Regional Leader – Middle East/Eastern Europe (MEER)

International Role - Yes
2+ Years


The Middle East/Eastern Europe Region (MEER) of World Vision International (WVI) provides oversight to the National Offices (NOs) covering up to 13 countries where World Vision’s focus is predominantly programme implementation. The 12 countries are Bosnia Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, Romania, Armenia, Georgia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Jerusalem West Bank and Gaza.

MEER has 2 geographic clusters: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Kosovo led by a National Director (ND) of the Western Balkans; and Syria, Turkey and Jordan led by a Syria Response Director.

One Intermediate Office (Romania) has a joint reporting structure to their local governing board and the Regional Leader; two national offices (Lebanon and Jerusalem West Bank and Gaza) have Advisory Councils, and two other countries have developing advisory councils (Albania and Armenia).

The total budget for the region is approximately 200 million per year with more than 1,738 employees across the region. The Regional Leader role includes integration with VisionFund International (VFI). VFI is the microfinance subsidiary of WVI. Microfinance lending to the poor is performed through 29 Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) globally impacting the lives of millions of children. As social enterprise, it ensures financial sustainability as well as social performance and focus on child wellbeing outcomes. VFI has MFIs in Armenia, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo.

The Regional Leader recognises that it is the responsibility of National Offices to implement the whole mission of World Vision in their respective countries. National Directors for each country report to the Regional Leader and have a primary role of supporting, guiding, leading and executing strategy to achieve the mission of World Vision.

To support the Regional Leader in providing primary focus and guidance on strategic, governance and leadership issues, a Senior Director for Operations (SDO) role was created to focus on operational issues, managing portions of the regional office functions and monitoring the National Office performance. The reporting relationship of the SDO is matrix between Regional Leader and Global Director, Field Operations.


To direct regional operations of World Vision, provide leadership to National Directors and ensure effective management of ministry in alignment with WV’s Vision, Mission, Core Values and global strategic directions. This includes all areas of operations including but not limited to; strategy management, people management, financial resource management, risk management, board and partnership engagement while at the same time managing the performance and effectiveness of National Directors.

To represent, position, enhance and protect World Vision’s ministry in Middle East/Eastern Europe both internally within the WV partnership and externally to relevant audiences and bodies.


Strategic Leadership: (25%)

  • Provide strategic leadership to effectively deliver the whole mission through National Offices and regional initiatives, in alignment with WV Vision, Goals, Mission, Core Values, global strategy and regional strategic priorities.

  • Be accountable for the development and periodic review of regional strategy and priorities that clearly support the partnership strategic mandates, objectives and priorities.

  • Work within the framework of the Regional Working Group to influence Support/funding offices to provide resources in alignment with regional and National Office priorities.

  • Exercise final authority over the allocation of resources across countries within the region regardless of office status.

  • Be ultimately accountable for executive leadership in CHE II and III (Levels 2 and 3) responses, in liaison with regional HEA management.

  • Serve as WVI spokesperson at key regional forums (Internal and External).

  • Develop and build linkages with other organizations that facilitate the effective delivery of ministry.

  • Support the Partnership Leader – Global Field Operations in the effective management and leadership of World Vision’s worldwide ministry operations and contribute effectively to the Global Operations Leadership Team.

  • Represent the MEER region in WV partnership senior management groups and forums.

Accountability & Stewardship: (15%)

  • Ensure alignment to global strategy for self-funding and interdependent offices within the region.

  • Ensure effective operations, ministry delivery and alignment of intermediate branch, program and project countries within the region.

  • Promote and support the development of local resource generation in appropriate offices (specifically the transitioning countries) within the region.

  • Monitor strategies for all offices within the region to maximize quality of ministry.

  • Monitor alignment of Partnership policies and standards for all offices within the region.

  • Be ultimately accountable for the implementation of Peer Review and Audit processes and recommendations.

  • Approve country operating budgets and major capital expenditures.

  • Ensure planning processes enable National Offices to use available resources in the best way to carry out agreed upon country strategies.

  • Lead the regional crisis management team.

Organizational Culture (aka “promote the World Vision way”, and includes Conflict Resolution): (10%)

  • Provide spiritual leadership, promote the Christian ethos of World Vision in the region, and strengthen the spiritual development of all staff.

  • Set an example in strong personal Christian faith integrated in work and encourage Christian growth among staff within the region.

  • Ensure WV’s Christian ethos and values are properly contextualized in National Offices within the region.

  • Ensure the highest achievement of ethical, moral and behavioural standards in alignment with WV Christian ethos, code of conduct and behaviour protocol.

  • Support through prayer the life, work and relationships of the regional senior leadership team and National Directors.

  • Role model servant leadership by personal example.

  • Encourage a positive and open style of leadership that enhances teamwork and develops an effective performance management culture.

  • Support organizational change and improvement at strategic operational level.

  • Ensure the application of partnership conflict resolution processes to identify and resolve conflicts between various entities at the lowest possible level.

Leadership Development: (25%)

  • Ensure adequacy of sectoral and management support skills needed to deliver the ministry.

  • Lead the selection process for National Directors and present final candidate(s) for approval to Partnership Leader – Global Field Operations for Program, Project, Branch and Intermediate offices; act as the President’s delegate as assigned in the selection of National Directors in Interdependent offices.

  • Oversee recruitment, orientation, development and transition of NDs.

  • Manage performance of National Directors by regularly assessing, challenging and supporting them (by distance and through periodic on-site travel) in line with WV leadership development strategy.

  • Mentor, develop and guide National Directors in the areas of strategy, governance, policy and protection of the WV brand and reputation.

  • Give specific attention to mentoring and supporting the regional senior leadership team for spiritual growth and professional development.

  • Create enabling environment through supervision, coaching, mentoring, and on-site observation of outcomes to ensure effectiveness of ND. Ensure succession planning for National Directors and own position, by identifying women and men with demonstrated potential for future MEER leadership and support their development.

Board Engagement: (20%)

  • Support National Directors in the appropriate selection of members and the development and functioning of Advisory Councils and Boards according to approved Partnership standards and guidelines.

  • Engage with board chairs and NDs to ensure accountability of National Offices.

  • Review board documents and receive reports.

  • Represent WVI President on National Boards and Advisory Councils.

  • Be ultimately accountable for the implementation of Peer Review and Audit processes and recommendations.

Other: (5%)

  • Carry out other tasks and duties as may be assigned from time-to-time by the Partnership Leader – Global Field Operations.


  • A minimum of ten years’ experience providing strategic leadership as a senior organizational leader, preferably within the humanitarian industry. Three years’ (3) senior leadership experience in Middle East or Eastern Europe highly

  • preferred.

  • Minimum educational qualification of a Master’s degree in a relevant field.

  • A minimum of three years’ experience managing a multi-cultural leadership team.

  • Demonstrated ability to work successfully with post-communist, Islamic, conflict and post-conflict contexts.

  • Proven ability to be a Partnership player and build unity and create an organizational behavior that fits the demands of the new Partnership Strategy, Our Promise.

  • A heart and a passion for the region and its peoples.

  • Demonstrated ability to deal decisively with complex situations.

  • Ability to travel frequently both regionally and internationally.

  • A minimum of five years’ experience working with an Advisory Council or Board, either as a member, reporting to one or developing and advising an Advisory Council or Board.

  • Proven track record of successfully coaching and mentoring executive level leaders, either at a national or regional level.

  • Experience working in a matrix reporting environment, as well as knowledge and understanding of World Vision from a leadership perspective.

  • Ability to travel frequently both regionally and internationally (up to 40%).

  • Fluency in English (verbal and written) is required.