Donation Website Consultant

Phnom Penh
International Role - No - Only National applicants will be considered.

Consultant to Develop a Donation Website

World Vision is a global community, working together for the one purpose – to bring about positive change in the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children. People are inspired to work for us because they want to contribute to making a difference. We are part of an international team, using our talent, determination and influence to invest in a better tomorrow.

Together, we are:

  • 50,000 dedicated and passionate staff and volunteers

  • 10 million committed supporters who are changing lives

  • 100 million people as a part of World Vision’s supported communities

Are you ready to be a change maker?

Our Cambodia Office is seeking for a consultant to Develop a Donation Website for World Vision International Cambodia from 15 February 2021 to 31 March 2021

Project Background and Purpose


In Cambodia, World Vison raises funds to support the most vulnerable children and their communities so they can experience sustainable community development for the future of the nation and its economic and human resources – So that more children are able to live life in all its fullness. WV aims to enhance understanding among the public and target groups of the power of philanthropy, the real impact that their support can have in the lives of children, the benefits of giving may have for them individually and the contribution this can have to benefit the whole country.

To ensure all the funding transparency and convenient for both fundraisers and supporters, we need to develop a donation website which drives the audience to World Vision’s programmes, particularly “Community Sponsorship”. Thus, the donation website/platform needs to be in place where people can see information about the programme and include the functionality to receive donations.

  • Location: Phnom Penh Capital


To develop a donation website for World Vision International Cambodia with provided content and design materials from the World Vision Local Fundraising unit. The donation portal will enable recurring payments from supporters. The money gateway will be integrated with local banks (ABA, Wing, Visa Card …). The platform will also provide instant receipt/invoice, thank you emails and updated information about the programmes to supporters and instant chatbot

Key Objectives

Website criteria

  1. Website must be able to integrate with local bank gateway (payway, Wing, or bakong, …)

  2. Donate page can be customized

  3. Dynamic content

  4. Donor information include bank account must be encrypted in database field

  5. Provide training of using the website


  1. Donation page and Form are easy to find

  2. Allow visitor to register/update account profile

  3. Allow visitor to subscribe / unsubscribe the donate option

  4. Visitor able to setup donate recurring

  5. Visitor able to receive push notification or email communication from content manager

  6. PDF receipt or other features after donated successful

  7. Website able to post promotion video

  8. Provide admin page to extract/export all information into excel or PDF.

Further Requirements:

The system is required to conform to the following criteria:

  1. Service Security and access management must ensure that system processes and data can be actioned and accessed only by appropriate and authorized personnel.

  2. Web based interface must be provided for interaction between user and database

  3. Performance of the system, including data access, should be adequate and fast.

  4. The delivered solution must be in English and should have a user-friendly interface with easy navigation.

  5. System should be capable of splitting large amount of data using data paging to present information in a user-friendly way.

  6. System should be flexible and expendable for future use.

  7. Required System should be capable to work in any environment.


  • Knowledge and experience of donation website creation

  • Evidence of previous high quality website development for reference

Submission Requirements

For Individuals:

  • Completed proposal responding to our needs stated in ToR

  • Up-to-date CV and a copy of your ID/Passport or valid visa for internationals

  • Police clearance (It’s to be submitted after being selected as successful applicant and BEFORE signing the contract with World Vision)

Application Information:

For Firms:

  • Financial proposal shall be submitted in a separate envelope

  • Background of their agencies including experience in the similar projects, list of the publication written by applicant and at least 3 references.

  • NO legal/ pending disputes in court (within last three years)

  • Language requirement: high proficiency in English and Khmer

  • Legally registered with relevant ministries.

  • Patient

  • VAT Registration

  • Company Profile

  • Reference with other Customer

  • Sign confirmed on WV’s Policy Child protection, Anti-corruption, Supplier Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest (WV will attach with RFQ).

  • Audit finance statement

  • Ownership structure

As a child focus organization, we WILL NOT hire a person/firm who was convicted for any crime especially the crime against children. It’s applicant’s responsibility to provide such letter and therefore we would recommend you to get it done during your proposal submission. Failure to submit this letter will result in delay to sign contract or withdraw our offer)

How to apply:

Follow this link