Integrated Program Manager



Yerevan, Armenia


Fixed-term, full-time


The purpose of this position is to provide leadership on strategy, program technical design and quality assurance, resource acquisition, partnerships and advocacy. The position will be responsible to enhance external WVA brand and reputation for purposes of influence and income. Provide overall leadership to the Area, Child Development and Technical Programs implementation in the country. Manage the development and implementation of existing and new programing and its integration into the WVA strategy (for Support Offices, grants and locally funded programs/ projects).


Strategy and program development

  • Support Program Director in leading the process of country strategy development and review, in particular in regard to the programmatic design, ministry funding, and evidence of impact, advocacy and partnerships development.

  • Lead macro assessment processes and contribute to the landscaping of the National Strategy. Based on evidence of impact in the field, regularly conduct analysis and provide recommendations affecting the current status as well as progress towards achieving strategic objectives.

  • Lead implementation of strategic World Vision International Partnership initiatives and compliance with WV standards and policies (Child Well-being Outcomes, Ministry Framework and Development Approach, Horizon, Partnering Framework, Functional Maturity Framework, Most-vulnerable Communities).

  • Lead technical sector design for grants and sponsorship programming.

  • Develop the ‘donor framework’ for each donor segment private or institutional.

  • Ensure strategic linkage, integration and synergy within Program and Partnerships Development team and across WV Armenia business units for better alignment, strategic fundraising and collaboration on strategic opportunities.

  • Manages risks related to external engagement work in Armenia (communications, resource mobilization and partnerships).

  • Contribute to the development of the office’s annual business plan.

  • Develops and executes the strategy, external engagement and resource development budget.

Resource acquisition

  • Develop Grant Forecasting Plans and Annual Growth Plan in line with the National strategy in collaboration with the Regional Development Unit in the MEERO and Operations team.

  • "Provide leadership support to Resource Mobilization team in: donor prepositioning, liaising with Support Offices and donors, clarifying proposal requirements, development and finalization of project proposals.

  • Coordinate with WVA Resource Mobilization Manager and MEERO Regional Development Unit for grant and local marketing lessons learned. Ensure learning is documented for improving WV’s grants standards, and donor liaisons as well as during potential Cross Border and Multi-Country applications.

Advocacy, policy and partnerships

  • Ensure appropriate representation of WV Armenia at strategic fora that could lead to influence, resource acquisition and enhanced programming collaboration.

  • Support Program Director in maintaining relationships with key private and institutional donors and partners in line with WV’s policies, standards and values and behaviours.

  • Ensure endorsement and implementation of the Partnerships Framework based on the Partner of Choice approach across WVA by providing strategic advice to externally facing functions in planned and coordinated targeted external engagement with government, duty bearers, media, academia and other external stakeholders.

  • In collaboration with the Operations Department lead stakeholders mapping for WV Armenia partnership opportunities and assess their capacities for collaboration on specific issues. Ensure a smooth coordination between local and national-level advocacy and partnering efforts.

  • Contribute to effective partnership implementation during programming and ensure effective partnership implementation in national-level influence and income-driven initiatives.

  • Lead the integration of advocacy and partnering in the national strategy and across programming based on an updated context analysis and internal and external assessments.

  • Develop and monitor the achievement of strategic advocacy and partnering objectives.

  • Provide leadership to the Communications team in the development of effective external and media engagement that builds on evidences of impact and stories of success from the field.

  • Ensure that WV brand is visible and well recognised by external stakeholders and public.

  • Provide leadership and manage implementation of campaigns on at the national level.

  • Ensure support is provided to Program Director to undertake high level external engagement.

Transition Program Development and Management; Management of Grant and Project Managers

  • Manage the team of Grants and Projects Managers individuals and teams in setting goals, measuring performance, developing capacity and recognizing results.

  • Provide management and support to Technical Programs, APs and Daycare Centers, including regular site visits, identification of staff training needs and promotion of learning environment. Work with the P&C Department on capacity building opportunities and succession planning for staff.

  • Follow up closely the semi-annual monitoring reports provided by the Design, Monitoring & Evaluation, discuss them with the team and follow up with the recommendations.

  • Manage and support the Grants Managers and Area Program Development & Transition Manager to review and evaluate budgeted and actual expenditures for Projects together with AP Coordinators and Technical Program Managers on regular basis. Follow up the variance explanation reports required on semi-annual basis by finance department.

  • Review financial reports to ensure accountability and compliance with the budget.

  • Ensure program issues and risks are managed and controlled in a timely manner.

  • Understand humanitarian business in Armenia and in World Vision International and provide strategic vision to the Technical Program development each year.

  • Ensure AP level grant high quality implementation and integration into overall Programming Goal contribution.

  • Duly conduct performance planning and evaluation of direct reports.

Strengthening Internal Linkages

  • Show ability to enable the flow and exchange of information within teams, across entities and with key stakeholders.

  • Ensure that the cooperation between the Technical Program Managers and Area Program Coordinators is at professional level and it creates an enabling environment for effective and quality implementation of Technical Programs.

  • Identify areas for improvement and work with Design, Monitoring & Evaluation, People & Culture, Finance and Marketing to ensure that WV systems facilitate the efficient, effective and timely implementation of Technical programs.

Networking and Representation

  • Maintain regular contact with other international non-governmental organizations and government officials working to serve as network for obtaining and coordinating information regarding current and future work in the country.

  • Follow up with Technical Program Managers and Area Program Coordinators to ensure that projects are presented to RA “Humanitarian Project Coordination Committee” for tax exemption.

  • Lead and participate in the process of proposal development for new funding opportunity within the scope of proposal development policy of WVA approved by the Armenia Program Director.

  • Being Member of Armenia Senior Leadership team.


  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in Management position.

  • Proven track record in implementing and managing major multi-sectorial development programs.

  • Good understanding of the cultural, political, and social and economic situation in Armenia and in the region.

  • Active listening and strong facilitation skills.

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • Innovative and risk taker.

  • Ensure program issues and risks are managed and controlled in a timely way.

  • Review financial reports to ensure accountability and compliance with the budget.

  • Experience in development work using an approach of facilitation and empowerment of local communities.

  • Understanding of program audit protocols and how to operationalize them innovative and risk-taker.

  • High sense of responsibility and attention to detail.

  • Full commitment to World Vision’s core values and mission statement.

  • Full adherence to World Vision Safeguarding, Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policies.

  • Full adherence to security protocols

  • Motivated and goal orientated.

  • Proven track record of coaching and capacity building.

  • Ability to work both autonomously and in a team.

  • Sound planning, time management and administrative skills.

  • Ability to work under pressure, in a team, and for long hours if required.