Child Protection & Advocacy Officer - Bethlehem

Beit Jala
International Role - No - Only National applicants will be considered.


The Child Protection Officer will facilitate the implementation of essential day-to-day activities related to the Technical Programme or Technical Project for child protection and/or ending violence against children. S/he will support daily programme activities and provide technical guidance to local volunteers or local partners who assist WV in implementing specific activities. Frequent site visits, reporting, and monitoring of programme components are required.

This person will also play a significant role in building the capacity of local volunteers and local partners to understand WV’s CP Systems strengthening approach and ensure that they have the right competencies, support, and mentoring to effectively implement CP activities with quality. This role will also assist the CP Coordinator to build partnerships with local CP stakeholders in order to strengthen and build coordination of the CP system.


% Time

Major Activities


Technical Expertise and Safeguarding and Child Protection compliances

  • In close cooperation with CPA coordinator identify the best fit approaches and Child Protection practices in current programs that can be implemented at the zonal level.

  • To implement the CPA and other Child protection models at the zonal level

  • Provide Child Protection expertise and technical support to zonal team.

  • Provide Child protection and safeguarding training for volunteers, community members and partners.

  • In collaboration with CPA coordinator analyse evidence of impact on local level and contribute to production of quality zonal report.


Monitoring, Evaluation and Accountability and Quality

  • Help and support the monitoring and communication officer in actively monitor Child Protection program activities at field level.

  • Ensuring quality of our program and flagging concerns to the CPA coordinator and monitoring and communication officer

  • Help and support the monitoring and communication officer to ensure appropriate, timely and accurate data collection against agreed indicators to enable both internal and external reporting

  • Help and support monitoring and communication officer to insure quality success stories, pictures and videos required for reporting.

  • Help and support the CPA coordinator to lead discussions with communities and beneficiaries on program design and project review


Coordination and advocacy

  • Support CPA coordinator in advocacy campaigns in the area of Child Protection.

  • Support CPA coordinator with the implementation of ITAW campaign in the zone

  • Use evidence from WV program to inform CPA coordinator on issues that will directly affect target beneficiaries, especially most vulnerable children

  • Represent WV in collaboration with CPA coordinator on zonal level Child Protection networks.

Support CPA coordinator in the implementation of Child protection national campaigns



  • Report and follow up Child incidents.

  • Implement the safe play areas activities.

  • Any other duty assigned by supervisor


Minimum education, training and experience requirements to qualify for the position:

1. Degree in social science or related subjects to development or relevant years of work experience

List additional work experiencerequired as a minimum qualification for this position.

  1. Previous relevant experience, including at least 3 years of development facilitation in and with communities

  2. Experience with program assessment, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation processes.

  3. Experience with faith, community based and child focused empowerment programs.

License, registration, or certification required to perform this position:

If applicable, include language requirement(s)as a minimum qualification for this position.

  1. Driving license.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  1. Strong understanding of community-led development work

  2. Creative and able to apply innovative thinking, partnership building and problem solving skills;

  3. Strong facilitation skills, including catalyzing, connecting, and building the capacity of community groups

  4. Good analytical and writing skills; Basic understanding of design, monitoring, and evaluation

  5. Good interpersonal skills and cross-cultural sensitivity, abilities to work as a team.

  6. Effective in written and oral communication; able to speak and write with a proper standard of English.

  7. Computer literacy; Strong computer skills including Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Work Environment

  • Willingness to be flexible with hours when necessary and able to travel often in the field


Individual Level

Leadership Level

Organisational Level

Achieving quality results & service.

Practisingaccountability & integrity.

Communicating information effectively.

Thinking clearly, deeply & broadly.

Understanding the Humanitarian Industry.

Practising innovation & change.

Demonstrating Christ-centred life & work.

Learning for growth & development.

Maintaining work/life balance & effectiveness.

Building collaborative relationships.

Practising gender & cultural diversity.

Influencing individuals & groups.

Understanding World Vision’s mission & operations.



(within WV or outside WV)

Reason for Contact

Frequency of Contact

(Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

CP & Advocacy Coordinator

Approval, Consultation and guidance


M&E / communication Offier(Zonal)

Compliance with LEAP/DM&E standards


SRS team at the NO

Insure standards are met with quality


Technical leads

Technical review/recommendations/staff development


Zonal Admin/Procurement


As required


Decision-making responsibilities this position may have that do not require prior approval.

Routine decisions within scope of work

Decisions related to day to day management of work as per the job responsibilities stated above

Purchasing decisions made within approval limits for this position

Describe any decisions making referred to higher authority or that are controlled by policy.

Decisions which have an impact outside of area of work and/or impact operations

Capital expenditure decisions or purchasing decisions above approval limits for this position

Exceptions to policy decisions or decisions requiring a change to policy.

Decisions requiring input from other departments

Describe the most common wayin which this position assign work and how it is reviewed.

This position will have routine meetings with supervisors where verbal instruction and updates are given. In addition, they will do formal written evaluations annually.

Interpersonal Skills

Does this position require the ability to motivate, persuade, or convince others in order to achieve a desired outcomes or success? If so, provide 1-2 typical examples.

1. Problem solving skills

2. Effective Team work

Financial Responsibility

Please describe any financial measures that may impact this position. For example, the value of purchases made by a purchasing manager, average monthly accounts receivable figures for the credit manager, etc.

1. n/a


World Vision is committed to the protection of children and vulnerable adults and does not employ staff whose background is not suitable for working with children or vulnerable adults.