Cash and Market Based Programming Advisor

Panama City
International Role - Yes
1-2 Years


The advisor for cash based programming will have responsibility for the coordination and tracking of cash and market based programming to support the Venezuela Emergency Response which includes the refugee and migrant hosting countries as well as Venezuela. S/he will be responsible for supporting Cash Based Programming design and operationally plan programs according to the response needs, technical standards and operational viability. S/he will be responsible for technical leadership, business intelligence, branding and administrative oversight of this portfolio. S/he will serve as the principal institutional point of contact for cash and market activities, technical support to Regional Office

(RO) and Field Offices (FOs), including resource development and will ensure that this new way of working is communicated effectively.


Rapid Assessments and Market Assessments:

  • Support in the development of Rapid assessment tools ensuring Market Based questions are factored in the tools.

  • In collaboration with Design, Monitoring & Evaluation (DME) and the in-country Cash working Groups identify the most suitable and relevant tools for Market Assessments for decision on cash or in-kind programming.

  • Support DME to plan and conduct initial rapid and detailed Market assessment.

  • Contribute to The Cash Working Group assessment processes in consultation with response team, DME and sectors.

  • Identify and roughly sketch the supply chain of key staple items and services that are critical to the well-being of the intended communities.

  • Analyse the historic and current availability of both commodities and services on key identified markets including potential recent changes and patterns of seasonality.

  • Analyse secondary data on Markets and cash from relevant stakeholders and use this to validate the primary data from Market assessments.

  • Analyse the overall market environment in which commodity and service trade takes place, including relevant government policies and regulations, the (current) socio-political situation, security, road and transport infrastructure; corruption etc.

  • Assess the potential for bribery, corruption and fraud, with counter measures that can be incorporated by World Vision and partners, both at the procurement stage and the beneficiary level. Define the system of implementation, monitoring and fraud control.

  • Use assessment data to support decision making for multi sector and multipurpose cash and/or the feasible modality between in-kind, voucher and cash.

Support Field Offices in establishing and building Cash Programming Capacity:

  • Support the FOs to establish the structures and capacity requirements needed for their programming.

  • Support P&C to ensure that relevant JDs are in place for recruitment process of required staff.

  • Support the recruitment and deployment of cash based programming staff and plan and conduct staff capacity development.

Support Cash Based Programming design and operationally plan programs according to response needs, technical standards and operational viability including:

  • Work with FO Programs teams to influence donor funding using market and feasibility assessment data.

  • Based on the needs assessments, market assessment and feasibility assessment; liaise with the different sectors on sector design using cash transfers as a tool to meet their sector objectives.

  • Ensure cash based programs are based on technical standards (Cash Based Program manual, Minimum Economic Recovery Standards etc., and external: Government regulations and policies, SPHERE Standards, LCP/DNH, Protection policies etc.))

  • Include advocacy issues, cross cutting themes in design where appropriate.

  • Ensure cash based program design contributes to Child Well-being targets.

  • Provide support in integrating various sectors in the areas of cash based programming with coordination on multi sector and multi-purpose cash where applicable.

  • Ensure that appropriate MOUs are in place with financial service providers, mobile operators, traders and vendors for delivery of cash and or/vouchers as is relevant.

  • Provide the capacity building of cash delivery service providers as is appropriate ensuring they understand the guiding principles of WVI for working with beneficiaries such as those outlined in SPHERE etc.

Coordinate with and contribute to cash Working Group and UN Sector Cluster system in the use of Cash ( Multi-purpose and Multi sector use of cash) and National sector authorities:

  • Establish linkages and pursue opportunities to partner with related organisations, CBOs, local authorities and UN Cluster, and coordinate interventions to avoid duplication and conflicts of interest.

  • Participate and contribute to decision making in Cash Working Group or Govt. coordination system on Cash Transfer Programming.

  • Provide Information Management with summaries of information gathered at Cash Working Group & Govt. coordination forums.

  • Develop and maintain strong working relationships with other I/NGOs and the Cash Working Group at country level or CaLP at regional level.

Monitor, evaluate and document cash based program to inform operational improvement, adaptation and learning:

  • Support DME and sectors using cash in ensuring that that is an appropriate Monitoring plan for Cash Based Programs or that relevant questions and tools such as “Price Monitoring’ are in place.

  • Use monitoring data to identify issues and propose changes to Cash based programmes operations plan or design to address changes in context and operational improvement.

  • Review M&E & Accountability data with programmes to identify & address any issues for operational improvement.

  • Ensure overall planning for documenting of lessons, capturing best practices and case studies for internal and external sharing and profiling of WVI Cash Based Programming.

  • Identify, document and plan actions to address internal and external issues which affect sector programme quality.

  • Continuously monitor the environment for any risks to cash operations and make recommendations for adjustments as necessary.

Meet internal and external reporting requirements:

  • Support FOs to implement monthly cash based tracking and reporting system in coordination with DME and sectors implementing cash programmes.

  • Write and share reports for Cash Working group, ministry and/or other in-country stakeholders as required.

  • Support programmes in providing timely CBP details for communications requirements as requested.


  • Degree or post graduate qualification and / or professional background in CBP design, implementation, humanitarian work, finance, economics, international development, or other relevant field.

  • 5 to 7 years of international humanitarian experience.

  • Knowledge of, and expertise in, cash transfer technologies and methodologies, contracting and procurement.

  • Extensive understanding of payment systems, procedures and financial compliance issues.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills plus strong presentation and report writing skills in Spanish and English language skills required.

  • Proficiency in computer & online tools including Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes (or similar software), email, internet.

  • Demonstrated excellent inter-personal and negotiation skills.

  • Demonstrated problem-solving and analytical skills relevant to development of cash programming strategy.

  • Demonstrated accomplishment in working in challenging humanitarian contexts, with sound inter-cultural skills, with various host-country professionals, ministries and with donor colleagues.

  • Knowledge of and familiarity with international assistance programme requirements.

  • Experience working in international humanitarian operations.

  • Experience in an advisory, management / project management position.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Experience in organizational development, change management, program design, budgeting, financial analysis and project planning and management.

  • Ability to influence, coordinate and build strategies, tools and a cohesive CBP specialist field teams during on and off-deployment time), with clear deliverables and outputs that can be replicated and scaled up in the future.

  • Experience in resource acquisition / funding.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills and great communicator.

  • Demonstrated experience with implementing cash and market based strategies for humanitarian and/or development programming (e.g. multipurpose cash or in sectors such as child protection, WASH, Financial Services, Enterprise Development and Community Development).

  • Understanding and experience of global trends and existing payment solutions (e.g. mobile money, mobile banking, e-vouchers, prepaid cards, point of sale devices or other alternative delivery channels as well as mobile capture of survey data or delivery of marketing and/or extension information, strategic alliances with private sector or social venture capital businesses.

  • Understanding of key challenges for MNOs and/or financial institutions in rolling out mobile and other finance platforms in rural areas, and ability to negotiate with these stakeholders effectively.

  • Experience at training upper and middle management on such topics as action planning, business development, business planning, financial performance and business valuation.

  • Good understanding of micro lending and business planning as well as a comparison of national level electronic-readiness and policy performances in developing countries. Knowledge of programming resources and tools leading to project model development.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • Frequent international travel. Position based in Panama.

  • This role involves contributing to the facilitation and coordination of a virtual, geographically-dispersed cash programming and humanitarian operations network.