Regional Humanitarian Emergency Affairs Director, East Africa

International Role - Yes
1-2 Years


This position will provide strategic, innovative and operational leadership for the implementation of World Vision’s (WVs) disaster management (early warning, mitigation, response and recovery) in East Africa, to contribute to “Our Promise” and the National Office strategies. This position will provide advisory support to the Regional Office and National Offices in the implementation of Humanitarian emergency response in East Africa Region (EAR). The Regional Humanitarian Emergencies Affairs Director (RHEAD) will ensure the quality of WV’s humanitarian and emergency response and recovery engagement including the assurance of the appropriate HEA strategy, emergency response structure, policies, standards, staffing and resources. The RHEAD will also ensure that the National Offices are building effective disaster resilience of partner communities through emergency preparedness, response, mitigation and transition plan. The RHEAD will ensure support for effective mainstreaming of disaster risk reduction within longer-term development programming, through cross-functional efforts within the Integrated Ministry Team, and direct engagement with National Offices (NOs).

The position will also build relationships internally and externally to increase and promote integrated disaster management and resource development, and be an authoritative voice for policy change and learning.


Strategy and Leadership:

  • Position World Visions as a competent, innovative and effective humanitarian agency by ensuring that the East Africa region responds professionally to all categories of emergencies, under takes effective disaster management.

  • Develop EAR HEA contribution to the EAR strategic direction and the Partnerships vision for Disaster Management2020 (DM2020), using innovative and cutting edge programming and processes.

  • Work across sectors and functions to support strategy and ensure effective disaster management in all areas of WV’s work.

  • Assess pending disasters through scenario analysis and design and develop preparedness, advocacy and resourcing action plans.

  • Facilitate the establishment and functioning of emergency preparedness and response strategies on the basis of sub-regional country groupings e.g. Horn of Africa.

  • Support and advise the East Africa Region Senior Director of Operations and Regional Leader in the event of Category II and Category III declarations and Protected Humanitarian Responses.

  • Work with the resource development unit and the Support offices to ensure effective resourcing of all aspects of disaster management, including innovative new funding opportunities with non-traditional donors.

  • Working with National Offices, assess, adopt and operationalize WV’s engagement with a range of contemporary humanitarian principles, international humanitarian standards, conventions, codes of conduct, vulnerable populations, contextual & humanitarian analysis, conflict issues, at a national level.

  • Work closely with other teams for appropriate integration in East Africa Region.

  • Working closely with National Directors, the Regional Security Adviser and Office of Corporate Security (OCS), promote appropriate measures to ensure risks are objectively assessed, mitigated and communicated to staff especially in medium to high risk locations.

  • Coordinate and supervise the East Africa Region HEA team in areas of policy analysis, communications and programming.

Operational Support:

  • Ensure National offices have the technical and managerial capacity to respond to Cat 2 and 3 responses, by using response registers or by provide short term leadership of emergencies.

  • Monitor all East Africa HEA projects on a regular basis, noting policy implications, and offering appropriate support to ensure projects are managed according to World Vision International (WVI) and international standards.

  • Lead the integration of HEA activities with other line ministries (Development and Advocacy) and sectors.

  • Ensure that the HEA regional team works collaboratively with National Office HEA teams in providing technical guidance and expert advice to enhance the quality of HEA programs.

  • Develop strategic linkages with Support Offices and donors to increase visibility of WV programmes and widen funding base of East Africa Region National Office’s in emergency preparedness, response and disaster risk reduction.

  • Leverage emergency response resources including people, budget and infrastructure to ensure smooth relief operation.

  • Contribute to the development of global HEA policies, guidelines and standards and provide leadership in contextualizing and mainstreaming these within the East Africa Region.

  • Lead the development and adapt effective HEA models and strategies in disaster preparedness, mitigation and response.

  • Collaboratively work with National Office, Global Rapid Response Team (GRRT) and regional HEA team in ensuring smooth management and operational transition after major relief operation.

  • Facilitate the development of crisis country clusters for emergency response at sub-regional level.

  • Facilitate the monitoring, evaluation and documentation of HEA responses in NOs.

Technical Support/Capacity Building:

  • Support capacity building of HEA units at NO level, including technical staff and Learning Centers to build understanding and engagement in disaster management to support ensuring clear goals and accountabilities are established and achieved.

  • Lead the East Africa Region HEA team in ensuring that national offices have the knowledge, skills, resources tools and capacity to maximise mitigation, preparedness, response and transition at a community level.

  • Ensure individuals’ performance and development needs are met, and employees are high performing and engaged.

  • Engage in NO HEA staff hiring processes.

  • Assure that National Offices have a functioning National Emergency Prepardness Response Fund (NEPRF) in place as per the NEPRG policy guidelines.

  • Ensure that Regional Rapid Response Team capacity is recruited, built and developed.

  • Promote and ensure high standards of programmatic quality in such areas as emergency programming and DME.

  • Facilitate transition strategies so that relief programs are integrated into national offices and regional entities where feasible.

  • Ensure that ICRC / NGO Code of Conduct including SPHERE and other humanitarian minimum standards are maintained in responses.

  • Ensure that the NOs, National and Community DPPs are updated as frequently as necessary.

  • Assist in establishing Early Warning systems and strengthening Early Warning and Early Action implementation.

  • Participate in, and facilitate lessons learned processes, program evaluations and audits (operational as well as financial) of NO/PO programs, and contribute to post-audit monitoring and remedial activities.

  • Lead the assessment, development and implementation of an integrated regional capacity building plan based on regional HEA priorities and strategy.

  • Strengthen the Regional and National Disaster Management Teams and ensure timely deployment or secondment of relevant members.


  • Provide oversight on overall department plan and budget ensuring that operations and project implementation are within approved plan and budget.

  • Ensure that staff annual objectives, performance indicators and learning development plans are achieved.

  • Provide oversight to the management of exceptions during emergency responses in collaboration with the Regional Finance Director.

  • Actively promote staff care practices & policies within the Integrated Ministry team and with NO counterparts.

  • Ensure the proactive and consistent cross-functional engagement of the HEA team as an integral part of the East Africa Region Senior Management Team.

Collaborations and Learning:

  • At a strategic and policy level, represent WV with Government agencies, UN, INGO and Church bodies, in collaboration with National Offices (if present), dealing with macro and local issues regarding humanitarian principles including advocating on key issues which affect the most vulnerable.

  • Enhance constructive collaboration with Global Centre (GC), EAR departments, Support Offices (SOs), Global capitals, NO’s, regional networks, institutional donors and organizations at regional and country level to ensure effective and efficient disaster management.

  • Promote continuous learning in the field of HEA at regional level and ensuring that NOs take up good practices. Share learning, innovations and better practices across the region and HEA Community of Practice (CoP).

  • Ensure HEA is contributing to Child Well Being (CWB) reporting and breaking silos between development and relief.

  • Active engagement in HEA CoP.

  • Working with the External Relations director, represent WVEAR in strategic forums that could enhance WVs profile.

  • In line with NO and Regional Office (RO) strategy, build consortium and relationships with other agencies for disaster management.

Knowledge Management:

  • Lead the process of continuous learning in HEA practices, systems and tools that will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness the organization.

  • Encourage mutual learning between National Offices within the East Africa Region and between other regions.

  • Contribute to establishment and use of HEA regional data bases and e-resources including regional good practices relating to human resources and organizational development as part of wider knowledge management strategy.

  • Facilitate formation and coordination of regional HEA forum or network that contributes to strategy action and promotes learning.

  • Facilitate the documentation of best practices and contribute to the community of practice and center of excellence.

Internal & External Liaison and Collaboration:

  • At a strategic and policy level, represent WV with Government agencies, UN, INGOs, in collaboration with National Offices (if present), dealing with macro and local issues regarding humanitarian principles including advocating on key issues which affect the most vulnerable.

  • Act as a strategic link and focal point for regional HEA connecting National Offices, Support Offices and Global Center for mutual support.

  • Enhance constructive collaboration with regional networks, institutional donors, Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) members, technical working groups and organizations at regional and country level to ensure effective and efficient disaster management.

  • Participate and actively contribute to partnership forums, working Groups and networks related to HEA as deemed necessary by regional leadership.

  • Work with other members of the Area Program (AP) team to ensure sound HEA practices within the wider ministry of World Vision in the region.

Quality Assurance / Risk Management:

  • Ensure that HEA operation is compliant to WV’s policies, procedures, practices and standards.

  • Ensure that HEA operation is compliant with international standards, practices and procedures such as Core Humanitarian Standards, Child Protection Minimum Standards, Code of conducts, etc.

  • Collaborate with Regional Program Quality team in adapting and integrating DME standards, Learning through Evaluation with Accountability and Planning (LEAP) framework and tools in HEA planning for disaster preparedness and mitigation.

  • Support the Regional Leadership in alignment of the National Office strategies, quality and needs related to HEA.

  • Ensure that all HEA operation minimize and mitigate audit risks.


  • Carry out additional responsibilities as assigned by the Senior Director Operations (SDO).

  • Attend and participate in devotional meetings.


  • Masters-level degree in management or similar.

  • A Minimum of 10 years in operational humanitarian experience with minimum of five years in a leadership role, preferably in Africa.

  • Strong empirical knowledge of the humanitarian sector including humanitarian charters, laws and standards.

  • Strong commitment to WV’s vision, mission and core values.

  • Strong ability and commitment in critical networking, relationship building, and partnerships, especially those outside of WV itself.

  • Understanding of management and integration in a cross functional management matrix model.

  • Strong skills in strategy development, prioritization and implementation.

  • Understanding of and comfort with providing leadership in an increasingly globalized organization in an increasingly complex industry environment.

  • Proven ability to manage large numbers of staff, efficiently and effectively, whether in a live or virtual environment.

  • Demonstrates Christ-centered life and work.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

  • High degree of negotiation and persuasion skills.

  • Ability to travel internationally as needed.

  • Ability to work with a reasonably level of comfort in high tension and high security risk situations.

  • Ability to maintain performance expectations in diverse cultural contexts, psychologically stressful environments and physical hardships.

  • Strong written and verbal skills in English and with another language.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 30% of the time.