Teacher - Basic Literacy and Numeracy (BLN)

International Role - No - Only National applicants will be considered.
Less Than 1 Year


The purpose of the position is to teach and educate students according to their educational needs and abilities and the guidelines provided by WVL. The job holder is responsible to ensure that the selected target of children and parents have the needed skills in quality non- formal education opportunities provided through BLN (Basic Literacy and Numeracy) program added to providing a quality learning environment for those students.


% Time

Major Activities

End Results Expected


Handle teaching implementation

Overall education level of children and caregivers is improved in the targeted communities.

  • Prepare and delivers lessons to a range of classes in accordance with the set respective frameworks, and using appropriate supportive illustrations and material

  • Teach according to the educational needs, abilities and achievement of the individual students and groups of students;

  • Creates a classroom atmosphere that is conducive to learning using interactive teaching approaches./ ability and skills to manage a classroom.

  • Set Weekly and periodic subject objectives at the beginning of the program.

  • Ensure high standards of professional practice and quality of teaching and learning of the subject/s.

  • Provide a range of experiences and interactive activities for children and parents

  • Manage students' behavior in the classroom appropriately in accordance with the center's and program's rules.

  • Attend Teachers’ and Parents’ meetings, workshops, and training sessions.

  • Replace absent teachers whenever needed.


Handle Progress report

Children are evaluated properly and on time

  • Provides periodic reports on the progress of the educational program.

  • Evaluate students' academic development, keeps appropriate records, prepares progress reports, and communicates with line manager on the individual students' progress.

  • Submit written students evaluations to line manager in a defined period of time.


Perform other duties as required

  • Attend and participate in capacity building trainings locally and internationally.

  • Attend and participate in WVL’s spiritual nurture and other organizational events.

  • Abide by the security policies and procedures and report any incidents or breaches to line manager and / or security manager.

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Line Manager.



  • B.A/B.S degree in teaching from an accredited institution or related field teaching

  • At least two years of professional experience in teaching or education field.

  • Ability and proven ability to report to work on a regular and punctual basis.

  • Ability to establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others.

  • Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing.

  • Excellent command of English and Arabic

  • Previous solid experience in active learning techniques.

  • Knowledge of non- formal education programming.

  • Classroom Management skills.

  • Ability to support and develop colleagues and students.

  • Excellent cross-cultural understanding and sensitivity

  • Strong problem solving, interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Critical thinking, analytical and decision making skills

  • Good interpersonal skills: ability to establish harmonious and effective working relationships with people from different backgrounds and positions

  • Integrity, honesty, and accountability to both the WVL team and the community

  • An active team member

  • At least 2 years of experience in the area of teaching or educational field. Experience in Psychosocial support is a plus.