Research Analyst

*Preferred position location: United Kingdom. Other locations to be determined by home country of successful candidate in a jurisdiction (US state or country) where WVI is registered to operate.

*For World Vision internal applicants only.


The Research Analyst will focus on curating and guiding the organization’s data and research activities to enable policy analysis and policy development and to strengthen WVI’s evidence-based advocacy and external engagement. Under the supervision of the Senior Director Research, Innovation and Capacity, s/he will provide technical leadership to all advocacy and external engagement research initiatives at the global level that will position World Vision as a credible advocacy organization in the development and humanitarian sector.

This position will build networks with leading research institutions and experts in child-focus development organizations. This position will identify, design and provide Primary Investigator leadership in prioritized research focused on WVI’s strategic advocacy and EE priorities. This position will coordinate the documentation, publication, and dissemination of WV research findings to ensure that our research is well positioned for use both internally and externally.

As part of this, the position will also advocate with key stakeholders to ensure that relevant findings from the research are incorporated into WV policies and program design, as well as leveraged for advocacy and fundraising. The position will work in close coordination with the Evidence Building team within the GC/GI Ministry Strategy and Evidence, to ensure adequate coordination, avoid duplications, and support the full utilization of relevant data for the advocacy/ policy research agenda and the inclusion of the evidence into the global reporting.


Work with current WVI data and ongoing and new projects and programming to harness and aggregate field level data for policy advocacy:

  • Interrogate and Interpret Data. Using existing World Vision data sets, research findings and other evidence sources, carry out analysis to identify trends, themes and insights for public policy positions and external engagement.

  • During evidence translation, the position adjudicates various interpretations regarding what the evidence means for WV’s global policy analysis, and resolves to a single perspective in order for the Partnership to advocate under the policy “One Voice”. This position is an arbiter of what the Partnership defines as accurate and reliable in terms of policy analysis regarding a particular piece of evidence.

  • Policy positions that rely on WV’s evidence that has been translated and curated may be questioned, or challenged either by internal or external stakeholders. This position uses persuasion and credible sourcing to convince those that bring the challenge of the validity of WV’s policy positions.

  • Curate and Clarify Data for Wider Audiences. Develop resources for internal stakeholders that communicate the latest data and analysis (for policy and advocacy engagement) in an accessible way, including use of the PowerBI platform as well as visualizing data results and creating data narratives for various audiences.

  • Disseminate key findings from relevant research and evidence sources. In partnership with Knowledge Management, ensure results are taken up by advocacy and external engagement peers.

Provide technical leadership on research for evidence-based policy work, positions, advocacy and external engagement on behalf of WVI, with the following activities in mind:

  • Define and design policy-focused research questions in alignment with WVI’s impact agenda, programming, data, field-level expertise and leadership.

  • Develop and support pilots and/or recommend research that would support improvement of WV policy and advocacy agenda, in close collaboration with internal WV stakeholders and external institutions and humanitarian industry experts.

  • Advance and coordinate the documentation and publication of WV policy/advocacy research findings in peer-reviewed journals.

Represent WVI in external research and policy-agenda circles in collaboration with the wider WVI Advocacy/External Engagement Team, WVI Sector Teams and Field Offices:

  • Partner/Collaborate with Research Institutions and other Key Actors:

  • Liaise with academic institutions, other CSOs/FBOs, global church and other global forums to partner for evidence-building actions, research and policy recommendations, including policy implementation.

  • Work directly with World Vision’s Field Offices and other key internal partners to generate evidence.

Present WVI’s evidence and conclusions in global policy agenda circles:

  • Attend external events and conferences that align with WVI’s Global Impact Framework.

  • Build networks with leading research institutions and international research programs.


  • Social Science research/education background with a focus on development studies or humanitarian action.

  • Masters in a field relevant to Humanitarian and Development sectors, and/or involving advanced training/experience in data management and analysis.

  • iNGO experience or experience working in the development or humanitarian sector.

  • Policy-targeted research, conceptualization and design.


  • 3 or more years of designing and conducting field research within the development/humanitarian sector.

  • Strong fluency/knowledge of data analysis software to perform statistical analysis ex: STATA/SPSS.

  • Experience managing large databases and carrying out data analysis of humanitarian/development data sets using statistical analysis software (SPSS/STATA, etc.)

  • Strong fluency in quantitative and qualitative research methods ex: developing survey research tools.

  • Strong ability to view data at both the micro and macro level. Must be able to skillfully manipulate and analyze datasets, while also understand and communicate the implications of what the data is saying and why it’s significant at a program, sector, or organizational level.

  • Experience designing and defining a policy research question and developing concept notes to fund the research.

  • Experience partnering with academic institutions.

  • Excellent written and communication skills experience publishing in academic journals.

  • Experience working to visualize data results for various audiences (infographics, data narratives, etc.)

  • Experience with data reporting tools and platforms such as Power BI.


  • Deep understanding of World Vision’s programs and our development approach.

  • Experience working directly with public policy specialists and advocacy experts.

  • Experience using research analysis to influence government policy action or implementation (at least, on a team with such a strategy).

  • Understanding of social accountability experience aggregating citizen-generated data.