National Director, WV Burundi

Bujumbura Mairie
International Role - Yes
1-2 Years

*Please submit your CV in English.


World Vision (WV) is present in Burundi since 1963. Following the unprecedented humanitarian needs triggered by the conflict that began in 1993, WV expanded its initial work to include emergency relief activities. From 2009, after the Arusha Peace agreement, the WV ministry shifted to long term development area programs. The current World Vision International Burundi (WVIB) programming and advocacy work is organized around a 5-year Strategy 2021 – 2025 that seeks to contribute to improved quality of life and brighter future for 2,320,867 children (1,125,996 boys, 1,194,871 girls) including 487,382 identified as most vulnerable. Improved Food and Nutrition Security, Livelihoods, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Health and Education, Refugees, Repatriates and Internal Displaced Populations (IDPs) programming are among the strategy’s key objectives. These are implemented through 22 WV Area Programs (APs) which have an average life span of 10-15 years, and 25 grant funded projects that apply a holistic approach through community-led technical approaches and interventions with integrated triple nexus programming on protection, advocacy, social cohesion, peace building and gender alongside with resilience/development interventions.

WVIB is a medium office, with an average portfolio budget of USD 33 million (USD 29 million cash and the rest is in gifts in kind) with 300 staff supported by 8 World Vision funding offices (Germany, USA, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Finland, UK) and grants funded by UN agencies (Unicef, WFP, UNHCR) , Government funding( EU, Germany/BMZ, Australia/DFAT, World Bank, USAID/BHA etc…)


The National Director (ND) will strategically lead, develop and direct the implementation of all aspects of World Vision's ministry in the national office. In performing this role, the ND will be an effective leader locally, an effective member of the broader WVI Partnership, and will model the organization’s principles of Twin Citizenship to ensure high ministry quality and overall organizational effectiveness. The ND as a leader will contribute to partnership life and unity, by acting as both a local and global representative of the organization. The ND will lead the team to achieve the country's strategy in alignment with our global strategy, Our Promise, for effective operations and participate in and implement directional shifts of the organization, such as the ensuring that Burundi field office has capacity to execute global strategy particularly the strategic agenda for fragile context, development and management of grants and Private Non Sponsorship (PNS). The ND will ensure the country's operations and operating models maintain the Partnership's focus on Child Well Being Outcomes and Aspirations as they apply in Burundi specific country context, maximizing the impact in the field while maintaining efficiency as wise steward of entrusted resources.

The ND will collaborate effectively with other partnership offices and divisions to achieve local and organizational goals. Externally, the ND will foster collaboration with major donors, project partners, local government, church representatives, faith-based organizations and non-governmental organizations, serving according to given Power of Attorney. In doing so, he/she will maximize stewardship, effectiveness and efficiency of costs and operating models.

The ND will model a high standard of personal Christian leadership, ministry and integrity through lifestyle and work relationships to be a fine exemplar of the organization Christian faith. The ND will lead by example and provide spiritual guidance to staff on the WV Vision, Mission and Core Values.


Leadership and Management:

  • Promote WVs Vision, Mission, Core Values and key Partnership Standards and Practices among the staff and partners and ensure these are the core foundation of WV Burundi strategies and work.

  • Ensure capable staff are available to implement office strategy and operational plans.

  • Review and approve WV Burundi succession plan; ensure that proper capacity is in place and succession plan is updated and executed.

  • Promote and participate in leadership development initiatives.

  • Ensure implementation and compliance to partnership Performance Management Standards and Principles, while seeking to implement Performance Management guidelines on reasonable level; Champion WV Burundi leadership team in the proper implementation of Performance Evaluations on annual basis for the whole organization.

  • Respect, value and promote diversity.

  • Ensure excellent standards in the management of the human, financial, capital and technical resources of the organization, which includes inspiring and maintaining high standards of work and clear accountability to stakeholders.

Strategy, Operating Plan, and Long and Short-term Targets:

  • Lead strategy development, implementation and performance management in the national office (including development and implementation of technical approaches/programs, operating plans that are fully aligned with the national office strategy).

  • Ensure there are clear departmental business plans for People and Culture, Communications, Finances/support Services, Integrated Program/Strategy and other main functions, and they are based on the office strategy and operational plan and include main priority areas identified in respective Regional and Partnership Strategy. Facilitate and be accountable for the execution and monitoring of strategies.

  • Ensure that WV Burundi ministry strategy addresses child wellbeing outcomes and is effectively implemented.

Ministry Performance:

  • Ensure high ministry quality and high impact in the field by leading in a way that the office is achieving its expected annual targets at all stages of the LEAP 3 cycle on a sustainable basis.

  • Ensure full implementation of LEAP 3 in the National Office.

  • Ensure adequate resources are acquired and managed to meet and enable quality program implementation.

  • Ensure the highest standards of quality and accountability through compliance with World Vision policies and standards and international standards for emergency response, disaster mitigation, rehabilitation and development.

  • Ensure all the projects proposals, reports, integrated audits, and ministry evaluations are reviewed at a proper level within the office and appropriate actions are implemented, to ensure that impact, accountability, and compliance.

Spiritual Leadership:

  • Ensure that the office has a high-quality Christian commitment, Faith and Development strategy and operations plan that is appropriate for country context.

  • Model a high standard of personal Christian leadership, ministry and integrity through lifestyle and work relationships, and provide spiritual guidance to staff on the Vision, Mission and WV core Values.

  • Participate and lead regular devotional meetings.

  • Demonstrate Christ-centred servant leadership amongst WV staff and diverse partners.

  • Demonstrate strong conviction and ability to work in ecumenical and inter-faith contexts.

Advocacy and Representation:

  • Represent WV Burundi, engage and build strategic alliances with the government of the country, major donor agencies, WV Partnership, non-governmental agencies, churches and media.

  • Develop and implement appropriate advocacy strategies to raise awareness of and advocate for change in key issues within the specific context.

  • Lead and facilitate strategies for the promotion of justice that look for the change of the unfair structures that oppress those in need.

  • Ensure WVIB is positioned as a leading INGO in promoting the well-being and rights of children within the country context to deserve public and stakeholders’ confidence and trust.

  • Ensure that the WV brand is respected within the country and none of office operations of staff conduct harm it.

  • Manage overall financial integrity of the program to WV Support Offices, donors, the government and other stakeholders.

Grow and Leverage Yield to Ministry:

  • Ensures systems are in place so that projects are managed on time and on budget in achieving the desired impact on CWB.

  • Set up a structure and budget that supports the Ministry and is aligned with the strategy, while keeping adequate efficiency ratio to be competitive in the humanitarian industry.

  • Improve Financial Planning, Budgeting and Control.

Compliance and Country Legal Environment:

  • Ensure the office complies to local requirements and standards.

  • Represent WVI Burundi at courts, when required.

  • Participation in Regional and Partnership initiatives as per particular context and Regional and Partnership initiative.

  • Take part in East Africa Regional initiatives.

  • Ensure required support to other Partnership Office units are provided on request and as needed.

Increase and Diversify Funding Portfolio:

  • Build and maintain sustainability through diversified revenue growth in alignment with agreed targets across the program in Burundi.

  • Provide leadership for Development of strategy for grants acquisition and management performance within NO, ensure that grants are strategically aligned to NO priorities and consider the competitive landscape.

  • Strengthen Internal Controls, Improve Audit Performance and Compliance through Enterprise Risk Management Framework.

  • Ensure efficient and effective organizational practices, that result in acceptable financial and operational audit ratings.

  • Ensure action planning and execution to resolve audit findings in an agreed and timely manner; undertake appropriate reporting of audit results and actions.

  • Ensure strong financial compliance through timeliness and completeness of financial reports.

  • Ensure strong operational compliance through timeliness and completeness of program/project reports.

  • Provide direction for integrating private and public funds to maximize results and responds to community needs in most effective and efficient way.

Achieve Operational and Stewardship Excellence:

  • Lead the development and execution of the country strategy through programme approaches and operating plans with clear, measurable short-term and long-term targets.

  • Ensure country strategy is aligned with Regional and WV global strategic priorities.

  • Ensure organizational sustainability by ongoing predictive success planning (funding, Ministry, organizational development, leadership pipeline).

  • Ensure that key Ministry and support functions are strategically aligned and appropriately included in the NO strategy.

  • Ensure effective stewardship and accountability of WV resources, finances and people, consistent with performance standards established by the NO Board of Directors.

  • Promote and model high level of transparency, integrity and zero tolerance to fraud.

  • Have overall responsibility for assessment of risks and the development of risk management planning to mitigate risks to NO operations, staff, assets and programmes.

  • Ensure organizational compliance to the "country" Government standards and laws for WV operations in the country.

Recruit, Motivate, Equip, Lead and Retain Capable Staff:

  • Inspire staff to support Christian identity, commitments and witness (including incarnational living).

  • Build and promote culture that is sustainable for growth and high performance.

  • Build sustainability through the growth and development of NO people and leadership capability.

  • Lead in a way that facilitates a high-performance culture, open trustworthy relationships and integrity; promotes a culture of learning and development, employee engagement, servant leadership and good stewardship of human capital in the office.

  • Build organizational culture, which leverages respect, value and promotes gender, age and ethnic diversity.

  • Contribute to the global pool of workforce of WV Partnership by sourcing, recruiting or building committed, competent talents from within the Burundi Program.

  • Provide level of organizational leadership that we enable a good transition into and implementation of the new management structure for Burundi.

Safety, Disaster Mitigation and Preparedness:

  • Develop and maintain capacity to respond to natural and man-made emergencies.

  • Review staff & asset safety plans and protocols (Manuals, Disaster Preparedness Plan, and Risk Assessments at National, Regional and Programme Office levels) and ensure understanding and compliance by all staff and visitors.

  • Oversee relief efforts, as and when they arise, and work in partnership with Government authorities and response teams.

  • Build in-country relief response capacity to ensure adequate disaster management and response.

  • Drive organizational agility and adaptability to changing context, including leveraging on use of information and communication technology for delivery of results.

Twin Citizenship and Partnering – External and Partnership:

  • Act as a Twin Citizen ensuring that National Office participates in global processes and decisions and allocates resources and talent where most needed, Partnership wide.

  • Contribute to the Partnership, understand its systems and priorities, act as a global leader and a Twin Citizen.

  • Source best practices and strategic services available Partnership wide, be aware of, and apply relevant innovative approaches.

  • Promote social entrepreneurship by pursuing innovative solutions to social problems, acting boldly and proactively sourcing required resources and not constrained by resources currently in hand.

  • Represent /the office/ engage and build strategic alliances with the Government of /the country/, board, major donor agencies, WV Partnership, non-governmental agencies, churches and media.

  • Strategically position WV as a credible and trustworthy national and global partner.


  • Experience in managing effective and efficient operations of the organization demonstrating sound financial management (e.g. organizations with over 300 staff and a total budget of $ 33 million).

  • Proven track record of leading multi-cultural teams in complex, culturally and politically-sensitive contexts and/or multi-sectoral emergency response projects.

  • Is politically astute and shows strong responsible negotiations skills (especially in dealing with politically sensitive government, donors, staff and internal politics).

  • Builds and manages relationships to effectively build trust and influence a wide range of internal and external stakeholders (eg colleagues, donors, global partners).

  • Adapts behaviours and style to effectively interact with others and creates an environment that supports inclusiveness and diversity.

  • Works effectively under pressure and with ambiguity and complex change.

  • Negotiates with purpose and integrity and effectively handles multiple demands from many stakeholders.

  • Provides a clear and compelling strategic direction for the organization.

  • At least 5 years’ experience overseeing a large Government grant, its acquisition and donor engagement.

  • Experience in one of major Ministries (Relief, Development, Advocacy), close familiarity with other two.

  • Experience in fund raising in general and generating local revenue in particular, Advocacy and public relations and overseeing large Government grant; its acquisition and donor engagement.

  • Good knowledge of financial management and accounting principles, financial control principles and tools.

  • Experience in Development and/ Emergency and domestic/ international relief as one of major Ministries (Relief, Development, Advocacy), close familiarity with other two.

  • Understanding of country political and socio-economic and cultural context achieved within 3 months after assuming the role.

  • Ability to work under pressure and make key decisions that impact the safety and wellbeing of WV staff and other assets.

  • Good understanding of safety and security rules and regulations.

  • Master’s degree in development studies, international development, management, administration or social sciences or equivalent with 10 years’ experience in country level program management.

  • Strong command of English and French (writing, speaking).

  • Confident, good communication skills, attention to detail.


  • Experience with large bilateral and multilateral grant acquisition and compliance as well multi-sectorial humanitarian operations.

  • Proven Leadership and Management skills.

  • Ability to work and travel extensively in country of assignment as well as internationally (Approximately 20-25% of working time).

  • Ability to work under pressure and make tough decision-making skills.

  • Proven visionary and strategic abilities.

  • Achieving quality results and service, practicing accountability and integrity, and communicating information effectively.

  • Thinking clearly, deeply and broadly, understanding the humanitarian industry, understanding World Vision’s mission and operations, and practicing innovation and change.

  • Building collaborative relationships, practicing gender and cultural diversity, and influencing individuals and groups.

  • Supporting World Vision’s Christian identify and commitments, learning for growth and development, and maintaining work/life balance and effectiveness.

  • Develops diverse, high-performing teams through effective recruitment, coaching and team-building.

  • Role models biblical ethics and principles in action.

  • Responsible steward of resources and assets.

  • Knowledge of UN humanitarian architecture and donor community.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • Domestic Travel: 20% Regular internal travel to project areas is required.

  • International Travel: 30% international travel will be required.

  • Office based however some level of travel is expected within the Burundi Program and to other places. Some travel may be in remote location with minimal facilities.

  • Ability to work under pressure and in a stressful environment.

  • On call: 10% In emergency and disaster situations, the position will be required to be on-call.

  • HEAT (hostile environment awareness training) and SRMT (security risk management training) or a UN equivalent, as appropriate for fragile contexts.