World Vision International

Assistant Finance Analyst

Job Description


The purpose of this position is to provide support for project-related reports, analyses and initiatives for FRSC office using SunSystems, Vision Reporting Software, Lotus Notes/PBAS, Monarch and other tools.


  • Do monthly consolidation of Ledger Extract of all WV Offices. Develop & use technology tools (Monarch) to facilitate process.

  • Do validation of data uploaded in OLAP Cubes in coordination with the data warehouse administrator.

  • Do detailed validation to standardize the account & transaction codes used by the national offices in their database.

  • Do detailed work on project-related reports and compliance and documentation of issues.

  • Provide validation and reconciliation of issues/discrepancies in various analyses.

  • Completed the data needed for uploading in the OLAP Cubes.

  • Data uploaded in the cubes are accurate.

  • Nonstandard/missing codes used by the NOs will be corrected in the next reporting.

  • More accurate project-related analyses.

  • Do weekly updates on the consolidation of CY & MY LEAP Budget templates submitted by offices.

  • Completed the data needed for various analyses.

  • Document results of gathered information and consolidation and analyses for further enhancement and future project of FRSC.

  • Documentation of the Project FR discrepancies and other related concerns.

Other Tasks:

  • Take the lead in delegating tasks to FAS.

  • prepare DTR on a monthly manner.

  • attendance in FRSC team monthly meeting.

  • actively participate in prayer/chapel time.

  • other tasks deemed necessary in the fulfillment of the objectives of the team.

  • Provide orientation & technical directions to FAS on year-end related tasks.

  • Accomplished DTR for approval by the immediate supervisor.

  • Discussed task-related concern/issues.


  • Bachelor’s/University Degree in Accountancy.

  • 3-5 years experience plus the education listed above.

  • Proven knowledge and understanding of process engineering.

  • Ability to use a computer to enter and/or retrieve information.

  • Proficiency in using Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint; and the ability to quickly learn and use other software packages.

  • Ability to perform basic mathematical calculations (such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and use of fractions) and determine correct answers.

  • Proficiency in using Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint; and the ability to quickly learn and use other software packages.

  • Proven knowledge and understanding of the whole Accounting process.

  • Ability to perform advance mathematical calculations.

  • Ability to communicate effectively.

  • Keen to details.