Supply Chain Coordinator - Global Fund HIV/AIDS & TB Program

International Role - Yes
2+ Years

*Please submit your CV in English.


World Vision is seeking a Supply Chain Coordinator (SCC) for the anticipated Global Fund HIV/AIDS an TB Program to be implemented during 2021-2023 Implementation Period in Haiti. As a member of the Global Fund Principal Recipient Management Unit (GF PRMU), and under the leadership and strategic direction of the Chief of Party (COP), the Supply Chain Coordinator (SCC) is responsible for effectively managing the supply chain function in accordance with Global Fund and World Vision procedures to support the rapid implementation of the Global Fund program which will have the greatest impact on process improvement, simplification, standardization and cost control, thereby ensuring the achievement of the grant results.


Project Requirements:

  • Understand the requirements of the Global Fund program and apply for daily work.

  • Compliance with Global Fund project requirements to meet supply needs.


  • Facilitate procurement planning from project planning. Review the performance of the procurement work plan and assess its efficiency and effectiveness, identify its weaknesses and success and make recommendations for necessary follow up.

  • Advise and seek the approval of internal clients for changes to original requests.

  • Facilitates to all parties the rapid resolution of problems that could have an impact on meeting the needs of the applicant and the communities.

  • Identify alternative sources of supply for materials / services not under contract.

  • Work with logistics to ensure safe delivery and receipt of ordered materials.

  • Resolving conflicts with deliveries and suppliers.

  • The procurement requirements for the project are met through proactive planning of the procurement stages.

Strategic Sourcing:

  • Perform the market assessment and supplier prequalification process according to the guidelines defined based on the guidelines defined for the assigned categories.

  • Manage the RFQ / RFP process, including baselines and price survey methods, in accordance with the approved framework for the assigned categories.

  • Conduct negotiations for the assigned categories.

  • Oversee / do procurement events and oversee all procurement related processes for the project.

  • Preparation of the tender documents of the Purchasing Committee to ensure their completeness to allow an informed decision-making process.

  • Facilitate meetings of the supply committee and ensure that appropriate documentation is kept.

  • The strategic procurement stages are correctly followed for all the categories assigned.

Management of Contracts and Supplier Relationships:

  • Precisely fill in the master data management form (or the contract / supplier register).

  • Monitor and complete the closing, renewal or redemption of the contract, as applicable, for the products awarded.

  • Ensure that contractual conditions and performance indicators are understood by suppliers.

  • Identify and resolve or escalate contract issues both internally and externally.

  • Analyze supplier performance based on information from customer reviews and other sources and coordinate with the supplier for improvement. Contracts and supplier relationships are managed for all affected categories.

Supply Execution:

  • Receive incoming purchase requests (Buyer action pending), verify specifications are clear, perform procurement event if required items are not already under contract, update PR with file of actual supplier and release the PR for approval.

  • Follow procurement policies and guidelines in supplier award decisions below the applicable threshold.

  • Ensure that the procurements have been carried out in transparent manner using competitive procedures in line with donor and national guidelines/regulations and bring adequate value for money.

  • Conduct desk review and physical verification of goods procured under the grant.

  • Verify that all the procurements have been made in line with applicable quality assurance policies.

  • Identify overstocking /under stocking situations in the supply chain which may lead to unwarranted expiration/out of stock situation.

  • Manage order change requests in coordination with requesters, budget owners and suppliers.

  • Consolidate all documentation required for financial presentation for timely payment to suppliers for materials and services provided.

  • Conduct regular (preferably monthly) field visits to the grant recipients and implementing partners and provide independent opinion and analysis on the procurement/ supply chain management by the relevant parties. Daily supply operations are managed smoothly in accordance with policies and procedures.

Data Management, Analysis and Reporting:

  • Collect and analyze organization-wide data to support decision making.

  • Provide support in the design of business metrics to monitor SCM performance and manage alerts when the performance trigger is violated.

  • Conduct expense analysis to support strategic sourcing activities and supplier relationship management.

  • Prepare a summary report of responses to suppliers' offers for the Purchasing Committee award decision meetings.

  • Track and analyze purchasing performance and savings against established target levels.

  • Conduct cross verification of PSM data with M&E and health/programmatic, management and financial data/information.

  • Conduct comprehensive PSM analysis and reflect in the PSM-related sections of the obligatory reporting template as per the GF requirements.

  • Availability of information allowing supervisors to make decisions.

Process, Procedure and Policy:

  • Perform all procurement related tasks in accordance with approved procurement policies, processes and guidelines.

  • Management of advice regarding any impractical challenge / risk / guidelines.

  • Collect customer feedback regarding policies, processes and directives, and report to management NO for improvements or changes.

  • Review with partners / sub-beneficiaries, their policies, procedures and etc. SCM to identify gaps, document them in evaluation reports and capture them in capacity building plans.

  • Identify risks which may lead to diversion of health and non health products/frauds.

  • Identify if the products under the grant are used for the purpose for which they were procured.

  • Discuss with the line manager and PRMU responsible staff any other institutional and PSM aspects to be reviewed and take action accordingly.

  • Adherence to the process, project procedure and donor policies to meet supply needs.

Supply and Coordination of logistical Support Services for the Project:

  • Ensure that all logistical requirements (customs and import processes, warehousing and distribution) are identified, planned and delivered on time.

  • Manage logistics warehousing contracts (if outsourced), outsourced transport.

  • Ensure internal transportation services are planned and delivered on time and in a suitable manner.

  • Ensure that all internal warehouses have the necessary equipment, procedures and inventory system for project equipment.

  • Ensure that all government regulations regarding imports are followed and that pre-approval is processed on time with an appropriate commitment.

  • Ensure that customs services are performed on time so that imported goods are cleared and delivered on time to avoid demurrage and to ensure that they are used at the time of control.

  • Coordinate with operations for the timely transportation and distribution of project goods.

  • High quality and timely logistics services for project operations.

Coordinating ICT Support Services for the Project:

  • Ensuring that Projects staff have all required ICT equipment and services.

  • Ensuring that project staff have routine support services.

  • Collaborating and engaging with ICT Cordinator on all ICT services, projects that the Project uses.

  • Ensuring that all ICT policies are adhered to by Project staff.

  • Readily effective and efficient ICT Services and availability of all working ICT tool for the staff and the project.

Development and Implementation of Systems:

  • Collect and gather useful data that can be used to improve the general systems in place and communicate this information to the immediate supervisor.

  • Operational purchasing.

Control and Compliance:

  • Pre-select suppliers for all new suppliers and maintain records.

  • Participate in the development of risk identification and assessment tools, registers and other tools and assess SCM and contractual risks for the purchase of goods, works or services.

  • Maintain proper filing and record keeping as directed by management.

  • Coordinate with requesters to close open purchase orders in a timely manner.

  • Implementation of approved audit recommendations in the procurement process in accordance with the directions given by the CEO.

  • Participate in the partner / sub-beneficiary review process, the internal control system in the procurement process to identify gaps, document them in evaluation reports and capture them in capacity building plans.

  • Periodically monitor the progress of the implementation of the recommendations and update the management of all parties.

  • Risks related to supply are identified, recorded and mitigation measures are taken.

Leadership and Coaching:

  • Manage the performance of direct reports through performance reviews, frequent conversations and other methods, if applicable. Be brave by providing coaching or feedback for continuous performance improvement.

  • Ensure that all GB project supply chain staff understand policies, processes and systems.

  • Plan and coordinate ministerial meetings to review the status of tasks and inform the management team of the progress of departments' functions.

  • Direct reports are clear on deliverables, well monitored and have taken corrective action.

Training and Capacity Building:

  • Identify PSM weaknesses and make recommendations with timeframes for necessary follow up by the grant recipients and implementing partners.

  • Coordinate, participate and / or train staff in supply chain staff and other project departments on all WVI supply chain policies, policies, procurement, donor requirements, processes and systems that apply to this project.

  • Perform partner / sub-recipient capacity assessment and capacity building plans in accordance with defined framework / guidelines.

  • Train partners / sub-beneficiaries on the basis of the approved capacity building plan, monitor progress. Coordinate with internal stakeholders in monitoring progress and submit progress reports to management.

  • Direct reports and partners are clear about donor requirements, VM procurement policies, processes and other supply chain directives.


  • A Graduate Degree (MSc. equivalent) in: Public Health; Pharmacy; or Medicine or other related discipline like business administration, procurement or similar diploma, or equivalent experience.

  • At least 5 years of experience in procurement or supply chain health products and pharmaceuticals.

  • Position requires ability and willingness to travel at home and abroad to 20% of the time.