Senior Advisor, Humanitarian Nutrition - GRRT

*Preferred Location: Dubai. Position location to be determined by home country of successful candidate within a jurisdiction (country or US State) where WVI is registered to operate.


Lead WV Disaster Management thinking and work in promoting and understanding of humanitarian nutrition issues, principles, policy and practice – including integrated nutrition programming, micronutrient supplementation, IYCFe, treatment and prevention of acute malnutrition, adolescent and vulnerable group nutritional needs and linkage to other sectors including food security, child protection, health, WASH and MHPSS.

Will be available to deployment for up to 3 month periods to provide technical support on the ground and remotely to start up new and strengthen ongoing humanitarian responses in rapid and protracted crisis.

Strengthen humanitarian nutrition capacity in WV and partner organizations through training, development and dissemination of resources, and mentoring of field-based staff.

Act as focal point in WVI on humanitarian nutrition issues for GC DM and the Partnership health and nutrition team, nutrition specific donors, UN Agencies including WHO, UNICEF, UNHCR, WFP and supporting with the coordination bodies for nutrition, academic and research institutions, and nutrition organizations etc. to position WVI as a credible actor and partner.

Provide field-based emergency nutrition technical project management, advice and capacity through deployment during humanitarian and protracted crisis in addition to reviewing proposals that include humanitarian nutrition in close collaboration with Regional and National GAM units.

Contribute to improving global humanitarian nutrition policy, practice and resources through quality analysis, dialogue and documentation and dissemination of field-based research /practice.


Humanitarian Response and Technical Support

Provide sector leadership and management of timely and appropriate humanitarian nutrition and related activities. This will include the following:

  • Oversee the inclusion of nutrition questions in assessments to identify a robust nutrition response, as a standalone program and/or integrated into child protection in humanitarian action, health, WASH or livelihoods & food security programs.

  • Lead the design and implementation of nutrition programs and ensure monitoring of frameworks are understood and effective in meeting nutrition needs of affected populations.

  • Strategically engage with donors and other partners in a humanitarian response to ensure that WV is positioned as a viable partner for nutrition programs.

  • Manage nutrition programs including associated project staff and promote technical excellence in the application of minimum standards including core humanitarian standards, Sphere, IASC guidelines and ensure cross cutting themes are incorporated into design.

  • Ensure that nutrition is integrated in all programming in humanitarian responses by working with Program Officers and other Sector leads.

  • Lead discussions on ERF and HRP process to strengthen financial portfolio supporting nutrition in early stages of emergency.

  • Manage and guide the budgeting processes for nutrition during the design and program implementation in close coordination with finance.

  • Develop key messaging in responses for media and operational teams as related to nutrition.

  • Lead in recruitment process for nutrition qualified local and expatriate staff to implement nutrition or integrated programmes.

  • As a member of the response operations team, participate in all operations meetings and update the response leadership on issues and key actions related to nutrition.

  • Represent WV at key coordination forums in the field such as within the technical nutrition clusters or working groups and/or national, local government and civil society planning meetings; Ensure that WV’s work and plans are well articulated and included in all reports including 4Ws.

  • Document and share lessons learned, best practice and experiences from deployment back to partnership and externally when relevant to influence policy and future programming.

Capacity Building and Talent Pool Management:

  • Ensure humanitarian nutrition competencies are identified and transferred across the organisation and develop capacity building options to ensure skill transfer, capacity building and the implementation of evidence-based nutrition interventions/programs.

  • Develop capacity building curriculum on IYCF, humanitarian nutrition and food security, and integration of cash and other modalities. Facilitate training opportunities for relevant staff and/or interagency partners with a special focus on RDMTs.

  • Lead the adaption of core nutrition and nutrition components of Livelihoods project model for fragile contexts.

  • Working with partnership sector teams to find linkages within the core project models to include appropriate humanitarian nutrition interventions and skills.

  • Develop guidance notes and training materials as appropriate for NO, RO and GC.

Strategy Development and Evidence Base:

  • Lead the processes of conducting technical analysis, development and implementation of research for best practice humanitarian nutrition interventions and applications to humanitarian projects.

  • Through collaborating with technical specialists to identify successful evidence-based humanitarian nutrition programs for adaption in context appropriate programs in partnership with global, regional and local health agencies.

  • Lead high-quality reviews, analyses and reports and/or secondary research on the application of nutrition initiatives and practices in programming.

  • Develop systems and reporting mechanisms for surveillance, field investigations, real time evaluation and post project evaluations to test the effectiveness and impact of nutrition initiatives and practices.

Networking and Partnerships:

  • Represent the organization effectively in key forums (Global and regional working groups, UN and academic forum and other nutrition related organizations) and build and maintain these networks.

  • Oversee humanitarian nutrition inputs shared through the WV partnership DM, Health & Nutrition, and Livelihoods & Food Security CoPs and the appropriate nutrition-based IG. Encourage active participation in CoE meetings and represent DM nutrition issues.

  • Participation in Global Forums to disseminate this information e.g. international and regional conferences, CoP meetings.

  • Being WVI representative on global humanitarian nutrition working groups and clusters.

  • Development of partnerships with organizations and agencies to fund and implement nutrition or integrated programs.



  • Post graduate qualification in relevant discipline (e.g. Nutrition, Public Health, Medicine, Nursing) with demonstrated kills to implement humanitarian nutrition interventions including CMAM, IYCF, micronutrient supplementation, nurturing care groups, infant stimulation.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of humanitarian nutrition principles and practice in low-resource settings.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of the UN humanitarian reform and cluster system, institution of the UN system and policies and guidelines related to humanitarian affairs.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of current humanitarian discourse and research in the area of humanitarian nutrition, including sound knowledge and understanding of how to use and implement the IASC Nutrition cluster and Core Group humanitarian nutrition and IYCF guidelines.

  • Strong understanding of context and conflict issues in complex humanitarian emergencies.

  • Demonstrated experience in developing and facilitating training across different cultures and language contexts.

  • Demonstrated ability to lead rigorous research design, implementation, data analysis and reporting, including knowledge of quantitative (statistical) and qualitative research methodologies/analyses.

  • 10 years’ experience in humanitarian nutrition leadership, and involvement in assessment, design, monitoring, evaluation, and project management.

  • Proven track record in humanitarian nutrition operations.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of working with diversity and ensuring inclusion is part of program work and research.

  • Track record in field based research, design, implementation, analysis and reporting.

  • Demonstrated ability to participate in technical dialogues with relevant stakeholders, including government officials and global nutrition networks.

  • Acceptability to be registered with national practicing body for profession (nutrition, public health, medicine, nursing etc.)

  • Effective in written and verbal communication in English.

  • Knowledge of French, Arabic or other UN language an advantage.


  • Medical doctor or nurse practitioner.

  • Understanding of nutritional issues for children, conception through to reproductive age.

  • Able to undertake market assessments or have worked in cash-based programming.

  • Training qualification.

  • Ability to use statistical packages for research and data analysis.

  • Experience in managing diverse teams.

  • Ability to manage multiple grant start-ups.

Work Environment:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 50% of the time.

  • Ability to work in difficult and hostile environments.

  • Required to hostile environment or security training.

Gerente de Proyecto / Tegucigalpa

Oportunidad de Contribuir

a la tierna protección de la niñez en Honduras

Título del puesto:

Gerente de Proyecto

Fecha límite de aplicación:

15 de Septiembre

Localidad del puesto:


Fecha de inicio vacante:

23 de Septiembre

Cantidad requerida:

1 Plaza

Esquema de trabajo:

Plaza permanente

Propósito del Puesto

Administrar el proyecto para el cumplimiento de objetivos de acuerdo a la metodología basada en herramientas tecnológicas a través juegos electrónicos dirigidos a jóvenes. Fungir como responsable del proyecto ante Templeton Charity Foundation y World Vision en Estados Unidos.

Requisitos Técnicos:

  • Licenciatura en ciencias sociales, desarrollo social, administración de empresas, economía o un campo relacionado, con orientación a la investigación y tecnología.

  • Indispensable maestría o estudios formales en Metodologías de Investigación, Gestión de Proyectos, Psicología, Pedagogía, Ciencias Sociales o afines. o ciencias relacionadas.

  • 3-5 años de experiencia en gestión de proyectos (programático, financiero, relacionamiento con donantes y socios internacionales y nacionales)

  • Experiencia con la Gestión basada en resultados o herramientas de gestión similares basadas en resultados.

  • Indispensable bilingüe inglés y español.

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¿Por quétrabajar con nosotros?

Somos una organización cristiana de ayuda humanitaria, desarrollo y promoción de la justicia que sirve a todas las personas, sin distinción de raza, religión, grupo étnico o género.

Al trabajar con nosotros te conviertes en un protagonista que influye en favor de los niños, niñas, familias y comunidades más vulnerables alrededor del mundo. En Honduras tocamos la vida de más de 75 mil niñas y niños en Honduras, en 12 Departamentos, 28 Programas de Área y 694 comunidades.

Nuestra Causa

Una niñez tiernamente protegida, promotora de una sociedad más justa y segura.

Nuestra Visión

Para cada niño y niña, vida en toda su plenitud.

Nuestra oración para cada corazón, la voluntad de hacer esto posible.

Nuestra Misión

World Vision es una confraternidad internacional de cristianos cuya misión es seguir a Jesucristo, nuestro Señor y Salvador trabajando con los pobres y oprimidos para promover la transformación humana, buscar la justicia y testificar de las buenas nuevas del Reino de Dios

Somos Cristianos

Seguimos a Jesús– en su identificación con los pobres, los que no tienen poder, los afligidos, los oprimidos, los marginados; en su especial preocupación por las niñas y los niños; en su respeto por la dignidad otorgada por Dios a las mujeres de igual manera que a los hombres; en su reto por las actitudes y los sistemas injustos; en su llamado para compartir los recursos con los unos y los otros; en su amor por todas las personas sin discriminación o condiciones; en su oferta de una nueva vida por medio de la fe en Él. A partir de Él nosotros derivamos nuestro entendimiento integral del evangelio del Reino de Dios, el cual forma las bases de nuestra respuesta a la necesidad humana.

Agradecemos tu interés para poner tu talento

a favor de la tierna protección de la niñez!!

Forma parte de nuestra familia ¡Únete a nuestras comunidades!






Nutrition and Hygiene Officer

But du Poste :

Etre responsable de la gestion au quotidien des activités de la prévention sur la malnutrition et prise en charge de la malnutrition aigüe modérée, de la promotion des toutes les bonnes pratiques sanitaires, production de rapports sur les indicateurs de la nutrition, rapports de distribution mensuel des intrants et le renforcement de capacité des agents sur terrain dans sa zone de responsabilité de la Ouaka.

Donner un appui dans la mise en œuvre et le suivi des activités du projet dans le respect des normes et standards du WFP et de la World Vision International afin de faciliter la production des rapports à travers la remontée rapide des données de qualité.

Le titulaire du poste doit communiquer l'éthique chrétienne de World Vision et de démontrer une qualité de vie spirituelle qui est un exemple pour les autres.

Responsabilités Majeurs:

Responsabilités Majeurs


Commodity Reporting

  • Etre responsable de toutes les activités liées à la nutrition des enfants et de leurs ménages (l’application de la stratégie de World Vision et promotion des bonnes pratiques alimentaires dans la communauté).

  • Encadrer la mise en œuvre du paquet complet d’activités nutritionnelle visant la promotion des bons comportements et bonnes pratiques dans le cadre de la prévention de la malnutrition.

  • Participer à l’implantation et à la gestion au quotidien du programme de la Nutrition où il/elle est affecté(e).


  • Collaborer activement avec les partenaires locaux de mise en œuvre de programme et suivi nutritionnel

  • Représenter WV dans les instances de coordination de la région sanitaire et des districts sanitaires au niveau de la préfecture

  • Suivre et collecter les informations sur toutes les activités mises en œuvre dans la zone de responsabilité


  • Suivre et collecter les données sur le mouvement des intrants dans les sites de distributions de la zone de responsabilité

  • Collecter les états de besoins en intrant nutritionnel dans les sites et plans de distribution à adresser au coordonnateur et au manager sur une base mensuelle.

  • Superviser les stocks sur les sites de distribution où sont stockés les Vivres et conduire les inventaires physiques hebdomadaires et mensuels.

  • Participer aux activités de supervision de la zone de responsabilité

  • S’assurer de l’utilisation effective des outils de collecte des données requis (registres, Myac et autres outils) et la mise à jour des données des enfants sur la prévention de la malnutrition.



  • Organiser des réunions de coordination mensuelles avec les comités la zone de responsabilité

  • Collecter les rapports de distribution des intrants de tous les sites et les compiler afin de rapporter à la hiérarchie.

  • Représenter WV à des réunions du cluster nutrition et d’autres réunions qui traitent de la nutrition dans la zone de responsabilité.

  • Travailler sous supervision technique directe du Food & Cash Resources Officer

  • Assurer l’information régulière du M&E sur la mise en œuvre du projet soumettre un rapport mensuel d’activité



  • Documenter et partager les leçons apprises sur une base mensuelle avec la hiérarchie

  • Collaborer avec les relais et dautres membres de comite de sante sur les sites de distribution pour s’assurer que les activités de mobilisation/sensibilisation dans la zone.

  • Participer aux études d’évaluation mi-parcours et fin projet dans sa zone de responsabilité.



  • Rapporter mensuellement, trimestriellement et annuellement les statistiques sur la malnutrition et la prévention au Food & Cash Resources Officer sur les indicateurs.



  • S'assurer que les rapports de réception, d'expédition, de distributions, de pertes, des endommages des intrants nutritionnel sont faits à temps.



  • Participer à la dévotion matinale


Qualifications: Education et autres Compétences :

  • Etre nutritionniste de formation : avoir un diplôme de graduat ou de licence en nutrition.

  • Avoir une expérience dau moins deux ans au service des enfants malnutris (dans des centres de prise en charge de la malnutrition).

  • Avoir une expérience dau moins deux ans avec des ONG humanitaires.

  • Avoir une bonne connaissance de linformatique et langlais.

  • Doit être prêt à travailler de longues heures dans un environnement stressant dur et les zones à risque de sécurité.

  • Honnête, travailleur avec la capacité de se comporter en accord avec les valeurs chrétiennes et la compréhension de l'énoncé de mission de Vision Mondiale.

  • Doit être en mesure de travailler en équipe et avoir une bonne gestion / supervision et des compétences interpersonnelles.

  • Doit être un solutionneur de problèmes et avoir de bonnes capacités d'analyse.

  • Doit avoir la capacité de se déplacer et une approche flexible aux conditions de vie.

  • Environnement de travail: position basé sur terrain et visite sur le terrain occasionnel.

WVV Technical Program Specialist- Nutrition


World Vision is a Christian relief and development organization working to create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty. World Vision serves all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. As a child-focused organization, World Vision’s (WV) work focuses on children, ensuring they are protected and their basic needs are met. WVV has a total income of around US$ 18,000,000 (FY18) with funding from 16 support countries in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australia. Funding of WVV consists of sponsorship program funding (70%) and Private Non Sponsorship (PNS)/Grants (30%). World Vision International-Vietnam employs about 420 staff, of which 99% are Vietnamese nationals.

In 2018, World Vision Vietnam is implementing 37 Area Programs (APs) which operate in 5 zones: North 1 (Hoa Binh, Dien Bien), North 2 (Yen Bai, Tuyen Quang), North 3 (Hung Yen, Thanh Hoa, Hai Phong), Central (Quang Tri, Quang Nam, Danang) and South (Quang Ngai, Binh Thuan, Ho Chi Minh, DakNong). WVV’s APs focus within one administrative district of a province which usually populated by ethnic minority people with very high rates of poverty. A uniqueness of WVV’s AP approach and structure is that team members are based at district level where the AP is located, which enables them to work closely with government partners and communities on a daily basis. Beside the APs, WVV is also implementing different Special and Grant Projects to meet the specific needs of vulnerable children in both AP and non-AP areas.

In alignment with the three ministry strategic objectives World Vision Vietnam implements three Technical Programs (TPs): Child Protection, Nutrition and Livelihoods. Technical Programmes are national or sub-regional level programmes implemented by World Vision in multiple geographic locations within a country. They employ evidence-based practices and models previously identified, defined and prioritised through a strategic process and documented in a Technical Approach (TA). TPs are designed to ensure National Offices (NOs) achieve World Vision’s mission, which includes the highest impact for the well-being of children, in accordance with relevant TA and NO strategic objectives.

The Technical Specialist – Nutrition directly reports to the Technical Program Manager –Nutrition within the Programme Quality and Resource Development Department. The PQRD department consists of a Program Effectiveness Unit, Grant Acquisition and Management (GAM) Unit, A Technical Services Unit (in lie with the three Ministry Strategic Objectives) and HEA/DRR Unit.


Technical Specialist – Nutrition supports WVV’s strategic goal to reduce malnutrition for children under 5 through integrated approach.

This role has a strong focus on providing technical expertise and support to ensure the quality of the Nutrition Technical Program implementation.


I. Nutrition Technical Program Implementation

Support TP Manager - Nutrition in managing the Nutrition TP within the local context, including ensuring DPA is applied in APs

Coordinate and disseminate Nutrition strategy, program logic, models and best practices.

Filter Nutrition related partnership initiatives and contextualize for Vietnam context. This includes coordination of the collection, documentation and dissemination of World Vision Nutrition programming experience and best practice.

Map WVV Nutrition activities/policies and approaches, and design a framework to refocus in more integrated ways. Incorporate Government approaches and policies into this thinking.

Develop and deliver curriculum (ToT) training to government counterparts to enable staff to deliver accountable, evidence based, quality Nutrition programmes that bring sustained improvements to well-being of children.

Identify and document best practices and good models for purpose of advocacy and replication.

II. Technical Quality Assurance

Provide technical guidance on annual planning so that Nutrition "best practices, lessons learned are integrated into technically sound business plans and services are coordinated.

Standardize Technical Guidelines/Training Materials for the implementation of the Nutrition Core Project models.

Standardize DME tools for baseline, monitoring and evaluation of the TP by working with Program Effectiveness Unit.

Support the TP Manager – Nutrition in the Capacity Building in the technical area for TPO - Nutrition and national/provincial partners to ensure the implementation of the Technical Program – Nutrition as per the Technical designs.

Promote action learning across World Vision Vietnam through regular Health and Nutrition Sector Working Group meetings and training of others to take leadership of structured reflection in the zones, APs and grant funded projects

Technically endorse all LEAP documents (e.g. Nutrition baselines, designs, proposals, monitoring and evaluations) as per the agreed business process.

Support the TP Manager – Nutrition to conduct periodic M&E and reporting activities as required, including taking monitoring support visits to APs implementing Nutrition projects and providing in the field technical consultation to ensure quality and progress of activities implemented.

III. Cross Cutting Themes

Standardize Gender/Disability/DRR/Faith and Development mainstreaming framework/tools/methods/training materials which align with partnership imperatives, best practice approaches, and NO strategic priorities.

Conduct technical capacity building activities for AP staff, including indoor training, on the job training, coaching and ongoing technical support to ensure that guidelines/tools on Disability/Gender/DRR/Faith Development mainstreaming are clearly understood, followed and best practices are replicated by AP staff.

Develop tools/mechanism to ensure that standard indicators (goal, outcomes, and outputs) are disaggregated by Gender and Disability.

IV. Resource Acquisition

Support Nutrition TP Manager in developing Grant/PNS Concept Notes and Proposals for Nutrition

Provide technical support for design, implementation and evaluation of Nutrition Grant or PNS projects.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:

(The following knowledge, skills, and abilities may be acquired through a combination of formal schooling, self-education, prior experience, or on-the-job training.)


- Bachelor degree in the relevant field

- Relevant Master degree is an advance.

Knowledge & Skills

- Strong relevant technical expertise

- High level of diplomacy, communication, negotiation and persuasion and advocacy skills.

- Proven ability to provide coaching and deliver other capacity building activities.

- Ability to provide supportive supervision to assure the interventions’ quality.

- Ability to document and share best practice for replication.

- Good data analysis and reporting skills.

- -Good proposal writing skills.

- Strong ability to speak, write and read in both English and Vietnamese.


- Five years’ relevant experience in livelihood programming. Experience in programme quality support and staff training/coaching is preferred.

- Experience in working with INGOs

- Experience in advocacy.

- Experience in Resource acquisition

World Vision Vietnam is a Christian non-government organization. Applicants having working experience in a similar kind of organization will be an advantage.

Our contact details are: People and Culture Department -World Vision International – Vietnam Address: 9th floor, the Mercury building, 444 Hoang Hoa Tham, Hanoi, Tel: 024. 39439920 (ext.118)

We give equal opportunity to every candidate, regardless of religion, race and gender.

A competitive salary, benefits and career development opportunity will be offered and commensurate with the experience, qualifications and responsibilities.

AHAN Nutrition and Health Coordinator



World Vision (WV) was awarded a multi-million EUR grant from the European Union (EU) to lead a consortium of partners to implement their Accelerating Health Agriculture and Nutrition (AHAN) project under pillar 3 of the EU Partnership for Improved Nutrition in Lao PDR. Consortium partners include World Vision Australia (lead) with four implementing partners: World Vision Laos, Agronomes et Vétérinaires Sans Frontière (AVSF), Green Community Development Association (GCDA) and the Burnet Institute.

The AHAN Project has the Overall Objective of creating supportive conditions for enhanced household (HH) nutrition through the following Outcomes: 1) Improved access to and availability of sufficient and/or diverse foods year round; 2) Improved dietary and care practices among Women of Reproductive Age (15-49 years) and children under 5; 3) Reduced incidence of selected Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (Gender) related diseases/illnesses linked to undernutrition; 4) Improved gender equitable relations at the HH level, particularly in decision-making and distribution of workload; and 5) Strengthened multi-sector coordination and support for nutrition. The project will be implemented across three provinces and 12 districts of Lao PDR over 36 months.

The AHANNutrition andHealth Coordinator will contribute to achieving Outcome 2 by providing technical support for qualitative research and project inputs towards health system reform and capacity strengthening, as relevant to improving undernutrition at the target districts. This includes improved prevention and treatment of malnutrition and selected diseases/illnesses linked to malnutrition; improved access to contraceptives, nutritional supplements, deworming and other essential medications, and support to integrated outreach visits.

Main responsibilities

Responsibilities of this position will include:

  • Supporting qualitative research in the three target provinces designed by Burnet Institute and conducted by a local research group;

  • Roll out of trainings to community representatives and district health staff in the participating districts, and the supervision of subsequent service delivery on health and nutrition topics;

  • Liaising with and maintain excellent relations with key actors in health and nutrition from the provincial level down to the community level.

  • Implementation of WV’s Community Change for Social Action (C-Change) approach and curriculum to address harmful food restrictions, taboos and other cultural practices at provincial level

  • Train, support, incentivize and resource Village Health Volunteers to lead mothers groups

  • Support quarterly Maternal Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) outreach clinics to improve quality of service and strengthen nutrition surveillance data

Implementation of Outcome 2 actions that will contribute to improving WRA and CU5’s access to quality health services at facilities and in villages for reduced malnutrition

  • Manage health system and capacity analysis for the delivery of child health services at District Hospitals and Health, as prerequisite to the trainings

  • Manage trainings and service delivery supervision on reproductive health, integrated management of childhood illness, severe acute malnutrition management, and medical stock management for community representatives for Health Centre and District Hospital staff (following national technical tools and guidelines)

  • Activity planning and implementation in collaboration with relevant WASH, agriculture (home gardens and small animal raising) and gender activities

  • Monitoring of implemented activities, reporting and application of lesson’s learned according to the Project Logframe and M&E Plan

Coordination and reporting within World Vision and with Partners

  • Liaise with National Office technical departments for support and orientation towards the WVI strategy, including child protection

  • Clarify and elaborate district activity reports for submission to the Operation Managers and AHAN Nutrition and Health Manager

  • Ensure incorporation of lessons learned and data analysis into activity implementation

Budget follow up

  • Plan and reconcile expenditures related to Outcome 2 activities in close collaboration with the Health and Nutrition Manager, Operational and the Technical Team Managers, and AHAN Director

Logistic functions related to the Nutrition and Health Coordinator Plans

  • Technical follow up and validation of procurement related to Health/Nutrition activities and plan for future spending, in close collaboration with the Operational and the Technical activities

  • Conducting trainings and follow-up supervision of Health Centre and project staff trained

  • Supporting integrated outreach

  • Coordinate/Follow-up support and referrals from Mother’s Group members

Relations with local authorities and partners

  • Coordinate and exchange information with INGO and local NPA

  • Coordinate with GoL local authorities and mass organisations through agreed reporting system and alignment to national guidelines


The AHAN Nutrition and Health Coordinator will be based in Saravan Province with frequent field travel to target districts in both Saravan and Attapeu provinces.

Degree, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Higher education in health related field – medical doctor, nurse or public health professional

  • Demonstrated experience in teaching, training and supportive supervision – experience with ‘training of trainers’ projects is preferred. Experience in IMCI or CMAM desirable

  • At least 2 years’ experience health programs in Lao PDR preferably with experience implementing donor-funded projects

  • A health professional with over 5 years of clinical experience and/or health program management – technical knowledge of nutrition, integrated management of childhood illnesses, and sexual and reproductive health is preferred

  • At least 5 years’ experience managing health programs in Lao PDR preferably with experience implementing donor-funded projects

  • Current medical or relevant health professional registration

  • Additional qualification(s) in public health, nutrition or health managementor Current medical or relevant health professional registration preferred

  • Experience in public health, nutrition or health management, inimplementing qualitative field research, and demonstrated experience in teaching and training – experience with ‘training of trainers’ projects is preferred

  • Demonstrated analytical, critical appraisal and problem solving skills

  • Demonstrated ability to meet competing deadlines and manage own workload

  • Fluency in ENGLISH and a LAO language

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills including an ability to engage key stakeholders effectively (AHAN project partners: World Vision, AVSF, GCDA, provincial health staff, district health staff, community representatives; other local partners such as Ministry of Health, National Nutrition Centre, UNICEF, WHO)

  • Able to travel frequently within southern Lao DPR

  • Experience in report writing, evaluation

  • Computer literate, particularly in the use of Microsoft Office programs

  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team

  • Knowledge of accounting principles, budget management and financial tracking during project implementation

Interested candidates are invited to submit a COVER LETTERand CV to the address below. Please indicate the POSITION TITLE. Deadline for application is 22 September 2019, however applicants areencouraged to apply early as applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and the position will close early if a suitable candidate is found.

Women are strongly encouraged to apply.

Mail: People and Culture Department

P.O. Box 312 Vientiane 01005

Email: [email protected]