Partnership Manager

International Role - No - Only National applicants will be considered.

Position: Partnership Manager


The Partnership Manager is the key interlocutor for all partnership processes across the organization with a specific focus on improving and maintaining quality assurance and compliance. The Partnership Manager will provide strategic guidance and support for all partnership processes and influence senior leadership by advocating for enhanced capacity building and a process that focuses on quality and true dedication to an enabling partnership model that meets both the needs of WVI and the needs of the partner organization. The Partnership Manager will provide quality assurance and compliance oversight for the partnership process from start to finish, with a specific focus on the pre-selection of partners. Ensuring best practices and the standardization and compliance of all partnership related activities, including but not limited to all partnership agreements. The Partnership Manager will further coordinate and support the Operations Team, Program Team, and support service departments toward improved capacity building initiatives for partners, while leading on the development and implementation of the Syria and Turkey Country office partnership strategy. The Partnership Manager will provide strategic leadership and support and day-to-day line management for Partnership Officers based in the field.


Partnership Compliance and Oversight

  • Provide strategic support, leadership and day-to-day line management for Partnership Officers based in the field.

  • Influence senior leadership and advocate for improved partnership strategies that enhance effectiveness and enable partners to excel in a culture of growth and a focus on quality.

  • Design and maintain a standardized toolkit for partnership engagement / implementation and management throughout project cycle.

  • Design and provide strategic oversight on all partnership agreements and ensure appropriate application of all templates according to WVI policies and procedures.

  • Ensure compliance concerning all contractual agreements, as well as the partnership process and serves as the focal point for the review and approval process of all WVI Syria and Turkey agreements, including but not limited to, SGA’s, MoUs, LoIs, and PALs.

  • Provide leadership and influence a culture of compliance across the organization for all partner related activities, ensuring that the partnership process is followed according to approved protocol and due diligence best practices.

  • Manage and lead on the development of the partnership strategy for Syria and Turkey.

  • Manage and provide leadership for the design and implementation of a partner database and dashboard and ensure all partner related documentation and evidence is appropriated electronically filed and (where necessary) physically stored to evidence data gathered, as per document storage guidelines.

  • Develop a strategy and protocol for Blocked Party Screening (BPS) across departments, concerning partner agencies and partner’s CEO/Board during the project start-up phase and again before SGA signing and notify all WV departments for immediate action when any new OFAC list updates are received.

  • Lead and manage efforts to ensure relevant staff of WV and partners attend start-up workshops, ensure that partner’s understand communication channels and how to escalate any challenges they may face during the life of the project. Lead and manage all partnership monitoring visits.

  • During project close-out, if an Asset Disposal Plan is required by the donor, work with the Grant Manager, Logistics Manager and SCM to develop and share with other departments.

  • Ensure costs associated with the project are properly invoiced and finalized.

  • All other duties as requested by the Head of Risk and Compliance for Syria and Turkey.

Provide Support to WV Operations and Programs Technical Leads Toward Improved Partnering Relationship and Ensure Compliance of all Partner Related Activities

  • Support the development of a partner monitoring plan and provide oversight for planning partner monitoring schedule.

  • Provide oversight and support the Logs Manager to conduct periodic spot checks to ensure all goods are procured as per pre-agreed Procurement Plan and submitted procurement requests.

  • Provide support to Operations to develop capacity building plans with all local partners informed by adaptive, innovative and effective capacity building methodologies.

  • Provide support and oversight for Operations to ensure partners develop their organizational development plan and ensure that necessary trainings are provided to partners as determined in the plan.

  • Work closely with WV staff to ensure departments support the development of partner capacity, including facilitating departmental teaming and ensuring WV departments meet with relevant partner staff on a regular basis.

  • Represent WV and contribute to inter-agency learning and initiatives in the Partnership-focused coordination mechanisms.

  • Lead efforts to work with Grant Managers and Technical Coordinators, immediately raising any areas of concern in relation to partners’ performance or project implementation so appropriate action can be taken.

  • Monitoring partner compliance with WV and donor rules and guidance throughout the lifecycle of our work with the partner, including: Communicating any issues to partners, and assisting them in resolving issues of noncompliance; Reviewing partner interim and final reports for donor compliance criteria, prior to submission.

  • Review and conduct desk verification on all non-financial documents/ forms received by the partners.

Partner Identification: New Partners

  • Develop a partnership 'Expression of Interest'/pre-qualified partners database including initial partner assessment and BPS screening of potential partners

  • Ensure the partnering process is followed and all partner files and agreements are tracked and filed appropriately.

  • Inspires senior leadership and staff to strengthen existing partnerships while strategically and proactively searching out opportunities for new partnerships


  • Promote inter-partners learning on common good practices and exchange of vital information

  • Feed learning into WV internal partnership approach and build capacity of WV staff to rollout approach.


  • University (Bachelor essential, master’s preferred) relevant to the field of international relations, political science, disaster management, international development humanitarian law, data management/information systems, international/political studies, sociology, population studies and other related fields).

  • Knowledge and expertise in various aspects of the program management cycle, donor regulations and compliance.

  • Five years working experience in relevant field (report writing, academic research, international non-governmental organizations work, law, risk and data analysis, grant quality and compliance)

  • Excellent organizational, analytical and oral and written communication skills in English

  • Excellent and proven interpersonal and communication skills, particularly with fellow staff donors and stakeholders

  • Demonstrated leadership skills in working collaboratively with other partners, donors, stakeholders, host country institutions and international organizations in support of a grant acquisition and/or grant management of a project.

  • Proven ability to analyze financial data to inform programmatic management decisions as per organization’s strategy.

  • Ability to work effectively under pressure and handle multiple tasks.

  • Strong training and facilitation skills.

  • Strong organization and time management skills and attention to detail.

  • Ability to work effectively with teams and communities.

  • Knowledge of and familiarity of the Syrian Crisis.

  • Ability to analyze and integrate feedback from diverse teams and reach common ground.

  • Required willingness and ability to continue to function during a crisis situation, including during a World Vision response to a manmade or natural disaster.

  • Fluency in English and Arabic.

  • Computer literate with a high degree of proficiency and productivity – specifically excellent computer skills with proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PPT and DB software.

  • High sense of responsibility and attention to detail as this position manages financial data

  • Experience in report writing, data analysis, financial reporting and public policy or humanitarian law

  • Experience in working for non-for-profit organizations and the public sector (or relevant job in the private sector such as risk analyst, compliance officer)