Advisor, Disaster Preparedness and Standards

*Preferred position location: United Kingdom. Other locations to be determined by home country of successful candidate in a jurisdiction (US state or country) where WVI is registered to operate.

*Please submit your CV in English.


The Advisor, Disaster Preparedness and Standards has been established in recognition of the increasing frequency and intensity of disasters and the ensuring need to anticipate, plan for and reduce disaster risk in order to more effectively protect persons and communities. This role will also promote the WV way through overseeing the continuous improvement and promotion of the Disaster Management Standards and Emergency Management System.

This position will contribute to WV’s disaster preparedness and response ministry through the following key responsibilities: Response portfolio oversight coordination, strengthening field-level preparedness and anticipatory action, coordinate the roll-out and continuous improvements of WV’s key preparedness and response standards (DMS and EMS), preparedness roadmap development and realisation and deploy to humanitarian operations.

In addition, this position will have significant field-facing components to conduct capacity building efforts with regional and field office staff to ensure success.


Response Portfolio Oversight Coordination:

Response Dashboard (ReD) Roll-out and Ongoing Implementation.

  • Provide technical support to responses already using the ReD, as well as capacity building for new responses that will be implementing ReD.

  • Lead continuous improvement process for ReD, ensuring that response, RHEAD and SME feedback is incorporated into any changes to the system.

  • Adjust appropriate outcomes to meet strategic deliverables.

  • Collaborate with GC-DM digital team to ensure the effectiveness of the platform.

  • Provide DM leaders and other users with timely updates and reports as required.

Response Portfolio Tracking:

  • Maintain the response portfolio tracking tool, ensuring that it is up-to-date, accessible to key users and informing GC-DM portfolio oversight efforts.

Ensure all information in the response portfolio review meetings is accurate and reliable for high level decision making.

Strengthening Field-Level Preparedness and Anticipatory Action (P&AA):

  • Best Practice in FO Preparedness and Anticipatory Action.

  • Recommend to Director in developing a system for prioritizing high disaster-risk FOs for support and engagement.

  • Collaborate with high-performing FOs to identify and recommend best practice in P&AA that can be used to support lower-performing FOs.

Disaster Management Scorecard Utilisation:

  • Support RO-HEA teams in ensuring the uptake of the scorecards.

  • Collaborate with the RO-HEA teams to identify potential improvements to the scorecards and take measures necessary to implement them.

  • Collaborate with the GC-DM digital team to improve the effectiveness of the scorecard platform.

Field Office and Partner Preparedness Process Improvements:

  • Collaborate with RO-HEA teams to improve the current Disaster Preparedness Plan template and business practice to a more agile process

  • Support FO efforts to improve the current Disaster Preparedness Plan template and business practice to a more agile process.

Roll-out and Continuous Improvement of Preparedness and Operational Standards:

Disaster Management Standards (DMS).

  • Provide capacity building on the updated DMS to key audiences.

  • Ensure that on-line and PDF versions of the DMS are up-to-date, free of errors and readily available to users.

  • Collaborate with PFR Director to update components of the DMS that have been identified for future improvement or elaboration.

  • Emergency Management System (EMS)

  • In collaboration with the PRF Director and functional SME leads, coordinate an update to the EMS content.

Coordinate roll-out and related capacity building for EMS within Regional and Field offices.

Preparedness Roadmap Development and Realisation:

  • Support the PFR director in the development of the Preparedness Roadmap.

  • Support the realization of the roadmap goals and objectives – both through ongoing work and new initiatives.

Knowledge Management

  • Maintain the Preparedness, DMS and EMS sections of DMKP, ensuring content is up-to-date and accessible Ensure that PFR section of GC-DM’s wvcentral section is up-to-date.

Deploy to Humanitarian Operations:

  • Deploy as needed to large-scale response operations, focused on positions that fit with skill set.


  • 2-3 Years field work experience in humanitarian assistance and/or disaster risk reduction.

  • Project and initiative management experience.

  • Ability to communicate well in a variety of settings (including in remote teams) and to function in a diverse and globally dispersed teams.

  • Undergraduate degree in related field and 2-3 years overall experience in humanitarian assistance and/or disaster risk reduction.

  • Strong understanding of humanitarian response operations, disaster preparedness and disaster risk reduction activities.

  • Understanding of the international humanitarian system, principles and key standards (Sphere, CHS).

  • Demonstrated expertise in developing and utilizing information and knowledge management platforms.

  • Strong skills in negotiation, coordination, project management, communication, and reporting.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Strong analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

  • Excellent writing and training skills.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • 30% Travel and ability to deploy internationally to insecure environments or disaster sites, possibly on a short notice.

HEA Manager - WVI Haiti & Dominican Republic


Under the supervision of the Head of Operations, the HEA Manager (plays a critical leadership role to ensure that the World Vision Haiti/DR is equipped to prepare for and respond to humanitarian emergencies and Protracted Humanitarian Emergencies) will be responsible for ensuring the implementation of DRM activities and strategy (HEA) in compliance with World Vision Haiti & DR’s norms and standards in accordance with the HEA regional policy, they have also have to observe they the National Civil Defense Policies to maintain the alignment with those official frameworks. He/she must promote a prevention-based responsive culture through data collection and analysis, partnership with state structures and the church, and a strong commitment of youth through schools, community structures through GACs.

Keys Performance Indicators

Strategic Planning and Leadership:

Provide leadership to the department, through the setting of strategic priorities and the choice of key indicators able to guarantee projects and programs achievement in compliance with WVI standards.

Position World Vision as a leading humanitarian agency, overseeing WV’s relations and engagement with UN OCHA and engaging regularly with sector peers.

In collaboration with the Security and Fleet departments, ensure that all security measures are taken into account in the planning and implementation (before, during and after) of response activities and all HEA programs.

Advise the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) on technical/strategic decisions to be made during various emergency situations and act as a spokesperson for the National Office.

Manage the HEA team and ensure projects and programs implementation (including CAT II and CAT III responses) in an effective manner and in coordination with the National Leadership and the LACRO Regional Office.

Project and Program Management

Provide leadership for response programs in compliance with quality standards, and by making the following tools available: needs assessment, security assessment, implementation plans, project design and development plans, exit strategy and transition to development program, timely reporting to donors and Support Offices, pre-positioning for future response.

Train WV Haiti & DR staff in disaster risk management, support field team in setting up mitigation, response and networking structures with government structures and key partners.

Build and monitor WV’s Disaster Management capabilities at bi national level in support to the Programs at the field level.

In coordination with GAMs National Teams, provide technical input to the design and final review of all project proposals and concept notes prior to their submission to donors.

Ensure effective and efficient leadership in project management through effective communication, regular monitoring visits to strengthen the capacity of field teams, review implementation, compliance with deadlines and achievement of defined indicators.

Provide program oversight, ensuring compliance with reporting standards, international standards and the achievement of objectives.

Liaison and Networking

Coordinate good documentation and the sharing of good practices and lessons learned.

Provide direction on real-time learning events as part of humanitarian response timeline engagements

Work closely with DPC, the Ministry of Interior, Mayors and CASECs to ensure alignment of WV activities with government priorities, contribute to national vulnerability assessments, and develop sectoral response plans for Haiti & DR.

Maintain a close relationship with Support Offices, Regional Office, donors, Churches and communities in order to respond to requests in a timely manner, communicate challenges and prepare joint visits.

Represent and position World Vision before United Nations Agencies (UNICEF, WFP, OCHA) USAID, OFDA, EU, UNHCR) and international NGOs plus agencies by sharing our achievements, strategies, logistical capacity, and best practices.


  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in management, social sciences or related field or similar qualifications

  • Clearly express oneself in all the forms of writing.

  • Have good oral and written communication skills in English, Creole, French, (Spanish is a plus),

  • Ability to facilitate processes, lead teams and transfer knowledge.

  • Good computer and internet skills, especially word processing and spreadsheets.

  • Frequent visits to projects/programs. Provide well-developed field visit reports.

  • Ability to work under pressure and deal with emergency situations.

  • Have a rapid and adequate response capacity available in terms of timelines and standards

  • Compliance with child protection policies in all aspects of programming and work within the organization.

  • Able to work on a cross-cultural environment with a multi-national staff.

  • Humanitarian and Disaster Risk Reduction studies and/or humanitarian leadership development

  • Have at least five years of large-scale experience in the management of humanitarian and emergency affairs

  • Experience in working with local governments and international donors

  • Bachelor’s degree in administration social sciences or a related field

  • Technical skills and experience in relevant area (e.g., programs, logistics, security. management, humanitarian, protection, Safeguarding, accountability, technical sectors [e.g., WASH, Education in Emergencies, Livelihoods].

  • Experience working with Sphere Standards, Code of Conduct, Humanitarian Charter, CHS. Children in Emergencies (preferably)

Preferred skills, knowledge and experience:

  1. Good knowledge of disaster management and development programs using an approach focused on empowering local structures.

  2. Risk management in humanitarian settings (both countries)

Work environment

Complete with travel and/or work environment declarations, if applicable.

The position requires the ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to _30__% of thetime.

N.B.- The position is based in Port-au-Prince, it's a local position.

Sr. Technical Advisor, Cash/Voucher & Market Based Programming

*Preferred position location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Other locations: Manila, Philippines or Dubai, where WVI is registered to operate.

*Please submit your CV in English.


The Senior Technical Advisor for cash/voucher and market based programming will provide critical senior leadership, technical expertise, business intelligence and have responsibility for the coordination and tracking of Disaster Management (DM) Chief CoP cash and market based programming projects with oversight of this emerging project portfolio for assigned region(s). This is critical to the global CVP team’s mandate as it makes a significant strategic contribution to the global rollout and effective implementation of WVI’s global “Cash Roadmap – providing overall global leadership to the organization, irrespective of sector, funding source, donor or geography. S/he will serve as the principal institutional point of contact for DM cash/voucher and market activities, technical guidance to Regional Office (RO) and National Offices (NOs), including resource development support, engagement with bilateral donors, in coordination with Support Office (SO) and NO Grant Acquisition Management (GAM) and other focal points, and will ensure that this new way of working is communicated effectively with required inter-cultural skills. The post holder will also help NO’s develop partnerships and agreements with financial service providers and mobile network operators in various contexts, based on sound assessment and vetting processes and protocols. The Snr. Technical Advisor shall have a very good understanding of aid organization (including UN) and private sector dynamics related to cash/voucher and market based programming and work carefully and collaboratively to support stakeholders as appropriate.

The position holder will deploy to the field up to 30%-40% of his/ her time to assist and promote Cash Voucher Programming (CVP) in emergency or recovery operations, s/he may have to liaise with or manage a team of technical staff and will engage with the response leadership to ensure quality, timeliness and efficiency of all cash and market related activities. Such work will include pre-positioning of CVP capacity and providing technical guidance, including oversight for market assessments and market strengthening activities as well as related procurement functions, context-specific approaches for cash/voucher transfers and the use of digital technology as appropriate, facilitate tracking and reporting of CVP with designated


This role will work as integral part of the CVP team in coordination with the humanitarian operations team, linking with technical specialist resource staff (CP, WASH, food etc.) for multipurpose as well as multi-sector CVP), collaborate with the Systems and Capabilities’ teams to ensure technical input into systems’ and process development and strategic organizational capacity building and training of field cash/voucher/ market analysis and digital capacities, as well as with the External Engagement & Resource Development Team for joint identification of and successful acquisition of resources. This position coordinates and provides senior technical guidance to SO, GC (including TSO) and RO, NO focal points that plan to utilize CVP and market based approaches in their programming, and thus, is expected to keep a “line of sight” on all relevant CVP-related activities within his/ her designated areas of focus.


CVP Strategic Guidance and Oversight to Field for Impact:

  • Lead the organisation in CVP-market-based responses and disaster management irrespective of sector, funding source, donor or geography - promoting integration and partnerships, evidence of impact, and organizational policy influence to effectively address children’s and their caregiver’s vulnerabilities, strengthening resilience.

  • Provide global and regional leadership on prioritization of CVP in FOs and SOs, with influence and coordination in the development, dissemination and promotion and implementation of WVI’s strategic global CVP roadmap, standards and tools (and relevant adaptation for Fragile Contexts (FCs) for quality assurance.

  • Lead globally and at regional levels focusing on Field Offices with (remote and on-site technical) advice and expertise to stakeholders for market assessments, project design, start-up, phase-in, phase-out, communications, monitoring, humanitarian accountability and evaluation of DM CVP related activities, sector-outcomes, addressing basic needs with MPCA and their contribution to CWBOs in alignment with WVI’s Cash Roadmap.

  • Work with relevant internal and external stakeholders to ensure appropriate collaboration with private sector, Government stakeholders – including (support in assessment, vetting of) financial service providers (FSPs), Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) for scaling the delivery of CVP and expanding CVP and market-based programming quality, with building block pathways to DRR, financial inclusion and social protection mechanisms across WVI, strengthening the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus.

Cash Preparedness & Capacity Building for Scale-up/ Reach:

  • Provide guidance and collaborate with SO IPG teams and Regional (RO) and target Field Offices to implement global CVP roadmap and develop, conduct training in CVP methodologies and concepts, including market analysis, programme design, monitoring, humanitarian accountability and evaluation, irrespective of sector, donor, funding source, ensuring scale-up of reach, ensuring cash-readiness of Field, Support and Regional offices.

  • Guide the incorporation of appropriate delivery processes, preparedness plans for scaling the use of CVP in response and recovery programmes globally in respective FOs, SOs.

  • Support other units at global and regional and national levels (Reporting, Finance, GAM, Sectors, etc.) to build required capacity to develop generic and contextualised internal operating and financial procedures, tools and guidelines for effective standardised use and tracking/ reporting of CVP and market based solutions.

  • Mentor other Field, Support office and global surge capacity staff members across functions in CVP. Facilitate capacity building and training activities for CVP and market based programming, based on new CVP Capacity Building Framework with appropriate tools and through blended learning to establish a pool of global “cash champions”.

Support to Emergency Response & Recovery Operations:

Deploy and/ or provide technical assistance globally on-site and provide leadership in priority disaster preparedness and responses as well as Fragile Contexts as required (and provide ongoing remote support as required post deployment/on-site TA) to:

  • Lead or facilitate market assessment for CVP intervention.

  • Provide technical support in ROA, CVP delivery.

  • Lead or facilitate CVP donor engagement with technical advise, project design, implementation and review based on context and market analysis and advise on use of tools and systems (including CVP-related MEAL) in coordination with NO & response management, based on inter-agency coordination in emergency responses and designated geographies.

  • Guide FO/ RO to effectively engage with external partners on CVP coordination (Cash Working Group, Clusters, CCD mechanisms, etc., research, policy, guidance and initiatives and ensure dissemination to internal stakeholders (including leveraging social safety nets).

  • Advise on establishment of systems and tools, assessments, technical support to proposals, identification of key technical CVP/ market based programming staff during Cat III emergency response and support other responses.

  • Advise FO/ NO on vetting and negotiations with service and supply contracts, for example with local vendors, mobile network operators (MNOs), financial service providers (FSPs), digital service providers etc.

Pre-position and grow WV’s US$ portfolio and influence with (donor) partners, through coordination & thought-leadership (internal & external):

  • Work with GC DM capacity & capability staff, GAM, as well as sector specialists in GC DM TRT to support RO, FO staff in allocated geographies to ensure that CVP capabilities are integrated into project design work, sector specific technical guidance, and effective grant acquisition and implementation (start-up and ongoing) through timely donor-intelligence and engagement.

  • Guide global, regional and national office CVP technical engagement with bilateral, private donors, support multilateral donor and technical partner engagements with NO & RO cash focal points and inter-agency working group mechanisms to enhance overall pre-crises market analysis and cash coordination, and WV’s positioning with external stakeholders (UN, Governments, bi-lateral donors, (I)NGOs, private sector.

  • Engage externally, pro-actively serve as subject-matter-expert driving innovation in regional, global discussion fora, conferences as feasible (regional CWGs/ SPWGs, CaLP, CCD, Grand Bargain workstreams, etc.) and support WVI’s global sector experts in their Cluster Cash/ Market TaskForce function.

  • Contribute to organisational learning to help build WVs credibility and influence in CVP and market based programming.

  • Encourage and facilitate the documentation, publication of best practices and lessons learned, directed toward multiple audiences, to influence policy formation, support advocacy messaging and develop capacity of FOs to do the same.


  • Degree or post graduate qualification and / or professional background in CVP design, implementation, humanitarian work, finance, economics, international development, or other relevant field.

  • 10 years of international humanitarian experience managing grant-funded projects preferred.

  • Knowledge of, and expertise in CVP delivery modalities, use of (digital) technologies and methodologies, contracting and procurement.

  • Extensive understanding of payment systems, procedures and financial compliance issues, risk management of CVP.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills plus strong presentation and report writing skills in English, French or Arabic, Spanish language skills desirable.

  • Proficiency in computer & online tools including Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes (or similar software), email, internet.

  • Demonstrated excellent inter-personal and negotiation skills.

  • Demonstrated problem-solving and analytical skills relevant to guidance of strategic documents, tools, guidance notes.

  • Demonstrated accomplishment in working in challenging humanitarian contexts, with sound inter-cultural skills, with various host-country professionals, Government, UN, NGO, academia, private sector in inter-agency networks and bilaterally.

  • Knowledge of and familiarity with international assistance programme requirements.

  • Extensive experience working in international humanitarian operations.

  • Experience in inter-agency network, consortia and donor-led working groups.

  • Experience in an advisory, management / project management position.

  • Experience with procurement / contracting and supply chain management implementation processes.

  • Required: Effective in written and verbal communication in English, French, Proficiency in other languages are highly desirable (e.g. Spanish, Arabic).

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:


  • Experience in organizational development, change management, programme design, budgeting, financial analysis and project planning and management.

  • Ability to regionally, and globally and cross-functional exert influence, coordinate and build strategies, tools and a cohesive CVP specialist field teams during on and off-deployment time), with clear deliverables and outputs that can be replicated and scaled up in the future.

  • Experience in donor engagement, resource acquisition / funding.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills and great communicator.


  • Demonstrated experience with implementing CVP and market based strategies for humanitarian and/or development programming (e.g. multipurpose cash or in sectors such as child protection, WASH, Social Protection, Financial Services, Enterprise Development and Community Development).

  • Understanding and experience of global trends and existing payment solutions (e.g. mobile money, mobile banking, e-vouchers, prepaid cards, point of sale devices or other alternative delivery channels as well as mobile capture of survey data or delivery of marketing and/or extension information, strategic alliances with private sector or social venture capital businesses.

  • Good knowledge in social safety net, social protection programming and policy support.

  • Understanding of the benefits of as well as organizational barriers to using mobile and other approaches for the successful implementation of cash and voucher based assistance.

  • Experience researching, designing and implementing mobile strategies that connect the economic base of the pyramid with formal and/or semi-formal economic activity (i.e. financial inclusion models).

  • Understanding of key challenges for MNOs and/or financial institutions in rolling out mobile and other finance platforms in rural areas, and ability to negotiate with these stakeholders effectively.

  • Experience at training upper and middle management on such topics as action planning, business development, business planning, financial performance and business valuation.

  • Good understanding of micro lending and business planning as well as a comparison of national level electronic-readiness and policy performances in developing countries. Knowledge of programming resources and tools leading to project model development.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • Frequent international travel. On-site Technical Assistance and on-site deployment to emergency operations for up to 30%-40% of time.

  • This role involves contributing to the facilitation and coordination of a virtual, geographically-dispersed CVP and humanitarian operations network.