GAM Manager (Grants Acquisition)

International Role - No - Only National applicants will be considered.
2+ Years

GAM Manager (Grants Acquisition)


To provide strategic and operational leadership to the to key relevant staff in the National Office and GAM team members in the implementation of the GAM Strategy Plan for the National Office and alignment with the Central America HUB guidelines.

Enhance NO capacity for acquiring grants and funds from public, multilateral, and private donors

Improve the pre-positioning and positioning strategy with local stakeholders, donors and other organizations to stablish linkages for partnering and collaboration.

Collaborate with other GAM Managers from the Central America HUB, to create regional proposals (Bi-Multinational) and shared experiences with donors and stakeholders.

This position’s core responsibilities include but are not limited to developing and implementing the NO(National Office)GSP (GAM Strategy Plan); co-lead (along with the HUB Director and NO Specialists) the NO’s donor engagement & positioning efforts; ensure up-to-date and accurate donor landscape mapping; keep up-to-date directory of key donor staff; inform senior leadership of key donor funding and technical trends; carry out due-diligence processes on new private donors; coordinate and/or support proposal development processes and insure all necessary conditions required by DDSs are met; tracking and reporting on GAM metrics including the on-time submission of the Q-GAM report (on excel &/or Horizon); and coordinating capacity-building activities for local non-GAM staff.


NO (National office)

Grant performance:

Grow NO grant portfolio

Achieve NO annual grant targets

Diversify the GAM portfolio

Develop & implement grant acquisition & management strategy plans (GSPs):

NO regularly updates donor landscape map & GSP

NO tracks progress against GSP & makes adjustments as needed

NO has identified key partners & is member of key grant networks

Co-lead & coordinate NO donor engagement & positioning:

Ensure all relevant staff are aware of & carry out their donor engagement roles & responsibilities & have the capacity to do so

Maintain up-to-date key donor staff directory

Track key donor funding & technical trends & pass info to relevant NO (& other Partnership) staff

Ensure timely due-diligence screening processes on new donors.

Co-lead, coordinate, & support proposal development processes:

Provide leadership to proposal-development processes – be focal point for coordination within NO & with other external actors (SOs, partners, etc.)

Develop w/DDSs proposal-development workplan and coordinate implementation

Ensure DDSs have all inputs & conditions required for smooth proposal-development process

Organize proposal design workshops

Ensure proposal-development best practices are followed.

Grant management & compliance:

Ensure high grant management standards (reporting, procurement, visibility, transfer of assets, audit, etc.) are understood & applied by NO

Maintain all grant-funded projects comply with general & specific rules & regulations

Coordinate with NOs to ensure regular monitoring visits to grant-funded projects

Coordinate financial management compliance, oversight, & support with RGFM

Flag and escalate grant implementation risks to senior leadership

Ensure all GAM staff are adequately trained in grant management & compliance.

Coordinate actions and proposal writing with other GAM Managers from the HUB


Education: Degree in development studies, economics, business administration, sociology, anthropology, international relations, or any other relevant field of social science.

Knowledge and skills:

Capability to manage staff and processes simultaneously

Development theory & practice

ODA donor landscape & trends

Networking, Partnership building & brokering

Proposal development

Budgeting & financial tracking/reporting


5yrs grant acquisition & proposal writing

Relationship/Partnership management,

Excellent English writing skills, project management, proposal writing.

Advanced knowledge of major public donor requirements (USG agencies, European Union, ECHO, and GAC).

Language: International Professional Fluency Advanced Level English