Compliance Reporting and Accounting Officer (CARO)

International Role - No - Only National applicants will be considered.
Less Than 1 Year


The purpose of the position is to ensure cash, commodity food and livelihood program compliance with WV global standards, donor regulations, sector best practices and audit recommendations. To apply key accounting principles and financial control mechanisms to analyze cash, commodity food assistance and livelihood information, support Senior CARC in the reconciliation processes on a monthly basis across all grants, and compile all necessary internal and external reports.


% of time


End Results


Ensure Compliance, risk management

  • Compile and analyze cash, commodities food and livelihood project information (including ATM usage reports, bank statements, warehouse reports, distribution records, student/beneficiaries attendance records, cash for work beneficiary count, HH payment list…) in order to support the Senior CARC in the completion of a full programmatic reconciliation on a monthly basis;

  • Ensure that all stock (commodities, cards, pins, in kind commodities) are managed and stored in line with global standards and donor regulations.

  • Conduct regular spot-checks on projects’ documentation (Beneficiary Distribution Lists, attendance records etc.) to ensure that the distribution/attendance/stock records are supported by auditable Means of Verification and compliant with WVI/WVL/donor’s standards and best practices; communicate any findings to the Senior CARC.

  • Conduct the Physical inventory of cards/PINS on a monthly basis: collect the list of remaining lists from projects leads, conduct the physical counting/matching, communicate any finding to the Senior CARC, suggest corrective action plans in order to prevent any discrepancies and mismanagement.

  • Assist the logistics officers in the conduction of the physical inventories of the FIK commodities if needed, provide needed guidance in terms of warehouse management/stock tracking.

  • Conduct a first review of the beneficiaries’ lists (outreach lists, service lists and HHPLs) under the livelihood project; cross- check lists’ accuracy and completion; ensure that the beneficiaries’ database is well handled/managed by Project Administrator; support Senior CARC in the monthly reconciliations of payment lists.

  • Support Senior CARC in ensuring the standardization of processes and SOPs across different areas/projects.

Support the Program Manager and Senior CARC in projects’ close-out in order to ensure all projects are closed out in line with WV global standards.

Provide support to Senior CARC for any other compliance tasks (review of legal agreements, preparation of ad-hoc requests formulated from DM/Support Offices etc.).

Fraud and mismanagement risks are mitigated, MoVs/supporting documents are compliant with WV and donors standards.


Support in Reporting and record keeping/filing

  • Support the Senior CARC in the review of the monthly/quarterly internal/external reports : ensure that reports are supported by auditable accurate, complete and reliable MoVs/supporting documents.

  • Support the Senior CARC in collecting the different needed sign-offs for DM reports, check they are ready to be posted on the Disaster Grant Database/Horizon and provide needed support in posting them.

  • Engage actively in the HIRO CoC Channels and liaise with DM Information Management and Reporting Units and other countries’ HIROs in order to share knowledge and best practices.

  • Support Senior CARC in the preparation/review of WVL internal reports (GHT, SITREP, any other data requests), liaise with WVL’s Information Management Unit in order to make sure reports are submitted on a timely manner.

  • Support Project Coordinators in establishing a clear, organized, chronological and secure filing system (in both soft and hard copies when needed) across all portfolio projects, and conduct regular spot-checks to ensure filing is performed on a regular basis.

Project documents/reports are well maintained as per WV and Donor standards.


Support in Accounting, Control and Audits

  • Assist the Senior CARC in reviewing the monthly financial reports if needed, provide ad-hoc support to the project leads in payment tracking.

  • Under the Supervision of Senior CARCs, prepare any ad-hoc requests from Support Offices/DM regarding cash transfer/food value estimations/projections.

  • Support Program Manager and Senior CARC in any external/internal audit mission.

Audit recommendations are followed to ensure maintenance and efficiency of accounting procedures.


Perform other duties as required

  • Attend Program and MEAL related meetings within WVL, and with the sector, donors, and local authorities as needed.

  • Attend and participate in capacity building trainings locally and internationally.

  • Attend and participate in WVLs spiritual nurture and other organizational events.

  • Act responsible of own security and actively contribute to a positive security culture.

  • Report Child Protection (CP) incidents as per the safeguarding policy guidelines.

  • Abide by the security policies and procedures and report any incidents or breaches to line manager and / or security manager.

  • Perform other duties as assigned by Line Manager.


Required Professional Experience

  • 1-3 years of similar work experience in project/programme financial and compliance control, preferably in cash, commodities and food sectors Advanced organization skills.

  • Honest, upright and reliable person

  • Detail-oriented, rigorous, perseverant.

  • Strong Eager to deliver high-quality work.

  • Ability to write reports in a very good level of English and Arabic

Required Education,

training, license,

registration, and


  • Bachelor degree in Audit, Accounting, Finance Management, Risk Management or any similar field;

  • ;Strong computer literacy especially in Excel;

  • Ability to drive a vehicle (with license older than 1 year);

Preferred Knowledge

and Qualifications

  • Experience in audit is preferred, notably in auditing cash, commodity and food grants (risk based audit).

  • Master Degree in one of the academic requirements is a plus.

  • Demonstrated experience in performing financial/operational reconciliations;

  • Ability to understand/manage/report data effectively.

  • Ability to manage work life and work without supervision

  • Genuine team-player

  • Strong communication and inter-personal skills.

Travel and/or

Work Environment


  • The position is based in Beka Area, and is 95% office based and 5% field based.

  • The position holder shall be ready to travel to other areas for ad-hoc support if needed. (Akkar, South).

  • The position holder will be expected to be flexible in working hours and willing to work weekends and holidays as the need arises.

  • Ability to work extra hours whenever required in emergency situations and as situation demands.





  • Fluent in English and Arabic (oral and written)