Senior Technical Advisor – UN Partnerships

*Preferred position location: South Africa, Johannesburg or other countries in time zone suitable for collaboration with South Africa where WVI is registered to operate.

*Please submit your CV in English.


The Sr. Technical Advisor, UN Partnerships, is responsible for supporting World Vision’s efforts to secure partnerships and grow quality funding from United Nations agencies including UNHCR and UNICEF amongst others. The Sr.Technical Advisor engages with UN agencies and peer organizations at the global level to build relationships, gather intelligence, influence multilateral funding, and position World Vision as a partner of choice. The incumbent is responsible for supporting Field Offices, Support Offices, and Global Center teams in growing UN partnerships through sharing intelligence, capacity building, improving internal processes, and application of standards and regulations.

The Sr. Technical Advisor advises field offices on diversification of portfolio and donor base in alignment with development programmes and humanitarian response at regional and national levels. He/she directly supports in the design and implementation of UN grants, troubleshooting contractual agreements, using the UN Partner Portal, and external engagement at the regional and national levels. He/she manages coordination between WV Field and Support offices and is the focal point for Grant Acquisition and Management (GAM) on the Disaster Management Team (DMT). The incumbent generates trends, lessons learned, and challenges with UN partnerships and funding in order to strengthen World Vision’s positioning, improve internal systems and processes, and identify issues for global visibility and advocacy.


Leadership, Strategy, and External Engagement:

  • Lead the development, periodic review and updating of the UN Business Model in liaison with Support Offices, National Offices, and World Vision legal.

  • Develop and implement UN partnership resource mobilization strategies, ensuring alignment and integration with global external engagement strategies of Tier 1 and 2 stakeholders.

  • Develop relationships and represent World Vision at the various UN agencies’ meetings.

  • Track UN funding flows, strategies, operational plans and policies.

  • Influence UN policy, guidance, and initiatives in coordination with peers, inter-agency initiatives, and relevant networks in coordination with external engagement and GAM colleagues.

  • Analyse strategy documents from UN and position WV for opportunities.

  • Conducting research and/or analysis on trends and opportunities for UN grants in response to requests from the National Office (NO), DMT and Support Office (SO).

  • Actively disseminate information on the above items to WV partnership entities.

  • Lead in the facilitation, documentation, and utilization of learnings and best practices in working with UN Partners.

Internal Stakeholder Engagement and Operations:

  • Provide global level support to nurture relationships with UN partners; Lead in the forecasting of opportunities of UN grants.

  • Identify countries where needs exist, influence NO and RO decision makers to pre-position, expand the grants and enter new markets.

  • Lead the management of match and internal WV resources appropriately to attract funding and grow programs.

  • Establish and maintain networking partnerships with Support Offices; Influence SO participation in multilaterals contracts and booking of resources.

  • Lead in the coordination of DMT and GAM teams.

  • Influence HEA Directors, RHEADS and GAM teams to diversify sustainable funding through the inclusion of multi-lateral grants.

  • Lead in the knowledge management of documents for World Vision and UN donors to establish areas of synergy.

  • Responsible for capacity building of National Offices, DMT and SOs on UN grants standards, systems and processes.

  • Ensure that programs are managed in accordance with internal procedures such as LEAP, SPHERE and HAP principles as well as in a manner that will promote good practice, maximise impact, and encourage learning.

Technical Field Support and Capacity Building:

  • Lead the National Offices to conduct context analysis that allows for growth of UN multi-lateral grants through effective prepositioning.

  • Provide technical training, support and advice to National Offices on how to work with UN donors, facilitating direct engagement and negotiation where needed.

  • Influence NO capacity development by conducting field visits to selected NOs identifying gaps and leading coaching and mentoring in UN grants design.

  • Provide technical reviews of design documents (proposals, log-frames and budgets) for alignment with donor and WV guidelines and humanitarian sector standards.

  • Responsible for providing input into programme proposals, advising on programme design, planning, implementation and monitoring from the perspective of working with UN donors.

  • Coordinate, lead, facilitate or participate in field assessments, surveys and evaluations to ensure quality program design, effective design workshops, mid-term reviews and end of project evaluations for UN grants.

UN Partner Portal and WV Data Systems:

  • Responsible for WV’s uptake and participation in UN Partner Portal.

  • Support Program officers to register National Offices on the portal and ensure they access and respond to opportunities.

  • Monitor call for proposals on the portal and engage National Offices and DMT Senior Technical Advisors on the pursuance of the opportunities.

  • Accountable for the coordination of internal and external stakeholders for the preparation of expressions of interest, concept notes and proposals.

  • Responsible for quality assurance and compliance checks on profiles submitted on the UN portal from all National Offices.

  • Ensure that proposals, reports, and amendments are compliant with the different UN agents’ rules, systems, and procedures.

  • Contribute to the design of the Disaster Management database and Horizon in line with the new trends of the donors.

  • Facilitate the posting of accurate documents and correct information on the Disaster Management Grant database and Horizon.

  • Monitor program officers in the maintenance of the pipeline of proposals and contracts, and processes.

  • Accountable for the maintenance of the UN Grants Proposals Tracker and Match Allocations Tracker and provide analysis reports of information presented.


  • At least 10 years’ experience working in an NGO in the field of grants and contractual management.

  • In-depth knowledge of project design and proposal writing.

  • Fluency in English is essential.

  • A good working knowledge of Lotus Notes, MS Office.

  • Strategy development knowledge.

  • Mentoring and capacity building skills.

  • Budget development and management skills.

  • Understanding of theory of change and logical framework development.

  • Multi-sectoral project design and implementation.

  • A post-graduate degree in Social Sciences, Economic, Business Administration and or experience in desk research and analysis, and project management.

  • Technical Training qualifications required: Computer skills, Monitoring & Evaluation.

  • Ability to maintain effective working relationships with all levels of staff and donors.

  • Working knowledge of Health and Nutrition/Child Protection/WASH /Livelihoods/Education sectors.

  • Prior experience and knowledge of working with the UN donor funding for humanitarian programming.

  • Experience in working with a range of stakeholders including technical advisors to design humanitarian programmes and projects.

  • Understanding of different UN donors’ procedures, technical approaches, thematic priorities, and funding technicalities.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Good analytical and writing skills and ability to communicate effectively with individuals and represent WV, in verbal and written forms.

  • Computer proficiency and experience in word processing, Lotus, Excel and Power-point.

  • Good knowledge of grants and contractual needs.

  • Ability to manage and track a wide range of activities and prioritise skills.

  • Ability to work under own initiative and manage a diverse work load.

  • Previous experience working with budgets. Some finance experience is essential.

  • Ability to be flexible and agile in adjusting work priorities to the (department) needs.

  • Good understanding of World Vision and Sphere relief standards, and accountability mechanisms such as HAP, the Red Cross and NGO Code of Conduct.

  • In-depth knowledge of project design and proposal writing.

  • Ability to pursue thoroughness and appropriate attention to detail under pressure.

  • Cross cultural sensitivity.

  • French or Spanish language skills desirable.

Additional experience:

  • Managing grants for 10 years.

  • Donor engagement and understanding of their contractual needs for 10 years.

  • Project design and review.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • As and when required, the Senior Advisor can be deployed in a National Office to support in the development of UN projects.

HEA Manager - WVI Haiti & Dominican Republic


Under the supervision of the Head of Operations, the HEA Manager (plays a critical leadership role to ensure that the World Vision Haiti/DR is equipped to prepare for and respond to humanitarian emergencies and Protracted Humanitarian Emergencies) will be responsible for ensuring the implementation of DRM activities and strategy (HEA) in compliance with World Vision Haiti & DR’s norms and standards in accordance with the HEA regional policy, they have also have to observe they the National Civil Defense Policies to maintain the alignment with those official frameworks. He/she must promote a prevention-based responsive culture through data collection and analysis, partnership with state structures and the church, and a strong commitment of youth through schools, community structures through GACs.

Keys Performance Indicators

Strategic Planning and Leadership:

Provide leadership to the department, through the setting of strategic priorities and the choice of key indicators able to guarantee projects and programs achievement in compliance with WVI standards.

Position World Vision as a leading humanitarian agency, overseeing WV’s relations and engagement with UN OCHA and engaging regularly with sector peers.

In collaboration with the Security and Fleet departments, ensure that all security measures are taken into account in the planning and implementation (before, during and after) of response activities and all HEA programs.

Advise the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) on technical/strategic decisions to be made during various emergency situations and act as a spokesperson for the National Office.

Manage the HEA team and ensure projects and programs implementation (including CAT II and CAT III responses) in an effective manner and in coordination with the National Leadership and the LACRO Regional Office.

Project and Program Management

Provide leadership for response programs in compliance with quality standards, and by making the following tools available: needs assessment, security assessment, implementation plans, project design and development plans, exit strategy and transition to development program, timely reporting to donors and Support Offices, pre-positioning for future response.

Train WV Haiti & DR staff in disaster risk management, support field team in setting up mitigation, response and networking structures with government structures and key partners.

Build and monitor WV’s Disaster Management capabilities at bi national level in support to the Programs at the field level.

In coordination with GAMs National Teams, provide technical input to the design and final review of all project proposals and concept notes prior to their submission to donors.

Ensure effective and efficient leadership in project management through effective communication, regular monitoring visits to strengthen the capacity of field teams, review implementation, compliance with deadlines and achievement of defined indicators.

Provide program oversight, ensuring compliance with reporting standards, international standards and the achievement of objectives.

Liaison and Networking

Coordinate good documentation and the sharing of good practices and lessons learned.

Provide direction on real-time learning events as part of humanitarian response timeline engagements

Work closely with DPC, the Ministry of Interior, Mayors and CASECs to ensure alignment of WV activities with government priorities, contribute to national vulnerability assessments, and develop sectoral response plans for Haiti & DR.

Maintain a close relationship with Support Offices, Regional Office, donors, Churches and communities in order to respond to requests in a timely manner, communicate challenges and prepare joint visits.

Represent and position World Vision before United Nations Agencies (UNICEF, WFP, OCHA) USAID, OFDA, EU, UNHCR) and international NGOs plus agencies by sharing our achievements, strategies, logistical capacity, and best practices.


  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in management, social sciences or related field or similar qualifications

  • Clearly express oneself in all the forms of writing.

  • Have good oral and written communication skills in English, Creole, French, (Spanish is a plus),

  • Ability to facilitate processes, lead teams and transfer knowledge.

  • Good computer and internet skills, especially word processing and spreadsheets.

  • Frequent visits to projects/programs. Provide well-developed field visit reports.

  • Ability to work under pressure and deal with emergency situations.

  • Have a rapid and adequate response capacity available in terms of timelines and standards

  • Compliance with child protection policies in all aspects of programming and work within the organization.

  • Able to work on a cross-cultural environment with a multi-national staff.

  • Humanitarian and Disaster Risk Reduction studies and/or humanitarian leadership development

  • Have at least five years of large-scale experience in the management of humanitarian and emergency affairs

  • Experience in working with local governments and international donors

  • Bachelor’s degree in administration social sciences or a related field

  • Technical skills and experience in relevant area (e.g., programs, logistics, security. management, humanitarian, protection, Safeguarding, accountability, technical sectors [e.g., WASH, Education in Emergencies, Livelihoods].

  • Experience working with Sphere Standards, Code of Conduct, Humanitarian Charter, CHS. Children in Emergencies (preferably)

Preferred skills, knowledge and experience:

  1. Good knowledge of disaster management and development programs using an approach focused on empowering local structures.

  2. Risk management in humanitarian settings (both countries)

Work environment

Complete with travel and/or work environment declarations, if applicable.

The position requires the ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to _30__% of thetime.

N.B.- The position is based in Port-au-Prince, it's a local position.

Senior Humanitarian WASH Advisor

*Position location to be determined by home country of successful candidate in a jurisdiction (US state or country) where WVI is registered to operate.

*Please submit your CV in English.


Lead WV Disaster Management thinking and work in promoting and understanding of humanitarian water, sanitation and hygiene promotion (WASH) issues, principles, policy and practice – including integrated WASH programming for fragile, urban and displacement contexts and during outbreaks. Lead the WASH component of integrated programming and linking sectors including food security, nutrition, child protection, health, and MHPSS.

Will be available to deployment for up to 3 month periods to provide technical leadership on the ground and remotely to start up new and strengthen ongoing humanitarian responses in rapid and protracted crisis. Lead in the preparation of disaster preparedness in managing prepositioned WASH items in the Dubai warehouse and other identified locations.

Strengthen humanitarian WASH capacity in WV and partner organizations through training, development and dissemination of resources, and mentoring of field-based staff. Facilitate and lead WASH in Emergency capacity building blended learning program, managing the online ecampus portal activities as well as face to face trainings and mentoring RDMT WASH staff.

Act as focal point in WVI on humanitarian WASH issues for GC Disaster Management, the Partnership WASH team and sector fragile contexts working groups; WASH and innovation donors; UN Agencies including WHO, UNICEF, UNHCR, and WFP and supporting with the coordination bodies for WASH, academic and research institutions, and WASH organizations etc. to position WVI as a credible actor and partner.

Provide field-based emergency WASH technical project management, advice and capacity through deployment during humanitarian and protracted crisis in addition to reviewing proposals that include humanitarian WASH in close collaboration with Regional and National GAM units.

Contribute to improving global humanitarian WASH policy, practice and resources through quality analysis, dialogue and documentation and dissemination of field-based research /practice.

Lead thinking on integration of WASH with other sectors for greater outcomes and WASH components of disease outbreak response, NFI and commodity distribution and use of cash.


Humanitarian response and technical support 50%

Provide sector leadership and management of timely and appropriate humanitarian WASH and related activities. This will include the following:

  • Oversee the inclusion of WASH and disease outbreak questions in assessments to identify a robust WASH package for the response, as a standalone program and/or integrated into child protection in humanitarian action, health and nutrition or livelihoods & food security programs.

  • Lead the design and implementation of WASH programs and ensure monitoring of frameworks are understood and effective in meeting WASH needs of affected populations.

  • Strategically engage with donors and other partners in a humanitarian response to ensure that WV is positioned as a viable partner for WASH programs.

  • Manage WASH programs including associated project staff and promote technical excellence in the application of minimum standards including core humanitarian standards, Sphere, Inter Agency Standing Committee (IASC) guidelines and ensure cross cutting themes are incorporated into design.

  • Ensure that WASH is integrated in all programming in humanitarian responses by working with Program Officers and other Sector leads.

  • Lead discussions on Emergency Response Fund (ERF) and Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) process to strengthen financial portfolio supporting WASH in early stages of emergency.

  • Manage and guide the budgeting processes for WASH during the design and program implementation in close coordination with finance.

  • Develop key messaging in responses for media and operational teams as related to WASH and disease outbreak.

  • Lead in recruitment process for WASH qualified local and expatriate staff to implement WASH or integrated programmes.

  • As a member of the response operations team, participate in all operations meetings and update the response leadership on issues and key actions related to WASH.

  • Represent WV at key coordination forums in the field such as within the technical WASH clusters or working groups and/or national, local government and civil society planning meetings.

  • Ensure that WV’s work and plans are well articulated and included in all reports including 4Ws.

  • Document and share lessons learned, best practice and experiences from deployment back to partnership and externally when relevant to influence policy and future programming.

Capacity building and Talent Pool Management 20%

  • Ensure humanitarian WASH competencies are identified and transferred across the organisation and develop capacity building options to ensure skill transfer, capacity building and the implementation of evidence-based WASH interventions/programs.

  • Develop blended learning and capacity building curriculum WASH in emergencies, and integration of cash and other modalities including MHPSS.

  • Facilitate training opportunities for relevant staff and/or interagency partners with a special focus on Regional Disaster Management Teams, TSO and sector leads.

  • Validate and manage of the WASH profiles for deployment pool.

  • Lead the adaption of core WASH project model/ framework for emergencies and fragile contexts.

  • Working with partnership sector teams to find linkages within the core project models to include appropriate humanitarian WASH interventions and skills.

  • Develop guidance notes and training materials as appropriate for NO, RO and GC.

Strategy development and Evidence base 15%

  • Lead the processes of conducting technical analysis, development and implementation of research for best practice humanitarian WASH interventions and applications to humanitarian projects.

  • Through collaborating with technical specialists to identify successful evidence-based humanitarian WASH programs for adaption in context appropriate programs in partnership with global, regional and local health agencies.

  • Lead high-quality reviews, analyses and reports and/or secondary research on the application of WASH initiatives and practices in programming.

  • Develop systems and reporting mechanisms for disease and water quality surveillance, field investigations, real time evaluation and post project evaluations to test the effectiveness and impact of WASH initiatives and practices.

Networking and partnerships 15%

  • Represent the organization effectively in key forums (Global and regional working groups, UN and academic forum and other WASH related organizations) and build and maintain these networks.

  • Oversee humanitarian WASH inputs shared through the WV partnership DM, WASH team and health team and the appropriate WASH -based IG.

  • With the WASH CoP, engage with FO, RO and SO to share best practices from internal and external groups, during and post responses. Active participation in CoP meetings.

  • Active participating in WASH business team to represent DM WASH issues.

  • Participation in Global Forums to disseminate this information e.g. international and regional conferences, CoP meetings.

  • Being WVI representative on global humanitarian WASH working groups and clusters.

  • Development of partnerships with organizations and agencies to fund and implement WASH or integrated programs.


  • At least 8 years in international humanitarian leadership and involvement in assessment, design, monitoring, evaluation and project management.

  • Proven capacity to establish water sanitation and hygiene programs in all stages of the emergency.

  • Proven ability in programme design and management including assessments, reviewing and writing grants, and evaluation.

  • Proven ability in capacity building including training.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of the UN humanitarian reform and cluster system, institution of the UN system and policies and guidelines related to humanitarian affairs.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of current humanitarian discourse and research in the area of humanitarian WASH, including sound knowledge and understanding of how to use and implement the IASC WASH cluster guidelines.

  • Strong understanding of context and conflict issues in complex humanitarian emergencies.

  • Demonstrated experience in developing and facilitating training across different cultures and language contexts.

  • Demonstrated ability to lead rigorous research design, implementation, data analysis and reporting, including knowledge of quantitative (statistical) and qualitative research methodologies/analyses.

  • Proven track record in humanitarian WASH operations.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of working cross culturally and working with diversity and ensuring inclusion is part of program work and research.

  • Demonstrated ability to participate in technical dialogues with relevant stakeholders, including government officials and global WASH networks.

  • Understanding of donor requirements and completion of humanitarian funding and grants proposals.

  • Understanding and ability to set up contracts and review tenders.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Post graduate qualifications in Civil Engineering , Environmental Engineering, public health engineering and/or international development or related fields.

  • Detailed knowledge of current approaches to design and construction of small, medium and large scale community water and sanitation facilities in complex humanitarian emergency., with experience in assessing water, sanitation and hygiene promotion/public needs/actions in either a conflict/complex humanitarian emergency.

  • Knowledge of the theory and practice of hygiene promotion and the relationship between WASH design and disease transmission dynamics including child and maternal mortality. In particular, demographic and major and minor population health morbidity and mortality, the aetiology of diarrhoeal disease, arboviral (VBDs) infections, respiratory infections and WASH’s role in the management of chronic/acute malnutrition and HIV in disease management.

  • Knowledge of Behaviour Analysis.

  • Experience in managing diverse teams.

  • Ability to manage multiple grants.

  • Training qualification.

  • Professional experience in using community engagement practices for the assessment, design and implementation monitoring and evaluation of water, sanitation and health promotion/hygiene projects/programs.

  • Demonstrated experience in working closely within a team, collaboration, or group to analyse and implement WASH programs in local community settings.

  • Demonstrated experience in professional writing on disease modelling, analysis of public health practice or management including sector analysis, problem –identification and problem-solving actions.

  • Demonstrated experience of working with gender, diversity and inclusion.

  • Experience preparing advocacy briefs and fundraising for WASH programs.

  • Completed hostile environment or security training.

Work Environment / Travel:

  • Travel domestically and internationally up to 50% of the time for deployments (up to 3 months) and technical support additional travel for meetings and coordination.

  • Ability to work and live in harsh situations with limited support and facilities and possible hostile environments.