Asia Pacific People & Culture (HR) Business Partner

*Position location to be determined by home country of successful candidate in the East and South Asia Pacific Region where WVI is registered to operate.

*Please submit your CV in English.


The Asia Pacific Regional P&C (HR) Business Partner position is responsible for aligning business objectives with employees and management in designated Field Offices and Asia Pacific Regional Offices (Bangkok & Singapore). The position formulates partnerships across the P&C function to deliver value-added service to management and employees that reflects Asia Pacific Regional Office & Field Offices objectives of the organization. The P&C BP maintains an effective level of business literacy about the National Office financial position, its midrange plans, its culture and its competition.



  • Advise and support P&C Regional Director in his/her leadership and engagement on matters related to organizational transformation and/or Strategy Alignment.

  • Support the Regional and National Offices (NOs) in creating a culture of change and transformational leadership.

  • To advise by understanding the risk and opportunities around the different or multiple funding models for each NO of the business National Office functions and priorities.

  • Advise and support NO’s on employee experience transformations and initiatives.

  • Assist P&C Director in linking the NO strategy with Talent strategy.

  • Lead behavioral change communication in Asia Pacific Regional Office.


  • Contribute to the development of regional P&C strategy, priorities and annual plan in support of and in alignment with Global P&C strategies and priorities.

  • Collaborate with other regional functions to ensure that P&C priorities and standards are adequately and appropriately integrated within relevant regional secondary strategies and priorities in alignment with the regional strategy.

  • Support the National Offices in developing effective P&C strategies and plans appropriate to their context in alignment with the regional and global P&C strategies and priorities.

  • Contribute to organization wide communication and change management processes to support implementation of regional P&C strategy as part of broader regional strategy communication and change management plan.

  • Advice and facilitate P&C’s technology and digital transformation in the new work environment.

  • To co develop strategies for people development, succession planning, and talent management for key managerial positions and critical technical positions with Talent & Learning Advisor.

Technical Support:

  • Provide technical leadership, support and guidance to National Offices in the area of P&C ensuring compliance to the systems, standards, policies and guidelines.

  • Provide technical assistance in organization analysis, planning, design & capacity building, reward management, performance management, employee engagement, training and policy review.

  • Contribute to the development of global policies, guidelines and standards relating to P&C and assist in contextualizing and mainstreaming it within the region.

  • Collaborate closely with regional P&C team to ensure optimal integration of P&C strategy, plan and implementation at the NO level.

  • Promote coaching and mentoring relationships between P&C personnel based in national offices.

  • Provide technical leadership on Diversity & Inclusion engagements and initiatives.

  • Provide technical leadership in workforce development and talent mobility based on the diverse funding model (sponsorship, refugee & grants).

  • Lead Asia Pacific P&C related IPH cases and as when needed to be part of GIIU investigated.

  • To train a pool of investigators for Asia Pacific Region

  • Assist NO P&C in conducting locally related investigations.

  • Lead Asia Pacific Regional Office Townhall sessions by working with Leadership team.

Operational Support:

  • Support Regional and Partnership P&C initiatives.

  • Support and advise the National office ensuring integration and successful implementation of P&C standards, policies, procedures and systems.

  • Provide interim P&C support during National Office transition.

  • Collaborate with the P&C team in guiding and monitoring the implementation of regional P&C initiatives in National Offices.

  • Facilitate consultative meetings and group processes during negotiation and conflict when necessary.

  • Contribute to the on-going review, learning and revision of WVI P&C policies and procedures.

  • Advising how organizations work and best practices for organizational reengineering.

  • Driving the culture and ensuring everything NO’s does aligns with its culture.

Quality Assurance:

  • Ensure alignment of National Office P&C practices, policies and procedures to WVI P&C Philosophy, practices, procedures and policies.

  • Advise and support compliance of local Labor and Tax laws and practices ensuring that NO meet minimum Labor Law and Taxation law standards.

  • Awareness and promotion of key WVI P&C policies on child abuse, conflict of interest, sexual harassment etc.

  • Collaborate with NO P&C in ensuring compliance to Internal Control P&C audit standards.

  • Analyzes trends and metrics in partnership with NO P&C teams in order to develop and enhance solutions, processes, and programs that address current problems and also to avoid future ones.

  • Assisting in the measuring, validating, and testing of the effectiveness of metrics that are applied by Global Center (GC)/Regional Office (RO)/National Office (NO) to assess and drive productivity optimization.

Knowledge Management:

  • Support continuous learning through documentation of successful P&C models and practices in Asia Pacific region.

  • Facilitate mutual learning between National Offices within the Asia Pacific Area and between regions by disseminating best practices in P&C.

  • Harness the expertise and experiences in P&C new initiatives within Asia Pacific.

  • Contribute to establishment and use of regional data bases and e-resources including regional good practices relating to P&C as part of wider knowledge management strategy.

  • Participate and actively contribute as a member of P&C Community of practice (CoP).

  • Facilitate the documentation of best practices and contribute to the community of practice and center of excellence.

Capacity Building:

  • Contribute to the assessment, development and implementation of an integrated regional capacity building plan based on P&C priorities and strategy.

  • Plan, conduct and follow up regional workshops/training on P&C, Organisational Developement (OD), Change Management and related topics as needed.

  • Coach program personnel in National Offices when appropriate.

  • Develop a regional pool of P&C resource personnel who can assist the national offices and programs involved P&C OD processes.

  • Share / facilitate access to P&C training resources and support training opportunities for national offices. These may include developing or conducting training, engagement of trainers, establishing institutional links, identifying opportunities for staff exchange or mentoring.

  • Advise National Offices on P&C core competencies and capacity requirement at national level.

  • To build career coaching competencies within NO P&C communities.

  • To establish a pool of SME for Asia Pacific Region based on the evolving transformational needs for NO.

  • To establish a self-managed P&C in Disaster structure.

Internal & External Coordination:

  • Establish networks and alliances with external partners (P & C consulting firms, educational institutions, professional associations, International Organizations, NGOs, etc) for the purpose of branding and enhancing P&C practices in

  • Asia Pacific.

  • Act as a strategic link and focal point for regional P&C issues connecting National Offices and Global Center for mutual support.

  • Participate and actively contribute in the partnership forums, working Groups and networks related to P & C as deemed necessary by regional leadership.

  • Collaborate with support services, regional lines of ministry, sectors and themes and other functions to ensure complementarities and effective integration within wider ministry of World Vision in the region.


  • Lead and support Christian activities that enrich and develop mutual growth in Christ.

  • Perform any other tasks assigned by the P&C Regional Director.


  • Master degree in Human Resource Management, Psychology, Org. Leadership or Org. Development or any relevant field.

  • Certified investigator.

  • Demonstrated ability to report, present and communicate results, written and verbal in modern standard English.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • P&C Professional certification.

  • A thorough understanding of all areas in Human resource Management and integration of each of this function.

  • Understand WV governance structure.

  • Knowledge of WVI Partnership P&C minimum standards and practices.

  • Excellent oral and written English communication skills.

  • Strong strategic thinking, organisational, facilitation, consultancy, change management and leadership skills.

  • Demonstrated collaboration & team building skills.

  • Competent in the use of Microsoft Office computer programs including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

  • Coaching certification.

  • Change Management.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 25% of the time.

Regional Director - People & Culture, Asia Pacific

*Preferred Position Location: Singapore. Other Locations to be determined by home country of successful candidate in Asia Pacific Region where WVI is registered to operate.

*Please submit your CV in English.


Provide strategic leadership to World Vision Asia Pacific in the area of People & Culture (P&C), and Organizational Development by maximizing the potential of World Vision’s (WV) human resources and optimizing organizational performance, sustaining the culture and ensuring alignment to fulfill WV’s strategy. Reporting to the Senior Director of Operations, Support Services, the Regional People & Culture Director will provide leadership in developing leadership capacity, furthering executive development of National Directors (NDs) and senior staff. The Regional P&C Director also will build strong relationship with Global Center client groups and engage with external network to collaborate and further build WV’s brand.


Leadership & Strategy:

  • Lead Asia Pacific Region’s P&C function in developing a vibrant and empowering culture that supports and enables the execution of World Vision’s strategy and achieve the child well-being aspirations and outcomes Champion effectiveness & efficiency of Asia Pacific Region’s P&C function through continuous development of high-quality services and processes to support leadership development and talent agenda.

  • Guide the Leadership Team in the Asia Pacific Regional Office, National Directors and National P&C Directors on all facets of P&C whilst promoting organizational culture, agility and effectiveness, alongside Mindset & Behaviors and Core Competencies.

  • Lead and promote compliance to applicable (local) employment regulations, immigration and labor laws as well as WV policies and guidelines.

  • Demonstrate vibrant and mature Christian spiritual leadership through all People and Culture (P&C) related processes, practices and tools integrate, where applicable, and be guided by relevant competencies regarding WV’s Mission, Vision and Core Values.

Technical & Operational Support:

  • Provide direction and guidance in all areas of P&C such as Recruitment, Workforce Planning, Change & Organizational Development, Total Rewards, Employee Relations, Staff Care, Performance Management, Talent Development & Management,

  • Retention, Succession Planning, among others.

  • Provide objective input and contribution in the development of effective Global, Regional & National P&C Standards, Policies and Procedures.

  • Work with Regional and National Offices’ stakeholders to ensure HR system (Our People) is optimized and P&C processes, policies and protocols are comprehended, followed and upheld in each offices to meet/advance P&C standards.

  • Work with Regional and National Offices’ P&C network to identify, develop and nurture a robust talent bench of future leaders for succession planning.

Capacity Building:

  • Lead the assessment, development and implementation of an integrated regional capacity building plan based on P&C priorities and strategy.

  • Provide leadership to Asia Pacific Region’s capacity building (leaning & development) projects and initiatives in alignment with the global & regional capacity building framework and strategy.

  • In partnership with key stakeholders, ensure gap analysis from Talent Management point of view and provide direction to improve the quality of talent pipeline.

Knowledge Management:

  • Inspire continuous learning and improvement in P&C practices, systems and tools that will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness the organization.

  • Lead and encourage mutual learning among National Offices through formal and informal setting such as sharing of best practices and lesson learnt, community of practice and center of excellence.

  • Promote the use of external and internal platform (Our People & WV Central) and other off-the-shelf learning materials to develop and contextualize learning materials and contents.

Quality Assurance/Risk Management:

  • Provide direction to Asia Pacific Region to ensure P&C compliance with WVI Partnership standards, policies and procedures. Advises the Regional & National Offices in addressing gaps/issues related to HR practices.

  • Active role in providing direction to Regional and National Offices in preventing and mitigating risk related to employment / labor laws.

  • Ensure effective implementation of Integrated Incident Management (IIM) and Employee Relations systems, ensures capacity at Regional and National Offices to manage incidents and follow through action plans & management decision.

Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Act as strategic P&C link for Asia Pacific Region to internal stakeholders – other Regional Offices, National Offices, Support Offices and Global Center.

  • Develop and expand external networks and linkages with other International Non-governmental Organizations, Partners, P&C consulting groups, among others for collaboration, benchmarking and employer branding.

  • Represent the Asia Pacific Regional Office on internal and external forums.


  • Graduate qualification and/or Professional qualification in Human Resource Management, Social Science/Studies, or Organizational Development.

  • A relevant Masters Degree in Human Resources Management, Organizational Studies or an MBA.

Strategic Leadership:

  • A high level capacity and demonstrated skill in setting vision, developing strategy on a broad scale in Huma Resources.

  • Strategic ability to influence direction of the organisation and the ability to implement this on a practical level.

  • Broad experience in implementing world-class services in international/global organizations and ideally, in a network setting to diverse, dispersed and dynamic teams.

  • A deep understanding of how to make change happen, and of organizational development and culture change.

  • Demonstrable strategic, clear thinker and creative leadership, management and coordination skills in a global network setting.

  • Intellectual curiosity, courage and independence. Decisive, with the courage to make tough calls.

Human Resources Skills and Experience:

  • A strong track record of strategic human resource management and substantial experience of leading international/regional Human Resources teams and transformational change in business and HR.

  • Excellent assessor of talent and matching top performers to the jobs where they can add the most value.

  • Experience in leading and managing complex projects, including learning and organizational development, culture change, recruitment and talent management and employee relations.

Organization and Managerial Capability:

  • Strong resource, financial, planning, project and process management skills, gained in a complex environment.

  • Huge capability for complex problem solving and good sense of diagnosing performance issues of the organisation.

  • Acuity and sensitivity to work in sync with the senior executives.

  • Experience of cross-functional management including international/regional operations, support functions, engagement across a range of audience and disciplines.

  • A proven ability to build, motivate, facilitate and engage a team, and play a key part in the wider management of an organization, towards delivery of key goals.

  • The capacity to cohere passionate, experienced and independent individuals into a high performing and confident group, organization or movement.

  • Excellent communication, diplomacy, negotiation, influencing and conflict mediation skills and the ability to apply these across a range of diverse audiences.

  • Ability to represent organisation at the senior most levels and externally.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • Travel up to 30% per month when required (regional and international).

  • This role involves the coordination with geographically dispersed P&C teams located in national offices.

People and Culture (HR) Director, WV Burundi

*Please submit your CV in English.


To provide strategic leadership to World Vision International/Burundi in the area of people management & organizational development in order to optimize organizational performance, fulfill World Vision mission, vision, core values and contribute to the measurable improvement of the well-being of vulnerable children and communities in World Vision Burundi.

The People & Culture (HR) Director is primarily responsible for ensuring, developing and promoting P&C strategy, leadership development and sustainability, staff and organizational well-being, performance and accountability culture, diverse and talented workforce with the right set of mind-set and behaviours, internal and external networking for greater impact and a professional and sustainable P&C function in the organization.


Ensuring Strategy Development and Execution:

  • Provide strategic guidance and input to the senior leadership team in the alignment and execution of the National Office Strategy and business plans with Our Promise (Going further.

  • Develop and implement the People and Culture (P&C) strategy and business plan in support of and in alignment with country, regional and global strategic priorities.

  • Spearhead the monitoring and reporting of people & culture metrics related to talent acquisition, development, retention, partnering for performance, employee engagement and organisational leadership.

  • Serve and contribute as a member of the Crisis Management Team to ensure safety and security of staff. Serve as a member of the National Disaster Management Team.

  • Advise and support National Director and Senior Management Team in engagement on critical issues relating to attraction, development, deployment, retain and separation of staff.

Promoting Leadership Quality and Sustainability:

  • Build the capacity, depth and breadth of National Office and Projects leadership to meet the evolving leadership needs, to realise Our Promise and to enable transformational mind-sets and behaviours.

  • Identify and nurture globally, regionally and in-country mobile talent to support leadership and career development, succession planning and retention of high potential managers and leaders and to prepare a pipeline for future leadership for grants.

  • Design and execute an orientation and on-boarding strategy that will enable staff to understand Our Promise and its implications on World Vision works and prepare with the right mind-set and behaviour to address the needs of grants management.

Ensuring Staff Engagement and Well-Being:

  • Maximise staff well-being to enable staff to embrace the opportunities and challenges in meeting Our Promise. Contextualise, promote and support systems, services and programs for staff well-being.

  • Execute the Our Voice survey and leverage the results to enhance Staff and Organisational Well-being. Together with the senior leadership team, plan and drive measurable improvements in Organisational Leadership, Culture, Agility and Effectiveness.

  • Strengthen the quality of staff care and peer support interventions.

  • Identify the organisational culture gaps and plan culture change Interventions to promote leadership and staff mind-set & behaviour changes to deliver our promise to the most vulnerable children.

  • Design and execute compensation and benefits strategy, systems and processes in alignment to Our Promise that enable the organisation to attract and retain required staff stay competitive within the local labour market and promote staff retention.

Promoting Accountability and Performance Culture:

  • Lead structure realignment processes to match program requirements, including pre-positioning for emergency responses.

  • Spearhead the partnering for performance process, strengthen the quality of performance and promote career conversation in the office.

  • Review and contextualise global and regional P&C Policies to National office P&C policies for International assignees and national staff and ensure alignment with Country labour laws.

  • Ensure people management risks are identified and the organisation regularly reviews and implements adequate risk mitigation measures.

  • Provide leadership in educating staff on employee relations and investigations protocol and ensure cases are managed confidentially and promptly.

  • Promote a culture of faith literacy and awareness of diversity. Encourage staff Christian formation, spiritual nurture and promote principles for effective interfaith engagement in multi-faith contexts, as appropriate.

Developing Capable and available Workforce:

  • Maximise accountability for organisational culture, agility and effectiveness which drives high performance and realisation of our promise.

  • Spearhead the acquisition and prepositioning of a diverse and talented workforce using work force planning.

  • Ensure that the National Office recruitment policy, system and processes are well established for acquiring talent with required competencies, mind-sets and behaviours required to realise Our Promise.

  • Ensure monitoring and reporting systems for national & International hires are effectively managed.

  • Promote gender diversity, equity and inclusion and female leadership through appropriate identification of talent at all levels.

Developing a strategic and professional People & Culture Team:

  • Ensure that the People &Culture function has the required capacity, capability, systems, processes, policies and guidelines to drive transformation of mind-sets and behaviours and realisation of Our Promise.

  • Promote a customer centric culture in the People & Culture function, ensuring professionalism and accountability in delivering services to staff and leaders.

  • Provide overall leadership and technical support to the P&C team, coaching and mentoring the team through regular meetings, sharing and monitoring individual plans to support professional growth and development.

  • Design efficient P&C systems and processes with a particular focus on process excellence and ensure that Our People is fully operational with accurate and complete information for decision making.

Promoting External and Internal Coordination:

  • Establish proactive linkages and strategic networks with key International NGOs and other stakeholders at the national and international level for broader impact and also to keep abreast of the ongoing changes in the external environment that affects the operations.

  • Consistently develop and maintain effective working relationships with Regional P&C, SLT and different departments including field based program managers.

  • Develop, manage and sustain relationship with regional and global centre P&C functional leads to proactively engage on context realities and its impact on P&C function.


  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management, Business Management or Social Sciences.

  • Master’s Degree in the relevant field is an added advantage.

  • Technical Training qualifications required Professional qualifications in Human Resource Management or Organisational Development or Leadership Development.

  • HEAT (hostile environment awareness training) and SRMT (security risk management training) or a UN equivalent.

  • MSTC (or similar trainings on context monitoring).

  • RDMT Training.

  • Enterprise Risk Management Training.

  • Staff care and Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) training.

  • Certification in trauma counselling or certain basic training in this area.

  • Interfaith training.

  • The candidate should have a personal calling, passion for service.

  • Experience: Minimum of 5 years’ experience in a Senior Human Resources Management position in an international organisation.

  • Experience working with different country labour laws.

  • Experience in risk management in high risk and sensitive environments.

  • Experience in emergency response scenario planning process.

  • Peer mentoring and coaching from a seasoned Leader who has worked in these contexts long enough.

  • Fluent French and English.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Visionary thinking and understanding of humanitarian operations.

  • Spiritual maturity, interfaith knowledge and a biblical worldview – Ability to articulate and model our Christian identity and mission in an inclusive way.

  • Familiarity with INGO international staffing policies and sound knowledge of Regional/ Country labor laws.

  • Demonstration of well-developed interpersonal skills, excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.

  • Highly flexible and agile in style with the ability to produce creative and pragmatic solutions to complex Human Resources problems.

  • Proven conceptual & analytical skills and systems thinking.

  • Sharp mind, quick in decision making - knowledge for P&C/global policies at hand to facilitate decisions.

  • Emotional maturity, personal resilience and calmness in the face of an ever evolving context.

  • Proven facilitation skills.

  • Team player.

  • Champions and Manages Innovation.

  • Ensure a gender perspective in the scope of work.

  • External engagement. Internal engagement and networking skills.

  • Very good OD and change management skills especially the ability to design and execute OD interventions in Grants funding context.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically.

People & Culture (HR) Director, WV Vietnam

*Please submit your CV in English.


  • To provide overall leadership to all People & Culture (P&C) and Organizational Development functions and support the strategic direction of World Vision Vietnam.

  • To make the organization ready to undertake continuous improvement in quality and effectiveness of its people management strategies;

  • To ensure that all WVI People and Culture standards are complied.


Strategic and Leadership Support:

  • Strategic, viable inputs and technical advice to National Director (ND) and Senior Leadership Team (SLT) during organizational planning and assessment, leadership development initiatives are provided to support the execution of the Field Office Strategy and business plans in the alignment with Our Promise phase II.

  • Appropriate actions are taken to ensure that WVI Partnership P&C standards and other related P&C Partnership initiatives are followed in the field.

  • P&C metrics monitored and reported for efficiency on talent acquisition, development, retention, performance management, employee engagement and organizational leadership – reflecting high standards of organisational performance.

  • Leadership development needs addressed.

  • Evidence of mindset and behaviours among staff transformed to realise Our Promise. Culture of agility and innovation is strengthened.

  • Relevant and viable polices and guidelines are recommended to formulate organizational policies that lead to better organizational and departmental performance. In consultation with the ND ensure the ongoing evolution of HR policies, procedures and systems appropriate to the working needs of the organization, consistent to WVI Partnership P&C standards, and the local legal context. Risks pertaining to P&C area are minimized.

  • PnC &OD short term and long-term directions that are aligned with the organization’s strategic direction, and support the NO business plans are developed and well implemented.

Developing a strategic and professional People & Culture Team:

  • The People & Culture team has the required capacity, capability, systems, processes, policies and guidelines to drive transformation of mindsets and behaviours to deliver the national strategy and contributing to realization of Our Promise.

  • Professionalism and accountability in delivering services to staff and leaders are ensured.

  • Having a lean and effective PnC team which is able to support both Area Programs and Grants as well as is able to support NO Strategic direction.

  • Overall leadership and technical support as well as regular coaching and mentoring is provided to the PnC team members to support their professional growth and development. Second liners for PnC leadership position are identified and developed.

  • Our People system is fully operational with 100% accuracy and effectively utilized. Simplified and effective P&C processes.

  • Government Relations with the local labor agencies (DIPSERCO, SCEDFA, FOSCO) and other local partner agencies on HRM related issues are maintained and strengthened, and the legal compliance is ensured.

Developing a capable and committed workforce:

  • Workforce plan is in place and updated.

  • Evidence of effective staff acquisition and retention.

  • Well-designed recruitment policy, systems and processes to attract HIPOs with the required mind-set and behaviours.

  • National staff capacity fully developed.

  • Appropriate job rotation and relocation is well arranged and coordinated in consultation with line managers and concerned departments, which enables staff professional growth and career development.

  • The traineeship program is planned and implemented so that there is always a bench strength in the organization to cater the growth as well as have capable and committed workforce for very remote locations including Dien Bien, Tuyen Quang, Tram Tau, Son Tay, South Tra My.

Employee Engagement and Staff Well Being:

  • Appropriate Staff Care policies are in place to ensure well-being of staff.

  • Lead annual Our Voice survey. Follow up actions to improve OV results are developed and implemented in consultation with SLT and relevant managers.

  • In consultation with the ND, ensure that the Compensation & Benefits are competitive (on par with other INGOs which are similar to WVV) to attract good professional staff as well as retain committed staff.

  • Periodical salary surveys are undertaken.

  • All the jobs are objectively and fairly evaluated and graded by Hay.

  • Ensure performance based pay for all national staff.

Promoting Accountability and Performance Culture:

  • Ensure performance culture continues to be strengthened, including reinforcement of the implementation of Partnering four Performance (P4P) approach. This includes recognition of good performers, and dealing with non performers and other HR related issues in a timely manner.

  • On-going performance and career conversations take place at all levels.

  • Ensure that the performance development is implemented in line with talent management system.

  • Staff fully aware of Ethics point.

  • IIM cases are uploaded and managed properly.

  • Facilitate staff grievances and disciplinary action process in collaboration with line managers. Liaise with the Partnership Office Legal department and local Legal Counsel on matters pertaining to any employee-employer relationship that will have legal ramifications to WVI.

Promoting Leadership Quality and Sustainability:

  • Succession plan, career development plan and talent review is developed and implemented, focusing on highly potential and committed staff.

  • Potential successors/secondliners for key and critical positions and for future leadership identified and systematically nurtured.

  • Orientation strategy in place that helps new staff to understand and subscribe to WV core values and ethos.

  • Training/coaching programs and processes are designed and facilitated.

  • Develop middle managers and future leaders for the organization, leveraging the use of WVI resources including SLDP, GLO. Management Essentials.

  • Standards, policies and guidelines for staff and leadership development are set in consultation with SLT.

  • Effective mechanism is designed and implemented to maximize ROI of L&D efforts.

Spiritual Leadership:

  • Ensures that Christ-centered commitment is a foundational mandate of PnC&OD processes.

  • Provides time and space for staff to participate in organizationally initiated spiritual formation activities when appropriate.

  • Creates opportunities for spiritual reflection of PnC staff to increase their sense of meaningful job and passion for the ministry.

  • Leads the PnC department in modeling biblical ethics and principles in actions and lifestyle.

  • Leads the organizational reflection upon request or when deemed necessary.

  • All staff are able to live out WV core values.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management & Organizational Development or Business Administration.

  • Proven record with HR functions, having initiated and implemented purpose-driven and organization-focused change.

  • Demonstrated competency in developing systems, policies and guidelines to support people management and organizational effectiveness.

  • Proven leadership and management skills in restricted context.

  • Has good knowledge and understanding of local labor laws on Compensation, Labor Relations/Standards, and Issuances.

  • Has broad and deep working knowledge on recruitment, retention and separation of staff.

  • Ability to champion the cause and concerns of the employees without compromising the values and resources of the organization.

  • Ability and skills to build the capacity of individual staff, leaders and the organization to meet and exceed the competencies/capabilities required to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

  • Ability to travel across the country and abroad.

  • At least 5 years of broad and deep experience in leading and managing Human Resource team and relevant experience in organizational development, leadership development and change management in World Vision context.

  • Effective in written and verbal communication in English.

  • Subject to permission to work in Vietnam.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Masters degree in HRM is preferred.

  • Experience working in the development sector.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 30 % of the time.

  • Multitasking.

  • Extremely high pressure.

  • Diverse working environment and culture.

  • Restricted context.

Senior Director, People and Organizational Capability

*Preferred position location: United Kingdom. Other locations location to be determined by home country of successful candidate in a jurisdiction (US state or country) where WVI is registered to operate.

*Please submit your CV in English.


Reporting to the Global Chief People Officer, this role, together with the current People & Organizational Capability team is accountable for:

  • Developing and implement an integrated strategy for People & Organisation Capability for the organisation to deliver on Our Promise.

  • Knowledge of the development and evolution of the organization’s Culture.

  • Driving a robust organisational wide leadership framework.

  • Developing strategy for building capability across the Partnership at all levels.

  • Developing WV’s Learning ecosystem strategy focusing on organisational core requirements including compliance training and core competencies.

  • Developing clear strategically aligned succession plans with deep and diverse talent to drive career progression of top talent.

  • Evolving Performance Management to drive the mind-sets and behaviour of the staff as aligned in Our Promise and measuring staff engagement via Our Voice.


Organizational Culture:

  • Knowledge of the development and evolution of the organization's Culture - the series of employee beliefs, attitudes and modes of behaviour that collectively define the company's character and which determine its ability to achieve optimal operational efficiencies and sustainable growth.

  • Drive organizational analysis to review quantitative or conceptual problems and situations, and draw valid conclusions from data presented for the purpose of business needs. This includes the ability to identify significant trends, relationships, and themes relevant to the organization.

  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of organizational design and the ability to create, implement, and evaluate organization redesign interventions and efforts.

  • The ability to successfully prepare long-range plans for diverse, multi-functional areas, contribute to partnership-wide, entity and operational strategies in a measurable and valuable way.

Leadership & Executive Development:

  • Review existing global leadership development practices – qualitative assessment, ROI etc in order to align organizational approaches into a common global framework.

  • Gain and maintain WV executive endorsement (conceptual, time, resources - including financial) to the WV way of Leadership Development. This will involve introduction of targeted new initiatives, aligning current and curtailment of some current activities. Core elements may be defined and delivered globally with regional and local activities aligned to the core framework and strategy. Key focus areas for global delivery are likely to be orientation to Leadership within World Vision, development for identified Talent and developing good people and organisational management practice at leadership and key management levels.

  • Consult, influence and deliver innovative solutions where resource restrictions occur across all office types.

  • Monitor and report at Executive level on progress of implementation and enhancement of WV leadership culture.

  • Engage and partner with external organisations in order to collaborate across the industry and share appropriate resources as needed.

Learning & Development (L&D):

  • Develop organisational wide learning strategy to meet organisational objectives.

  • Develop a learner centric approach to World Visions learning ecosystem.

  • Engage appropriately with the organization’s L&D leaders and practitioners.

  • Ensure best practices are executed with sound adult learning principles, instructional design and fit for purpose execution using transformative learning methods.

  • Lead strategies and initiatives to increase learning and developments standards, quality and impact across the partnership.

  • Assist in the building or consolidation of a network and resources for L&D professionals.

  • Appropriately engage with external parties in the industry to leverage L&D building opportunities.

  • Influence senior leadership’s understanding and commitment to effective and integrated L&D activities.

  • Integrate Learning and Development strategies with Performance Management, Talent Management and Leadership Development.

Global Talent Strategy and Partnership Alignment:

  • Develop the philosophy, strategy and standards for how talent management helps the Partnership respond to talent-related opportunities and demands.

  • Establish and promote a global talent management strategy alongside a regular rhythm of intentional talent reviews to be owned and championed by key executives across the Partnership.

  • Author and own the long-term Executive talent management strategy.

  • Gain commitment to a framework of actions and initiatives which will arise from Talent Management processes, e.g. partnering on development and coaching recommendations, organizational support and review, career transition etc.

  • Ensure that the Talent Management processes include dealing with low performers who have reached or passed potential with a lower aligned to leadership competency profiles.

  • Work directly with WV Executive Leadership Team to undertake group wide Talent Review processes, moving to supporting as these processes are better embedded.

  • Establish a clear set of career paths available within the Partnership and process by which these are tied into results of talent reviews and development conversations.

Succession Planning:

  • Instigate best practice and WV specific requirements in succession planning which encompasses most critical roles of the organization.

  • Integration with Talent Management initiatives.

  • Integration with global diversity and inclusion initiatives and targets.

  • Integration with top talent for longer term development planning.

  • Implementation will require actual and virtual cross regional leadership, high level project management and consultation with the CPO.

  • Forecasting future leadership needs and coordinating that with the global workforce planning team.

Performance Management & Employee Engagement:

  • Develop an integrated Performance Management strategy that integrates with organisational strategy, learning and development, talent management and leadership development.

  • Champion Performance Management strategy that drives and encourages the mindsets and behaviour of the staff as aligned in Our Promise.

  • Build global procedures and rhythm for annual performance and development touchpoints to ensure employees have robust performance goals and outcomes, individual development plans and career conversations with management.

  • Plan and design automation strategy for Performance Management activities and tracking.

  • Oversee processes and reporting needs pertaining to annual staff survey.

  • Engage with Executive Leadership to champion the use of annual staff survey to drive improvement in leadership effectiveness across the organisation.

  • Build networks and partnerships both internally and externally to establish performance management practices that are future focused to address upcoming talent needs.


  • At least 10 years’ experience leading heads of Leadership Development, Learning & Development, and Talent Management.

  • Experience within the global field with strategies to address the various viewpoints of diversity, equity & inclusion that come amongst differing cultures.

  • Extensive experience providing HR capability to senior executives, President/CEOs, and boards.

  • Track record of designing and successfully implementing leadership development, L&D, talent management and/or performance management and engagement surveys.

  • Strong leadership skills and team management capabilities. Proven people leader, coach and mentor, coupled with experience in indirect and virtual leadership.

  • University degree in HR, Business or related field. A relevant Masters degree would be considered desirable, coupled with extensive senior and executive level HR management.

  • CIPD, HRCI, or SHRM certification or similar.

  • English required. Ability to communicate in French and Spanish a plus.


  • Proven people leader in indirect and remote working modes.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • Willingness to travel up to 30% of the time.

  • Ability to work according to local time zones wherever WV functions.