Regional Advocacy, Policy and External Engagement Sr. Advisor

International Role - No - Only National applicants will be considered.
1-2 Years



The position is responsible for providing technical support and guidance to the Field Offices to implement advocacy, policy and external engagement plans according to the country context, Regional Plans and WV partnership strategy – Our Promise, policies, standards and priorities, to achieve the well-being of most vulnerable children in the Middle East Eastern Europe Region (MEER).

The chosen candidate will serve as a technical resource person to enable MEER in taking a leadership role in humanitarian advocacy be this within WV partnership, but also among regional and national partners, given that MEER is composed of source, transition and destination countries of displaced children. Ensure program quality in the successful delivery of advocacy project models, Sustainable Development Goals, WV flagship campaign It Takes a World to end violence against children and social accountability.

The Senior Advisor will assist in embedding advocacy, policy and external engagement with other lines of Ministry in alignment with partnership policies, strategies and standards to enhance field offices can achieve strategic objectives through advocacy and external engagement as defined in the Partnership Strategy - Our Promise Phase 2.



  • Develop and implement the Advocacy and Policy Agenda for the MEER Region.

  • Advise and contribute on the development and roll out of the FY22 External Engagement plan for MEER.

  • Development of regional advocacy and policy capacity building strategies, priorities and business plans ensuring alignment with regional and global advocacy and policy priorities, both internal and external to World Vision.

  • Contribute to the development of global policies guidelines, especially humanitarian related one and standards and assist in contextualizing them within the MEER region.

  • Ensure successful implementation of the global advocacy campaign (It Take A World) with great focus on fragile context and humanitarian policy.

  • Coordinate with regional and national communications teams on localizing models to influence behaviors and implementation of global initiatives such as context relevant and adapted SBC and CVA.

  • Lead Maturity Framework and Advocacy Success Matrix dialogue and provide quarterly updates for the Regional Director.


  • Provide technical support and guidance to Field Offices for design, implementation and monitoring of advocacy and policy, and the External Engagement plans.

  • Works with NO advocacy teams to pursue a child-focused humanitarian advocacy agenda that is aligned with regional and global advocacy strategies and positioning

  • Lead capacity building and technical support to all stakeholders involved in the implementations of EE Plans, in order to increase MEER profile internally and externally.

  • Coordinate training, forum or workshops related to all related forms advocacy aligned to regional capacity building plan

  • Capacity building based on the partnership and regional matrix results.


  • Support the continuous learning through documentation of advocacy programs and models that best support the mission of World Vision.

  • Facilitate the formation of regional advocacy forums/ networks that contribute to strategic action and promotes learning, especially humanitarian advocacy.

  • Supports in the development and execution of strategic research and analysis agenda on emerging issues and the region’s metanarrative that will enhance child well-being.

  • Develop and prepare advocacy reports, position papers and concept papers on Child Wellbeing, child rights and child protection issues that can contribute to policy dialogue, especially humanitarian advocacy within the MEER region


  • Liaison with internal stakeholders and representation, relationship building and stakeholders’ management with global A&EE, DM Advocacy, Global Capital.

  • Participate and actively contribute to partnership external fora, working groups and networks related to advocacy and policy. Work with other members of the SMQ, RDU, HEA teams to ensure that advocacy is understood and integrated within the broader ministry of World Vision in the region and embedded into regional grant-funded projects.


  • Actively contribute to the EE agenda development, rollout and coordination

  • Support active engagement with international organizations, government agencies, media, partners and communities to enhance World Vision’s influence and credibility on advocate issues to improve wellbeing of children and promote advocacy messages, especially regarding humanitarian policies.

  • Maintain good external relations with partner agencies to foster collaborative relationships and network during collaborative advocacy programs in the region, especially regarding humanitarian advocacy.

  • Support the development of external coalitions at national and regional levels on advocacy issues that WV would like to support.

  • Representation on the inter-agency and external forum to contribute on transforming MEER as thought leader.


  • Contribute to the effectiveness of the Advocacy and Communication team and other functions within the region promoting mutual learning, support and accountability.

  • Participate in devotions and other activities that enrich and develop mutual growth in Christ.


  • Master Degree in either human rights, law, international policy, international relations, or related field.

  • Extensive experience in humanitarian advocacy and policy, including representing WV or another INGO/UN Agency at national, regional & global networks and forums

  • 3-5 years' experience in a variety of contexts, and at least one of the fragile countries in MEER, leading on humanitarian advocacy and policy, with a focus on capacity building and support.

  • Experience in the architecture and implementation of External Engagement Plans.

  • In-depth knowledge of context specific advocacy and policy in MEER region.

  • In-depth understanding of key aspects of child right, advocacy and campaigns, demonstrable understanding of the essentials of transformational development and humanitarian programming.

  • Excellent communication (written and oral) and interpersonal skills, particularly in a cross-cultural environment

  • Ability to influence internal and external stakeholders and represent WV, particularly with donors and partners, coupled with experience in government, IO or UN representation.

  • Experience in evidence-based policy development, policy paper and advocacy content.

Travel and/or work Environment Requirement

The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 30% of the time.