Community Engagement & Social Change Officer - Bethlehem

Beit Jala
International Role - No - Only National applicants will be considered.

The purpose of this position is to implement sponsorship standards in coordination with volunteer child development works and facilitate community understanding, acceptance and implementation of WV JWG’s development approach in target communities.

  1. Implement child sponsorship operations and standards in coordination with child development monitors (CDMs).

  2. Implement World Vision’s programme approach in targeted area programmes (AP) to facilitate strong community engagement and ownership by local stakeholders and partners in the implementation process.

  3. Support implementation of project models, including programming for adolescents in the AP through IMPACT+ and leverage their presence for stronger community engagement, civic activism and sustainable change in the community.


% Time

Major Activities


Sponsorship Operations: Implement child sponsorship operations and standards in coordination with child development monitors (CDMs).

  1. With support of CESC Coordinator design and implement the community engagement and sponsorship plan in the area program.

  2. Identify and recommend CDMs to the CESC Coordiantor and zonal manager.

  3. Work with CDMs to plan for and meaningful integrate Sponsorship in programming and meaningful participation of RCs through integration of sponsorship activities into project models implemented in respective AP as well as CESP plan.

  4. Work with CDMs to implement and meet the child sponsorship standards including Transformed field Environment (TFE) and sponsorship 2.0 guidelines. Work to identify the most vulnerable children.

  5. Work with CDMs to implement support office requirements, including management of sponsor queries, gift notifications, community gifts, and all others including sharing meaningful educational materials related to sponsorship to sponsors, RCs and communities.

  6. Develop effective coordination and strong working relations with CDMs throughout implementation of sponsorship processes.

  7. Comply with child protection standards in sponsorship processes and report incidents in cooperation with CPA and CESC coordinators.


Community Engagement & Social Change:

Implement World Vision’s programme approach in targeted AP to facilitate strong community engagement and ownership by local stakeholders and partners in the implementation process.

  1. Implement WV’s programme approach in targeted AP with high quality and good community engagement.

  2. Develop strong collaborative relations with local stakeholders and develop partnerships across the AP. Serve as a liaison between WV and local community in the AP.

  3. Implement local planning processes including annual community engagement and annual planning (CEAP) and sharing of monitoring and evaluation information with communities in alignment with WV’s development programme approach and with support from Monitoring & Communication Officers.

  4. Provide guidance and input to the CESC Coordinator on relevant micro projects, and manage community GNs and other joint activities with the CDMs.

  5. Communicate WV’s identity, mission, vision, core values and our approach to development when engaging with community stakeholders and act accordingly. This includes orientation on child sponsorship messaging integrated with broader community engagement process.

  6. Identify and communicate community priorities, vulnerabilities, vulnerable groups to other zonal staff and help the team to map and allocate WV resources accordingly in alignment with WV’s Programme Approach and LEAP 3.

  7. Participate in learning and sharing events with other partners at the zonal level. Contribute to ongoing reflection and learning within the team to improve programme performance and mutually share learning and experience with other zonal staff

  8. Communicate existence and use of community feedback mechanisms


Project Models:

Support implementation of project models, including programming for adolescents in the AP through IMPACT+ and leverage their presence for stronger community engagement, civic activism and sustainable change in the community.

  1. Work with relevant Technical Coordinators to plan for and support relevant project models in the AP, including identification of priority communities, centres, schools, RC, their families, most vulnerable children. and other stakeholders in alignment with RC ages, vulnerability and fragility of respective AP.

  2. the work of IMPACT+ according to the technical model in close coordination with the relevant NO technical lead.

  1. As clubs grow in capability, include mature clubs and youth into community engagement processes and elements of WV’s programme approach.



  1. Assist the Monitoring and communication officers in preparing semi-annual, annual, and end of project reports required by internal, donor, government and interest bodies

  2. Support monitoring and communications officers in the monitoring of projects. Support interpretation of monitoring

  3. Support emergency response as needed.

  4. Attend and participate in WV’s spiritual nurture, as appropriate, and other organizational activities and events.

  5. Be responsible for own security and actively contribute to a positive security culture.

  6. Abide by the security policies and procedures and report any incidents or breaches to line manager and / or security manager.

  7. Perform other duties as assigned by the Line Manager


Minimum education, training and experience requirements to qualify for the position:

1. Degree in social science or related subjects to development or relevant years of work experience

Additional work experiencerequired as a minimum qualification for this position.

  1. Previous relevant experience, including at least 3 years of development facilitation in and with communities

  2. Experience with program assessment, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation processes.

  3. Experience with faith, community based and child focused empowerment programs.

License, registration, or certification required to perform this position:

  1. Driving license.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  1. Strong understanding of community-led development work

  2. Creative and able to apply innovative thinking, partnership building and problem solving skills;

  3. Strong facilitation skills, including catalyzing, connecting, and building the capacity of community groups

  4. Good analytical and writing skills; Basic understanding of design, monitoring, and evaluation

  5. Good interpersonal skills and cross-cultural sensitivity, abilities to work as a team.

  6. Effective in written and oral communication; able to speak and write with a proper standard of English.

  7. Computer literacy; Strong computer skills including Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Work Environment

  • Willingness to be flexible with hours when necessary and able to travel often in the field


Individual Level

Leadership Level

Organisational Level

Achieving quality results & service.

Practisingaccountability & integrity.

Communicating information effectively.

Thinking clearly, deeply & broadly.

Understanding the Humanitarian Industry.

Practising innovation & change.

Demonstrating Christ-centred life & work.

Learning for growth & development.

Maintaining work/life balance & effectiveness.

Building collaborative relationships.

Practising gender & cultural diversity.

Influencing individuals & groups.

Understanding World Vision’s mission & operations.



(within WV or outside WV)

Reason for Contact

Frequency of Contact

(Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

Community Engagement & Social Change Coordinator

Approval, Consultation and guidance


DME / communication coordinator (Zonal)

Compliance with LEAP/DM&E standards


SRS team at the NO

Insure standards are met with quality


Technical leads

Technical review/recommendations/staff development






Zonal Admin/Procurement


As required


Budgets revision/planning

As required


Decision-making responsibilities this position may have that do not require prior approval.

Routine decisions within scope of work

Decisions related to day to day management of work as per the job responsibilities stated above

Purchasing decisions made within approval limits for this position

Decisions making referred to higher authority or that are controlled by policy.

Decisions which have an impact outside of area of work and/or impact operations

Capital expenditure decisions or purchasing decisions above approval limits for this position

Exceptions to policy decisions or decisions requiring a change to policy.

Decisions requiring input from other departments

The most common wayin which this position assign work and how it is reviewed.

This position will have routine meetings with supervisors where verbal instruction and updates are given. In addition, they will do formal written evaluations annually.

Interpersonal Skills.

1. Problem solving skills

2. Effective Team work

World Vision is committed to the protection of children and vulnerable adults and does not employ staff whose background is not suitable for working with children or vulnerable adults.