Global Fund World Vision Director

International Role - Yes
2+ Years

Global Fund World Vision Director

Based in Nicaragua


To Lead a strategic plan and launch the Health technical program, which includes two key components, specifically HIV and Tuberculosis. The Director supervises and monitors human and technical resources, and he/she represents WV Nicaragua before both public and private institutions and community-based organizations and performs other required duties that may arise.


Ensure efficient financial and programmatic implementation of the TB & HIV grant, funded by WV and the Global Fund:

  • Annual Operating Plan.

  • Monthly monitoring of budgetary execution/spending.

  • Six-monthly internal control audit and accountability.

  • Action plan, as provided in the annual external audit.

  • TB & HIV purchase plan prepared and launched in conjunction with MINSA and the Global Fund.

  • TB & HIV Monitoring Plan.

Ensure adherence to the WV-Global Fund agreement:

  • Monthly rendering of accounts to WV.

  • Rendering of accounts to the Global Fund.

  • Follow-up to observe if the TB & HIV Performance Framework is being fulfilled.

In conjunction with the Global Fund, ensure smooth programmatic and budgetary progress, including proper environment and internal control actions/activities performed by the sub-recipients of the TB & HIV grant:

  • Follow up and monitor attainment of monthly/quarterly/annual goals and objectives of sub-recipients.

  • Follow up contract performance, sub-recipient manual and action plans [based on the] audit for sub-recipients.

Maintain strategic relationships with the Ministry of Health (MINSA), and other institutions engaged in gathering of information and implementation of TB & HIV programs:

  • Actions are coordinated with MINSA to update: List of health supplies, country strategic plans and evaluation of TB & HIV plans.

  • Cooperative relationships partnerships with both public and private organizations.

  • Advocacy for public policies and private initiatives on health projects related to the project.


  • Follow and implement WV] Child Protection Policy.

  • Ensure that World Vision is a safe organization for children.

  • Participate in the national-level [emergency] response team in case of emergency situations.

  • Participate in humanitarian response operations in case of national-level emergencies.

  • Identify or participate in the raising of financial and non-financial funds.

  • Diversify financial and non-financial funds at the National Office level.

  • Encourage the protection of the staff under his/her responsibility in all their different dimensions, specifically physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual.

  • Take an active role in devotionals and other activities that promote spiritual growth.

  • Support personal and institutional-level protection initiatives.



  • Bachelor´s of Medicine and/or Surgery or MPH.

  • Master Degree in Public Health.

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Skills and experience in leading programs focused on human rights and sexual diversity.

  • Excellent command of the English and Spanish languages (speaking, writing and reading skills).

  • Skills in networking with private and public institutions [engaged] in public health [actions] at the national and international level.

  • Skills in negotiating and reaching a consensus in different environments.


  • 10 years of experience in management of health programs launched with international and/or national cooperation funds.

  • Formulation and evaluation of projects.

  • Strategic and operating planning.