Analyst - Business Process Solutions

*Preferred position location: United Kingdom, Taiwan, South Korea or Hong Kong. Other locations to be determined by home country of successful candidate in the Asia Pacific Region, Europe or where WVI is registered to operate.

*Please submit your CV in English.


The Analyst – Business Process Solutions is the bridge between our global business systems and fulfillment of World Vision sponsor experiences; bridging the gap between existing global capabilities and the business processes and operations involved in executing Child Sponsorship Marketing and Engagement sponsor experiences. This role provides Child Sponsorship business process leadership to the Sponsorship Marketing Busines Process & Systems Capability team and operates under the scope of Marketing and Engagement for projects designed for retention and sponsorship market, by engaging broadly across fundraising offices, global production, global IT, and vendors, to understand, align, design and implement business process solutions that enable the Child Sponsorship Experience to be delivered.

This person has an intimate understanding of existing World Vision fundraising and marketing Sponsorship operations and processes, child feature production processes, and a keen understanding of globally supported platforms, technology and processes; and is a curious communicator; able to drive discussion, listen intently, critically assess, and clearly document the current and future state across fundraising office and Global Production process and technology. They will be able to demonstrate their ability to distill complex process environments with multiple interdependencies into easily understood and consolidated documentation; identifying risk and bottlenecks and bringing clarity on

opportunities for improvement.

The person is responsible to interact with a range of stakeholders including subject matter experts, solutions architects, IT platform leads, field practitioners, organisational partners and vendors (including Support/Fundraising Offices, Global Marketing & Communications colleagues, IT, and vendors) and to lead the documentation of current state processes and systems, lead critical thinking around process improvement, lead the detailed business requirements formulation, and the successful implementation of any of the processes and platforms selected or developed. This will involve establishing business process requirements, articulation and interpretation of marketing user business requirements into detailed business requirements, transforming functional support/delivery requirements into analysis models (for example gap analysis, usability etc), partnering with IT solutions concept design to champion best in class solution-design that is both cost effective and technically future-proof (considering roadmap initiatives and future state), supporting systems development as well as develop test strategy, user testing and business implementation to ensure that solutions deliver on core marketing business user needs.

In executing the role, this person has a business and strategic minded analyst, who can observe the organization objectives and strategically translate business needs. This person is creative, analytical, curious, detailed and diligent.

The ideal Analyst - Business Process Solutions candidate is someone who has demonstrated experience of delivering business value through effective analysis, problem solving, defining requirements for efficient and sustainable solutions and supporting the delivery of those solutions.

A key quality of this function is not only to be able to translate and interpret operations practices into easily understood business requirements for the IT stakeholders but also translate and interpret technical requirements into simple and 'friendly' information for the end-users' understanding.

They will need to be able to manage multiple streams of projects and initiatives supporting colleagues to deliver the right enablers to meet project outcomes; excellent communication, reporting, self-management, visibility, and managing-up are vital for success.

The output of this role provides clear understanding and requirements (as relating to Sponsorship) for designing of global business systems alignment, vendor solutions, and global fundraising marketing technology solutions for delivering sponsor experiences.



  • Conducts in depth data gathering and analysis, (understanding business process) and documentation to support articulation of business requirements.

  • Interviewing Support Offices, documenting processes, validation and clarification.

  • Participates in short and long-term planning to improve processes.

  • Assess potential technology and projects for strategic fit across business needs.

Business Process Improvement:

  • Collaborates across the partnership on issues and best practices to identify opportunities for process improvement.

  • Develops business cases.

Business Requirements:

  • Reviews, defines, develops, and documents detailed business requirements (system and process change/development requests, bug-fixes, etc.) based on ministry and end-user needs with focus on cross platform dependencies.

  • Designs and translates requirements into functional specifications for handover to the technical and/or business implementation teams.  

  • Provides review and sign off on completed stories.

  • Develops and signs off test plan and strategy.


  • Assists or leads components of implementation, including training (e.g. training of trainers) and the development and sign off of training materials.

  • Ensures proper, efficient, and common application of updated or new Sponsorship business processes and standards.

Problem Solving/Testing:

  • Investigates, analyzes, and troubleshoots issues related to current and proposed Sponsorship business operations.

  • Provides leadership on escalation procedures and recommends appropriate resolution and action.

  • Lead issue management (across incident escalation).


  • Promotes an understanding of Sponsorship roles, processes, and activities.

  • Supports formal reporting of project status to senior management.

  • Negotiates agreements between business units.

  • Serves as a link between Sponsorship and the partnership.


  • College degree in business, computer science, or related field.

  • Good English communication skills (oral and written).

  • At least five years of relevant business and/or technical process improvement experience (including at least 3 years as Business/Data Analyst).

  • Extensive experience in gathering business requirements, designing workflow diagrams, designing solutions, user testing, and implementing refined or new processes in an operational environment.

  • Experience in relating with different levels of staff and collaborating with cross-functional and cross-cultural teams.

  • Extensive experience facilitating discussion between business and customer teams.

  • Working cross culturally, cross functionally, and cross-borders.

  • Willingness and ability to travel domestically and internationally, as necessary.

  • Effective in written and verbal communication in English.

  • Certification in process improvement and/or project management an advantage.

  • Experience in agile project management and/or agile software development.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Training or certification in Lean Six Sigma principles preferred.

  • Preference for experience in a development, advocacy and/or relief agency.

  • Working in Child Sponsorship fundraising office context.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 10% of the time.

WVV AP Sponsorship Facilitator in Nam Tra My, Quang Nam


World Vision Vietnam (WVV) is a Christian relief and development organization working to create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty. WVV serves all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. As a child-focused organization, WVVs work focuses on children, ensuring they are protected and their basic needs are met. WVV has a total income of around US$ 19,000,000 (FY21) with funding from 13 support countries in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australia. Funding of WVV consists of sponsorship program funding (70%) and PNS/grants (30%). WVV employs about 430 staff, of which more than 99% are Vietnamese nationals.

In FY21, WVV is implementing 36 Area Programmes (APs) which operate in 5 zones: North1 (Hoa Binh and Dien Bien), North 2 (Yen Bai – Tuyen Quang), North 3 (Thanh Hoa, Hai Phong), Centre (Quang Tri, Quang Nam – Danang) and South (Quang Ngai, Binh Thuan, Ho Chi Minh, DakNong). WVV’s AP usually focuses within one administrative district of a province which populated by ethnic minority people with high rates of poverty. A uniqueness of WVV’s Development Program Approach (DPA) is that AP team members are based at district level where the AP is located, which enables them to work closely with government partners and communities on a daily basis. Beside the APs, WVV is also implementing different Special and Grant Projects to meet the specific needs of vulnerable children in both AP and non-AP areas.

WVV Child sponsorship enhances the quality of WVVs transformation development and public awareness ministries by providing sponsors, children, and their families and communities with a service that allows sharing of other resources, hopes and experiences in a way that it can transform both. Child sponsorship provides the majority of resources for transformational development. Therefore, Child sponsorship is a required core competency of WVV. Reflecting Christs love for children, WVVChild sponsorship creates a special relationship between children, their families and communities, and sponsors that contribute to the transformation of all toward the wholeness of life with dignity, justice, peace and hope.

WVVs Sponsorship program is implemented across all Area Programs (APs) with more than 74,000 RC up to FY20. Each AP usually has one AP manager, one Finance staff, one Sponsorship staff and 3 to 5 other staff who are in charge of Monitoring and Evaluation, Capacity Building, and sectoral projects such as Nutrition/Health; Child Protection; Livelihood and Community Engagement and sponsorship Plan etc. A uniqueness of WVVs AP approach and structure is that all AP team members are based at the district where the AP is located, which enables them to work closely with government partners and communities on a daily basis.


The position supports AP manager in ensuring the focus on childrens well-being and the transformation of registered children, their families and communities and sponsors through collaborating with Development Facilitators and local sponsorship volunteers network, partners in planning and implementing sponsorship activities in the designated AP working area.

The position assists AP manager to ensure Sponsorship operations and initiatives (Sponsorship 2.0, Horizon HOPE, etc) are well integrated and deployed within TP projects of the AP, provides technical support to DFs to ensure appropriate RC targeting which is aligned with WVs Sponsorship minimum Programming standards.



  • Ensures sponsor communication activities (Sponsors Letter, Christmas Card, Child’s Annual Progress Report, Gift Notifications…) are designed in engaging and meaningful way so as to contribute to life skills and development assets of children.

  • Manages queries including record management, assignment, quality assurance and follow-up are timely responded.

  • Ensures child data and other sponsorship documents (both electronic and hard copies) and relevant back-up copies are maintained systematically in a secure place.


  • Makes sure RC and their families are intentionally included in the APs programming interventions as part of transformational development.

  • Ensures budgeted number of RC which is agreed with the support office is maintained through timely processing of new growth, replacement and reactivation.

  • Reinforces RC selection criteria which embrace MVC targeting by recruit new growth/replacement in consideration from APs MVC list.

  • Ensures RC record (includes information and digital images/clips) are updated and maintained with completeness, accuracy, timeliness and validity and compliance with Child protection policy.

  • Provides sufficient coordination and support to enable DFs facilitate Child Monitoring integrated within project activity plan as a part of community led child protection and care.

  • Coordinate with AP coordinator to complete the CESP plan of action and report for the AP.


  • Assist AP manager to establish/strengthen community volunteer network at the target communes with close collaboration between schools (school volunteer network) and community settings (hamlet facilitator network) at village and commune levels;

  • In cooperation with DFs, the sponsorship communication messages and materials (adapted with local context as possible) are distributed to all RCs parents and non-RCs parents;

  • In collaboration with other the DFs, the sponsorship network and National staffs, documenting stories about RC and their families and significant changes in their life, achievements, best practices and learning experiences are compiled for WV publications and shared within the Partnership.

  • In collaboration with the Sponsorship Cluster Officer in NO, sponsorship new initiatives are contextualized and implemented appropriately.

  • Participates in sponsorship education processes as needed.

  • Provides technical input on sponsorship aspects of community engagement.

  • Participates in community engagement and capacity building efforts of partners and community groups.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:


Bachelors Degree

Knowledge & Skills

  • Conceptual understanding of and commitment to development work, especially Christian, child-focused, community-based development concepts, approaches and processes;

  • Strong understand of community-led development work

  • Demonstrated training and facilitation skills, including catalysing, connecting and building the capacity of community groups

  • Good time management and organizational skills;

  • Good interpersonal and communications skills;

  • Fair English, especially email/letters writing skills;

  • Good computer skills in Word, Excel, Powerpoint and email;


  • Experience in community development or with NGO.

  • Experience in capacity building for local stakeholders/partners.

Our contact details are:

People and Culture Department Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Phuong

World Vision International - Vietnam

Address: No. 444 Hoang Hoa Tham street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi.

Tel: 024. 39439920

We give equal opportunity to every candidate, regardless of religion, race and gender.

A competitive salary, benefits and career development opportunity will be offered and commensurate with the experience, qualifications and responsibilities.

Especialista de empoderamiento comunitario


Managua, Oficina Nacional


Garantizar la implementación programática y presupuestaria del Plan de Compromiso Comunitario y Patrocinio (CESP) en los Programas de Área a nivel de núcleo, fortaleciendo las capacidades del personal sobre la programación de patrocinio contribuyendo a la participación comunitaria orientada al Bienestar de la Niñez y la transformación de patrocinadores a través de sus relaciones.


  1. Garantizar la implementación programática y Ejecución financiera de CESP:

    Garantizada ejecución física y financiera de CESP en Programas de Área (PA) a nivel de Núcleo.

    Asegurar evidencias de cumplimiento de indicadores programáticos de CESP de cada PA a nivel de Núcleo.

  2. Asegurar el cumplimiento de las normas de programación de patrocinio en procesos de Diseño, Monitoreo y Evaluación de programas:

    Realizado Mapeo de Vulnerabilidad de Niños Registrados en PAs.

    Actualizados los Planes de Implementación Detallados conforme al mapeo de vulnerabilidad de Niños Registrados.

    Asegurado el cumplimiento de estándares mínimos de programación de Patrocinio en la Planificación Operativa Anual.

    Asegurada la inclusión de Niños Registrados en las actividades programáticas.

    Asegurada orientación de patrocinio a familias y comunidades.

    Garantizada la implementación de actividades divertidas y significativas para la niñez en procesos del PA.

  3. Asegurar implementación de Plan Anual de Retención de RC Nacional:

    Ejecutada la estrategia de Comunicación conforme los estándares de patrocinio en la programación en CESP.

    Implementado Plan de Retención de RC a nivel de Núcleo.

    Fortalecidas competencias en personal de WV sobre los básicos de Patrocinio (SBO).

  4. Garantizar la atención a casos de bienestar de niñez:

    Asegurado el análisis de los resultados del monitoreo de Bienestar de niñez a nivel Nacional.

    Brindar seguimiento a la atención de casos especiales de niñez registrada a nivel nacional.

    Asegurado el seguimiento a los indicadores de monitoreo de bienestar de niñez.

  5. Garantizar la calidad de evidencias y reportaje de CESP:

    Garantizado el ingreso de información de calidad a Horizon y seguimiento al indicador de ejecución física.

    Garantizada entrega de evidencias de procesos a finanzas.

    Garantizadas Bases de Datos de procesos de CESP.

  6. Fortalecer competencias sobre Patrocinio Integrado en la Programación para staff a nivel de núcleo:

Fortalecidas competencias en Facilitadores de Desarrollo Integral sobre protocolo de Comunicaciones, Medios sociales, Tecnología y Visitantes.

Asegurado el empoderamiento de voluntarios en competencias de Autogestión comunitaria.

Asegurado el cumplimiento de los protocolos de Org. Segura para la niñez.


Ciencias Sociales (Sociología, Trabajo Social) y Ciencias Económicas y empresariales (administrador de empresas)


Capacidad para dirigir y facilitar eventos.

Facilidad para coordinar y fomentar alianzas estratégicas.

Experiencia sobre planificación operativa y estratégica.

Experiencia en manejo de presupuestos

Técnicas de comunicación oral y escrita.

Manejo de técnicas para la resolución de conflictos.

Capacidad de análisis y síntesis.

Manejo de técnicas de educación popular y planificación estratégica.

Capacidad para redactar informes de forma precisa.

Manejo de recursos humanos y equipos.

Capacidad para establecer buenas relaciones interpersonales con orientación al servicio.

Capacidad para analizar, sintetizar y comunicar eficazmente información clave.

Dominio de paquetes computarizados en ambiente Windows.

Conocimiento y manejo de metodologías participativas con niñez y adultos.

Licencia de conducir vehículo 4x4 y motocicleta


Tres a cinco años de trabajo en Proyectos de Desarrollo enfocados en la niñez.


Inglés comunicativo (hablado y escrito).

Sponsorship System Operator

Job Announcement

World Vision Mali recruits for the following position (1)

Title: Sponsorship System Operator

Location: Koudiakan (Koutiala)

Contract type: Local

Report to: Cluster Programs Manager

World Vision never asks for payment at any stage of the recruitment.

* Women are strongly encouraged to apply for.


To perform daily inputting and updating of sponsorship information in Horizon SSUI, generate and analyse reports to inform programming and to provide support in sponsorship business processes to the ADPs in the Cluster.

Major Responsibilities

1. Enter and monitor all data emanating from ADPs into Horizon SSUI. Among those data there are:

  1. New Registered Child record,

  2. Partnership Holds and child information updates,

  3. Presence, participation and support,

  4. RC records dropping,

  5. Drop of any dead RC records within 5 business days according to standards,

  6. CWB case management.

2. Process and Transfer RC photos and videos through Horizon SSUI.

3. Enter and monitor ordinary mails (Sponsor Letter, Sponsor e-letter and Child Reply), GNs, Queries, ILs, Christmas Cards and APRs into Horizon SSUI.

4. Ensure quarterly GN reconciliation is done between ADPs and Support Offices and between ADPs sponsorship Horizon SSUI and finance SUN system.

5. Generate weekly Horizon SSUI reports on Partnership Holds, Child wellbeing, correspondences, queries, GNs and ILs and share with Cluster team for necessary actions.

6. Print and collate labels for all correspondences coming in/from ADP and process for mailing.

7. Ensure all partnership initiatives, audit and evaluation recommendations are implemented within deadlines.

8. Manage RC data discrepancies between ADPs Horizon SSUI and Server at GC level.

9. Ensure and follow up the security, confidentiality and transmission of system data and RC data according to standards with the support of ICT and NO Sponsorship Staff.

10. Support program activities in the Cluster through the monitoring of children, organization of sponsor visits, capacity building of partners in alignment with the child protection policy.

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience

The following may be acquired through a combination of formal or self-education, prior experience or on-the-job training:

  • Educational level required: BA /BSC Degree in Economics, Agriculture, Business Administration, Development studies /planning, Social Science disciplines or related field.

  • Good written and oral communication level in French and English.

  • Technical Training qualifications required:

- Knowledge of child rights, policies and standards in Mali and in World Vision partnership.

- Knowledge of child protection and sponsorship policies.

  • Experience: 2 years in a similar position in development programs is preferred.

Other Competencies/Attributes:

  • Perform other duties as required.

  • Computer literacy in MS word, excel, lotus notes and competency in data entry procedures.

  • Ability to work with minimal supervision.

  • Must possess high sense of integrity.

Working Environment / Conditions:

  • Work environment: Cluster Office-based with minimum travel to the field

  • Travel: 5% Domestic/international travel is required.

  • On call: 5%

Attitudes & Behaviors : World Vision reserves the right to disqualify a candidate who has any record relating to child abuse or opposite behavior to child protection, even after the hiring.

How to apply:

*Deadline for submission of applications: September 22th 2021

*Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

Coordinador Regional- Estado Miranda

Basado en el estado de Miranda- Venezuela


Coordinar y liderar las acciones necesarias en el proceso de implementación del proyecto en los estados asignados, garantizando que la operación se desarrolle de acuerdo a los lineamientos y objetivos establecidos para el proyecto.

Principales Funciones

1. Coordinar las acciones que se han diseñado para el proyecto; de tal forma que logre asegurar el cumplimiento de las metas planteadas.

Administración en la ejecución del proyecto.

Elaboración e implementación del Plan operativo del proyecto.

Cumplimiento de los lineamientos del proyecto.

2. Garantizar la administración y adecuada utilización del presupuesto de la organización asignado al proyecto.

Asegura la ejecución presupuestal en el proyecto de acuerdo a las políticas y normas de la organización y donante

Elaboración de informes financieros propuestos en el proyecto.

3. Asegurar la ejecución de los procesos de Monitoreo y Evaluación en el proyecto, dando cumplimiento a los lineamientos establecidos por la confraternidad.

Presentación de los informes requerida según lineamientos establecidos por el donante; con calidad y oportunidad.

Procesos de monitoreo priorizadas según lineamientos e indicadores establecidos en el proyecto.

Contribución a la implementación de las evaluaciones del proyecto en cada una de las fases o procesos que se ha requerido.

4. Establecer relaciones y alianzas clave con diferentes actores sociales locales o nacionales, para el logro del impacto establecido en el proyecto.

Establecimiento de relaciones sinérgicas con socios claves internos y externos que contribuyan al impacto establecido en el proyecto.

Participar de la mesa interinstitucional conformada en el marco del proyecto y de clúster nacionales.

Conocimientos, Destrezas y Habilidades

Educación mínima:

Pregrado en Ciencias Sociales, y o Humanas, Posgrado Ciencias Sociales o administrativas según su formación de pregrado, de tal forma que exista equilibrio en la formación social y administrativa.

Conocimiento y habilidades mínimas:

Habilidad para consolidación y análisis de información.

Habilidad para realizar seguimiento y monitoreo presupuestal.

Habilidad para realizar seguimiento y monitoreo a las acciones de implementación.

Conocimiento de los Estándares Internacionales Humanitarios.

Habilidad para incidir en el equipo de trabajo, para lograr la comprensión de los desafíos organizacionales y del contexto.

Habilidad para realizar lecturas de contexto.

Conocimiento en el manejo de Office.

Nivel intermedio del idioma Inglés.


2 años de experiencia en posiciones de coordinación o liderazgo:

Experiencia en la elaboración e implementación de proyectos/programas en el contexto venezolano

Experiencia de trabajo con donantes externos.

Coordinador(a) de Desarrollo Local / Tegucigalpa

Oportunidad de Contribuir

a la tierna protección de la niñez en Honduras

Título del puesto:

Coordinador(a) de Desarrollo Local

Fecha límite de aplicación:

Según aplicaciones

Localidad del puesto:


Fecha de inicio vacante:

Según aplicaciones

Cantidad requerida:


Esquema de trabajo:

Plaza permanente

Propósito del Puesto

Coordinar la implementación programática, operativa y financiera liderando al equipo técnico del Programa de Área en alineamiento a Nuestra Promesa Fase II, la estrategia nacional y el plan programático del Programa Integrado en apego las políticas, procedimientos organizacionales junto con otros socios presentes en el territorio, organizaciones de base comunitaria, organizaciones basadas en la fe, organizaciones de base económica y sociedad civil a fin de generar impacto sostenible en el bienestar y tierna protección de las niñas, niños, adolescentes y jóvenes con énfasis en los más vulnerables del área de influencia.

Requisitos Técnicos:

  • Formación universitaria en carreras humanitarias; Pedagogía, sociología, gerencia social, trabajo social, agronomía, administración de empresas o careras a fines.

  • 3 años de Experiencia en coordinación con asocios con: iglesias, mesas técnicas, plataformas, coaliciones en temas relacionados al bienestar y protección de la niñez. Liderazgo y supervisión de talento humano (Equipos de trabajo).

  • Habilidad para diseñar e implementar experiencias innovadoras en temas relacionadas a niñez y juventud.

  • Conducir vehículo 4x4 (Indispensable) y/o motocicleta.

¿Cuáles serán tus funciones principales?

  • Liderar los procesos de planificación y procesos de crecimiento y decrecimiento de niñez registrada (RC) junto a los agentes de cambio (voluntarios) en las comunidades asignadas, asegurando la calidad y completitud de la documentación requerida en el proceso. (agregar y revisar en DP del coordinador del CESP).

  • Asegurar la correcta implementación de el plan del Programa de Área (modelos de proyecto globales priorizados) en la zona de influencia, en alineamiento con la estrategia nacional.

  • Buscar de manera intencional el trabajo en asocio e incidencia en los territorios municipales, de mancomunidades e iglesias y otros organismos de cooperación que operan en el territorio asignado y que incrementen el impacto de las intervenciones y un mayor posicionamiento organizacional y el cumplimiento de Nuestra Promesa Fase II.

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¿Por qué trabajar con nosotros?

Somos una organización cristiana de ayuda humanitaria, desarrollo y promoción de la justicia que sirve a todas las personas, sin distinción de raza, religión, grupo étnico o género.

Al trabajar con nosotros te conviertes en un protagonista que influye en favor de los niños, niñas, familias y comunidades más vulnerables alrededor del mundo. En Honduras tocamos la vida de más de 75 mil niñas y niños en Honduras, en 12 Departamentos, 28 Programas de Área y 694 comunidades.

Nuestra Causa

Una niñez tiernamente protegida, promotora de una sociedad más justa y segura.

Nuestra Visión

Para cada niño y niña, vida en toda su plenitud.

Nuestra oración para cada corazón, la voluntad de hacer esto posible.

Nuestra Misión

World Vision es una confraternidad internacional de cristianos cuya misión es seguir a Jesucristo, nuestro Señor y Salvador trabajando con los pobres y oprimidos para promover la transformación humana, buscar la justicia y testificar de las buenas nuevas del Reino de Dios

Somos Cristianos

Seguimos a Jesús– en su identificación con los pobres, los que no tienen poder, los afligidos, los oprimidos, los marginados; en su especial preocupación por las niñas y los niños; en su respeto por la dignidad otorgada por Dios a las mujeres de igual manera que a los hombres; en su reto por las actitudes y los sistemas injustos; en su llamado para compartir los recursos con los unos y los otros; en su amor por todas las personas sin discriminación o condiciones; en su oferta de una nueva vida por medio de la fe en Él. A partir de Él nosotros derivamos nuestro entendimiento integral del evangelio del Reino de Dios, el cual forma las bases de nuestra respuesta a la necesidad humana.

Política de Protección de la Niñez y Salvaguardia de Adultos

World Vision es una organización centrada en los niños que se compromete a salvaguardar a todos los niños y adultos beneficiarios, y tiene cero tolerancia para los incidentes de violencia o abuso contra niños o adultos vulnerables, incluida la explotación o el abuso sexual.

Cada miembro potencial del equipo debe comprender la importancia de estos temas y está abierto a más entrenamiento y orientación sobre nuestras políticas y responsabilidades de Safeguarding.

Agradecemos tu interés para poner tu talento

a favor de la tierna protección de la niñez!!

Forma parte de nuestra familia ¡Únete a nuestras comunidades!



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Sponsorship System Operator



Vision Mondiale est un organisme d’aide à l’étranger des enfants ciblés pour leurs bien être.

POSITION : Sponsorship System Operator



Durèe : 1 an renouvelable

But du Poste : Assurer la gestion des informations, (données informatiques, bases de données du parrainage et programmes de développement santé, éducation, livelihood, bonne gouvernance ) du programme de la zone en veillant au respect des standards et des exigences du partenariat afin de contribuer au bien-être des enfants, de leur communautés en veillant à la satisfaction des demandes des partenaires.

Responsabilité Majeurs :

  1. Défendre et promouvoir les valeurs et pratiques organisationnelles, telles que la protection de l'enfant, rapporter les cas d'abus faits par des membres du personnel ou d'autres personnes, etc. conformément aux documents de références de WVMRT

  2. Saisir et entrer quotidiennement dans le système les données du parrainage, de l’éducation, de la santé, du livelihood et du Leadership-Governance

  3. Assurer la bonne gestion et le suivi du RC planned dans les systèmes informatiques du parrainage (growths, réactivations, drops, remplacements etc.) et des items de communications (APR et cartes de vœux, ILs, SLs, Crequêtes d’informations de parrains, dons spéciaux (GN), lettres d’adieux, lettres spéciales, lettres de condoléances) pour une bonne coordination avec les bureaux de soutien, les parrains et le GC.

  4. Assurer un bon suivi du RC (CMS, et Mise à jour annuelle) dans le système et sa bonne gestion suivant les normes du partenariat et dans les délais requis.

  5. Communiquer par Lotus notes les décès des RCs tout en renseignant et exploitant la base de données Death Report du sponsorship) pour une meilleure redevabilité aux parrains.

  6. Assurer le traitement des photos pour envoi au Sos et imprimer les cartes des enfants pour la mise en œuvre du ID card Scanner.

Contribuer aux processus collecte et revue de la qualité des données (Collecter les données avec les smartphone tel que requis par votre poste en utilisant les outils appropriés.)

Superviser et assister le processus de collecte de données sur les smartphone.

Sponsor community volunteers Horizon mobile access

Ensure that all incidents are reported.

  1. Analyser, corriger et mettre régulièrement à la disposition des différents acteurs (programs manager, Zonal manager, DME Advisor, Coordonnateurs du parrainage au BN, Sponsorship Manager) toutes les informations fiables relatives à la gestion du parrainage des enfants, du programme santé, de l’éducation, du livelihood et du leadership-governance pour des actions idoines.

  2. Faire le suivi de la sécurité, de la confidentialité et de la transmission des données du système suivant les standards, critères, procédures et délais requis en coordination avec le ICT et le sponsorship Sytems Coordinator (cf.: Service Level Agreement)

  3. Soutenir les activités des programmes dans les différents processus du cycle du programme à travers le suivi des enfants, l'organisation des visites de parrains/Marraines, le respect de la politique de protection des enfants et la formation continue des partenaires

  4. Mettre en place un système de classement et d’archivage de l’information dans les différents secteurs d’activités du programme.

Other Competencies/Attributes:

  • Perform other duties as required.

  • Autres Compétences / Attributs:

  • Effectuer d'autres tâches selon les besoins.


Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience

The following may be acquired through a combination of formal or self-education, prior experience or on-the-job training:

  • Minimum Qualification required: Technical diploma in Social Sciences, IT or related field

  • Experience: 2 year of experience is required in any social or IT field

  • Technical Skills & Abilities:

    • Must possess good interpersonal and communications skills

    • Computer Knowledge and skills

    • Familiarity with Management information systems

    • Ability to write good reports

    • Capacité à écrire de bons rapports

    • Fluency in English and French

    • Qualifications: éducation / connaissances / compétences techniques et l'expérience

    • Ce qui suit peut être acquise par une combinaison de l'éducation formelle ou auto, une expérience préalable ou une formation en cours d'emploi:

    • Qualification Minimum requis: diplôme technique en sciences sociales, l'informatique ou dans un domaine connexe

    • Expérience: 1 an d'expérience est nécessaire dans un domaine social ou IT

    • Competences techniques et aptitudes:

    • o Doit posséder de bonnes aptitudes interpersonnelles et de communication

    • o Connaissances et competences informatiques

    • o Connaissance des systèmes d'information de gestion

    • o Capacité à écrire de bons rapports

    • o Maîtrise de l'anglais et du français

Working Environment / Conditions:

  • Travel: 3% Local travel is required.

  • On call: 7%

Environnement / Conditions de travail:

Voyage: 5% local Voyage est nécessaire.

Sur appel: 5%

Sponsorshif Facilitator



Vision Mondiale est un organisme d’aide à l’étranger des enfants ciblés pour leurs bien être.

POSITION : Sponsorship Facilitator(Parrainage)





But du Poste Implement timely and accurate sponsorship business operations and child protection & participation in compliance with sponsorship management policies, procedures and standards within the ADPs

Responsabilité Majeurs :

1- Ensure effective communication with NO sponsorship team, (Support office queries, mails/Parcels, GNs, APRs, Greetings cards ) children /families and timeliness of response.

Traduire toute les correspondances ( ILs,SLs,GNs,RFIs etc….)

2- Monitor RC status, child verification annual child data reconciliation and ensure child protection(Sur requete du GC)

  • Planifier les activités de suivi avec les partenaires locaux et la communauté

  • Renforcer la capacité des communautés et des partenaires sur des standards du parrainage pour une gestion effective du parrainage

  • Supporter et faciliter le suivi participatif au niveau communautaire

  • Gérer les données relatives au suivi

  • Contribuer à réviser les données de suivi

  • Contribuer à l’analyse des données

Contribuer à l’interprétation des données de suivi

  • Partager et utiliser les résultats

  • Gestion et références des cas à temps

  • S’assurer de la participation effective des enfants dans les activités

Sponsor and Monitor community volunteers Horizon mobile access .

3- Ensure that key performance indicators (KPIs) are maintained at zone

4- Process information and respond to email queries from various SOs and submit periodic reports

5- Ensure that mails and parcels are encoded properly, verify sponsor address and affix stamps

6 -Handle and distribute all incoming GNs from SOs to ADPs along with the preparation of summary GN reports by SOs.

7 Ensure that regular system updates are deployed in an efficient and timely manner including Data entry on Single Step(Horizon)

8 Compile weekly sponsorship performance update reports

Collecter les données pour le rapport

Produire le rapport

Finaliser et partager le rapport

Produire et envoyer le rapport mensuel des GNs dans le delai

Analyser les rapports stepwise et soumettre le PV avec le paln d’action de regularisation des instances au BN

Reconcilier le rapport GNOD avec le rapport Horizon/Singlestep et envoyer le feedback au NO.

9 Follow up child protection issues with the communities

SPC Sponsorship

  • Monitor community mechanism of child protection

  • Ensure all child protection cases in the community are recorded and available in the data base

  • Manage all child protection incidents identified the zone

  1. -Facilitate sponsor visits to the child, family and the community.

11- Contribuer aux processus collecte et revue de la qualité des données (Collecter les données avec les smartphone tel que requis par votre poste en utilisant les outils appropriés. )

  • Doit s’assurer de la qualite des donnees(Correspondances, sponsorship 2.0,etc….

  • S’assurer que les dossiers des enfants son securise et contienne toute la documentation requise( CH,CMS etc….

12- Identifier les besoins et ressources locaux

Contribuer à la conception technique du programme

-S’assurer de la mise en oeuvre effective des initiatives du partanariat(Sponsorship 2.0 etc).

  • Organize and Facilitate with Development facilitator the production of soponsorship 2.0(YFV,YUV,YIV,YUP, CGV,CGP,CUV,CUP etc….)

Other Competencies/Attributes:

  • Perform other duties as required.

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience

The following may be acquired through a combination of formal or self-education, prior experience or on-the-job training:

  • Minimum Qualification Required: Bachelor in English or Same English level, Minimun of diploma DEUG in English

  • Experience: On job training

  • Preferred: Advanced Diploma

  • Technical Skills & Abilities:

    • Interpersonal and communications skills

    • Computer skills.

    • A good command of spoken, written French and Arabic and spoken in local language.

    • Basic knowledge in Child Sponsorship

    • Basic Knowledge in human and child rights

    • Willingness to learn and work in a team,

    • Ability to work quickly and efficiently

Working Environment / Conditions:

Travel: 10% local

On call :5%

WVV Cluster Sponsorship Officer


World Vision is a Christian relief and development organization working to create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty. World Vision serves all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. As a child-focused organization, WVs work focuses on children, ensuring they are protected and their basic needs are met. WVV has been funded from 12 support countries in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australia. Funding of WVV consists of sponsorship program funding (70%) and PNS/grants (30%). WVV employs about 430 staff, of which 99% are Vietnamese nationals.

Currently, World Vision Vietnam is operating in 5 zones: North 1 (Hoa Binh and Dien Bien), North 2 (Yen Bai Tuyen Quang), North 3 (Thanh Hoa, Hai Phong), Centre (Quang Tri, Quang Nam Danang) and South (Quang Ngai, Binh Thuan, Ho Chi Minh, DakNong). WVVs AP usually focuses within one administrative district of a province which populated by ethnic minority people with high rates of poverty. A uniqueness of WVVs Development Program Approach (DPA) is that AP team members are based at district level where the AP is located, which enables them to work closely with government partners and communities on a daily basis. Beside the APs, WVV is also implementing different Special and Grant Projects to meet the specific needs of vulnerable children in both AP and non-AP areas.

WV Vietnam Sponsorship service Operations (SSO) deliberately focuses on improving the well-being of vulnerable children through one-to-one connection between sponsor and child. This relationship enables long-term engagement and financial commitment, partnering with communities and local structures, and authentic participation of children as agents of changes.

WV Vietnam is a national office and does not directly raise funds for local sponsorship, however, SSO is responsible for 1) defining Child Sponsorship experience for both sponsors and registered children by creating effective communication via correspondence and Sponsorship 2.0; 2) implementing HOPE system in monitoring the well-being of Registered Children (RC) and utilizing those data for WV Technical Programs and community’s intervention toward the most vulnerable children.

WV Vietnam’s Sponsorship program is implemented across all Area Programs (APs) with more than 74,000 RC up to FY20.


  • To support WVV in enhancing sponsorship integration in program for better engagement, effectiveness and efficiency.

  • To assist Sponsorship Manager in ensuring the quality of Sponsorship Service in compliance with Standards and the effectiveness of sponsorship program.



  • Ensure that correspondences, including Gift Notification (GN) and special mailings (Annual Progress Report, Christmas Card, Birthday Bounce back, Christmas Bounceback) are processed in compliance with the Sponsorship standards and Child Protection policies.

  • Coordinate with Support Offices (SOs) and Operations team to arrange sponsor visit including both individual and group visit in alignment with Sponsorship Visit procedure and Child Protection policies.

  • Ensure Register Children (RC) number provision as-per agreement with SOs.

  • Support Area Programs (AP) to implement sponsorship 2.0 products (such as child update photos, child update videos, community update photos & video etc).

  • Perform regular monitoring and provide on-going support to ensure child data is timely and accurately recorded, updated and managed properly in Horizon HOPE.


  • Contribute in developing technical documents and guidelines for implementation at AP and National Office levels.

  • Conduct orientation (Horizon HOPE Mobile device, SIP – Sponsorship in Program, CESP – Community Engagement & Sponsorship Plan, etc..) at AP level.

  • Provide ongoing technical support and enhance capacity building for AP staff to mainstream new sponsorship initiatives at AP level.

  • Take part in program assessment, monitoring and evaluation to ensure the effectiveness of sponsorship operations in program.

  • Follow up with APs and technical programs to ensure the RC’s participation/RC inclusion standards.

  • Conduct annual visit, spot check and new initiative review.

  • Review Plan of action (POA), (Semi) Annual Report from AP to ensure Sponsorship Minimum Programming Standards are fulfilled.


  • Develop Sponsorship Orientation Communication package.

  • Support APs to conduct Sponsorship Basic Training (SBT) and Communication events at AP level

  • Prepare and conduct Sponsorship Annual Meeting, Zonal Meetings in a regular basic.

  • Provide orientation/training for new sponsorship staff at both AP and NO level.

  • Provide on-going coaching to AP staff to ensure overall performance.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:


  • Bachelor degree

Knowledge & Skills

  • Conceptual understanding of and commitment to development work, especially Christian, child-focused, community-based development concepts, approaches and processes;

  • Demonstrated training and facilitation skills;

  • Demonstrated strong time management and organizational skills;

  • Good interpersonal and communications skills;

  • Good spoken and written English skills;

  • Good computer skills in Word, Excel, Powerpoint


  • Experience in community development or with NGO.

Experience in capacity building for local stakeholders/partners.

Project Coordinator for CESP


Project Coordinator for Community Engagement and Sponsorship Plan


World Vision International is an international Christian Humanitarian Organization working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation and seek justice. We are global community with a purpose – to bring about positive change in the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children. People are inspired to work for us because they want to contribute to making a difference. We are part of an international team, using our talent, determination and influence to invest in a better tomorrow.

Are you ready to be a change maker?

Our Cambodia Office is seeking for one (01) qualified candidateto fill in the position below:

Position: Project Coordinator for Community Engagement and Sponsorship Plan

Location: Kralanh AP, Siem Reap Province

Salary & Benefit Package: 828 USD - 1,035 USD


To coordinated and facilitate the purpose of improving the community initiative and ownership for child wellbeing and improve the effectiveness of child sponsorship in the Area Program Office.


  • Facilitate the community engagement processes to bring higher engagement from community key stakeholders for quality programming in responding to the needs of children, especially the most vulnerable ones, in AP operational area.

  • Facilitate community to do self-assessment, initiate and implement Capacity Building plan to achieve their own child wellbeing projects.

  • Implement sponsorship operational plan maintaining compliance to national and partnership standards.

  • Coordinate and facilitate the integration of child sponsorship plan with AP technical programme, and community groups.


  • Bachelor degree/Master degree in Management, Rural Development and Social sciences.

  • 3+ years’ experience in community engagement work

  • 2+ years’ work experience in child sponsorship programme

  • 2+ years’ team handling/people management experience

  • Demonstrated knowledge of development theory, transformational development, area based development models, approaches and issue.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of child sponsorship programming.

  • Strong problem solving, interpersonal, communication and people management skill (including facilitation).

  • Ability to guide coach staff and community

  • Good communication skill in Khmer and English ( written and verbal )

  • Basic Programme/project design & monitoring knowledge.

  • Must be highly motivated and proactive to try new things.

  • Must be flexible to a demanding and changing working environment.

As part of the World Vision Cambodia mandate requirements for new staff, all candidates who are offered job are required to produce Local Police Clearance Certificate prior to date of joining in the organisation.


All applications should be sent in soft copy (word document or PDF)

World Vision Cambodia is committed to the principles of workplace diversity. Qualified womenand disabled people are encouraged to apply. Only short listed candidates will be notified. Applications and CVs will not be returned.

WVI is committed to the protection of children. We do not employ staff whose background is not aligned to our child protection practices. Hence employment is conditional upon successful completion of all applicable background checks, including criminal record checks where possible.

Project Coordinator -Sponsorship Program (CESP) Kirindon AP

You will be required to produce a current (within 3 months) Original Police Clearance Certificate or waiting receipt during interview In case you are shortlisted

Job Title : Project Coordinator-CESP

Reporting to : Cluster Manager

Grade Level : 13

Purpose of Position

To provide technical support in the implementation of the Community Engagement and Sponsorship Program; ensuring timely implementation of program activities and management of sponsorship operations. Aimed at contributing to enhanced child and sponsor relationship and improved child wellbeing outcomes within the AP. Additionally this position will provide overall coordination of all activities at the AP ensuring integration with other technical programs in the AP to foster efficiencies and synergies for greater impact

Major Responsibilities

ADP Coordination and Accountability, 15%

  • Coordinate achievement of programmatic objectives; planning, implementation and review of progress/DIPs, budget Utilization and ensure managers approval and endorsement of all plans

  • Coordinate regular planning, accountability and follow up of key performance indicators and overall quality assurance matters

  • Coordinate and follow up external engagement, collaborations and advocacy ensuring that WVK is well represented and highly profiled as a leading child focused organization

  • Represent the Area Manager in County engagement forum as may be delegated

  • Coordinate resource acquisition initiatives within the AP

  • Facilitate Integration of CESP and other Technical Projects and grants within the AP

  • Support strengthening of Child protection, participation and safeguarding systems and mechanisms for effective referral and reporting

  • Coordinating ADP staff, office managements & logistics ensuring great team work and efficiencies in execution of duties.

  • Model a high standard of personal Christian leadership, ministry and integrity through lifestyle and work relationships that support spiritual development of the team

  • Grow and ensure high performing teams including supporting supervisee in Performance Objectives, setting, continuous Performance conversations, Learning and development, mentorship and coaching by creating a high performing culture.

Community Engagement Sponsorship Program implementation, 30%

  • Facilitate development of CESP project annual operating plan (AOP)

  • Roll out Child Protection Minimum Programming Standards in the AP using approved programming models.

  • Ensure Child protection, participation and safeguarding is integrated in the monthly, semi-annual and annual reporting

  • Ensure integration of RC in CPP&S projects/activities as beneficiaries

  • Ensure Child protection, participation and safeguarding responsive programming with specific consideration of the objectives and indicators

  • Ensure timely implementation of activities and budgets sustained at acceptable level

  • Facilitate implementation of CPP&S program and projects.

  • Support effective integration of Sponsorship operation interventions with other projects in the program.

  • Coordinate integration of Faith and Development Models: CFC, EWV, DNHFLs, SNC, COH, SSF and the facilitation of spiritual nurture of children in the AP

  • Support in the asset mapping against RC

  • Coordinate the implementation of micro projects in the AP.

  • Ensure timely capacity assessment for LI conducted annually and programs initiated to address gaps identified

  • Support roll out of new WV initiatives as guided from time to time.

  • Support implementation of Child protection, participation and safeguarding models at the AP

  • Coordinate capacity building initiatives for faith leaders, churches, FBOs, and other strategic groups within the AP as per WV strategy, policy and guidelines.

  • Coordinate training & refresher courses for CPP&S to ensure informed and CPP&S responsive programming

  • Facilitate coaching and mentoring to the AP sponsorship staff in order to attain better results in the sponsorship performance indictors/Dashboard.

  • Contextualize and adopt the use of approved training materials and methodswhich respond to local needs.

  • Ensure integration of advocacy and gender, equality and social inclusion (GESI) in all technical projects implemented in an AP.

  • Coordinate integration of Faith & Development modules within the AP programmes and activities.

  • Coordinate Integrated Sponsorship planning and monitoring

Sponsorship Operations, 25%

  • Gift Notifications (GNs) are tracked, processed, closed at AP and NO and acknowledgement documentation sent to SO within the standard timeline as per the respective SO requirements.

  • Correspondences (SLs, ILs, queries, ELs etc) are tracked and processed within the standard time.

  • Facilitate production of sponsorship 2.0 products (Child Greeting Video (CGV), Child Special Moment Videos (CSMVs), Community Introductory Videos (YIVs) and Community Annual Photos (YAP)) as per guidelines/standards and timelines

  • Ensure RC level are maintained as per the AP plan

  • Ensure overage RC records are dropped as per standards

  • Facilitate development of MOUs with LIs and timely funding of the LIs

  • Ensure CWB/case management issues are addressed as per standards

  • Facilitate timely implementation of birthday bounce backs and community gifts funding.

  • Facilitate processing of APR and Christmas cards as per guidelines and timelines – ensure business processes are followed accordingly

  • Facilitate capturing of child and family participation and support

  • Facilitate children birth registration within the AP

  • Facilitate management of RC files

  • Ensure security of sponsor addresses/contacts

  • Facilitate effective management of RC death processes – timely reporting, development of detailed report, dropping of records, verbal autopsy

  • Facilitate effective sponsor/donor visits to the AP – ensure they sign child protection protocol and complete feedback questionnaire

  • Facilitate integration of child protection initiatives and take lead in case management – reporting of cases as per WV standards, follow for actions

  • Follow up RC Case management until closure in collaborations with other technical projects/grants Staff

  • Coordinate with Safe Guarding, Advocacy and Child Participation Officer to Follow up Protection Cases involving RC and their families.

Monitoring & Evaluation Accountability and Learning ,15%

  • Facilitate DME processes – assessments, AP re/design, baselines, project monitoring/implementation, evaluations, transition processes,

  • Facilitate learning, review and reflection forums and documentation of best practices/change stories

  • Ensure CPP&S responsive reporting with integrated data on participation, prevention and response

  • Generating quality reports – activity reports, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual

  • Management of project management information system (horizon) – DIPs, ITTs, budgets and activity monitoring

  • Ensure timely sharing of SSUI reports for management decision making

  • Coordinate training & refresher courses and conduct regular monitoring to ensure that sponsorship standards and sponsorship business processes are adhered to in the AP/Local Institutions.

  • Seek useful feedback from participantsand staff that will improve future capacity building.

  • Build capacity of partners effectively to collect monitoring data on CWB outcomes.

Engagement and networking,10%

  • Effective representation of WVK in meetings including CPP&S stakeholder meetings at county, sub-county and ward levels

  • Effective representation of WVK in Child rights stakeholder meetings at county and sub-county levels.

  • Participate in County forums including AAC, intergovernmental gender platform, CUC among others at the sub county and ward levels as will be appropriate.

  • Facilitate community forums – for planning, joint monitoring Facilitate community forums including those that address CPP&S interventions – for planning, implementation joint monitoring

  • Participation in National/International Child rights days such as DAC, IDZTFGM, IDGC, 16 days of activism as well as other WV sanctioned days including Day of Prayer, World Vision month, etc at county and sub

  • Participation in National/International Child rights days at county and sub-county level.

  • Provide information to inform fund raising initiatives at county and national level

  • Facilitate community members to advocate on child wellbeing issues to relevant stakeholders

  • Support advocacy initiatives in the AP.

  • Coordinate partnership with the Local Church, Pastor’s Fellowship other FBOs in rolling out F & D models and related activities.

  • Mobilize local Advocacy groups using CVA and CPA Models

Any other Duty assigned by supervisor or designee 5%

  • Perform any other duty as may be assigned by supervisor or designee from time to time.

  • Participate and contribute in committees and task forces which you may be appointed to

  • Participate and lead devotions as appropriate

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Bachelor’s degree in social sciences or related fields (Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Psychology, Community development, Education, Community Health, Development Studies or any other related degree from a recognized University).

  • Master’s degree will be an added advantage.

  • Minimum 4 years’ experience in community development work which include Child Sponsorship Operations

  • Experience in Project Management including program design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and reporting

  • At least 2 years’ experience in People Management/ Coordination

  • Knowledge of and experience working with the Government and community structures

  • Excellent communication, Networking and advocacy skills

  • Minimum 3 years of experience managing Child Sponsorship operations

  • Experience in managing sponsorship systems

  • Above average knowledge and experience in videography and photography.

  • Experience in working with and training local partners.

  • Understanding of a systems approach to child protection programming

  • Experience in implementing faith and development models and working with the church leaders

  • Demonstrate skills for relating and working with children.

  • Computer proficiency

  • Valid motorbike riding license

Sponsorship Production Operations Coordinator

*Please submit your CV in English.


  • Platform & tool integration

  • Quality & process refinement

  • Innovation focus

The Sponsorship Production Operations Coordinator is a significant and emerging leadership role in the production of over 8 million digital and printed engagement features for child sponsors each year.

This forward-thinking, solutions-focused coordinator will lead the exploration, successful integration of platforms and tools and process refinement for the production workflow of 5+ annual publishing projects for 20+ countries with different requirements and language needs.

These projects leverage best-in-class design automation to produce mailed and digital annual reports, cards and letters to child sponsors in multiple language combinations, as well as new emerging bodies of work led by market insights and sponsor needs.

The Sponsorship Production Operations Coordinator will be integral to the end-to-end solution design, manage exploration, testing and implementation and effectiveness, as well as identify business technology needs and gaps, define requirements and work with internal partners and external vendors.

They will also be responsible for the quality assurance program and process refinement of the team’s production activities and workflows. This involves working with multiple stakeholders to assess needs and data, establish key performance standards, procedures and tools, test and model projects, and implement agreed, effective processes.

They will report to the Child Sponsorship Content Team’s Operations & Production Manager and will also lead their own small team of production coordinators and specialists to meet the production team technology needs.

The Sponsorship Production Operations Coordinator should be an effective OIC if the Operations & Production Manager is on leave. While this role requires strong knowledge of technological solutions, it is firmly based in business analysis and process refinement.

Mange successful and effective platform and tool integrations for a global publishing production team, ultimately helping child sponsors understand the impact they are making possible for children in poverty.

Oversee the quality assurance program of these projects and continually refine team processes.

Use best-in-class design automation and workflow management tools to achieve team goals.

Work with internal business partners and external vendors to meet platform/tool production needs.

Lead an effective small team of your own that’s focused on performance, staff care, regular feedback and a positive can-do culture.

Be comfortable and capable in an agile working environment with virtual team members in different locations and time zones.

Help improve processes, input into team strategy and be an integral part of the Child Sponsorship Content leadership team.

Be part of a fun, exciting content team that’s breaking new ground in how we develop and deliver impact communications to sponsors… helping sponsored child tell their stories and helping sponsors understand the impact they’re making possible for children in poverty.


Lead the requirements gathering for platforms and tools to enhance production workflow process:

  • Lead gap analysis and development of Business Requirement Definitions.

Identify, select and manage vendor platforms and tools for production workflow processes:

  • Based on clearly defined business needs, create RFP and manage RFP process.

  • Lead analysis and requirements assessment of vendor proposals.

  • Manage vendor selection process, in consultation with Child Sponsorship Content Director and the Operations & Production Manager, as well as other relevant stakeholders and vendors.

  • Develop super user knowledge for application production workflow and operations.

  • Define requirements for workflow implementation, and any configuration needed.

Test and transition management of workflow platform and tools:

  • Set up and configure existing and new platforms and tools.

  • Test all platforms and tools ensuring readiness for production.

  • Take over management of solutions from vendor(s).

  • Monitor processes and performance (bugs, defects, enhancements).

  • Maintain platforms and tools, upgrading and adapting as necessary to ensure function and fit for purpose.

  • Clearly define and document vendor relationship and SLAs.

Lead and provide technical support and training to enable user success on all workflow platforms and tools:

  • Lead and manage onboarding of operations team in the successful use of workflow and tools.

  • Lead and manage development of required training and knowledge management materials for all technology solutions.

  • Lead and provide training to users.

  • Support staff to effectively and efficiently perform their duties, manage time and coverage, and meet work quality standards.

  • Backstop staff and other team members as need to ensure Business Technology needs and standards are met at all times.

  • Provide analysis and expert advice to Production Workflow Design, technology solutions identification, vendor requirements and options, and business implications of technology solutions and application.

  • Manage and provide technical support for business technology needs.

  • Continue to monitor business requirements and solution fit, updating, adapting, and adding solutions as needed to meet changing business needs.

Lead ongoing production quality assurance (QA) program to support quality outputs:

  • Determine and agree in-house quality procedures, standards and specifications.

  • Assess user and customer requirements.

  • Propose and secure agreement on user and customer service standards.

  • Establish and implement a concise QA program for both child sponsorship and business performance including creation and roll-out of key performance indicators/metrics across production.

  • Establish, implement and manage quality criteria and checks for child sponsorship data across all data requirements across all programs under production services prior to production merging.

  • Support ongoing production services process design (across production services products) including gap analysis, optimisation, and design, with a lens on quality assurance.

Lead continuous improvement initiatives:

  • Identify and implement data and user-accepted data tools needed to monitor, measure, and support production workflow.

  • Develop and document requirements for the data and data tools, and consult with stakeholders and align dependencies.

  • Provide necessary training on tools and processes.

  • Provide necessary setup and configuration of tools and processes.

  • Monitor production QA processes and identify gaps.

  • Lead and coordinate data and tool testing.

  • Validate workflow implementation.

  • Provide ongoing data analysis and technical advice to Production teams to support effective workflow design and monitoring.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, IT, Computer Engineering, Business Technology, Data Analytics or related field. (Diploma or training in these fields may be considered for candidates with highly applicable work experience.)

  • Proven success managing business technology selection and development processes.

  • Highly developed business process analysis skills.

  • Strong capacity in business technology and solutions, with broad knowledge and understanding of business solution tools and platforms.

  • Ability to monitor and support staff, including facilitating conflict resolution, representing staff needs to leadership, and providing peer support and mentoring.

  • Demonstrated ability to objectively assess business needs and fit solutions to the specific business requirements.

  • Expert level proficiency with MS Office, Visio, Office Timeline, and IT platform required.

  • Very high attention to detail.

  • Proven expertise in data analysis and modelling.

  • Proven success managing QA processes and projects.

  • At least 4 years of experience in increasingly responsible business technology roles. (IT roles or other closely related experience may be considered if they involved a strong focus on business processes, platforms and operations.)

  • At least 2 years of experience managing people.

  • Experience coordinating technology RFP processes.

  • In depth understanding of complex business processes.

  • Knowledge of quality frameworks and experience in application of continuous improvement methodologies in operations.

  • Fluent-level spoken and written English capacity.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Proficiency in Kissflow and Jupiter.

  • 3-5 years of experience in increasingly responsible roles in Business Technology, marketing or sales.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 25% of the time, once safe to do so.

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