External Engagement & Advocacy Manager - Jerusalem

International Role - No - Only National applicants will be considered.

Job Description & Position Description Questionnaire (JDPDQ)


The purpose of the position is to lead the external engagement team and coordinate across all relevant other teams within the national office for the successful implementation of World Vision Jerusalem – West Bank – Gaza’s (JWG’s) overall external engagement strategy and its advocacy strategies. It includes two primary purposes:

  • Lead and coordinate the successful implementation of World Vision JWG’s overall external engagement plan, with direct responsibility to increase its strategic partnerships with government, local and international NGOs, and faith partners, and to strengthen World Vision JWG’s overall position in the local market for increased brand recognition, visibility and trust

  • Coordinate and manage national advocacy initiatives, particular the national It Takes a World (ITAW) campaign, and support local and international advocacy initiatives.

The position also serves as a key member of the leadership team.


% of time


End Results


External Engagement (EE)

  • Strategically lead, manage, and coordinate ongoing refinement and implementation of the EE plan, which includes ongoing identification of key internal and external stakeholders and associated coordination with them and representation of World Vision. 

  • Prioritize and ensure WV is represented in critical external and public engagement opportunities through participation by his/herself, or ensuring the national director, a senior technical specialist, or another senior member of World Vision attends. Backstop representation when national director is not available.

  • Coordinate closely with Grant Acquisition and Compliance Lead to ensure EE plan is well implement in harmony and synergy with grant functions.

  • Generate new ideas, planning, and innovations to help implement the EE plan.

  • Coordinate with Evidence, Learning & Accountability Director to ensure all external engagement is evidence-based, features World Vision’s JWG’s evidence of impact.

  • Supervise the communications specialist and ensure communications and its products are developed strategically, with timeliness, effectiveness, and consistency with World Vision’s branding guidelines

  • Keep a view of overall national level partnerships in coordination with technical leads as well as manage key, high level relations with faith partners in coordination with Operations. Ensure national-level faith partnerships are cultivated and supported as part of the broader external engagement strategy, including in the ITAW campaign.

  • Represent World Vision JWG, or ensure the national director does, at key external and internal humanitarian fora (such as AIDA or World Vision internal coordination bodies), support engagement with critical government entities at the national level, and make recommendations as to how World Vision should advocate, seek justice and position on issues that affect Palestinian children and/or shrink the humanitarian space in which World Vision operates.

  • Ensure that advocacy and comms engagement, outputs, and focus have synergy and help to achieve the overall external engagement objectives, including risk management

  • Initiate a simple tracking system for recording key external meetings 

  • Advise and prepare the national director for key meetings.

  • Help mobilize the Board to participate in external engagement.

  • EE plan is well implemented with active internal and external engagement, according to the rhythm of the plan.

  • World Vision JWG is active externally and well represented at priority fora and events.

  • EE plan includes grants and works in synergy to advance and build donor relations.

  • WV JWG moves to a trusted brand, acquires more resources and communicates evidence of impact in well designed, synthesized, strategic, and targeted ways. 

  • External engagement is measured and shows impact.

  • Communications products are high quality, delivered on time, consistent with brand and positively contributing to external engagement.

  • Overall state of national level partnerships is well understood and contributing to overall impact.

  • World Vision JWG is present and a partner of influence with clear and consistent messaging on issues that affect children in programming and the humanitarian space with which World Vision operates. Faith partners actively contribute in partnership with World Vision for improvements in child well-being.

  • World Vision actively advocates and communicates in alignment with strategy

  • External meetings are tracked with a view of our engagement across all elements of reporting. Trends are analyzed. Information is shared as needed.

  • National director is well prepared and equipped with background information. talking points and capacity statements for meetings.


Advocacy and Campaigns

  • Work with the national director to maintain the international advocacy and influence plan and support international engagement, as needed.

  • Work with the technical leads to identify policy gaps and support them in work with government ministries to reform.

  • Provide overall leadership for and management of the It Takes A World (ITAW) Campaign

  • Ensure the ITAW campaign’s design is practical and includes clear national and programmatic level activities tied to the Whole School Approach for Violence Prevention Framework

  • Cultivate, expand, and manage partnerships across all levels of ITAW partners, including corporate and faith partners.

  • Lead/manage the national level elements, designing events to deliver campaign messages and raise the profile of the ITAW campaign in Palestinian society.

  • Coordinate with zonal offices to ensure relevant project model activities are identified and aligned to ITAW and work closely with Operations and the local level implementation in the context of programmes to ensure staff understand their roles and responsibilities in relation to the ITAW and other campaigns.

  • Coordinate with Evidence, Learning & Accountability to ensure ITAW’s impact is measured and that all campaigns have a measurable theory of action.

  • Direct manage and implement ITAW campaign activities with Christian schools in alignment with funding.

  • Identify and lead the implementation of other short-term campaigns and events aligned to the strategy such as safer internet, breastfeeding, child rights, reading/ early literacy, etc.

  • International advocacy is supported with timely data, stories, and reports to use in international engagement and in alignment with international advocacy and influencing plan.

  • International advocacy influence plan remains up to date and in alignment with the Partnerships Advocacy Strategy for Palestine and Israel (PASPI)

  • Technical leaders supported in pursuing relevant policy reforms and implementation for child well-being. World Vision successfully influences policy changes at the national level to improve the well-being of children.

  • ITAW is launched, implemented, and contributing to WV JWG’s external positioning, reputation, and trusted brand.

  • ITAW partners grow in numbers, contribute, and are well managed.

  • ITAW has national level events that support or advance the external engagement plan and influence Palestinian society to take action to reduce violence.

  • Field staff have guidance and are aligning and reporting their ITAW activities.

  • ITAW has measurable indicators that show positive contribution to addressing violence in Palestinian society and the indicators contribute to the office’s overall impact.

  • Christian schools participate in and implement the campaign.

  • Other campaigns and events are implemented and raise the profile of World Vision as an actor for child well-being.


Leadership and Other Duties

  • Serve as a valuable member of both the Leadership Team and the Impact & Results team.

  • Attend and participate in capacity building trainings locally and internationally.

  • Attend and participate in WV’s spiritual nurture and other organizational activities and events.

  • Be responsible of own security and actively contribute to a positive security culture.

  • Abide by the security policies and procedures and report any incidents or breaches to line manager and / or security manager.

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Line Manager

  • Overall national office leadership, including risk management, cultural influence, strategy, accountability, and spiritual leadership, contributed to.

  • Positive security culture and contribution of this role evident

  • Security procedures abided by


Required Professional Experience

  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in advocacy, communications, and/or external engagement

  • Past experience as a supervisor or manager

  • Fluent in Arabic and English

Required Education,

training, license,

registration, and


  • Bachelor degree in journalism, PR, development, social science, international relations or related fields. Master’s degree is an asset

Preferred Knowledge

and Qualifications

  • Experience serving on various leadership teams

  • Experience relating to government entities and/or other strategic partners

  • Experience in external engagement with donors, NGOs, UN agencies, ministries etc

  • Strong analytical skills, project managements skills, and visual skills

  • Good writing or story telling skills (English & Arabic)

  • Good technical capacity to coach staff on advocacy and on various legal processes for policy development and implementation

  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.

  • Strong interpersonal skills and creativity

  • Able to hold competing needs and ideas in tension

  • A full commitment to World Vision’s core values and mission statement.

  • Full adherence to World Vision Child Protection, Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policies.

  • Full Adherence to security protocols

Travel and/or

Work Environment


  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to _15__% of the time.

  • Valid driving license

  • Presence in the field multiple times a month

  • Position is based in Jerusalem





Arabic and English


Contact (within WV or outside WV)

Reason for contact

Frequency of contact

GAM Lead

Coordinated positioning; grant relations;


Communications Specialist

Supervision; coordination of communications in EE plan


Evidence, Learning & Accountability Director

Build from evidence of impact

Weekly, Monthly

Technical Leads

Policy support and cluster representation


National Director

Ensure active participation in External Engagement plan; discussion and manage legal and reputational risks

Daily, Weekly

Support offices

Coordinate messaging with others in the Partnership; Funding

As needed


Coordinate faith partnerships and ITAW

As needed

Advisory Council’s External Engagement Committee


Quarterly to semi-annually

External Partners

External Engagement



Freedom to Act for organisation of meetings, prioritization of stakeholders, planning of events and actions in alignment with the External Engagement plan, and any action in alignment with job description and annual performance agreement.

Consultation and approvals required for specific event budgets, specific dates of events, and final copy on any external and advocacy messaging

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Be Safe and Resilient

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Be Accountable

Learn and Develop

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Partner and Collaborate

Embrace Change

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Model Self-Management

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Manager Name: Lauren Taylor

Manager Approval Date: 4/10/2021

P&C Name: Nisreen Sidawi

P&C Approval Date: Click or tap to enter a date.

World Vision is committed to the protection of children and vulnerable adults and does not employ staff whose background is not suitable for working with children or vulnerable adults.