Sr. Director, Communications and Public Engagement

International Role - Yes
1-2 Years


Lead World Vision’s efforts to increase the overall reputation and trust of the ministry in Bangladesh. As a member of the Senior Leadership Team, provide strong strategic communications direction for the organization. Lead in the development and implementation of an integrated strategy for the building of a high-performance communications function that is managed, structured, focused and staffed for productive and quality work. This strategy will identify the key communications needs of World Vision, while setting and steering strategic communications goals and processes that are contextualized to and in alignment with its core ministry functions and goals.

Being the lead of advocacy, provide leadership in positively influencing country policies and pro-actively engaging the policy makers, partners and the public on issues that will significantly alleviate the plight of the poor and strengthen child protection by developing and launching effective advocacy strategies that reflect WVB’s vision, mission, values and strategic directions. Provide range of policy analysis and technical support to the National Offices to strengthen campaign initiatives. The position will support the influencing of policies (either through change or implementation) at national and local level. The context of Bangladesh requires active engagement in policy influence, which is evidenced by growing demand for participation in National initiatives and regional networks to engage in policy dialogues targeting systemic and structural changes. Policy and Advocacy lead will provide support to National and Regional engagements with international Human Rights perspective contributing in the SDGs, regional and national strategic intent

To lead and manage the government relation and legal compliance department’s functions in maintaining legal operation in the country, lead in reviewing all project proposals (FD6, FD7, FC1) obtaining approvals on all projects & funding including provision of work visa of expatriate staff, lead in obtaining work permits/visas of expatriates in the country and registration, lead in prepare/review and providing necessary reports to various government ministries/departments in order to maintain excellent working relationship and ensured support for smooth operation of WVB.



Bring our story to life:

  • Our organisational story, in support of the global brand, says who we are, what we do and where we are going.

  • Evidence of impact and global power claims underpin our story, demonstrating that we do what we say we do.

  • High-value strategic content is leveraged across audiences and platforms, especially for global moment.

Activate the right audiences through the right channels at the right time:

  • The public takes action in aligned communications, advocacy and marketing global moments, including ending violence against children and disaster response.

  • Staff speak with one voice publicly as trusted ambassadors for World Vision.

  • Leaders and experts speak externally on the strategic issues of Our Promise 2030.

Unite under an agile and industry-leading global communications network:

  • Comms operating model, including for disasters, is optimised to deliver on new global Comms & PE strategy.

  • Compelling content is delivered by efficient workflows, assuring wise stewardship.

  • Crisis response expertise is mobilised to counter threats to World Vision’s reputation.

  • Insights and measurement drive investment in reputation and trust.


  • Support a process in designing and overseeing the development and implementation of a responsive advocacy strategies in consultation with all WV Bangladesh Management.

  • Promote approaches that contribute to competency development and integration of advocacy, which contribute to positive changes against unjust local and national policies and practices.

  • Pro-actively engage with key policy makers, Donor, partners and audiences to enhance World Vision’s credibility and influence changes of policy and practices and leveraging grant acquisition.

  • Lead and guide issue based campaign at local, national and global level in line with national strategy and SDG’s.

  • Provide support to Advocacy teams to influence policy through evidence based campaigns.

  • Identify national and regional entities and mechanisms to influence and nurture relationships with key stakeholders.

  • Ensure that influencing strategies are consistent with partnership standards and direction.

  • Coordinate the external engagement of World Vision the engagement of different offices across the region around key global moments.

  • Assist National Offices submit to UN reporting process such as the Universal periodic Review and CRC state and optional protocol reporting.

  • Work with NOs to develop Campaign strategy and design and facilitate review of the NOs strategy in line with global priorities.

  • Work with National office and the global center to generate or otherwise acquire research to sustain regional and global engagement.

  • Ensure that Policy bottom up approach is reflected in operational integration and visual identity is maintained across all activities.

  • Develop materials and metrixs related to that can be adapted and rolled out across multiple contexts.

  • Broaden discussion on targeted issues through building and strengthening alliances and partnership and increasing public participation in campaigns.

  • Provide support to identified national offices on preparation of Policy dialogues/brief with their respective government on identified priority theme.

  • Work with regional sector lead on identified policy agenda and prepare guidance to embed into the LEAP3 processes.

  • Support the preparation of analytical reports on various sectoral/thematic research, which could be used for external advocacy purposes including internal data from National offices such as Partnership Strategic Measures etc.

Government Relations:

  • Lead in prepare/ review necessary strategy/guidelines/tools for preparation of various project proposals and updated the organization on current rules/circular/GoB new initiatives/plan from regulatory authorities.

  • Manage to procure approval of all project proposal and funding clearance from regulatory authorities on a timely manner.

  • Manage and coordinate the preparation of various project proposals/reports/documents for the above authorities and build in-house capacity of doing these jobs professionally.

  • Ensure legal compliance as support to organization to prepare & review deed of agreement and MoU within vendor/partners and vetting from Legal Advisor, provide support to Partners Assessment and Legal issue (case, dispute, legal notice, legal agreements and vat tax issues).

  • Maintain a very congenial and supportive relationship with the regulatory authorities and other service departments of the government including the relevant intelligent branches.

  • Identify national and regional government entities and mechanisms to influence and nurture relationships with key stakeholders especially considered the acomplishment of desired results for the implementaiton of techincal programs.

  • Utilize evidnce from the programming to influence government policies in identified sectos.

  • Work with regional sector lead on identified policy agenda and prepare guidance to embed into the LEAP3 processes.



  • Degree in Communications, Law, Media, Journalism, Arts or similar.

  • Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills.

  • Thorough knowledge of the communication and media industry, and advocacy.

  • Thorough knowledge of international development, World Vision development practice and communications needs.

  • 7 years of experience leading and managing communications and production teams in international NGOs or Creative Industries, and leading advocacy.

  • Advanced communications technical skills such as photo and video production, editorial, graphic design, and media relations.

  • Proven experience of training and capacity building of others.

  • Advanced level of computer proficiency, Mac and PC, including editing skills across Adobe and Apple software for video, photo, media, design.

  • Experience working with children and youth.

Work Environment:

  • Working primarily in the national office in the capital, semi-regular travel locally and internationally will be required.