Sponsorship Development Facilitator-Bekaa



The purpose of the position is to serve as a catalyst, partnership broker, and builder of the capacity of local partners, facilitating the community-led initiatives to improve and sustain the well-being of children and their families.

To implement with partner the program activities and sponsorship Operation and to facilitate the participation and engagement of Registered Children in programs by applying Sponsorship standard.


% Time

Major Activities

End Results Expected


Build Strong Relationship and understanding of Sponsorship Operations.

Local community trusts WV and is willing to work for the benefit of the most vulnerable children and welcomes the sponsorship concept.

  • Build positive and constructive relationships with community members and partners in order to understand their realities and facilitate development processes effectively.

  • Strengthen the understanding of community development and ownership and of social sustainability among the stakeholders in the area.

  • Increase the understanding of and sensitivity to child development and child vulnerability factors among community members and partners

  • Communicate effectively World Vision’s identity, mission, vision, values and its approach in order to work in ways that are contextually appropriate and clear.

  • Undertake social networks analysis in order to understand the functions various stakeholders fulfill, power dynamics, and to identify potential local partners and assess their capacity building needs.

  • Ensure community understanding of sponsorship and respond to questions and concerns promptly and sensitively

  • Ensure partners, including their volunteers and children, are involved in managing the ongoing registration of children.

  • Conduct community sensitization to ensure that parents understand sponsorship before registration through appropriate activities.

  • Plan and implement as per sponsorship guidelines activities that promote children’s participation using child-friendly methods and tools.

  • Work closely with the sponsorship officer to apply Child Monitoring Standards and processes in program activities in ways that promote their outcomes.

  • Equip partners, volunteers and community groups to monitor children through visits and project activities.

  • Prepare and gather sponsorship 2.0 requirements such as child video greetings, community photos albums and others as requested via mobile Horizon.

  • Follow up on children with child well-being and report any issue that require case management with proper follow up.

  • Ensure the presence and participation of children in all sector activities and provide accurate means of verification.

  • Ensure accurate data entry via Horizon mobile phone.

  • and report in a timely manner.

  • Conduct regular visits to children to process incoming and outgoing correspondence such as thank you letter, Introductory letter report, child expression worksheet, and farewell letter

  • Report on child protection incident to the related assigned staff member.

  • Take the lead in distributing any community support items or gift in kinds while gathering necessary means of verification


Assist in Program planning and implementation

Projects goals and activities are implemented effectively according to the community needs

  • Actively support program team leader in project planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting processes relevant to assigned area

  • Work with social groups to support, monitor and evaluate ongoing activities according to approved stated objectives, plan of action, M&E tools, budget and record progress.

  • Actively participate in sharing feedback, reflection and learning with proper documentation for the results.

  • Collect accurate and timely data for project design, monitoring, implementation and evaluation.

Handle Advocacy Working Groups

  • Facilitate advocacy working groups in partnership with SDCs

  • Facilitate children council advocacy working groups

  • Provide technical support for children councils and adult advocacy working groups to come up with advocacy messaging, initiatives and campaigns to tackle CP issues


Act as a Catalyst, broker and facilitator in working with partners

Relationship is built with a wide range of local partners who are willing to work for the well-being of children

  • Enable and facilitate networking and connections among local stakeholder groups and between local partners

  • Actively search for new partners within and outside the community, identify how these partners can work together towards shared priorities for child well-being and initiate, develop and manage partnership arrangements with them.

  • Work with partners to coordinate volunteers’ efforts to enable integration and synergy and prevent duplication and burn-out.


Perform other duties as required

  • Attend trainings locally and internationally.

  • Attend and participate in WVL’s spiritual nurture and other organizational events.

  • Responsible of own security and actively contribute to a positive security culture.

  • Abide by the security policies and procedures and report any incidents or breaches to line manager and / or security manager.

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Line Manager.


  • University degree in a field related to community development work (preferably with experience in a field such as sociology, public health, agriculture, economics, education, etc.).

  • 2 years of previous relevant experience, including at least one year of development facilitation in and with communities

  • Strong understanding of community-led development work

  • Basic understanding of design, monitoring, and evaluation

  • Strong critical and analytical thinking skills

  • Strong facilitation skills

  • Strong communication skills and cross cultural sensitivity

  • Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability and commitment to listen to others

  • Very good command of Arabic and English.

  • Computer literate in Microsoft Office package.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Experienced in building and maintaining relationships and networks with individuals, communities and development partners

  • Knowledge of children rights

  • Knowledge of Child well Being

  • Knowledge in Partnering principles

  • Development facilitation skills , including catalyzing, connecting, and building the capacity of community groups

  • Good negotiation skills

Work Environment

  • This position requires regular local travel

  • 80% field work with the local community

  • 20% Office based

Position requires willingness and ability to continue to function during a crisis situation, including during a World Vision response to a manmade or natural disaster.