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Research and Data Analyst

Job Description


The Research and Data Analyst organizes and coordinates the research agenda for WVL, while working closely with different internal stakeholders including the MEAL team, Technical Specialists, Operations team, Support Offices, and Global Center, as well as any external entity. Moreover, he/she is responsible to conduct higher-level in-depth statistical analysis for internally led outcome monitoring studies, baselines and evaluations. The purpose of this position is to ensure that WVL is producing useful and high-quality evidence and learning on sector-specific topics of interest, while supporting analysis, trending and interpretation of Technical Programmes, strategy development and revision, decision making, and stronger positioning of WVL


% Time

Major Activities

End Results Expected


Coordinate the implementation of research studies within WVL, and work closely with the MEAL team, Technical Specialists, Operations team, Support Offices, and Global Center for information needed to finalize the research plan

An effective research plan is designed and requirements of stakeholders are met


Draft research design documents or Terms of References, including detailed methodological and analysis plan sections, while taking into consideration relevant information from key stakeholders

High quality research design documents or ToRs are in place for evidence building and learning


Guide the key stakeholders in outlining a research agenda and timeline for the research topic of interest

An effective research agenda is set


Develop research budget plans, in coordination with key stakeholders and taking into consideration any specific internal or donor requirements

Resources for the implementation of research studies are adequate


Develop research tools (surveys, FGDs, KIIs, etc.) in coordination with the MEAL team, Technical Specialists Operations team, Support Offices and/or Global center

High quality research tools are developed capturing valuable and useful information


Provide training on research tools, data collection and administration for data collectors

Accurate data collection and administration of research studies is in place


Oversee the implementation of research studies according to the research plan set in place

Research studies are implemented effectively and according to the plan


Ensure that research data are recorded and stored effectively in hard and soft copies

Research data is retrievable and reportable on frequent basis and upon request


Conduct robust and in-depth statistical analysis for the data collected from research studies, using the analysis plan drafted

Research results feed meaningfully into evidence building and learning for Technical Programmes and strategy development/revision


Draft research reports including executive summaries, background, objectives, and methodology, findings, discussion, and recommendations sections.

Research reports are produced in a timely manner and with high quality, and provide evidence for Technical Programmes and strategy


Provide technical support into the research design documents, ToRs, methodologies, tools, inception reports and final reports for externally-led research studies (local or international)

Technical and adequate support is provided for externally-led research studies


Conduct reflection workshops to present the research results to key internal and/or external stakeholders, in order to validate and interpret the findings

Research results are widely disseminated and used for organizational evidence building and learning


Conduct in-depth statistical analysis for internally-led baselines, evaluations and outcome monitoring studies (as applicable)

Robust and high level statistical analysis is in place, informing WVL programming and strategy


Conduct in-depth statistical analysis for the Syria strategy impact assessment, and conduct trending of results where applicable

Robust and high level statistical analysis is in place, informing the Syria response programming and strategy


Conduct and interpret trending analysis for different internal studies, feeding into evidence-base and synthesis of information for Technical Programmes

Evidence-base for Technical Programmes and strategy development/revision is available and used


Attend relevant internal and external meetings

Information and updates specific to the MEAL unit and/or sector of interest is shared with relevant staff.


Attend internal and external trainings, workshops, events, etc.

MEAL capacities and competencies are strengthened.



  • Master’s Degree in Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Research Design, Social Science, Data Management, Information Management, Public Health, or any relevant professional qualification.

  • Proficiency in the use of statistical packages for higher-level statistical analysis, such as SPSS, STATA, EPI-Info, CS-Pro, etc.

  • Excellent knowledge about research theories, principles, standards and models, statistical definitions, quantitative/qualitative/mixed methods, validity and reliability testing of data, and scientific tools and techniques.

  • Experience in analyzing qualitative and quantitative approaches to baselines, monitoring and evaluations.

  • Excellent knowledge of information presentation techniques (graphing, charting, tabling etc.), data processing and analysis, and interpretation skills.

  • Demonstrated experience in developing survey tools (e.g. questionnaires, focus group discussions, key informant interviews, etc.).

  • Proven ability to lead and work effectively with others to achieve results, with strong skills for working in teams.

  • Strong conceptual and analytical skills for planning.

  • Excellent report writing and information dissemination skills.

  • Excellent written English, with good command of spoken Arabic and English.

  • Experience in training and facilitation.

  • Ability to work effectively under pressure.

  • Organization, planning, and time management skills.

  • Detailed oriented and able to verify data quality

  • Minimum three years of relevant working experience in the area of M&E, research, statistics and statistical inference methods, and data analysis and interpretation

  • Valid driving license (in Lebanon) for more than 2 years is required.

  • Demonstrable understanding of concepts and application in organizational learning and knowledge management

  • Knowledge of ODK database/SMAP server

  • Good contextual knowledge of local community and social/cultural constraints, realities and organizational relationships for effective project design and implementation

  • Understands fundraising, relief, development and advocacy issues, including operational consequences

  • Understands international standards in humanitarian protection and accountability (e.g. HAP, SPHERE, Red Cross, Code of Conduct, etc)

  • The position requires availability and willingness to work outside regular office hours occasionally.

  • The position requires ability to attend and participate in capacity building opportunities, trainings and meetings locally and internationally as required by the organization.