National Director, Wahana Visi Indonesia

*Please submit your CV in English.


Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) operates in the largest economy in Southeast Asia. Indonesia has charted impressive economic growth since overcoming the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s. Today, Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous nation, the world’s 10th largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity, and a member of the G-20. An upper middle-income country, Indonesia has made enormous gains in poverty reduction, cutting the poverty rate by more than half since 1999, to 9.4% in 2019.

Considerable challenges remain in achieving Indonesia’s goals. Out of a population of around 267.3 million, about 25.1 million Indonesians still live below the poverty line. Approximately 20.6% of the entire population remains vulnerable of falling into poverty, as their income hovers marginally above the national poverty line. While greater efforts are being made to improve basic public services, the quality of health clinics and schools is uneven by middle-income standards. Approximately 1 in 3 children under the age of 5 suffer from stunting, which impairs brain development and will affect their future opportunities. Approximately 10.53% children aged 5-17 is unable to read and write and 56% children aged 5-6 is illiterate. Approximately 2 out of 3 children and adolescence (male and female) in Indonesia ever experienced violence along their life.

Indonesia was built on the premise of pluralism, as enshrined in the state ideology, Pancasila but tension over the relationship among religions in Indonesia has always been present. Respect for the reality of difference is a fundamental value for humanitarian activity. The diminishing respect for diversity increase the difficulty to solve the problem of poverty.

The Global World Vision Strategy has established that countries like Indonesia is under “Medium Developing” country: Countries in “Medium Developing” category can expect stable international funding, unless there is sub national fragility within the country. Growth is expected to come primarily from local income diversification. Area Program Replacement: globally less than 60% replacement, for Indonesia to manage remaining Area Program.

Wahana Visi Indonesia develops its new strategy for Fiscal Year 2021-2025 with focus its ministry to improve children who have positive and peaceful relationships in their families and communities, children protected from violence, children who are well-nourished. Specific to Papua context, Wahana Visi Indonesia is focus to the literacy in primary school level. Wahana Visi Indonesia will collaborate and advocate with civil society, religious/ traditional leaders, child-focused organization and private sector. Wahana Visi Indonesia will improve its public engagement to become a trusted brand, increase resource acquisition capability and enhance system to retain donors/ sponsors, with quick wins of grant prepositioning, fewer bigger corporate partners, donor’s experience tools, website, social media, influencers and e-commerce engagement.

Specifications of Wahana Visi Indonesia new organizational model:

Strong focus on public engagement, social marketing and local fundraising actions through individual donations, funds from companies, governments, foundations and multilateral institutions.

Strong focus on operational excellence to be a Partner of Choice.

Mobilization of Faith Based Organizations, so they can promote actions towards the wellbeing of children in Indonesia.

Positioning of Wahana Visi Indonesia at national, regional and international levels as a Christian organization that promotes child well being.

Operation in digital environments, with intensive use of innovation technology.

Lean organizational structure with low operational costs and high effectiveness in promoting an impact on the lives of children and adolescents.


Spiritual Leadership :

  • Be a model a high standard of personal Christian leadership, ministry and integrity through lifestyle and work relationships, and provide spiritual guidance to staff on the WV Vision, Mission and Core Values.

  • Be a model of Christ’s love while being attentive and sensitive to other cultures and belief systems.

  • The leader needs to acknowledge her/his vulnerability and has a more profound sense of connection with God that directs her/his everyday life.

  • The leader has a communication skill embedded in the Christian virtue of compassion, especially in difficult situations where truth needs to be told with grace.

Strategic Leadership:

  • Ensure Wahana Visi Indonesia builds and sustains a Partnership-wide strategic direction, unifying and leveraging the various elements of the federalist model.

  • Strategically position WV as a credible and trustworthy national and global partner.

  • Provide strategic leadership to the Wahana Visi Indonesia whereby present and future inclusive gender based, multicultural, and transformational opportunities to advance the mission and ministries of Wahana Visi Indonesia are incorporated into planning systems.

Organizational Leadership:

  • Act as a Twin Citizen ensuring that National Office (NO) participates in global processes and decisions and allocates resources and talent where most needed, Partnership wide, in alignment with World Vision’s corporate values, local laws and with good governance.

  • Ensure effective stewardship and accountability of Wahana Visi Indonesia’s resources established by the Board, finances and people, consistent with the performance standards established by the Wahana Visi Indonesia Board.

  • Build and promote an inclusive gender based, multicultural, and transformational Culture that is sustainable for growth and high performance.

Organizational Sustainability & Development:

  • Successfully lead the change process of Wahana Visi Indonesia transition from a funded entity, to a wholly self-sustainable office, responsible for its own fund raising.

  • Provide leadership, strategic direction and support in the development and implementation of an effective Ministry Fundraising Strategy that will lead to Increased and diversified funding portfolio.

  • Establishment and maintenance of collaborative partnerships between Wahana Visi Indonesia and donors, Faith Based Organization, all tiers of government, and other non-governmental organizations.

  • Ensure that Wahana Visi Indonesia is branded in a manner that appropriately communicates the mission of the organisation, resulting in strong brand recognition in markets where Wahana Visi Indonesia operates and serves.

  • Build sustainability through inclusive gender based, multicultural, and transformational effective organisational succession, include the contribution of Wahana Visi Indonesia to the global pool of workforce of WV Partnership.

  • Have overall responsibility for assessment of risks and the development of risk management planning to mitigate risks to NO operations, staff, assets and programmes.


Strategically lead, develop and direct the implementation of all aspects of Wahana Visi Indonesia Ministry as an effective member of the Partnership in line with Twin Citizenship principles

  • Contribute to the Partnership, understand its systems and priorities, act as a global leader and a Twin Citizen.

  • Act as a Twin Citizen ensuring that National Office participates in global processes and decisions and allocates resources and talent where most needed, Partnership wide.

  • Source best practices and strategic services available Partnership wide, be aware of, and apply relevant innovative approaches.

  • Ensure that the NO functions in a contextualized, complementary, sensitive and cohesive manner. The core values, principles of interdependence and twin citizenship enhance the relevance of WV ministry and its distinct contribution to national development as well as guide the contribution it makes to the Partnership.

Ensure growth and diversification of Funding Portfolio for self-sustainability with emphasis on social marketing, local fund raising through individual donations, funds from private sector, government, foundations and multilateral organizations

  • Define vision for Local fundraising such as NRD, Corporation, HNWI, ensure that Local fundraising are strategically growth and aligned to NO priorities and consider the competitive landscape.

  • Define vision for grants acquisition and management performance within NO, ensure that grants are strategically aligned to NO priorities and consider the competitive landscape.

  • Strengthen digital technologies approach for fundraising.

  • Ensure alignment of marketing and programming for coordinated design and promotion of products and programmes.

Ensure that Wahana Visi Indonesia ministry is directly contributing to the sustained well-being of children within their families and communities and stays relevant to impact in the context of development and emergency

Ensure focus on Program Quality to deliver on Child Well-Being outcomes:

  • Ensure the implementation of programs that are of high quality and impact on children and communities.

  • Ensure Wahana Visi Indonesia is positioned as a leading NGO in implementing child well-being program within the country context to enhance public and stakeholders’ confidence and trust.

  • Ensure that the Wahana Visi Indonesia’s brand is respected within the country and is consistently modeled in staff conduct and throughout office operations.

  • Ensure Advocacy and collaborative partnerships between Wahana Visi Indonesia and donors, Faith Based Organization, all tiers of government, and other non-governmental organizations towards the wellbeing of children.

Collaborate and build coalitions to catalyze movements for the following purposes:

  • Enable and support programmes in the country.

  • Advocacy agenda - promote policy change for improved child well-being.

  • Public Engagement.

  • Partners acquisition.

  • Represent Wahana Visi Indonesia, engage and build strategic alliances with the government ministries, major donor agencies, non-governmental agencies, Faith Based Organization and media.

  • Be a credible advocate for children and champion efforts for child rights, mobilizing change at every level by lifting the voices of local children and their communities.

  • Strengthen awareness of Wahana Visi Indonesia’ program both within and outside of the WV Partnership.

  • Lead and facilitate strategies for advocating justice issues to address changes in unfair structures that oppress those in need.

Ensure Operational Excellence:

  • Lead the development and execution of the country strategy through programme approaches and operating plans with clear, measurable short-term and long-term targets.

  • Ensure organisational sustainability by ongoing predictive success planning (funding, Ministry, organisational development, leadership pipeline).

  • Set up a structure, system and budget that supports the Ministry and is aligned with the strategy, while keeping adequate efficiency ratio to be competitive in the humanitarian industry.

  • Ensure effective stewardship and accountability of WV resources, finances and people, consistent with performance standards established by the Global and Regional leadership.

  • Promote and model high level of transparency, integrity and zero tolerance to fraud.

  • Have overall responsibility for assessment of risks and the development of risk management planning to mitigate risks to NO operations, staff, assets and programmes.

  • Ensure organizational compliance to the "country" Government standards and laws for WV operations in the country.

Spearhead Organizational Leadership, Change and Culture based on organizational identity.

  • Promote WV’s Vision, Mission, Core Values and key Partnership Standards and Practices among the staff and partners and ensure these are the core foundation of Wahana Visi Indonesia.

  • Model a high standard of personal Christian leadership, ministry and integrity through lifestyle and work relationships, and provide spiritual guidance to staff on the Organization Vision, Mission and Core Values.

  • Inspire staff to support Christian identity, commitments and witness (including incarnational living).

  • Promote a culture of innovation and agility in order to respond timely to external challenges and expectations and ensure relevance.

  • Promote a culture of learning and development, employee engagement and good stewardship of talent.

  • Ensure effective stewardship and accountability of WV and other donor resources, finances and people, consistent with performance standards.

  • Ensure efficient and effective organizational practices, that result in successful financial and operational audit rating.

  • Build organizational culture, which leverages respect, value and promotes gender inclusiveness, age and diversity.

  • Build and promote culture that is sustainable for growth and high performance.

  • Practice an adaptive leadership that is open to collaborative and address challenges in a timely manner.

  • Ensure timely, effective and appropriate internal communications strategy, and when needed ensuring to be the one who communicates purpose and vision of change timely and regularly to all staff and team leaders.

  • Establish an intentional approach to change management through a strategy or plan.

  • Establish and ensure a collaborative working environment across program areas and teams.

  • Lead and prepare others for taking decisions and lead organizational processes in order to ensure and promote accountability and financial stewardship.

  • Build sustainability through the growth and development of staff, leadership capability and effective succession planning for all leadership and management roles.

  • Contribute to the global pool of workforce of WV Partnership by sourcing, recruiting or building committed, competent talents from within the country.


  • Master’s degree in development studies, management, or social sciences; or equivalent with 10 years' experience in country-level program management.

  • At least 10-years experience in overseeing Local Fundraising (NRD, Corporate, HNWI) and Government grant, its acquisition, and donor engagement.

  • Experience in one of the major Ministries (Relief, Development, Advocacy), close familiarity with the other two.

  • Knowledge of LEAP (Learning through Evaluation with Accountability and Planning) cycle and Transformational Development Indicators is preferred.

  • Experience in fundraising and generating local revenue.

  • Advocacy and public relations.

  • Leading or working with advisory boards.

  • Ability to present persuasively to Senior Management Team, staff, donors, NGO’s, government officials, community leaders, and other stakeholders.

  • Demonstrating experience of living and working in fragile context (economic, social, weather, etc).

  • Experience with Humanitarian industry and World vision will be preferred.

  • Experience in combining slow and fast onset programs. Ability to juggle emergency response with long-term transformational development.

  • Effective in written and verbal communication in English.

  • Postgraduate degree in management or social sciences (advanced degree is preferred).

  • Fluency in English.

  • At least ten years of senior strategic management leadership, preferably with a global organisation and/or international exposure.

  • A proven track record of delivering consistent, quality results with accountability and integrity.

  • A good knowledge of financial management and accounting principles.

  • Experience and/or understanding of matrix management.

  • A good grasp of current socio-political, economic, religious and cultural issues facing Indonesia.

  • A good understanding of trends in the humanitarian industry and non-governmental organisations in relation to relief, development, advocacy and resource mobilisation.

  • Acceptability in the country to address the socio-political, economic, religious and cultural issues facing Indonesia.

  • Experience in complex humanitarian emergencies.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Being a spokesperson for media.

  • Diplomacy to work with Government and Donors.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 30% of the time.

Procurement Solutions Centre Director

*Position location to be determined by home country of successful candidate in a jurisdiction (US state or country) where WVI is registered to operate.

*For WV internal applicants only.

*Please submit your CV in English.


The Procurement Solutions Centre Director (PSC) will develop and implement strategy for, and lead the global Procurement/Supply Chain function for the organization to optimize the delivery of products and services through strategic sourcing and category management. The PSC Director will co-lead all Regional Supply Chain Directors and indirectly lead the Supply Chain function for National Offices. This will include recruitment, performance management, talent development and operational priorities and execution. This position also supervises the Global Center Buyers, and the Global Grant and Supply Chain Compliance Director, and connected functions.


  • Develop and execute the global Procurement strategy including strategic sourcing, category management, and procurement risk management.

  • Manage vendor and stakeholder relationships, including contract negotiations and performance.

  • Partner and collaborate with the ProVision team to optimize functionality of processes and tools.

  • Lead and manage GC buyers and staff to be accountable for effective and efficient delivery of goods/services at the best possible prices.

  • Negotiate contracts and monitor vendor performance.

  • Lead annual procurement planning process with GC and field stakeholders. Provide market analysis and advise to stakeholders for effective decision-making.

  • Lead and manage the Global Grant and Supply Chain Compliance Director and function.

  • Co-lead and manage with the Regional SDOs the six Regional Supply Chain Directors, to deliver on the Supply Chain strategies that support global field operations.

  • Develop and implement Supply Chain standards, performance metrics/KPI's, and strategy.

  • Identify and implement continuous improvements to simplify processes and drive operational excellence.

  • Build capacity and bench strength of the global supply chain function.

  • Identify and track key performance indicators and operational targets for GC and Field procurement that align with leadership expectations and goals, including but not limited spend analysis, negotiated savings, on-time payments, etc.

  • Develop and deliver dashboard reporting tool for leadership showing progress against goals.

  • Develop, implement and manage annual global Procurement budgets and cost recovery targets (procurement fee).


  • Masters' degree in supply chain management, business administration or comparable experience required.

  • Professional certificate in purchasing, transportation and/or logistics and current member of CSCMP, CILT, CAPS or CIPS strongly preferred.

  • Proficiency in contract negotiations, audit procedures, legal regulations. Basic understanding of accounting principles.

  • Budgeting and cost center management, including forecasting and cost recovery.

  • 15 years experience in sourcing, supply chain management or comparable field.

  • Demonstrated leadership experience in complex and multi-faceted work environment.

  • Able to lead a virtual and/or matrix team effectively.

  • Expertise in developing and implementing a global procurement strategy.

  • Clear conceptual and critical thinker who can convert ideas into outcomes.

  • Master negotiator.

  • Excellent communication and problem solving skills.

  • Project Management.

  • Fluent in English (written and oral).

  • Additional language desired, but not required.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Lean-Six Sigma training or certification preferred but not required. Project Management certification preferred but not required.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • May to travel up to 25-30% domestically and internationally.

  • Capacity to work from home, requiring flexibility in working hours over a range of WV timezones, and to do so effectively.

Director of Global Compliance

*Position location to be determined by home country of successful candidate in a jurisdiction (US state or country) where WVI is registered to operate.

*Please submit your CV in English.


In connection with the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) group, this position provides leadership for the WVI global compliance function. The Director will be expected to understand and evaluate WVI’s unique organizational environment, and apply a deep understanding of technical compliance principles to establish a recently developed function that will deliver an effective organization-wide compliance program. To accomplish these goals, the Director will need to possess a strong understanding of compliance best practices, and be able to exhibit creativity and strategic thinking in designing and implementing a framework that will enable the organization to effectively identify and manage its

internal and external requirements. The Director will be expected to act as a champion for fostering a culture of compliance in the organization. In particular, challenging existing negative perceptions of the compliance field, and demonstrating the benefits and value that a compliance practice can bring to WVI. This will include driving adherence to policy management standards, chairing the policy oversight committee, and advising stakeholders on policy development and revision. This role will also advise and support mandatory employee compliance training programmes ensuring a high degree of quality. This role will lead and support a network of Compliance Champions throughout the

organization who will act as focal points for their individual offices in leading the implementation and maintenance of local compliance functions and a compliance framework and monitoring tool.


  • Chair the policy coordination committee and act as a subject matter expert on policy management standards to ensure existing and new policies are in alignment.

  • Partner with a wide range of stakeholders and policy owners to advise on policy management and development best practices.

  • Maintain a network of partners and compliance champions throughout the organization to implement and support the Field Office Compliance Framework and monitoring tool.

  • Act in an advisory capacity to ensure employee training programmes and communications are effective at educating employees on expected behaviours.

  • Develop and deliver regular reporting to senior leadership and/or the Board on the effectiveness of the compliance program, highlighting any significant gaps requiring intervention.

  • Within the context of NGO Compliance practitioners and networking groups, act as a leader in developing sharing innovative best practices in place in World Vision.


  • Bachelor degree in finance, business, project management, security or related discipline.

  • Minimum of 8 to 10 years of work experience leading a compliance programme or related function.

  • Membership in a global compliance institute/organization.

  • Well-developed verbal and written communication skills.

  • Experience in developing and implementing strategies that produce results.

  • Demonstrated leadership skills in setting strategic goals, measures of success and priorities.

  • Ability to understand and align cross-functional strategic priorities.

  • Knowledge and experience in managing a compliance function.

  • Ability to effectively engage with executive level management in championing compliance and implementing it as relatively new discipline in the organization.

  • Experience in managing stakeholders and business units to achieve results.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Externally recognized compliance certification or qualification preferred.

  • International and/or prior experience working with an INGO.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 25% of the time.