Program Manager (GFFO/BMZ), DRC

International Role - Yes
1-2 Years


World Vision is present in 13 out of 26 provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The country is the 7th most fragile state in the World according to the Fragile States Index and ranked 176th on the 2015 Human Development Index out of 188 countries, in spite of its abundant natural resources.

To reflect the geographic scope and diversity of socio-economic contexts and needs, WV’s operations across the country are organized into five operational zones. The South, West and part of North-West zones host primarily long term development projects funded through sponsorship with a mix of non-sponsorship, gift-in-kind and grants, while the Eastern and Central (Kasai) zones are essentially emergency-focused.

The humanitarian nexus project jointly funded by two arms of the German government (GFFO and BMZ) will be based in the Province of North Kivu in the Eastern Zone and will be managed from World Vision’s base in Beni, located 320 Km from the zonal office. WV was present in Beni since 2002, but the WV National Office strategy has selected this area for grant growth to leverage wide investments of humanitarian and development donors, including DFID, USAID, and WFP, DUTCH and other UN entities, etc. Apart from managing the GFFO and BMZ projects directly, the project manager will also be responsible for building the capacity of local partners.

It is preferred that this candidate be fluent in French and have a working knowledge of English and German (negotiable).


The Program Manager will have overall responsibility for coordination of BMZ and GFFO activities. This includes networking and relationship building with local stakeholders and providing coordination and supervision to project staff while ensuring the accountability, and sustainability of the program and contribution to Child wellbeing outcomes.

S/he will be responsible for technical leadership and administrative oversight of the program and will serve as the principal institutional liaison to the donor and local government entities. The Program Manager shall have a keen understanding of the unique political and security dynamics in the area and work collaboratively with other WVDRC departments at zonal and national levels to ensure operations run smoothly and effectively.


Programme Management:

  • Ensure the project baseline are carried out successfully according to the timeframes agreed with the Support Office.

  • Work with People & Culture in the recruitment of competent staff for various approved positions of the BMZ and GFFO project.

  • Conduct frequent conversations with BMZ and GFFO project staff to support their performance and development, and ensure WV’s performance management processes are followed.

  • Ensure programmes in the area deliver on donor approved budgets, plans and key deliverables.

  • Establish and maintain effective project reporting, monitoring, evaluation and communication systems.

  • Plan and coordinate Disaster Management initiatives across the area programme.

  • Ensure an effective and efficient monitoring system is in place which includes community and stakeholders participation.

  • Manage World Vision assets according to approved policies and procedures.

  • Coordinate the work and interactions between teams of different projects in the area.

  • Communicate progress and challenges in implementation, including changes to the security and humanitarian situation, to the Zonal Director as frequently as necessary.

  • Establish and maintain effective project reporting, evaluation, and communication systems.

  • Lead the networking and development of positive relationships with project local partner.

  • Ensure project staff work in ways consistent with WV values, policies and business procedures or those agreed with donors; maintain a culture of accountability; and promote PSEA in the workplace.

  • Ensure effective communication with the WV support services and the donors on relevant issues.


  • Facilitate adoption of best practice/approaches/models in the course of the implementation of the project.

  • Ensure that business processes, standards and guidelines related to Education are effectively applied in project implementation.

  • Ensure that lessons learnt are documented and are applied during the balance of the project life and incorporated into future proposal designs.

  • Monitor and review monthly expenditures in consultation with relevant stakeholder and ensure project expenditures are within budget.

Risk Management:

  • Ensures staff and partners understand WV’s child protection and safeguarding policy as well as other risk management policies and adhere to them in conducting WV business.

  • Ensure efforts are taken to respond promptly and appropriately to incidents.

  • Ensures all projects in the base support awareness raising for prevention and reporting of child protection incidents which occur across the base.


  • Coordinate with the Security Department to ensure staff wellbeing and security is supported and promoted.

  • Establish core security requirements are met in line with the specific context rating.


  • Minimum Qualification required: A university degree Food Security science, development studies, social science, Engineering or related field.

  • Experience: Minimum of 4 years of progressively responsible professional experience in Development programming in Emergency context, including experience in managing integrated food security, Nutrition, WASH and Child Protection projects.

  • Preferred: Certificate in project management with working experience preferably in development or emergency.

  • Perform other duties as required.

Technical Skills & Abilities:

  • Knowledge of project management cycle.

  • Knowledge of supply chain principles in humanitarian work.

  • Ability to conceptualize and logically document an intervention.

  • Ability to plan and conduct an assessment using conventional methodologies (i.e. SPHERE, Child protection policies, Do No Harm, etc.)

  • Ability to network and negotiate with partners.

  • Ability to monitor input and activity implementation.

  • Good report writing skills. Ability to summarize important information.

  • Analytical and experienced knowledge of the complex emergency context in DRC.

  • It is preferred that this candidate have high proficiency in English, French, and Germany (negotiable).

Working Environment/Travel:

  • Stressful fast paced environment in a high risk area. A team environment with cultural diversity. This position is non accompanied.