Sponsorship Communications : 2.0, Horizon and Data Management


Sponsorship Communications: 2.0, Horizon and Data Management Coordinator


The Sponsorship Communications: 2.0, Horizon and Data Management Coordinator will coordinate processes that enable WVIN APs to generate products and resources (Videos, Photos, Stories) that can deepen Child Sponsorship and Community Sponsorship experience for sponsors/supporters and partners, children and communities. It requires to manage the Sponsorship Systems desktop, Horizon mobile application and data management to ensure the quality of data and efficient management of Sponsorship systems. It also requires to identify and manage data gaps in system/ child data and child media contents.

This position will provide technical support to capacitate staff of APs, partner NGOs and short term staffs to ensure quality of Child Sponsorship and Community Sponsorship products and resources including 2.0 products and Horizon Systems and application management in compliance with partnership standards. This position will lead coordination with National Office (NO) with regards to Child Sponsorship and Community Sponsorship communications in terms of Sponsorship 2.0 products and internally with APs, PNGOs and other functions of WVIN Field Office. This position requires to interact and coordinate with other functions and sectors to ensure Sponsorship Data is being triangulated and utilised to influence programmatic decisions that bring Child wellbeing and maximize RC inclusion in programmes in the APs. This position also demands to manage the registered children’s data portfolio and ensure the quality and timeliness of the information of registered children in the horizon hope reimagined.

WVIN West Sponsorship Communications: 2.0, Horizon and Data Management Coordinator will be responsible for APs in Bhajang East and West, Doti East and West, Achham East and West, Kailali East, Chisapani, Jumla, Sinja, Kanchanpur and any new additional APs that will start up under West Field Office


Responsible for maintenance and operations of Sponsorship Business Processes of Sponsorship 2.0 and Data management of WVIN’s Field Office to enable timely Sponsorship 2.0 production and Horizon systems reconciliation for relevant Area Programmes (APs) in compliance with WV global Child Sponsorship Standards and key performance indicators

Provide capacity building and technical support for WVIN’s Field Sponsorship Coordinators and staff of partner NGOs to ensure quality, integrity, security and consistency of 2.0 features and data management as well as timeliness and responsiveness of systems operations

Coordinate internal and external relationships that are critical to ensure quality child data and child and community media content acquirement

from APs/ PNGOs/ Communities

Management of Child Sponsorship 2.0 and Data management Risks in compliance with WV Global standards

Contribute to continuous quality improvement for all Child Sponsorship and Community Sponsorship systems, and organizational strategy planning processes

Manage the registered children’s data portfolio and ensure the quality and timeliness of the information of registered children including well

managed RC growth of APs in the horizon hope reimagined.

Ensure that the reports are generated timely and shared regularly to APs and timely action and follow up on GC rejected child media contents.

Liaise with MEAL functions to identify data discrepancies/gaps in WVIN's various systems and to work on ensuring the data are authentic and

consistent in all WVIN systems.


Minimum of 3 year experience in similar or equivalent positions in development sector or sponsorship-focused organization

Experience in preparing and facilitating training workshops

Experience working in a rural or remote district of Nepal

Basic storytelling techniques, Child engagement techniques, Critical thinking skills and Communication and facilitation skills, including communicating with children and adults with respect and dignity

Understanding of poverty issues, development theories and sustainable development practices including empowerment approach through community-led activities and advocacy

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science/Development Studies/ Sociology/ International Relation or any relevant field

Strong people management skills including performance management and capacity building skills (facilitation, mentoring and coaching skills)

Good analytical skills; ability to critically analyze data, identify diverging and converging trends, and recommend improvement

Good interpersonal skills and cross-cultural sensitivity. Strong collaboration and partnership skills to mobilize engagement and influence.

Computer and Technology literacy; Strong computer skills including Word, Excel, PowerPoint; Strong experience in using technology including

information management database software and platforms

User experience with WV’s data management, information platforms such as Horizon SSUI and Horizon Mobile Application


Full adherence to World Vision Child Protection & Adult Safeguuarding, Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policies.

World Vision International Nepal is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourage candidates of diverse background, women and differently abled, to apply. Only short-listed candidates will be called for the subsequent selection procedure. WVIN reserves all rights to qualify/ disqualify applications in any case.