Tchambarak Area Program Early Childhood Development Officer

International Role - No - Only National applicants will be considered.
Less Than 1 Year


Tchambarak, Gegharkunik marz, Armenia


Fixed-term, 8 months’ contract


The Early Childhood Development (ECD) Officer supports the implementation of activities of ECD Technical Program and Projects in Area Program targeted communities and undertake professional-sectorial responsibility for effective and proper implementation of Detailed Implementation Plan (DIP) activities assigned to him/her. The ECD Officer works with community members on daily basis for implementation of activities in specific sector, including capacity building of identified partners, networking with other stakeholders and making sure communities are willing to lead their own development processes.


1. Program implementation

  • Work closely with Marz Early Childhood Development (ECD) Coordinator and ensure quality implementation of the technical programs at Area Program level,

  • Follow up to establish systems, processes, contextualize models and to support ECD Coordinator in having one common approach in solving the raised issues within the sector,

  • Ensure the quality monitoring of all training/ capacity building events within the scope of the sector according to the quality standards,

  • As Area Program team member, actively organize and participate in different meetings, events, initiatives, discussions, including feedback, reflection and learning related to or including the sector,

  • Ensure that the projects implemented in the Area Program in specific sector are aligned with World Vision Armenia strategic directions,

  • Actively participate in the design/ redesign processes of the Area Program,

  • Support Marz ECD Coordinator in conducting local level advocacy actions,

  • Support Area Program in testing/piloting new models relevant to the sector. Follow up contextualized models to work with the most vulnerable,

  • Support Marz ECD Coordinator to administer relevant project budgets,

  • Provide monthly reports (in required templates) on performance of assigned DIP components (and input for semi-annual narrative reports to Marz ECD Coordinator, in compliance with monitoring and evaluation standard procedures,

  • Ensure complete preparation and timely submission of documentation related to his/her tasks and activities at the assigned Area Program office location.

2. Learning and capacity building

  • Support in designing and implementation of capacity building events for beneficiaries and stakeholders,

  • Work closely with Marz ECD coordinator for quality capacity building of partners in the respective sector,

  • Share personal insights and learning with others to support individual and team learning about the program and local context.

3. Networking with community stakeholders at Area Program level

  • Support Marz ECD coordinator in networking with the stakeholders and potential actors in the relevant sector in the Area Program area,

  • Under the guidance of Marz ECD Coordinator conduct research on sector specific issues and provide quality data for local/ marz level advocacy,

  • Intensify the cooperation with the sector specific actors in the Area Program area via regular organization of meetings, events with stakeholders agreed with Marz ECD Coordinator,

  • Raise the profile of WV Armenia to advocate on children’s issues in local level,

  • Under the guidance of Marz ECD Coordinator take part in formal and informal networks in respective sector to support ongoing and future collaboration and learning,

  • Ensure effective cooperation with sectorial partners at Area Program level for successful implementation of programming. Engage with networks, associations, government groups and the communities of practitioners to maximise learning, co-ordination and sector advancement.

4. Sponsorship integration

  • Orient community on sponsorship messaging, integrated with broader community engagement process and manage ongoing education as part of broader community mobilization process,

  • Engagement in child monitoring processes and establishment of Child Well Being/ Child Protection Advocacy Committees, for strengthening community-led child protection mechanisms and systems,

  • Support ongoing implementation of sponsor communication through program activities (including video and photo shooting responsibilities and other kind of storytelling initiatives) directed to donor engagement and satisfaction.

5. Building relationships within communities; cross cutting functions in support to other sectorial activities

  • Be able to facilitate discussions with communities and provide necessary information related to other sectors if necessary,

  • Build close relationships and actively learn within partner communities, through home visits, attending community social events, etc,

  • Build good relationships that communicate World Vision’s mission, values and identity to all appropriate stakeholders, including community groups, local authorities, churches and other NGOs.

  • Ensure and promote Christian value based approach in daily life and work,

  • Actively network with other stakeholders, and facilitate the communities to network, for advocacy, resource mobilization and project implementation,

  • Facilitate ongoing capacity building of the community stake holders to advocate on behalf of the most vulnerable children and families,

  • Actively participate in all areas of discussions of the Area Program team including feedback, reflection and learning,

  • Support community stakeholders to participate in the gathering of reflection, visioning and planning their own involvement in their community development processes.


The following knowledge, skills, and abilities may be acquired through a combination of formal schooling, self-education, prior experience, or on-the-job training:

  • Higher education in health sector (mandatory),

  • One year working experience in health sector (mandatory),

  • Good computer skills including: Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point,

  • Good knowledge of English and Russian,

  • Understanding and analysis of Health sector in Armenia,

  • Proven ability in coordination of integrated programs/project interventions, strong presentation skills, speaking and writing,

  • Confidence and ability to deal effectively and diplomatically with senior management in partner organizations and Marz/ local government officials,

  • Ability and willingness to learn new things and support new initiatives,

  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and work under pressure, efficient task prioritization and time management,

  • Good relationships/ networking with the actors of health sector,

  • Ability to establish and maintain relationships with the community,

  • Use reflective practice and promote its use for learning, use critical thinking and analysis,

  • Strategic, creative, and innovative thinking,

  • Ability to establish and maintain relationships with partners,

  • Understanding of community mobilization and empowerment principles and approaches,

  • Excellent coordination skills,

  • Ability to engage in personal learning and development,

  • Practice in community development (preferable),

  • Willingness to be flexible with hours when necessary and ability to travel locally up to 80% of time.