved.

  • Provide management, administrative and financial, to the PMU including supervising all PMU staff and being the Secretary to the National Program Steering Committee.

End Results Expected

  • A cohesive consortium team that is working together for a common goal.

  • The program is well integrated and supports or complements ongoing and new interventions being implemented by national & county governments, other NGOs and partners within the five target counties.

  • Well-coordinated & implemented Program that is performing optimally towards the achievement of the set objectives

Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation (15%)

  • Ensure that the implementation of the Program is in compliance with the donor, GoK, WVK and other partners’ acceptable standards and norms.

  • Ensure timely surveys of the Program and dissemination of findings to all partners including GoK and the Donor while ensuring streamlining implementation in respect to the outcomes of the survey.

  • Develop, with support of other consortium members, a detailed plan that will support delivery of the Program objectives throughout the Program period.

  • With support from the MEAL Coordinator, lead the planning, implementation and budgeting of the Program activities.

  • Organize annual review meetings for planning and monitoring of Program activities.

  • Ensure monthly and quarterly reporting to the donor, government highlighting implementation status, challenges and key plans for the following months in an acceptable format or a format agreed/provided by the parties.

  • Ensure that partner agencies submit timely and quality periodic and annual reports and plans as required by the donor.

End Results Expected

  • Well-coordinated & implemented Program that is performing optimally towards the achievement of the set objectives

Financial & Operational Compliance (15%)

  • Ensure Program quality adherence, contractual compliance and timely reporting.

  • In collaboration with the Grant Finance Manager, take responsibility for Program expenditure, financial accountability and planning requirements, and provide a high level of support to processes and procedures.

  • Monitor the overall financial integrity of Program funds through grant management, monitoring and evaluation.

  • Ensure operational standards of the Program are maintained leading to acceptable audit performance

  • Ensure implementation of risk and audit recommendations.

  • Provide capacity building to the Program staff to strengthen the organizational practices that result in successful financial and operational audit scores and take lead in the implementation of audit recommendations as per the findings.

End Results Expected

  • Prudent project financial management, timely and accurate financial reporting as per donor regulations.

Partnership, Advocacy and Networking (15%)

  • Develop and maintain close relationships with ARK 2030 through Ever-greening Alliance; Government, Consortium partners, and other relevant stakeholders.

  • Ensure that the Program and partners are actively represented in coordination structures.

  • Share progress and update on the Program activities within the Ever-greening Alliance, WVI partnership and relevant donors.

  • Participation in Kenya or international conferences to share findings from the Program and support improved programmatic impact.

  • Engage and/or get involved to provide support in policy dialogues and identify synergies or opportunities to advance project objectives.

  • Maintain clear, regular and effective lines of communication with Consortium Partners and other relevant stakeholders (GoK, International Agencies, private sector, and other local actors).

  • Organize and convene/chair partners meetings for joint planning and Progress review.

End Results Expected

  • Synergies and program visibility for greater impact

Knowledge Management and Innovation (10%)

  • Contribute to the development and introduction of innovation to ensure best practice approaches in the operations.

  • Contribute to the dissemination and sharing of best practices and lessons learned for re-greening and land restoration initiatives in Kenya and thus build a body of knowledge across Africa.

  • Promote learning within the grant and disseminating the outcomes with GoK authorities, Consortium Partners, Ever-green Alliance and other agencies.

  • Contribute to the development of project related documents such as success stories and publications

Expected end results

  • Evidence based best practices documented and in use.

  • A robust contribution to learning and knowledge

Others (5%)

  • Perform any other duty as may be assigned by supervisor or designee from time to time

  • Participate and contribute in committees and task forces

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Bachelor’s degree in Natural Resource Management, Agriculture, Agro-Economics, Agro-forestry, Climate Change, Range Management, or equivalent and a Masters in any the same or Development Studies, or Project Management. Post graduate qualifications in Leadership will be an added advantage.

  • Minimum 10 years’ experience in humanitarian and development agency 6 of which must be in leadership,

  • Project management and sustainable NRM or integrated livelihood and development projects.

  • Experience in project design, proposal writing, needs assessments, surveys, and information management.

  • Experience of managing systems and tools to oversee complex program portfolios across different sectors and locations as well as within the consortium.

  • Experience of managing or leading a team of professional staff and a range of stakeholders in a high value donor funded consortium of at US$ 10-20 million project.

  • Excellent interpersonal, co-ordination and negotiation skills, and the ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with people in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity.

  • Strong commitment to integrity, professionalism, creativity and innovation, learning, accountability, planning and organization, results orientation, teamwork and technological solutions.

  • Experience working in ASAL is an added advantage

  • Proven skills on leading high value project start-up process.

  • Proven experience of representing externally to key stakeholders and maintaining donor relations.

  • Ability to live and work under pressure in a rapidly changing environment.

MEAL Coordinator - Ark 2030 Program

You will be required to produce a current (within 3 months) Original Police Clearance Certificate or waiting receipt during interview In case you are shortlisted

Job Title : MEAL Coordinator

Reporting to : Program Director – Ark 2030

Grade Level : 15

Work Location : Nairobi

Purpose of Position

The MEAL Advisor will establish an effective monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning system, with roles to develop, review and implement a robust Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning framework and tools to facilitate measurement of progress; enhance compliance of Ark 2030 Program with World Vision and consortium partners’ standards, policy frameworks and best practices in achieving efficiency and accountability as per donor requirements

Major Responsibilities

Program Planning (25%)

  • Ensure that Program is planned/designed in accordance to the agreed partners/donor standards by providing requisite tools including templates, guidelines and review tools.

  • Provision of ARK 2030 Program partners with strategic direction in the planning/designing processes

  • Together with the Program team and consortium partners, organize and facilitate Strategic/multiyear Plans/designs and budgets for the overall Program.

  • Coordinate and support ARK 2030 consortium members to generate designs and plans for their components of the Program in their respective counties and Program sites.

  • Together with ARK 2030 consortium (WVK, ICRAF, CARE, CRS, JUSTDIGGIT, TNC) partners, review and update log frames, M&E Plans, Program indicators and periodic targets and detailed implementation plans.

  • Support develop clear and implementable work break down structure for respective Program activities

  • Together with the identified partners identify and document the geographical coverage of each partner and produce a RS/GIS activity /Program map.

  • Together with the finance team, ensure realistic scheduling of Program activities and budgets.

End Results Expected

  • Functional monitoring framework, M&E Plans and tools in place.

  • Project targets met

  • Program plans/ Work break downs and timely implemented

  • Project Maps in place.

Implementation, co-ordination and quality assurance (25%)

  • Coordinate the successful roll out and implementation of all MEAL related initiatives among the partners

  • Coordinate and convene the partners technical advisory teams (TATs)

  • Support the Program partners to develop appropriate implementation strategies for the Program.

  • Develop and disseminate clear business processes for respective MEAL components and Program implementation planning procedures/ business processes for partners

  • Develop and support implementation of Program MEAL annual calendars

  • Lead the process of organization capacity assessments for potential local partners.

  • Lead national partner capacity building initiatives on Planning, M&E, Accountability and Learning

  • Ensure that respective consortium staff are provided with requisite MEAL technical support to perform.

  • Coordinate the successful roll out and implementation of all MEAL related initiatives for the Program among partners.

  • Coordinate inter-county exchange meetings on M&E for lessons learnt and upscale to regional programme level intervention

  • Develop fully cross-functional and effective working relationships between and amongst key local partners, Secretariat and consortium (WVK, ICRAF, CARE, CRS, JUSTDIGGIT, TNC) partners,

  • Coordinate effective implementation and delivery of measurements (Characterizations studies, Baseline and Evaluation Surveys) in collaboration with key partners.

  • Coordinate and facilitate timely review and sharing of all Program documents; plans/designs and reports.

  • Support all field level Programs to implement, monitor and evaluate interventions as per standards and procedures of the donor.

  • Ensure that business processes, standards and policies developed in coordination with other implementing partners are effectively implemented by all partners.

End Results Expected

  • Project well implemented and executed as planned.

Monitoring, Reporting and Accountability (25%)

  • Develop and share for use requisite standardized MEAL programming tools including templates, guidelines and review tools for assessments, designs/plans, baselines, evaluations and reporting.

  • Take lead in the design and implementation of a monitoring framework to track delivery against program objectives.

  • Monitor and coordinate activities of partners/service delivery organizations, including the (process).

  • Coordinate, participate and report on technical field monitoring visits.

  • Take charge of collating and analysing data and synthesizing information, updating the monitoring matrix and other monitoring tools in place.

  • Ensure timely analysis of monitoring data and dissemination to key stakeholders for management decision making.

  • Support remote sensing and GIS Mapping of Program activities, Outputs and Beneficiaries in all the Counties in collaboration with ICRAF and other consortium partners

  • Ensure the appropriate use of information management systems in compliance with WV Kenya, GoK, and Ark 2030 donor and in line with partnership agreements.

  • Coordinate reporting from partners and support the Program team and consortium members to gather relevant data and compile and submit quality reports on the Program implementation and any other reports required by donor and/or any of the partners.

  • Provide regularly updated reports to the Program director /secretariat on the status of implementation against set objectives and targets.

  • Additionally, the incumbent will work with Programme teams to ensure timely and quality technical reports (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual) as per WV standards and donor requirements.

  • Support establishment of accountability mechanisms for the program to enhance information sharing and complaints and timely feedback flow.

End Results Expected

  • We// documented reports meeting donor and standard reporting requirements

  • Up to date mapping of all project assets and profile.

  • Up to date monitoring system (Horizon).

  • Design documents meets the LEAP and relevant donor specific standards

Research, Learning and Knowledge Management (20%)

  • Take lead in the analysis of data collected under the monitoring framework for assessment of progress and areas for improvement.

  • Coordinate periodic reviews/evaluations of ARK 2030 interventions using appropriate methodologies such as LQAs to determine progress/achievements

  • Together with other consortium partners, coordinate and ensure Program baseline and end line surveys are undertaken as scheduled, processes are conducted in a timely manner and quality reports are produced as per standards.

  • Together with consortium partners, undertake operational researches/action researching, in producing scientific, analytical and evidence based products for implementation in future

  • Coordinate inter-county exchange meetings on MEAL for lessons learnt and scale up of program level interventions

  • Establish effective knowledge management mechanisms including documentation and sharing of innovative/ promising / best practices or lessons learned and impacts;

  • Ensure that lessons learnt and reports are documented (printed, visual) and published for sharing with the donor and other partners.

  • Organize and conduct learning forums/events at regular points to facilitate learning by the consortium partners

  • Facilitate ongoing and collaborative learning within WVK and partners based on key data from the performance management system.

  • Through the Project Communications Officer ensure the effective communication of and about the Program with beneficiaries, WV Kenya, Consortium Partners, GoK, GEA, Ark 2030 donor and other partners

End Results Expected

  • Sound Methodology and tools applied in the scheduled surveys/measurements and other studies.

  • Documented evidence of feedback/input provided on the various DME products.

  • Up to date implementation of action researches given in regular tracking reports.

  • Well documented reflection and learning report on the surveys/study findings

Others (5%)

  • Perform any other duty as may be assigned by supervisor or designee from time to time

  • Participate and contribute in committees and task forces

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Degree in Natural Resource Management, Agriculture, Agri-business management, Agro-forestry, Range land Management, Dryland Agriculture, Environmental studies, Climate Change or equivalent

  • Post graduate training in M&E or Statistics or related field

  • Minimum of 5 Years of professional experience in program planning, monitoring and evaluation of multi-agency livelihood and Resilience grants in Pastoral and or Agro-pastoral regions;

  • Strong conceptual and analytical skills and expertise in working with online program design and monitoring systems, research design, execution, analysis and interpretation skills and experience in the use of complex statistical tools and systems and Management Information systems

  • The holder of this position must be a results orientated person who can handle a heavy work load as well as manage and satisfy multiple and at times conflicting organizational, donor and other stakeholder demands;

  • Experience in the execution of development cooperation projects and consortiums;

  • Deep understanding and ability to work in fragile often interfaith community contexts.

  • Good understanding of Sustainable NRM models e.g. FMNR and other Evergreen Agriculture, Tree based value chains, Market systems strengthening’s, Disaster Management, Peace Programming and Governance,

  • Must have skills and ability to provide training and mentorships.

  • S/he must be a self-starter, able to work under minimum supervision and maintain good relationships.

  • Practical experience working with local communities, government, private sector, institutions and traditional authorities in pastoral and agro-pastoral ASAL regions;

  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, networking and representation skills.

  • Proven leadership qualities, problem-solving and negotiation skills, and evidence of successful team player

Program Manager - Ark 2030

You will be required to produce a current (within 3 months) Original Police Clearance Certificate or waiting receipt during interview In case you are shortlisted

Job Title : Program Manager

Reporting to : Program Director – Ark 2030

Grade Level : 15

Purpose of Position

Responsible for managerial and technical support related to implementation of the program. S/he will be an active participant in the consortium reporting and participating in meetings and forums under the Ark 2030 Secretariat. S/he will strive to ensure communities and partners including private sector work together to enhance improved livelihoods, food security and resilience to climate change whilst restoring ecosystem services. This will be achieved by restoring the land and livelihoods of climate vulnerable small-scale farm households in Kajiado and Narok Counties which are part and contribute to Ark 2030 Program implementation sites in Kenya.

Major Responsibilities

Key outputs (accountabilities)

% weight

Major Activities

End Results Expected

Project Coordination and Management

40 %

  • The jobholder will be the accountable person for the Program under World Vision Component and will work in close collaboration with the AP Managers, project staffs, Government line ministries in the Kajiado and Narok Counties and Cooperating partners of this consortium – ICRAF, CRS, TNC and Just Digit.

  • Provide technical support and guidance in implementation of the project objectives

  • Monitor and ensure that grant is managed and executed as per plans within time and budgets, meeting donor, World Vision and community accountability;

  • Monitor Budget Utilization in line with planned Detailed Implementation Plan (DIP) as per WVK Financial Standards and donor requirements

  • Manage and coordinate the Ark 2030 team ensuring competent and motivated staff as well as manage performance of staff and encourage on-the-job coaching, identify and address learning and training needs and opportunities

  • Provide effective, innovative and strategic coordinating role in the Ark 2030 project implementation;

  • Ensure that all Ark 2030 initiatives within the project’s area of influence meet or exceed planned outcomes and are implemented timely;

  • Engage with partners including GoK line Ministries (at the sub-County, County and national level), CSO, Learning Research institutions, Private sector and any relevant authorities;

  • Implement interventions in accordance with established norms, policies aligned to acceptable financial & operational audit results.

  • Project implementation in compliance with Donor/Ark 2030 agreements, WVK Policies and Procedures in line with our promise 2030 mindset and behavior changes

  • Ensure inclusion of cross cutting themes including gender, youth, conflict sensitivity, disability and social inclusion

Quality and timely implementation

Donor and WVK alignment to designs, budgets and implementation standards

Strengthened and effective partnerships and coordination within the team and with consortium members & partners

Good working relationship with the line ministries at the county level

Innovative ideas are embraced in new subsequent designs/concepts development

Enhance motivation and team work within the staff

Quality Assurance, Monitoring, Reporting & Documentation


  • Work closely with Ark 2030 Secretariat MEAL to effectively support the project to carry out all measurements and assessments – baselines, assessments, designs, monitoring and evaluations - in accordance with donor requirements and WV established standards, policies and procedures;

  • Coordinate with the Ark 2030 Secretariat MEAL to ensure that appropriate controls, monitoring and evaluation tools are in place and being utilized in a timely manner;

  • Ensure the project achieves Child Well-Being Outcomes in line with the organization’s Ministry Framework and Development Approach, and WVK’s strategic priorities and the project designs.


  • Ensure accurate and quality Project Design Documents (PDD) is on file;

  • Contextualize and utilize planning guidelines for the IMARA Project;

  • Ensure accurate and quality Annual Operation Plan (AOP) and Detailed Implementation Plan (DIP) for the project in place and utilized.


  • Develop monthly schedule for monitoring together with communities and partners;

  • Ensure community capacity building plan on monitoring is in place and utilized;

  • Participate in monthly data collection -(involving communities and partners) using the standardized tools

  • Utilize DME WVK & Ark 2030 recommended software - for accurate data entry and analysis;

  • Monitor monthly project expenditure


  • With support from M&E officers, apply Contextualized and utilized reporting guidelines

  • Review and submit quality Monthly Management Reports (MMR) informed by accurate analyzed data written using language that is appropriate to the reader and in line with donor and World Vision reporting guidelines;

  • Generate Quality & Accurate quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports informed by MMR and in line with donor regulations;

  • In consultations with Communications officer, Develop context specific electronic and live media communications on project activities

  • In consultation with MEAL Assistant Direct ensure effective reflection and learning forums in the counties.

Timely quality reporting and documentation of projects lessons learnt

Acceptable audit ratings

A robust Program MEAL framework in place

Partnership, networking and resource acquisition


  • Provide a linkage and coordination as per need between Ark 2030 projects with Consortium together with support from L&R National office staff.

  • Represent WVK in county, national and other Regional forums as approved by supervisor

  • Coordinate and Manage Relationships with credible partners and consortium members/institutions and private sector to support key project components including Evergreening Value chains/systems strengthening, Biomass Energy, Gender mainstreaming among others in the project under the agreed framework.

  • Participate in Kajiado and Narok County Environmental Stakeholders forums/technical working groups as well as supporting WVK the project staff and cluster managers on engagement in relation to Livelihoods and Resilience driven Natural Resource Management as well as articulating Environment and Climate change objectives in the forum.

  • Coordinate advocacy and policy influence initiatives of the project at county and national level

  • Staff capacity building around policy and advocacy

  • Increase the visibility of WVK and the donor by maintaining active engagement and advocacy on NRM related matters

  • Participate in development of innovative NRM, Climate Change Adaptation and other Resilience Building concepts and proposals for building community resilience for fundraising as well as marketing Integrated NRM to various Learning forums.

  • Collaborate with line ministries and departments in providing technical support and assistance to the project

  • Support implementing staff to successfully engage with key internal and external stakeholders, including other Ark 2030 entities, private sector, community, Religious leaders and other civil society representatives in order to maximize the impact of interventions;

  • Support timely development of funding proposals in line with donor requirements and WVK standards in collaboration with grants acquisition department as per need;

  • Build and Maintain effective communications and pro-active relationships with partners at the counties, including visits by donors.

Increased program resources

Strengthened partnerships scaling up Evergreening

Program stakeholder goodwill enhanced

Accountable program implemented

Enhanced gender and social inclusion

Other responsibilities


  • Carry out any duties that may be assigned from time to time by the supervisor

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Degree in Natural Resource Management, Agriculture, Agri-business, Agro-forestry, Range land Management, , Environmental studies, Climate Change or equivalent

  • Minimum of 5 Years of work experience in Managing multi agency livelihood and Resilience grants in Pastoral and or Agro-pastoral regions;

  • Knowledge in renewable energies and alternative technologies are of advantage;

  • Good understanding of Sustainable NRM models e.g. FMNR and other Evergreen Agriculture, Tree based value chains, Market systems strengthening’s, Disaster Management, Peace Programming and Governance.

  • The holder of this position must be a results orientated person who can handle a heavy work load as well as manage and satisfy multiple and at times conflicting organizational, donor and other stakeholder demands and;

  • S/he must also have ample experience in public relations and be a strong team player

  • Must have skills and ability to provide training and mentorships;

  • S/he must be a self-starter, able to work under minimum supervision and maintain good relationships.

  • Practical experience working with local communities, government, private sector, institutions and traditional authorities in pastoral and agro-pastoral ASAL regions;

  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, networking and representation skills;

  • Proven leadership qualities, problem-solving and negotiation skills, and evidence of successful team player

Grants Finance Manager - Ark 2030 Program

You will be required to produce a current (within 3 months) Original Police Clearance Certificate or waiting receipt during interview In case you are shortlisted

Job Title : Grants Finance Manager

Reporting to : Program Director – Ark 2030

Grade Level : 15

Work Location : Nairobi

Purpose of Position

To promote Grants financial stewardship, accountability, reliability and accuracy of financial reports as well as implementation of donor regulations and financial policies. Overseeing the financial management of implementing partners, risk assessment, capacity building and budget preparation & negotiation.

Major Responsibilities

Financial Management (30%)

  • Manage all financial demands for the program budget in line with donor and WV requirements.

  • Preparation and negotiation with the donor on the proposal budget including any amendments

  • Lead the budget negotiations process with sub-grantees to ensure accurate and reasonable annual budgets.

  • Preparation of Program Management Unit budget. Database with individual as well as consolidated annual budget available.

  • Manage and ensure Sub-grantees have internal control systems in place such that accounting records are complete, accurate and are maintained on a consistent basis within the generally acceptable accounting principles.

  • Manage the entire Program liquidity process to ensure adequate funds are available to meet sub-recipient disbursement requirements and arising obligations.

  • Maintain accounting vouchers and files of the Program partners.

  • Ensure that sub- grantees (partners) with weak capacity are trained in developing internal controls and accounting records.

  • Provide confirmation of availability budget prior to expenditure being incurred under the Program.

  • Review and timely submission of Program financial data to finance or incorporation into the Ledger.

  • Review expenses charged to grants for accuracy and completeness.

  • Review monthly bank statements.

  • Ensure an updated Asset register is maintained.

End Results Expected

  • Implementation of projects within approved budgets

  • Timely and Accurate Financial Plans, Budgets, and Forecasts in place.

  • Timely Financial implementation in the projects and that variance explanations for Reports will be accurate and realistic.

  • Grants regulations and standards are adhered to.

  • Sufficient cash for field operations

Financial Analysis and Reporting (25%)

  • Prepare monthly financial reports for the Program to ensure, spending is monitored to and it is in line with the approved budget. Variances explained.

  • Ensure financial reports are received from sub-grantee, reviewed and consolidated and available to assist in decision making.

  • Review and where necessary provide appropriate expense codes for items requested by project staff to ensure accurate posting of expenses to avoid misposting.

  • Carry out monthly and quarterly analytical reports submitted to the Finance Director and Management.

  • Timely response to any queries relating to the financial aspects of the grant from the donor, WV NO, WVI partnership, Auditors and Sub-grantees.

End Results Expected

  • Accurate and timely financial reports submitted as per the donor specific requirements.

  • Periodical grants financial statements prepared and shared with project staff.

Risk Management, Audits and Compliance (20%)

  • Ensure donor requested information is submitted on time.

  • Ensure grant implementation and reporting follows donor rules and regulations.

  • Work closely with the procurement department to ensure compliance with grants procurement guidelines

  • Coordinate grant project audits & reviews and follow up on audit recommendations to ensure 100% implementation.

  • Ensure all copies of final signed Grant agreement documents are available on file.

  • Facilitate storage of financial reports and records pertaining to the Program in line with the donor and WV requirements.

  • Actively participating and facilitating in project start up workshops to ensure financial aspect of projects are fully understood.

  • Attend Program Quarterly Review Meetings and give feedback, updates and recommendations on the financial aspect of the Program.

  • Under-take field visits to ensure financial reports can be linked to the programmatic reports.

  • Manage the Audit process of all partners of the program as per donor requirements. Follow up on implementation of audit recommendations.

  • Ensure all grant projects are audited according to the donor requirements.

  • Ensure that findings and recommendations from audits and various donor accountability mechanisms are acted upon in a timely and effective manner in consultation with Operations Team.

  • Ensure the grant operate within WV internal control systems to mitigate risks and ensure accountability that will result in good audit ratings.

  • Work with the donors to develop Terms of reference for special purpose grant audits.

  • Reconcile LDRs with the payroll.

  • Ensure grant projects close out procedures are done according to the donor guidelines.

End Results Expected

  • Only bonafide project expenses are reported to donors.

  • Donor rules and regulations are adhered to.

  • Appropriate procurement rules and guidelines are followed.

  • 100% implementation of the audit recommendations within 90 days.

  • Startup workshops for grants are conducted before activity implementation.

  • Regular field visits- at least once per quarter to every implementing partner.

  • All grant audits receive an acceptable audit rating.

  • Audit recommendations implemented within 90 days after the audit report.

  • 100% compliance on LDR charges.

  • Realistic TOR developed for special purpose grants

Sub grantee Management (15%)

  • Ensure due diligence for new sub-grantees is conducted to ascertain strength of partners systems.

  • Taking lead in sub-granting process, ensuring grant agreement are well executed.

  • Capacity assessment of Sub-recipients financial management systems on their ability to manage and report accurately on the grant funds.

  • Monitor sub-grantee financial performance and adherence to donor regulations

  • Take lead in continuous improvement of the quality of documentation/financial reports submitted by sub-recipients as a result of training sessions conducted.

  • Ensure timely submission of sub grantee financial reports for review, consolidation and timely submission to donor.

  • Thorough review of submitted financial reports, all sub-recipients are privy to information as to their performance, avenues for improvement and what is expected of them.

End Results Expected

  • Timely disbursement of funds to the sub-grantee

  • Adherence of donor rules and regulations by sub grantees.

  • Project expenses incurred by sub grantees are eligible.

  • Updated files for sub grantees

Capacity Building and staff management (5%)

  • Coordinate professional and personal development of finance project staff for assigned grant through adequate orientation, on the job coaching, identification of training needs and opportunities

  • Ensure effective performance management as per WVI guidelines and standards

  • Ensure staff capacity is developed to enhance efficiency in execution of duties.

  • Create an environment that enhances team development.

End Results Expected

  • Highly motivated staff.

  • Clear succession plan

  • High quality reports and budgets

Others (5%)

  • Perform any other duty as may be assigned by supervisor or designee from time to time

  • Participate and contribute in committees and task forces

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Minimum Bachelor of Commerce in Economics, Accounting/ Finance or Business related field from a reputable institution. A Master’s degree in Finance will be an added advantage.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, good interpersonal skills.

  • Minimum 5 years of experience in accounting field and at least 2 years in grants management

  • Fully certified accountant and a member of either ICPAK/ACCA

  • Sound Knowledgeable on grant accounting and experience in donor funding requirements.

  • Demonstrable experience in leadership, strategic thinking and results based management in grant financial matters.

  • Experience managing partners.

Gender and Social Inclusion Advisor - Ark 2030 Program

You will be required to produce a current (within 3 months) Original Police Clearance Certificate or waiting receipt during interview In case you are shortlisted

Job Title : Gender and Social Inclusion Advisor

Reporting to : Program Director – Ark 2030

Grade Level : 15

Work Location : Nairobi

Purpose of Position

To provide technical leadership in program implementation, program monitoring and evaluation in relation to gender integration in the project that is focused on Natural Resource Management and Climate Change specific interventions at the community and household level. This include capacity building and technical assistance to government, civil society and community stakeholders.

Major Responsibilities

% Time

Major Activities

End Results Expected


Technical Leadership and Program implementation

Provide technical leadership to the Project to ensure integration of gender in program interventions focused on Natural Resource management, Climate Change, Agriculture and Livelihoods

Consortium leadership support and understanding

Design and deliver realistic and pragmatic gender strategies and programming interventions that will lead to positive gender equality outcomes.

Program Gender mainstream strategy

Advise and support the Consortium and Partners to integrate gender into activities

Gender Responsive work plans

Develop and revise training materials according to local context and conduct relevant Gender Equality and social inclusion training sessions for partners, local authorities, and other stakeholders.

Gender Mainstreaming in NRM and Climate change guidelines

Lead development and implementation of training in gender mainstreaming techniques for program team and partners

Gender Mainstreaming in NRM and Climate change facilitators Manual

Advise the consortium team to build on-going capacity of gender focal points by providing resource materials, practical tools and references

A team of trained Gender mainstreaming focal points across the consortium partners

Facilitate capacity building of project staff and partners on Gender and social inclusion

Improved capacity on Gender mainstreaming among staff


Monitoring, Evaluation Accountability, Learning and Innovation

Conduct gender assessments, reviews and audits to assess ways to continually target involvement of women in nutrition sensitive and nutrition specific activities

Gender Assessment/audit reports

Integrate gender equality considerations in Results-Based Management monitoring and reporting method

Gender responsive Result- Based Management Framework

Develop tools, frameworks and resources to enable better gender integration in the Project

Gender Equality and social inclusion integration model

Track and report against gender indicators and disaggregate data by gender to analyze results within each domain.

Gender transformative reports developed and submitted as per donor agreement

Lead the capacity building initiatives of communities and partners on monitoring and ensure participatory data collection

Gender inclusive community monitoring teams

Review and provide technical feedback on results and project reports to donors in order to ensure quality and full compliance with gender policy and progress towards achieving integration of gender in program

Gender responsive reports

Identify successful practices in the project that can be showcased in publications, communication materials and conferences

Project and WVK programmatic experiences and achievements, lessons learnt and best practices shared internally and externally for improved profile

Prepare communications materials that highlight the Project’s gender equality programming, successes and lessons learnt

IEC materials in Gender equality in NRM? climate change Livelihoods etc,


Engagement Networking and Advocacy

Represent the project in stakeholder meetings at National and International level county levels in collaboration with the Regional manager/County and National coordinators.

Enhanced policy influence in Gender Equality and social inclusion across sectors

Advocate for policy translation, position papers and influence to county plans

Work with relevant Government Ministries for technical direction and leveraging of resources to support gender mainstreaming interventions in the project area.

Program ownership by the county and national Government

In collaboration with other actors, assist in developing initiatives to ensure regular and consistent advocacy on gender concerns

Sustainable Gender Equality advocacy mechanisms

Strengthen linkages between the Project and other WVK programs

Integration of the project into WVK programming

Ensure program representation in key strategic Gender and social Inclusion technical working groups and forums at the county and national level

Increased profile of the program in HES/Livelihoods technical working groups and forums

Actively participate in the Project meetings, and other WVK forums and meetings as appropriate

Integration of the project into WVK programming

Spearhead learning forums to profile, communicate and ensure adoption of promising practices

Enhance learning, communication and adoption of promising practices

Contribute to engagement, publications, to communicate program progress and successes

Program actively contributing to county and national forums

5% Others

Perform any other duties as may be assigned by the supervisor or designee from time to time;

Participate and contribute to committees and task forces as and when required.

Program is well coordinated and management effectively supported through assigned and delegated roles

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Advanced degree in social sciences such as Social Work, Gender Studies, Development Studies, Community Development, International Studies, Sociology or their equivalent.

  • At least 5 years’ experience in Gender and Disability programming with specialization in Environment and Natural Resource Management.

  • An understanding of Human Rights and specifically Women and Child rights including CEDAW and Social Justice Issues and gender equity.

  • Demonstrated ability to ensure gender integration in project design, implementation and ME.

  • Effective English oral and written communication skills; ability to interact professionally in English.

  • Good understanding, Gender and social inclusion, priorities, approaches, standards and guidelines/ international best practices.

  • Proven track record as a staff and community trainer and capacity builder in Gender and Development,

  • Demonstrated analytical and advocacy skills on gender issues especially with regard to policy advocacy in line with CEDAW and BPFA.

Project Officer - Grant Support

You will be required to produce a current (within 3 months) Original Police Clearance Certificate or waiting receipt during interview In case you are shortlisted

Job Title : Project Officer – Grants Support

Reporting to : Grants Finance Manager

Grade Level : 12

Work Location : Nairobi

Purpose of Position

The Project Officer Grant support will, under the direction of the Program Director, provide operational and administrative assistance to the Secretariat, Project Staff and Consortium Members. The position holder will provide necessary, programming administrative, coordination and logistical services in support of the operations of the Secretariat, and assists with information management.

Major Responsibilities

% Time

Major Activities

End Results Expected


Support Implementation & Monitoring of ARK2030 Program

  • Under the guidance of the Program Director, manage day-to-day and provide support to Ark 2030 Project Secretariat.

  • Support effective and timely management of donor/consortium needs, queries and requests.

  • Contribute to the processes of creating linkages with other partners

  • Support MEAL Coordinator to coordinate and monitor project processes with Consortium Partners;

  • Support project staff with People and Culture related processes e.g. contract renewals, performance agreements, appraisals among others.

  • Prepare regular inputs to status and progress reports in collaboration with various groups.

  • In collaboration with MEAL officer, promote organizational learning culture particularly through creation and sharing of knowledge by synthesizing and documenting findings and lessons learned success stories and best practices, strategies and approaches of the groups and drafting relevant materials for dissemination.

  • Support organization and documentation of consortium learning and sharing forums in consultation with MEAL officer and communications officer in dissemination of knowledge/best practice, challenges, and knowledge gaps.

  • Secretariat effectively supported

  • Organized and coordinated Secretariat team

  • Timely correspondences

  • Timely submission of staff appraisals, contact renewals


Administrative Support

  • Maintains confidential records for the Project Director;

  • Manage office correspondence and documentation & Assists other team members in preparing and formatting documents, including PowerPoint presentations;

  • Develops and maintains an efficient filing system for the team, including assistance in processing calls for proposals as required;

  • Maintains a tracking system of responses to sub grantees;

  • Maintains and updates team’s databases and mailing lists using and Maintains team members’ contacts using;

  • Contributes to electronic filing of team documents;

  • Organizes regular team meetings and conference calls/video-conferences, including the preparation and distribution of documents and providing the necessary technical devices;

  • Takes minutes of regular team meetings and other meetings as required;

  • Assists in the coordination of the Secretariat process by tracking Program completion for the programs, scheduling interviews as necessary and e-filing the final document;

  • Liaises with Regional Office staff as required, and provides assistance to National Office staff when visiting Secretariat;

  • Assists in HR related matters within the team, the orientation of new staff, interns, research fellows and consultants by providing them with the necessary documents and materials for orientation; and

  • Works with other Partner Organizations to coordinate work activities, meet deadlines, and provide support where needed; and

  • Performs other related duties in accordance with instructions from team members.

  • Effective secretariat administration

  • Effective filling system – hard and soft copy

  • Sub Grantee Track system of correspondences

  • Quality Secretariat minutes


Logistical Support

  • Liaises with members and partners to coordinate logistical arrangements for workshops;

  • Liaises with Project team and other agencies regarding venue, travel, hotels, and with Catering Services staff for provision, room organization and logistics;

  • Liaises with and assists project recipients and consultants as required to ensure smooth functioning of activities;

  • Coordinates and disseminates all internal and external material, including publicity and background documents and coordinates appropriate mailings or distribution;

  • Prepares training kits or information packages and sends material to participants in a timely manner; and

  • Coordinates registration process and acts as contact person for the participants.

  • Logistical organization

  • Events organization


Travel Management

  • Responsible for planning and consolidation of trip plans and reports; Maintains and regularly updates travel plans

  • Provides updated reports to the team and Director;

  • Communicates with travel agency to obtain Support and supports visas requesting and prepares supporting travel documents

  • Effective travels management



  • As assigned by the Supervisor

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Bachelor’s Degree National Resource Management (NRM), Environmental studies, Agriculture, or related field from a recognized university.

  • Must have at least 3 years’ relevant experience working with 2 years’ in project management of projects in Livelihoods and Resilience will be an added advantage

  • Proficiency in Computer especially in Microsoft Office Suite and data analysis programs such as PP, Excel & Word.

  • Possess excellent communication, facilitation, networking and relationship building skills

  • Ability to maintain donor and partner relations through timely and appropriate communications.

  • Proven track record in engaging with government ministries and other stakeholders.