Education Technical Advisor, Democratic Republic of Congo

International Role - Yes
1-2 Years

*Please submit your CV in English.


The Education Technical Specialist will work in coordination with the National education specialist to contribute to technical leadership for World Vision Democratic Republic of Congo (WVDRC) work in Education.

The position will focus on providing education technical support for the implementation of a number of grants (ANCP, GAC and Education PNS projects) both focused on education in emergencies and development in line with WV DRC FY21-FY25 strategy and DRC 2016-2025 Education strategy.

The education Technical Specialist will be responsible for developing, growing and supporting World Vision DRC’s capacity and expertise in Education programming, through strategically developing, strengthening and supporting comprehensive education strategies and action plans; showcasing impact of our education work; and underpinning education advocacy efforts and policy influence. The education technical specialist will also work hand in hand with the grants acquisition team to develop strong education proposal and grow the education portfolio to include new education donors.


Technical Guidance, Supervision, Quality Assurance, and Improvement in Education Sector:

  • Support ongoing education projects (including EGAL, ANCP and Education PNS projects) and teams with technical guidance; conducting regular field visits and project call to access project needs and challenges and map and implement action plans.

  • Oversee adaptation and contextualisation of education project models for quality implementation according to national and international standards, guidance and legislation; lead the development of contextualised programming guidelines and tools to support field teams in the adaptation of the project models at field/local level.

  • In partnership with resource acquisition staff, provide technical input (technical project design and guidance) during the development of proposals (both EIE and development) adapted to individual donor priorities.

Research, Evidence, and Reporting (DME) and Knowledge Management in Education Sector:

  • In partnership with the M&E team, lead the development and use of quality monitoring and evaluation tools and guidance for programmes to improve learning outcomes for children.

  • Work with M&E Managers and the other M&E staff to identify education research priorities in the region and support research design.

  • Collect and analyse data to provide accurate reports for internal/external use.

  • Lead knowledge management for Education by developing a process for capturing, sharing, and learning from programme progress and utilisation of evidence to improve programme implementation, , strategy revision, policy advocacy, and external publications.

  • Identify and disseminate good practices, learnings and innovations through the Education Community of Practice and external partners.

Advocacy, External Engagement and Partnering in Education Sector:

  • Position WV as an organisation of excellence in education by representing WV at key education forums and on panels.

  • Represent WV (visibly) as a thought leader during monthly Cluster meetings and on education working groups, coordinating alongside other humanitarian actors.

  • Engage with national, provincial and local level education stakeholders promoting education best practices.

  • Provide technical support for the development of the national advocacy strategy for the education sector.

  • Develop strategic partnerships with other NGOs (both international and national) in order to form string consortiums.

  • Ensure Field Office’s work is coordinated with efforts of other child-focused agencies and government priorities.

Capacity Building and Staff Development for Projects Technical Staff:

  • Develop capacity building strategy for education staff.

  • Support education project staff with capacity building on WV education models and Cluster recommended tools/models.

  • Train education project staff on engagement with the Education Cluster at sub-national level.

  • Support training of education staff ahead of education workshops.

  • Train Education project staff in appropriate Education project models.


  • Ensuring inclusion of safeguarding standards in all education programme.

  • Collaborate with colleagues in P&C and other relevant departments to jointly manage safeguarding issues regarding education programmes (Level 1-3), according to global protocols, with support from the Regional Office and Global Centre.


  • The successful candidate should possess a Master’s degree in Education or other related discipline with seven years of relevant experience in a developing country environment.

  • A minimum of five years’ experience developing, leading and managing complex, large scale Education initiatives.

  • Experience in Education programming in the international development context both in emergency and development contexts.

  • Experience engaging with national and sub-national Education Clusters.

  • Experience in policy influence and education policy development.

  • Experience engaging with donors on education projects and opportunities including UNICEF, GAC, DFAT and USAID.

  • Strong understanding of global strategies and frameworks to support children’s learning and cognitive development.

  • Knowledge of legal international conventions related to education.

  • Knowledge of common national education issues and violations.

  • At least 7 years work experience in the field of education.

  • Experience working in a complex, international organisation in the NGO/international development context.

  • Experience working in fragile context.

  • Experience in project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and report writing essential.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Strong inter-personal communication and collaboration skills.

  • Strong negotiation, networking, liaison, and donor engagement skills.

  • Excellent facilitation skills.

  • Strong written and oral communication skills in both English and French are highly desirable for this position.

  • Analytical skills for synthesis of materials, evaluations, and preparation of presentations/articles for publication.

  • Experience with MS Office and Outlook.

  • Data base management or familiarity with statistical software is an asset.

  • Evidence of a highly motivated team player is necessary.

  • Ability to work in a cross-cultural environment.

  • Compassion and commitment to improving the learning outcomes of the most vulnerable children.

  • Experience in directly supervising team members preferred.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 50% of the time.