Faith & Development Advisor for West Africa Region

Job Title: Faith & Development Advisor for West Africa Region

Contract Type: Local 2

Contract Duration: 1-2 years


Provide overall technical leadership, guidance in the implementation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of Christian Commitment strategies and programming, relating to Project Models in TAs, Staff Spiritual Formation in line with MIP, Spiritual Nurture of Children, Interfaith Approach and Church Partnerships

Serve as the bridge between GC, RO and NOs to communicate WV’s Christian Ethos and model spiritual leadership and a life of witness to others. Ensure the implementation, in line with the regional focus, of the Faith & Development related Ministry Policies across WV entities and Programs

Serve as the principal institutional liaison and key representative to external partners, in West Africa; facilitate relationships among project partners and collaborators, coordinate visits to the field, organize meetings, support Grant Acquisition work, trainings and technical exchange

Advice National Directors in F&D related decision, programs/projects implementation and contextualization of child-focused programming and contribute to improvements in CWB, ministry performance and mobilization of resources.

Communicate World Vision's Christian ethos and demonstrate a quality of spiritual life that is an example to others.


List statements describing the final results of this position and method of accomplishments, and how results/performance are reviewed and measured. Begin with the most important accountabilities.

Major Activities:

  • Strategy

  • Coordinate the development and implementation of regional Faith & Development plan and frameworks, in alignment with NO and global strategies ( Our promise: CPM) and RO priorities, for delivering the CWB

  • Coordinate the development and implementation of regional Faith & Development plan and frameworks, in

  • Collaborate with other sectors and TSO for sector integration to support activities related to projects and programs identification, preparation, implementation, management and supervision of Faith and Development in all NOs

  • Collaboration and Integration

    In close collaboration with WAR KM and other regional technical sectors, jointly contribute to definition of objectives, deliverables, outcomes, KPI; ensure that results are tracked and reported according to performance measurement framework

    Support Church Partnership and the Cooperation between Christian and Muslim for the wellbeing of Children in each national offices

    Facilitate the sharing of best practices on Faith & Development implementation between National Offices

  • Leadership

    Create and nurture a network of Faith & Development Managers within WAR for the purpose of implementing related strategies and programs.

    Support capacity building and leadership development for the NO F&D Managers in WAR

    Advise NDs on all F&D policies, frameworks, and emerging Global Faith & Development strategic direction such as Giving Word to our Faith, Mission Immersion Program, etc.

    Support the human resource process of staff recruitment, induction and staff care

    Provide Leadership to the Regional F&D coordinator role

  • Standards share best practices and assets

    Define and provide standards, project models, methodologies, tools and knowledge repositories in Christian Commitment for the region

    Identify, disseminate and institutionalize common best practices and assets in Christian Commitment

  • Provide Technical Support to Nos

    Develop and roll out spiritual nurture materials for the WAR staff.

    Provide staff well-being support in partnership with the P&C Team for West Africa staff

    Provide the required technical support primarily to the National Offices (NOs) and secondarily to other organizational entities

  • Representation & Networking

Develop and nurture strategic partnerships with Churches, and Regional Christian agencies from a broad spectrum of denominations creating platforms to amplify their voices and expand their godly influence

Represent and speak for WV in all Church related forums to discuss issues related to faith and development in each context.

Represent the Region in the Global CC forums and regional meetings.

Participate in global/regional CC special assignments


List education, knowledge & skills, licenses preferred, and all experiences required to perform this position in a fully competent manner.

  1. The following may be acquired through a combination of formal or self-education, prior experience or on-the-job training:

  2. This is a regional position that requires a person with extensive technical & thought leadership experience in Faith & Development program management and coordination.

  • Advance degree in Theology (or one of theology sub-specialties: mission, ministry, counseling and pastoral care discipleship, leadership formation etc) or Social Science

  • Four or more years’ experience in field of children in situations

  • A minimum of 4 years working for a child focus NGO or international agency in the field.

  • Excellent skills required in program design, reporting and documentation, and monitoring and evaluation, and in managing by results

  • Knowledge of the global Church, Mission and context in the Sahel region and Strong Interfaith and Social Cohesion facilitation and exposure

  • Knowledge of World Vision operations, Regional and NO programming

  • Strong coordination, presentation, coordination and networking skills

  • Demonstrated commitment to World Vision’s mission statement and Core Values Working

  • Excellent interpersonal skills and cross cultural experience and sensitivity

  • Bilingual (French and English)

  • Excellent oral, written communication skills and ability to present the issues of children to a variety of audiences.

  • Requires ability to travel up to 35% and work in a variety of locations, some with very basic amenities

Work Environment

The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 35%of the time.