Deputy Project Manager (MOFA Japan)

International Role - No - Only National applicants will be considered.
2+ Years


WV International Lao PDR is in the final progress of getting approval from Japan Government of a grant to implement iREAD (Improved Reading, Environment and Advancement in school for children) in Thapangthong district, Svannakhet province. The project will implement Unlocking Literacy (UL), an evidence-based approach that aims to improve teaching methods for classroom reading and to engage students, families and communities in reading activities outside of school. UL brings a holistic approach that works with teachers, parents and community members to create a supportive literacy environment that can sustain reading improvements for children both in and out of school. The activities are built around promoting the five core reading skills that research shows are central to learning to read: letter knowledge, phonemic awareness, reading fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. This model has a strong assessment component, its baseline serves not only for endline comparisons but also diagnostically, for informing and modifying the design of the intervention.

Fit for School: The model focuses on providing training and support for teachers to implement a daily hand-washing and tooth-brushing activity with students. Hand-washing stations (called Washalots) are installed in each school (with the number of stations depending on the number of students at the school) to support these daily hygiene activities.

School Sanitation and Hygiene Triggering (SHT): The School Sanitation & Hygiene Triggering basic method is activity-based and child-center model which includes games, exercises, theory and interaction between children. The messages deal with improved school sanitation, disposal of human excreta and other personal hygiene issues, with the expectation that the learning will be spread by the children to their homes and communities.

The Deputy Project Manager Education Advisor (DPM) will work closely with International Project Manager and will be responsible for implementation of activities and government relations in their target district. With a strong technical background in education, the DPM will coordinate activities and monitoring for target villages. The DC is also responsible for supervision of the Education and Wash coordinators that work within their district. Responsibilities of this position will include:

  • Develop and manage annual project implementation plans and budgets in collaboration with Project Manager and Education Specialist.

  • Oversee and support Project coordinators to ensure project quality implementation, including purchase and delivery of equipment and approval of project inputs.

  • Provide assistance to Project Coordinators and government counterparts to prepare monthly plans of activities, and to monitor, reflect on and document lessons from field monitoring.

  • Setup and maintain adequate filing system at all project office locations, for soft-copy and hard-copy. Filing system should be in logical order for easy access and retrieval and ensure key documents are from all locations are consolidated in one location for easy handover at the end of the project.

  • Develop dynamic relationships with the Ministry of Education and other relevant institutions at national, provincial and district levels and support WVL BNC Coordinators to do the same at district level – including organizing district, province and annual meeting and government reporting according to the MOU.

  • Networking with key non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other development agencies for shared learning, joint implementation and leveraging similar education interventions as relevant to the project.

  • Ensure any problems or challenges are effectively communicated so that delays can be overcome and the project goals achieved.

Major Responsibilities of Job:

  1. Adaptation and Implementation of Project approaches

  • As needed, Guide/lead feasibility assessments in technical area

  • Provide guidance on annual planning so that sectoral "best practices, lessons learned etc." are integrated into technically sound business plans and services are coordinated.

  • Responsible for mapping and representation in sector related provincial partner integration for implementation.

  • Develop/review and update annual, semi-annual and monthly budget and detail implementation plan.

  • Recommend effective consultations with communities, partners and donors in the adaptation and refinement of TP and relevant project models based on evidence and learning from TP implementation-(particularly during planning and review )

  1. Project Management

  • Manage scope & requirements of the technical programme & Community Engagement to ensure programme is implemented within the agreed design.

  • Responsible for Project annual budget implementation and compliance to donor requirements.

  • Contribute to development of an agreed LEAP business process, particularly those with sector focus. Follow this business processes within agreed timelines for all LEAP documents.

  • Organize /facilitate the development, pre-testing and production of culturally relevant communication materials to ensure effective and efficient program delivery, including facilitating behavior change, where necessary.

  • Facilitate, assist donor visits and participate in donor visits when necessary.

  • In times of emergency, provide technical support to disaster responses as directed by line management

  • Represent WVI-Lao at provincial level and engaging in advocacy relevant to objectives, using credible M&E data and evidence.

  1. Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting

  • Working closely with NO M&E, CE, and technical specialists and coordinate the TP baseline and evaluation process.

  • Collect, analyse and communicate TP monitoring data for standardised indicators and communicate to key stakeholders

  • Contribute to NO Child Well-Being (CWB) reporting by providing input on TP-related strategic objective progress

  • Lead reflection and learning of technical project models and CE implementation for ongoing feedback and improvement.

  • Work with sector specialist and NO Leader to ensure that lessons learnt from WV and other stakeholders are adequately incorporated into programming as well as TP re-design and strategy revision and Annual Programme Review.

  • Participate in relevant community of practice to share lessons learnt, good practice and bring in new learning to improve TP implementation.

  • Responsible for Monitoring of planned project activities and development of checklists and mechanisms for supervision and monitoring.

  1. Programme Leadership and Team Management

  • Manage/supervise sector Project Coordinators and team and conduct regular team meetings, plan and coordinate capacity building support, discuss issues and evaluate progress again monthly work plans and annual performance objectives.

  • Guide staff to establish appropriate feedback mechanism for ongoing improvement in programme implementation.

  • Develop and deliver curriculum (ToT) training to Province /Government counterpart staff to enable staff to deliver accountable, evidence based, quality ministry that brings sustained improvements to well-being of children.

  • Conduct monitoring support visits to field implementing sector projects and provide field technical consultation as requested, to ensure quality activities are implemented.

  • Responsible for transferring skills to front line staff to enabling them to understand and translate evidence based approaches. Orient/train Team on technical project model.

  1. Networking and External Relations

    • Work with Technical specialist to manage provincial relationships with Government and relevant organisations

    • Support advocacy components to influence local policy implementers/decision makers at district and/or commune levels through use of the evidence-based, etc.

    • Play a key role in MOU development for sector and implementation of MOU.

    • Build relationships, partnerships and coordination with external stakeholders increases the influence and quality of World Vision in relation to Child Wellbeing.


  • Bachelor’s degree (Master’s preferred)

  • Certification in 1-2 core competency areas.

  • 4+ years of experience working with education programming (eg. literacy, early childhood education, teacher training, etc.).

  • 2+ years in handling and leading broad teams.

  • Experience with M&E for education programming (learning outcomes as well as tracking process indicators).

  • Experience dealing with Provincial and District-level government, especially the MoES offices.

  • Experience with organizing trainings, providing coaching and mentoring.

  • Understanding of the Education Sector in Laos – policies, challenges, issues, reform agenda, MoES Action Plan/s, etc.

  • Understanding of school WASH.

  • Particular understanding of issues around literacy and learning outcomes in Laos.

  • For the EdLS sector this includes becoming certified as a “Master Trainer” in 1-2 of the EdLS subject areas.

  • List of competencies (Competency ELS)

    • M&E: Support literacy assessments

    • Literacy: Lead programming for literacy

    • Literacy: Provide teacher education and support

    • Literacy: Community Action – parents

    • Literacy: Community Action – community literacy volunteers).

    • Literacy: Support the development of teaching & learning materials (TLM)

    • School WASH.


  • Willingness to learn and be pro-active about personal professional development

  • Good organizational team management ( planning, organising ) and coordinating skills

  • Ability to pro-actively influence, network, and collaborate with local level government and NGOs

  • Good communication skills in Lao and English (written and verbal)

  • Ability to demonstrate problem solving, interpersonal and communication skills (including facilitation)

  • Thorough knowledge and ability of MS Office

  • Ability to demonstrate project management and foster a collaborative, team oriented atmosphere

  • Integrity, honesty, and accountability to both the team and the community

Work Environment: Willingness to stay in the communities.

Interested candidates are invited to submit a COVER LETTER and CV to the address below. Please indicate the POSITION TITLE. Deadline for application is 23 October 2019, however applicants are encouraged to apply early as applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and the position will close early if a suitable candidate is found.

Women are strongly encouraged to apply.

Mail: People and Culture Department

P.O. Box 312 Vientiane 01005

Email: [email protected]