Country Program Director – WV Laos

Vientiane City
Sikhotabong District
International Role - Yes
1-2 Years


The Laos Country Program Director will lead, direct, develop and manage all aspects of World Vision’s Field Office in Laos, ensuring ministry impact of the highest, cost effective quality and accountability according to the relevant policies, protocols and standards of World Vision.

The Laos Country Program Director will:

  • Provide strategy and leadership to the World Vision Laos team.

  • Provide strong operational management of all aspects of WV Laos program.

  • Develop strong ministry objectives where communities, Government agencies and donors/supporters are able to directly contribute to the achievement of child well-being outcomes.

  • Actively engage in and support funding acquisition.

  • Carry out engagement activities with partners and other stakeholders.

  • Provide strategic leadership for Our Voice action plan and support people and culture management for World Vision Laos.

  • Provide leadership to financial management including having low administrative cost.

  • Ensure compliance with all relevant laws, standards and requirements, including local country requirements.

  • Ensure all risks are minimized and managed well.

  • Be a role model of being a servant leader - living and leading following Christian principles.


Strategy and Leadership:

  • Provide leadership, encouragement and support to the office and staff in Laos with the support and guidance of WV Cambodia Senior team and National Director.

  • Plan for and implement a Laos strategy and multi-year business plan.

  • Provide strategic leadership to the Laos staff, supporting and managing all operations in WV Laos to ensure implementation is efficient and effective and meets the goals and objectives of the World Vision, donors and community partners.

Operational Management:

  • Develop annual operating program plans and budgets for Laos to ensure they are in accordance with the country strategy, and World Vision International’s Core Documents, policies, protocols and strategic imperatives.

  • Ensure a relevant, timely and accurate flow of management and operational reports to meet reporting standards of the support and donor partners.

  • Strengthen evidence-based programming, and enable operations staff to use evidence for improved decision making.

  • Support Zonal Managers and AP teams with situation analysis, baselines, design framework, concept paper and proposal writing, multi-year and annual planning and budgeting.

  • Ensure the sectoral integration and implementation of advocacy to positively influence child well-being.

  • Ensure that Laos specific Security and Safety requirements are developed and in place, including setting standards, performance requirements, monitoring security status, and responding to security incidents when escalated.

  • Develop and maintain capacity to respond promptly to all Category I and II emergency relief responses.

Ministry Objectives:

  • Support and guide the Program Quality Associate Director in ensuring all programs and projects are integrated so that a true holistic approach to transformational development is found in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the work of WV in Laos.

  • Define a clear landscape view of the needs of communities in Laos, identifying need at community, area and country levels particularly MVC to enable the story to be told to donors/supporters.

  • Support Laos staff in identifying and fostering connections between communities and donors/supporters with a focus on both the quality of Ministry and the donor/supporter experience.

  • Facilitate a strong and effective working relationship between Area Program Managers and Program Quality Technical Staff.

Funding Acquisition:

  • Provide key role in the development of a funding strategy for the Laos office, in coordination with WV Cambodia National Director and its Director Strategy & Programme Quality.

  • Support prepositioning to secure new funding opportunities, including through establishing networks and relationships with key stakeholders in order to position the office appropriately to secure funding going forward.

  • Ensure the financial sustainability of World Vision ministry in Laos through a proactive approach to funding acquisition and marketing World Vision’s programs to potential donors/supporters.

  • Contribute to the view of pipeline projects, resources and expense forecast for funding future.

Public Engagement:

  • Represent WV Laos to government, ensuring WV’s registration and Project MoU are got on a timely basis adhering to all the laws and policies of Lao PDR.

  • Ensure renewals and fulfillment of joint protocols and agreements including MoUs are done in line with WV’s identity as an international partnership of Christian and with WV Core Values and Mission Statement.

  • Support Public Engagement Director in securing all necessary government approvals, including MOUs on a timely basis.

  • Represent World Vision to key partner agencies, UN agencies, local and international non-government organizations, churches, media, donors and community leaders.

  • Lead and facilitate strategies to raise awareness of and advocate for change in key issues within the country. Ensure WV is positioned as a leading NGO in promoting the wellbeing of children and families in the communities where WV works.

  • Represent WV in INGO steering committee.

People Management:

  • Provide performance-based leadership that builds and motivates effective teams to achieve the complex scope of World Vision’s ministry and ensures accountability through appropriate performance management.

  • Review and approve the office succession plan to ensure that proper capacity is in place and the succession plan is updated and executed.

  • Develop and coach the senior leadership team in Laos.

  • Ensure gender and ethnic diversity at all levels according to relevant policies and guidelines.

  • Ensure the protocols and procedures for staff security, child protection, risk management, stress management and staff care are implemented and monitored.

  • Work in collaboration with the Cambodia Field Office and its leadership to ensure appropriate strategic, technical quality ministry and functional support is available to the Laos team is provided where needed.

Financial Management:

  • Exercise good stewardship over all resources by maintaining financial control, procedures and records, according to accountability standards required by World Vision International.

  • Ensure the management and regular, systematic review of all budgets, project funding, expenditures and accomplishment of ministry objectives and ensure all programs and projects remain with budget.

  • Oversee compliance with all relevant sections of the Field Financial Manual including proper accounting systems and practices.

  • Work in partnership with the Cambodia Field Office to ensure appropriate strategic and technical Finance support is available to the Finance team in Laos.

  • Ensure Supply Chain Management principles and procedures are followed to reduce risk and possibility of implementing ProVison.

  • Ensure agreed Administrative cost % is maintained by having continuous process improvement.


  • Ensure the office complies with both WV and all local legal requirements and standards.

  • Represent World Vision in courts, if required.

  • Ensure the WV Laos team consistently manages and applies all aspects of the WVI Enterprise Risk Management system.

  • Ensure and oversee proper mechanisms for Adult safety and Child Protection (Safeguarding) and other WVI Standards and Principles implementation.

Christian Leadership:

  • Model a high standard of personal Christian leadership, maturity and integrity as an example to staff and to commend World Vision to various publics.

  • Ensure that spiritual formation for staff results in regular worship, prayer, and biblical reflection that leads to transformational ministry and spiritually active staff.

  • Ensure appropriate Christian witness strategy which are legally allowable by the Government of Laos.


  • Degree in international development, business administration, social science, management or related discipline, preferably at Masters level.

  • Significant leadership experience particularly in driving organizational and cultural change programs.

  • Experience in establishing an office or organization, including developing strategy, system, structure and having prior experience in changing organizational culture.

  • Previous demonstrable success in providing a high level of representational engagement in a complex environment.

  • Experience in managing Development/Relief and Advocacy programs.

  • Cross-cultural leadership skill - candidates must have experiences working globally in different context and especially in an Asian culture.

  • Having prior experience in working with a Government in a socialist country.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Inspirational leadership.

  • Visionary and strategic abilities.

  • Excellent people and representational skills.

  • Ability to work under pressure and make key decisions that impact the safety and wellbeing of WV staff.

  • Cross cultural skills – good understanding of country political, social-economic and cultural context.

  • Cross cultural sensitivity- flexible world view, emotional maturity and physical stamina.

  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, and demonstrated ability to communicate cross-culturally.

  • Good interpersonal skills with ability to build personal and team-based relationships with staff, partners, leaders at all level and especially with Government.

  • A firm understanding of complex security environments is essential.

  • Good analytical skills and a demonstrated ability to think creatively and innovatively, preferred.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • Operations are spread country wide, so ability to travel on a monthly basis to project sites is helpful.