Procurement Officer

Mohale's Hoek
1-2 Years

Procurement Officer*1

Reports to: Supply Chain Coordinator

Location: National Office , Maseru

Purpose of the Position:

To effectively manage the Supply Chain function in line with World Vision’s procedures in order to support timely implementation of World Vision Programs/Projects that will have the greatest impact on process improvement, simplification, standardization and cost containment thus ensuring the achievement of the Child Well Being Outcomes.

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience

The following may be acquired through a combination of formal or self-education, prior experience or on-the-job training:

Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences (Supply Chain, Business Management, BCOM , Public

Administration) and CIPs as an added advantage

Two year’s experience in related position.


To effectively manage the Supply Chain function in line with World Vision’s procedures in order to support timely implementation of World Vision Programs/Projects that will have the greatest impact on process improvement, simplification, standardization and cost containment thus ensuring the achievement of the Child Well Being Outcomes


Business Requirements

1. Understand the department's business requirements and apply in the day to day work. Adherence to business requirements in fulfilling procurement needs


2. Facilitate annual procurement planning sessions with key stakeholders

3. Consolidate and report on the Procurement Plans

4. Review and update Item Catalog prior to the planning process activity.

5. Advise and familiarize Operations with the use of the Item Catalog Availability of complete Item Catalogs for planning process and a complete Annual Procurement Plan.

Strategic Sourcing

1. Advise on Market Assessment and Supplier Pre-Qualification process as per the direction from Coordinators and Advisors. sending bid invitations, follow-up of bids, assist coordinating pre-bid meetings as per the direction from Coordinators and Specialist.

2. Maintain all supporting documents relating to the Sourcing Events based on the document management Supervise the Sourcing events Filed Offices and Assistance work relating to sourcing.

3. Preparation of Procurement Committee submission documents based on the direction given by the Coordinators / specialists.

Procurement Committee meetings are held as per schedules (based on the sourcing plan)

Supplier Contract and Relationship Management

1. Accurately complete the master data management form (contract/supplier/ item register)

2. Manage record keeping for all contract-related correspondence and documentation (Master Data Management).

3. Communicate contract-related information to all stakeholders to ensure optimum usage of contracts.

4. Collect feedback on supplier performance as per the established SPM guidelines.

5. Availability of accurate and complete Master Data records (either in system or paper)

Procurement Execution

1. Advise on the RFP/RFQ process for spot buys as required

2. Liaise with Shared Services & Finance to resolve supplier inquiries

3. Release POs to suppliers for spot buys and assigned categories.

4.Day to Day procurement operations are managed smoothly

Data Management, Analysis and Reporting

1. Collect and organize data from projects and business units.

2. Analyze and check data for accuracy and produce the required reporting output in accordance to the Policies / Procedures & Guidelines as set by WV

3. Prepare weekly/monthly procurement status reports in order to update the customers and other stakeholders.

4. Perform Daily reconciliation exercises of all records and transactions performed within the same day and ensure that data validation, integrity and accuracy of data is meticulously maintained.

5. Consolidate all findings and convert them into useful formats as provided by SCM Manager

6. Availability of information for supervisors to take decisions.

Process, Procedure and Policy

1. Work with senior SCM teams to manage Internal customer satisfaction

2. Collect data to support performance scorecard reporting (i.e. KPIs)

3.Adherence to Process, Procedure and Policy in fulfilling procurement needs

Control and Compliance

1. Maintain proper filing and record keeping as per the guidelines set by the management.

2.Procurement Records well maintained for future reference.


Core Competency Definition

Business Needs Analysis

The ability to understand, define and shape what the operation, management and other stakeholders need

Financial Acumen

The ability to collect data, analyze costs, internal and external financial/economic data, interpret findings and translate supply chain performance into financial and programmatic impact and identify/implement cash flow improvement opportunities. Baseline

System Acumen

Ability to understand and evaluate systems and system modification and use of Office software.

Supply Market and Supplier Research

The ability to conduct market research to obtain competitive proposals from suppliers.

Category/ Sourcing Strategy Development

The ability to create a structured plan and compelling summary of the recommended category/ sourcing strategy, based on insights that deliver advantage.

Demand Management

The ability to channel/ manage volume of goods/services consumed by the business to achieve usage that is effective, efficient and minimizes waste.

Negotiation & Supplier Relations Management

The ability to obtain desired outcomes, using a variety of influencing strategies and tactics, and negotiate for strategic supplier relationships.

Contract Management

The ability to put in place the right legal form of contract and to drive internal users to comply, manage user demand and measure and analyze service performance and supplier relationship.

Supplier Performance Management

The ability to set the right performance measures for supplier/service provider to efficiently increase business performance alongside well-established monitoring and control mechanisms. Baseline

Supplier Relationship Development

The ability to determine the right level of relationship needed with a supplier and developing/executing the plan to build and manage such a relationship


The ability to demonstrate compliance to policies, industry regulations and local laws.

Risk Management

The ability to identify organizational risks including currency fluctuations and commodity price and implement appropriate mitigation plans that include segregation of duties.

Process Improvement

The ability to analyze and redesign the business processes to achieve improvement in key performance measures and identify innovative means to achieve business results.

Business Case Development

The ability to build the business case for change and to facilitate and implement the changes.

Project Management

The ability to plan, coordinate and deliver project and program activity.

Stakeholder Engagement

The ability to understand, influence and gain credibility with stakeholders in order to deliver superior business outcomes through their support.


The ability to share information with clarity and impact using multiple channels and to foster open sharing of information throughout the organization.


The ability to support colleagues to ensure team success, build relationships both internal and external to deliver organizational results, leveraging and respecting differences.

The position is contract based for a duration of two years.